Cold Monday night up north, are we ready?!

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Been working on this new diet called ‘gym and starve yourself’… you know what, very effective at dropping weight, but you actually can’t control where the weight comes off. That’s the next phase, then I’m bringing it to market. I’ll call it G&SY, remember the brand.

BIG GAME tonight. We have the chance to make up some of that lost ground on Liverpool after they dropped points to United yesterday. We also have the chance to move further ahead of the disaster down the road. They really did make Watford look good at times.

The big question on everyone’s lips tonight is: What is Emery going to do with Mesut Ozil?

It wouldn’t be a question if the manager hadn’t opened the door to the return of his precious creator, but he did, so maybe we’ll see the German in a tough game up north on a cold Monday night.

After two of the longest weeks I’ve had this year, I think we’ve all forgotten what’s going on at Arsenal.

A reminder:

  • We are 8 unbeaten.
  • We’ve scored 20 goals
  • We’re 5th in the league.

A win tonight and we power up to third in the league, a mere point behind FRAUDIOLA and ARTETno.

The hype about the paper numbers has been driven by the folk that seem to have collective amnesia about the similar pattern from last year, but look, if Emery can iron out the kinks, and we can add performances to points, we’ll all happily jump in and state that we are title challengers.

It’s a big game. Sheffield United don’t have a lot of wild individual talent to brag of, however, they do have quite a lot of pace on the wings. They have Luke ‘gone too soon’ Freeman who might come off the bench at some point. Overall, we should be taking the points.

It’ll be interesting to see what the manager does. Hector Bellerin and Kieran Tierney, the lastest missing pieces in the Emery masterplan, will likely start. Genuinely can’t wait to see the Scotsman play, he’s electric and a real piece of work. His delivery will have Bellerin staying late after training… terribly sorry Hector, St Martins will have move your classes to after hours.

The manager is pumped for the evening and pleased with what he’s seeing.

“I am speaking every day with Raul, Edu, with the players,” he told “And really we have our way going right and working. Our work is more important than our [words].

“And really now I am very happy the club. I am really happy with the players. The last two, three, four weeks, every player – and Mesut Ozil – are working very well.

“I finished very happy with our work and really this is the way we can be positive and we can think we are going to do something important this year. This is the way I want and I was speaking with Raul, this is the same idea when he is speaking with me.”

He was keen to impress that the kids will get better.

“We can be better in the table, we are third at the moment,” Emery insisted. “We can play better each match. It’s one process.

“Little by little we’re using the young players to achieve the performance, giving them confidence and experience in the matches. Sometimes we need one process. For example Bukayo Saka is improving, helping us and taking a good performance. I know he needs to break more steps ahead in his improvement.

The interesting thing about the kids is they’re the players keeping us going, I’m looking forward to the big names settling, I have very little concern with players like Matteo and Saka. Land me a performance from David Luiz or Nicolas Pepe.

We need an impactful performance this evening, 80% of our goals have come from one man away from home this season. I’m not sure that’s a problem, but it shows h0w dependent we are on his incredible finishing, and it also shows that others aren’t stepping up to the plate.

This evening is a big chance for the front three to shine, I hope he sticks with Saka and I hope Pepe lands a hattrick. Huge game, should be fun, it’s good to be back! x


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  1. DaleDaGooner

    10 points already behind Liverpool.
    Emery FUCK OFF.

    Are we even chasing Liverpool? I thought we just wanted to get top 4

    Lost to Sheffield U for the first time in 13 years, they have lost 5 straight at home and they win today, Haven’t scored in as much time and they get a goal against us…how terrible is Emery and his selection of these defenders and the tactics employed???

  2. London gunner

    You can get games where you lose despute dominating because of myltuple bad finishes, but we were just so crap, completely devoid of creativity.

    Also we need to try and win penalities.

  3. Mark

    Got what we deserved with the starting lineup. Fuck Xaka Fuck Emery. Sick of this shit. We were piss poor, did nothing with the ball. Keep ball passes all night. Total shit, they don’t look like they are getting coached.
    Well done Shef untd, they outplayed us.

  4. Cesc Appeal

    The board need to really consider this.

    Chelsea will struggles, Spurs look lost, United are a joke.

    4th is there for us, can they bring someone in who will do better? The evidence is stacking up they can.

    I don’t understand Emery’s selection choices, gave him the benefit when he was dealing with Wenger’s mess and injuries but now…don’t get.

    Tierney not starting today was ridiculous as well, that means he starts Thursday and likely then not the weekend.

  5. gazzap

    this squad is very good. You can see the players have tons of ability. but together we look really average. Emery has to go

  6. bob

    No ozil or mustafi to blame this season.
    it’s the home grown crap like saka, willock, nile, Nelson costing arsenal this season.

  7. Danny

    You’re right but this is The Arsenal and we should be trying to get as near to the top as possible.

  8. Mics

    Emery is such a coward, and it’s the cowardice in our play that I can’t stand. So conservative and fearful of risk, which ironically ends up itself being quite risky.

    I don’t think he is going anywhere, but if he’s sacked by December and we get in someone even slightly less incompetent then top four should be on. If not I’m guessing fifth and another Europa league final.

  9. Left Testicle

    … add Xhaka as captain. I can’t stand his interviews now – says a lot without saying anything. ‘In our way’ ‘our process’ ‘help the team’s what does all these comments mean?

  10. TheLegendaryDB10

    Guns of SF

    Exactly. You just have to wonder what exactly is being coached. Our defence is as shit as ever. No team cohesion whatsoever.

    UE is completely lost. This is definitively not the league for him.

    Freddie for caretaker manager.

  11. Samesong

    Evra stated that we are babies and he loved playing us cause he knew he was going to win.

    He said to van Persie welcome to a man club when he shook his hand and persie agreed

    Guedouzi our best player but he weren’t even getting regular games in the 2nd division lol

    Carragher also said he m ew Sheffield United would beat us before we played them.

    Is that talk even allowed?

  12. Receding Hairline

    If you keep taking off Xhaka when chasing a game it begs the question why start him in the first place. If he doesn’t offer you control, creativity, defensive solidity why are u willing to die by him.

    And why make Ozil a martyr… Play him and let everyone see what you think you see.

  13. TR7

    The problem is today’s performance is our standard level under Emery. It’s just that an Auba or a Laca saves the day for us on most weekends and everything gets brushed under the carpet.

  14. Mark S

    I can’t wait for tomorrow’s post. Pedro has been waiting for this to happen. He’s mad, but not really…because it edges Unai closer to the exit door…and honestly I’m right there with him. We have the players, however we don’t have a plan. It’s evident we don’t have a plan. We’ll win 3-0/4-0 on Thursday. The midfield will click. Mike Dean won’t be officiating. The passing will be slick. Hats off to Sheffield United, they deserved this one. They should have drew against Liverpool, that team is organized and aren’t slouches. We had 9 shots…3 on target. I remember the last 4-5 years of the Wenger Era I kept thinking about how at least we were edging closer to Wenger being out of the club, and I’m at that point with Unai. At least we’re another day closer to him being gone. In the grand scheme of things, this is just a small blip in the club’s history, however it’s getting old. I’ve supported them for 20 years, and I will continue. It just gets old watching it.

  15. Leftsidesanch

    I’m going to say that if we keep this stubborn man in the dugout Arsenal won’t be making Champions League this season. We have close to a full fit squad why are we not playing our best players? Why are these players performing so poorly so consistently also.

  16. Cesc Appeal

    How can Xhaka be one of the first players he sacrifices when Arsenal are chasing things (tonight and Villa) and yet Emery will still say he’s one of our most important players?

    A 20 year old with 1 years EPL experience stays on the field over him.


  17. TheBayingMob

    Watched most of the second half. Dire. Abysmal. From this point forward every minute persevering with Emery is just a waste of fucking time, and I can’t be excited about any of it until he is sacked. Dreadful.

  18. azed

    The build is so slow. Each player takes at least 3 touches by the the defence is set.

    How do you move bodies side to side when your passing is so slow?

  19. Guns of SF

    Freddie in…
    UE out.

    This loss is unacceptable.
    NO its not a mystery. We lose on the road all the time.

    we simply do not have a style and our issues are still glaring.
    Xhaka and so on

    its utterly pointless

  20. London gunner


    He is a midfielder not a striker or a cam.

    However he is one of the better passes on the team and the only one who consistently moves the ball forward.

  21. Ishola70

    Very disappointing that they can’t even register one goal against a team like Sheffield.

    Overall not enough offensive threat from the fullbacks and both fullbacks on show tonight don’t have the consistent quality offensively to be a threat. Got to have threat from your fullbacks otherwise the game gets clogged up in the middle. The fullbacks tonight only got interested late on and as said don’t have the consistent threat offensively anyway. At this stage no idea why Kolasinac is still starting ahead of Tierney.

    Average manager, just above average team. Unlikely this team strolls into top four but things could improve somewhat with the inclusion of both Bellerin and Tierney.

    Said before if Emery keeps on with Kolasinac this is as bad as his loyalty to Xhaka.

    We all know as well that the midfield is not good enough overall as well.

  22. WengerEagle

    Clearly need a new gaffer at this stage, the football is absolutely painful to watch and we’re once again in a battle for 4th at best.

    We haven’t progressed from Wenger and before people launch out the excuses, we’ve seen plenty of player turnover and it’s been 15 months since Emery was appointed. We’re going backwards if anything.

    Look at the contrast with Lampard and Chelsea even. Forget results, they’re playing inventive and attractive football and actually go into each game with real verve and purpose about them.

  23. bennydevito

    I can’t listen to that Mickey Mouse cunt, absolute prick.

    TV remote back to the missus.

    We were robbed of 2 penalties but simple truth is we were shite, created shite and defended shite. Shite lineup, shite tactics, shite manager.


  24. Samesong

    Gunedouzi is a workhorse but other then that what does he really offer? He can’t create he sloppy on the ball, side way passer. Oh he plays defence when we take corners.

  25. Left Testicle

    I don’t get the Tierney decision either. What’s the point playing him Thursday in a group we’ve practically already qualified from and then resting him the weekend?

  26. Paulinho

    Surprised Torreira didn’t come on. Only midfielder we have semi-comfortable in making runs into the box, which is a damning indictment of that shower of shit we have in midfield.

  27. Chris

    I think we have all seen enough by now to know that Emery isn’t the guy for us. Completely up for a change. More so that we either play with attacking flair or we become water right at the back (the goal conceded today was dreadful defending again). At the moment we seem like a non entity. Just drifting through games letting the flow dictate us rather than the other way about.

    However Wenger and Mourinho aren’t the only people out there guys! Plenty of other fresh and exciting coaches out there, time to take our pick again I think. It is really hard to see this getting any better under Emery.

  28. Champagne charlie

    “I don’t understand Emery’s selection choices, gave him the benefit when he was dealing with Wenger’s mess and injuries but now…don’t get.“

    It was never the “mess” claimed by folk like you, you’d have been switched onto that if you weren’t so busy shitting on Wenger to prop the new guy up.

    With literally not one excuse on hand Emery can’t offer up a notable fraction better than Wenger at his worst. That sums it up.

    We should be levels upon levels better and tracking upward, new structure, new talent, new era, and instead we’re becoming a soft touch for EVERY side, not just the big boys.

  29. Mark S

    And by “blip” I mean this team has been playing football since 1886, and this is just a moment in time. The 2019/20 season is just another season. We will always talk about the Invincible season, and that was 15 years ago! Manchester United will always talk about The Treble. If you’re talking about “blip” as in our poor play away from home, well that’s been going on for some time now! More than just a blip!

  30. Paul Kelly

    And the worst thing is when Emery is interviewed after the game we won’t get any sense of what his supposed strategy and tactics were Let alone what went wrong
    He doesn’t understand the English language.
    What a shambles.

  31. WengerEagle

    ‘The problem is today’s performance is our standard level under Emery. It’s just that an Auba or a Laca saves the day for us on most weekends and everything gets brushed under the carpet.’

    Spot on, captures it in a nutshell.

    Auba was single-handedly saving our bacon most weeks, if it weren’t for him things would be much uglier.

  32. Ishola70

    Guns of SF
    “This loss is unacceptable.”

    It’s perfectly acceptable.

    No-one is in the least surprised at the result.

    Midfield overall not good enough.

    Fullbacks tonight not good enough.

    Centre backs mistakes in them but not such a problem tonight.

    As well as having an average manager suprise, surprise the fans over-rate the actual team.

  33. Paulinho

    Guendouzi just runs around picking the ball up in unthreatening positions and recycling the ball.

    The idea of playing him higher up the pitch is laughable.

  34. terraloon

    They huffed and the puffed but then….they huffed and they puffed.

    Tens, of millions spent and nothing has changed.

    There doesn’t seem to be any plan a let alone a plan b. It’s like a group of pub league players turning up to play without a tactics, without any structure the only requirement is that they turn up.

    Pepe looks well out of his depth , he may come good but at some point he is going to have to be benched, he clearly has pace but his confidence is shot.

    Dear oh dear oh dear.

  35. Cesc Appeal

    Left Testicle

    He will start him on Thursday and Kolasinac will play in the EPL, guaranteed.

    The slack he was cut having to deal with Wenger’s absolute shite that he left behind but now he seems to want to play that shite over new players, Kolasinac in place of Tierney, Xhaka in place of Torreira.

    He’s putting the noose around his own neck.

  36. Champagne charlie


    Is there any idea critical of the manager that isn’t laughable in your eyes?

    Always the players

  37. into the red

    What a ridiculous figure Emery cuts. The garbled nonsense he speaks just gets worse and more meaningless, and is reflected in the garbled team selections.
    Congrats to Sheff U, who demonstrated the most basic of football strategies – how to organise a team, with a committed bunch of players who all know exactly what their role is and what is expected of them. And stick to it with grit and determination. No fancy dan, multi-million pound players or prima donnas, just robust came up through the leagues journeymen players who know their trade.
    Everything that Emery is clueless about, with his Basil Fawlty impersonations and random word generated declarations of how everything is coming together.
    Give us a break, you clown, and go back to obscurity in Spain.

  38. Leftsidesanch

    Allegri is available, even Mourinho (gulp) and I wouldn’t want him near this club but he’d fare more favourable than what Emery regularly puts up.

  39. vickingz

    I’ve kept asking this same question at least since this season started, what exactly do they do in training cos everything is just so wrong with this team. From Gk to the point men. Leno feels he’s the best GK in the world with his stupid neuer decision making, our back four play as if they have all the time in the world even when trailing, no urgency to get the ball forward at all. Even at extra time, leno still felt cool to play out from the back.

  40. terraloon

    Same song.

    Agree 100% with your comments re Guendouzi. I said much the same a few weeks ago he wants to do everything but ends up doing little.

  41. Redtruth

    Bernd Leno is the Premier League’s most error prone player since the beginning of the 2018/19 season, when it comes to his mistakes costing his team a goal. Whenever a goalkeeper makes a mistake it’s far more noticeable than when a midfielder or a striker makes one, that’s because it inevitably leads to a goal.4 Sep 2019

    Sums up the whole team

  42. Jeff

    The only good thing that appears to have come from Emery’s time in the PL is that his English improved just a little bit.

  43. WengerEagle

    Atalanta’s gaffer Gasperini has done really impressive work there LG.

    They’re the most entertaining and offensively powerful side in Italy, finished 3rd last season and 4th in his 1st season there after 13th and 17th place finishes before he took over.

  44. Victorious

    Hilarious to witness the meltdown in here, I mean why should anyone be surprised of this shitfest having seen the abject first team selection yet again from Mr bland,Guy is just a poor coach,simple

    You all shouldn’t expect a guy who still can’t get his first team selection right in over 60 odd games to coach a team,he’s a clueless doofus

    Guy is a clown period and it’s 2 years down the drain with him in charge..Time to cut our loses and reset again

    Painfully shocking coach.

  45. Redtruth

    “They’re the most entertaining and offensively powerful side in Italy, finished 3rd last season and 4th in his 1st season there after 13th and 17th place finishes before he took over.”

    It’s just a blip, and unsustainable

  46. raptora

    For a lot of people in here this result was coming, it was obvious that it will happen, same way it is obvious that it will repeat many times in this season.

    Truth is that we are playing a drab, ugly football where we are hoping to somehow win by a goal through suffer. Our quality is nowhere near, I repeat, nowhere near the required level it has to be.

    Truth is that we aren’t shagging weaker teams anymore, we don’t dominate versus any team in the league, we aren’t even stat padding at all.

    We don’t create not even nearly enough chances going forward. We have nonexistent midfield. We have laughable defence.

    We’ve been getting away with it one way or another (mostly Auba scoring from nowhere not through a good team attack) but when the big luck runs it course, the truth is that we just suck pretty bad.

    Even today, it’s one thing to miss chance after chance but not have the required luck to score, it’s a totally different thing to have 1 and a half situations for 95 mins versus a team that will almost surely get relegated come May.

    I gave Emery 1 season to show his worth. We are 2 months in his 2nd season and we it actually feels like we are regressing. For me he has to go.

  47. Nelson

    We have been waiting for over two weeks. We are served with such a shit show. The players doesn’t know how to play out from the back. Against a team parking the bus, our team doesn’t know how to attack.

    Some people argued that result is more important than performance. The truth is, if the team can provide good performance, it is more likely that results will follow. Today, without Auba’s goal, our team has no result and no performance.

    Emery said that Tierney is ready. Why still played Kola? Holding is also better than PapaSok. If Emery keeps screwing things up, we may have to rely on Europa cup to get Champions League football again.

  48. gazzap

    I feel the decision not to play Tierney was pivotal. Look how much space kola had all night and yet his quality on the ball let us down again and again. I really think that was a bad decision. Now he’ll play Thursday but not Sunday. It should have been the other way around.

  49. TR7

    As for Emery’s replacement,I would want Raul and Co to do their due diligence. I don’t want to see another lazy appointment like Emery – Hey he has won 3 Europa with clubs with limited finances ,so he will suit nicely at Arsenal or Mourinho is a winner, just hire him.

  50. Spanishdave

    We play very scrappy football now , there is no cohesion, no plan, no shape just a lot of individuals, wandering about.
    I recently watched our invincible year and the speed we moved the ball was incredible.
    Freddie was there and knows how we achieved it, give him a go.

  51. gazzap

    Sokratis was really poor today. Again that defensive partnership Luiz and Sokratis needs breaking up asap. holding is our best CB. you wouldn’t have kept Tony adams on the bench when he was fit. If fit he plays end of story.

  52. Gentlebris

    OK children, time to go to bed now. No point sacrificing your sleep for nothing. We play a premier league game again in a few days and Emery will still be in charge, he will start the game with the second best team and when he’s losing he will bring on some of the ‘A’ boys to chase the game. More importantly, the team will be piss poor in quality again. So go to bed and lose no sleep, it changes nothing.

  53. WengerEagle

    ‘It’s just a blip, and unsustainable’

    Some blip that, he has a 50.7% winning record over 150 matches in all competitions since he joined in 2016. They were relegation scrappers before he took over.

    4th in 2016/17, 3rd in 2018/19, 3rd this season so far.

  54. Redtruth

    “Guy is a clown period and it’s 2 years down the drain with him in charge..Time to cut our loses and reset again. Painfully shocking coach.”

    Says the man who tolerated mediocrity under the old incumbent

  55. Paulinho

    Charlie – He’s pushing my patience when it comes to Tierney, and not playing Torreira instead of either Guendo or Xhaka.

  56. Cesc Appeal

    The thing is you want to see Xhaka, Kolasinac, Sokratis etc starting on Thursday so that Holding, Torreira, Teirney etc can start on Sunday, but you just know it’s going to be the reverse.

    Everything in our side is just wrong and it all stems from poor selections, added to that teams still play us as if we’re a big side so we get their 110% especially because they know they’ve got a good chance of a result. They approaches us like a big time when really we play them on their level.

  57. Guns of SF

    no one makes runs into the box… no one gives the runner the ball.
    Cesc was genius at over the top or through balls into the box

    We have no such player. Dani- im still not convinced

  58. Leftsidesanch

    There is a chance that Emery won’t be here at the end of the summer but I don’t think that he will go before then. It will be the same occurrences each week. The players look uncertain of themselves, their roles and the system they’re supposed to be playing. Emery sounds uncertain of himself and speaks about intangible things in his pre-match and post match interviews.

    The two things I wanted to see from us post Arsene was a team with an adaptable system that are solid throughout and hard to beat and a team that could perform away from home. We are neither of those things. What was the point of us removing Arsene to improve by a few percent.

    Watching this side in the Premiership is a chore. I’m genuinely not missing out if I don’t.

  59. TheLegendaryDB10


    I don’t want to see another lazy appointment like Emery 

    That’s all on Gazidis. He made the final decision to employ this twat.

    Listened to UE post match commentary.

    All gibberish.

    How the fuck are the players supposed to understand what they are supposed to do?

    They can’t.

    UE fuck off.

    Freddie in.

  60. Leftsidesanch

    Absolute nonsensical post match interview. The guy hasn’t even bothered to improve his English. The only thing that has improved since Emery arrived in the UK is his teeth.

  61. Gentlebris

    ‘Pepe’s miss was Emery’s fault lol lol lol’


    You are an imbecile.

    So Arsenal played like a league two outfit for 95 minutes and you feel you have a reason to defend the coach just because a winger missed a chance to score?

    You are an embarrassing pant pissing imbecile.

  62. Thorough

    Immediately we sack Emry we start moving forward.
    An uncoaches back 4 of Tierney, Chambers, Holding and BELLERIN is 10 times better than the shower of shit we have now even if they get drilled for 10 years. Screen that defence with Torreira and we start to resemble a decent team defense-wise.
    This job is way over the head of the dimwit called Emery. He’s reached his end. About time Raul and Edu take him out of his misery.

  63. David Smith

    Arsenal move far too slowly with shit managers, always have and always will unless Edu wants to make a name for himself

  64. Champagne charlie


    Forget points and arbitrary stats, do you not think we should be in a ‘better place’ as a side at this point under a new boss?

    I think you’ve got to have a wild imagination to envisage peak Emeryball, Tierney, Bellerin, a January signing included.

  65. Moral high ground

    Rough rule of thumb…..probably bullshit….give every new player or manager a season plus a few months. If failing afterwards then you are clear of the pushback of big players struggling in first season. Get rid of Emery now. He has no concept of the raw importance of league football. Sure sign of a guy a manger looking to fluke a cup. We do not give a fuck about an easy win on Thursday night if we can’t do business tonight in Sheffield. Get a new manager please. Arsenals future is bright. Young squad with talent. Emery is not good enough.

  66. InsideRight

    Did anyone understand what the fuck Emery was saying in any interview he’s given?

    If we can’t understand what he’s on about how can the players be expected to?

  67. Normski

    Those fucking interviews are a disgrace. How the fuck is the team, made up of various nationalities with most as English as their 2nd language, meant to understand that nonsense.?

    What a joke.

  68. roaaary

    after hearing emery speak post match, i now understand why our players stroll out half asleep.

    he is incoherent and waffles. i switch off because he just doesnt make sense or deliver a clear message with any impact.

    a dull caretaker manager who is keeping the seat warm until the next man comes along. the moenchengladbach manager looks red hot!

  69. DoubleDouble

    Tonight’s game was a joke, even Evra is not annoying! That was always going to be a banana skin against a rubbish team, but Arsenal are rubbish against scrappy teams. Every player was bad tonight, especially Saka and Pepe, but why take Willock off. Definitely 2 pens, but that team needs some passion, they are devoid of creativity, I’d rather have Luiz in the middle….

  70. salparadisenyc

    Elite purgatory is dead… we managed to find just purgatory but at least Arsenal is back!

    Can’t wrap my head around Unai’s decisions, always starts a questionable XI, followed by equally questionable substitutions. This game a perfect example of ‘lacking a footballing identity’ for those whom seemed to struggle with that concept.

    Couldn’t agree more with those saying without a PEA bailout this side would be in real trouble, bottom half of the table trouble.

  71. Champagne charlie


    So other teams can kickstart a new era after 6 months, get tongues wagging after a year, but we’re where we should be 18 months in getting mugged off by Sheffield United?

    Bit weird.

  72. Gentlebris

    ‘That’s all on Gazidis. He made the final decision to employ this twat.’

    Gazidis is no longer here, the fuckers in charge should do their job. Emery should be fired this midnight, he’s taking this team backward. If you leave Emery in charge for the rest of the season, you will really deserve what you get.

  73. raptora

    Emery has singlehandedly ruined Torreira’s Arsenal career thus far. He’s got one of the most exciting young DMs in the world that showed real quality the moment he joined us right from the get go and turned him in a benchwarmer that never plays. His confidence is shot into pieces. Torreira is our best midfielder by quite the margin so you have to be pretty clueless to not use a player with his skills. He’s done the same with Ceballos. Then again I expected this situation to happen and it will keep on happening. Our manager has no idea how to improve our game. What we’ve been seeing for a season and some is that this is his level. His real level. Scrappy fight for a top 6 finish.

  74. Paulinho

    Charlie – Not really weird at all.

    What would be weird (logically speaking) is if, after arguing that we would see an improvement once our first choice full backs are back, and then further when Xhaka is binned and we bring two proper midfielders, I would see tonight as some sort of tipping point and denounce Emery.

  75. HighburyLegend

    Just a question that cross my mind : Edu and Raul don’t seems to be bothered by this shit show, why nobody here never blame them ??

  76. TheLegendaryDB10


    You wait for it. Bamford will come with an essay, 99% waffle, to back this useless cunt of a manager.

    Elite purgatory is dead… we managed to find just purgatory but at least Arsenal is back!

    Spot on Sal.

    This game a perfect example of ‘lacking a footballing identity’

    After 1 season and 9 games, we are still without any discernable identity. Shocking to say the least.

    According to UE we are protagonists. Protagonists in our own downfall is more like it.

  77. WengerEagle

    Three transfer windows spending close to 200m combined and 15 months is definitely enough time to put your stamp on a side, tonight was just more evidence that we haven’t at all progressed under Emery.

  78. Pierre

    Mike Dean did a pretty good job on us tonight.

    Take your mind back to Liverpool away and Luiz slight tug on the shirt …penalty.

    Tonight sokratis , clear tug on his shirt ..nothing given .

    The foul on Saka was a pen all day long, he clipped his ankle and Saka wouldn’t have been able to stay on his feet even if he wanted to.

    We have seen these types of refereeing performances at Arsenal away games many times over the last ten years.

    I thought that VAR may do us a favour but nothing’s changed .

    As much as Emery’s team selection and tactics were flawed , it is very difficult for the players to compete in this type of game where 50/50 decisions are so heavily weighted for the home team .

  79. Champagne charlie


    Tonight as a tipping point wasn’t even a consideration, that’s straw man.

    I asked if you thought we should be in a better place as a side now than we currently are. You said no, so presumably you think 18 months post-Wenger should be shit performances against Brighton and Sheffield United, no discernible style or approach, and a first XI randomly generated on google.

    That’s what’s weird.

    After 18 months I expected to be fully understanding of where we were tracking toward and be titillated at the prospect of the pieces coming together.

    I’m not, I’m desperate for Tierney to get a game on the off chance he can do something special and create us a match winning moment.

  80. TheLegendaryDB10


    I can only agree. I only responded to the question of who employed him.

    As for who is still keeping him in a job is an equally valid question. And that will be down to Raul and Edu.

  81. Moral high ground

    Emery is now as predictable as Wenger. Without the success. So depressing that he pays so little attention to the opposition. I just think he is the managerial equivalent of a player caught by the pace (not necessarily quality) of premiership. That’s ok for a player. That’s not ok for a coach. I think he thinks that the Europa league is some sort of balm for inept prem league selections. He is without doubt a busted flush….

  82. Samesong

    weird.After 18 months I expected to be fully understanding of where we were tracking toward and be titillated at the prospect of the pieces coming together

    I’m still.waiting to see a decent 90 minutes from us.

  83. Redtruth

    Champagne charlie
    “So other teams can kickstart a new era after 6 months, get tongues wagging after a year, but we’re where we should be 18 months in getting mugged off by Sheffield United? Bit weird.”

    No other team had a previous Manager who outstayed his welcome by 10 years.

  84. Ishola70

    “Everyone loves the squad”

    Errr no everybody doesn’t love the squad.

    The midfield needs big improvement.

    Still need a senior CB that is dependable. And that’s not David Luiz.

    If Emery is rank average this present midfield and the options available are rank average below standard as well.

  85. Paulinho

    Charlie – I mentioned tonight being the tipping point to be polite, because you’ve asked the same dumb question about twenty times in the last few months.

    Either you finally get the point I’m making – our options being inadequate (even worse with Ramsey, Monreal, Welbeck gone)) despite 18 months elapsing and money being spent – or you don’t, and you ask the same question again for the next six months (at which point it might become more applicable because Bellerin and Tierney will have hopefully played a few games).

  86. bennydevito

    Did they say after the game why var wasn’t used tonight?

    Why wasn’t Sokratis shirt pull looked at?

    Why wasn’t the foul and wrong yellow card on Saka looked at?

    What wasn’t var used to look at what a cunt Jamie Carragher is?

  87. Pierre

    Probably the most confusing decision from Emery tonight ( and there were many) is to not bring Tierney on for the last 25 minutes or so.

    Did Emery not note the quality of Tierney’s final ball and crossing v forest recently..

    Very strange decision .

  88. WengerEagle


    Relax yourself, I was implying that Tierney alone can’t elevate the level of our play a great deal. As good as he looks, he’s a LB. If your midfield and wide options are playing terribly you’re going to really struggle no matter who you have elsewhere.

    Hector looked noticeably leggier in his app back, not fair to expect the same freak speed merchant as he was before ACL.

  89. Champagne charlie


    So as expected, it’s player poverty 200 mil later.

    Fucking Monreal (of last season) and Welbeck being drafted in as a cry of poverty. Unreal.

    Has Welbz taken Watford up a gear? I’ve not followed him since he left, but can only assume he has.

  90. Paulinho

    At least you finally get my point.

    Until next week when you ask it again and scoff as usual…………………..

  91. Ishola70

    Tierney was good against Liege as well.

    He is an obvious improvement offensively in relation to Kolasinac.

    He will improve the team offensively and tonight the team was crying out for a fullback to join in that has real offensive threat.

    So the team would improve with Tierney and Bellerin but nobody knows to what extent.

    Still have the handicap of a midfield that is not good enough overall though.

  92. UTarse

    He’ll be gone by xmas, “not the Arsenal way” is a bullshit and obsolete reason for not firing him.

    Times have changed and I think so have we as a club, Raul and Edu will be implementing plan B and IMO, sooner than what many believe.

  93. MidwestGun

    Same lineup.. same instruction, same results.. time to make a change while the season can be saved. I’m for giving Freddie a go until the end of the season and then making a change . Pretty telling that Freddie was more fired up then Emery and received a yellow on the Saka non call.. Teams tend to reflect their managers.. and we have looked muddled, disorganized and apathetic now since the end of last season..

    For me the only hope is Edu , surely this isn’t his vision of what our football should look like. . Make it happen dude.

  94. Gentlebris

    Only if we can begin to boo everything now until something changes.

    I think us fans should seize the mandate to redefine Arsenal. Arsenal should stop being a place where mediocre coaches are sure to hold on to their jobs.

    We can do it if we want….just boo everything until you are happy.
    If you feel miserable, get Raul and Edu a doze of how it feels to be miserable.

  95. Pierre

    They said it should have been a pen (Sokratis) and Saka wasn’t a dive…( though I thought that was also a pen) .

    Game changing decisions .

  96. DaveB666

    Such a Wenger-esque performance – tons of possession, pretty midfield triangles played by tricky short midfielders with absolutely no end product. Nothing has changed unless the guys upstairs change the coach.

  97. Spanishdave

    They won’t sack Emery yet
    We will win on Thursday.
    Emery can’t do the Premiership, he doesn’t get it.
    Go after Sheffield hard for 20 mins get a goal and they will crumble.
    But Emery goes defensive , not the best eleven, we piss about , they score and sit on the goal.
    We don’t run , we walk,
    We constantly pass backwards,
    Our goalkeeper is nervous.
    No one up front heads crosses,
    We are bland, with no purpose.
    It goes on and on.
    We won’t sack Emery