Centre back, out?

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Well goooooood morning!

We’ll kick to the day off to a FLYER. The Telegraph is reporting that Arsenal and Spurs are rolling with swaps, frees and loans this summer.

Who could have guessed!

That means the transfer window has been perfectly plated for Raul to work that RolloDex and show us the true meaning of contacts scouting.

There are also some potential shockers on the horizon… David Luiz… might… be gone? Arsenal apparently has a clause in his deal where they can opt for an extension. So far, they have chosen not to extend it, no doubt thinking about his massive pay packet, and his ageing legs. This deal is an example of Arsenal spending bad money when there were better options. For one year, we’re looking at £20m+. We could have purchased someone like Diallo from Dortmund for £23m, but instead opted to buy a 32-year-old on much higher wages. Now we’re letting him go for free? How did Arsenal win there? We spent so much time last summer trying to get a big fee for Koscielny, he went on strike, then we signed his replacement for a load of cash but didn’t think to make sure we could sell him? Kia wins, again. If Luiz leaves, he’ll get another fat fee from his next club.

This might sting Arteta, he seemed to connect with the player. Luiz has been a real leader at the club during a messy time. He’s a behind the scenes banter machine, he’s been towering on the pitch at times, and he seems very bought into the vision. Key thing: He’s a legend. He’s a good learning instrument for the young players. He’s a winner.

However, when you look at the stark reality of where we are as a club, his salary is one that you could forfeit. He’s 3 good young players worth of cash. The club has to make tough decisions this summer, and this would, unfortunately, be one of the easier ones… which tells you a lot about how highly regarded Pablo Mari must be.

Also worth remembering Arsenal will have Saliba in their defence next season, another great young talent.

“He is a fantastic player. He’s a young player but with a lot of maturity in his play. Also in his life. He’s a player with a good feeling & spirit. It will be hard for us without him. But I think its a fantastic opportunity for Arsenal”

SPORT, the Spanish paper, has gone into Arsenal overdrive today. They firstly say that Auba has asked to leave Arsenal. I have no idea where they think he’s going, but he wants out of the club.

Secondly, they are going hard at the Coutinho rumours, insisting that Mikel thinks he can light up our frontline. Hard to know which part of this is journalism, versus hopeful pushes from Kia. Barca have set a June 30th deadline. I’d imagine Arsenal think they can land the player on a loan. Barcelona want to sell him. I am not sure anyone is coming armed with the cash they want. If I’m honest, with the huge outlay we’d have to send their way, I’d be more interested in bringing Dembele to Arsenal and reigniting that sexy partnership with Auba.

My big hope for this summer of doing contacts scouting… is that the KSE group are paying attention to agents fees. Claiming poverty, but dropping massive numbers on middlemen would seem absolutely absurd. Let’s see where we go. I’m sure there will be more scrutiny, there has to be, we’re not in a position to be blowing unnecessary cash on people that offer no value, but we’ll see.

Right, see you in the comments. x



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  1. izzo

    We’re not buying Coutinho or Dembele. We can do better than a crock and a has been. lets give our youngsters from the under 23 chances to supplement the first team. The signings we need are in midfield DM CM AM. SWAP LOAN OR GET ANY player from europe in those positions.

  2. andy1886

    So keeping Luiz for a year on big wages with no resale value is stupid, but loaning Courtinho on even bigger wages plus a loan fee for a year with no resale obviously isn’t? Makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

  3. Marc

    Can someone answer me a question.

    If we’re not extending Luiz’s contract because of his high wages why can another club afford to pay a huge agent / signing on fee and match his demands for mega wages when everyone’s broke?

  4. Marko

    For one year, we’re looking at £20m+. We could have purchased Diallo from Dortmund for £23m

    First off it was Akanji secondly Diallo went for 30 million to PSG without factoring in his wages. Luiz will end up being nothing more than an expensive loan but if we get European football (if football returns) it’ll be worth it. All for not renewing if we don’t renew and sell Holding, Sokratis and Mustafi we’ll be signing another CB which is what’s needed cause you know the rest of them are shite. The hope is for me with everything that has gone on the past couple months that the club see it as a wake up call to finally sort out this massively bloated and expensive squad. Get the wages and value for money in order get rid of the underperforming expensive flops (you know who they are) and look for hungry players worth their salt (that doesn’t mean Coutinho for me).

  5. Dan Ahern

    Right now is the time for scouts to shine. (Them and youth team coaches.)

    Considering AFC make something like a quarter of their revenue off matchday receipts and that’s guaranteed to be damaged now, combined with how much money we’ve spent on players lately, I think it’s safe to say we’re not ready to splash the cash. It’s bigtime belt tightening time.

    Kia out. Cagigao in.

  6. Marko

    Yeah dunno Marc one day I wasn’t able to comment then it turned into a week then it turned into a couple months. Seems like a few haven’t been around for a while too presumably because there’s fuck all to talk about.

    Be interesting to know somes opinions on the the whole decrease there a while back it genuinely left a bad taste in my mouth regarding some of the squad at Arsenal if I’m honest especially given some of the things other clubs and players have agreed to in other leagues. Feel like it should act as a wake up call for football to bring in something that gets the finances across the game in check. All it took was a suspension of the game for a couple of months to critically hinder the game and that’s something to learn from imo

  7. Marc


    Agree no way we can go into next season with Saliba and Mari as our only CB options – even if Mavropanos comes back off loan and is seen as ready for first team backup we’d be dangerously light in the position with Chambers out till the turn of the year.

  8. Marc


    People have short memories and outside of seeing a universal clause inserted into all contracts allowing a huge wage reduction under force majeure conditions I can’t see much happening.

  9. Marko

    Worth noting that we’re about to be going into a period where haggling and deferred payments and loans will be common and given that Raul quite handedly did some deals like that last summer I’m a little bit hopeful that we can still do some business this summer. Certain big players at big clubs will still be expensive and command fees upfront cause like us they’ll be desperate for some cash but I see no reason why we can’t negotiate lower or deferred deals/loans for players at smaller clubs for example David at Genk this Brazilian kid Veron or Boadu at AZ. I don’t see Partey being realistic unless we offered and Atletico were interested in a couple players like Lacazette or Bellerin moving in the opposite direction.

  10. Marko

    Marc I was thinking of something across the board as in look at a scenario where there’s a science to determining the transfer value of a player, get agent fees regulated and capped, have a cap on how much a club can charge on season tickets and on wages well that’s a tough one honestly cause I don’t think a salary cap will be introduced unfortunately and maybe it shouldn’t be but certainly going forward they need to be putting in a clause for the unpredictable.

    Watch Ozil fight against that clause too

  11. Marko

    All things considered though as bad as things have been it shouldn’t be an excuse for the Kroenkes to not help out the club in it’s time of need. Their other sporting ventures aren’t going to be affected too much given you know America and it’s feelings on money compared to people’s lives and I read somewhere that Kroenke and Walmart have been one of the few people who have done pretty well during this period. Making money while others are losing it

  12. Marc


    Well I’d like to see a simple plan of clubs don’t pay agents – their clients ie the players do out of the players salary. Trying to set a system as to what a player is worth – just can’t see it would work.

    This new system says “Vieira” is worth £3.5 million his club say he’s worth more – he’s moves for £3.5 million and 6 months later the selling club says “we told you he was a £30 million player.

    Players are commodities and therefore a transfer is worth what someone is willing to pay. A simple solution to some of this would be all contracts contain a buyout clause that’s published and public knowledge – if the player “Zaha” doesn’t like the £80 million buyout clause don’t sign the contract.

  13. Un na naai

    Wasssup my bruddas??
    What a gorgeous week and another on the way
    Apparently the lack of smog and pollution is behind the emergence of our beautiful sunny weather

    Lets hope it reverts to type for the sake of my business come winter

  14. Marc

    “In one case, the Italian-Dutch agent Mino Raiola reportedly earned more than 40 million euros after he was paid by all three parties in midfielder Paul Pogba’s world-record transfer from Juventus to Manchester United in 2016.”

    You’ve got to hand it to the guy talk about playing both ends against the middle and then getting the middle who was a supermodel to give him a blowjob.

  15. Marko

    Trying to set a system as to what a player is worth – just can’t see it would work.

    There is already one there’s data behind sites/companies like CIS and how they determine the value of a player and the problem is a lot of clubs use it has a kind of reference or minimum for asking for more money. And that’s the problem I think

  16. Chris

    That media report also states Luiz is ‘keen to stay’

    You can easily see how he fits into Arteta’s style.

    He is Premier proven and even if the plan is for Mari and Saliba as the central defensive pairing there is always injuries and suspensions. As has been said he is also a big character in the dressing room and young players need this. Hope a deal can be reached for him to stay on a bit longer, but without commuting to a ridiculous long term deal.

  17. izzo

    If we managed to get all out trash centerbacks off the wage bill we could getan Upamecano and we won’t be needing a Luiz. If he wants to stay he should get on the coaching staff rather than play cause we can’t afford him as he bring nor resale value..

  18. Guns of SF

    we got to do what we have to do.
    If it means selling to save $$ then ok,,, but have a plan to replace him

    Saliba and Mari/Mustafi?

    Chambers as back up?
    I imagine Sokratis will leave this summer

  19. izzo

    I said “an” Upamecano. Ligue Une has many players like him we could go for instead of throwing money at David fuckin Luiz just because he;s a great guy providing banter for the kids.

  20. Un na naai

    Best 3 gay singers of all time


    It’s out there
    I’m sure Bamford will have a Roy Keane style tantrum over that

  21. Un na naai


    Love that scene
    Trust me
    In my line of work. That’s a fantasy. Well, nearly became a reality a couple of times. Got as far as taking their hat off and throwing it across the road
    1000% satisfied

  22. Emiratesstroller

    There are a lot of assumptions being made about Arsenal’s ability to fund a reasonable transfer budget.

    Arsenal’s situation is now entirely different from what it was during Wenger and Gazidis era. Kroenke OWNS the club and despite all the comments last season about the lack of transfer budget we spent over £140 million albeit with an instalment plan in case of Pepe and a loan back in case of Saliba.

    One clear message which has come across from the Kroenke family in last 12 months specifically from Josh is that Arsenal’s wage bill is too high and the focus appears to be to offload those players who are on ridiculous wages.

    There has been no statement from them about the transfer budget.

    My view is that Arsenal are focussing on recruitment of young players and not
    those in the 30+ category.

    I posted three or four days ago that I thought that Arsenal might attempt to offload Luiz and Sokratis as well as Mustafi and that might be very well the case. I am pretty sure that if Arsenal offload three or four CBs they will plan
    to bring in another.Let’s be clear spending £200K pw+ on Luiz and Sokratis
    when you consider how many goals were conceded in first half of last season
    was not exactly a solid defence.

  23. Kaleja

    Just a reminder Jordi Osei-tutu is playing as a Winger now at Bochum and scoring, I don’t know where his future with arsenal lies, but he seems to be doing well over there

  24. Jamie

    In what world does Luiz think he’ll get another 200k a week deal somewhere else? Take 70k a week at Arsenal for a year and do your coaching badges at the same time. No-brainer.

  25. Habesha Gooner

    I thought signing Luiz was a Bad idea. I still think we could do better but he is better than all our other options as it stands bar Saliba who is not proven. Even if Mari was good I don’t want to go in to a premier league season without Centerbacks who haven’t played in the league before. The news from ornstein says Mustafi, Sokratis and Holding are being sold and that would only leave Luiz and Chambers who have played in the league before. And Chambers is returning from Injury. So I would want him to stay another year and leave next summer where we could target an Elite Centerback. Regarding Coutinho, Its all about the numbers. If he comes at 10 mil loan fee and with 250 k wages as Bayern paid we should pass but at half that loan fee I would certainly take him. He is still a class player that is better than anyone out there at CAM position even if his star has fallen a bit now. we could get a decent season out of him till Ozil leaves where we actually can target better players for the CAM position. I wouldn’t sign him permanently though as he is an expensive player where you wouldn’t know if his best is behind him or not. I would love Grealish permanently though if we can this summer.

  26. Marko

    There are a lot of assumptions being made about Arsenal’s ability to fund a reasonable transfer budget.

    I’m not assuming nothing but during this pandemic I read Stan’s personal worth increased by about 300 million. There’s absolutely nothing to suggest that we should suffer silently while he does nothing. I think they know this too

  27. Marc


    I asked a similar thing earlier – if we can’t afford his wages why is it an automatic that someone else can afford the wages as well as the signing on fee etc.

  28. Marc

    Chambers was injured in January – we really can’t expect to see him back until Jan next year. As with most ACL’s he’ll come back, tweak something be out for a few weeks etc etc.

  29. Vintage Gun

    “Yes I’m an MP

    Or I was”

    So you finally done the honorable thing thing and stood down Mr Cummings?

  30. Vintage Gun

    I’d keep luiz one more year IF he agrees a reduced wage, Like Jamie said 70k pw one year extension.

    If not ship him, Mustafi, Big Sok, and MAYBE Holding (Depending on form in the next 10 games.
    Should raise an additional £20=25m

    If theres no new CB coming in i’d roll with Luiz, Saliba, Mari and Holding for next season with chambers playing a backup role for the 2nd half of the season

  31. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Does anyone else think it wa# a stupid idea to get luiz,, pay 8 m for one season plus maybe 6 m in years
    Around 14 m… mutherfucking stupid.

    Lumping all on one player.

  32. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    The yank is leading us down a slippery road which we ain’t coming back from….

    Fuck Dein.
    Fuck Kroenke

  33. Marc


    The salary doesn’t bother me – £125k per week is not some sort of abomination in football and we’ve got far worse players earning money that isn’t that far short of what he’s on.

    What I don’t understand is every report that was about when we signed him said it was a 2 year deal with an option for a third – all the stories since have pointed to him looking to finish his playing career with us and then do his coaching badges and join the coaching staff.

    All of a sudden it was a one year deal and Pedro’s chucking out a £20 million plus cost for the transfer, agent fee and a single years salary – when we’ve had Josh Kroenke make comments about the wage bill being an issue why would the Kroenke’s sanction a 1 year deal based on those numbers?

  34. Marc

    There are 7 or 8 website’s who all report that Luiz’s contract expires in 2021.

    This story appeared a couple of days ago – this is looking more and more like click bait to me.

  35. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I’m liking the reports that the yoot are trading with the big boys..

    Still uninspired with all the players w3 are linked with…
    Dembele in a swap with Auba,… mmmeh

    Laca for partley… Noah

    Play the kids

  36. Dissenter

    I suspected that David Luiz would storm off in a huff the moment anything goes awry. I was expecting that the moment Arteta benched him, his ego would be so battered he would slinker off.
    Hope it’s true that he’s leaving. Lets get a proper young center back to partner Saliba.

  37. Overmars

    Luiz has to stay another season in my opinion.

    Next season, Mustafi and Sokratis will probably be allowed to leave. So we could potentially have Saliba, Mari and one of Holding or Chambers as our only available centre backs.

    Luiz has been one of our best players since Arteta took over. He has good leadership qualities and his experience in the Premier League and winning league titles will be vital in nurturing our young and inexperienced centre backs next season.

    He has to stay.

  38. Valentin

    Looks like either Vinay has grown some balls or his paymaster have been more explicit in their displeasure, rumour is that he put out an internal memo telling everybody that all expenditure are under review.
    If true, I fully expect to see a massive attempt at culling all the high salary players. Withdraw all extension or pay rise offer, preview any previous loan

    I suspect that many players will have the shock of their life when they renegotiate their pay package.

    Aubameyang may be forced to accept a pay cut rather than a pay rise. Outside of PSG, Chelsea and ManUtd, I can’t see any club able and willing to buy him and offer him bigger wage than what he is currently at Arsenal.

    Mino Raiola is now begging for Arsenal to extend Mhkitaryan’s contract for one year so his pay rise automatically kicked-in. He knows that Next year even on a Bosman he is unlikely to find a club willing to pay his client even half of what he would be earning at Arsenal.

  39. izzo

    “He has to stay”
    Fuck no he shouldn’t. We need to move forward and spend the money we have on the future of the team and not to expensive so called experienced players. I’m in favor of recruiting a young CB to deputise for Mari and Saliba. Luiz should go to Benfica if he still wants to play or go get his coaching badges. It’s time to use money wisely.

  40. Overmars


    Do think that signing Luiz for around 7m is not using our money wisely?

    I’m all for giving young players a chance, but you need a few experienced heads on the pitch and in the changing room, especially in defence. I don’t think Luiz is massively impacting our wage bill either, so if he leaves at the end of next season on a free, it would have been money well spent in my opinion.

  41. izzo

    Nah I’ve seen a season of Luiz in an Arsenal shirt and I’m not buying into another year of that. use that 7 million to better the team. Use that money help other problem areas like midfield.

  42. izzo

    We’re not winning the league next season so whats the point in keeping Luiz one extra year for this so called experience? Mari has enough experience from playing in Europe and Brazil. Also Arteta is the one who is coaching them not their teammate who is just as likely to make terrible mistakes in game. The young shall grow if you give them games and an environment to thrive. Bed in the young players and watch them dominate in 2 to 3 years time. I’ll be patient with the youth but not with the likes of Luiz and co.

  43. Overmars


    “The young shall grow if you give them games and an environment to thrive”

    The problem with the young players is the fans. You’ve seen it yourself. Willock, Maitland-Niles, Nelson, Nketiah… as soon as they have a couple of poor performances, they’re quick to destroy them. Do you think the fanbase will have patience in youth? I don’t.

    And you say we won’t win the league next season, if that’s the case then get rid of all the over 30s then. Whats the point, let’s get rid of them all!!

  44. izzo

    All the over 30s are the ones that have been failing us year after year and sucking the club dry. Get rid of them all!!! The younger players have a chance to play in empty stadia now so they will have possibly until early next year before seeing any fan turn on them.

  45. Overmars


    Completely agree. As soon as any Arsenal player hits 30.. Aubameyang, Ozil, Luiz and co, get rid of them!!

    If only we had done the same with Lehmann, Pires, Bergkamp, Parour, Kanu and Keown in 2004. Or in 98 with Seaman, Dixon, Bould, Adams, Winterburn and Wright. They completely bled the team dry!

  46. Dissenter

    Spot on.
    You’re on a roll, don’t stop now.
    You read people here bashing Wenger yet all they want to do is replicate the Wenger of the latter years. They want its to buy and stock up on all the players that Chelsea are spitting out.
    Hope the Luiz exit stories are true. There’s nothing there about him, he does know how to rub the manager’s back.

  47. izzo

    “Completely agree. As soon as any Arsenal player hits 30.. Aubameyang, Ozil, Luiz and co, get rid of them!!”
    “If only we had done the same with Lehmann, Pires, Bergkamp, Parour, Kanu and Keown in 2004. Or in 98 with Seaman, Dixon, Bould, Adams, Winterburn and Wright. They completely bled the team dry!”

    Overmars cmon!!! You’re better than that. I get your sarcasm but that’s taking it too far. Auba, Ozil and co are pretenders compared to our legends.

  48. Sid

    Luiz is the better option between, sokratis and mustafinovs.
    Sell Holding, Sok, Mustafinovs
    Loan Mavro, Chambers(get him game time then sell)

  49. China1

    I don’t think a scientific approach to determining transfer fees would work because football is an art, not a science and any stats you build in need to be read subjectively. Objectivity can not exist

    There was that famous stat of maldini making extremely few tackles because his positioning and approach to defending was so good that he didn’t have to. That’s not good look good compared to a mustafi who makes 5 great sliding challenges per game… but is mustafi

    Stats were used to pad ozil’s rep for years but we all knew for half of any given season we were playing with 10 men when he played and half of his assists were practically his only serious contribution throughout the 90 mins.

    Then you have a striker like lukaku scoring a pretty amazing number of goals in England and has smashed db10 on that front. But db10 was 10x the player lukaku will ever be.

  50. Guns of SF

    Swap auba for dembele or draxler if psg
    Got to get something for him

    Get rid of luiz. Too much a spaz and error prone… was not happy with his signing tbh.

    I can’t shake the Germany brazil game and his complete idiocy.

  51. China1

    The live performance of don’t let the sun go down on me by Elton John and George Michael is one of my favorite music performances ever. Solid 10/10

  52. China1

    Unless we’re losing saka as well, I dunno why people want us to get another winger?

    If saka stays and we got another winger we’d have Pepe, Nelson, saka, martinelli, + new winger. Meanwhile we’d still have a midfield of xhaka, ozil and whoever else

    I beg arsenal just sort out the god awful midfield and anything else is a luxury this summer

  53. Guns of SF

    No one is talking about bellerin much

    Sell him too much risk with him

    Cm cam rb all need new starters

  54. Guns of SF

    Too bad Dani is going back. I like him and he really did well before the closure. Seemed to be finding his groove and feel for the epl…

  55. China1

    Yeah guns. Bellerin is still living off the rep he got when he broke into the team about 3 years ago

    He’s done extremely little to warrant being a first choice player for us outside of us lacking good alternatives. AMN had actually started to do ok at RB earlier this season and was certainly no worse, but Bellerin seems to have a big rep to walk into the team for some reason

  56. Guns of SF

    Bellerin is overrated
    Amn did not so bad… a better athlete imo

    Let’s see if soares can take that spot as he can play both. Still need a starter or back ip depending on who gets the nod.

  57. Un na naai

    Trump is now threatening to close down social media “platforms” who sensor conservative opinion. Bit late to the party there Donald but I’ll raise a glass to that

    YouTube and facebollocks have been getting away with it for way too long

  58. Un na naai

    The whole winger thing is nuts. Especially when he’s using his full back as an overlapping styled winger anyway
    For me it’s got to be no8 and 10 and as priority.

  59. Bojangles

    The thing is Un, everything your Donald tweets should have a fact check attached to it. The man’s a pathological liar.

  60. Spanishdave

    Hi Marc
    Family probs daughter with serious mental issues, not life threatening.
    I think the lockdown is going to throw up a lot of psychological problems. A lot of confusion and stress.
    Urgent that we get back to real normal as soon as possible.

  61. CG


    “”””I don’t think Luiz is massively impacting our wage bill either, so if he leaves at the end of next season on a free, it would have been money well spent in my opinion”””””

    To date he has cost Arsenal £20 million.
    ( thanks Edu)

    He has only been at the club for 12 ruinous months.

    And you want to waste more good money after bad?

    We have 8 center backs!!!!
    Off course it effects the wage bill- that’s all we ever hear about.

    Luiz – all in – has cost more than Ozil annual salary.

    Calamitous club with complete imbecilles in charge.

    UN- As for the best gay singers of all time, you omitted the best.


  62. Sid

    Athletico madrid ball possesion is 47.7 they are 12th place in la liga ball possesion, behind mighty Eibar, Osasuna and Valencia

    Thomas Partey will not improve arsenals ball possesion.

    You heard it here 1st!

  63. Un na naai


    No but he could improve our thrust and urgency in attack whilst adding defensive muscle and tactical awareness

    I must admit I don’t know an awful lot about him as I haven’t watched him or Atletico very much in the last two years but from what I know he’s premier league ready and possesses physical and mean talent traits we lack

  64. Valentin

    Just read some comments about the current premiership media and financial situation made by David Kogan who was the Premier League’s chief media rights adviser from 1998 to 2015.
    In short he expect a lot of upheaval, because the current expectation by clubs that the next TV and commercial deal will bring more money than the current ones will be severely challenged.
    And some clubs will have to face not only the shirt term pain of the TV rebate for this season, but also the lowering of their revenue for the foreseeable future.
    Players are going to lower their expectation as well.
    “So the only way that clubs can then survive is by looking at costs. And the massive costs are agents’ fees and players, and at that point you’re affecting the product.”

  65. Un na naai

    I mean half the season was played under emery who employed a direct and open pathway to our area

    No wonder we are so low on tackles
    He positioned our midfield as wing backs to help the fullbacks

    Thank Christ that absolute FRAUD was ejected from the premises

  66. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal’s top priority at the end of this season has to be to reduce our wage bill. That has been clearly the focus of the Kroenke family as raised on a number of occasions by Josh.

    Such statements were made even before Corona Virus hit football so it is now far more relevant with loss of football attendances and tv revenues.

    I believe that transfers were paid for out of sponsorship packages and our cash reserves. Last season’s transfer business seems to confirm this.

    So it is inevitable that the club are now attempting to offload as many of the
    players who are 28+ and/or not expected to play regularly in first team.

    I believe that the only two players in the current squad who Arteta would prefer to keep and are 30+ are Aubameyang and Luiz, because they are staring
    X1 players.

    On the other hand will these two players still be starting X1 players in season
    2021/2 and for this reason do you want to be paying them mega wages and offer them a 3 year extension?

    It is clear to me from the wages offered last summer that players joining the
    club are being offered significantly lower wages than in past. Pepe is I believe
    earning £90K pw.

    There are a lot of assumptions about our finances, but it remains to be seen
    what exactly is exactly our transfer strategy once the transfer window opens
    Obviously we are going to have to cut our cloth according to means, but the
    idea that we are significantly worse off than many of our competitors is not
    I believe true.

  67. Valentin

    FIFA and UEFA tried to introduce a clearing house of transfer with transfers fees and agents payments being transparent and monitored. However powerful clubs and corrupt officials refuse to accept the proposals.

    COVID-19 crisis may be the perfect moment to introduce such regulation. Most clubs will want to lower their transfer fees and agents payments. Having the system fixed (agents fees cannot exceed more than X% of a transfer nor be lower than Y amount) will really help in the push back against agents.

  68. Jamie

    Richarlison, the Everton striker, has completed more tackles in the league than Xhaka this season. So has Willian, another attacking player.

    Xhaka is pony. Always has been, always will be.

  69. Un na naai


    To be honest you can not justify the money being paid to some of these people. Ozil? Coutinho? Paul fucking Pogba?? Griezmann and Dembele. Even Mbappe and Neymar.

    The only players in world football who should be paid that sort of dough are those that are truly elite. Those that elevate their team to the highest levels

    Messi, Ronaldo, VVD and De Bruyne.

  70. Un na naai


    Well Arteta disagrees. And nobody in our entire team has made as many tackles

    Why are we so low in tackles this season?
    Emery. That’s who’s pony.

  71. Sid

    Xhakalson probably not even in the top 50 EPL tacklers, being “arsenals potent tackler” is setting the bar lower than a 90’s rap stars pants

  72. Sid

    In 2017 Xhakalson still wasnt among top 20 EPL tacklers, Mooy was there and top three were Kante, Gueye, Ndidi which is clear to see even without stats

  73. Jamie

    Un –

    Emery being pony isn’t up for debate. And what has Xhaka completing fewer tackles than a stiker who also scored 10 goals got to do with Emery?

    During Wenger’s last season, Xhaka also completed fewer tackles than Joe Allen. Imagine choosing to buy Xhaka over Kante for the same money. Bananas.

  74. CG


    “”””””but it remains to be seen
    what exactly is exactly our transfer strategy once the transfer window opens””””””

    We can have pretty good guess what it will be ES.

    It will be a combo of Kia ‘s database of clients or Rauls cronies – like it has been in last the last 2 seasons.

    Suarez, Lich, soares, Mary, Luiz, Tierney l, Pepe types.

    Our Wenger may have made some poor signings from time to time – but at least he made them for the right reasons.

    This new lot make constant poor signings for all the wrong reasons.

    Ie. What benefits them and them alone.

    Anyway, No one knows what’s happening at the clubs these days because they are too gutless too tell us.

    (Wenger gave us 3 press conferences every week to explain to the fans what was happening. )

  75. Un na naai


    Yeah I agree with you in that there were superior options available. No doubt
    I just don’t think that xakha is as bad is people are saying and has been victim to his coaches at arsenal and their non existent defensive tactics and I think that he shouldn’t get abuse for playing the game the only way he can. Yes he’s limited. But that’s not his fault. He can’t miraculously become stevie g. But when utilised correctly (as Arteta has done) he can be an asset.
    Look at him during the chelsea 2-2 draw with 10 men. He’s got qualities

  76. Emiratesstroller

    Un na naii

    Whatever the media and posters say about Xhaka the fact is that he was still being selected by Messrs Wenger, Emery and now Arteta in the starting lineup.

    There are very few other players in our first team squad who enjoy that status.

  77. Emiratesstroller

    I should have added “REGULAR” to starting lineup place.

    Apart from Xhaka the only other players guaranteed more or less a Starting X1
    place are Leno and Aubameyang.

  78. Un na naai

    Saka has been training with the attackers while the defensive players train separately on tactics.

    Arteta clearly views Saka as an attacker then. Good news
    That kid has it all. Such a clever little player.
    Heard talk this week of nelson moving into the middle as a 10 or attacking 8
    He was played there quite a lot on loan and in the you’re teams
    He’s got a weak shot but he’s got the skill and graft to play in midfield
    Weather that’s at arsenal or at a lower level remains to be seen
    It would be great if they all make it at arsenal

    Nothing would be more satisfying than a young crop like united in the 90s coming through and taking arsenal to the top of the game again. With martinelli and Pepe sprinkling some stardust

  79. CG


    “”””””””IF that is the case, it will have been a very expensive deal for us. We paid Chelsea a transfer fee of £8m, and my understanding is that the agent’s fee for this deal was extremely high (we’re still waiting for the Premier League to reveal the figures clubs paid agents last year, by the way). On top of his salary, which I think is probably a minimum of £100,000 per week, we’re looking at an outlay of somewhere between £15 and £20m for one season of David Luiz.””””””””

    Backing up PedRos correct assessment,

    Luiz costing the club circa £20 000 000 for him to tell some jokes in the locker room for 10 months,

    Outsmarting that market, again!

  80. Marc


    Hope it all comes good ASAP.

    The good news is it does look like we’re pushing to come out of the lock down now, I did a food shop yesterday and the roads were a lot busier than they’ve been recently and most people are getting twitchy / stir crazy.

  81. Un na naai


    I was dead against the Luiz transfer the moment I heard about it
    Total waste of £20m
    How will that money benefit arsenal long term? It won’t. Kia needs to pull a rabbit out the hat
    That fucker calls himself a gooner
    Boo him

  82. Pierre

    Xhaka is a decent player but I think we need better in centre mid.

    He is a good passer of the ball and will always give 100% to the cause.

    He has too many negatives in his game which will always stop him getting to the top level.

    He has poor anticipation, he struggles receiving the ball with his back to goal, is one paced ( slow) and doesn’t sense or react to danger.

    A player can survive in a top midfield if they are slow over the ground but they won’t survive if their brain is slow and not switched on.

    Anticipation and reading of the game are imperative for a quality midfielder.
    Technique and passing ability of course are essential but mean nothing if you can’t read the game.

    Xhaka’s best football for Arsenal has always been when we dominate possession as he is very good at recycling the ball from left to right and rarely gives away possession.

    I’m 50/50 as to whether Arteta really believes that Xhaka is the player to take is to a higher level .
    My gut feeling is that Arteta knows his weak points and is protecting him from being exposed but ultimately he will come to the conclusion that he is not up to the standard that he requires.

  83. CG


    “”””””How will that money benefit arsenal long term? It won’t. Kia needs to pull a rabbit out the hat
    That fucker calls himself a gooner”””””

    Do you honestly believe people like Kia, Raul, Vinny , Edu give two figs about Arsenal?

    They are hardly Bob Wilson , Wenger , Dein or Adams types.

    They are charlatans of the highest order.

    Slowly but surely most supporters will see them for what they are.

  84. Terraloon

    I personally have no doubt that the Luiz issue is down to one thing and one thing only that is he is the cheapest option to get rid of

    His fee would already have been paid in full as will agents fees and the various surcharges and one seasons wages which by most estimates is in the region of £5-6 million.

    This isn’t about cutting a player adrift because the coach doesn’t rate or play him this is all about saving on the wages and him going says far more to me about lack of money

    With Saliba coming in Luiz is the only option that won’t cost money every other one of the CDs on the books would.

  85. Marc


    Up to a couple of days ago it was an accepted fact that Luiz was on a two year deal – all the normal websites eg transfermarket etc are all still saying it is.

    As per normal this is now being reported by all the mainstream media but they seem to be reporting off of each other.

    What is the original source of this?

  86. Un na naai


    I agree. Arteta will know for sure that xakha won’t take us to the highest level but as things stand he’s here and he does a better job than any of our other midfielders
    We all know what his strengths and weaknesses are. We know full well that our midfield needs better players than we currently have to go to the top but funds are limited
    That means we will have to take our time easing new players in or getting the likes of willock and Guendouzi ready or they will have to be at the top of their game in the market to pull in a pre Leicester style kante and get these talents before they blow up at their stepping stone club.

    One top addition there this summer will transform make all the difference
    Two and we are laughing.

    That gives us option and allows the younger players a safe guard to learn in the lesser tournaments/matches

  87. Marc


    Mate Ramsey was stringing us along until he could sign a mega deal with an overseas club in the January. If that deal hadn’t of come along he would’ve signed with us but his heart was set on moving.

    Sanllehi stopped us from looking even bigger mugs.

  88. Un na naai


    £15m for him is better than nothing
    £2m for him is better than nothing. What did it achieve? We still aren’t In the top4 or champs league.
    So why not make something from him?

    Nobody will ever convince me hurting the team of creativity and letting it all go for free was a thing other than the worst possible choice they could have made

  89. Un na naai

    You don’t say I want to build my team around him and ozil
    Then drop them both two games in unless you’re an incompetent person.

    This debate has been murdered so there’s no point unpacking it all again

    I just think they had value
    Wether in the market or to the team. They still were worth more than the big fat nothing we got for them

  90. CG

    “””””Sanllehi stopped us from looking even bigger mugs.”””””

    and shelling out £20 million on Luiz for 25 games has not?

    Roughly £1.25 million per game for Luiz’ very brief AFC tenure. ( thank gawd)

    Mugs, eh?