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Well good evening to you ALL.

Big news on the bond front. Stan has paid of Arsenal’s debt foooooooor… stability moving forwards. It doesn’t affect Mikel Arteta’s bleak summer ahead. I mean, really, did you think Stan was just going to drop a cool £100m on the squad to take advantage of the lowest market since the great depression of 1929? Absolutely not.

The AST have an excellent assessment here. My take is that Stan is now getting paid by the club and probably taking a lower interest rate over a longer period of time. Helpful that we don’t have to keep cash in the banks and great that our interest rates are much lower. Still doesn’t mean we’re balling out with the big names this summer.

The North London Derby is coming this week. I expect a proper Mourinho performance. Forget about the bleak football, lack of shots, and general misery around our rivals. He’s coming to party this weekend and the team had best be at their very best otherwise we’ll get beaten and the post-match story will be ‘never underestimate Jose.’

Arteta and Jose have had a similar season. Both picked up teams at low ebbs, both have had a mixed bag with results, injuries and luck. Our man acknowledged as much.

They have had some ups and downs but overall you can clearly see what he wants to bring to the club. He manages the energy, the momentum and establishes a really strong culture in every football club. As well, he makes sure that he wins and he’s won in every single club that he’s been at. Obviously the situation and the timing when he arrived is different than starting a new project right from the summer, but I’m sure he will be successful because he always finds the right way to do it. It will take him a bit of time but I’m sure he will do it.

Still, what can’t be denied is we’ve looked pretty decent and on the up… and they haven’t. We still haven’t had a great 90minutes start to finish. Is there a better time to demonstrate that we are capable? No. The moment is now, so let’s see what we have.

Mikel Arteta was goaded about 7 times into calling Jose a past-it-melt, but he held back, basically saying he’s a world-class manager. Smart move really.

I think a derby has a completely different context to what is happening with the current form and anything like that. I have huge respect for Jose, for what he’s trying to do there, and we know to go there and get a win we’re going to have to do everything really, really well. I’m expecting a really tough game.

I agree. Spurs could be at the bottom of the table and this would still be a tough game. They have a great squad of players and elite talent built to make your weekend miserable. Harry Kane, Son, and Bergwijn can all do damage. I’m quite pleased Alli and Celso are out.

So what can we expect? I think it’ll be a similar approach to the one we saw from Wolves. They’ll defend deep, expect a mistake, and try and kill us on the counter. They obviously have more quality, so we need to be careful. They won’t need many chances to kill us.

This will be another huge game for our midfield and wide players. We need to play smart and stick to the game plan. Hopefully, the team is a little more confident after the first half against Leicester and we take the game to them. It’s a big away game, if we win there, who knows what we might take to the Liverpool game.

Before I go, interesting that some outlets are saying Matteo wants to stay but not apologise, whilst Canal+ is running with the idea of letting Aouar go with an eye on our bad boy replacing him. Swap? I mean, it’d be rude not to have a chat.

Short post today, have a great evening, see you tomorrow! x


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  1. Leftfootcurler

    Its ridiculous to say Jose defeated Arteta tactically. He setup a low block and tried to counter us.

    His low block wasn’t good and we pressed well,they couldn’t counter us on the ground and had to play long to Kane and Son who were numerically at a disadvantage against 3 arsenal defenders.
    Its absolutely ridiculous to say Jose owned us.

    Arsenal from positional structure perspective were better than Spurs.

    Comments like Arteta is like wenger is so off the mark. Under wenger,xhaka would be exposed with a large space to defend and get smashed on the counter.

    We were never exposed like that.

    As for our attack,the problem was only Auba was looking to run in behind.Plan was for Laca to drop deeper to help link play and progress the play up the pitch.
    And Pepe also to run in behind. Basically a copy of Liverpool front 3.

    In any good team,there should always be 2 players running in behind. Only Auba was doing that yesterday.

    A key reason why Arsenal looked good against Leicester was that along with Auba,Saka made some great runs in behind.

    Ceballos could not have played the pass for Arsenal’s goal against Leicester if Saka hadn’t made a superb run in behind.

    Saka never showed this aspect of his game before,so its clearly something Arteta has improved. Credit to Saka as well for learning quickly.

    I am sure Arteta is coaching Pepe to attack the space in behind. But he seems to be a slow learner.

    Besides that, Auba is not a player who can receive on the half turn and combine with other attackers. Some creativity is needed in the positions he took up today.

    The problem in attack can be solved in two ways:-
    1) Buy a creative LW like Coutinho and play Auba CF and pepe RW.
    And coach Pepe to attack space in behind.

    2)If Arteta wants a copy of liverpool’s front 3 and attack the goal from every angle,then he has to buy Havertz to play LW and Haller CF and Auba RW.

    In 2nd case,we have to buy two players,first case is much cheaper.

    These changes would help against any type of defence in the future.

    Set pieces are a problem for us. We need good coaching there. This is a legitimate concern under Arteta.

    As for in game substitutions,firstly many managers have poor in game management but are top class managers.
    Klopp,Conte and Poch are poor at in game management.

    Arteta also unfortunately seems to be in the same category.
    This is a legitimate criticism of Arteta.

    But in this game,What could have been done is Saka for Kola(who was horrendous),move Tierney to LCB and Saka LWB.

    Laca is not going to score off crosses so he needs to go off.
    Nelson for Laca with Nelson playing LW and Auba ST.

    Nelson bringing in the creativity,he is still very raw but he is the best option we have.

    Cedric for Bellerin was a good change,Cedric seems to be better in the final third than Bellerin.

    Going to back 4 would have been suicide. Our clown defenders can’t defend 3v2 lol. How can you expect them to defend 2v2.
    And that was proven when Arteta clearly threw the kitchen sink in the end trying to get a goal and spurs suddenly got chances to counter.

    I think Arteta outdid Jose in this game.
    Spurs were pretty much gifted chances by our shit defenders.
    We lost the ball cheaply even when there were options available for safe passes.
    If we make so many errors,good players will hurt you.

    Some are suggesting Arsenal losing games from winning positions as a criticism for Arteta.
    We have conceded 50% of the goals under Arteta post 75 mins.

    Arteta had already said at the start of his tenure that the players are not fit enough for the football we want to play.
    Sokratis and Luiz said the same in the post match interview of the Arsenal-United game.

    This is not going to improve till pre season next season.

    The only two legitimate criticisms for Arteta so far is set piece/crosses defending and in game management.
    Rest are baseless ignorant criticisms.

    Our players are awful and they will let us down time and again.
    But as for racking up points is concerned:
    To get top 4 we need 75 points.

    We can get that with this team but a few additions+coaching Pepe to make runs.
    Even with clown defenders.
    Its what Wenger did in his Emirates era.
    The important thing is to thrash bottom 14 teams.
    There are 84 points available against bottom 14 teams. We need to maximise this first.

  2. Emiratesstroller

    There is too much blame game directed at Arteta and Aubameyang and not at
    the source of our problems.

    Arteta has come into the club with more ore less the same squad of players that
    was in first half of season when we reached crisis point.

    Aubameyang may have his faults, but he has still managed to score 20 goals in
    EPL and was unlucky not to score yesterday.

    The defence has improved in its performance level until yesterday’s game, but
    is realistically not good enough for a team aspiring to qualify for Champions
    League. We have seen this in the games against Man City and Spurs.

    Our midfield is also limited as the stats I published shows. They are not remotely top class. Our midfield has been far too often overrun this season
    and as I pointed out lacks productivity.

    The fact that Ozil is not playing is because clearly the player is no longer able
    to perform at the sort of level expected of him. If he was the player would be
    picked even if he was playing on one leg!!

  3. Jeff

    Next two matches.

    1. Clap in Liverpool and then get beaten. PL
    2. Entertain City and then get clobbered. FA cup.

    The final two after that this season:
    1. Beat Aston Villa and claim some sort of “resurgence” – hail Arteta – “didn’t he do well”?
    2. Beat Watford and claim the start of an unbeaten run and conclude the season with the sentiment “better luck next time – blah blah blah – he needs a window – blah blah blah – he’s improved the defence – blah blah blah”. The new AKBs will clutch at tiny morsels of hope and accentuate them to fit the script they wrote as they ushered in the “new era” with Arteta.

    Meanwhile in the real world of painful performances and cold facts – we finish 9th, no trophies, no Europa, no Champions League and no hope.

    This is what Arsenal is these days – a huge pile of wishful thinking tinged with desperation and delusion.

  4. Ishola70


    “The important thing is to thrash bottom 14 teams.
    There are 84 points available against bottom 14 teams. We need to maximise this first.”

    Arsenal are a long way away from being able to “thrash” all the bottom 14 teams.

    That thought seems to be in dream land.

  5. prvhc

    Arteta admitted that he knew Kolasinac at CB was a problem but didn’t want to change a winning formula.
    What he’s implying there is he’ll not address a known problem (of his own making) until it costs the team.That is a dangerous position to take and will undoubtedly cost us more points.

  6. Leftfootcurler

    Attack is not a problem system wise.

    Any good team needs 2 scorers and 2 creators.

    Arteta has 2 runners in behind,CF dropping between the lines and linking up with attackers,creating and 2 wingbacks putting crosses.

    Its good enough. Just need the right profile and right quality.

  7. DivineSherlock


    I didnt buy into Pedro’s opinion of Emery 6 months i to his job . But he was proven right. I gave Emery a whole season before the debacle . But it is Pedro’s blog and he is entitled to his opinion . From what I see is that Arteta looks a better choice and the defnesive improvements and structure he has put into place suggest that with better players we will improve . If you seriously see no improvements re Emery and Arteta than I believe you see football with stats only

  8. Leftfootcurler


    Nope. The positions taken up by the attackers and connections are good enough.
    Just need the right players and the right profile.

    Its a dream land if we dont buy the type of Players I suggested.
    Plan is good enough.

  9. Ishola70

    Arsenal need a Man United Fernandes type signing.

    A CAM that is going to be the go to man in midfield.

    But this is not possible until Arsenal scrap the present midfield system where Xhaka is currently the go to man in midfield.

    Get in an influential CAM and Xhaka becomes redundant.

  10. Ishola70


    We can talk about “improvements” until we are blue in the face.

    These “improvements” only become relevant when they are reflected in the league table.

  11. DivineSherlock


    In hindsight , the person responsible for Ramsey’s departure should be sacked . I wouldnt have mind if he was made the highest paid player. Ozil really stunk the place , compare him with Ramsey who was always professional and gave it his all right through . I seriously believe with Ramsey in , Arteta wouldnt have struggled so much .

  12. Leftfootcurler


    Yes but its not a problem of his own making.
    If you play Holding/Sokratis/Luiz/Mustafi there,all of them will look shit at LCB.

    What I would do is put Tierney at LCB and Saka at LWB.

    But Saka just signed a new contract I wonder if he included any clause in there that he has to play as an attacker not as a wingback.

    His attacking threat is much greater than Tierney or Kola so unless there are fatigue issues,he should play as LWB.

  13. DivineSherlock


    But Arteta wasnt hired to deliver improvements when you deem fit . Its a long term plan with club backing him . Atleast let him find his best eleven ith players he backs , this is not even his squad . Surely even you see that difference ?

  14. andy1886

    It would seem to be obvious that if you have three CB’s that always have a mistake in them you don’t play around with the ball at the back any more than you absolutely have to. Yet we insist on doing just that. Crazy or what?

    If MA wants to play that way he needs to change the personnel first. Not Kola, not Mustafi, and preferably not Luiz even though he can pass the ball. Until then keep it simple.

  15. Un na naai

    The problems can be solved by giving us a link man to attack and switching to a back 4 minus Luiz and kolasinac

    We don’t need a back 3

    We put willock or Saka in the middle and boom, we are instantly more dangerous.

    But let’s face it, had we taken our chances when presented we’d have won
    Had kolasinac not given the lead away immediately we’d have had a different game on our hands
    Wright away their tails were up
    Kane was bullying Luiz in the first half and then Mustafi in the second half
    He wouldn’t have gotten away with that with Holding who loves a tussle.
    Arteta has to realise this
    It’s too soft
    It’s all well in good having the defensive shape in order but if you are up agaisnt strikers who bully your defenders then you need at least one who can man mark him and stand up to the challenge

    All 3 of our centre halves are front foot defenders which leaves space behind
    Kane exploited that running off their shoulder. He wouldn’t have done it with Koscielney and holding in their becaue they track their runners

  16. Leftfootcurler

    Improvements in the league table needs players+coaching.
    Coaching seems fine but how much money do we have and how well we spend it,is the question.

    CAM needs to play wide.
    Not in place of xhaka in this system.

    Even if you change the system,xhaka is a DM.

  17. Un na naai

    Left foot

    No. Holding is good at lcb
    Switch to a back four
    Mustafi and holding in the middle
    Sokratis first sub, Luiz last. No time for that man as a canter half
    He’s a giant accident. Worse than Mustafi.

    Then you get willock or Saka or evening ozil as the link man
    Pepe and auba need a link man
    Telling how few goals auba scores in this system. He’s effectively useless. Even more than usual. But he had his chances and squandered them

  18. Ishola70


    The whole point is that shouting improvement from the rooftops isn’t apt at this time.

    It wasn’t hard was it to improve upon Emery’s last month in charge as the team had become a complete shambles.

    Let’s see a whole season before screaming significant and improvement with real substance.

    The truth is we don’t know which way this is going to go for Arteta at this present time.

  19. Leftfootcurler

    This love for Holding is strange. He is shit. He was an issue at both the brighton goals. And he retreats into the penalty box like a scared cat.
    All our CBs are bottom half level.

    And we absolutely need a back 3.

    Xhaka-Ceballos midfield will get overrun ahead of back 4.

    Our clown defenders need a back 3.

  20. Ishola70


    A midfield link man to the attack has to receive the ball a lot and have his foot on the ball a lot.

    This is not possible in the present Arsenal midfield set-up.

    Xhaka is the Arsenal midfielder with his foot on the ball.

  21. Leftfootcurler

    Auba is not useless at all in this system.
    There were 2-3 occasions where Xhaka had the opportunity to put Auba through on goal but he didnt see the throughball opportunity.

    Besides its easier for opponents to be aware of Auba if he is the only one making runs in behind. Pepe has to do that,too.

    And Holding-Mustafi in a 2 will give everyone nightmares.

    Balance the attack and play this system to cover the shit players and its fine.

  22. Leftside

    Holding has been inconsistent this season but he has been in and out of the side for most of the campaign. I wouldn’t be averse to him and Sok in there because you can pick any CB combo at this club and there’s a mistake there waiting. My problem is so many error prone players continually being picked at Arsenal.

    Lacazette scored a great goal and it was undone in three minutes by Kolasinac’s idiocy, who by the way doesn’t offer anything to the side at all. We’re not going anywhere if we’re up against our own mistakes ontop of the opposition all the time.

    We have no control in the middle of the park and we’re always at a deficit as the same few who have cost this team time and time again still keep getting picked. Guendouzi is problematic? Sit him down one and one, come to a position resolution if possible and then get him back into the side because if we’re talking about attitude and desire on the field, he appears to be one of the few in this side who show it on the field.

  23. Leftfootcurler

    The link up player in this system is Laca.
    He lacks physicality and athleticism so it looks like we lack a link man.

    Imagine Firmino in this same system,same team and Mane and Salah making runs in behind.

    There wouldn’t be any problems linking up at all.

  24. Leftfootcurler

    Midfield was the only thing that was decent in the last game.

    Spurs couldnt play through us,they had to play long to Kane and Son who were at a numerical disadvantage against 3 CBs.

    The problem was the quality of our CBs.

  25. Ishola70

    That’s a fair point.

    So you either bring in an influential CAM to link attack better or you bring in a CF that can hold up the ball and bring others into play really well.

    Good luck though in trying to find Firmino Mk II.

  26. Ishola70


    “Even if you change the system,xhaka is a DM.”

    Are you serious?

    This is near to your thrashing all the bottom 14 clubs.

    If Arsenal get in a CAM that is going to demand the ball and dictate Arsenal’s attacking play you are seriously telling me that you keep Xhaka as essential as a “defensive midfielder”

  27. Moray

    Back four, two sweepers and two keepers: one rush. That’s the way to guarantee we don’t leak so many goals.

  28. þorkell einarsson

    Emi was brilliant and commanding with his big frame , Luiz is not to be blamed
    for the goal, but he is vulnerable and short on confidence as the fans tend to be
    harsh on our defenders ..
    Auba seems to be worth at least another year, but he needs a Mouthinio
    midfielder .
    Dani seems to tire as the game evolves, he doesnt have the engine that Ramsey had.

  29. Valentin


    I am not sure that having two goalkeepers on the pitch is allowed. 😉
    I’ll give it to you, it is a novel way of sorting our defense.

  30. Valentin

    The CAS judgement at least means that missing on the 5th place is not so damaging.
    I also think that not play into Europe could be helpful in that it would allow Arsenal to trim the squad. No need to keep players for the occasional Domestic Cup games when we have the U23 ready to play in it.

    Kolasinac, Sokratis,

  31. Leftside

    “I’m planning two or three different scenarios that we can face. Depending on one of those three, we will be able to do more, less or nothing”

    Arteta a couple of months ago.

    Well, it looks like we may not finish in a European place at all so I guess that’s that.

  32. Gonsterous

    Left foot curler

    How exactly does arteta want to play? And if he doesn’t have the personnel, why did he resign, mari, luiz and cedric ? And is keen to make ceballos permanent?
    Aren’t these the same people who don’t fit into his system?

  33. Nelson

    Now it is getting interesting. The 3rd and 4th place will be a dog fight between Manure, Leicester and Chelsea. Manure will probably take the third spot.

    The 6th spot will be between Wolves and Sheffield. Our only hope to get to the EL will be winning the FA.

  34. Emiratesstroller

    Let’s be completely honest Arsenal does not have a single Centre Back on its
    books who would be picked for the starting lineup of most of the teams above us in the EPL.

    Indeed I would suggest that most of them would not make the bench as well.

    So whilst the system we have adopted recently may have provided slightly more solidity it does not compensate for the quality of the players we have
    got on our books.

    Next season we will have one new Centre Back playing for us. So we will be
    still playing with at least two of the current crop unless the club decides to
    invest in another player.

    Similarly the dearth of class and productivity in midfield will also not improve
    unless we recruit a player who can create and score goals. As can be seen from
    the stats none of our current crop of players are remotely likely to provide a

  35. Danny

    United to finish third. Chelsea fourth.
    As much as a hate these 2, the pleasure of seeing that cunt Vardy missing out on CL will be so enjoyable.

  36. Pierre

    We didn’t learn too much from yesterday’s game that we didn’t already know.

    Kolasinac is ( and always will be) a liability at centre back.

    We are vulnerable from set pieces due to our lack of height and very few players who want to win/attack the ball in the air.
    Playing kolasinac ( who is rubbish on the air) instead of Holding at the back only adds to the weakness on that area.

    Martinez should stay as our keeper, his handling of the ball is first class.

    Ceballos has improved , though he will never be a great creator of chances. He is busy and keeps the ball ticking over, then again Xhaka also is good at recycling the ball , to me they are not dissimilar in the way they play the game when they are on the ball.

    We are vulnerable in the latter stages of the game as our energy levels drop.

    Other than that , I think Bellerin showed some improvement and Pepe was fouled whenever he beat a player , no doubt on the orders of jose.

    I’m not too keen on having wide attacking players in a wing back system.
    It should be the 2 wing backs that provide the width .
    Playing pepe and Aubameyang out wide reduces the options of the team.

    For a start it leaves us with only 2 central midfielders ( Ceballos and Xhaka) and runs the risk of being outnumbered in that area and consequently not having control of the game.

    With the wing back system it is very easy to play 2 up top and 3 in midfield and use the wing backs for the width.

    Arsenal, I have no doubt, would have won the game but for gifting them an equaliser so soon after we scored.
    The game was set up for Arsenal to catch them on the counter as they tried to get back into the game.

    Pretyy even game that , as Arteta said, was deciding on fine margins…

  37. Nelson

    There is a difference between Saka and Tierney playing on the left side. Tierney would only cross the ball while Saka can cut in and link up play with Auba. The team was playing well deploying Saka on the left side as the link up man. Arteta has dropped this option.

  38. Nelson

    After winning the CAS appeal, Man City must be celebrating a lot. They may not be so keen on winning the FA Cup now. Their players can now relax and plan for the Summer vacation.

  39. Jim Lahey

    As mush as Mustafi has seemingly improved over the past few months, yesterday was a clear example of why we can not keep him at the club. Once he made the first mistake he was all over the place, diving in constantly. Could have easily cost us another two goals.

  40. Valentin

    If Arteta wants to keep playing 3 at the back and Aubameyang on the left side of trident of attackers, he need to reinstate the combination Tierney as CB and Saka as LWB.
    Without them combining we are toothless on that side.
    He also need to drop Pepe. As we can’t have both Aubameyang and Pepe in the same wide trident attack. They are both narrow making it easier to be overcrowded by the defense.
    Spurs did exactly the opposite overloading the wide sides with both Son and Kane systematically attacking the left side Kolasinac and Luiz the first half and the Mustafi the second half.
    Pepe being so one footed, he can’t cross with his right foot and he can’t release the right fullback in overlapping space without being intercepted. As Aubameyang barely touches the ball outside the penalty box, with those two on the pitch at the same time Arsenal is carrying two players who can’t and won’t contribute outside the penalty box. That makes extremely difficult to build anything because the only avenue left is a pin point accurate sliding pass and unfortunately the only player who can provide those passes is at home playing Fortnite.

  41. Left testicle

    I think we’re only playing three at the back as two can’t be trusted. But instead of being an insurance policy we now have three centre backs who could potentially cock things up.

  42. Samesong

    After winning the CAS appeal, Man City must be celebrating a lot. They may not be so keen on winning the FA Cup now. Their players can now relax and plan for the Summer vacation.

    Doubt that very much. City will fight for everything. Unlike Arsenal.

  43. Kay

    We can go with a back 2 if we had Party and Torriera as the 2 CMs

    Instead we have Xhaka and Ceballos

    Ceballos should play n10
    Xhaka should be sold

  44. Emiratesstroller


    Personally I prefer Martinez to Leno and I would retain him for the time being as our first choice gk. However, the club does need two quality gk on books so I
    would retain both.

    The only weakness of both gks is that they are perhaps not brilliant in their
    ball playing skills and distribution.

  45. Pierre

    “Doubt that very much. City will fight for everything. Unlike Arsenal.”

    Sounds like wishful thinking…

  46. raptora

    All of our Eastern European players suck balls.

    Sokratis, Mustafi, Kolasinac, Ozil, Xhaka, Mkhitaryan.

    Need to buy from Latin America, Spain, Portugal, Germany, France and UK ofc.

    I’m so done with deadwood. Whole team playing pretty well and then the serial fk ups do what they do best. It’s so discouraging.

  47. Graham62

    Luiz will always be a massive liability.

    His ability to sense danger and be prepared for the unexpected, are absolute shite.

    Plays in 1st or 2nd gear most of the time.

    Kolasinac’s pass was awful but Luiz was equally culpable because his head is not in the game.

    Don’t rate him at all.

    Still can’t believe we got him in the first place.

  48. Gonsterous

    I don’t want to be too critical of ceballos since he’s playing well but I think the reason for that is, like many Spanish players, he enjoys playing in the lovely sunny conditions.
    Unfortunately for him, most of the PL takes place during the autumn and winter period. With heavy rain and snow.
    But I keep saying, if he costs 10-15 m, buy him.

  49. shaun

    Arsenal extend Luiz contract, Arsenal offer mustaffi a new contract and are encouraged by Arteta to do so.That for me is very very worrying

  50. Graham62

    Pepe also needs to go back to school.

    Starting to piss me off with his attitude. Needs a kick up the backside.

    If Zaha had been playing yesterday, we’d have won the game.

    No sweat.

  51. Gonsterous


    All those players were bought from the German league.

    Or are you saying we have to look at nationality before buying a player?

  52. Valentin

    Luiz may be a great leader in the changing room, but he is a liability on the pitch and that should have been the deciding factor to not extend his contract.
    Mustafi may have shown sign of progress, but again the fact he will revert to type when put under pressure and asked to cover the right back area. That again should have been the deciding factor against deciding to offer him an extension.
    To me those are bad decision that I can’t fathom.
    So the question is why Arteta was pushing for them.
    Does he not trust the recruitment team to be able to bring better players than what he got? In which case it is an sad indictment of that team. No trust in their ability or their agenda by the headcoach.

    Or is he blind to those players flaws? Does he believe that he can coach them into reliability and greatness? Because if he does then he is seriously deluded.

    Either reasons do not bode well for Arsenal future and the cohesion of the management team.

  53. raptora

    Martinez shouldn’t have dove. Son is moving away from goal and Emi opens him the easiest solution to score a goal from there – a chip. 99% of the blame is on Kolasinac of course. He made a hospital pass earlier as well when it lead to Kane one on one vs Emi but he ended up missing his lobbed shot.

    Kolasinac is a horrible player and should not be played at all. Why was Saka a substitute I will never know.

  54. Gonsterous

    So if arteta keeps renewing players contracts, does it become his players or should the fault still lie with the predecessor?

    So who exactly are we selling apart from guen, sok and ozil?

  55. Steveyg87

    Firstly, take a moment to reflect on Laca’s strike last night, Wow, just wow. Secondly, Luiz should have been subbed before the goal, the man is shot as a top footballer. get Holding in asap, he’s not going to develop in to a proper baller warming the bench. Kolasinac is a shell on the player he was when he first arrived, either he cant play Arteta’s style or he lacks major confidence, you cant just get that sh!t all of a sudden. If Arteta continues to play Luiz then I do not have any sympathy for him anymore.

  56. raptora

    Supposedly we are not going to get anything from Mikki who still has a full year on his contract. Nothing. Zilch. We are letting him go for a square amount of 0. Same as Ramsey, Welbeck, Wilshere, Cazorla, Debuchy.

  57. andy1886

    Yup, Mikki has been a dead loss almost from day one. At 200k per week. Possibly the most idiotic deal we’ve ever done and there has been plenty of competition for that award.

    Then again if we could give Ozil away for nothing we’d be dancing in the street.

  58. Pierre

    “Martinez shouldn’t have dove. Son is moving away from goal and Emi opens him the easiest solution to score a goal from there ”

    At first I questioned whether Martinez should have stayed on his line and not gone to ground ,but looking again, it is a consequence of manager’s wanting a keeper to play as a sweeper keeper.

    Kolasinac played a heavily weighted pass , Luiz couldn’t attempt the tackle and Martinez was on the edge of the penalty area, meaning he was back and side tracking to get in position and never quite managed it , hence going to ground to block the shot.
    If he hadn’t of dived , Son would have rolled the ball into an empty bet.

    If Martinez was originally on his line then we may have seen a different outcome as Martinez could have narrowed the angle and stayed on his feet.

    So no , Martinez not at fault, 100% kolasinac fault.

  59. Leftfootcurler


    “Good luck though in trying to find Firmino Mk II.”

    I have already given solutions above,man.
    Buy Sebastien Haller from West Ham.There is your player who can hold up the ball and link up but if we go this way,we need more combination play in addition to making good runs so have to buy Kai Havertz from Leverkusen.

    I prefer Coutinho-Auba-Pepe as it would be cheaper.

  60. CG

    Arsenal a Zombie Club going nowhere.
    Absolutely aimless.

    Arteta is a daydreamer and as naive as they come.

    Manchester City fresh from their disgraceful cheating verdict won’t ever mention his name again.

    Arteta Out 4 Now.

    Re apply in 5 years time- when he has learned his apprenticeship elsewhere.

  61. Leftfootcurler


    If Arsenal get in a CAM that is going to demand the ball and dictate Arsenal’s attacking play you are seriously telling me that you keep Xhaka as essential as a “defensive midfielder”

    Because the CAM should receive the ball between the lines.
    Someone has to progress the ball from the 1st phase to the final 3rd where the CAM receives the ball.
    There in lies the importance of xhaka.
    Without a CM progressing the ball from 1st phase to final 3rd,the CAM will have to drop deeper to get on the ball.
    If the CAM drops deeper to get the ball,you will complain again about attack being disconnected and being asked to do too much.

    So yes,the DM is extremely important.

    About beating bottom 14 teams,I have already given a clear answer what are the issues we face and how it can be solved.
    If arsenal buy the players I recommended and Pepe improves his off the ball movement,you will see it on the pitch yourself.

  62. Daniel Altos

    Is anyone else gonna say it or should I just do it?Big man olly G would be perfect for this arteta system…he would also be perfect for aubameyang,unlike the French midget

  63. Daniel Altos

    One thing I noticed yesterday is mourinho telling his players to run down our channels behind the fullbacks and they kept getting chances this way.. up next we face to teams who have devastating wing play.I am sure pep has been highlighting this to sterling and mahrez.I for one am not ready for mustafi chasing down sterling or mahrez/Salah/Arnold turning kolasinac…Play a back 3 in these games and we will be slaughtered.I think we either play a flat back 5 or t with two banks of four

  64. andy1886

    No sign of Pedders, guess that some posts are harder to spin than others…(just pulling your leg their Pedro).

  65. Gentlebris

    ‘Arteta Out 4 Now. Re apply in 5 years time- when he has learned his apprenticeship elsewhere.’

    Don’t go anywhere near Sir P today if a swollen lip is not your idea of fashion.

    Meanwhile Jose is still an old out of modern touch divisive little man right?

    One then wonders how he was able to beat our ‘world class’ coach with a team that was being celebrated here as being infected with Jose’s divisiveness just a few days ago.

    Oh, it’s just one game…they meet again next season. Sure.

  66. Moray

    “One thing I noticed yesterday is mourinho telling his players to run down our channels behind the fullbacks and they kept getting chances this way“

    @Daniel Altos, this Is something Arteta has said he used to tell the players to do against Arsenal when he was at City. It’s a known problem and one we’ve had for a while. Noticeably, this is not how Spuds scores against us, though the lack of pace in our back line was at fault for the first (Luiz) after the error.

    I’m more concerned that we can’t do the basics, like defend a corner or not pass to the opposition in or outside our own box.

  67. Gentlebris

    ‘No sign of Pedders, guess that some posts are harder to spin than others…(just pulling your leg their Pedro).’

    You had better been pulling his legs, because you have to give credit where it’s due. Sir P is the KING of spin!

  68. Champagne Charlie

    Arsenal don’t have the balance in the side for Arteta to play his preferred system, so he’s overloaded the defence to make us competitive.

    His midfield long term will consist of a deeper midfielder with two technical and tenacious partners. It’s what he grew up with at Barcelona, it’s what he was part of at Man City with Fernandinho, Silva, KDB, and it’s how he likes to play the game.

    Currently he has CM options that aren’t compatible, and it’s why we’re so hot for Partey. I’d bet good money we’re desperate to shift Ozil too so we can bring in a Coutinho type player and sit Xhaka at the base, with Partey and Coutinho operating ahead. Night and day to this current papered over version.

  69. Sid

    The wingbacks are under instructions not to bomb forward,
    essentially we are playing with a back five, thats why you rarely see cutbacks
    The formation is more of 5221
    Crossing is an ineffective tactic

    The bundesliga is a poor league, has been for a while, outside Bayern the rest are average, thats the reason average players look great playing there
    Saka would boss the bundesliga more than Jadon

    Im telling you for free!

  70. Gentlebris

    ‘If Zaha had been playing yesterday, we’d have won the game.’

    Straight fact this one, ladies and gentle boys.

    And to think i spent my vacation last summer cheering for Mr Zaha.

  71. Gentlebris

    ‘Moyes has been a bigger influence on Arteta than Barca and Pep’

    Why else you think he went for Steve Round?

    You must love stating very obvious facts as if they weren’t obvious enough.

  72. Gentlebris

    ‘Supreme leader Kim Peh Dro is up there with comrade Kim Jong when it comes to spin and propaganda’

    An insult, Sid; and I think you must apologize.

    Only Mugabe is on same wavelength as Sir P.

  73. Leftfootcurler


    Arteta is adapting to the players he has.
    Firstly he played 4231.
    Then in the City game,he lost xhaka and Mari.
    Due to that,he had to change to 433 against Brighton.
    After that,he changed his system to 343 against southampton and then we have had a decent run of results.
    My guess is that 433 is what Arteta wants to play but that would require a complete overhaul of the squad and frankly,we don’t have the money.

    Based on our players, 343 is the best way to maximise our results with minimal investment.

    In a settled shape,Arsenal defend in a 5-2-3 which becomes 5-4-1 when opposition has the ball in the final 3rd
    When we lose the ball,we are not exposed to a counter attack because generally there are 5 players centrally behind the ball

    If we are leading in the game,Arteta recognises that Xhaka-Ceballos are immobile so adds a another midfielder(Generally willock) so now instead of 2 CMs,we have 3 CMs covering the same space.

    Now how we attack.
    We like to play out from the back.
    The back 3 stretches the pitch horizontally making the space as big as possible to play through the opposition lines.
    There are 8 players in the build up.

    We pass it around trying to attract opponent players to commit to press us.
    If they commit 6-7 players,then they only have 3-4 players at the back so we go long and try to get a 3v3,our attackers vs the opposition backline.
    Quick combination play and create chances.

    Another way we create is through numerical overloads out wide.
    There is WB-WF-CM overload out wide when the opposition shifts its defensive block towards the side where we are overloading the pitch,we recycle back to the CM and switch play to the opposite side where we get 1v1s,2v2s and try to break through.

    We also can break through via the overload like for example,Kola and Auba did for Pepe’s goal against Man Utd.

    LWB-LW-CM overloading and the CF-RW running in behind and getting on the end of cross/cutbacks.

    Another way we try to create chances is the CF drops in between the lines and the LW and the RW are on the shoulders of the opposition defensive line looking to make a run in behind.

    We also look to win the ball high up the pitch via pressing and look to attack quickly before the opponent regains its defensive shape.

    These are the patterns of play Arteta has instilled in our team.
    Due to either lack of quality or due to unsuitability of certain players the plan may not get implemented perfectly.

    In above comments,I have said what players we can buy who can play the roles needed in certain areas to a high level.

    By playing such players in this 343,we will score 70-75 goals and concede 35-40 goals(guessing no of individual mistakes is tough lol)

    And get 75 points which should get us top 4 in the league.

    How much money do we have to spend and how well will we spend is the question.
    Another question is fitness issues.
    We are playing a more intense brand of football under Arteta than under Emery.
    How will players deal with this transition?
    How much will fatigue play a part?
    How much of an impact will injuries have?

    These two things will have a crucial impact on whether Arteta succeeds at Arsenal.
    By success I mean entering top 4.

  74. Thank you and goodnight

    I’ve just seen son’s goal for first time this afternoon. Ffs. How many fucking shitting times does our defence fuck up. I mean seriously ffs. Luiz, kola, mustafi should not be given contract extensions. Shocking

  75. GunnerDNA

    Asking Xhaka to stay and campaigning for Luiz extension are 100% MA decisions. There was a good opportunity for the Club to get those two trash players off the roster and Meekel was against it. The excuse that this is not his team when it’s his decision to build a system around two players who is not suited for the PL is enough reason to show he’s a bum. If 15-18 games into next season he’s still struggling he won’t make it to the end of the season. Lacazette wonder goal have fans thinking we had a chance to win that game. Kane took his first chance and the possibilities are we facing our heaviest loss in a NLD. When your GK is MOTM it’s give a very clear picture

  76. Gentlebris

    ‘The excuse that this is not his team when it’s his decision to build a system around two players who is not suited for the PL is enough reason to show he’s a bum. If 15-18 games into next season he’s still struggling he won’t make it to the end of the season’

    I thought all of these were just Gentlebris nonsense.

  77. Bojangles

    Where the fuck do you dickheads get off telling the owner of the blog he must apologise?

    Go write your own blog if you don’t like what’s written on this one.

    You’re like a bunch of schoolkids on their first day at school.

  78. Un na naai

    Afterwards, Arteta suggested the reason he picked Kolasinac over someone who can actually pass a football like Rob Holding is because he didn’t want to change a formula which had worked. He wanted to try and keep that momentum going, which I understand, but it’s a dangerous game playing a defender who can’t really defend or use the ball the way a player in that position should. The manager paid the price for that yesterday. It’s been coming, unfortunately, and Kolasinac picked exactly the wrong day to do it.

    This from arseblog
    So he says it was momentum and not balance
    Whatever the reason holding has to start back Liverpool

  79. Gentlebris

    And we have to accept that there is a big media conspiracy against AFC.

    We gave our team to a guy who had never led even a B team before and immediately the English media went to town with high praises.

    ‘Oh, Arteta is really the way to go’, ‘Amazing Arteta now in charge.’

    All of such about a guy with no credentials when it comes to leading any team at any level?

    And you have to understand the media, how will things remain interesting with no big club to mock in their studios? Which of the big six clubs would allow itself to replace Arsenal as a thing of ridicule if Arsenal suddenly find a way out of the storm?

    And so the media hailed Arteta, and people like Pedro took the baton and are running themselves silly now.

    One word: SAD.

  80. Graham62


    If you’re out there, please put my mind at ease and try to convince me that having the three stooges playing at the back is a sensible idea.

    Very very concerning, whatever way you look at things.

  81. GunnerDNA


    “I thought all of these were just Gentlebris nonsense”

    No it’s not, it’s facts. If he wasn’t getting results with MG and LT in midfield, Holding, Sok, HB and KT in defence and he makes it known that he needs improvement on those players fans would understand that we’re actually in a rebuilding phase. But resigning Luiz, Mari, Sores and lobbying for an extension for Mustafi are no excuse about not his players and rebuild. This dude comes in the Club with a chip on his shoulder and thinks he can prove everyone wrong, when in fact he’s actually the wrong person for the job. His comments about City staff liking Xhaka game is evidence that this player is a major player in his squad. Xhaka is not a bad player but he’s not suited for the PL. Arsenal will not move forward with players like Mustafi, SK, Xhaka, Ozil and Sokratis around. They’re all the wrong seniors to anything positive at Arsenal

  82. andy1886

    We could pass the ball around forever and not have teams press us, most opposition managers are not that stupid and they know that we’re toothless while we’re doing that. Just wait for a mistake, it always happens sooner or later.

    What we don’t do, and don’t have the players for (although it was always a strength of early Wenger sides) is run at the opposition with the ball in central areas. We’re too weak to do that.

    If you’re one dimensional (i.e. attack only out wide) it’s easy to counter. And a #10 or CAM isn’t the answer, they would just be isolated and lose the ball in this midfield.

  83. Graham62

    Mourinho must have been thinking

    ‘This is Arsene all over again’

    Sorry but it was a very naive decision on the part of Arteta or maybe he was just trying to be too clever.

    As I’ve highlighted already, very worrying.

  84. Gentlebris

    ‘No it’s not, it’s facts. If he wasn’t getting results with MG and LT in midfield, Holding, Sok, HB and KT in defence and he makes it known that he needs improvement on those players fans would understand that we’re actually in a rebuilding phase. But resigning Luiz, Mari, Sores and lobbying for an extension for Mustafi are no excuse about not his players and rebuild. This dude comes in the Club with a chip on his shoulder and thinks he can prove everyone wrong, when in fact he’s actually the wrong person for the job. His comments about City staff liking Xhaka game is evidence that this player is a major player in his squad. Xhaka is not a bad player but he’s not suited for the PL. Arsenal will not move forward with players like Mustafi, SK, Xhaka, Ozil and Sokratis around. They’re all the wrong seniors to anything positive at Arsenal’


    Good to see other people here not blinded by sheer sentiments.

    An Intern, no matter how brilliant, can not lead a company’s team on a rebuild project.

    Many people here saying otherwise makes me think if we have a blog dominated by civil servants. No way you work for a profit making outfit and you think like that. Also makes me wonder about why Pedro is bombing foward with a narrative that should make a guy working in advertising puke. He doesn’t think like that at work for sure, or he wouldn’t have a job today.

  85. Champagne charlie


    Momentum is why he’s kept his place in the side, but balance is why he found himself in there to begin with. The demands of the left CB is more akin to a left back, not hard to see why Arteta fancied a more mobile player there.

    Claiming Rob Holding would be better there is all well and good, but it isn’t factual. What is factual is that we’ve been solid with how things are until yesterday when we made some bad errors that cost us heavily.

  86. Gentlebris

    ‘If you’re out there, please put my mind at ease and try to convince me that having the three stooges playing at the back is a sensible idea.’

    Graham begging to be spun out of his senses by Pedro.

    Guys are really making this dude a Mugabe 2.0.

  87. Nelson

    I would rotate heavily on Wed and play the start 11 for the FA cup semi. Auba needs a rest. Last game he was lack of concentration. Early in the game, he let the ball roll over his foot in the penalty box.