‘Rona nightmare for Arsenal

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Honestly, my tech life is in a SHAMBLES. I lost a laptop to a can of hard seltzer last week. Sunday, I lost my personal one to an update. Today, I was sent a replacement that was broken. I’m in pieces. Gone are the days when a simple reset was all you needed.

Currently, I’m typing on an old computer that has heavy keys. But hey, I’m doing this for you. Carpal tunnel syndrome is for the meek.

Bukayo Saka landed himself some minutes for England in their defeat to Belgium. We lost 2-0 but he aquited himself well, especially in a dominant second half. He was very unlucky not to have landed an assist when he played in Kane. The star of the show was Jack Grealish. What a player. Shame we didn’t put that Pepe 72m into him.

I do find these international breaks a fucking joke in general. We’re in the middle of round two of a pandemic and we’re sending players out into different operational setups that appear to have shite covid protocols. We’ve had scares from the Ireland game, we nearly lost Tierney to the Scotland squad, now we’ve lost Mo Elneny to the Egyptian lapse.

I don’t know what’s happened, but it seems every time players step out of their club bubbles, bad things happen. It’s so irresponsible. Players are treated like cattle. They’re being brutalised by the fixtures, whilst having their health risked on international breaks… for friendlies.

Arteta has dropped another interview with the .com. This time, he’s using numbers like an elite marketer.

“It’s part of a process. The results have to be immediate, and the challenge we have with the club we are representing is that we have to win as quickly as possible every game in every competition.

“So far we have played 14 games in all competitions this season, we won 10 and lost four and the four of them have been in the Premier League, so it is a little bit imbalanced.

His framing of the numbers makes for nice reading, but the fans won’t play those sort of games. We can’t be having #top4trophy moments this earlier into a tenure. I think what he’s trying to say is ‘let’s not lose our shit, we’re in a rough patch, but it’ll get better.’

He has to fix more than the win ratio. The savaging he’s taking isn’t really about the points total in the league. It’s the fact we’re not really playing. The performances are dropping and the football is drab. It’s hard to win over fans when those two aren’t working with the results.

Still, he’s a realist.

“We have to settle and everyone has to realise where we are now, but I see the future as really bright. I am a really positive person and I tend to learn much more when things don’t go well and we have a defeat like we had the other day that really hurt after the performance we had at Old Trafford.

“We have to understand why it happened, be really critical first of all with myself and try to understand the players better, and give them more solutions to win more football matches.”

He sees what we see. I think he was extremely shook by the Villa game. His bet on seniority has not paid off so far. His addiction to Lacazette is like MDMA without the party… it’s just pure Tuesday blues. The lack of creativity when you’ve made a point to bin the German social media manager looks bad to fans that only understand football through the lens of Youtube videos.

All these things add up… but as you all know, you can go from fraud to hero in a matter of moments.

What puts the ghouls back in the basement?

3 big results in a row. Maybe even two. Beat Leeds and Spurs and equilibrium will restored.

Great techique in any sport is what you fall back on when the chips are down. Keep doing the basics right and good things will happen. The basics here, from an amateur perspective, would be to put Auba through the middle to get his form back.

I’m not sure I believe Nicolas Pepe is the missing piece of the jigsaw. I think it’s Saka on the left and Willian playing himself into form.

The real key to the next few games is having a fit Thomas Partey. Without Mo supporting him, it looks like it might be Dani Ceballos… and… Xhaka? If the manager was brave, he might go with a Willock like figure. Put some energy in the side. Give our midfield a runner against two sides that we’ll probably sit deep against.

We’ll see though. These next few games are those that make managers. To make it in this league, you have to learn fast, and you have to take risks. You also have to put up with fans that have no patience.

Still, let’s be Perspective FC for a moment. The job this season is top 4. Currently, we’re 6 from 1st. We’ve had a tough run of games teams like Spurs haven’t had. We are also in poor form, that will change, if we keep on gathering points and we’re with 3-6 points of top 4 come February, it’s game on people. That’s the job to be done, we are still in the mix, let’s see how close we are at the end of the next phase of games.

The team needs a jolt, what do YOU think that jolt should be?

P.S. Listen to the quarter term report on Arsenal with Alex I recorded on Sunday. It’s with Alex, he was good.

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  1. JonnyJensen8

    His addiction to Lacazette is like MDMA without the party… it’s just pure Tuesday blues. The lack of creativity when you’ve made a point to bin the German social media manager looks bad to fans that only understand football through the lens of Youtube videos.

    – Brilliant lol

  2. Nelson

    Both Belgium and England play 3 4 3 formation. But Arteta turned this formation into a very defensive system. He asked Laca to drop back to help out the 2 CM’s. Auba and Willian were too far apart.

    A way England plays this 3 4 3 formation, the width was maintained by the two wing backs. The striker stays up top. The left and right inside attacker have the freedom to come back to help the midfield and also move up to assist the striker. There are quite a bit more passing between the midfielders and the inside attackers. I prefer this setup.

  3. NJ+Gooner

    The jolt? 4-4-2 with Saka and Willian out wide in midfield and Aubameyang and Gabriel (when fit) upfront. Try Laca or a Eddie with Aubameyang until then.

    Option Two: 4-1-3-2 with Partey mopping up. Saka, Willock and Willian in midfield and the same paring up front.

    Either may lose, but they should have more energy and be more fun to watch.

  4. Saladin

    As fans, we have to be more patient than ever this season and back Mikel through the rough patches. This is a beginner manager who has already shown glimpses of the good things by beating Liverpool (3 times), City, Utd (away) and Chelsea. Still a lot lot work to be done in term of improving the quality of football and making sure we start winning by comfortable margins against the lesser sides, specially at home. But it ain’t gonna be a quick fix and with this crop of players we have currently, I don’t believe it would be a quick fix with any manager in the world in-charge at Arsenal.

  5. Venga, Dani

    anyone else remember an ainsley matland-niles MOTM performance at CM away at old trafford a few years back? The guy is an athlete and could be a very competent runner to put in our midfield. We see time and time again how important fitness and athleticism is in today’s game and I think we’re a better team when Ainsley is on the pitch.


  6. Sean

    Mate you were battering Emery during his whole tenure, take a look at the metrics and Arteta’s numbers are all worse. What is the process? There’s no process going on here mate. Tell me what clear direction we are going in Pete? What is our style of play? He’s been here for nearly a year and all you do is make excuses for him. Pattern up mate

  7. Graham62

    Process! Process! Process!

    I’m fed up with this terminology for something that is basically covering up the failures of a system.

    All managers use it but it’s just a facade.

    As I said last week, Leeds will be a massive game for Arteta at the weekend. Failure to change things and we don’t pick up maximum points and the pressure will be really on.

  8. Pierre

    Leeds are there for the taking , they will play into our hands as the only know one way of playing…attack

    They have conceded 8 in their last 2 games and Arteta has a good habit of getting a result when the chips are down.

    My positive head says this is the turning point in the season and we come away with a 3-0 victory, my negative head says it will be more of the same, drab sterile football with no creativity, hoping to snatch a 1-0 victory.

    3-0 it is .

    As with most Arsenal games under Arteta this season…first goal is vital..

  9. SpanishDave

    Talk talk talk
    Arteta needs to put his money where his mouth is and get a result.
    To me he is like Boris, way out of his depth and thinks rhetoric will get him out of the shit.
    Grealish is the kind of player we need, we have not replaced Santi.
    Our country is a mess so are we

  10. Tony

    “I’m fed up with this terminology for something that is basically covering up the failures of a system.”

    Aptly put, Graham

  11. Samir

    I agree, Arteta is very good at talking. And seems to only get results when we’re the underdog and sit back, get a lucky goal, sit back even more.

    Grealish has a contract until 2025, this means we will NEVER be able to sign him. He’ll go to Man United for 60M+, we all know it.

  12. Danny+S

    Arteta absolutely has to change something against Leeds for me to be on board and have any hope he’s the right man.

    Any more of this Auba up the left and Pepe glued to the right wing or Luiz being our creative linchpin or Leno looking like a tit trying to play fast out the back and it’ll be another loss and a shit, drab game.

    I suspect though he won’t go with the mainstream ‘square’ notion of Auba through the middle though, it’ll be some edgy hipster solution, like Partey in the number 10 role or inverted CB’s that transition into strikers in the 3rd phase or some bollox like that.

  13. Leedsgunner

    ““So far we have played 14 games in all competitions this season, we won 10 and lost four and the four of them have been in the Premier League, so it is a little bit imbalanced.”

    If Emery or Wenger had said something like that we would be raging.

    Arteta doesn’t deserve a free pass just because he’s a “wet behind the ears” newbie. Leicester sucker punched us but that should have been enough of a reason for us to try something different when we faced Villa at home. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the line up…

    We need to mix things up, and start giving times to our talented youngsters who are knocking on the door.

    No to Willian… he’s looks uninterested and tired. Play Auba in the middle. Bench Laca and bring him on as a supersub. Give Willock and and ESR some EPL playing time and see what they can do.

  14. Graham62


    Willian has the look of someone who realises he made a mistake.

    I also agree with your take on things.

    “We need to mix things up”.

  15. Up 4 grabs now

    Leeds is a must win sunday, we only get a draw and the pressure ramps up for the wolves game.
    A valiant draw wont be good enough at wolves, going into the NLD needing a win either.

    Six points before the spuds and the pressures off.
    Anything less and we hit a run of games where the shit could hit the fan.
    And arteta could find supporters turning on him quickly.

  16. Mr.J

    “I’m not sure I believe Nicolas Pepe is the missing piece of the jigsaw. I think it’s Saka on the left and Willian playing himself into form.”

    Sorry…. please explain how Willian gets to play himself into form?? please justify that.

    If Pepe is currently worse than Willian at this point, despite having better numbers (does Willian have either a goal or an assist to his name to date??) your going to need to explain that!!

    At this point, the playing of Willian is nothing but pure stubbornness on Arteta’s part (as is keeping Auba wide left and ineffective in matches) – Willian, a signing which Arteta co-signed off on and justified, yet cannot come to terms with as being nothing but farcical and a complete waste of money – and he’s not even performing.
    If Wenger’s definition of madness was ‘doing the same things over and over again yet expecting a different result’ pray tell what’s Arteta’s???

    Your bias for Arteta is quite alarming!!

    Things Emery, or even Wenger, couldn’t get a pass on, you allow Arteta nothing but smooth sailing, even justifying them at times… Willian – PLAYING HIMSELF INTO FORM?!? How?? Why?? The few items you do call him out on (and ‘call him out’ is far too strong a term) just sound more like gentle words of encouragement.

    Football = Terrible & Negative, even at home – Zero attacking identity
    Numbers = Worse than Emery – no matter how much spin you choose to put on it

    What’s it going to take for you to call it as you see it?!

  17. raptora

    “So far we have played 14 games in all competitions this season, we won 10 and lost four and the four of them have been in the Premier League, so it is a little bit imbalanced.”

    The delusion of this statement is off the charts. Some late Wenger stuff right there. But Wenger actually made a massive history before he started talking like this. Can someone remind me again, in the grand scheme of Arsenal legends, who dafug is Mikel Arteta?!

  18. Pierre

    A couple of seasons back a run of fixtures; similar to our next 6 , would be regarded as a at least a 15 point return .

    Leeds( 8 conceded last 2 games)
    wolves , ( average this season )
    Tottenham ( could be a problem)
    Burnley ( rock bottom)
    Southampton ( could be a problem)
    Everton ( on the slide)

    A nice run of games.

    10 points is the very minimum from this run of games and that won’t improve our league position..
    15 points will put us in contention (highly unlikely) ..

    Less than 10 points and no improvement in creativity, then the writing os on the wall I’m afraid.

  19. Graham62

    The Willian/Pepe argument is a clear one for me.

    Arteta wants to show Pepe what he should be doing as far as work output and tactical awareness is concerned.

    Problem is Willian is doing zilch.

    Flip side is that Pepe feels lost and demotivated. By doing what he’s doing, Arteta is eroding Pepe’s confidence.

    Willian is not doing it for me and the sooner Arteta sorts this out, the better for everyone.

    As I said earlier, the game against Leeds will be pivotal as far as MA is concerned.

    No pressure then.

  20. Graham62


    10/18 is what it boils down to then.

    Anything more(12-15) and we’d be feeling sort of ok.

    Anything less than 10 and “the writings on the ball”.

  21. Mr.J

    There is zero justification for playing Willian… ZERO:
    Zero justification for his playing time.
    Zero justification for his contract
    Zero Goals
    Zero Assists.
    Just plain zero.

    BUT what, for the life of me, I cannot understand is:

    How did Arteta find space for FIVE GOALKEPPERS but couldn’t find space for Saliba in the Europa league squad???

    That for me is one of the worst decisions I’ve ever seen an Arsenal manager make… and the later end of Wenger was a cesspit by all accounts

  22. Tom

    All this talk about the process is only useful if the players actually believe in it, and from the look of things you’d be hard pressed to come to that conclusion. I don’t think Auba had a single touch of the ball in Villa’s penalty area last weekend.
    Our link up play is atrocious, so against Leeds we might have to play like a lower league club against a superior side, and try to hit them with an over the top ball to Auba.

    Imagine that.

  23. Pierre

    I said way back in lockdown that Saka will be a conundrum for Arteta due to the return of Tierney from injury .

    Before lockdown we were playing with a back 4 with Saka at left back and Aubameyang on the left in a 4-2-3-1

    To shoe horn tierney , saka and Aubameyang into the side , Arteta decided on a wing back system with Tierney as a left sided centre back and Saka as wing back with Aubameyang staying on the left..

    The easy alternative is to put Aubameyang up top , saka on the left and Tierney at left back in a 4-2-3-1. With willian or willock as the CAM and Pepe on the right.

    The arrival of gabriel and Partey should allow Arteta to be more expansive in his formation and allow another offensive player in the line up.

  24. Leedsgunner

    “How did Arteta find space for FIVE GOALKEPPERS but couldn’t find space for Saliba in the Europa league squad???”

    More important why have we included that many keepers into this squad?

    Complete and utterly incompetent are three words I would use in the way we are handling Saliba at the moment. He deserved the berth in the Europa League squad.

  25. Left testicle

    Arteta trying to pad out his win percentage with the results against the likes of Molde, Dundalk and Vienna. Why not chuck in the pre-season friendly victory against MK Dons?

  26. Marc


    It’s the same with the Charity Shield suddenly being a trophy. Fergie wanted to win it but never counted as a proper trophy, same with Wenger, Pep etc the only people who counts it are Mourinho who wouldn’t let his grand kids beat him at a board game and those trying to deflect.

  27. Marc

    “How did Arteta find space for FIVE GOALKEPPERS but couldn’t find space for Saliba in the Europa league squad???”

    Christ have we included the under 12 keeper in the EL squad?

  28. Pierre

    “More important why have we included that many keepers into this squad?”

    I made exactly that point a couple of months back and received the usual abuse on here.

    That’s why i have always called bullshit whenever Arteta spouts his nonsense…to not include Saliba or Ozil ( for footballing reasons) in the Europa squad and include so many keepers ( i thought it was 4 ) makes Arteta look incompetent.

  29. Graham62

    “Where we are now”!!

    Hold on, weren’t we in quite a good place after we beat Fulham.

    What’s gone wrong Mikel?

    Oh I know, you became far too clever for your own good by trying to change things.

  30. Danny+S


    As I’ve already said regarding Ozil, Arsenal put all their hope in driving Ozil out the club by not including him in the squads. They were hoping he had an ounce of ambition to play football and would find himself a new club.
    What they didn’t realise was how ‘loyal’ he is and he’d happily sit on his arse for a year so it backfired massively.

  31. Graham62


    I can add to that conversation.

    “That’s fine boss, if you think Bernd can command the box, distribute the ball better and actually be brave and catch the ball better than I can, then I totally understand”

    Still, imo, a monumental mistake by Arteta.

    The fall out from this has been massive.

  32. Pierre

    The thing is , Saliba does have flaws in his game , again i received untold abuse on here for suggesting that Saliba has poor technique when heading the ball , gabriel always looked a more formidable player to me due to his superb heading amd the way he attacks the ball..

    The Europa league would have been the perfect place for Saliba to work on his flaws , build up his confidence.and show Arteta that he he is a good footballer ( which he is) .
    All these excuses we keep hearing are just more bullshit from Arteta ..he needs to start being more honest..

    Since we returned from lockdown his decision making has been poor and he thinks that fans are stupid( some are) and believe everything he says.

  33. Pierre

    Danny s
    “What they didn’t realise was how ‘loyal’ he is and he’d happily sit on his arse for a year so it backfired massively.”

    I know this may seem a novel idea , but Arteta could have swallowed his pride and played him as we are obviously a better football team with him in the side, and I’m sure players like Aubameyang, pepe , Partey and willian would love to see Ozil alongside them on the pitch….

  34. Sid

    More from the conversation with Martinez.

    Arteta: ‘i have been watching Leno in training, he works very hard, harder than you. You caught Xhakalson in the balls…… with your boot’

  35. Danny+S


    My guess is they were betting on the MLS or the Arab clubs luring Ozil. Their windows closed after ours in which we would have had to take a gamble.

    Also, you are very much dreaming of the pre fortnite Ozil, the one who gave a tiny bit of a shit. Ozils output has been less then crap the past few years. So much so you had to resort to chirping about his ‘forward pass’ and ‘pass completed’ stats in the end.

  36. Dissenter

    I get the feeling that the tide of fan opinion is beginning to shift away from Arteta
    Not so much as recent results, just the feeling that he’s in over his head with some of the squad decisions he’s made.
    Losing very badly just before the international break has a way of poisoning the well. Losing has a way of disinhibiting fans from holding back their previously held reservations.
    Hopefully we get back to wining ways again because I’m not sure Arteta has the skill set to reverse a rapid spiral.

  37. 5am

    There was a linked article on Arseblog last week which showed it’s not so much the technical level of the players at issue but far more the formation they’re played in that’s missing the link to progressively move the ball into goal scoring opportunities…..

    Hoping that MA’s looked into this kind of thing too, as clearly something’s not working (other than the jacket now making the players have second thoughts about how hip the manager is after all….!)

  38. S Asoa

    Thinking calmly feel Arteta is out of his depth, but a most obstinate arsehole who can eloquently bullshit with figures in 5 languages.
    Bit of a pitbull left unchained by owners having no idea of how to run a football club, only motivation being the bottom line.

  39. azed

    ”Why is Wolves at home being written off?”


    Wolves would let us have the ball and we will have no clue what to do with it.
    70th min Traoure comes one.
    80th min he’s put through on goal and he scores.

    Arteta is happy after the match even though we lost because Wolves played like that because they fear/respect us.

    Pedro writes a post the next day referencing this post and how he left out the match against Wolves because he knew what we happen and we should all trust and bow to King Arteta.

  40. Marc


    Could well be but we haven’t lost at home to Wolves in the PL for some time – recently had a few draws, Arteta has a stronger squad than Emery and is a better manager I expect him to improve our form not be able to predict how shit we are.

  41. englandsbest

    Exposing players in meaningless matches is monstrous. But there you are, international football is run by a bunch of idiots.

    For me, Saka was great in the game against Belgium. Evidently Southgate agrees – but I am not sold on Grealish. He is not another Gazza. Closer to Guendozy, I fear.

    The key point in Arteta’s statement was not ‘numbers’, it was ‘it’s a process’. We should take note of that. The guy is making a plea for TIME. Sadly, something fans rarely give a manager.

  42. GunnerDNA

    “The key point in Arteta’s statement was not ‘numbers’, it was ‘it’s a process’.”

    I would love for Diet Pulis to explain what is the ‘process” he’s always talking about.

  43. Left testicle

    I agree on Grealish. Ball hogs. Would be a better player if he released it earlier for the benefit of the team rather than do it all himself. For all of his possession and touches last night what did he actually achieve? Apart from throw himself to the floor. You liken him to Guendozzy, I think he’s more a Wilshere.

  44. Marc


    I think Arteta’s too strict with his formation and tactics, playing Auba wide left works if he’s allowed to move away from the wing into attacking positions – the same for Pepe but as the heat map someone put up the other day shows they’re playing too deep and too far from goal.

  45. GunnerDNA

    Christian Eriksen in possible shock return to North London with Arsenal as Gunners propose Granit Xhaka swap with Inter Milan.

    Poch as the manager would be perfect!

  46. Pierre

    “Christian Eriksen in possible shock return to North London with Arsenal as Gunners propose Granit Xhaka swap with Inter Milan.”

    Yes please ..that could be a game changer.

  47. Champagne charlie

    Will be wildly unimpressed if Eriksen rocks up at the Emirates, have never rated him.

    He’s a static set-piece merchant. If Inter want Xhaka then give us money and we can use that towards the likes of Aouar. Of all the swap possibilities out there that has to be one of the shittest.

  48. Mr.J

    Much like the need for 5 Goalkeepers, there is ZERO justification for the omission of Saliba from that Europa League squad…. Other than:
    Gross negligence
    Sheer and utter stupidity.

    In fact I’d go as far to say that was an action worthy of dismissal.

  49. englandsbest

    Left testicle

    Wilshere was far more gifted than Grealish – and far less ‘give it to me’

    Arteta has told us his AIM many times: return Arsenal to the elite, create a team that competes with the best, here and in Europe.

    The PROCESS is how he gets there. In other words, his METHOD. That is something he has not told us about except in general terms, such as as ‘hard work’, ‘commitment’, and so on. A clever manager never shares the DETAIL – and for obvious reasons. It would be self-destructive, like Napoleon telling Wellington his battle-plan.

    But clearly, what we see now is NOT his end-product. That requires time and patience.

  50. raptora

    “How did Arteta find space for FIVE GOALKEPPERS but couldn’t find space for Saliba in the Europa league squad???”

    First, let me make clear that Saliba not being part of the EU squad is an utter incompetence of the highest order. Blatantly foolish and obvious lack of experience and a lack of brain to be honest.

    Second, the exorbitant amount of Goalkeepers in that squad was extremely odd when I read it but it’s not the reason Saliba wasn’t included in the squad.

    It’s where it gets tricky and needs careful reading.
    There is two lists of players that clubs present to UEFA – Main list and B list.

    The Main list consists of 25 places for 17 non-homegrown and 8 homegrown players. 4 of the homegrown places must go to players trained at the club.
    The Main list is final for the entire group stage. No one else can join it, even if Arsenal pick up an injury and want to replace someone.

    The B list is a an unlimited list of u21 players with pro deals who have to have been at the club for two years. That part is very important, as it rules out the likes of Martinelli, Saliba, and the summer u23 signings.
    The B list can change before each individual match, adding new players when they sign professional deals, etc.

    Now comes the counting:

    We have 19 non-homegrown over-21 players:
    Leno, Runarsson, Soares, Gabriel, Mustafi, Mari, Luiz, Kolasinac, Tierney, Ceballos, Partey, Elneny, Xhaka, Willian, Lacazette, Aubameyang, Pepe and the two left out of the squad Ozil and Sokratis.

    We have 7 homegrown players that are either over-21 or cannot qualify for the B list – 3 were trained at Arsenal – Bellerin, Maitland-Niles and Dejan Iliev and 4 that weren’t trained at Arsenal – Holding, Chambers, and 2 goalkeepers – Macey and Hilson (19 yo homegrown but just joined us so he doesn’t pass the criteria to join B list).

    Arsenal gave UEFA a Main list of 24 players. Iliev was even loaned out days later so effectively our Main list is of 23 players. The two goalkeepers that could have changed Saliba’s situation are Leno and Runarsson. The other GKs are homegrown and are not in the equation, they are just fillers.

    The B list can change before every game but at the moment is:
    Hein, Okonkwo, Lopez, Alebiosu, Monlouis, Saka, Cottrell, Azeez, McEneff, Willock, Smith Rowe, Patino, Hutchinson, Nelson, Nketiah, Balogun.

    Now only looking at the 17 non-homegrown players that made the Main list, it’s not as easy to find a place for Saliba. It basically goes down to him competing for a place with the other non-homegrown CBs in Gabriel, Mustafi, Luiz and Mari. Arteta decided to omit Sokratis and Saliba.

  51. raptora

    This is the really odd part.

    Why did we sign both Mari and Gabriel all while extending Luiz and trying to extend Mustafi’s contract when we KNEW we had a super talented CB joining our squad a full year ago?

  52. Marc


    Because Areta wants all the players (bar Guendozi and Ozil). Stop’s Xhaka leaving, rejects offers for AMN and Laca, stops Holding going on loan etc etc

  53. Mb

    Arteta is good nut only thing which would get him sacked is his stubbornness.

    Playing Laca every match, sticking to Xhaka and Willian, playing Auba at left when Saka can easily replace him there and Auba gets to play in middle, sticking to Leno even in Europa while playing a team I never heard about, etc.

  54. Marc

    “My word misery loves company. Hope you’re all here with this much enthusiasm when we start winning again.”

    Of course we will – I’m just curious who the manager will be in 2037!

  55. Gonsterous

    Doesn’t matter how talented jack was, given a choice between wilchair and grealish, I’d take grealish, at least he’ll be on the pitch.

  56. Pedro

    Ernest, not many forward thinkers on the board today. Some appear not to be paying attention to who is playing when they criticise.

  57. Marc


    On a serious note as much as I’d be ecstatic to see the back of Xhaka swapping him with Eriksen does have a down side – can’t see us bringing in Eriksen and getting Szoboszlai in Jan.

    Assuming of course that the link to DS wasn’t just paper talk.

  58. Pedro

    Marc, I think they are very different players though.

    Would prefer we sign players of a lower age profile. Eriksen is youngish, but he wasn’t exactly flying in his last season at Spurs. He also looks old. Signing another lost player doesn’t feel right…

    Would prefer to just sell Xhaka.

  59. Marc

    Especially when Szoboszlai is reported to be available for under £20 million – even if he doesn’t hit the heights we’d want for him you could still get your money back selling him for say £15 million with a sell on clause.

  60. Ashwin Gunner

    Too early to say this, but the way Arteta gives interviews, i think he is as much as a fraud as Wenger was in his latter years.. This guy talks like a politician. use hollow words like, “I am deeply pained”.

    But again, too early to say…

  61. Raulishuss

    For Christ’s sake Arteta, get the job done and stop acting like a new young manager, hired during a global pandemic that both severely limited practice and player deals as well as club finances. Just because the ownership and players who deal with you daily show so much respect for you. Just because respected coaches and players across the world have heaped respect and appreciation upon you. Just because Arsenal are now competitive against big teams like was demanded by you, ownership and fans alike. Mikel, Stop behaving llike it is ok to be suffering defeats like Virtually every big team playing in multiple competitions during this trying time. Your time to play around is over, get the job done the way the real, the never happy fans of Arsenal demand.

  62. Words+on+a+Blog


    I have it on good authority that Eriksen is actually 42 years old.

    My source tells me that the Danes are worse than the Ghanaians when it comes to understating their players’ ages.

  63. Champagne charlie


    I’m not sure how anyone, except Pierre who loves overpaid rubbish, can spin Eriksen as an exciting signing. Was bang average at Spurs for a year, move to Inter and has barely managed 900 minutes football whilst being on an alleged 250k a week.

    Danpak Ozil.

  64. Captain Tierney


    Eriksen is 28. He is not young or youngish anymore. He is at his peak age and he is not performing well. (Seems to be a very recurring phenomenon nowadays after players sign obnoxiously expensive deals).

    Would rather sell for Xhaka for 20-25 mil and try to forc through a deal for Aoaur. If we cant then we move for Szoboslai and try to sign Aoaur next summer

  65. DivineSherlock

    Eriksen while highly talented and creative player no doubt but if he has motivation problems I wouldnt wanna bring him in. Not sure what the problem has been cos I dont watch Serie A . If its a problem similar to Alexis who was shit at Utd and then found form again at Inter ?

  66. Sid

    He sometimes has some behaviours within a group that are very, very hard, but somehow, that’s what he is: big.

    “He doesn’t let go, he is a fighter. He has an oversized ego, but he certainly needs it.”

    He also suggested giving Guendouzi more responsibility might be just what he needs, but sounded a warning about earning that trust with his managers will be key.


  67. Tom

    Pedro sold us a dream of “Arteta moon shot”………….the only thing he forgot to tell us was three astronauts burnt alive leading up to the landing ( still not 100% verified, the landing that is, apparently).

    The only difference being they burnt because there was too much oxygen in the command module ignited by an electric spark. While Arteta has a habit of sucking the oxygen out, especially on the touch line……………and so far no spark,

  68. izzo

    I think there needs to be an introduction to players wearing bluetooth earpieces for receiving real time instructions from the coaches rather than having them yell instructions from the touchline like idiots.

  69. Pierre

    My only doubt about Eriksen coming to Arsenal is that he would be playing under a manager who struggles with creativity..

    Arteta admitted that he failed Ozil and give it a few months and he will admit that he failed Pepe, another of our more creative players

    Will Eriksen be any different under Arteta….debatable..

    The new toys that le grove are raving about are Aouar and Szoboszlai.
    I happen to think that if we are looking for more creativity and not players who can run all day, then Eriksen, Pepe ( and Ozil ) are a class above Aouar and Szoboszlai, who are decent players but i have seen nothing that makes me think they can transform Arsenal and create the chances that our strikers need.

    I’m sure Eriksen ‘s stats are comparable to the very best in the prem up until jose arrived, he said he wanted to leave , which was probably a mistake , and was frozen out of the starting line up , hence his form suffered.

  70. Calypso

    Pedro Octobet 1st 2018
    “We’ve been ruthlessly efficient in front of goal to start with, and we’ve had some luck. Yesterday we only managed two shots on target and we claimed an own goal.

    Defensively, we’ve been shite, but thankfully, the teams we’ve played have been useless in front of goal (and our keepers have been good).

    What this table tells you is we’ve been very fortuitous. The idea that we’re ‘shithousing’ teams doesn’t really sit right with me. This isn’t doing what you have to do to win, like Inter Milan in the semi-final of the CL against Barcelona. This isn’t United under Mourinho. This isn’t Ramos like evil genius. This is Arsenal playing really badly and falling up the stairs.

    We’re not creating good chances moving forward, and we’re terrible at the back… but we’re 4 points off the top of the table, so it’s hard to be real about the situation without sounding like a brat. But, you know, I am a brat. I think a big reality slap is heading our way if we don’t quickly improve.

    We’re 9 competitive games into the season and we’re still shite. That’s with the players training almost every single day (which comes with its own issues, usually in December). The ideas, whatever they are, aren’t settling with the players at the minute. We’ve seen Bielsa at Leeds turn them into a spectacle, they’re scoring freely, 2 a game, and they’re conceding less (a goal a game last season, 0.8 a game this season). I mention Bielsa because he’s bringing elite level ideas to very average players. Emery took over from an artist, not a butcher, it shouldn’t be taking this long to see an identity.

    The play has to get better if we’re going to make it into the top 4 this season, because luck won’t carry us through December. Emery has either got to make changes to the way he’s setting up so he can get the team clicking from the off, or we’re going to have to do some reshaping in the January transfer window.”


  71. DivineSherlock


    Arteta doesnt struggle with creativity , thats a wrong notion. His struggles are mostly down to him being asked to deliver results (3 pts) and staying with the pack of top4 clubs . Due to which he has stuck to more older and experienced players , who frankly have not delivered the best results when required. The defence is working as a unit , the attack has failed . Once that reliance drops and starts picking players based on form , the creativity will come .

  72. Pierre

    Players like Eriksen, Ozil, Bale , James Rodriguez and Deli Alli are all proven top quality players and all for one reason or another have failed to get playing time with their respective clubs…

    All have been written off on Le Groan and so far james is proving them wrong and soon Bale will be proving them wrong and i believe Eriksen can prove them wrong ..

    Sometimes your face doesn’t fit and the style of football they play doesn’t suit the manager’s philosophy…

    This doesn’t mean the players are rubbish as has been suggested on Le Groan,

    As they say , form is temporary and class is permanent.

  73. Samir

    Pierre you probably thought the same about Willian too?
    I’d much rather someone like Szoboszlai than any of those players.

  74. Calypso

    Arsenal 2018 19

    Arsenal 0 Man City 2
    Chelsea 3 Arsenal 2
    Arsenal 3 West Ham 1
    Cardiff 2 Arsenal 3
    Newcastle 1 Arsenal 2

    October 1st Pedro isn’t happy with Arsrnsl’s start to the season
    Arsenal 2 Everton O
    Arsenalb2 Watford 0

  75. Pierre

    “I’m not sure how anyone, except Pierre who loves overpaid rubbish, can spin Eriksen as an exciting signing. Was bang average at Spurs for a year, move to Inter and has barely managed 900 minutes football whilst being on an alleged 250k a week.”

    I love technically good, creative players ..no crime in that.

    Maybe you can explain the difference between Eriksen (who you think is rubbish) and coutinho ( who you want Arsenal to sign) , both are very similar players and both have struggled at their clubs .

    Is coutinho classed as ” overpaid rubbish and bang average ” .due to limited game time .

  76. Calypso

    Arsenal 2018 19Arsenal 0 Man City 2
    Chelsea 3 Arsenal 2
    Arsenal 3 West Ham 1
    Cardiff 2 Arsenal 3
    Newcastle 1 Arsenal 2
    Arsenal 2 Everton O
    Arsenalb2 Watford 0

    Octobet 1st – Pedro unhappy with Arsenal’s start to the season.

  77. DivineSherlock

    Nobody wrote off Coutinho , the problem was wages, we also wanted him on loan , Koeman didnt allow him to go, His career at Barcelona before Koeman arrived was dead . James Rodriguez only had eyes for Ancelotti . Gareth Bale was considering a move to China before Zidane killed it , I wish Ozil had the decency to do that and play for a club that did want him.

  78. Pierre

    Willian is of a similar level to Szoboszlai and Aouar..

    I was neither for or against the Willian signing , it is a signing that still.may work if Arteta doesnt play him in a position where he is isolated .

  79. Pierre

    My point is , what is the difference between coutinho and Eriksen their careers have trod a similar path recently..

    Talent wise they are very similar , age wise they are very similar , creatively they are very similar..

    Charlie thinks Eriksen is bang average and coutinho is quality.
    I happen to think they are both quality .

    Swapping xhaka for Eriksen is a no brainer in my eyes.

  80. MAXCAT

    Good coach, crap manager…results and good football are the only things that matter.
    He can either do the job or not. Arsenal is not a billion dollar glam project and not many are tuning in to watch the manager.
    Stop listening to what is coming out of Arsenal a while now…All just talk with no substance….
    Leeds will give up goals, so parking the bus is not an option. They can also embarrass us because they are a quick, mobile team….However losing to Leeds is not an option and talk will not make any difference.

  81. Pierre

    “Arteta doesnt struggle with creativity , thats a wrong notion. ”

    I wonder whatever gave me that idea

  82. Freddie Ljungberg

    Willian is 32 and has never really been much of a goal threat, Szoboszlai is 20 and is banging them in for fun, sure it’s the Austrian league but he also has 4 goals in the CL this season including their 2 qualifier matches.

    Ozil is a retired footballer with seriously declining output, think Szob has better numbers already this season after 13 games than Ozils last 3 seasons put together.

    It’s not only about what the player is doing now either, buying a 20 year old that has already shown that quality for 18-22m is a no brainer compared to wasting more money on old has beens and hope it finally works out for them or that they can turn their careers back on track.

    Think maybe the Szoboszlai ship has sailed anyway now that Real and Bayern supposedly are in for him, our only hope is that he prioritises playing time and he’ll get plenty of that at our place.

    Lothar Matthaus is in the papers today comparing him to Puskas and Havertz and according to some of our fans he isn’t good enough for us, can’t make this shit up.

  83. raptora

    Guendouzi is so problematic that Hertha already want to buy him.
    Mark me, we are missing on a diamond rough around the edges.
    He might develop into quite the player.
    And he never ever gives up.

  84. Dissenter

    Willian speaking to FourFourTwo about Arteta’s potential;
    ‘He’ll be a top manager, I’ve no doubt about it,’
    ‘The potential is there, as is the ambition. In a few years he’ll be considered one of the best managers in the Premier League – and the world”
    ‘Obviously you must win trophies to be considered one of the best, and it will happen for him sooner rather than later.”
    “‘I’m impressed with the way he talks and explains his tactical thoughts – he’s quick to read the game and make adjustments when needed. It’s been fantastic to train under him so far and I’m learning a lot”

    1. Willian has just talked his way into the starting eleven on Sunday
    2. Willian probably shares the same talent agent with Pedro or they just buy their Peroni from the same 0ff-sales.

  85. DivineSherlock


    Eriksen is quality no doubt , see my earlier posts . Would be ideal for Arsenal if he shows the form he had . Thing is we dont want another high wage earner struggling with motivation and consistency.

  86. Marc

    I wonder if we’ll look to offer Ozil a payoff in Jan to get him off the books?

    He’ll have 6 months left with us so circa £9 million owing in salary – if we offered to release him with a £6 or £7 million payoff would be bite?