Cold Monday night up north, are we ready?!

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Been working on this new diet called ‘gym and starve yourself’… you know what, very effective at dropping weight, but you actually can’t control where the weight comes off. That’s the next phase, then I’m bringing it to market. I’ll call it G&SY, remember the brand.

BIG GAME tonight. We have the chance to make up some of that lost ground on Liverpool after they dropped points to United yesterday. We also have the chance to move further ahead of the disaster down the road. They really did make Watford look good at times.

The big question on everyone’s lips tonight is: What is Emery going to do with Mesut Ozil?

It wouldn’t be a question if the manager hadn’t opened the door to the return of his precious creator, but he did, so maybe we’ll see the German in a tough game up north on a cold Monday night.

After two of the longest weeks I’ve had this year, I think we’ve all forgotten what’s going on at Arsenal.

A reminder:

  • We are 8 unbeaten.
  • We’ve scored 20 goals
  • We’re 5th in the league.

A win tonight and we power up to third in the league, a mere point behind FRAUDIOLA and ARTETno.

The hype about the paper numbers has been driven by the folk that seem to have collective amnesia about the similar pattern from last year, but look, if Emery can iron out the kinks, and we can add performances to points, we’ll all happily jump in and state that we are title challengers.

It’s a big game. Sheffield United don’t have a lot of wild individual talent to brag of, however, they do have quite a lot of pace on the wings. They have Luke ‘gone too soon’ Freeman who might come off the bench at some point. Overall, we should be taking the points.

It’ll be interesting to see what the manager does. Hector Bellerin and Kieran Tierney, the lastest missing pieces in the Emery masterplan, will likely start. Genuinely can’t wait to see the Scotsman play, he’s electric and a real piece of work. His delivery will have Bellerin staying late after training… terribly sorry Hector, St Martins will have move your classes to after hours.

The manager is pumped for the evening and pleased with what he’s seeing.

“I am speaking every day with Raul, Edu, with the players,” he told “And really we have our way going right and working. Our work is more important than our [words].

“And really now I am very happy the club. I am really happy with the players. The last two, three, four weeks, every player – and Mesut Ozil – are working very well.

“I finished very happy with our work and really this is the way we can be positive and we can think we are going to do something important this year. This is the way I want and I was speaking with Raul, this is the same idea when he is speaking with me.”

He was keen to impress that the kids will get better.

“We can be better in the table, we are third at the moment,” Emery insisted. “We can play better each match. It’s one process.

“Little by little we’re using the young players to achieve the performance, giving them confidence and experience in the matches. Sometimes we need one process. For example Bukayo Saka is improving, helping us and taking a good performance. I know he needs to break more steps ahead in his improvement.

The interesting thing about the kids is they’re the players keeping us going, I’m looking forward to the big names settling, I have very little concern with players like Matteo and Saka. Land me a performance from David Luiz or Nicolas Pepe.

We need an impactful performance this evening, 80% of our goals have come from one man away from home this season. I’m not sure that’s a problem, but it shows h0w dependent we are on his incredible finishing, and it also shows that others aren’t stepping up to the plate.

This evening is a big chance for the front three to shine, I hope he sticks with Saka and I hope Pepe lands a hattrick. Huge game, should be fun, it’s good to be back! x


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  1. terraloon


    Both Evra and Carrager thought that Arsenal should have been awarded a penalty for the shirt pull but as carrager pointed out no on field decisions not to award a penalty have been overturned.

    The Saka yellow card was wrong but again VAR was never going to award a penalty and in truth I don’t think it was.

  2. Ishola70

    “He’ll be gone by xmas”

    Not likely is it.

    He can still do some flat track bullying in home matches and even in some away matches Auba or Laca will save him.

  3. TheLegendaryDB10


    I was implying that Tierney alone can’t elevate the level of our play a great deal

    I can’t agree with you.

    His crosses were top notch vs Forest. And I am not even talking about his defending which is a level above everyone else in our backline. He should be a starter for us. He will add composure to our team which is sorely missing.

    Where I will agree with you is that our midfield is absolute shite. And without that we are not controlling any game whatsoever.

  4. InsideRight

    When Wenger was confirmed as leaving and the search on for his replacement there were a number of names thrown around on here as good candidates for the job.

    I don’t remember a single one of the hundreds who post on here ever mooting Unai Emery as a good candidate. I don’t remember anyone in the media touting him as a strong candidate. Emery was simply not on anyone’s radar – with good reason.

    It was the most underwhelming hire we could have had. We kept hearing about this great presentation where he set out how he would improve the players he had with no need to spend millions. When is that going to happen, exactly?

    We kept being told about pre season training with the word “Press” shouted out repeatedly, giving hope that the side might be learning how to defend. Perhaps it was just Emery wanting the media to come over and listen to his waffle.

    Even on our unbeaten run last season we didn’t have any philosophy to our play. We lucked it time and again. We’ve had one decent game under Emery, Spuds at home last season. I hoped a corner had been turned. But the way we imploded at the end of the season and failed to make top 4 when it was a gimme was humiliating and showed that after a full season Emery had not made us any better.

    Now look at the shite this season. We’ve only beaten middling teams, just. The defence is a joke and most goals conceded have been through stupid individual errors. Midfield runs around like headless chickens. We can’t deliver corners. Free kicks are more often than not a shit show. Positioning is non existent. As for this religion of playing out from the back, we invite pressure and can’t transition properly.

    I could continue whining but I won’t bother. The long and short of it is that Emery is out of his depth. He has achieved nothing at Arsenal – apart from a Europa League final that resulted in another humiliation. Enough already. No point waiting to the end of the season. This clown needs shifting out before the end of the year to give a proper coach a chance to get the side delivering something closer to the sum of its parts.

    Emery Out!

  5. Paulinho

    WE – I could’ve swore you were praising Cesc Appeal last week for mentioning in the summer how important full backs were.

  6. Danialtos

    Well it seems to me that the ship is long gone with this xhaka issue and Emery has decided to die with the man,he should pray it doesn’t backfire. Onto the game,for some weird reason,is it just me or kolasinac is the one player who always finds himself in promising positions for us…but he has this annoying habit of putting in a hospital cross or passing back also leno really has to work on releasing the ball quicker when launching a counter ffs…the only positive from that match is lacazette is back and Pepe is starting to look a bit sharper….am also hoping we go to a back 3 now onwards for these sort of away games…Leno
    Luiz Holding Sokratis
    Hector guendouzi torreira xhaka Tierney
    Auba laca/pepe

  7. Peckobill

    The only plus side near the end of the game the bland buffoon had the same look that wenger had in the last six months of his tenure in that they both had the look that they knew their time is up .
    My hopes sank as soon as I seen the starting line up this evening not just for tonight but until the next break for international football because he’s going to start players like Tierney on Thursdays , won’t be fit for the Sunday and so it’ll continue to the next break .
    At every international break you have the chance to reset that and he failed to do it this time because he lacks balls . Holding , Tierney , torreira should’ve been in . Ozil should be on the bench for exactly times like tonight , yes he don’t track back and he’s a lazy twat but Willock , torreira Ceballos have all tried his position and I’ve seen nothing to suggest any of them done any better and not once seen the type of opening pass he can provide .
    Emery looks lost out there , get rid even if it’s Freddie for the rest of the season

  8. Peckobill

    Of course Kolasinac should start , what clown picks him again instead of a left back who can put a cross on a sixpence ?

  9. HighburyLegend

    Spa ish : Leno is your main concern ?
    Just lol.

    “Mike Dean did a pretty good job on us tonight.”
    How many hidden Mike Riley sons are still alive exactly ?

  10. WengerEagle


    Full-backs are important, just don’t see how Tierney on his own takes us from the depths of despair like tonight to a dangerous offensive outfit. Bellerin more than likely doesn’t come back the same player as his pace will have been affected by the ACL and he was a limited player to begin with, look at Walcott post ACL.

    People really need to temper their expectations re Tierney as well, as much as I like the look of him he’s done damage to two really poor sides at the Emirates in Standard Liege and Nottingham Forest in blow out wins.

    People blew their loads over Ceballos against Burnley too.

  11. DaleDaGooner

    Almost can agree with the “be careful what you wish for” brigade…….this coach is absolutely gash! He can’t even pick the right players and he definitely has no plan, even when we are winning, the team fails to excite.

  12. Peckobill

    No the problem is emery and he’s bland no matter what players we wait for but it may fucking help starting your best 11 and at least having your creator on the bench especially when all season the transition from midfield to the forwards has been turgid and insipid all season

  13. WengerEagle


    No doubt and it’s even harder to understand Emery’s thought process re Tierney’s omission than his rambly post-match interview Spanglish.

    Martinelli should also be getting more game-time, drop Saka back a little deeper into midfield where he’s more suited to and drop the hapless Willock.

  14. Paulinho

    WE – Depths of despair is a bit overboard. We missed two absolute sitters (Pepe and Ceballos, Kola as well), and we had plenty of ball around their area. Proper full backs make a huge difference when it comes penetrating their defence from wide areas when you’ve got them penned back.

    Again, we need two bring in two central midfielders before we really can revamp our game overall. The ones we have brought in are simply not up to it.

  15. Graham62

    Oh dear, I think we all saw that coming as soon as we saw the team sheet.

    Leno – Bin him. Martinez should be first choice.
    Luiz – Bin him. Playing with the handbrake on. Doesn’t look like he cares. Holding to take his place.
    Kolasinac- Bin him. Tierney is ready.
    Xhaka- no comment.
    As for Emery- sack him.

    Freddie to take charge as of tomorrow.

    Pepe was Arsenal’s best player in the first half and should have scored. The guy looked hungrier but as the match wore on, he started to lose confidence.

    I really don’t have anything positive to say about Emery anymore except that if we continue with him until the end of the season, there’s absolutely no chance we make top 4.

    Emery just doesn’t get it.

    Freddie MUST take over.

  16. Peckobill

    We drop Mustafi and we are just as bad
    We drop ozil and we just as bad
    I think it’s the coach that needs dropping

  17. UTarse

    That’s just it though, flat track bullying isn’t enough anymore after the financial outlay the club made in the summer. They need to see an upward trend and a blind man can tell you there isn’t one.

    He’s a dead man gibbering.

  18. raptora

    Let’s not forget Emery sidelined Ramsey cause he didn’t know how to use him. Correction he made much later in the season made Ramsey look like hitting peak form and making him our most influential player by some margin.

    Until that point he had marginalized him much like Torreira and Ceballos are at the moment. It got to a point where Ramsey was used as a substitute in 12 games out of 14 !!! Twelve games in 14 coming in from the bench.

    Guy is clueless. Uses Torreira as a box to box midfielder. Xhaka as DM. Played AMN for a month when Chambers showed in 1 game more than AMN in a season (not that Chambers is the real deal, just that AMN is gash).

    Plays Sokratis when he has Holding ready to play.

    We play worse football than I’ve ever seen us play.

    We have literally no strong side in our game. But Auba.

  19. Ishola70

    “So people are still awaiting the introduction of XYZ players before passing judgement on Emery….”

    No. They shouldn’t be.

    As well as a replacement manager Arsenal need at least one senior midfielder signed and another CB that is better defensively than David Luiz.

    This to go along with actually playing your fullbacks that are going to be a threat offensively.

    If you think just the sacking of Emery redeems everything you are crackers. The midfield needs redeeming as well.

    Laughable that people think a midfield of Xhaka, Willock and Guendouzi is going to cut it in regards being a real serious team. The starting midfield tonight.

    Laughable to think that any current options for the midfield will see this team as a serious threat at the real top level.

  20. Spanishdave

    Leno is part of our defensive uncertainty.
    Two or three times tonight he gave the ball straight to them when he panicked under pressure.
    He is slow distributing the ball and adds pressure to the defence.
    For their goal he stood and watched.
    Our defence is a shambles.
    Holding and Tierney should have played but Dickhead wants them for a tame game on Thursday.

  21. Champagne charlie

    “People blew their loads over Ceballos against Burnley too.“

    Nah, that was the best midfield performance since Cesc I’ll have you know……

    He’s the Spanish David Bentley, would honestly not even entertain a permanent move. Hand him back, realise you’re play in the prem, and buy someone that can handle it.

  22. Pierre

    “Mike Dean did a pretty good job on us tonight.”

    “So did Pepe”

    Pepe had a decent game tonight of course he should have scored but his general play was very good .

    Playing willock as a CAM is beyond stupid, especially as we have a proven NO.10 sitting home doing nothing …AGAIN.

  23. Danialtos

    PierreOctober 21, 2019 22:45:49
    Mike Dean did a pretty good job on us tonight. Take your mind back to Liverpool away and Luiz slight tug on the shirt …penalty. Tonight sokratis , clear tug on his shirt ..nothing given .The foul on Saka was a pen all day long, he clipped his ankle and Saka wouldn’t have been able to stay on his feet even if he wanted to.We have seen these types of refereeing performances at Arsenal away games many times over the last ten years.I thought that VAR may do us a favour but nothing’s changed .As much as Emery’s team selection and tactics were flawed , it is very difficult for the players to compete in this type of game where 50/50 decisions are so heavily weighted for the home team .

    True.Did anyone else see towards the end Mike Dean doing his usual theatrical gestures when giving decisions against Arsenal?

  24. Ishola70

    “That’s just it though, flat track bullying isn’t enough anymore after the financial outlay the club made in the summer. They need to see an upward trend and a blind man can tell you there isn’t one.He’s a dead man gibbering.”

    Flat track bullying is enough to see him in around the top four and being saved now and again by Auba and Laca.

    Always knew this current team wouldn’t stroll into the top four but by the same margin Chelsea have their weaknesses and Spurs have imploded.

    He’ll be around the top four again but no certainty that he will actually get top four.

    And if he doesn’t get top four then he should of course be shown the door and this irrelevant to any Europa League run or win.

  25. bennydevito

    I see. I had to turn it over as the scouse accent makes me angry and Carragher is the worst, he loves lording it over us.

    But did they say why VAR wasn’t consulted?

    PierreOctober 21, 2019    22:45:49

    Mike Dean did a pretty good job on us tonight.

    Take your mind back to Liverpool away and Luiz slight tug on the shirt …penalty.

    Tonight sokratis , clear tug on his shirt ..nothing given .

    The foul on Saka was a pen all day long, he clipped his ankle and Saka wouldn’t have been able to stay on his feet even if he wanted to.

    We have seen these types of refereeing performances at Arsenal away games many times over the last ten years.

    I thought that VAR may do us a favour but nothing’s changed .

    As much as Emery’s team selection and tactics were flawed , it is very difficult for the players to compete in this type of game where 50/50 decisions are so heavily weighted for the home team .


    Spot on Pierre. Untold Arsenal always used to go on about corrupt officiating and match fixing especially against us and I used to mock them for it, but now I think they could have a point.

    PierreOctober 21, 2019    22:53:27

    Probably the most confusing decision from Emery tonight ( and there were many) is to not bring Tierney on for the last 25 minutes or so.

    Did Emery not note the quality of Tierney’s final ball and crossing v forest recently..

    Very strange decision .


    Pierre, the strangest decision for me was why Ozil was omitted? Emery made a point of mentioning him, said he’s been training hard yet he’s not even on the bench?

    With Guendouzi and Willock playing, wtf does Xhaka bring to the side that Ozil doesn’t? And as for Ceballos, meh, going off him very quickly. Tonight was a game screaming for Ozil’s killer passes, set piece deliveries and general guile, yet he’s nowhere to be seen.

    I can’t remember who said, but I don’t want Mourinho, Ancelotti or Aleggri either. I think Ljungberg should take the reigns temporarily and then bring in Vieira if Fteddie flops which I don’t he would.

    Whatever way you cut it Emery is fucking shit, he really is. Yes we could start with Bellerin and Tierney instead, and Chambers and Holding as the cbs, and drop Xhaka and play Torreira but Emery would still confuse the players, set up negatively, make the wrong substitutions and eventually change a winning lineup with his needless tinkering.

    I think the time has come for those of us with Twitter accounts to start @ing Arsenal and Edu to let them know we’re not happy and that Emery has to go.

    I sincerely hope Pedro is penning a strongly worded Emery out post as we speak.

  26. Graham62

    This group of players are capable of so much more given the leadership of a half decent manager.

    Emery is nowhere near half decent.

    Freddie showed his anger and capabilities in just ten seconds tonight.

    Where was Emery?

    Scratching his chin and looking out of his depth.

  27. Kamp

    The instinct is to start retrospectively picking tonight’s team, lots of ‘drop Willock’ and ‘Play torriera’ Etc.

    But it becomes clear to me the manager simply has not got a coherent idea on how we are to play, how we are to execute to be successful.
    He is riding off Us being able to wear teams down or Auba to be clinical and pick them off.
    If neither happen we pass it around at the back for 7mins before chasing the game wildly.

    I’ve seen it for myself tonight. Simply not a tactical idea in sight against a side who are little more than well drilled passionate minnows.

    He will never succeed at arsenal, his face from 70mins onwards told me he was out of ideas and out of belief. It will be touch and go for 4th. Chelsea will take 3rd.

    Whether he gets it or not is immaterial to me now, as far as his tenure goes, he’s never going to be the coach we need so we have to move him on. Learn from the last 10 years of wengers failure.

    It it isn’t working, call it a day.

  28. Ishola70

    And he should be shown the door even if he gets top four because he won’t achieve it with any real conviction or give real belief to the fans.

    Unless there is a massive turn around in performances which seems hugely unlikely the best scenario is to get rid of Emery top four achieved or not.

  29. Ishola70


    “The foul on Saka was a pen all day long”

    It wasn’t a pen. The players boots came together and there was no intent to foul Saka. Saka felt contact and then dived. There should be intent as well as contact to see pens given.

    By all means though the Sokratis shirt pull should have been spotted but we all know it is very hit and miss with shirt pulls in whether they get picked up by the officials.

  30. Redtruth

    “Freddie showed his anger and capabilities in just ten seconds tonight.”

    He got booked for his troubles and ended up scribbling on his clipboard for the rest of the game.

  31. Kamp

    Pedro called it right up top. Where is the passion, the creativity (manager not players) the vision?

    The special sauce? He’s bringing overlapping fullbacks like it’s 1999 all over again.

    This season is shaping up like another missed opportunity. Main rivals floundering/transitioning while we fail against the odds.

    We have options in goal.
    Wing backs that should be able to pin sides back.
    And pace up front. We need to pack the middle of the field and let the wide boys and attackers do the rest.

    I would go to a back three, play wing backs and Torriera and the tireless Guendouzi.

    Auba Laca Pepe can play narrow up to with wing backs and all be goal threats.

    I can only hope that this idiot gets his best players on the field fast, puts Xhaka out of his mystery and let’s his best team luck him into the top four.

  32. Pierre

    “It wasn’t a pen. The players boots came together and there was no intent to foul Saka. Saka felt contact and then dived. There should be intent as well as contact to see pens given.”

    Spoken by someone who has never run into the box with pace and had his ankle clipped .

    “The players boots came into contact” is such an idiotic remark .

    You are basically admitting there was contact , it wasn’t Saka who instigated the contact and no , there does not have to be intent for it to be a penalty you know nothing about the game .

  33. Ishola70


    Contact doesn’t always mean foul or intent to foul.

    The body language of the Sheff Utd player suggested that it was just a coming together of the boots and not stone cold intent to trip.

    Besides Saka went down so theatrically that it didn’t look like he was seriously clipped.

    You still remember your playing days do you? lol

  34. Pierre

    ” Tonight was a game screaming for Ozil’s killer passes, set piece deliveries and general guile, yet he’s nowhere to be seen.”

    Not surprisingly, I’m in total agreement with you.

  35. G8

    Emery is pathetic , 2 weeks waiting and he come up with that starting 11 and the shit show.

    Mike Dean is a cunt , still shamelessly celebrating giving decisions against Arsenal.
    considering his past, and well documented cuntiness, how he’s allowed to officiate any game involving arsenal is beyond belief..
    Especially the away games, where he knows he could get away with it and would be the hero for the locals..
    cunt to the highest order.

    VAR on its current use is a joke..
    After all its one of the PGMOL cunts up there who makes those decisions
    Burnley should have had their equalizing goal against Leicester only for the VAR to disallow it ,Deli cunt handball, should have disallowed the goal..two penalty shouts for us today not even reviewed , last game a rugby tackle on Pepe was dismissed..etc etc..
    Looks like the PGMOL trying their best to undermine the system so they could get back to their corrupt ways
    I hate Monday football ..

  36. Emiratesstroller

    Our away style of play and performance is oh so predictable.

    We set up the team to defend with minimal creativity or pace in midfield. Too
    many square and back passes as usual. The football even when we conceded goal remained utterly pedestrian.

    The only positive that I saw today was that Pepe played well apart from his finishing. Based on what I have seen he will be an excellent player once he
    gets his shooting boots on.

    However, the real problems that this team has got apart from our defensive
    frailty is a complete lack of creativity and leadership on the field.

    We played like “zombies” or “automatons”.

  37. Pierre

    “The body language of the Sheff Utd player suggested that it was just a coming together of the boots and not stone cold intent to trip”

    A mistimed tackle is not intentional but is still classed as a foul, so you need to forget about the idea that a foul needs to be intentional for it to be given as a pen or free kick.

  38. Ishola70

    “Our away style of play and performance is oh so predictable.We set up the team to defend with minimal creativity or pace in midfield.”

    Your mate Xhaka is a great help isn’t he in the pace stakes.

  39. Ishola70

    PierreOctober 21, 2019 23:58:36
    ”A mistimed tackle is not intentional but is still classed as a foul, so you need to forget about the idea that a foul needs to be intentional for it to be given as a pen or free kick.”


    Players can accidentally collide in the penalty area and it is correctly deemed as not a foul. Therefore not a penalty.

    Tonight’s situation with Saka falls under the accidental collision category.

  40. azed

    The saddest part of today’s game was the pedestrian nature of our passes. Each player took at least 3 touches before giving a pass.
    This gave Sheffield the time and space to set up properly.
    With Pepe and Aubameyang, we are supposed to be breaking with pace.

  41. Ishola70

    “The saddest part of today’s game was the pedestrian nature of our passes. Each player took at least 3 touches before giving a pass.
    This gave Sheffield the time and space to set up properly.
    With Pepe and Aubameyang, we are supposed to be breaking with pace.”

    How can you break with pace when your go to man to start moves from your own half nine times out of ten is Granit Xhaka.

    Loved his fake scars on his new haircut though.

  42. Emiratesstroller


    Xhaka is not my mate.

    What I have said in the past is that this player is unlikely to be offloaded by the
    club so long as Emery is Head Coach. If any DMF is being offloaded it is more
    likely to be Torreira based on current selection policy.

    I will be going to game on Thursday and I am willing to bet that Arsenal’s starting X1 and performance level will be entirely different.

    For a start we will play Martinez, Bellerin, Mustafi, Holding and Tierney in defence.

    Our midfield will be most probably more fluid and creative with Torreira, Ceballos and most probably Ozil starting.

    The attack will include Lacazette and Martinelli plus another.

  43. Ishola70

    “I’ve always said the Ozil will outlast Emery.”

    Emery, Ozil, Xhaka, Kolasinac and Mustafi should be hauled into an undersized sack full of vipers and thrown off the edge of a cliff into the raging sea.

    May be a little harsh on Kolasinac but there you go. Guilty by association and not particularly good footballer.

  44. Bamford10


    “I’ve always said the Ozil will outlast Emery.”

    He might, but only because we can’t get rid of Ozil.

  45. Emiratesstroller


    If there is any lesson to be learned it is Ozil should at least be included in the
    18 players who are selected whether in starting lineup or not.

    However, my personal view is that Arsenal need to revise completely our defence. I am willing to bet that the players listed above if selected on Thursday will be a significant improvement on what we played tonight.

    Apart from Mustafi this should be our starting lineup for rest of season.

  46. KAY Boss

    Ishola, I disagree with u. There was contact and the player knew exactly what he was doing. If this had been Chelsea, Utd, Spurs, Liverpool, a penalty would have been awarded.
    Sokratis tugged shirt is a penalty. Don’t see why you are desperately trying to defend the indecision of Mike Dean. If the Saka tackle had happened outside the box, I bet u it would have been a free kick.
    Emery’s time is up. Guy’s clueless. I’ve got no love for ozil but with the trash we’re witnessing, it’ll be better to be served a sweet meal of hot pepper than a bad meal of sugar.
    Emery can’t take us forward. This is mountain football being served on a grass turf. The fence sitting is over.
    Leno needs to be releasing the ball quickly. He slows us down and unnecessarily put us under pressure. I think he’s become complacent and doesn’t see his position under treat.
    #emeryoutwith xhaka

  47. China1

    Game was too late for me

    But I checked the sky sports breakdown and to my absolute shock not only did emery pick xhaka, but xhaka also got the lowest player rating of the match (5/10)

    I was flabbergasted

  48. China1

    What’s the point of emery talking up ozil then not putting him in the squad?

    Either cunt him off (okay) or don’t, but don’t cunt him off and talk highly of him lol

  49. Ishola70


    Xhaka was actually not too catastrophic tonight as he can be on occasions.

    But he slows the team down anyhow.

    People were trying to blame him for the conceded goal but really the damage was done when Sheffield won the header that assisted the goal from the corner and the guilty pair for that were Guendouzi who got outjumped and Chambers who was jumping with no-one nearby as well.

  50. Pierre

    I’m not sure why he didn’t start with Tierney or Holding or both .

    Maybe Emery is happy with our defence as it is now and that Bellerin along with the other 2 will have to wait there chance.

    They are surely fit enough to start now .

    As for Ozil, Emery clearly doesn’t rate him but with every poor performance and poor result without Ozil., it is another nail in the coffin for Emery.

    To not even have him in the Europa squad because he is not deserving of a place ,is frankly ridiculous.

  51. Nelson

    Emery is running out of idea.

    Emery started with Willock as a #10. After seeing Willock was at a loss, he sent in Ceballos. When there was still no breakthrough, he deployed Saka as a #10. I have a feeling that Emery didn’t know what to do.
    As for play out from the back, some of the players were also confused. One time Leno had the ball for almost five minutes. They have spent two weeks preparing for this game. But the players still didn’t know what to do.

  52. Ishola70

    I don’t know why Guendouzi keeps finding himself in key positions defensively in his own penalty area for crosses and corners.

    He is obviously being instructed to take up these key defensive positions aerially by Emery which is daft.

    He’s a kid who hasn’t even fully bulked out yet but is finding himself challenging for these key headers.

    Because of this he is actually being rated now in how he does or more shall we say fail in these key header situations.

    A CM being rated in how good he is aerially.

  53. Bamford10


    I get where you’re coming from re Emery, but he’s undoubtedly getting his selections wrong — badly wrong in some cases — and he has shown little ability to get us playing more fluid football. Yes, better fullbacks will help, and yes we’ve seen some decent football on Thursday nights, but surely you agree that he’s getting his selections badly wrong and that he is showing very little in terms of helping us to play better passing football, right?

  54. Nelson


    You should watch the replay. Even the commentator said that Xhaka should step forward and block the shot. He has no defensive awareness. The scorer was standing all alone in front of him. Xhaka was standing closer to the goal line. When the ball was headed, he didn’t react to it at all.

  55. Ishola70


    We all now Xhaka is poor defensively so it is no surprise he wasn’t switched on there in that instance.

    But the real hammer blow for that goal was the initial header that was won by Sheffield from the corner.

    That was the real key to the goal.

  56. China1

    Xhaka possibly at fault for the goal?

    Nope can’t believe that. He’s a quality player just misunderstood. Isn’t that what some on here keep telling us?

  57. Bamford10


    I’d just like to point out that the midfield Emery started with tonight — a selection that nearly everyone here is criticizing — is one of the midfields you cited yesterday as one you yourself would select.

    To refresh your memory, here is our exchange:


    “I don’t know that Guendouzi + Willock is going to be a proper base going forward.”


    “Hence why I said the alternative is to play Torreira or Xhaka at the base with those two either side.”

    So you recommended playing Xhaka at the base with Willock and Guendouzi to either side of him.

    No offense, but given that this is more or less what Emery did tonight, are your ideas all that different from his?

  58. Ishola70

    “Guendouzi lacks athleticism. I’ve been saying that for some time now.”

    This isn’t really true and certainly not this season so far. Could have been the case of lack of stamina in the past but he is improving on this aspect all the time.

    If you added up coverage of ground during matches so far this season then Guendouzi would be near the top if not at the top.

    Three times in the match against Sheffield tonight he got back as the last man to snuff out danger.

    There is not real worries about him as regards on the floor but of course he still can baulk out and get stronger which is fair enough given his age and he can be brushed off the ball. But as far as work rate one of the best if not the best in the side so far this season.

    In the air though is another matter altogether. No CM is guaranteed to be good in the air.

  59. Bamford10


    Holy shit, mate. Athleticism is more than just how much you run. That’s engine, and that is only one of like nine components of athleticism. Strength, speed, power, agility, leap, quickness, balance, coordination, etc. Athleticism is a lot more than just how much you run. And Guendouzi is weak in a lot of these other areas.

  60. Nelson

    “So you recommended playing Xhaka at the base with Willock and Guendouzi to either side of him. ”

    That is not what Emery did. He asked Willock to station up front as #10. Willock was lost out there. He should play next to Guen as a CM. Once he has to ball, he then advances forward as a box to box midfielder..

  61. Emiratesstroller


    I have maintained since the start of this season that Arsenal’s defence is a complete rebuild job.

    This has been the case for at least 6 years, because both Wenger and Emery
    keep on recruiting players who are either past their sell by date e.g. Sokratis
    and Luiz or second rate i.e. Mustafi and Kolasinac.

    I do believe that Bellerin, Holding , Tierney and perhaps Chambers should
    be retained. Arsenal have bought Saliba who is out on loan, but we need still
    at least 3 more players in this department so that we have at least 2 options
    in each position. One of those players needs to be a ‘leader of the pack’ because
    at the moment communication and discipline is awful.

    Tonight’s result and performance is just a repetition of what occurs in almost
    every game we play. Nothing changes.

  62. Bamford10


    Which is why I said “more or less”. My point is that most if not all here think that was the wrong central midfield three no matter how you place the three. Pierre really can’t say the same. This is the very central three he recommended.

  63. Guns of SF

    I would say get James Maddison this summer.
    Send Dani back… not impressed thus far.
    Lets see…. its clear the EPL is a huge adjustment for players from other leagues

  64. Ishola70


    Guendouzi has attributes that are not just engine.

    He has to have other elements to compete at the top level in the EPL and compete he has done even if he has obviously some more growing to do.

    It’s just a shame that he has to take a lot on for a player of his age due to being partnered with a very iffy senior player alongside him.

    In the ideal scenario Guendouzi would mature and improve alongside a better senior player along with him.

    But we don’t have this ideal scenario I’m afraid.

  65. Guns of SF

    what i dont get is our impotent offense on the road. What the hell
    this is a mental issue and also a coaching issue.
    For all the attacking talent.. this is utterly inexcusable
    I gave UE a fair last chance last year. Now, this is a no excuses season. so what is the reasoning here?

  66. China1

    Dani was so good in his debut. I really hope he returns to that level soon because he’s not been the same player in any match since

  67. Emiratesstroller

    The problem with our midfield at the moment is “limited experience”. If
    you take out of equation Xhaka and Ozil most of the other players are either
    teenagers or in early 20s.

    Ozil hardly plays and Xhaka is frankly a limited player who is at best a bench player.

    Our performance tonight was a combination of dysfunctional defence and
    inexperienced midfield.

  68. Guns of SF

    Now I know losing Santi was a real blow.
    we do not have the wiggly dribbler… we do have good direct players but not someone that can escape the press and thread the needle.
    Ozil is not that.
    Dani not that

    I want to see Tierney and Bell back…. let us get our starting 11 straight please.

    I want to see UE let go. I DO NOT Think that we will see a major turn in our team. It is what it is…. it will be individual brilliance that gets us points.. our team play is fucking shit

  69. Bunga Party

    Live by Guen and die by Guen….

    Sideway sideway back

    Is there any team in PL that would have Guen as a starter?

  70. Ishola70


    I don’t think defence was a massive problem tonight.

    The team got caught out badly once for the goal but even the best defensive teams can get caught out once or twice in a match.

    That’s not to say that defence will not be a problem again of course but not really tonight.

    Tonight’s bigger problem was offensively. Not enough from central midfield and not enough from out wide primarily the fullbacks.

  71. Guns of SF


    I agree
    Many times PEA has bailed us out. Today didnt work. UE – what the fuck does he practice????? not offense schemes. No defensive either.
    what is training???? just scrimmaging?

  72. Ishola70

    Bunga Party
    “Is there any team in PL that would have Guen as a starter?”

    Is there any other team in PL that would not only have Xhaka as the senior go to player in midfield but also club captain?

    The midfield is obviously not good enough overall but it needs a senior leader in it that is not named Granit Xhaka for starters.

  73. Nelson

    There are two ways to break through a tight defense.
    – Move the ball fast forward before they set up the defense.
    – Break through the wing.

    Today, we failed on both counts. Our attack was too slow. Chambers is not a winger. Kola was even worse. He passed the ball backwards most of the time. We didn’t developed enough plays down the wing.

  74. Bojangles

    You guys who been supporting Arsenal for 20 years, who arrived in the good times that Wenger provided, need a reality check. We have a 130 years history, in that time we have had maybe 3 or 4 good spells where we bossed it for a while. The rest of the time we struggled in mid table more often than not. It’s not our right to be at the top, we have to work for it.

    Anyway, tonight’s game really showed Emery up for what he is; a second rate manager that should be shown the door sooner rather than later. His team selection tonight was unfathomable.

    For me the only players that could leave the pitch with any semblance of respect were Guendouzi and Pepe (apart from his bad miss.) No blame on the youngsters who we know are going to blow hot or cold from one week to the next. Chambers probably the best of our defenders, if he only had a bit of pace he would make it difficult for Bellerin to regain his place in the team.

  75. Bamford10


    I think Guendouzi is a good player. I think he is skillful, technical, intelligent and a battler. But I don’t think he is a great player, necessarily, and I definitely don’t think he’s a great athlete. You say he has more than engine. Does he? Strength? No. Speed? No. Quickness? No. Leap? No. This is ultimately why I think he was plying his trade in the French second division rather than at a Ligue 1 club. Skillful, technical player; not a great athlete. I hope for the best for him, but I think some fans are failing to see his limitations.

  76. Bamford10

    Pepe was good in the first half. Apart from the miss — which granted, was poor — maybe his best half for us so far.

  77. Bamford10

    Saka is not doing enough to warrant a starting spot for me. Good player for the future, but he is not a PL starter yet. So it looks like it should be Aubameyang, Lacazette and Pepe as the starting front three, which I guess is not all that surprising.

    However, there isn’t enough creativity and guile in that bunch, and overlapping fullbacks can only do so much, so I think we really need a creative attacking mid, a #10.

    So does this mean Ozil should play? Maybe it does. Not because he’s the player his fanboys think he is, but because he’s a #10, and I think we need a #10. But if he does play, he should have Ceballos and Guendouzi or Ceballos and Torreira behind him as the base. Not Xhaka. Not Willock.

    However, I have another idea which Emery should consider. Martinelli is our most promising young player and he played not only across the front three at Ituano but also as a #10. Why don’t we try Martinelli as the #10? He can dribble, he can pass, he can score, he can harry, he can tackle. And he has bollocks and wants to win.

    What if Emery tries setting up like the below?


    Otherwise, I think he should try Ozil as the CAM, as below:


    Otherwise, I think we’re too easy to shut down. Things may change when he brings Tierney and Bellerin into the side, but I’m not sure.

  78. Guns of SF

    ok fuck

    ill be honest… i think PEPE is trying. No end product… yet.
    His dribbling is good. His initial move when getting the ball is good. He can get by his first defender. However, I can see a determination. Im being honest. I can see the lad is trying. Hopefully it will come….

    I want to see Laca back in…. i do think he and PEA together can help Pepe get on track. They are all bros on the field…..

  79. Guns of SF

    our biggest issue is the void in the middle of the field and the lack of a creators and attackers that can move into the box… even guen, etc when they drive into the box are dangerous. I tell my wimpy skinny son, who is a number 9 on his team to get into the BOX!!! on set pieces and also because defenders back off a little…

    We are more dangerous when we do that. Rambo would try to get into the box and it would help

  80. Bamford10

    Not a great performance from us, obviously, and Emery continues to get his selections wrong, but nothing I just watched deserved the countless howls of “cunt” or “worst Arsenal manager ever” that one saw on here during the match. Not a great performance, but not a terrible performance either. Liverpool were fortunate to beat this Sheffield side 1-0, and whatever we were tonight, we were nothing like the disorganized and undisciplined mess we were under late Wenger. Emery is getting things wrong, and he is not the man to lead us beyond May, but some of you seriously need to get a grip. The difference between what I read on here during the match and what I just watched is … sizable.

  81. Guns of SF


    I gotta say man…im patient. Most were wanting to hang the man last season.
    I do not believe his style, man management and skill set is suited for this level.
    He was an enigma last year and the unknown… however with what he has at his disposal its not working.

    HE is not the man to take us forward. I think best to consider letting him go if he doesnt get top 4… and if he slide this season back to 7/8 place

    Edu and CO dont want to fuck around it seems…. dont waste time on this if its not working

  82. China1

    My fear is that emery falls up stairs to top 4 and gets to stay

    Edu and Raul seriously need to nip this in the bud. Either fire him when the results drop off or fire him at the end of the season even if he gets top 4

    But he does not know how to get the most out of his team which disqualified him as a long term option. Just nip it in the bud edu, please.

    Not many fans will be impressed if the only criteria to getting a contract is top 4. That’s some gazidis level negligence when we fail to push on

  83. Guns of SF



    I realize that im part of that Gazidis top 4 shit.
    Fuck all that.

    HE needs to go now… top 4 is a marketing smokesreen by Ivan the rat.

    Wenger the rat

    Our team should be doing much better. We should be top 1-3 every year hands down.

    Edu- please take care of this…. how much longer can this shit happen? are we going to crush teams away from home ? NO
    End of story

  84. raptora

    Excuse me but Pepe had an okay first half (unbelievable miss from a player worth 70m pounds). His 2nd half was terrible. Mostly everything he touched, he ruined. His corners were horrific. Does he have a shot on target yet? His miss was one of these when I want to go and spank the player for not having a right peg. He’s earning more money in a week than I make in a couple of years. Yet he wouldn’t hit the ball with his right peg if his life depended on it…

    The cringe part is that Giroud scores from this chance 9/10 times. Easy.

  85. Guns of SF

    Who is available???? Mourinho??? nah
    Allegri? Maybe
    Luis Enriquez— possibly!

    Im sure there are others…. however…. this is just wasting time. I would PREFER that Edu show the balls and get rid of him now. We need coaches to make a difference NOW not later. No more patience. Get used to the modern fucking game.

    We need to move into the new era. No more sentimentality

  86. Guns of SF


    I hated Evra. I hate that Maure team that kicked our ass all the time.
    I hate Red Nose and his cheating ways when they kicked Reyes out of the game and Rooney dived to win the game and break our streak.

    I remember all that.

    Evra is right… we are soft. Its part of the new era culture. Ozil and others still reek of it.

    Fighters – look at the invicinibles… any photo of them… compare to now… its men versus boys or young men.

    Times have changed.

    We need fighters….. again.. we need to rebuild in the mold of the invincibles

  87. Tony

    “Anyway, tonight’s game really showed Emery up for what he is; a second rate manager that should be shown the door sooner rather than later. His team selection tonight was unfathomable.”

    Watched the game this morning with my son and to be honest we both wished we hadn’t.

    We have another specialist in failure in Emery who should be moved on and Freddie taking over as caretaker while we talk to Allegri before United hires him in place of OGS.

    Poor decisions now by Raul & Edu is going to affect our next 2 seasons with our finances by not getting CL football.

  88. Guns of SF

    Danny or someone said it perfectly. the cost to fire UE and co is about 12m
    The cost of missing CL is about 40M

    do the math.

  89. Un na naai

    Literally everything I said is coming true.

    Apart from pepe. He’s bombing.
    This is his DB10 at inter Milan season playing for a coach who can’t access his game properly

    Be careful what you wish for
    Whenever would have made the champions league last year

  90. TheBayingMob

    Evra is right… we are soft. Its part of the new era culture. Ozil and others still reek of it.“

    Ye this is the worse part. We are weak club now and everyone knows it. It’s time to accept it. Some of it is still a hangover from Wenger, he instilled weakness into the club’s ethos but we can’t blame him forever.

    I think weakness has to be the worse trait in sport and there is no weaker club than arsenal right now.

    I’d genuinely be worried we wouldn’t have the stomach for Chichester City away right now.

  91. Un na naai

    The chance for us, for Pepe, was the key.
    Because if they score the first goal, defensively they are a very strong team.

    “Pepe is improving but the next step for him is to score.

    “Usually he is going to score chances like that – but tonight he didn’t take his chance.”

    Listen to this utter mug. Blaming the players now!?? And you lot said no to mourinho?

    The only time emery has done ok is while the players still had wengaball on the tips of their toes. The new regime lifted the mood for a bit and get the lads moving again but once emery got his “ideas” into the side it’s been fucking atrocious ever since

    Please please please get rid of this useless bumbling incoherent fucking moron now

    Notice marko, Freddie, Rh and Bamford were quiet tonight


  92. Un na naai

    Evra is right… we are soft. Its part of the new era culture. Ozil and others still reek of it.“Ye this is the worse part. We are weak club now and everyone knows i

    Then bring in Jose or Allegri

  93. S Asoa

    Oh my gosh
    Oh my Josh
    In a dinghy place cojones used for f—ing up AFC
    But if have guts and honour
    Have the cojones to tell Edu to take over the team immediately and 2-3 matches and you will see results of all the purchases.
    The connundrum called Unai Emery may be sent to USA as Consultant. You skints will avoid paying 10 mil severance too.

  94. peanuts&monkeys

    Change this manager. Unai has to go. he has run his course.. he is so uninspiring. Top performances in top-flight football worldwide needs constant motivation, and Emery is the least charismatic manager to bring on any change at Arsenal. The rot that Wenger had infected is acting up again.

    Edu and Raul should act now!

  95. Graham62

    Is there one fan who wants Emery to oversee things?

    No, there isn’t.

    So, here we go again, let’s sort this out.

    Get those banners out people, voice your concerns, and let’s get phase 2 started.



    Just clutching at straws, although if it was up to me he’d be at the helm by lunchtime today.

  96. China1

    How can we have shipped out so much dross and have a handful of good new players in the squad but we can’t see any progress on the pitch?

    I can forgive a bad game or a bad result. Shit happens. What matters is the trend. What is our trend? The trend is replacing half the squad and still looking like the same team.

    Edu needs to bite the bullet and realize we will pay a higher price in the long run if we keep humouring emery. Our plan for getting CL football is just to hope that utd, Chelsea, spurs and Leicester all have a bad season. This is a joke

  97. Graham62

    Just imagine what a decent coach like Chris Wilder could achieve with our squad.

    Forget all these bloody foreign managers with exotic sounding names who just love to over complicate matters, let’s get our adopted Freddie in and start to speak the language of Football.

    Our transition from defence to attack is slow and predictable. None of our back 5 are comfortable with what Emery wants. What does he actually want anyway?

    Luiz is just going through the motions and as for Xhaka, I’m sorry but he’s a total disgrace.

    Ten years of regression plus eighteen months of utter confusion. Let’s end this garbage.

    We’re going to lose our prized assets if this confusion continues.

  98. China1

    Graham nationality is irrelevant considering all the most successful PL managers apart from fergie have been from the continent

    What matters is that we just have somehow who can actually see the problems we have and identify solutions within the squad

    I didn’t expect emery to make arsenal awesome in one year but the fact is there’s minimal progress. Regardless of personnel changes.

    If we were inconsistent but playing well most of the time, or if we attacked really well but still struggled defensively, or vice versa I’d be open minded. But name one aspect of our game where we can say with seriousness that emery has made us look relatively close to our potential. We defend poorly, we can’t cobtrol the midfield and our attack is disjointed. The selection is weird. What can emery tell us about how to resolve these issues? I suspect very little

  99. Emiratesstroller

    One of the stats of most concern this season is that Arsenal have managed only 4 goals in EPL from any player apart from Aubameyang and Lacazette and that includes the penalty scored by Pepe.

    Our so-called midfield has managed only two goals from Xhaka and Torreira.
    Messrs Guendouzi, Ceballos and Willock have managed collectively to score
    not a single goal.

    So Sheffield United knew yesterday that if you tie up Aubameyang they would
    starve us of goal scoring opportunity and so it proved.

    For all Arsenal’s supposed offensive potential the reality is that we played last
    night in “defensive mode” for most of the game against a team which had previously won one game at home and scored just 7 goals all season.

  100. Wenker-wanger

    Left the pub at 67 minutes.. biggest pile of shite I’ve seen in a very long time.
    Don’t even know the’s incidental.
    So many problems…
    We are where we are due to individual snatches of great skill….but the general urgency,fight and cohesion at speed is not there. We are also pathetic without the ball…a casual timid presence that loses every 2nd ball.

  101. Wengaball

    It’s good for Özil that he is not playing in Emery’s teams.

    The set up is so poor and players so confused that he would look lost. And the blame would be on him.

    Let an attack minded coach come in, and maybe Özil could make a difference.

    As I said in an earlier post, Özil does not even suit Emery’s attack, let alone his defender.

    And to repeat another point – Özil
    not playing and our disjointed football are not interrelated. They are individually correlated to Emery. He doesn’t know how to play fluid football so doesn’t know what to do with players like Özil.

  102. Wengaball

    Left – one does not preclude the other.

    An Arsenal coach has the responsibility to play good, fluid, attractive, stacking football without being poor in defence.

    All great teams play that way. City and Pool are current examples.

  103. Leedsgunner

    Looks like Emery is putting all his eggs in the Europa League basket again because he lost the plot completely in the league.

    How did that work out last year?

  104. Leedsgunner

    Emery is neither an attack minded or a defensive minded coach. He’s muddle minded.

    Emery is clearly out of his depth in the league. He needs to go.


  105. Leedsgunner

    I actually like the team we have on paper except a couple of players. Even then, I wouldn’t mind them if they were squad players.

    I firmly believe the same players would play better football under a new manager.

    Ljungberg in!

  106. Wengaball

    Europa league is not what it used to be earlier.

    Lots of good teams drop in from the CL now. If he thinks he can walk it like he did earlier he is for another shock.

  107. Wengaball

    Agree with you Leeds that after many years, we actually have a good squad now.

    Maybe we just need one or two players in midfield, and it would be the best squad we’ve had since the invincibles.

    If only that could be said of the coach.

  108. DivineSherlock

    I had hopes from Emery . But he cant hack it here sorry . Not my Club . Go back to LaLiga or French or Serie A . Not in EPL. I hope the club acts swiftly , we have Allegri waiting . Don’t wait until ManUTD snap him up. Or make Freddie the head coach . Not Mourinho though .

  109. James wood

    I actually saw Guen get back as last man ?
    to put in a vital tackle when we where stretched again
    our marking really must improve even from simple
    throw in’s we where poor.
    Guen is being asked to do to much he was undoubtedly
    Our best mid again last night tireless?
    Cellabos well ,Xhaka well. There where our athleticism
    Guen will continue to play he’s the best we have in that position
    trouble is he needs help.?

  110. Davey

    Emery out, can’t stand to watch this shite anymore we are so dull zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and +1 Goal difference says a lot about how shit we are!

  111. TitsMcGee

    Cold night? Up north? Predictable result.

    Emery is not “that guy”. No attacking philosophy , no defensive organisation.

    The worst thing you can say about a manager is that they aren’t getting the most out of the players they have. Safe to say we have better players than SU.

  112. PieAFC

    I reckon emery is feeling the pressure.

    This a brand of football Raul and Edu would not want associated with Arsenal.

    Especially after the money spent.

    Guy has no idea. He confuses every time. We change our set up based on the team we play every game. It’s pathetic.

    It’s the coach now.