Derby day awaits

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Late-breaking post today because I feel… err… a bit warm… and I… have a… k… kind of…cough.


Quick post regardless.

LT has broken his ankle. We’re really in a bit of a rut when it comes to injuries. Some unlucky, some fatigue looking, some that are just the aftermath of people feeling sad that we really gave Emery 18 months. Yes, it’s a fact that sort of shit can play HAVOC with the muscles. The manager had this to say.

We don’t know! I could not tell you with points. For sure since I joined, the amount of things that happened is enormous, but we just have to try to adapt. It’s part of football. It doesn’t only happen to us, unfortunately it also happens to many other teams. So we cannot be crying about that. It is what it is. Sometimes it’s bad luck, sometimes it’s part of the game we play and sometimes things that we can avoid and do better as well – the coaches or fitness coaches – but it is what it is.

The only silver lining with LT is that he seemed to be fairly out of favour. I think he’ll be shifted back to Italy in the summer if we can find a buyer. We need someone that’s more athletic and about 6 inches taller. Super basic, but I do think this team needs more power in midfield. I think a profile like Denis Zakaria (6’2) would fit really well for us, though I’m sure he’ll have sexier suitors than us this summer… maybe we go younger and a little more inexperienced.

Arteta wouldn’t be drawn on whether he thinks the top 4 is a possibility this season, probably a smart move, the team is very up and down and we’re a bit all over the place.

Beat West Ham on Saturday and we are closer. That’s all I am thinking because a few weeks ago it looked impossible and if we beat West Ham it will look more likely. So that’s the only aim. If game-by-game we go and start grabbing three points and three points and three points, and then we’ll have a chance in the last three or four games of the season.

He won’t say it, but I will. We should be making a very good go of the next 6 games. We need to, at the very least, be in with a shot of top 5 by the time we roll into our stick run of Wolves, Spurs and Leicester. By that time, it’s with the gods, but if our next 6 see 5 wins and a draw, I’ll be very pleased.

One thing is for sure, the remaining fixtures are going to be about the kids and blooding them.

I have to manage the resources that I have at the moment, and they are a big resource at the moment. It’s not just because they are young and they can be good because they are already very good. Some of them can be phenomenal. But they can only be phenomenal or very good if they play in a consistent way and we get them surrounded with good coaching, with good club culture and also with good players around them. We have to support them. I’m ready to support them and they responded.

If we don’t make the Champions League this season, it’s going to be all about the youth next season and we’re going to have to rebuild like Dortmund are. I’d be happy with that, expectations would lower, fans would get behind the team, and we’d probably like the team a lot more than we have during the expensive years.

… but, it would be nice to make the big trophy.

Right, that’s me done. BIG GAME, really need us to be delivering an aggressive win.

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  1. gazzap

    Like to like from arteta. can’t see how that’s going to change anything tactically. Poor management.

  2. Dissenter

    There’s a lack of energy, quick thinking and inventiveness

    Ceballos’ football vision is as excellent as a mole. He missed so many many runs on the periphery of the field.

  3. Aussie Gooner

    Laca on? WTF has Martinelli done to Arteta? Taken over 50 minutes to get a shot on goal and we are at home and it is West Ham!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Guns of SF

    Need more ….
    WTF did he put on Laca????
    Need better movement with the ball…. Nelson Gaby
    The entire world knows Laca and Auba are not good on the pitch

    WTF Arteta

  5. Paulinho

    As was said umpteen times – and no one wanted to hear – player poverty, not the evil Emery, was behind our shit football.

  6. raptora

    Arteta so desperate not to play Auba up front. Wouldn’t even try Martinelli, Auba, Pepe not in a single game. Almost 4 months in his reign. Mind-blowing.

  7. gazzap

    I heard arteta talking about looking after the ball. I think its a mistake to drum too much into footballers that the only thing they need to do it keep the ball safe. You need to take risks in the right areas of the pitch. The players look scared to give the ball away. it makes them look nervy and ponderous.

  8. Dissenter

    I’m not convinced player poverty is the reason we are struggling at home against West ham

  9. Ishola70

    Mari wins another header.

    He is going to be handy for the team in the air just question marks about him in open okay defensively

  10. MidwestGun

    Paulinho.. you trying to say we have worse players then West Ham? Not buying that.. Emery was a big part of us sucking. Of course as said a million times we aren’t going far with Ozil and Xhaka in the midfield. But I don’t believe overall player poverty is the issue.

  11. raptora

    Paulinho. When will Arteta play his top class CF in the CF role? Till then don’t come with the player poverty bs. I guess Sheffield United have better team than ours.

  12. Un na naai


    Even if that’s true (it isn’t) it doesn’t account for how awful we were defensively and how weak we were mentally and how muddled his instructions were and how under him we threw a 3rd place position with 6 games to go agaisnt teams we should beat

    And if we were so lacking going forward then why did he drop ozil and Ramsey after letting Santi and jack walk for free?

    He did that. He told jack and Santi they could leave and he benched/dropped the other two.

  13. Dissenter

    This game is actually built for a protagonist like Martinelli
    Arteta didn’t see him playing when he was 14 years old so he won’t ever be the manager’s boy.

  14. Guns of SF

    Dani is playing kinda good in spurts..
    His passing is off but he is trying to make something happen

  15. Paulinho

    Struggling today – versus West Ham – is beside the point.

    Are we playing shit football?

    Yes we are. Playing West Ham or not is irrelevant.

  16. reality check

    Pepe!!! Hes taking off pepe!!!????? Well that confirms it. Arteta has favourites. He wants no smoke from the seniors. shook

  17. raptora

    Martinelli has been the 5th choice attacker. Behind Auba, Pepe, Laca, Nelson. And behind Willock as well. If we need a goal Arteta has played Willock and Nelson but not Nketiah. I swear something doesn’t fit?!?!?!?

  18. Dissenter

    Why can’t he just play Auba in there center and put either of Pepe, Nelson or Martinelli around him.
    Player poverty can’t be used to excuse some of the shoddy management decisions that we have been seeing.

  19. Guns of SF

    something about Arteta and Gaby..
    This entire protecting the young man is such fucking bullshit.
    Protect from what????
    He is fit and can play… why keep him on the bench because he is young? can get hurt???

    Makes no sense… we need him and Arteta is stupid not to play him

  20. Dissenter

    “Well you guys have your favorites too. Pepe was really ineffective and was rightly subbed off.’

    So says the manager’s parrot
    Yo were happy with us just having good performances and results didn’t matter.
    Now we can’t even perform well but you still keep up with the excuses.

  21. Useroz

    Ozil sums up what’s wrong with this team.

    Don’t shoot from 15 yards and made yet another stupid pass and West Ham has a counter!!

  22. MidwestGun

    Guns.. no.. just some azzhat fan screaming in the microphone. I think they mike up the away fan section purposely louder to promote the idea of rivalry.

  23. reality check

    We have our favourites but we are not PAID to produce the best team possible to win the game. Pepe was more effective and impactful than most of the players still on the pitch. That sub doesn’t have ARSENALS best interests at heart. That sub was a man avoiding problems for himself. Over doing whats best for Arsenal. How can you justify a professional manager choosing favourites over choosing the best man for the job? Ridiculous statement from you, mate.

  24. PieAFC

    Arteta has to try and play two wingers either side of Auba through the middle.

    Neither Laca or Eddie. Just Auba centrally. Martinelli/Nelson/Saka/Pepe

    Either side. Let the goalscorer do what he does. Leave him where hes most effective.

  25. TR7


    Can you find one comment of mine making excuses for Arteta or is it you making up stuff as per ? Pepe was ineffective, Laca has 10 mins.

  26. Dissenter

    :”They were desperate to not give that goal.’

    Precisely the point
    They should be favoring the attacker.It’s all about protecting the referee’s blushes.

  27. Useroz

    FFS. You can tell on TV VAR in 3 seconds

    Fucking Mike Riley clowns hiding behind the VAR took ages!!

    Destroy the PL as a global product. Corruption at play for sure.

  28. PieAFC

    We needed that. Fuck me. VAR – that’s crazy to see how long that took to do that.

    The money in football, had that been disallowed with no VAR. Wed all hate it.

    The wait sucks. But that’s the fine margin from being in the CL to not.

    Fans have to deal with it.

  29. Un na naai

    Get in lacazette you beauty

    Wasn’t pretty but I’ll take that
    Always did it
    Lacazette offers something we don’t have anywhere else
    None of our other 4 forwards give what he gives

  30. TR7

    ‘Laca stepped into the Nkettiah role
    Nothing to do with PepeTry to keep up’

    No the point is not abt who replaced whom. It’s abt how you judge effective contribution. Pepe wasn’t that good today. Laca has come in and made a difference, that’s effectiveness.

  31. MidwestGun

    Was that another reaction save by Leno? defending a lead is not our thing. Don’t need an Olympiakos repeat.

  32. Ishola70

    Take that bit of luck all day. The big deflection.

    Shouldn’t have taken them so long to make the decision it was a goal though.

  33. Marko

    No the point is not abt who replaced whom. It’s abt how you judge effective contribution

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to comment on Nketiah’s effectiveness then given he’s keeping Lacazette out of the team.

  34. Dissenter

    Very well my friend
    You seta. low bar for Arteta – improved performances
    Yet you’re unperturbed by us not consistently meeting that standard