Time for a performance

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It is a HUGE game today. All the usual suspects won their games… bar City, they lost in an embarrassing 2-3 thriller away at Norwich.

What a result for Premier League new boys. They were well worth it as well. Very organised. They ran their guts out. They took their opps when they were presented to them and they carved out one really awesome counter-attacking goal.

I loved reading the post-match commentary from the fans. Raheem Sterling is now average. Pep has finally been found out. Manchester City are certainly losing the league to Liverpool.

You couldn’t make it up.

In a post fan tv world, the only place to exist on the radical edge of everything.

For me, what is clear is this… Arsenal are winning the bloody league. Yes, fellas, Unai is bringing it home.

First up, we have to destroy Watford by 11 goals to climb second (from 7th). Be realistic, probably 12 or 13 because the chances of us keeping a clean sheet are pretty slim.

We’re in a post-Lacazette world for the next month. There’s a lot of fans getting their panties in a twist over the lack of an Eddie in the squad. I think people need to remind them of the troubles the young forward was having when he was getting game time with us.

I assume the thinking from Emery will likely be to have Auba as the lead striker, and if he needs a rest, we’ll slip Pepe in there. He’s very comfortable through the middle and offers all the same attributes as Auba… bar the unreal finishing (in England at least).

Also worth remembering Lacazette is not good away from home. His record is very poor, I think Tammy Abrahams has more goals this season than Laca had in the entirety of last year. He’s also not hugely prolific. He scored a Premier League goal every 192 last season. I know he does a lot for the team, he landed 10 assists, which is impressive for a striker.


I think where we’re going to see the innovation is out wide. The manager has quite a few players to choose from. We have a lot explosive pace this year, and starting your career out wide is a lot less stressful than through the middle. I think Reiss has a huge chance to lay claim to a first team spot. I think Saka has always looked very promising when offered a chance to stretch his legs, he also looks very ready from a mentality perspective, no fear in his eyes. Then we have wildcards like Gabriel, who IS the new Anelka… and potentially ESR who has a lot of versatility.

In short, I think Eddie is going to learn more out on loan this season with Leeds, versus playing a bit part role when his confidence was looking pretty touch and go.

We know what we’re going to get tomorrow. Bullied.

Watford are playing under Quique again, he’ll bring a lot of energy, he’ll make them work like dogs and I’ve no doubt we’re going to be penned into tight areas all game long much in the same way we were against Burnley.

I’ll keep on saying it, but I truly hope Emery has learned his lesson with three holding midfielders. We’re not built for deep blocks and I don’t think players care for the pragmatism. We’ve been porous all season. We shipped lots of shots against Spurs and Liverpool. The same happened against fu*king Burnley of all clubs.

The manager needs to take advantage of the technical superiority we have over Watford, that’s not going to come from attack-minded players shutting up shop.

Let’s stretch them, let’s play the beautiful game, let’s bring some excitement to the pitch… we need a performance. Chelsea looks great yesterday, there’s no reason we can’t offer up the same type of decisive output.

Right, just a short one today. I’ll see you in the comments where I shall eviscerate your challenges with word bullets.


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  1. Radio Raheem

    I’m not sure if this is deliberate on our part but we simply don’t press the ball even in dangerous areas. Madness.

    Guendouzi and AMN having poor games.

  2. DaleDaGooner

    Guendouzi shouldn’t be receiving the ball in this pass out bs tactics. At least give the ball to someone who can withstand the pressure…..oh wait we don’t have any in midfield. Emery forcing the bs pass out of the back

  3. TheLegendaryDB10

    This passing from the back us really getting stupid. Strange thst no one seems to think when it’s best to do it and when not to.

    It’s as if UE just says play out from the back and that’s it. And it really looks like that they are not practicing different scenarios to know when or not to play it.

  4. DaleDaGooner

    Mate Dissenter……just have a seat. If you reckon we could be advantageous having Laca, saying we won’t miss him shouldn’t even be typed. Have a good one.

  5. S Asoa

    ” Why do we play out from the fuckin’ back? ”
    Ans – Because we have a fucker Waiter with limited intelligence. So goes purely by rote

  6. Paulinho

    “Lets not forget that this Ozil’s first game back. He’s not going too badly and looks up for it.”

    This is his zenith for the season. Downhill from here.

    The novelty of playing for the first time in months will wear off in a couple of weeks.

  7. Sid

    Aubameyang’s second today was a vintage Arsenal goal. There were 20 passes in the build-up – the longest passing sequence leading to a goal in the 2019-20 Premier

  8. useroz

    Pepe didn’t need Guen to get involved seriously. Needless yellow.

    In any case, ok result but under par performance.

    Could blame the international weeks but can’t really.

    What would you expect from Xhara and Kolac (despite assist)?

    Ozil did ok first game with an assist. At least he runs and looks trying.

    Pepe needs to do much better. This is bottom of table team you are playing….

  9. WengerEagle

    Lucky for us Deolofeu doesn’t trust his left peg, golden opportunity to change the game there with a goal back on the stroke of HT.

    Really should be smooth sailing from here on in although you can never fully trust us away from home even with a commanding lead.

    No need to take the game to them, they’ll throw bodies forward in search of goals and leave huge gaps at the back for Auba and Pepe to run in behind. More goals in this for sure.

  10. Dissenter

    Looks like a game that will come alive with a sending off.
    Emery needs to have a word with Kola. The referee will be inching to do something interesting.

  11. Marko

    Positives are slim I think the CB’s and Leno look alright and Ceballos looks like he wants to carry this team on his back. The two midfield holders look a bit tired and the fullbacks yet again don’t seem to have a clue positionally where a fullback is supposed to be. Deulofeu had a chance near the end there because Sokratis was drawn out to contest a header from a throw in that the RB should have been contesting. Irrespective of the rare occasion that he contributes offensively he’s a total liability in defence

  12. DUIFG

    Clinical as hell, Auba simplifies the game so much, putting the ball in the back of the net. He’s like inzaghi with mad pace

  13. N5

    Although we are winning 2-0, this is a terrible game from since I’ve started watching it. Arsenal need to take control! 2-0 up and still seeming so under pressure.

  14. DUIFG

    Really don’t get pepe hate. Do you want our marquee signing to fail? Yes he needs a goal but his touch and control is so blatantly obvious he stands up players immediately as they can see he has the ball under his spell. People back off and it creates angles.

    If he’s like this come march then il get worried, until then we are good.

  15. Leftsidesanch

    Hopefully we get one more goal and kill them off.

    Watford have scored 10 goals since we beat them in April, in that time Auba has netted 14 times alone himself.

  16. Leedsgunner

    Auba play so much better as an out and out striker. Auba will be hungry to score a few to bring momentum to his golden boot challenge again…

  17. DUIFG

    Let’s not forget people were roasting Auba on here for time before realising he is actually a deamon striker. Pepe will come good.

  18. DUIFG

    Leeds indeed, its the unsaid right now but laca fucks Auba and Auba is our gold dust. We can’t sacrifice aubs to get lac in the team. We have had more cutting edge this half having 2 ballers in caballos and ozil.

    Emery has a tough call soon

  19. karim

    We’ve been a bit lucky Watford didn’t get the opener. Don’t think we would have been able to overcome that. Won’t complain though.
    Confidence is back now and we should be fine.

    Up the Arse !

  20. Leftsidesanch

    Crazy to think that Auba hasn’t netted a Prem hattrick. I didn’t realise until Sky Sports just pointed that out.

  21. Leedsgunner


    “Although we are winning 2-0, this is a terrible game from since I’ve started watching it …”

    Lol, so turn the TV off and listen to it on the radio before we start conceding…. quick!!!!

  22. Leftsidesanch

    Thats the 2nd time Guendouzi has done that, and got away with it. This playing out/dillying from the back is dangerous and needless.

  23. N5

    “Similar to you really…”

    Ha ha Nice one Pierre.

    @Leeds, I always think that. I’m sure I’m jinxed. If we concede I’ll turn it off 😀

    @TYAG, I know mate, very similar traits between them. I’ve not got the patience this time round though.

  24. useroz

    One good 2H game does not make Guen a real starr.

    Guen has too many weaknesses still for a good PL player. Must improve.

    Willock wouldn’t be that silly near own box.

  25. Marko

    Great assist? He square it for Auba to score into an empty net it was pretty basic stuff.

    Guendouzi is having bit of a mare honestly

  26. Leedsgunner

    Pigs flying over the moon… Xhaka makes a smart defensive intervention!!!

    What was Guendouzi thinking! Honestly, we sure love to shoot ourselves in the foot!!!

  27. London gunner

    Pepe may be one footed but so was robben.

    Robben at his peak was the best winger in the world.

    If you are amazing with one foot the defenders can’t stop you. Look at robbens goal scoring record. He would always cut in and everyone and their mum knew he was going to do it… yet he was almost impossible to stop.

  28. WengerEagle


    To me that’s a positive strange as it sounds. Never did have as much love for cluster scorers as the consistent ones.

    Van Persie besides his ballistic season never scored a hat-rick for us in all his time here and even in that season his only one came against the Chavs at SB unless I’m mistaken.

    Aguero is another one that rarely nets more than 1-2 but he does it so often.

    Translates into more points than smashing in a hat-rick against shit sides.

  29. London gunner

    Guendouzi is 19 his performances are bound to fluctuate at his age. The important thing is how he adapts and learns from these experiences.

  30. useroz

    Seriously pissed watching those back passes from Kolac. Stand the fuck back if you aren’t prepared to run.

    Pepe a touch more active bur needs end products.

  31. gazzap

    the only chances ever come from arsenal trying to play it out from the back. Tony adams would never have done all this shit.

  32. London gunner

    Wenger Eagle

    He was one of my favs managed to have a spectacular career despite not really working out or being appreciated at Chelsea and real despite playing well and also managed to have a prolonged career at the top despite the fact he suffered from some nasty injuries.

    He was also really good against all opposition the lower teams and the worldie teams and was mainly very clutch (aside from the wc final)

    His goal against dortmund in the cl final was peak robben.

  33. Leftsidesanch

    I can get along with that line of thinking too WE. I think he may have had a chance to at some point and gave it to Laca unless memory isn’t serving me well.

  34. useroz

    Get Geun off the pitch. He receiving from Leno already caused so much trouble. It’s like Watford had another attacking MF near our box.

    Fuck off Sok and Guen.

    Another fucking Emery short ball by Leno

    Self fucking inflicted.

  35. Marko

    Guendouzi is 19 his performances are bound to fluctuate at his age. The important thing is how he adapts and learns from these experiences.

    This. It’d be a lot more worrying if he was doing it on the regular but that wasn’t the case the beginning of this season. I personally think once in a while he just reminds you that he needs to be rotated more instead of being such a starter.

    Mistake and a goal. Nothing new there. Sokratis awful signing

  36. gazzap

    I actually wrote my comment before the goal. it’s fukcing stupid. I hate all this stupid messing about. watford were committed about 8 players forward. Hit it long and we’ll score but no we have to fucking play it about. so infuriating!!!!

  37. raptora

    Everyone knows my opinion re Sokratis and him being useless and terrible. But this is on Emery really. Why force your team to do something they cannot do? Sokratis will never pass well. So why handicap your team?! Wait for Holding and Tierney to be healthy then start playing from the back. Not now. Emery’s fault 100%.

  38. Moe

    Niles and Guen are piss poor, am sorry. No skills, just athleticism. They can do a performance here and there but not good enuff

  39. Dissenter

    We’ve had that coming fir the past 1.5 years under Emery
    Hope he’s packing his bags already.
    Now we have given a team low in confidence a lot of belief

  40. WengerEagle

    Fucking joke.

    How much longer are we going to persist with this suicidal passing shite in the backline with our rubbish defenders?

    Even prime Barca wouldn’t play that pass.

  41. London gunner

    This is on Emery its clear that the players can’t play out from the back and it doesnt even help us offensively.

    He needs to adapt to the tools he has instead he is being wenger like.

  42. Leftsidesanch

    Sokratis is another clown that pulls silly faces (sounds familiar?) that needs a spell on the bench but he won’t be.

    Xhaka and Sok will make mistakes and be kept in the side while the likes of Mustafi is scapegoated on a mad one.

  43. Champagne charlie

    Arsenal have turned over possession in their own third more than any other side in the league this season, and have 9 clean sheets in 43 games in the PL under Unai.


  44. SammyNelsonsShorts

    What a bunch of absolute wankers, wanna showboat and take the piss out of Watford when A) They haven’t earned the right to do so and B) Have got the skill or ability cos they’re shit footballers…Cockwombles the lot of em

  45. useroz

    Emery seriously got to go if he insists on these fucking idiotic, suicidal short balls from Leno especially the receiving player is the like of Guen.

    Didn’t we want Sarr?? How ironic if he fucks us off

  46. Dream10

    We scored goals because of individual quality. Our football is an eyesore. Build up is terrible. Just hand Emery his pink slip on the full time whistle. Awful stuff.

  47. Rambo Ramsey

    Get this Spanish cunt out of my team.

    What is the one thing this clown has brought to Arsenal? The cancerous ‘Passing out from the back’.

  48. China1

    Who on earth could be so genius to predict that pointless suicidal passing between less than elite players in your own box whilst under pressure would lead to mistakes and goals?

    Apparently not emery.

  49. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Last season we thought it was Cech…

    No we ain’t got technical players to do that
    No educated in that part of the game.

    Maybe Lopez n medley can do that but in a few seasons