‘Rona nightmare for Arsenal

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Honestly, my tech life is in a SHAMBLES. I lost a laptop to a can of hard seltzer last week. Sunday, I lost my personal one to an update. Today, I was sent a replacement that was broken. I’m in pieces. Gone are the days when a simple reset was all you needed.

Currently, I’m typing on an old computer that has heavy keys. But hey, I’m doing this for you. Carpal tunnel syndrome is for the meek.

Bukayo Saka landed himself some minutes for England in their defeat to Belgium. We lost 2-0 but he aquited himself well, especially in a dominant second half. He was very unlucky not to have landed an assist when he played in Kane. The star of the show was Jack Grealish. What a player. Shame we didn’t put that Pepe 72m into him.

I do find these international breaks a fucking joke in general. We’re in the middle of round two of a pandemic and we’re sending players out into different operational setups that appear to have shite covid protocols. We’ve had scares from the Ireland game, we nearly lost Tierney to the Scotland squad, now we’ve lost Mo Elneny to the Egyptian lapse.

I don’t know what’s happened, but it seems every time players step out of their club bubbles, bad things happen. It’s so irresponsible. Players are treated like cattle. They’re being brutalised by the fixtures, whilst having their health risked on international breaks… for friendlies.

Arteta has dropped another interview with the .com. This time, he’s using numbers like an elite marketer.

“It’s part of a process. The results have to be immediate, and the challenge we have with the club we are representing is that we have to win as quickly as possible every game in every competition.

“So far we have played 14 games in all competitions this season, we won 10 and lost four and the four of them have been in the Premier League, so it is a little bit imbalanced.

His framing of the numbers makes for nice reading, but the fans won’t play those sort of games. We can’t be having #top4trophy moments this earlier into a tenure. I think what he’s trying to say is ‘let’s not lose our shit, we’re in a rough patch, but it’ll get better.’

He has to fix more than the win ratio. The savaging he’s taking isn’t really about the points total in the league. It’s the fact we’re not really playing. The performances are dropping and the football is drab. It’s hard to win over fans when those two aren’t working with the results.

Still, he’s a realist.

“We have to settle and everyone has to realise where we are now, but I see the future as really bright. I am a really positive person and I tend to learn much more when things don’t go well and we have a defeat like we had the other day that really hurt after the performance we had at Old Trafford.

“We have to understand why it happened, be really critical first of all with myself and try to understand the players better, and give them more solutions to win more football matches.”

He sees what we see. I think he was extremely shook by the Villa game. His bet on seniority has not paid off so far. His addiction to Lacazette is like MDMA without the party… it’s just pure Tuesday blues. The lack of creativity when you’ve made a point to bin the German social media manager looks bad to fans that only understand football through the lens of Youtube videos.

All these things add up… but as you all know, you can go from fraud to hero in a matter of moments.

What puts the ghouls back in the basement?

3 big results in a row. Maybe even two. Beat Leeds and Spurs and equilibrium will restored.

Great techique in any sport is what you fall back on when the chips are down. Keep doing the basics right and good things will happen. The basics here, from an amateur perspective, would be to put Auba through the middle to get his form back.

I’m not sure I believe Nicolas Pepe is the missing piece of the jigsaw. I think it’s Saka on the left and Willian playing himself into form.

The real key to the next few games is having a fit Thomas Partey. Without Mo supporting him, it looks like it might be Dani Ceballos… and… Xhaka? If the manager was brave, he might go with a Willock like figure. Put some energy in the side. Give our midfield a runner against two sides that we’ll probably sit deep against.

We’ll see though. These next few games are those that make managers. To make it in this league, you have to learn fast, and you have to take risks. You also have to put up with fans that have no patience.

Still, let’s be Perspective FC for a moment. The job this season is top 4. Currently, we’re 6 from 1st. We’ve had a tough run of games teams like Spurs haven’t had. We are also in poor form, that will change, if we keep on gathering points and we’re with 3-6 points of top 4 come February, it’s game on people. That’s the job to be done, we are still in the mix, let’s see how close we are at the end of the next phase of games.

The team needs a jolt, what do YOU think that jolt should be?

P.S. Listen to the quarter term report on Arsenal with Alex I recorded on Sunday. It’s with Alex, he was good.

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  1. Marc

    “Freddie, I just want you to know, I will be in your campaign team for the Hungarian”

    Not sure we’d want you Pedro – your track record is terrible:


    The poor kid would be doomed to fail before a ball was kicked.

  2. Pedro

    Marc, you backed Raul and Emery militantly, which is why you weirdly have so much invested in a Mikel fail.

    Not happening I’m afraid.

  3. Champagne charlie

    “Arteta admitted that he failed Ozil and give it a few months and he will admit that he failed Pepe, another of our more creative players“

    That’s funny Pierre, because Arteta also said he did all he could with the player and offered numerous olive branches and opportunities for him to succeed and he hasn’t.

    If I remember rightly you claimed Arteta to be lying through his teeth on that one, and with why he was omitted. So in the kindest way possible do jog on that you now want to use what Arteta says verbatim.

    Only issue Arteta has with creative players is we’ve a black hole where 2 or 3 quality ones should be. Ironically enough the salaries of which are being taken up by just the one fat cat cunt you come on here daily to eulogise.

  4. Pierre

    “If I remember rightly you claimed Arteta to be lying through his teeth on that one, and with why he was omitted. So in the kindest way possible do jog on that you now want to use what Arteta says verbatim.”

    The “i failed Ozil” comment is probably the most honest thing that Arteta said in the last 6 months .

    As for arteta offering Ozil olove branches and numerous opportunities…..that is obviously bullshit , doesn’t need a lot of working out does it considering he hasn’t been given a single opportunity since lockdown.

    And before you do the Arteta thing and prattle on about the non negotiables and training , there was another case today of an Arsenal player coming out in support of Ozil and his attitude and professionalism on the training ground…

  5. Pedro

    ‘As for arteta offering Ozil olove branches and numerous opportunities…..that is obviously bullshit ‘

    Pierre offering his feelings on something he has zero insight on.

  6. Marc


    Under normal circumstances I’d agree but there could be a spark behind the smoke – Barca are broke and if they need players getting ones available on a free might make the decision for them.

  7. Pierre

    “Mesut is still a part of the team and trains with us,” Leno told BILD .

    “He is absolutely professional, both on the pitch and in the dressing room.”

  8. Marc

    I don’t get why anyone would think Ozil’s ever going to kick a ball for us again.

    And it doesn’t matter who the manager is – he’s already out the door. I’m waiting for the club to tell him not to bother turning up for training.

  9. Pierre

    “Pierre offering his feelings on something he has zero insight on.”

    Not really a lot of insight needed is there.

    Started every league game prior to lockdown.

    Not one minute on the pitch post lockdown , Arteta citing ” footballing reasons”

    Yep….numerous opportunities….

  10. Marc

    ““He is absolutely professional, both on the pitch and in the dressing room.””

    Marc say’s

    “Pedro is easily the best of what is an outstanding number of Arsenal blog writers”

    It must be a real shock to some that people say things they don’t mean to be polite on occasions.

  11. Pierre

    Of course, Charlie has done a nice little side step by making it an Ozil conversation, when in fact it was about Eriksen joining the club.

  12. Pedro

    Marc, the training staff all knew the pattern… lots of effort, then the niggly ‘injuries’ start, then the focus went… then Arteta dropped him… then things got worse.

    He missed Zoom meetings and didn’t do his homework. Now he’s the social manager.

  13. Pierre

    What about what happens on the football pitch on match day instead of worrying about stupid online meetings.

    You will admit , the online meetings (if true) haven’t exactly been a success going by the drab, sterile, unimaginative football we are witnessing.

  14. Pierre

    Zoom meetings are bullshit, it should be about results and performances on the pitch..

    Why would anyone put greater importance to poxy zoom meetings (whatever they are).

    No wonder the football is so crap.

  15. Marc


    I think Ozil’s fallen out of love with football – I think it’s been a number of things but the biggest was probably the German FA’s treatment of him after the World Cup debacle which was disgusting.

    He still thinks of himself as a footballer but only because it’s been a part of his identity for so long he doesn’t really know what else to describe himself as.

    You really need to let it go, accept he’ll be gone in the summer and that’ll be that.

  16. Pierre

    “He missed Zoom meetings and didn’t do his homework”

    “What about the reports of Ozil missing online meetings during lockdown and not following the clubs training instructions?”

    This is hilarious ….i thought Arteta said he was dropped for “footballing reasons ” ..not on the ability to log in to a zoom meeting.

  17. Pedro

    Pierre, it doesn’t matter what you place importance on. It’s what the coaching staff think is important.

    You make no exceptions at the highest level, it’s a simple as that.

    Our creativity issue is temporary, just like Ozil’s career at Arsenal… once he’s gone, we can move on and sign someone that’ll move us in a more modern direction.

  18. Marc


    Arteta’s somehow got himself this “non negotiable” tag when the truth is they are no more than a set of standards all members of staff are expected to maintain.

    I don’t see it as a big deal – I’ve worked at company’s that have next to zero standards and one’s that have very high expectations.

    The ones with the higher expectations have been the better company’s to work for.

  19. MidwestGun

    The hypocrisy of Pierre is unreal… Calling it Le Groan… when he is the biggest moaner on here lately.

    Anyhow.. I will be so glad when Ozil finally fucks off. It’s unreal how much we have to talk about a player that hasn’t done anything significant on the pitch for 3 years under 4 different managers. But I’m sure Ozil had nothing to do with any of that.. victim of circumstances.. managers just couldn’t appreciate his pre assist to the pre assist to the assist.

    I’m fully on the Sboz train… Martinelli, Sboz combo for the future wouldn’t hurt. Both very direct players and throw in Saka could be exciting

  20. Pierre

    “You really need to let it go, accept he’ll be gone in the summer and that’ll be that.”

    As i said the conversation was about Eriksen,.

    What happens is , i make a pefectly legitimate point as to why Eriksen would be a good signing,, which obviously means he takes Ozil’s place as our best playmaker .

    Charlie , yourself and pedro make ot about Ozil..

    Eriksen would be a brilliant signing for Arsenal.

  21. Champagne charlie


    Thrilled to have you here as chief of Arteta truths. You’ll have to forgive me, but it appears a lot like the apparent “lies” coincide with your own opposing views. What are the chances….

    Look Pierre, Arteta is quickly becoming a subject worth ignoring when you reference it. It was curtains the day he dropped Ozil, and ever since it’s been a bit of an embarrassment from you if we’re talking truths.

  22. Marc


    “This is hilarious ….i thought Arteta said he was dropped for “footballing reasons ” ..not on the ability to log in to a zoom meeting.”

    You’re either being thick or trolling – during lockdown there was no group training so the meetings were there to cover off the aspects that could be dealt with.

    What signal does it send to the youth players if one of the senior players who’s also the highest paid player at the club say’s “fuck you” to the manager when it comes to basic expectations? What next “I’m not in the mood to play today it’s a bit cold”?

  23. MidwestGun

    Here’s mid west keeping the Ozil conversation going when it wasn’t him.
    I believe I said Ill be glad when it stops… feel free to stop talking about it anytime.

  24. Champagne charlie

    “Charlie , yourself and pedro make ot about Ozil.. Eriksen would be a brilliant signing for Arsenal.“

    Now you’re talking bollocks Pierre, I’ve made one comment about Eriksen and it was:

    “Will be wildly unimpressed if Eriksen rocks up at the Emirates, have never rated him. He’s a static set-piece merchant. If Inter want Xhaka then give us money and we can use that towards the likes of Aouar. Of all the swap possibilities out there that has to be one of the shittest.”

    Nothing to do with Ozil. Eriksen is a player I don’t rate at all, he’s not cute, he’s slow, he cannot dribble through the lines. He’d be a terrible signing, and he’s on stupid wages already to make matters worse.

    I’ll say it again… if Inter want Xhaka then give us money and we can take it to Lyon for Aouar. A vastly superior, and more suitable player for our needs.

  25. Pierre

    As you neatly side stepped the Eriksen /coutinho question…how about a reply to my earlier comment

    “Maybe you can explain the difference between Eriksen (who you think is rubbish) and coutinho ( who you want Arsenal to sign) , both are very similar players and both have struggled at their clubs .
    Is coutinho classed as ”overpaid rubbish and bang average ” .due to limited game time “.

  26. Pierre

    Yiur original comment

    “I’m not sure how anyone, except Pierre who loves overpaid rubbish, can spin Eriksen as an exciting signing. Was bang average at Spurs for a year, move to Inter and has barely managed 900 minutes football whilst being on an alleged 250k a week.Danpak Ozil.”

  27. Champagne charlie


    I’ve never rated the guy, Spurs fans always used to hold him up against Ozil and it was never a thing. Then you’d hear about him getting the ‘100 mil to Real’ newspaper bollocks. That’ll be why he fucked off to Serie A for 19 mil and has 900 minutes to his name almost a year later? He’s the very definition of beta.

    Hahahaha yea, lemme breakdown why Coutinho is better than Eriksen. After that I’ll go over why I think Lewandowski is superior to Patrick Bamford.

  28. Champagne charlie


    That wasn’t my original comment, what I posted was. Also, that doesn’t make anything about Ozil, it points at your fetish for overpaid waste of spaces but that Eriksen isn’t even as good as the waste we have.

    Hence the danpak Ozil.

  29. Pierre

    And coutinho ( who i rate) had exactly the same problems at barca.

    Eriksen went for such a low price as he was in his last 6 months of his contract …

  30. Freddie Ljungberg

    I have to agree on one thing Pierre says though, it should be more about what happens on the pitch than in training. Players like Laca and Eddie, Xhaka etc obviously tries very hard but produces very little when it matters in the PL.

    Pepe isn’t given many chances even though he provides the sorely lacking end product we need while Willian gets all the time he needs despite offering next to nothing, has to be based on training output, which it shouldn’t.

    That doesn’t really apply to Ozil though, he hasn’t done anything of note on the pitch for years, he’s had 1 or 2 decent games per season, at home, against opposition that let’s him play and all his fan boys are out in force thinking he’s resurrected from the dead, he isn’t , that motherfucker is dead son.

    The only thing Arteta did wrong was letting him back in the team when he took over for old times sake, Ozil was his old ineffectual self and got benched again, probably along with stuff behind the scenes that we don’t know about but if he was performing to a high standard he would still be playing because we have no creativity. With Ozil we still have no creativity but our defensive play suffers too.

  31. MidwestGun

    Personally I wish Arteta would be more experimental with formations now that he seems to have made the players more aware of defensive responsibilities. Partey is very familiar with Athletico’s 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1. Lets give that a go if we are gonna go full Simeone.

    Seems like we have the players for that more then trying to make a front 3 work.. with Auba and Lacazette in it…. or finding a combination of 2 midfielders that can work in the middle of a 3-4-3 where they have to drop back to defend more.

    For me.. we need to find internal solutions with the players we have fit now and quickly… all fun to talk about transfers and all but that isn’t helping us today.

  32. Pierre

    It’s all about the results and performances on the pitch for me

    If a player is world class( not talking about ozil) during a match and is crap at training and misses a poxy zoom meeting and another player attends a zoom meeting and uses all up all his energy in training.

    I know which player i would rather have in the team on match day..

  33. Marc


    “So you think zoom meetings can be construed as “footballing reasons”You’re struggling mate.”

    Not at all – The zoom meeting’s were part of the training set up at the time so yes it was football reasons.

    Why don’t you just say what you mean.

  34. MidwestGun

    Seems like all 5 of those players on that list are well past their prime.. Erikson, Ozil, Willian, David Silva, Eden Hazard..

    Reads like a who’s whose of the ghosts of Premier Leagues past.. That’s your problem Pierre is your living about 4 -5 years behind the curve.

  35. Pierre

    If a zoom meeting is “Footballing reasons ” then i suppose “chewing gum in class” can be classed as “Footballing reasons “.

  36. MidwestGun

    Chewing gum in class would be footballing reasons if you were getting paid 350k a year to sit in that class and only managed 2 assists your entire season, 2 seasons in a row.. maybe you need to pay fucking attention to the class and take shit seriously. It’s not like your fucking Messi.

  37. Champagne charlie


    Except that’s exactly how Ozil fanatics see him (like Messi).

    We’ve been here before with this leniency nonsense for players who perform on match day, just remind me who those guys are at Arsenal? Exactly….

    You implement a performance culture that’s super demanding and that’s the basis for your future success. Then, when when mega talent that does the business, comes along you can soften your stance. But for Ozil? Guendouzi? Etc pleeeeease.

  38. Graham62

    For me, it’s all about Leeds this weekend.

    Show signs of change/progression and we win, I’ll be a wee bit happier.

    Stick to the same systems and we lose or draw and Arteta will be on my hit list.

  39. Pedro

    Graham, you’re not going to see Arsenal go away to leeds to attack them. He’ll do what Leicester did… sit back and wait.

  40. Kaz

    Me and Fred have been gunning hard for Szoboszlai pretty early, Ziyech was also a steal last season.

    We absolutely need to get these kind of players when they are cheap and before they get snapped up. Auoar can absolutely jog on with his 50m fee. We don’t need another injury prone lightweight.

    RM, Bayern and Juve rumoured to be interested is pretty typical. They were interested in Auoar too right? 😀

    We should also retain Torreira and Guendozi if we can.

  41. Dissenter

    “Graham, you’re not going to see Arsenal go away to leeds to attack them. He’ll do what Leicester did… sit back and wait.

    That will be a mistake
    You want us to set up for Leeds like we are playing Liverpool or City?
    Is that your vision for Arsenal; playing scared all the time?

  42. Chris

    Leeds have such an appalling defensive record, do we attack hard or do we trust that it would only take 2 or 3 attacks to breach them?

    I think the answer lies somewhere in between. They are obviously a threat going forward but we don’t want to be too pragmatic. Perhaps just up the tempo we have seen recently a further 10-20% to become more of a threat in attack. 3 or 4 chances may be all we need.

    Again I would take a 1-0 or 2-1 win, however scrappy. It’s important to get back to winning ways first and foremost.

  43. Kaz

    That’s a good article, I don’t think it’s true of the game though.

    Liverpool didn’t sign Thiago for his speed and pressing ability. There absolutely is a way for 10s to be used in modern football. They might have more defensive responsiblity rather than be carte blanche but I can recall our ostracized number 10 running his ass off to get into defensive shapes and track runners earlier this year.

    Besides we’ve sacrificed everything in the name of defensive shape and still concede.

  44. Kaz

    We have Lacazette constantly running back to deal with issues due to an overrun midfield and we’ve witnessed how effective that’s been….

  45. Dissenter

    Brendan was playing without four key players all season, starters from the previous season.

    Besides, Brendan is not the one with a squad lacking in confidence and know-how.
    Also since When did Leicester become the standard for us?

    I hope Arteta ball isn’t Galápagos tortoise footie; hide in a shell all day long and stick out the head just to grab a few morsels before going back to sleep.
    You want us to absorb another 25 shots/attempts at goal and hope to score from the 2-3 chances we create all game long?

  46. Kaz

    Pedro, tell me why we shouldn’t go for an attack based game against Leeds?

    If your best response is because we might lose then chuck yourself in the sea lad.

    That’s Mikel levels.

  47. Pedro

    Kaz, because Leeds are one of the most devastating counter-attacking sides in the league and their weakness is creating openings by over-committing. If you don’t see that, chuck yourself in the sea my friend.

  48. MD-Gunner

    What you are hearing about Ozil in public by Arteta, the club or Ozil himself is governed by not breaking trust & confidence between club and player because this could lead to a Case of Constructive Dismissal and therefore can hurt financially either one. From the Athletic regarding the duty of maintaining trust & confidence:

    It’s worth noting that this duty is mutually applicable to both employer and employee. Much of what we are seeing play out publicly — Arteta’s insistence that Ozil’s omission is based purely on sporting merit, Ozil’s unwavering social media support for his team-mates — appears designed to ensure neither party is seen to breach the “trust and confidence”.

    Therefore you would never hear in public the real reasons from Arteta or club personnel for Ozil’s omission because it would open the doors for a law suite by Ozil for breaking of trust and confidence and therefor a Constructive Dismissal and financial compensation to Ozil.

  49. Kaz

    Pedro but we’ve forgot how to transition quickly, we we aren’t going to be counter attacking them either.

    So it’s either be pressed in for most the game and try to snatch a goal from a corner (which is the current strategy) orrrr let’s try playing on the front foot for once.

  50. Pierre

    “Eriksen is better than David Silva and Eden Hazard then Pierre.
    Source: dude trust me”

    No ( though his figures suggest different) but more importantly, he is better in his position than anyone else at the club ..

    What we have is you wanting a player (coùtinho) who hasn’t settled at a club and me wanting either player (Eriksen/coutinho) who havent settled at their clubs…

    You think Eriksen is rubbish despite posting better figures than coutinho, wheras i rate both as they are both top quality creative players who assist and score.

    I just want better players at the club , it’s that simple..

  51. azed

    ” We’re a toothless force moving forward and very predictable. Emery doesn’t like to play through the middle of the park, instead, he prefers to cycle the ball until he can attack from wide positions for a cutback. Sometimes it works, most of the time it’s bland on toast and fairly easy to control.

    The game looked extremely Wenger-ish. Emery didn’t manage his tactics or his subs well and he failed to adapt as the game slipped away from him. After United scored their 3rd, we didn’t register a shot for 20 minutes.

    Yes United has better players (gold), but weren’t we hiring in a coach who could help us punch above our weight? If the only issue he had was players, what was the point in spending £17m to ship Wenger on? Stupid question: The issue was coaching (blue), that’s where the low-hanging fruit was. We have £223m worth of talent in a squad packed with internationals. We beat Chelsea with ease a few days ago, we beat Spurs in December. We should be harder to topple.

    Arsenal players are the kings of the individual error (gold). Petr Cech had a shoddy game, Xhaka is a bag of mistakes, and Mesut Ozil dropped another middle finger to a coach he clearly believes he can outlast. Our defence was utterly clueless, but again, my question is this: How can coaches of pony clubs with next to no budget set their defences up to be more watertight than ours?”

  52. azed

    Anyone remember when I said player poverty was a thing?

    Emery preferred to attack through the wings rather than through the middle . The same thing is happening right now with a generational coach in charge.

    Emery preferred to win 5-4, Arteta so far prefers to win 1-0.

    Two different managers with totally different personalities but we still face the same problem.

    PS: I know Arteta has made us defensively solid but that has come at a cost to our attack which Emery prioritised.

  53. Marc

    ” and Mesut Ozil dropped another middle finger to a coach he clearly believes he can outlast.”

    That doesn’t read well for Arteta if Ozil’s thinking the same thing.

  54. Dissenter

    That Leeds goalkeeper is one shaky dude. He has the face of a teenager who just started shaving and is one accident waiting to happen
    Problem is if we play like Pedro is suggesting, Illan Meslier might as well just bring his hammock.

  55. azed

    “How can coaches of pony clubs with next to no budget set their defences up to be more watertight than ours?


    How can coaches of pony clubs with next to no budget set up their attack to create more chances than ours?

  56. Marc

    ” I know Arteta has made us defensively solid but that has come at a cost to our attack which Emery prioritised.”

    Er haven’t we conceded 10 goals in 8 PL matches? Take the Fulham result out of the equation (everyone’s going to beat them 3 nil or better) and our goals for is in the bottom 3.

  57. Pedro

    Azed, every club is different. Important thing is where we end the season. That we’re having a conversation about being too defensive is a step foward. Next phase is to find the balance in attack.

  58. Danny+S

    What I hope to see against Leeds is a new approach from the manager. Some obvious attempt to fix the issue and not just a safe, boring rehash of what we have seen every game this season.
    If we line up Auba, laca, willian I’m going to cry.

  59. Danny+S


    Hopefully not, though I also doubt we will get Auba central.

    I’m guessing Eddie and I’m hoping maybe in a more advanced position and not trying to hold up or link up play.
    Just a CF to hit on a fast break maybe.

  60. Pierre

    Willian broken government lockdown guidlines by travelling to Dubai this week .

    Does that breach the non negotiables or is it only chewing gum in class and missing zoom meetings that meets the criteria. .

  61. Danny+S


    Give it up man. It’s getting embarrassing now.

    If you can’t see why the club wanted to force Ozil out then you are pretty slow.

    Of course the club didn’t like the political shit, they didn’t like the not taking the pay cut, Arteta didn’t like his attitude to TEAM exercises during lockdown and he’s on fucking silly money and was due 8m ‘loyalty’ bonus for his last year. Of course the club wanted the odious little cretin gone!

    Can they come out and say it’s because of anything other than football? No. Because Ozils lawyers would go to town!!!

    I can’t spell it out much more simply. Arteta has stepped up and taken it on the chin, because the club can’t turn round and say ‘it was for political reasons’. That is very obvious.

    Let it go.

  62. Danny+S

    As I’ve said before. The club underestimated just how lazy and money orientated Ozil is. They rolled the dice Hoping he’d go to some Arab club or the MLS to pay football and he sat tight, took his 8m and turned the Xbox on.

  63. Pierre

    So it’s agreed , it is all bullshit….exactly what i said from day one …thanks for the confirmation.

    That being the case , then why did as many as 95% of the posters on here disagree with me …

  64. Danny+S


    I can’t confirm anything! It’s just my take on the situation using the information I’ve seen in various places.

    But it is obvious it isn’t pure footballing reasons. The player is a cancer and Arsenal tried to cut it out and it backfired a bit.
    There is no doubt he could have offered something in cup games etc and as a late in sub when we can’t breach a deep
    Lying defence, but that in no way justifies keeping him so the club tried to get rid and failed.

    Roll on June 30th.

  65. Pierre

    We could have all saved ourselves a lot of bother if they had the sense to listen to me instead of arguing the case that Arteta was telling the truth about ” footballing reasons”…

  66. Danny+S


    It wasn’t ‘purely’ footballing reasons no.

    But Ozil does in no way fit the ethos Arteta is trying to instil in the team. So footballing reasons is a big chunk of it, and combined with his other issues just makes him
    An overall undesirable character.

  67. Pierre

    “I can’t confirm anything! It’s just my take on the situation using the information I’ve seen in various places.”

    Don’t change your tune Danny , you seemed pretty certain ten minutes ago when you said “If you can’t see why the club wanted to force Ozil out then you are pretty slow.”.

  68. Danny+S

    Indeed it is my opinion, but I cannot confirm it as that would imply I know for sure. It seems pretty obvious to me yes, and I’d bet it is the case but I’m no authority on it is what I was getting across.

  69. Marc


    OK so it’s true Ozil has been dropped because of his crazy salary – now if he was on £10k per week would he be making the team.

    Not based on what he’s done the last couple of seasons – he’d be binned off as a light weight who only shows up when it suits him.

    Can’t wait to see the back of him.

  70. Marc

    “But Ozil does in no way fit the ethos Arteta is trying to instil in the team. So footballing reasons is a big chunk of it, ”

    If you can’t do what the manager wants on the pitch, show up to training as requested etc isn’t that football reasons?

  71. Kay

    There is definitely a really good player in there in Guendouzi

    Arteta should be coaching him and making him better rather than expecting him to be the next Xhaka just like that.

  72. Danny+S


    It’s no reason to drop him entirely from all squads. Feckless or not, he can add a slightly different dimension to what we have now.

    If you actually read all of what I said, I said it wasn’t ‘purely’ football reasons but you are clinging on to one part of my argument.

    He was being forced out for many reasons and football reasons isn’t all of it!

  73. Pedro

    Graham, of course I am. We’re playing like shit. But the rallying cries of ‘just attack’ are really dim. We’re not going to open ourselves up, we’ll play smart, and hopefully find something in attack.

  74. Marc


    Really don’t care – Arsenal have all sorts of problems right now and the only solution that includes Ozil is getting his salary off the books.

    He’s finished. Done. End of.

  75. Marc

    “But the rallying cries of ‘just attack’ are really dim”

    Are we allowed a rallying cry of “attack a little bit, just you know once?”

  76. Danny+S


    Again if you bothered to read stuff properly instead of just the bits you want to see, you would know I’m of the same opinion.
    Very much want the bug eyed little prick gone.

    But the situation is what it is.

  77. Marc


    So we’re of the same basic opinion – Ozil’s currently not in the PL squad so couldn’t be picked if we wanted to. I believe he could be added to the squad in Jan but would you really trust him to put his body on the line with 6 months left of his contract?

    He’s already out the door – we’ve just got to pick the bill up for longer.

  78. Dissenter

    Do you think Ozil would merit this obsessiveness if he was earning 50k weekly based on his recent footballing history.
    Last season before project restart, he had one [flimsy] league goal and two assists
    In the 2018-2019 season, he had 5 league goals and two assists

    Those are not the numbers for a top player that is above being dropped for footballing reasons. It’s not hard to make a convincing case that Ozil didn’t merit selection based on the facts on the table.

  79. Pierre

    You should try convincing Danny , pedro, charlie , marc and the rest who all believe that Arteta is lying and are adamant that it’s political reasons why he has been left out of the squad.

    Well, that’s what they say today, it maybe different tomorrow.

  80. Dissenter

    Do you disagree with those numbers; 4 premier league assists in the 2018-2019 and 2019/2020 [till covid-19 struck]

    Ozil has not been a top footballer for a long time.

  81. Goobergooner

    I think it was Pierre who compared the 2 squads we had playing villa this season and last seasons 3-2.

    I don’t agree totally with the sentiment that the players who played in the win are better or that Ozil has been a key difference maker.

    I’d say that with the newer squad that’s gone through 4 managers in few seasons, there has been no real stability in any aspect of the squad, let alone the club as a whole. The buyout by Kroenke, covid, the restructuring.

    We have had some very positive results under arteta; the FA cup run, man U away spell broken; and some horrible results aka Villa, along with some poor performances.

    I personally don’t think we have seen enough from both Mikel or Edu to make a proper assessment of what they can do, so unless we see ourselves decline further I’m happy to see out the season with all the bumps along the way.

    But what we can say is there have been a few major mistakes on and off the field by the new team, coupled with a lot of pre-arteta mistakes that have been building for years to where we are now.

    I only think we can go up from here.
    If Arteta can adapt his style to match the game day, aka more attacking at home against lower level teams and if he thinks it’s the way to go with 3 at the back for top 6, I can see how it’s worked in his time here to have faith in that too.

    Next season is where it really resets. Get a fresh start on the wage bill, seeing as a lot of unused/expensive wages will be gone from the roster, and we can see what magic Edu can do there, hopefully with a cl budget as well.

    But Arteta needs to find his first team without his out of form favourites. Make them work their way back in.
    Auba central flanked by some nice combos on paper either Saka left, Willian or Pepe or Nelson right.
    Or Willian left Pepe/nelson right.
    Or if we are lucky 4231 with a 3 of Saka Willian Pepe.

    It can’t hurt to give it a shot and try play in the opposition half where our players strength lies, rather than deep in our own box.

  82. Goobergooner

    Also I don’t understand why we play 3 at the back vs teams like villa. Just get Gabriel and Luiz or mustafi as a 2 (Luiz and mustafi as unfortunately they are the more experienced and best options we have) and get Tierney playing left back, with AMN or Bellerin RB.

    Having a 3 at the back gives the opposition a mindset that they know they are feared if they isolate a player. When that player is mustafi or Luiz (or even xhaka for that matter) we know what happens.

    I love that Arteta has been trying to sort the defense out. First time in years. But he also needs to adopt the mentality that a good offense can be the best defense.

    Rather than try to prevent counters at all costs (setting up to be defensive aka 5 at the back), why not train on how to contain a counter properly. We are working on the high press. But defending too deep for it to work 100%.
    As soon as the midfield is bypassed it is usually man for man at the back, if not overloaded by opponents.

    We are then waaaaay too slow making that first ball forward which opens up a response counter. Instead of playing to the moment, we go backwards and try to play through them, when the moment had already been and gone to get them on a break.

    Frustrating to watch. Especially when the midfield and forward line are so static and no one wants to play a higher risk pass to get something happening.

    That handbrake needs releasing asap, otherwise it’s going to be smoking tyres rather than a clean, crisp takeoff.

  83. Nelson

    Just read that Leeds will have the England international Kalvin Phillips and Spain international Rodrigo back for this Sunday’s game. We can expect a stronger Leeds team awaiting.

  84. Guns of SF

    I love that Arteta has been trying to sort the defense out. First time in years. But he also needs to adopt the mentality that a good offense can be the best defense.


    Amen to this. I know everyone I speak to agrees, bar one person.

  85. Guns of SF


    Try this and we will win….

  86. Guns of SF

    Nelson and AMN bring physicality and power to the right side…. and more directness.

    Bench Bell, he is shit and does not help us on the right that much

    Pepe one the left interchanging with Saka would be good for movement in the final third.

    Pepe in front of goal is highly dangerous

    Nelson can cross naturally to Auba

    This side is much more natural and includes better attacking and movement and athleticism

  87. Dissenter

    Willian has to test covid-negative before he can rejoin the Arsenal squad after his Dubai trip.
    It really doesn’t matter because he;’s been positively useless for Arsenal so far.
    You just known he will start on Sunday.

  88. Captain Tierney

    Unless Willian has a really good reason for traveling to Dubai, he should be dropped for breaching the rules/non-negotiables.
    Well he should be dropped anyways.

    Id rather play Pepe into form than Willian.

  89. Tony

    It’s all about the results and performances on the pitch for me”

    Clearly wasn’t, though Pierre, as for re Wenger’s last 14 years with only 3 FA cups and no league titles, and then losing out to CL – Top 4 trophy places – when there were more teams scrapping for places instead of just us & Manure.

    Erikson similar to Coutinho in style, but much less of a quality player than Coutinho in end product and attitude.

    Pierre trolling because Mrs Pierre threw his coveted socks out while Pierre was on the crazy golf at the beachside amusements.

    Funny how Wenger and Ozil can’t find a club to employ them for love to money.

    Burnt out argument from a burnt out Pierre.

    Troll on Pierre you don’t have many months left before Ozil departs for good.

    Will you leave with Ozil Pierre, you being Ozil’s biggest fan and all that?

  90. Graham62

    Omg!!! Not Ozil again.

    Remember gentlemen, he’s finished.

    Play with Ozil in your starting XI and you’re straightaway down to ten players.

    Physically and mentally he’s a goner.

  91. Tom

    This is actually good time to play Leeds who shipped 8 goals in their last two PL games.
    I can imagine Auba looking at the back four of Alioski, Cooper,, Ayling and Koch and licking his chops to break out of his slump.
    Also, Koch just
    featured for Germany who got spanked 6:0 by Spain. His confidence must be shot to pieces.

  92. China1

    A front line of saka auba Pepe please. Partey, Ceballos and either Willian or willock in the middle

    Tierney Gabriel Luiz Bellerin and Leno

    Just do it Mikel

  93. Sid

    From Leeds perspective,

    Its actually a good time to play Arsenal who have scored 0 in the EPL in a few games.
    I can imagine the back four of Alioski, Cooper,, Ayling and Koch and licking their chops at facing Willian#9, Auba on the left, …..

  94. Daniel Altos

    CalypsoNovember 17, 2020 15:45:27
    Pedro Octobet 1st 2018
    “We’ve been ruthlessly efficient in front of goal to start with, and we’ve had some luck. Yesterday we only managed two shots on target and we claimed an own goal.Defensively, we’ve been shite, but thankfully, the teams we’ve played have been useless in front of goal (and our keepers have been good).What this table tells you is we’ve been very fortuitous. The idea that we’re ‘shithousing’ teams doesn’t really sit right with me. This isn’t doing what you have to do to win, like Inter Milan in the semi-final of the CL against Barcelona. This isn’t United under Mourinho. This isn’t Ramos like evil genius. This is Arsenal playing really badly and falling up the stairs.We’re not creating good chances moving forward, and we’re terrible at the back… but we’re 4 points off the top of the table, so it’s hard to be real about the situation without sounding like a brat. But, you know, I am a brat. I think a big reality slap is heading our way if we don’t quickly improve.We’re 9 competitive games into the season and we’re still shite. That’s with the players training almost every single day (which comes with its own issues, usually in December). The ideas, whatever they are, aren’t settling with the players at the minute. We’ve seen Bielsa at Leeds turn them into a spectacle, they’re scoring freely, 2 a game, and they’re conceding less (a goal a game last season, 0.8 a game this season). I mention Bielsa because he’s bringing elite level ideas to very average players. Emery took over from an artist, not a butcher, it shouldn’t be taking this long to see an identity.The play has to get better if we’re going to make it into the top 4 this season, because luck won’t carry us through December. Emery has either got to make changes to the way he’s setting up so he can get the team clicking from the off, or we’re going to have to do some reshaping in the January transfer window.”YOU CAN’T EVEN CHEER WHEN WE WIN

    Spot on Red.
    This is why I find the ‘you are not a real fan’ or ‘you only come here when we lose’ rhetoric embarassing.Fast forward to 2020,we are 6 points off the table,playing like shit,attacking only through the flanks(left wing to be precise) and yet all we hear is how we shouldnt lose our shit lol.I tell you what,I very much love(not Pedro levels) this arteta guy but my patience with him is slowly running out,I am very interested to see how we approach leeds and I am very worried about that leeds left winger harrison.He is a solid unit and Bellerin and holding seem to struggle against these types. I hope arteta looks u to that.

  95. Pierre

    “Erikson similar to Coutinho in style, but much less of a quality player than Coutinho in end product and attitude.”

    Actually Eriksen’s end product is very good, better than coutinho.
    But as i said previously, i like both players and both are better than what we have at the club at present.

    Both are struggling at their present club but form is temporary and class is permanent.

    Taking into consideration that Aouar has not scored from open play this season ( one assist) in 8 games and he was supposed to solve our creativity and scoring output, i would say a proven top provider like Eriksen( or coutinho) would suit the club at this present time..

    The argument , and it’s a poor argument , is that willian has failed to produce so we don’t want to sign a player of Eriksen’s quality , once bitten twice shy.

    If it was a case of swapping Xhaka for Eriksen, that would be a fantastic deal for the club , high wages or not.

    Another argument , a poor argument , is that we could use the Xhaka money to buy Aouar .
    Firstly , we would need to find a buyer willing to spend 25/30 mil on xhaka and secondly Aouar will not solve our scoring and creativity issues, though i have noticed that the attention has turned from Aouar to Szoboszlai, probably because of Aouar’s lack of output this season and Szoboszlai has started the season well.

    Szoboszlai is young and will only get better, from what i have seen he looks too good for the Austrian league.
    He has a fantastic dead ball delivery and free kicks which means he is a great striker of a football.

    If Szoboszlai is only 20 mil then he is worth a punt but i see no reason why we couldn’t do the Eriksen/xhaka deal as well….Szoboszlai is one for the future, Eriksen would give us what we need now.without laying out any money.

  96. Samir

    I’d rather sell Xhaka for 20-25M and buy Szoboszlai with the money.
    Will we ever learn our lesson in buying players are past their best? Eriksen was trash at Spurs for his last season and has been appalling at Inter.

    David Luiz

    And we want to add Eriksen to this list of overpaid wasters?

  97. Pierre

    Circumstances can determine how well a player does at his club.
    A chànge of manager and a change of football philosophy can turn a very influential player, as Eriksen undoubtedly was , into a player that spends most of his time on the bench .

    This doesn’t make them trash, garbage or rubbish which are sone of the accusations aimed at Eriksen in the last day or so.

    Bale, Eriksen, coutinho, James , Ozil have all suffered the same fate…we will find out if binning these very good players is a successful policy for these clubs.

    Inter milan are currently 7th
    Arsenal are currently 11th
    Barcalona are currently 9th
    Real madrid are currently 4th.

    Is the policy of freezing out these talented players working ….the answer has to be no , going by the league placings of these clubs…

    I would suggest that none of the fans of these clubs are particularly happy ( including Arsenal) at the situation they find themselves in…