Time for a performance

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It is a HUGE game today. All the usual suspects won their games… bar City, they lost in an embarrassing 2-3 thriller away at Norwich.

What a result for Premier League new boys. They were well worth it as well. Very organised. They ran their guts out. They took their opps when they were presented to them and they carved out one really awesome counter-attacking goal.

I loved reading the post-match commentary from the fans. Raheem Sterling is now average. Pep has finally been found out. Manchester City are certainly losing the league to Liverpool.

You couldn’t make it up.

In a post fan tv world, the only place to exist on the radical edge of everything.

For me, what is clear is this… Arsenal are winning the bloody league. Yes, fellas, Unai is bringing it home.

First up, we have to destroy Watford by 11 goals to climb second (from 7th). Be realistic, probably 12 or 13 because the chances of us keeping a clean sheet are pretty slim.

We’re in a post-Lacazette world for the next month. There’s a lot of fans getting their panties in a twist over the lack of an Eddie in the squad. I think people need to remind them of the troubles the young forward was having when he was getting game time with us.

I assume the thinking from Emery will likely be to have Auba as the lead striker, and if he needs a rest, we’ll slip Pepe in there. He’s very comfortable through the middle and offers all the same attributes as Auba… bar the unreal finishing (in England at least).

Also worth remembering Lacazette is not good away from home. His record is very poor, I think Tammy Abrahams has more goals this season than Laca had in the entirety of last year. He’s also not hugely prolific. He scored a Premier League goal every 192 last season. I know he does a lot for the team, he landed 10 assists, which is impressive for a striker.


I think where we’re going to see the innovation is out wide. The manager has quite a few players to choose from. We have a lot explosive pace this year, and starting your career out wide is a lot less stressful than through the middle. I think Reiss has a huge chance to lay claim to a first team spot. I think Saka has always looked very promising when offered a chance to stretch his legs, he also looks very ready from a mentality perspective, no fear in his eyes. Then we have wildcards like Gabriel, who IS the new Anelka… and potentially ESR who has a lot of versatility.

In short, I think Eddie is going to learn more out on loan this season with Leeds, versus playing a bit part role when his confidence was looking pretty touch and go.

We know what we’re going to get tomorrow. Bullied.

Watford are playing under Quique again, he’ll bring a lot of energy, he’ll make them work like dogs and I’ve no doubt we’re going to be penned into tight areas all game long much in the same way we were against Burnley.

I’ll keep on saying it, but I truly hope Emery has learned his lesson with three holding midfielders. We’re not built for deep blocks and I don’t think players care for the pragmatism. We’ve been porous all season. We shipped lots of shots against Spurs and Liverpool. The same happened against fu*king Burnley of all clubs.

The manager needs to take advantage of the technical superiority we have over Watford, that’s not going to come from attack-minded players shutting up shop.

Let’s stretch them, let’s play the beautiful game, let’s bring some excitement to the pitch… we need a performance. Chelsea looks great yesterday, there’s no reason we can’t offer up the same type of decisive output.

Right, just a short one today. I’ll see you in the comments where I shall eviscerate your challenges with word bullets.


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  1. Radio Raheem

    I’m not sure which one of you cunts said Luiz and Sokratis should be our first choice CB pairing after I said Holding has to be one.

    Whoever that was hope you’re enjoying this, cunt.

  2. Moe

    That is poor poor coaching, am sorry. If you have Socrates, Guen, Niles n Xhaka and you insist on playing it out all the time. That’s bs coaching. Leno was fuckin stupid as fuck as well.

  3. useroz

    Side and back passes around the midfield isn’t the solution.

    AMN just a shit RB.

    Still doing the Emery plays it out by Leno. Fuck off.

    Nearly all Watford attack in EH came from that.

    Wrong sub.

    Guen should be off not Ceballos

  4. WengerEagle

    He had us doing that with Cech in the side too and it was embarrassing then as well.

    Luiz is our only defender that is even comfortable with the ball at his feet. And we’re adapting Barcelona/Man City tactics.

    Laughable, Emery clueless.

  5. Danish Gooner

    We are far to slow and cumbersome in our build up play,we have a great chance of gaining on the rest of the top sides but i feel we could be seriously embarrassed here.

  6. Dream10

    Sokratis is worse than Mustafi by the way. He acquired the label of “warrior” early on and was anointed as the solution to CB issued.

  7. London gunner

    Lets be honest we are still playing unflowing disjointed football under emery.

    He needs to improve our offensive play fast because our defense is basically a write off.

  8. Paulinho

    This is Guendouzi.

    Nothing to do with age.

    He’s slow, dopey, lethargic, and only has one gear.

    As the season goes we will see it again and again.

  9. SammyNelsonsShorts

    As for Pepe, hes crap, if he had it, he would have shown it and he hasn’t ….a complete fucking flop…and don’t anyone come on here saying hes got potential, you don’t fork out £72M for that, pathetic

  10. useroz

    Emery ends up sacked because of stupid, wrong insistence to play his favourites like Xhara and Guen.

    Sooner or later if we continue to let ’em shoot at will around the box.

  11. Champagne charlie

    Luiz is the only footballer back there and Leno squares it to Buzz Lightyear? Odd decision.

    Playing out with little to no clue too is comically poor. There’s being resolute to an approach by refining and refining, but this is Sunday league.

    Ceballos leaves the pitch with both hands on his toys ready to chuck them.

  12. TR7

    Said this before the game started no justification for starting Sokratis ahead of Chambers. Chambers reads the game better and has better positioning sense, better on the ball too.

  13. WengerEagle

    Agree Dream, he’s been the one constant in our shocking defence throughout conceding 51 PL goals last season and the lapses this season between today Liverpool and Spurs.

  14. gazzap

    we’ve struggled against Burnley, Newcastle and Watford now. None of those games have been dominated by arsenal. we’ve shown no control in any game this season. It is a huge worry with the supposed quality of player we’ve got.

  15. Valentin

    How dare people without coaching badges predict that passing under pressure between average players in their own penalty box?

  16. Dissenter

    Honestly Emery looks like he’s run his. course .
    Watford are just setting up camp every time we have to taker a goal kick
    Then he removes Ceballos …WTF?

  17. useroz

    Playing from back risking injuries too. Pepe got whacked couple of times, Ozil, AMN…

    Guen isn’t good. Emery needs to smell the roses.

  18. Paulinho

    “It is a huge worry with the supposed quality of player we’ve got.”

    Only clowns think we have genuine quality all over the pitch.

  19. Bob N16

    Right Hillwood! Mind you my wife ended up in A&E after having a ball blasted at her from point blank range by an oaf of a defender on the Marshes today. Stitches on a cut eye!

  20. Spanishdave

    The weakness in our team is old Dickhead .
    He hasn’t got a clue.
    Give him a Ten year contract like Wenger he needs time!!!

  21. Dissenter

    I got believe we are giving them so much possession. No control of the game whatsoever.”

    We aren’t giving it to them…we can’t hold the ball for more than 10 secs.

    Emery is just reacting and reacting.
    He should have brought on Martinelli or Nelson for Ozil.

  22. Chris

    That we are struggling to get a foothold now is really worrying.

    The replay of their goal just gets worse each time. Sokratis knee Guendouzi had a man on him in our own area yet still passed the ball to him.

  23. N5

    Agree with Lee Dixon, should have take off Ozil and changed to 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 to stop this fluid movement that Watford have somehow managed to get a foothold on.

  24. Champagne charlie

    “Yes, Wenger even at his worst was better than Emery.“

    Behave. I’m a big Wenger fan but that’s not true, we were dire come the end. But Emery isn’t anywhere near the level we should have, I’ll say that much.

    We’re 5% better when the target was 50%

  25. Leftsidesanch

    Tired of having our inept defence or players in defensive positions cause problems for this team when we have a hard enough time controlling games anyway.

    On onslaught was probable from Watford this half in any event but we made it so simple for them with a needless goal to concede.

  26. Dissenter

    We really do give out a lot of gifts
    Sorry, I’m done with Emery.
    Nice gentleman and all that but he can’t organize a defense to defend and the expects them to be the fulcrum for launching attacks.

  27. TR7


    I was Wenger out and yet I have no qualms in saying Emery is worse than Wenger. That we are 5 percent better is down to the new back room staff. Emery has not improved anything. Auba and Laca has made us look a lot better than we actually are.

  28. useroz

    Fucking self inflicted.

    Play from the back my arse.

    Rubbish defending gets it done.

    Kolac didn’t drive forward and became a counter…..and a fucking pen

  29. Elmo

    We’d do well to finish 6th this season. For all the transition going on at our competitors, none of them have baked in issues of the scale that we do.

    You can guarantee that Pedro is going to troll us all now by unleashing CG after the final whistle to wax lyrical about Watford.