Free transfer very likely

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I’ve penned this opening about 68 times.

Sincere? No

Advisory? Don’t be daft

Funny? Hmm… could age badly

I don’t know where to go with this.

So I’ll just jump in with some bland news. This summer, there’s no money to work with. So when you’re sitting there suggesting we should bring in superstar names like Thomas Partey, you’re off your damn rocker.

To buy, we’re going to have to sell. I think everyone is acutely aware that there’s not a lot of value in our squad. Contract issues, form problems, or players we just don’t want to lose at this stage are all adding up to an awkward window.

I think we’ll have to accept our lot. There will be some big names moving out this summer, and there will likely be an exit we really don’t like. There’s some hope though if we can sell smart.

  • Mikhi – £10m
  • Kola – £20m
  • Auba – £50m
  • Lacazette – £40m
  • Matteo – £40m
  • Xhaka – £35m
  • Hector – £35m (😞)
  • Mustafi – £20m
  • Sokratis – £8m
  • Torreira – £40m
  • AMN – £25m

People scoff at prices and I can’t hear it. We sold Alex Iwobi for £40m. Spurs sold Bentaleb for £19m. There’s a lot of money to be had up there… and Raul’s been doing some extremely questionable deals for his super-agent pals, so I fully expect to be reimbursed with some favours that work for Arsenal this summer.

We’re going to have to build from the ground up. We will have to become Dortmund 2.0. We’re going to have to rely on great coaching, unbelievable scouting, and an absolute change of tune when it comes to how our football operatives play the game.

We also have to hope that we’re not going to become a super-agent dumping ground again. One player I hear is almost a dead cert to join us is Willian. The 31-year-old Brazilian’s wife said she wants to stay in London and guess who that suits? Kia J. This is who we are right now and I really don’t like it. The only thing that stops this being a sleepless nights issue is his Arsenal fandom.

Willian is a great player, but Arsenal is a club under huge financial strain and we’re adding more players into the mixer that aren’t in the right age bracket for a business model that absolutely demands we find undervalued gems and flog them for huge amounts of money. We’ve spent 5 years trying and failing with more experienced players that are on the decline. I just don’t see how this sort of move represents a leap forward in thinking, outside keeping Kia happy.

Still, we’re also being linked to 19-year-old Orkun Kokcu. The Turkish creator is talked about as a Mesut Ozil successor. He has more energy than our German, he’s strong, likes to shoot and he’s an athlete. Exactly the sort of talent you hope we’re going to be interested in this window.

You bring in 5 players of his ilk, 3 of them make it, you sell one in 3 seasons time and have your Coutinho moment. What would Willian cost? £200k a week? That’s 4 young players with 2 seasons under their belt. I feel like we keep making the same mistakes over and over with senior players… but what can we do?

Stay safe, be good to your Roomba, treat your pets nicely, and don’t do anything stupid if you’re over 30… like get a TikTok account and start posting because you’re just ‘soooo zany.’ It’s embarrassing. That’s for the kids, not you. Put it away.

See you in the comments where we’ll keep it very much about football again. xx

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  1. NEEG

    There are those that doubt Silent Stan could find a buyer – wrong. Look no further than Alisher. He will not acquire any shares in Everton – his investment is purely sponsorship. He still owns a ‘double box’ at the Emirates and his loose change covers Stan’s wealth.

  2. Marc


    It’s silly season gone mental – click bait into overdrive. You’ve got the perfect storm for journalists, thousands of fans with no football to watch who are also cooped up at home.

    I’m waiting for it to be announced that Arsenal are going to sign the first extra terrestrial player.

  3. Moray

    If the club fails to remain self-sustaining then for sure there is an imperative for wiggy to sell. Even if the value is halved he will make a profit.

    Football is very tight-wired: salaries, deferred payments, money spent one year based on the next year’s income. It will only take a few months’ disruption for many clubs to be in the shit.

  4. Nelson

    I read a report: ” Reports in Spain claim Serie A sides are on the brink of slashing player wages by between 20 and 30 per cent due to the coronavirus outbreak.”

    Is a government allowed to do things like that?

  5. CG


    “””If the club fails to remain self-sustaining then for sure there is an imperative for wiggy to sell. “””””

    How can any club expect to be self sustaining, when it shells out £100 million on Pepe and Tiereny alone?

    What did The Dopes think these two were going to do?

    Recoup that outlay by selling them on for a profit or were they going to propel us to the Champions League later stages? ( where the big money is)

    Stan has allowed the lunatics to run the asylum. It will cost him and the fans big time.

    But the madness don’t stop there. We now want to extend David Luiz’ contract and get another ageing Chelsea reject in too. ( Willian)

    Total and utter insanity in The Arsenal FC Asylum.

  6. Nelson

    I think that the government can come up with a special coronavirus tax on the football players since they are not working.

  7. Micheal

    Kroenke’s toy:

    Everyone and everything has a price and we could be reaching the trigger point for Sleazy Stan. Because he has, so far, not milked AFC by withdrawing huge sums from the business, he has relied largely on the vlaue of “asset” or “soccer-ball franchise” increasing in value.

    That has now changed. All clubs, big and small, are in severe danger and their intrinsic value is falling.

    Kroenke must now decide whether this is a temporary blip and that the value will rebound when normal service resumes. Or more likely in my opinion, the fundamentals of football finance have changed forever and the value of clubs will never be the same again.

    A big call. But everyone and everything has a price.

  8. Arteta’s Hair

    Ummm Kroenke takes money out already, not vast sums but discreet payments under a different heading!!

    He will not sell as we are a cash cow for him

  9. Valentin

    Looking at the rumour of the players Arsenal is linked with is getting funnier by the day.

    The summer where Raul insisted we went for experienced (Lichsteiner, Sokratis, …), I mentioned that we should go after younger CBs instead (Söyüncü, Todibo, N’Dicka). Of course the same usual trolls insisted that Raul knew what he was doing: Lichsteiner and Sokratis were great purchase.

    Like I said at the time if a player can’t cope with the physicality of the Italian league, there is no chance of he would be able to cope with the EPL. Lichsteiner legs were gone. Sokratis’s club were happy to sell him but put up a fight for his Turkish younger teammate. As soon as reality set in, Sven the specialist in recruiting young players was blamed by those for the purchase of old heads. Same thing last summer when Everybody was happy to congratulate each other on Arsenal winning the TW. None of the team flaws had been addressed, but we gambled money Arsenal did not have on superfluous positions.

    This summer suddenly Arteta, his new scout analytics team and Edu seem two prioritise young players and we are linked every single one of those players I mentioned. We basically wasted two years of recruitment.

    We are interested in Evan N’Dicka because he is a left footed CB who can also play left back. He would be a much cheaper alternative to Upamey. And he is also more versatile. We could sell Kolasinac and still have cover at left in the “unlikely event” that Tierney is unavailable due to injury.

  10. Freddie Ljungberg


    Wasn’t Gazidis still in charge when we signed Licht and Sok? And as far as I remember Sven was the head scout then. This is the same bullshit some people use against Raul when they blame him for hiring Emery.

    We bought Sokratis from Dortmund, which Turkish younger teammate are you thinking of? Because Soyuncu played for Freiburg before Leicester bought him.

    We didn’t address any of the flaws in the squad?

    Our whole squad was a flaw, except strikers.

    We didn’t have a DM, we didn’t have any real wingers, etc etc

    We bought a CF with world class potential in Martinelli, a CB with the same potential in Saliba and we have our starting LB sorted for the next 5+ years at least.
    We also bought the most sought after winger in Europe last summer despite you having another ridiculous agenda against him too.

    All part of your ridiculous vendetta against Raul.

  11. Spanishdave

    Football players values are in free fall.
    Most teams in Europe are struggling at best to survive.
    No income , no sales they cannot continue.
    They will not be able to pay wages, and future contracts will not go up but down.
    The golden age of extreme wages is over.
    Mass unemployment is the next disaster, then riots.

  12. Wengaball

    So everything that was trashed is back in vogue again.

    Get back into top 4. For how many years we heard that was not good enough for Arsenal.

    Buy undervalued young players. We did that for 10 years but the constant clamour was spend on big names.

    David Dein once quoted Wenger as saying “David, the only certainty with a big name player is big money.”

    All through the frugal years he somehow still managed to have a team filled with talent and creativity who could play good football. And guarantee champions league.

    Wenger’s latter years were a disaster had a lot to do with the fact that he was pressured into giving up his financial discipline.

    Of course sometimes he was too frugal. But the solution was not the baby, bath water etc. but a better version of the same.

    Which is where we need now. Full circle and all that.

  13. Un na naai


    This could go the other way
    Make house holds more prudent. Enjoy spending time together rather than sitting on iPads
    To make use of the products we buy.
    Enjoy what matters most.
    It could bring us back to a simpler way of living.
    Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing in and of itself.

    I mean even the way we relate to each other on le grove has improved even if there are disagreements.

  14. Freddie Ljungberg

    Wenga, Don

    Who was the last great youngster Wenger bought with the potential of Martinelli or Saliba?

    Or the ones we’re linked with like N’dicka, Edouard, pape Gueye etc?

    Cesc? Maybe Bellerin 8 years ago? Far and few between in the last decade that’s for sure.

    Do a lot of people want to see what we had in the early Wenger years? Sure, why the fuck not, it was great when we picked up fantastic players on the cheap/young. He completely lost his touch a long time ago though so harping on about it is useless.

  15. Un na naai

    Just a heads up – The Ministry of Defence have been told to be on standby for complete UK lockdown as of Sunday evening at 6pm… No one is to leave their homes unless you work in Front Line Retail or the NHS…

    I heard this directly from my neighbour Trigger who is good mates with a bloke called Boycie. Boycie knows a guy named Derek also known as Del who drinks down the pub with his Great Uncle Albert. Albert was in the Navy during the war so he knows his stuff.

    Please pass it on.

  16. Marc


    Glad your keeping your sense of humour.

    Apparently Greta Thunberg has made a statement to the UN saying Corona Virus has stolen her limelight.

  17. Freddie Ljungberg


    Ok, I’ll help you out, it’s pretty simple actually.

    Good signing – Sven (doesn’t matter if it was before or after his time)

    Bad signing – Raul

    Good signing now – Edu (possibly still working off Svens list)

    Man, that Sven seems like a wonderful guy with the world at his feet, wonder what he’s doing now…………………………….

  18. Freddie Ljungberg


    No, no, you’re not getting it.

    Raul can’t get credit, Sven is controlling him with a voodoo doll, but only for the successful decisions. The rest is his own fault.

  19. CG


    “”””CG Then what transfer strategy do you want to see.”””

    Exactly the type our Wenger used to enact.

    Buying players that fit into his system or what we require to strengthen the team within the budget set.

    That’s why we ALWAYS balanced the books under him.

    We didn’t need Pepe, Tierney, Cedric, Mari, Luiz, Lich, Sok to name a few.

    But if it suits Don Raul, Edu and their despicable chums, that’s who we are getting in now.

    We have fans like you ( and you are wonderful by the way) that actually think transfer windows are won or lost.

    I said it from day one. Arsenal will rue the day they allowed this man to become the power-broker at Arsenal.

    Unlike Dein, Wenger, Hillwoods, Fizmans, Friars and Adams etc who loved the club- this spiv just loves the money.

  20. Marc


    OK – Sanllehi = bad, Sven = good and everyone else is ignored unless we can blame Sanllehi for something they did.

    Have I got it now?

  21. Valentin


    Raul realised that despite his best effort, he was out of his depth with regard to transfer at Arsenal. He tried his connection approach and all he got to show for is Suarez and Ceballos. Hardly great successes. He is now hiding behind Edu and Arteta.
    The main difference as well is that while he was able to push his agenda on Emery who did not had final say, Arteta has final say. So he is able to push back on players. Any failure was seen as Emery’s failure while now any failure will be seen as Raul’s failure.
    I would bet that in one year time, most of the players Raul championed will not play for Arsenal any more. Lichsteiner is already gone. Elneny who he gave a pay rise will be sold or on loan again. Sokratis will be gone. So will Torreira. Pepe will go on loan. Tierney will be injured for the umpteenth times.

    Arsenal is not Barcelona. A cash strapped Arsenal does not shop the same kind of players than Barcelona. It is like a salesman who has worked for Ferrari for years and suddenly ended up at Ford. Different approaches and in some case skillset.

    Arsenal needed a proper squad builder. Somebody who has a vision for the kind of players Arsenal needs: Young, hungry, willing to learn, talented but not yet spotted by the big clubs. Somebody who knows the players of lower teams in the top league or the top players of the lower league in France, Germany and England.

  22. Freddie Ljungberg

    “The main difference as well is that while he was able to push his agenda on Emery who did not had final say, Arteta has final say. So he is able to push back on players. Any failure was seen as Emery’s failure while now any failure will be seen as Raul’s failure.”

    I tried to run that paragraph through my logicbot3000 and it exploded.

    Val, you owe me a new logicbot.

  23. Valentin


    Again Sven purchased some players who I did not agree with and I made those points clear. I don’t consider him infallible. Leno at the price we paid was a mistake for me. Sven was hired to spot untapped talent but outside of Mavrapanos, Guendouzi and Saliba he was never able to do so. Asking him to scout Lichsteiner, Sokratis was a waste.

    However you seem to consider that Raul has done no wrong. In my opinion he has done more wrong than right for this club.

    Last summer it was obvious we needed a central defensive midfielder, a left sided CB even before Koscielny’s tantrum. There is now a consensus on those position. However as a professional football operations manager his role was to spot and fix those issues before there are obvious to every fans.

  24. Marc


    You’re quite mad.

    Arteta has final say now but any failure will be Sanllehi’s. However when Emery had no say it was his failure not Sanllehi’s.

    Did you actually read what you typed?

  25. jwl

    Valentin – Arsenal employ more than one person, Edu is in charge of proper squad building, Raul is his boss and who also oversees many other departments.

  26. CG

    The G

    “””””Arsenal needed a proper squad builder. Somebody who has a vision for the kind of players Arsenal needs: Young, hungry, willing to learn, talented but not yet spotted by the big clubs. Somebody who knows the players of lower teams in the top league or the top players of the lower league in France, Germany and England.””””””””

    that sounds like Wengerism 2.0

    And apart from a few wallies on here- surely no one would object to Wengerism 2.0.

    Because Wengerism 1.0 was a magnificent chapter in Arsenal history.

  27. Luteo Guenreira

    Pretty much the entire world has changed but nice to see that the immutable Le Grove remains persisting with the same arguments of years past.

    Don’t die people. Especially the old timers. See you on the other side.

  28. jwl

    I wonder if teams might trade players this summer, like North American leagues do, because of liquidity issues. It would make sense for teams to swap players, no transfer fees would have to be paid and still bring in new players.

  29. Valentin


    Easy to understand, it was easy to push that Emery was solely responsible for the failure of Arsenal. However if the same thing repeat itself, then it would become very difficult for Raul to pretend that it had nothing to do with him.

    Emery never had the courage to rock the boat. Even when he disagreed with some recruitment he was never going to make it public. Raul was able to overrule any decision and people would still blame Emery.
    Emery has since made it clear that he wanted Zaha and not Pepe. Same thing he wanted a CB and a winger the previous January, and all he got for Suarez who made clear in his first Arsenal interview he was neither.
    With Arteta, any attempt to overrule him would be very public. So if Raul decide to overrule him and that it ends up in failure, the only person who would be in the line of fire would be Raul.
    So officially Raul may still have the final say on players, in reality Arteta has wrestled the final say away from Raul.

  30. Marc


    We couldn’t get Zaha – what Emery wanted was irrelevant. I want a DB9 but I can’t afford one – end of.

    We needed a wide player – we got a wide player.

  31. Spanishdave

    Tomorrow the government are going to pass a bill that gives them power to stop freedom of movement. They will be able to without motive stop anyone being in public places that they have declared no go areas.
    This is now madness of the highest degree and will do untold damage to this country for a whole generation.
    Some doctors and scientists are starting to question this whole panic which they are saying is unnecessary.
    There will be public disturbances when people go bust.