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Come on, admit it, you’ve been watching e-sports. Right? It’s ok. It kind of looks like real football if your sight isn’t quite 20/20. No? You’re partaking in e-sports! Well I never. So modern.

I’ve been diving into computer games. I have a DLC pack for Zelda, I’m playing some crazy game called Animal Crossing, and I have the SNES emulator on the Switch. Things went from never touching a game in 20 years to I LOVE IT WHY DID NO ONE SHOW ME THESE WIZARDRY SYSTEMS OF JOY. I’m basically a gamer, right? Amateur. If I were a football fan, I’d have a Real Madrid shirt on at The Emirates and I’d buy a half and half scarf, but at least I’m doing something with my life right now.

Share your game reccos in the blog comments.

Talking of doing elite things to kill the time, Hector Bellerin has a NEW haircut.

Look at that shave. He looks so damn cool. Like he’s about to tell you something really prophetic about recycling. I’d listen, no doubt. I might even make up something just so I could have a positive role in the conversation.

‘Hector, I’m actually taking a course in Environmental Design. You know one of the biggest challenges in recycling is mixed material products that ‘claim’ to be recyclable are actually not because the sorting plants can’t easily separate the materials. So yeah, I think I’m doing my part. Anyone care for a flapjack I just picked up from Colombia Road Flower Market?’

That sort of haircut makes you want to, you know, go and cut your own hair.

Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it.

How hard can it it be?

Well, seems Ainsley had the same thought.

Having his own Britney Spears 2007 meltdown.


Quite the scene. He’s taking lockdown worse than that lady who dropped her kecks on a 20 person Zoom meeting last week.

Sagna has been talking about his hurt feelings in the media after Cesc failed to include him in his list of players that were top quality.

“I was surprised to read this,”

“From him I was surprised because he was supposed to be one of the leaders of the team, he was one of the great prospects and as a leader and a true player, you don’t speak like that about your club.

“So I was surprised because he is a nice guy, he’s still a nice guy, this doesn’t change anything. But I was kind of surprised.

“Arsenal made him so saying that some players were not at his level was a bit harsh because I’m not sure out of all the seasons he was playing at the club, he was always an exemplary player.

“At that time the press was talking about him not running enough or tracking back. So other players could have said ‘you should be running more or doing more’.

“If you look at Liverpool today, all of them are running. This is a team. And maybe, because we didn’t have the right spirit at that time we didn’t make this little extra push, or make that little extra run to track players, maybe this is the reason we didn’t win.”

Ooohhhhh, Zinger Tower meal for FAB4.

I strongly believe that if we’d had a Klopp or a Pep at the club during those years, we’d have maxed out the talent of those players to a greater degree. Wenger still had players creating art, while managers like Klopp were taking artists, making them work hard, and giving them tactical structure that was of the age.

We’ll never know… but one thing I can say for sure is I thoroughly enjoyed many of those teams. Particularly the 2008 group.

This coming Monday, I can confirm that I’ll be recording with Nigel Phillips of the AST. We’re going to explore the economic impact of covid-19 on the game. It’s a beast of a subject, but his rigour when it comes to Arsenal and business is Thierry setting himself up against United with that lob over Barthez.

On that note, I’m off to catch a butterfly on my new computer game. See you in the comments if I find a spare moment. x


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  1. Valentin


    The truth will emerge when the total number of deads will be counted.
    There will be a spike. However how countries will allocate that spike will be interesting to see.

    Germany will have small spikes in death due to cancers, age related ailments, natural cause when Italy and Spain will have a one massive officially entirely die to COVID-19.

    In 2003, France had a huge heatwave. That heatwave has caused a massive spike in number of dead. However initially those death were natural cause (mostly old people dying at home).

    Epidemiologists reported that in fact more than 14,000 of those so called natural death were directly linked to the heatwave. It also threw a strange statistical anomaly in that people of the same group age with serious medical condition had a better rate of survival than people without any medical pre-condition.
    That was due to the fact that people with serious medical condition were either already in hospital or were part of the daily social service round. So whenever they had an issue somebody was at hand to solve it.
    On the other hand, healthy older people alone at home died after getting confused and unable to call for help.

  2. China1

    It’s not really doom mongering to notice that health care systems will be crippled by this if left to an uncontrolled spread

    Doctors and nurses on the front lines of every badly hit country on the planet are saying the exact same things because they’re having very similar experiences. It’s not just a respiratory illness that fucks those who are already vulnerable – it’s an extremely contagious and hard to track respiratory illness that fucks those who are already vulnerable and a small percentage of those who are not.

    The difference is critical.

    If millions are left to contract it, the numbers of dead will be far higher than any comparable respiratory viral outbreak we’ve seen since the Spanish flu.

    It’s not doom mongering, it’s agreed on by the scientific community of most of the world already.

  3. Marc


    It’s the way it’s being reported over here and instead of the media asking that type of question they are too busy trying to scaremonger by asking if the head of the NHS “can guarantee that the health service will cope”.

    A prime example is a piece on the Sky News website yesterday where the headline was “XXX number of deaths aging 33 to 99 and 13 of them had no under lying condition”. When you read into it the 13 were aged 63 to 99, it’s irresponsible because it’s taking something serious and sensationalising it for clicks.

  4. Paulinho

    The evidence will be excess mortality stats. If there is no upsurge or spike in excess mortality in these few months (relative to previous years) when this is all over then it will be blindingly obvious that those that have died with the virus will have been deemed to have died because of it rather than with it.

  5. China1

    People need to be clear on the distinction between being told really bad news and doom mongering

    Doom mongering is telling exaggerated stories of the end of the world. Telling people we’re likely facing an unprecedented pandemic since the Spanish flu, that we will see our health systems around the world brought to their knees without enormous investment and support and unprecedented curbs on people’s freedoms will be needed to reign this in as quickly as possible is not doom mongering. This is widely accepted as a simple observation of what’s plainly staring us in the face and with case studies already demonstrating it around the world from the last couple of months. It’s not doom mongering.

    If NASA noticed a near earth object the size of Texas hurtling towards the earth a 20km/s, I think some of you lot would be calling it doom mongering when the news reported that we’re facing extinction lol.

    I’m sorry that the news is dark as fuck right now, but these are simply exceptional times and the world is in the process of being hit for six by this virus.

    That’s just how it is

  6. Marc


    I’m certainly criticising what the UK Government is doing in what it’s announcing it’s the way the media are portraying it.

    If an old boy who is 99 gets it and dies at what point is it “well something was going to get him sooner or later”. The fact is even if he was other wise healthy he had a pre existing condition of extreme old age.

  7. China1

    It’s not scaremongering to ask the head of an institution if they can cope with the challenge in front of them

    It’s the most important question today. It’s only being considered scare mongering because people are frightened of the answer they may/will/have receive(d)

    It’s the exact same question Boris will have been asking the NHS heads behind closed doors, surely? How bad is this going to be? Can we cope? What will the impact be? If we don’t convert exhibition centers into hospitals what’s going to happen?

    These are not scaremongering questions. They the absolute most important questions to be asked right now.

    You are conflating scary questions with scary answers to fear mongering. They’re not the same

  8. China1

    It’s not sensationalizing anything to report those statistics

    It would be sensationalizing to say ‘YOUNG PEOPLE ALSO HIGHLY LIKELY TO DIE’ as the headline.

    That headline you just pasted was a simple fact being shared and they were even kind enough to highlight how many didn’t have pre existing conditions which gives a very clear perspective that the vast majority who died DID have issues already ergo the numbers are actually not so scary

    They literally softened the simple facts that they shared with context so that there’s less need to panic. How else are they allowed to report cases and deaths without it upsetting people and being called fear mongering? And this should be a headline since how many people got infected and died is the top topic of the day, every day, surely?

  9. Marc


    It’s the way the question is worded – asking for a guarantee? Come on that’s just a leading question that has no right answer unless you give a political answer.

    You answer yes and you get pulled up because of an admin error somewhere.

    You say no and the public panic.

    You seem to struggle with the concept of intelligent responsible journalism and looking for a headline.

    You didn’t answer my question – are you watching the daily press conference and question sessions in the UK?

  10. China1

    I for one primarily want to be given information that is accurate to the best of everyone’s knowledge and gives me a clear picture of where we’re at

    How many infected, how many dead, how many recovered, how is the NHs coping? What are the predictions for tomorrow and next week? What are the biggest challenges we are facing? Do we already have solutions lined up? If not why not and what are the next steps? What’s it like to have the virus and go through the health system? What do the doctors on the front line think? What is the WHO saying about this? What are the governments thoughts on this? How well is this being policed/managed in reality?

    This information will give me a decent idea of what’s going on and if the news will tell me that (sky news has been very consistently) then job done. No complaints from me

    The questions and answers don’t need to be nice and make me feel good. They need to be informative, as accurate as possible and help me see the situation clearly. Nothing more or less.

    Whether or not it’s scary couldn’t be less relevant or important to me

    And considering how lots of people in the west have been caught flaunting the lockdowns, not taking it seriously before with pub outings a week or so back, people having illegal gatherings, 25 people having a bloody karaoke party yesterday etc, evidently some people haven’t taken it seriously and a little dose of fear to take this more seriously and stop breaking the law might do them and their families some good tbh

  11. China1

    No mate I just don’t think this is as scary a question as you think

    Everyone in the right mind would expect the answer to that question to be ‘we can’t promise anything 100% but we believe we will get there in the end with extensive support and responsible behavior from the public’

    And I don’t see a sky news headline saying NHS CANT BE SURE OF SURVIVING CATASTROPHE. I just checked sky news again and the headlines are all very reasonable. Nothing there to make me panic at all.

    If people are reading the daily mail or whatever that’s on them because toilet paper like that has been peddling fear daily since forever. pick up any daily mail issue from the last 30 years and you’ll find every one of them exaggerating the terrible foreigners coming to steal our benefits and council houses or whatever.

  12. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Yes n no

    Got bored

    Honest question

    Do you think Boris has it or he just got fucked off doing that every day..

    Before you answer
    Remember he is a Tory.

  13. Marc


    Exactly he if was a lefty lazy scum bad I’d be worried but as a Tory he has a work ethic. That’s why rich people are rich they work hard for a living.

  14. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    He is ducking it…

    He ha# the concentration span of an ant… he’s got bored , the man is always lookin* to inject levity …

    This ain’t the time…

  15. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Oh Marc…

    Announcing your politics is a No no in my eyes, saying that I was a member of 5he Labour Party till recently…

    Donyell malen.

    Why we let go.

    Massive error.

  16. Marc


    Are you saying my believing that we should round up all the lefty scum and pass them into slavery isn’t acceptable?

    Think of the positives – it would revitalise our manufacturing industries, would reduce climate change and help control the crazy rate of human population growth.

    It’s win win for decent right wing people and who gives a fuck what vile scumbag lefties think anyway?

  17. andy1886

    Boris isn’t rich because he works hard, he’s rich because he comes from a rich privileged family. He’s been fired from just about every job he ever had.

    Incidentally a friend of mine had a cousin who’s husband died from Coronavirus a couple of days back – he was 47 years old, fit with no health conditions. We don’t need sensational headlines but we do need to understand the real risk and not just the narrative that only the old or unwell are taken.

  18. Pedro

    Marc, a lot of rich people work hard.

    Boris has done a fairly decent job of the response so far. He basically enacted Corbyn policies. Unreal that a hard-right gov is now socialist… but it shows great leadership to pivot like that.

  19. Marc


    All of the most successful and wealthiest people I’ve met / dealt with work hard – I wasn’t being sarcastic.

    This concept that people who are wealthy because they run their own business etc and it’s easy are fuckwits who need to stop blaming others for their shitty little lives, get off of they fat lazy arses and stop expecting someone else to pick up the tab.

  20. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I understand your humour… however expect flak fella…

    Boris is faking it…

    Corbin would have been a good leader of people…

    Unfortunately it’s a capitalist world where the dollar rules….
    Until the Chinese an Russia devalue it… if truth be told is what this is all about,,..
    Kill the dollar as the currency on which money is judged.

  21. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    There was good chat on talkshite regarding the league,

    Love or loathe Simon Jordan talks sense,

    Season is done.

    No point in fucking up next years league…it’s all as you were.

  22. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    A good mate of mine works at number 10

    Says Boris is a very good fellow. Just wants to be loved.

    As Pedro says, he is controlling this well as to be expected,

    This is more than a virus, something sinister is at play .

    Sorry to hear about the loss..

  23. Spanishdave

    It makes sense to abandon the season.
    Liverpool will probably win the next season anyway. We can’t screw up next season feeling sorry for them it’s just one off bad luck.
    The sooner we make this decision the better .
    But the FA want them to win it so it will end up a mess.

  24. Marc


    On a serious note what we need to learn from all of this is that the Football Gods have decreed that they do not want the Scouse vermin to win the league – they have sent down pestilence and disease upon the world as a warning.

    If we ignore this warning imagine what they’ll do next.

  25. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    That can5 run the risk of affecting next season because of sky money..

    Jordan was saying 5hat sky ar3 going to suspend payment an seek refund from prem…

    Now this is where true characters come out to play because of money..

    No one giv3s a sho5 who wins or dies… it’s all about money and who will pay for it.

  26. R.S.P.C.Arsenal



    Heard it…

    Have you heard the one about the royal family supporting hitler in 1938…
    Doing nazi salutes.

    Oh wait it’s true.

    Just like than they have fled out of the town where they stole the land.

    Complete pack of cunts,

  27. Pedro

    Marc, sure, lots of people work hard that are rich. There are also lots of people that benefit from ample amounts of privilege. Stellios landed a loan from his shipping magnate dad to start an airline, the rich kids get access to the best education and easy money after, trust fund kids like Trump get to fail over and over with other people’s money.

    Also, I very much doubt you get the true story on how those folk land on their wealth. Most people eager to hide the true story. Even Bill Gates had a mum that paid for him to have access to one of 8 computers in the world (in education), or something mad like that. Not taking anything from Bill, but that’s the sort of access that no amount of ‘get on with it’ is landing you.

    Don’t think it’s a case of simply getting off your arse.

  28. Un na naai

    The 1% work themselves into the ground.
    Trump is a terrible example
    He’s 73 and rich beyond anyone’s dreams
    Yet he pushes harder than anyone to become the leader of his country.
    Any idea how much energy it takes to campaign around a country the size of America for months and months at that age?
    Then to win and to continue pushing. Flying around the world.
    Public meetings private meetings. The world watching and hating you for telling it straight. At 73.
    To say trump doesn’t work hard is ridiculous

    Jordan Peterson gave a brilliant account of how the richest have an insatiable appetite to achieve and work insane hours to get ahead. This also leads into why so few women make CEO because they are reluctant to pursue career goals in the same way these rare individuals who are usually always men strive to achieve.

  29. Un na naai

    That’s not to say the rest of us don’t work hard. But let’s face it. James in accounts spending all his time on le grove isn’t going to be in the Forbes richlist any time soo because he lacks ambition

  30. Marc


    Well the first thing they have to do is get up off of their arses – then they have to do it every single day and they do it at a rate that most of us would not want to do.

    Do some people have “good connections” or a “head start” yes but that doesn’t mean success is a given which is the socialist view = born rich and it’s easy.

    Working hard doesn’t guarantee success but I’ve never met someone successful in business who doesn’t work hard.

  31. Un na naai


    No they don’t.
    They also offer more to the economy than the lower classes through their job creation, corporation tax and 40% income tax on billions of pounds/dollars.

  32. Marc


    There’s a stat from 20 or so years ago – I don’t know what the current numbers are but they won’t be that different – 95% of income tax collected is paid by 5% of earners.

    The rich do not pay their fair share of income tax – they pay a staggering amount more. I don’t think slagging them off for doing it is polite!

  33. Pedro

    Un, Elon Musk spends a time on Twitter shit posting about scuba divers, he sends rockets to space and back. Donald Trump spent 10 years calling Rosie Odonnell ugly now he’s president.

    Posting on Le Grove is ambition. It means you’ve got your shit so in order, you can afford to indulge in leisure time on the internet. It’s lockdown golf.

  34. Pedro

    Donald Trump works 11 to 6 (with exec time breaks to watch cable news) and he’s managed 249 golf trips during his Presidency.

    Hitler was also incredibly lazy, would regularly start the day at 2, was terrible at running a Government and his staff couldn’t stand him.

  35. Pedro

    UK tax scene quotes here, from The Guardian.

    HM Revenue & Customs this week published an analysis of the income tax paid in the UK by salary band, region and gender. In total we paid £174bn income tax in 2016-17, the latest year for which figures are available. But of that, £52.5bn – nearly a third of all tax raised – was paid by the 381,000 taxpayers who earn more than £150,000 a year. The tax paid by those 381,000 individuals (overwhelmingly male) was more than all the income tax paid by the first 20 million taxpayers.

    In London, the picture is even more stark. The city has 4.2 million income tax payers, but just 87,000 individuals earning over £200,000 a year paid nearly half the £43.8bn income tax raised in the capital. It’s uncomfortable to say it, but if we lose all those absurdly paid investment bankers to Brexit, the hit to the public purse will be painful, as they are clearly paying vast amounts to the Treasury.

  36. Pedro

    Think most of the annoyance is with the large corporations paying fuck all tax but borrowing heavily from the infrastructure they didn’t pay for… and folk like Branson who is a tax exile and wants a bailout. As Bernie says, socialism is fine for the rich when they want bailouts for bad businesses.

  37. Bojangles

    Pedro, why do you allow this political shit on Le Grove? Even with no football on politics should still be a no no. Marc if you want to rant over leftys, go to Breitbart or Fox to do it.

  38. Tom

    “The world watching and hating you for telling it straight.”

    Un, still drinking that kool-aid , I see.
    Over 16k lies told by Trump in 3 years.

  39. Pedro

    “The world watching and hating you for telling it straight.”

    That was quite the line.

    Jamie, I didn’t know that.

    However, think you are definitely a terrible person if you are a top earner and you begrudge paying tax that supports those less well off (Breitbart Marc, we’re looking at you). I think where Corbyn and his pals go wrong is they forget that those who don’t earn enough don’t want handouts, they aspire to climb the ladder.

  40. Pedro

    Karim Benzema (on Giroud comparison) :

    “I’ll be quick, we don’t confuse Formula 1 with Karting. And I’m nice. Now next.”

  41. Dark Hei

    Pedro and Marc are both right.

    Pedro’s assumption is that all rich people don’t work hard.

    Marc’s assumption is that rich people work hard for their wealth.

    I think in-between you have actual human beings, not archetypes.

  42. Emiratesstroller

    Please don’t judge the current political scene based on left/right politics.

    We are currently in a Pandemic and the Conservative Government are adopting wartime politics and policies.

    The current Conservative Party under Boris is however in normal circumstances economically a right of centre party, but with an agenda to upgrade the country’s health service and transport infrastructure.

    Boris Johnson has not as far as I am aware “inherited his wealth”. His parents
    are still alive. He made a living before becoming Prime Minister from being
    a journalist and writer.

    There are plenty of Labour Supporters who are much richer and have inherited their wealth and hence the expression “Champagne Socialists”.

  43. Dark Hei

    When Benzema looks back as his career he will see lots of hardware and highlight reels of Christano Ronaldo.

    When Giroud looks back as his career he will see less hardware and highlight reels of his scorpion kick and the flick pass for Wilshire’s goal.

  44. andy1886

    Back to football then. Based on the latest government briefing ‘normal life’ (whatever that is) will not resume for at least 3-6 months. That has to mean that this season is well and truly dead, there is no way that you can tell people to isolate and maintain social distancing and at the same time allow two football teams and officials to run around on a football pitch for 90 minutes let alone run training or any other sporting activity.

    There is a simple solution though. This season has to be voided, no doubt about that. No champions, no promotion or relegation. To reward performance you carry over points earned into next season as a points adjustment after equalising the number of games played (for example in the PL all teams have played a minimum of 28 games, those that have played 29 do not count the result of their last game towards their total).

    In that scenario ‘Pool would still start next season twenty two point ahead of anyone else and almost certainly win the league. Other clubs would have more games to potentially earn a CL place, avoid relegation or in the case of the football league challenge for promotion. The only real losers would be the TV companies and if they really wanted to push for compensation against the background of a major health crisis they should get all the abuse they deserve.

  45. Spanishdave

    If we don’t get back to work soon there won’t be a normal.
    These medical idiots can fatally spook the financial markets who will destroy your pensions.
    The league season should be stopped now so clubs can prepare for a fresh start.
    It’s tough for Liverpool but it’s a one off, we can’t plan around them.
    They should win the new season.
    Problem is their supporters will probably riot as that is the norm in Liverpool.

  46. Un na naai

    PedroMarch 29, 2020 22:39:20
    Un, Elon Musk spends a time on Twitter shit posting about scuba divers, he sends rockets to space and back. Donald Trump spent 10 years calling Rosie Odonnell ugly now he’s president.Posting on Le Grove is ambition. It means you’ve got your shit so in order, you can afford to indulge in leisure time on the internet. It’s lockdown golf.

    Fair point.
    Another day of working out there in corona land.

  47. Emiratesstroller

    Interesting article in today’s Daily Telegraph

    The Public Investment Fund [Sovereign Wealth Fund] of Saudi Arabia is about to take control of Newcastle United. The £340 Million deal will include also two minority partners with 10% equity each who are Amanda Staveley’s PCP Capital Fund and significantly the Reuben Brothers who are one Britain’s wealthiest families with property portfolio assets estimated at £18 billion.

    The Saudi Sovereign Fund is the largest in World and with the backing of Reuben Brothers will “outgun” the ownership of any other club in World Football if the deal is successfully concluded.

    Such a deal will predictably demote further Arsenal in the pecking order of
    financial clout in the EPL and European Football.

    My guess is that the investment partnership will be also very active rather like
    Abu Dhabi investors in the regeneration of Newcastle and the North-East. Reuben Family have already got considerable interests in the Region including ownership of Newcastle Racecourse.

  48. Dark Hei


    Football clubs are like toilet paper to Saudi Arabia. In times of doubt, just horde.

    I am actually stunned by this given that we just broke under US$20 a barrel for oil.

  49. Emiratesstroller

    Dark Hei

    The Saudi Sovereign Fund is designed to invest in non oil businesses.

    So I don’t think that it will be impacted by the drop in oil prices. As I said it is the largest sovereign fund globally. Spending £200-300 million is a drop in the ocean for them.

    Messrs Staveley and Jamie Reuben [currently a director in QPR] have the football expertise.

  50. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Fthe self made Rueben bros are looking to buy Newcastle… they own the tower round the corner to me milbank tower.

  51. Marc

    “However, think you are definitely a terrible person if you are a top earner and you begrudge paying tax that supports those less well off”

    I have never condoned tax evasion, as I mentioned in an earlier post however the wealthy contribute a huge percentage of the tax take – slagging them off for doing so is just plain stupid.

    Pedro – you should take a look at history. When Maggie came to power the top tax rate was 98% she reduced it over a few years down to circa 40%. The government collected more revenue at this lower rate than when it was at the crazy high rate. Over taxation destroys wealth creation which destroys tax revenue.

  52. Redtruth

    Trickle down economics is a myth
    Even bozo the clown realises this when he scrapped plans to cut corporation tax from 19% to 17% thus saving £6bn.

  53. Jamie

    Important not to confuse income tax with wealth tax.

    The top 1% of earners contribute about a third of all UK income tax receipts, and income tax receipts make up about a quarter of the UK’s total tax revenue. Ergo, everyone else earning below £150k a year pays the remaining 66% of the total income tax collected (not forgetting that 43% !! of adults earn below the taxable threshold and therefore contribute 0 income tax).

    Capital gains (arguably a tax on the rich), however, only accounts for 1% of total tax revenue. Inheritance tax is even less. Corporation tax makes up 6%.

    The notion that the super rich contribute more in taxes than the middle/working class is a fallacy. It’s not even close. The Inland Revenue takes more in tobacco duties than in capital gains.

    * Tax Receipts for 2016. Source:

  54. Micheal

    To quote Albert Einstein: “Two things are infinite – the unievrse and human stupidity”

    He was also obviously far-sighted enough to see the emergence of some Le Grove posters

  55. Valentin

    I don’t think that buying Newcastle FC is done as an investment, more as a cheap way to gain influence on British politics.
    They have also spent money on regeneration projects in different areas of the UK. Most of those projects will not generate any profit until a few years (if any at all).
    A few years ago Qatar did the same thing in France when they were trying to woo French politicians.
    I suspect that like in France, British politicians will have a very short memory and they will stop taking their call when it is inconvenient to be seen cosying with them.
    Their post Khashoggi charm offensive will temporary succeed before ultimately fail.

  56. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Will we follow the Italians and scrap this years league saying pool won it…

    No other results count.

  57. Moray

    I doubt there will be much appetite from the fans for anyone spunking a fortune into Football after all this. Most fans will emerge from the current situation considerably poorer and with fewer resources than before.

    Football is not a curative and there should really not be so much money sloshing around for something that is kicking or heading a ball.

  58. Dissenter

    Hope you saw Jamie’s erudite response to your point about the wealth tax….don’t confuse the two.

    The burden of taxation is always on the middle class, especially the upper middle tax. the entrepreneurial and professional people. The US is spending $2 trillion, yet not one cent is coming to people like me. The pay-outs to families is capped at 95k p.a.
    The super-rich will make out like bandits under the package even though they have a 100 ways of avoiding taxes legally. They can afford the best tax attorneys and accountants.
    When you cut taxes, revenue always goes down and debt goes up because you have to borrow to make the shortfall.
    It seems that are regurgitating already talking points.

  59. Dissenter

    Juventus’ players and manager Maurizio Sarri have agreed to their pay being stopped for four months to save the club an estimated 90m euros (£80.7m) during the coronavirus pandemic.

    Where’s the leadership Arsenal and in the premier league regarding this issue?
    You can’t be paying out money you don’t have for services that are not currently render-able.
    Many clubs are going to be in red from this crises. I expect that many sponsors may even renege on their deals.

  60. NW9 gooner

    Dissenter I think you are wrong – the players have agreed to take a pay cut for four months and not forego it for 4 months – a big difference

  61. Valentin


    The premiership is still trying to complete this season in order to avoid having to pay back Sky.

    Their latest plan is to have the remaining part of season in July and August (the new season would start in October). All the games would be behind closed door and to drum up interest they would all be broadcast with no more than 2 games per day during weekday and up to 5 on weekend. Also games would be be played at either training ground or at a limited set of ground. That would more than compensate all broadcasters (foreign and domestic) for failing their initial contractual obligations.

    If the plan is accepted, then no deferred salary would be needed, just a two month extension of all contracts. As most of other leagues would still be closed, I can’t see any player refusing to play.

    One big issue is the fact they would need to have a close by small hospital/clinic reserved in case of injuries or outbreak of Corona virus.

  62. NW9 gooner

    Also Arsenal and a few others have already announced that the non playing staff including part time match day staff will be protected

  63. Akkimaniac

    New version

    Wife was checking her husbands phone and saw a contact named COVID19 & she called the number and her own phone rang.

    Husband is now in isolation

  64. CG


    “””Where’s the leadership Arsenal and in the premier league regarding this issue?”””

    Leadership at Arsenal???

    The Dein /Wenger days are over.

    We have The Silent Dopes in charge now.
    (They would not even know the meaning of the word)

    Dope No 1: Vinny
    Dope No.2 Raul
    Dope No. 3 Edu.

    This lot – didn’t even have the gumption to join MA at his opening press conference- so petrified they were in being asked a question.

    Expecting them to miraculously put their heads above the parapet now- forget it.

    As for the premier league,

    They only know about money. Supporters or players considerations are not even an afterthought for them.

    I for one- will be popping champagne corks when the whole greed- ridden circus collapses.

  65. CG


    “””Where’s the leadership Arsenal and in the premier league regarding this issue?”””

    Leadership at Arsenal???

    The Dein /Wenger days are over.We have The Silent Dopes in charge now.
    (They would not even know the meaning of the word.)

    Dope No 1: Vinny
    Dope No.2 Raul
    Dope No. 3 Edu.

    This lot – didn’t even have the gumption to join MA at his opening press conference- so petrified they were in being asked a question.

    Expecting them to miraculously put their heads above the parapet now- forget it.

    As for the premier league,
    They only know about money.

    Supporters or players considerations are not even an afterthought for them.

    I for one- will be popping champagne corks when the whole greed- ridden circus collapses.

  66. Dissenter

    Lionel Messi announces players will take 70% pay cut

    Initially the players balked, probably changed their minds when they club showed them the numbers.
    In any other industry, this would have happened a long time ago.
    No business keeps paying wages so big when revenue sources have dried up.

  67. That Dreamcast Kid

    absolute howling inducing post lad

    welcome back you normie you

    I too always shave my own head just need to be careful with the back

    save time money everything especially during this limited movement stuff

    TDK >> Bellerin in fashion sense as always hahaha

  68. That Dreamcast Kid

    absolute howling inducing post lad

    welcome back you normie you

    I too always shave my own head just need to be careful with the back

    save time money everything especially during this limited movement stuff

    TDK >> Bellerin in fashion sense as always hahaha

  69. Valentin


    There is a massive difference between what a player wants to happen and what clubs, the premiership, TV broadcasters want to happen.
    There is also a big difference between what a big star like Harry Kane can say publicly and do and what the average premiership player can.

    A clubs could says to its players you either play in July-August so we can finish the league or you are in breach of contract, in which case we don’t owe you anything but you potentially owe us compensation.
    The vast majority of players would fall in line, knowing that they would run the risk to be unofficially blacklisted. In view of the world wide situation, being sacked or being on a Bosman this summer does not look like a smart move.
    Also if the premiership plan goes ahead, there is a strong possibility that the EPL may be the only European professional active league. No active league means no work and No work equals no-pay. Even professional footballers need to get paid.