Emery open to huge suspension risk

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Happy Boxing day to you all! I hope you took things to suitably crazy levels yesterday, kept conversation non-Arsenal for at least two drinks, then spoiled the day with an aggressive debate over the merits of Arsene Wenger’s career.

I just hope the players feel fresher than I do…

Brighton is the late kick-off today. We head down to the south coast to chase an extremely important three points in a title race which has so far proved to be relentless if you have #Top4 goals. As Emery said, “we are going to play [with] full [commitment]… the same three points are in Brighton that are in Liverpool.” Important to remember that beating Spurs in the league was tragically wiped out by that horror result against Southampton away from home.

The manager sounds like he’s going for a full-throated line-up. When asked about fielding LT, who is on 4 bookings, he didn’t flinch.

“In my career, I never made these decisions,”

“We are going to play the next match in Brighton and we are going to play full – not with considered options or playing with more caution.

“I don’t know whether Torreira would even be able to play cautiously but I don’t want him to think about the possibility of a suspension for one yellow card.”

I think the decision to play LT will be more about having a shite defence. It would be a full-on disaster if we don’t have him available for the Liverpool game. But, I do understand the worry that we flunk a typically flat day for football, then nullify a potential win we might have against the Premier League favourites. This sort of decision really does show how skinny our squad is. We should be able to field an Elneny like object for this game and feel fairly confident we can deliver a result.

Rotation should be a consideration today, I think the players have looked tired and we’ve picked up a lot of injuries of late. Interesting that Emery dropped this comment as well.

“I was speaking with [Laurent] Koscielny about the possibility for him to play against Burnley and he said: ‘Not today’ – because he was very tired after two matches in a week and I decided for him not to be with the group. Koscielny said: ‘I’m not Mattéo! Mattéo is 19 and I’m 33 years old!’

“I am very happy with Mattéo and he is improving a lot. He gives a lot of moments with the combinations, the quality and the possibility to play with our style. He needs to continue his progress with us but I think he’s [still] very young.”

Great to hear that Matteo likes to play, but a sharp warning that players in their 30s cannot be relied on for 60 games. Amazing how quickly you can go from a pivotal figure to a creaky old man!

Brighton have lost 3 on the bounce, the last they won was against Palace. Also worth noting they haven’t won any of their last 9 league games on Boxing Day. They’re without Lewis Dunk, their best defender by quite a margin. The stats line up nicely for us, but ultimately, as we saw a couple of weeks ago, the old Arsenal always lurks in the wings.

Right, that’s me done, see you in the comments!


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  1. Batistuta

    And we seem to be the only fan base obsessed with a players age, don’t see it anywhere else. The club is obviously not going to pour in money for us to sign the play station type of players fans want so if we can get smart available experienced heads to get us back into the champions league then I’m game for it.

    We’ve just about had enough of Ramsey and Ozil to know they’ll never be consistent enough no matter the manager

  2. Tony

    You seem to know much about ping pong balls and Thailand.

    Care to share your vast experiences?

    You’re a bit late to the party, but your input was expected and predictable.

    I assume if your moniker isn’t just pretentious BS, you are doing your Doctorate to be successful in the future rather than for academia bragging rights.

    So one day you might also enjoy the benefits of hard work and success that will afford you the luxuries you want in life.

    Happy New Year to you, too

  3. steve

    @Champagne Charlie

    After all it’s the fans who are lining these executives pockets. Is it too much to ask for a little respect towards the fans?

  4. HighburyLegend

    “I think Leno is overrated
    I’m just not convinced about him as our jo1 ”

    Yeah, we must replace it with Cech for tomorrow’s game.
    (joke friday)

  5. Micheal

    RIP Peter Hill-Wood. True Gooners come in all shapes and sizes.

    PHW was a giant compared with the sleazebag who owns the club today. None of us will agree with everyting he did. But he was a footbal man who cared about Arsenal.

    Kroenke is a greedy, slimy Yank who cares only about his own wealth and power.

  6. Champagne charlie


    I’m not arguing whether Hill-Wood was deserving of criticism, or held contempt for the fans, but the man has just died. It’s crass to pass those remarks about him today of all days.

    It’s your right to, but i think it’s poor form at best.

  7. Chris


    Couldn’t agree more.

    Will Kroenke receive the same respect from Arsenal fans when he passes on? I do hope so, although remembering when Malcolm Glazer passed there were some disgusting comments from some Man Utd fans.

    Some people forget that whatever they perceive to be injustices against their football clubs these people were husbands, fathers etc and that supercedes anything else.

    RIP Peter Hill Wood

  8. Un na naai


    Yes I’d go with cech tomorrow
    We were stronger with him behind an organised defence. Also no coincidence that since we lost holding our defence has crumbled. He was our best defender this year for me thou papa has grown into our side and adjusted very well.

  9. Un na naai

    To think we started the season with

    6 centre halves
    4 full backs
    6 cmf
    4 wide forwards (inc ozil and welbz) and
    2/3 strikers I’d have said our squad was big enough to cope.

    Yes we need more quality but we let two of our best footballers leave on a free (jack and santi) and letting Nelson go on loan Has turned out to be a negative decision.

  10. Un na naai

    Steve is a grade A wanker
    Would never have the balls to say something like that face to face with a relative of someone who’d passed. Disgusting.

  11. Bamford10

    I still need to watch the Brighton second half, but I think some people are overreacting a little regarding where we are and what Emery has (or has not) accomplished thus far. Yes, we have a long ways to go, but we are stuttering at the moment because of injuries and an inadequate squad, not because of Unai Emery or Stan Kroenke. Replace Lichtensteiner, Koscielny and Ozil in the XI on Wednesday and we win that match easily, IMO.

  12. Bamford10

    That said, tomorrow could get very ugly if Emery does not get his selection right. Liverpool are quick, and they pass and attack quickly; Emery needs to go young, IMO. The older and slower we are, the more trouble we will be in. AMN and Medley should get starts, IMO, despite their inexperience. Ramsey should start as well; we need running and battle. Ozil should be left out, I think.

  13. Champagne charlie

    Start medley at Anfield? On what premise exactly…

    Odd that an “inadequate squad” can’t be levelled at the feet of Emery or Stan. Who takes the cake with that one?

  14. Nelson

    The team spirit plays a big part in a football team. MANU is another example of that. Our honeymoon period with Emery is over now. It is time to sit back and evaluate how Emery manages the team. Emery has his favorite players, Guen and Iwobi. They are still quite inexperienced compare to other star players. Emery has stamped his authority on three star players; Laca, Ozil and Ramsey. For me, life is a two ways street. If you are bad to an employee, don’t expect them to do the best for you. I am not surprise to see Pogba becomes a different player after Mou leaved.

  15. Bamford10


    “I thought paying 55 million for him was rather silly considering we had Laca who was scoring goals for fun in Ligue un.”

    Right, but Lacazette was in the middle of an eight game drought (in which he had a total of seven shots and no goals) when we signed Aubameyang, so the latter’s signing actually did make sense at that time, which was why there was no massive outcry here against that signing.

    I agree with those who think it doesn’t make a lot of sense for us to have both Laca and Auba, and I agree that Laca provides better hold-up and linking play, but I feel like those who “prefer” Laca are not seeing that he too has limitations and that it’s Auba who is scoring all of our goals.

    If we had quality wide players, then Lacazette would be getting and finishing more chances, but without such quality wide play, Laca does not give us enough as the lone striker as he can’t stretch defenses or get in behind.

  16. Pierre

    “This is great article. Sums up posters like Pierre etc to the”

    “As for the poor performance yesterday, I put it down to fatigue and injuries, which are linked. That’s the reason why we witnessed so many passes going astray, the physical drop off and ensuing inability to dominate. Why aren’t more chances being created? Because we had no ball playing defenders, so the midfield had to come deep to retrieve possession leaving too much space ahead of them.”

    I would have thought the article would mention that a possibility of why the players are so fatigued is because the manager treats the players like work horses and consequently they are dropping like flies….

    The scenario we have now was very easy for me to predict at the beginning of the month .

    It can’t be the amount of games they have played because the first team have hardly been involved in the European or league cup games …

    Surely he should be asking the question as to why Liverpool and spurs are not fatigued after playing competitive European football …

    Maybe the “arsenal truth” writer should look to improve his analysis of the game …

    To blame the negative play on fatigue and tiredness is a cop out …he should try looking into the minds of the players to get an understanding of why ,after such a positive start v Brighton , the players went into negative mode.

    I made the point before that having both full backs so advanced looks like a positive move but in fact it achieves the opposite.

    Our midfield and central defenders were afraid of losing possession as they knew that in an instant Brighton will hit the channels that our full backs have vacated.

    Consequently our play became more and more negative as the first half progressed …our midfielders were scared too play any balls between the lines so consequently our attack attacking 3 were starved of the ball …..our only out ball was the ball over the top to Aubamayang.

    In taking Lacazette and Ozil off ( 2 possession based players) and replacing them with iwobi and Ramsey ,we played right into Brightons hands ….because we were so poor in possession in the 2nd half Brighton Sat back and waited for us to squander possession and then hit us down the channels and they were by far the better team after the break.

    So maybe the writer of “Arsenal truth” needs to think again instead of blaming the performance on tiredness and fatigue ….There is nothing remotely analytical in suggesting that …..a cop out.

  17. Bamford10


    The principal blame for the state of the squad lies with Arsene Wenger. Secondly, if we needed to spend more (or differently) this summer, then some blame also lies with Emery, Mislintat and Sanllehi for thinking too highly of the existing players or some of the players we signed. As for Stan Kroenke, he’s not a football guy, so unless the men above come to him and say, “Stan, we need to spend £100m more than our revenues alone allow for,” I don’t see how he can be expected to determine this himself. Not to mention he purchased a club that adopted a self-sustaining model long before him, so unless the football men tell him that he needs to dip into his own pockets, he has every reason to assume the football men think they can compete while working within that framework.

    If the football men turn to Stan and say, “hey, we need £100m from you” and he balks, people will then have reason to see Kroenke as a problem. Until then, sorry, but no.

  18. loyika

    Funny enough I think Ozil will be needed against Pool. Yeah I know I know….

    We will need a lot of guile to unlock that Liverpool defence and if Rambo is in and be convinced to play a disciplined role (Yeah I am on a roll) then no reason why Ozil can’t lift his game against Pool.

    We will need quality in the final 3rd and will need to be clinical with our chances, since its bleeding obvious we can’t defend for shyte, we might as well go for it with a positive selection.

    No one is expecting us to beat Pool (especially at Anfield) so we can go into the game with no pressure as such.

    We need to match them with the best we have and like Ozil/Rambo or not, they do bring that extra bit of quality into our game, when they feel they can be bothered it must be said.

    My opinion is Ozil will not want to let the team down if selected despite all that has happened, but a’las I might be wrong and he has mentally checked out of The Arsenal.

    P.S. Laca should get the full minutes for this game (unless we are getting a pasting), if Emery subs him like he always does I feel that will be a signal to the end of his time with us and won’t be surprised if he pushes for a transfer out asap

  19. Graham62

    What exactly is Emery doing with Lacazette?

    Can’t fathom it out.

    Last week I highlighted it may be down to Lacazette not being 100% fit. However, it seems I was wrong. I see things in Lacazette that Aubameyang can’t offer us. I want to see the two of them starting together tomorrow. With both of them on the pitch, it gives us a very slim chance of upsetting the odds.

  20. Champagne charlie

    “The principal blame for the state of the squad lies with Arsene Wenger. Secondly, if we needed to spend more (or differently) this summer, then some blame also lies with Emery, Mislintat and Sanllehi for thinking too highly of the existing players or some of the players we signed. As for Stan Kroenke, he’s not a football guy,“

    Just have a look at the sequence of blame/deflection you take for those mentioned.

    “Principal blame”:Wenger

    “IF we needed to spend more”: Sven, Emery etc

    “He’s not a football guy”: Stan

    Really hard to take what you say seriously at all. How can we have an inadequate squad this very moment, and NOT have needed to spend more? Lambast Wenger all you like about the squad he left, but don’t dismiss the facts at play here.

    Emery got hired because of intimate knowledge of the current players and how to use them, correct or not? Don’t tell me 6 months later that ‘maybe’, ‘possibly’, “if” this or that. We have what we have as a squad because of a paltry summer investment. It’s up to you whether you want to point your finger at Stan for not providing more or Sven/Emery for not asking for more. But to continue to circle things allllll the way back to Wenger is embarrassing.

    Emery got hired knowing the squad in “exceptional detail” (Says Ivan), so why the fuck didn’t we buy a wide player in the summer? That’s not on Wenger, the fact we didn’t have one was on him. Doesn’t absolve the window that was there to rectify it in which we bought 5 defensive players.