Centre back, out?

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Well goooooood morning!

We’ll kick to the day off to a FLYER. The Telegraph is reporting that Arsenal and Spurs are rolling with swaps, frees and loans this summer.

Who could have guessed!

That means the transfer window has been perfectly plated for Raul to work that RolloDex and show us the true meaning of contacts scouting.

There are also some potential shockers on the horizon… David Luiz… might… be gone? Arsenal apparently has a clause in his deal where they can opt for an extension. So far, they have chosen not to extend it, no doubt thinking about his massive pay packet, and his ageing legs. This deal is an example of Arsenal spending bad money when there were better options. For one year, we’re looking at £20m+. We could have purchased someone like Diallo from Dortmund for £23m, but instead opted to buy a 32-year-old on much higher wages. Now we’re letting him go for free? How did Arsenal win there? We spent so much time last summer trying to get a big fee for Koscielny, he went on strike, then we signed his replacement for a load of cash but didn’t think to make sure we could sell him? Kia wins, again. If Luiz leaves, he’ll get another fat fee from his next club.

This might sting Arteta, he seemed to connect with the player. Luiz has been a real leader at the club during a messy time. He’s a behind the scenes banter machine, he’s been towering on the pitch at times, and he seems very bought into the vision. Key thing: He’s a legend. He’s a good learning instrument for the young players. He’s a winner.

However, when you look at the stark reality of where we are as a club, his salary is one that you could forfeit. He’s 3 good young players worth of cash. The club has to make tough decisions this summer, and this would, unfortunately, be one of the easier ones… which tells you a lot about how highly regarded Pablo Mari must be.

Also worth remembering Arsenal will have Saliba in their defence next season, another great young talent.

“He is a fantastic player. He’s a young player but with a lot of maturity in his play. Also in his life. He’s a player with a good feeling & spirit. It will be hard for us without him. But I think its a fantastic opportunity for Arsenal”

SPORT, the Spanish paper, has gone into Arsenal overdrive today. They firstly say that Auba has asked to leave Arsenal. I have no idea where they think he’s going, but he wants out of the club.

Secondly, they are going hard at the Coutinho rumours, insisting that Mikel thinks he can light up our frontline. Hard to know which part of this is journalism, versus hopeful pushes from Kia. Barca have set a June 30th deadline. I’d imagine Arsenal think they can land the player on a loan. Barcelona want to sell him. I am not sure anyone is coming armed with the cash they want. If I’m honest, with the huge outlay we’d have to send their way, I’d be more interested in bringing Dembele to Arsenal and reigniting that sexy partnership with Auba.

My big hope for this summer of doing contacts scouting… is that the KSE group are paying attention to agents fees. Claiming poverty, but dropping massive numbers on middlemen would seem absolutely absurd. Let’s see where we go. I’m sure there will be more scrutiny, there has to be, we’re not in a position to be blowing unnecessary cash on people that offer no value, but we’ll see.

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  1. Marc


    I have no issue with the argument that he should have been sold the summer before or even ideally 2 summers before if he didn’t sign on – on that I agree 100%.

  2. Pierre

    “Arteta clearly views Saka as an attacker then. Good news”


    Saka’s best work is in the final 3rd. There are certain players who lose their composure when producing the final ball, Saka is the opposite.
    He has the gift of being able to play the final ball at exactly the the right time, with exactly the right pace on the ball.

    The final ball is the most difficult to play and at the top level , the creative player will only have a fraction of second to deliver the perfect pass,a fraction delay and the window of opportunity is gone.

    Bergkamp was the master of the final ball and it is not a skill that can be taught, it is a God given talent.

    It also helps if the creator has a striker who is on the same wavelength as it makes his job much easier.

    It is no coincidence that at Arsenal , Ozil has never reached the heights of his days playing with Ronaldo at Madrid.

    Even Bergkamp struggled at Milan compared to playing at Arsenal with Wright or Henry.

    Saka appears to have a very good onfield relationship with Martinelli and to a slightly lesser extent Nketiah.

    The future is bright for Arsenal if we can tie Saka down to a long contract .

  3. Un na naai


    Agree on Saka. I love the kid. His crossing is top quality too. He just has it naturally. What I really love is that he waits for movement. Watch him closely. He pauses for that perfect moment to release the ball.

    What I also love is that unlike ozil, Aubameyang and others, it doesn’t matter how the team is set up or who he plays with, he still takes the game to the opponents.

    A true protagonist.
    Emery are you watching?

  4. Marc

    “Bergkamp was the master of the final ball and it is not a skill that can be taught, it is a God given talent.”

    How can a God given talent be given to God?

  5. Un na naai


    Yeah but all of them would have stayed under wenger. There is no way wenger would allow 5 of his attacking/creative players to leave in 12 months of each other without replacing them.

    That’s what emery did. You can debate all day long over their quality and usefulness and I’ll likely disagree. What you cannot debate though is that it wouldn’t happen under wenger
    Only a fool would do it

    I believe he did it out of pettiness. To cut away why arsenal and Wenger were renowned for and force the team to play the robotic anti football he wants

    He was just a petty, ego driven dick head
    Even benching torriera or playing time upfield
    It was a tantrum for not getting what he wanted- Nzonzi loooolz

  6. Terraloon


    From what little I can make of it the catalyst was him being interviewed.

    For me far too much chatter for it not to be right

  7. Pierre

    I have always likened Saka to John Roberson at forest who was in my eyes , the best crosser of the ball in the game.

    He and Saka use the drop of the shoulder to gain half a yard of space and whip in a telling cross..

    Saka has the making of a potentially world class player, taking onto account his age.

  8. Un na naai

    God damn my garden is looking good

    I’ve turned into a bit of a gardening pansie during lockdown. Loving it.

    Mrs is away
    Cider in the garden
    Bbq on the go. Got a legendary butchers near me.

    Pity I have to work tomo.

  9. Marc


    Problem is there’s not much else for the football media to talk about at the moment – it just takes my usual cynical view of anything the football media says and ramps it up by a couple thousand per cent.

  10. Un na naai


    I know you have. I recall last summer or the summer before.
    I wasn’t even a twinkle when Forrest were winning titles though so never saw him play.

  11. Pierre


    .” The definition of god given refers to something, usually a talent or ability, that is either innate (not learned) or that is so extraordinary that it could only have come from a higher power. An example of God-given talent is the skill that the best Olympic athlete has within his field.”

  12. Marc


    The other thing that sets my “it’s more of the usual bollocks barometer” into stratospheric mode is the reports of £20 million plus for one season.

    Fee – £8 million (we’ll forget we recouped £5 million on Kos)

    Salary – £125k per week – £6,500,000 per annum

    Total – £14,500,000

    In a summer where it was reported we hardly had a pot to piss in we’re supposed to have paid an agent £7 or £8 million on a £8 million transfer and £6.5 million contract that was only for 1 year?

    Something in these reports is incorrect.

  13. Terraloon


    The £20 million thing is odd but everything I read talks about the fee was thought to be. It’s quite likely that it was way more than that.

    Don’t forget even if we’re a £8 million fee VAT on domestic transfers is payable. So add on another £1.6 million

    He will have matched or bettered the wages he was promised by Chelsea and instead of Chelsea paying a loyalty bonus ( his new contract hasn’t run more that a few months)he would get a loyalty bonus at Arsenal and almost certainly a signing on fee.

    Fee. £8 million
    VAT. £1.6 million
    Wages £6.25 million
    Signing on fee/
    Loyalty Bonus. £2 million.
    Employers Nic. £1 million
    Agent Fees/ £ 1 million

    £20.25 million

  14. alex cutter

    On this day in 1995, Ajax became and still is the only club ever to win both its league and Champions League in the same season while staying unbeaten.

  15. Marc


    Assuming you’ve got the number’s there or there about’s shows what a complete load of bollocks the “facts” reported in the media are.

    NI you’re going to pay that on any and every employee – to suddenly start quoting on a single deal when I’ve never heard anyone mention VAT or NI contributions when talking about a transfer before is someone shit stirring.

    What’s implied is that we paid an agent £6 – 8 million when that’s bollocks.

    If NI contributions are the norm to discuss then precisely why haven’t they been quoted on Sanchez’s salary at ManU.

  16. Emiratesstroller

    As Pierre points out Xhaka is not an exceptional player, but I don’t think that he is necessarily to blame for all the weaknesses and mistakes made in our midfield.

    Part of the problem in recent years has been the turnover of personnel in this
    department in contrast with many of our competitors.

    Frankly I don’t consider Jordan Henderson at Liverpool an exceptional player
    and indeed some might consider their midfield as a whole fairly average, but
    what they offer is stability and consistency.

    Arsenal do need to improve the quality of our midfield but at the same time
    be able to pick a regular and reliable combination.

  17. alex cutter

    “You just made a comment that wasn’t filled with bile or venom.”

    You haven’t posted something as stupid as you usually have by this point in a thread.

    Still making up for the lack of stupidity with sheer posting frequency, though.

  18. Freddie Ljungberg

    PL to restart June 17th and Sir Chips has resigned as Arsenal chairman.

    good news comes in pairs apparently.

  19. Marc


    It’ll be interesting what psychology teams come back with – going through the motions or something to achieve etc.

  20. Tom

    Every plumber I ever used on my construction projects was far right wing type, and their views mirrored those of Un to a tee.
    My guess is Un is the British version of Joe the Plumber but with an actual license and business, and that’s why he’s been working during lockdown.

    Anyway, this is an exercise in futility trying to guess how he makes his money ( if that’s what you’re doing here), since he’s already on record saying revealing his job would open him up to ridicule and he’d never do it.

    Why would anyone care anyways is the better question.

  21. Marc


    Firstly I asked him if he was a subbie and he said no.

    Secondly this was just a piss take yesterday driven by sheer boredom.

  22. Freddie Ljungberg

    He’s obviously a chimney sweep, ‘ello ‘ello ‘ello

    that explains the racism too, he thinks all brown/black people are chimney sweeps too and are stealing his business. He’s a bit slow.

    It’s just the colour of their skin Don, they haven’t all been down a chimney, you need to chill.

  23. Marc


    More or less – they’re beginning to move towards lifting things and they’ve been trying to get people back to work but it’s taking a bit of time.

  24. alex cutter

    “that explains the racism too, he thinks all brown/black people are chimney sweeps too and are stealing his business. He’s a bit slow.”

    But he married/knocked up a jew! He can’t be racist!

    ” he’s already on record saying revealing his job would open him up to ridicule and he’d never do it.”

    More ridicule than for repeatedly soliciting medical advice about his bleeding anus on a soccer board? He didn’t get the nickname BAD for nothing.

  25. Terraloon


    Rarely do we get to know how much or indeed all the associated costs a players employment actually amounts to. The irony is it’s quite possible that the £20 million being quoted actually doesn’t cost include those additional costs and who knows perhaps the £20 million is the fee and his wages.

    That thought is staggering but the way things have been run at Arsenal over the last few years nothing would surprise me.

  26. Spanishdave

    The footy looks set to start mid June which is two weeks away.
    The social distancing is going to come down and if it’s a metre then it’s close to normal and pubs can be opened.
    If it’s one metre then there could be some crowd allowed in surely as it’s about every other seat and if people can be organized entering and leaving it would be great.
    Maybe early July for this.
    Un is a media man, he works the photo copier dept!

  27. Tom

    Tom is right, He’s a plumber, you can take that to the bank

    Sid , Please tell me your NOT adding “ you can take that to the bank” phrase to your Legrove trademark “I’m telling you this for free/ you heard it here first “ repertoire.

  28. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    So realistic we could / are losing

    Matt Macy’s
    Laca .

    Now that is some clearout …
    will take a bit of time to flush through tho.

  29. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    The magnificent ten…

    Ge5 da ball bouncing

    N Sid

    You may have heard a whisper of it here.

    Ipso facto.

  30. Guns of SF

    Seems every summer we talk about a clear out.

    No one seems to add Bellerin to the clear out list.
    Fella has to go. We need a healthy RB, without risk.
    Will he play a back up? doubt it…. so he needs to go. Go back to Barca- use him as a trade bit for Dembele perhaps. One crock for another. Only Dembele has a major upside still if he can stay fit.

    Dude is lightning in a bottle.

    Even still….

  31. Tom

    Tom Come now!! The new resident Karen
    I’m acquainted with the others but at least introduce yourself before I bend you over

    Bend me over?
    Funny but you strike me as a strictly the missionary position type.
    Which isn’t all that surprising seeing how you married a Jewish girl.

    Here’s one for you I got from a Jewish friend of mine.

    A Jew was cleaning his newly acquired antique lamp when to his astonishment a Genie popped out and told him he could grant him one wish.
    Great! I want you to take all the oil fields from Saudi Arabia and put them in Israel, said the Jewish fella after a long pause.
    That’s quite a project, said the Genie.It’s gonna be a logistical nightmare and I’m not sure I can even handle an undertaking of this magnitude. Maybe a simpler wish?
    Fine , said the man. I want you to make my Jewish wife give me a perfect blowjob then.
    Oh boy, said the Genie, let’s see that map of the Middle East again then.

  32. Dissenter

    Arsenal chairman Sir Chips Keswick. has just retired
    Who’s the new figure head to occupy the position. Condescension of the fan base is a prerequisite for applicants.

  33. Marko

    4 more premier league players tested positive in the latest round of testing. I do wonder if this insistence on restarting is from a lot of potentially pissed off Liverpool whatevers.

  34. Marko

    I’ve always felt that it was better to just forget the 2019/20 season and put plans in place for the following season. The knock on effects of finishing up the current season will definitely be felt

  35. Dissenter

    Don’t you think you’re giving too much away for free?
    When are you going to start charging us for your wonderful presence?

  36. Un na naai


    Have a look at the anti Semitic comments toward my wife
    Have some impartiality and some decency
    I would never use such language towards a poster’s wife

  37. T

    heck if Auba is gonna leave this summer I would hope that the club would at the very least attempt to trade him for Isco or a player of similar ilc to take over things in midfield long term.

    there are many good strikers and wingers in the squad who could contribute more if auba left and the midfield were stronger.

    back when henry left everybody was like “where are the goals gonna come from” but the whole team stepped up and did well after all.