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The season was supposed to start with BANG, but it’d be fairer to categorise the Newcastle showing as a light crackle, not even a firework, I’m talking a bag of Quavers in the cinema.

The opening game of the season was all about delivering a win, something we didn’t manage last season. It was also about showing that the club had moved on defensively. We delivered against both objectives, landing a clean sheet and a 0-1 win.

The football wasn’t very pleasant and had most of the hallmarks of last season. We struggled to make use of the possession we were afforded, there was little coherence moving forward, and we looked similarly one dimensional.

That said, it’s hard to fault the manager on this occasion. Most of our new players are either injured, unfit or off the pace of the league. Kola and Ozil were dealing with criminal issues in London which don’t sound pleasant. So Emery really had to roll with a makeshift starting 11.

That gave Joe Willock and Reiss Nelson a start, and it also offered up Emery the chance to leave Mustafi out of the 11, something he wasn’t prone to doing last season… so we saw Chambers gifted a start. I think you could confidently say that with a fully fit squad, at least 6 of the player wouldn’t have featured.

We controlled possession with ease but struggled at times to deal with Newcastle’s aggressive pressing approach. We struggled to create chances, so you felt that we were going to need a decisive intervention. Auba to the rescue. The man doesn’t need much of opportunity to devastate teams. We hit Newcastle on a quick break led by AMN who intercepted a stray pass and drove forward, his threaded pass to an unmarked Auba was truly special, the finish was tight, the deadliest sharpshooter in the game lifted the ball over the keeper and did just enough to make the difference.

We took control for the rest of the game, introduced Pepe, Martinelli and Ceballos all made their debuts and all did very little. The Spanish U21 looked extremely off the pace, which is to be expected, but also a big problem because we need a ball-carrying midfielder that can do the job now.

Of the kids, I think Chambers had a solid game, Joe Willock looked comfortable but a touch meek, Reiss was largely anonymous for me, he did create two chances though, and that’s what he’s there to do. He will need to impose himself a little more if he wants to earn more chances.

The player that really stunk the house out was one that’s dropping £170k a week. Mikhi had a shocker of a game, he’s so out of sorts it looks like he’s come out of retirement to play in a charity game at Old Trafford with Robbie Williams best mate… but to be fair, I think Robbie’s best mate would contribute more to the game. Outside one devilishly good pass to Auba, he spent the game getting himself dispossessed or spraying the ball at imagined shadows. His pass completion rate in the final third was 55%… even for someone taking riskier options, that’s kind of appalling. As someone said online, it’s like peak Alexis Sanchez without the goals or assists.

The big thing I’m focused on this season is how Emery evolves the style of play. Our pressing seems very unstructured at the moment and I’m concerned that this system he’s building is easy to suss and not exactly a chance creation machine. We had two shots on target yesterday, that’s really poor when you consider the level of striker we have upfront.

Hopefully, those numbers will improve as we integrate pace and quality into the side. I’m very interested to see what David Luiz brings to the table. Xhaka isn’t the full ticket, but whatever you think of him, you can’t deny that he’s vital to our ability to move the ball forwards and his long balls are a chance creation option in a side that doesn’t create a lot of chances. When opposition teams know where the creativity comes from, it’s easy to control us. Xhaka can get away with being Xhaka against teams like Newcastle, but he’s easily wiped out when you have a team that aggressively pursues him.

Problem is… I’m not sure Matteo and Joe are ready to hold strong in that midfield with Ceballos. Could be a touch weak sauce and it’d be open to bullying. So I’d imagine the main hope is that if we put more mobility into the midfield with Willock and Ceballos, hopefully, we’ll offer more creativity and more running options. Having a midfielder that can move the ball through agressive press is also going to be game-changing. It’s so easy to box our midfield in at the moment.

This squad is exciting because I have literally no idea what it’s capable of producing. The great thing is it’s all on Emery to unlock heat, these are his guys. 8 of that starting 11 are Emery players, probably 9 as Chambers wasn’t a regular fixture with Wenger. All 3 subs were his. No more excuses.

Better football has to be on the menu. Raul and Edu are Barca/Wengerball types. Top 4 needs to come with style. Emery has the players now, let’s see what he can do.

ALSO, did you watch the Chelsea vs United game? The most Brexit game I’ve seen in a while. Neither side impressive, but I’m still unsure how Chelsea managed to lose 3-0. Both squads are not good enough, both managers are not good enough. Top 4 really should be ours! Interesting that Chelsea are going so hard at youth with players that don’t look up to scratch.

Final thought before we go… it was interesting that Jose Mourinho was being so kind about Arsenal players. This on Auba.

“That control looks simple but it’s not simple, it’s genius. Then the finishing is beautiful.”

A few voices indicating that he has deep ties with Mendes and might be trying to ingratiate himself with the Arsenal fans/execs if the inevitable happens earlier than May.

I wanted to hate that idea, but then I started to like it. It totally goes against everything I believe our next manager should be, but the guy has prestige, he’s built winning machines and now I love the idea despite knowing the risks.

There, I said it. I’m really sorry. It was literally a fleeting thought that got out of control.

See you in the comments. x

P.S. I cleared out the banned list as it’s the new season. Same rules apply, agree with me or go elsewhere. Just jokes. But play nice. All are welcome.

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  1. Marko

    Top 4 needs to come with style.

    First off no it doesn’t. Second off with thinking like that don’t complain about the lack of clean sheets then. And thirdly how someone can demand success with style and then insinuate the possibility of Mourinho taking over is beyond me. I would argue style is important for a club long term wise but first and foremost this club needs to learn how to defend better defend leads better improve away from home and most importantly get into the top 4 above all else. If “style” suffers then so be it. Setting all these scenarios Emery now has to accomplish isn’t helpful. Isn’t warranted either considering he’s likely off in the summer

  2. Un na naai

    Yeah like I said I get it. A few years ago I’d have agreed. But seeing as we seem to be going for the short term hire in emery rather than an arteta or vieira then there is literally no better short term manager than Jose Mourinho.

    Anwhow. This is going nowhere fast so….

  3. Dissenter

    When it’s all said and done, it’s probably political.
    It doesn’t make any sense because wealthier targets abound in London.
    Just my tupence.

  4. Champagne charlie


    And the “literally no better short term manager than Jose Mourinho” line is very, very arguable.

  5. Un na naai

    Champagne charlieAugust 12, 2019 12:56:41
    UnaaiAnd the “literally no better short term manager than Jose Mourinho” line is very, very arguable.

    I’m sure. Nothing is off the table when you’re involved chuck but in truth this one is going down a rabbit hole and I’m not really passionate enough about Mourinho to defend him all day.
    I’d just not be against it is all. Totally get why others would but

  6. Un na naai

    JamieAugust 12, 2019 12:58:38
    Pedro reading these comments stroking a white cat and saying “Good, goood!”

    No doubt….
    Got to keep the comments section busy

  7. Rambo Ramsey

    Mourinho’s glory days were outstanding but those are a thing of the past. He’s finished. Just like Wenger post 2005.

  8. Un na naai


    Yeah. I’d take Carlo or allegri but neither were keen to join were they? I doubt pep or klopp will be on when they are done at current clubs and poch is an obvious no go.

    So short of being a king maker as Pedro has alluded to constantly then we really only have a limited number of options

  9. raptora

    It probably started with couple of young guys seeing an opportunity and being retarded basically by trying to rob a couple of super famous people when they are with their families. As a typically very close society Ozil and Kola probably found out who the two young people are and then the conflict escalated quicker than we can think of. In general no way that Ozil being that close to Erdogan helped him in any way. Vice versa – much more probable. Name a player who’s personal with the president of their country except the son of George Weah lol. It’s weird and players should stay as far away from politics as possible.

  10. Pierre

    “A big fat NO to Mourinho. Too divisive, plays negative, execrable football ”

    In that case, I presume you would say a big fat no to Emery also .

  11. Danny

    Definitely with you regarding Mourinho, I’d take him right now instead of Emery, with him we would challenge for everything and not just that Thursday night embarrassment.

  12. Marko

    The man won the second flukiest champions league (after Chelsea) of all time 15 years ago and he’s been dining on that ever since

    Benitez with Liverpool? Don you really need to stop saying stupid fucking shit. My god you’re dumb

  13. Bob N16

    A little evangelical about London Guns, you’re like an ex smoker who goes hard core anti. Hope you’re happy where you are living now. I choose to live in one of the greatest cities on Earth. There are loads of issues but I’m sure where you live is no Nirvana. No need to shit on a place that you still use as your moniker.

  14. Un na naai

    raptoraAugust 12, 2019 13:07:36
    Real Marko. He got the empty square icon. It’s him

    Ooooo Er
    Been watching him closely eh raptora. Looks like marko has an admirer….

  15. Marko

    Next Arsenal manager will be one of Vieira, Nagelsmann, Marcelino (not very likely) or I think Nuno Esperito has a real shot but Paddy is likely to be the favourite. Him and Edu are still friends and clearly Edu and co are looking at doing something special and making their own mark. Absolutely no chance of Arteta

  16. Rambo Ramsey

    “Arteta gonna succeed Pep”

    Multi billionaire City owners taking a chance with Arteta to succeed the great Guardiola?

    Ha Ha

  17. jwl

    When story about Ozil and Kola being attacked more than once came out a few days ago, I first thought of Turk or Balkan gangs were behind it. I obviously have no idea what happening but it would not surprise me at all if our two players were involved in some ethnic gang and now shit has hit the fan for some reason.

    Mourinho was best manager of his generation, better even than Pep, but like all geniuses Mour had purple patch where he won everything but now he’s spent and regressed to mean. No to present Mourinho but yes to Mour of 8-10 years ago.

  18. Pierre

    Personally, I would prefer an up and coming manager when Emery leaves..

    I can understand why some would like Jose but as someone said, he’s past it ,similar to Wenger..would probably be a step back.

    Vieira or Arteta are probably amongst the favourites but I’m interested to see how Norwich play under Daniel Farke.

    He has spent no money and has a team made up of nobody’s but he encourages them to play pacey, intricate football .
    They will come unstuck a few times that’s for sure but they will stick to their footballing beliefs under farke.

    Arsenal’s most successful periods have been when we have taken a chance in the choice of manager.
    Bertie Mee
    George Graham
    Arsene Wenger were all surprise choices and went on to win league titles for the Arsenal.

  19. Graham62

    This is all a joke, right?!?

    Mourinho as a “short term appointment” would not only alienate the fanbase but also, significantly, promote a mindset that we never want to have associated with our club.

    Yeh, but he’s a winner!

    Fudge off!! He WAS a winner. Now he is purely a destroyer of everything we value as fans and a manager that openly promotes negativity.

    As an Arsenal supporter, I don’t want him anywhere near my club.

  20. Mysticleaves

    Everything that has happend so far, how it’s happend and who’s driving it points to an ex Arsenal player being the next manager.

    If it comes from outside, I would be surprised

  21. Graham62

    Veira? Yes, I could go for that.

    Even Eddie Howe at Bournmouth.

    Arteta I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole, until he’s proven himself away from the clutches of Pep.

  22. Bob N16

    I think it’s a wind up Graham. Busted flush. Novelty item on Sky Sports who suck up to him. Anybody who refers to a public figure by their first name is a virtual sycophants to that person. You’ll never find me calling that snide, egotistical arse wipe Jose!

  23. Mysticleaves

    I liked the idea of Arteta but felt it was too soon. In 2 years time, even as assistant, he can take over the coaching position at Arsenal and I would be very happy.

  24. Champagne charlie

    I love reading Graham’s “fudge off” rants, can almost smell the Werthers Originals off my phone

  25. Marko

    Arteta you wouldn’t touch until he proves himself but Freddie could enter into the grey? He’s had one game as an assistant manager let’s just relax a bit on him.

  26. CG

    To get back dining at Top Table- we need an Elite Coach.

    No one more Elite , than Mourinho.

    He is available.
    He lives in London.
    He WANTS The Arsenal.
    He would be an inspired appointment.

    The Nondescript One or The Special One?

    Surely to goodness,its a No Brainer?
    (How dim are folk, around here.)

    Back on Track with Jose.

  27. fsaf

    I was half joking about Arteta succeeding Pep. It is possible though. If Pep gives his blessing and appoints Arteta as his successor, Manc owners would probably go along with it. Doesn’t mean he’ll be a success though. Not at all.

  28. Champagne charlie

    If Ajax have a season again you’ve got to think their manager will propel himself amongst the candidates for a top club?

    Last season was fantastic, now he’s got to show it wasn’t just a coming together of circumstances.

  29. Gonsterous

    What’s all this mourinho love in? I thought we had already come to the conclusion that he is a has- been. Love winning titles?
    get in simeone after emery, end of discussion

  30. Marko

    Receding if winning a league title is a requirement for the next Arsenal manager then we’ll be looking for a long time.

  31. Rambo Ramsey

    All this furore….

    Unai Emery will lead the revolution at Arsenal for the foreseeable until the prodigal son returns to apply the finishing touches.

    Yes, Aaron Ramsey will return as player-manager.

    Rambo knows these things.

  32. Guns of Hackney

    Jose 10-1 for Arsenal’s next manager. Down from 250-1 at end of Wenger’s tenure.

    Sources say that yesterday was an audition of sorts and knowing Jose, “would love to take Arsenal where Arsene couldn’t”.

    Nothing hotter than the sauce Jose brings.

    No pizazz though.

  33. Mysticleaves

    Can he even beat Pochettino to a league title??

    Poch would have to contest for the league first.

    Also, more than the tactical acumen of coaches, players win matches and ultimately, leagues. If we have comparable squads to the class of the league, then a coach with considerable tactical acumen can win the league

  34. chris

    Watching the highlights back again from yesterday and still impressed with Nelson, in particular his one touch movements and little shimmy and turn to lose two Newcastle players. Very tidy and hope we seem a lot more of him, more game time will increase his confidence further. Another decent showing for Willock.

    I make that 33 goals in 50 appearances for Arsenal for Aubameyang now. That output is vital to us so it was crazy to suggest we should cash in on him.

    Mkhitaryan has a shocker and sadly this seems to be the norm. There’s obviously a quality player in there but it just isn’t happening for him or us. He has to be next on the list to bin as soon as possible.

    We still looked shaky defensively at times but obviously we were missing 3 of our now presumed first choice backline. I think we will know a lot more about us by mid September/October when we have players back from injury and new players integrated. I would hope to see a more fluid attack and stable defence by then.

  35. Guns of Hackney

    Chris, or should I say Stan?

    How the fuck do you know?

    Jose is already gathering pace. The Portuguese train is starting to roll.

  36. Vintage Gun

    “When it’s all said and done, it’s probably political.
    It doesn’t make any sense because wealthier targets abound in London.”

    This bike-gate scandal is weird to say the least.

    Two guys on a moped tried to rob two footballers watches at knife point. (Yep sounds like London 2019 A.D)

    Then these guys start to threaten to rob them of “Everything they own” despite this being World news. (Hmmmm)

    Now guys were acting suspiciously outside Kola’s house and Ozil’s despite the fact that security has been beefed up due to the two aforementioned incidents.

    And despite playing away to Barca , Newcastles deemed too unsafe? (Did the gang threaten to drive their moped all the way up to Tyneside???)

    I’m not making light of this as i don’t know the full 100, but somethings VERY strange about this.

    I just hope Ozil hasn’t taken his acquired fortnite skills into reality on these London streets and this is the kickback.
    Kola’s streets of rage 2 skills were on full display (MAX)

  37. Akilan

    There is Lucian Favre & Nagelsmann from Bundesliga.

    There will always be an Italian breaking through, may be Giampaoli at Milan?

    Nuno from Wolves is solid. Even Silva got his shit together at Everton, the end of the season.

    If Jardim can get Monaco to compete again, he’s another solid choice.

    Vieira was decent last year and if he improves, he’s certainly one of the top contenders. Then there is always Arteta.

    No need for Mourinho, a relic from the past.

  38. Guns of Hackney

    Honestly, Ozil and Kola are pussies. Can’t play? Won’t play? Traumatised?

    Jesus…even a Frenchman or Italian would have played.

    I reckon they want out. London is the New Mexico.

  39. Mysticleaves

    Vintage…Barcelona happened in between the two incidents. The report that made them sit out the Newcastle match was after the Barcelona match.

  40. Guns of Hackney

    Thieves break into Ozil’s and what…steal his X Box? The man has a games console and a sofa, that’s it.

    As for Kola…nothing but a fridge and cheese.

  41. Receding Hairline

    “Receding if winning a league title is a requirement for the next Arsenal manager then we’ll be looking for a long time.”

    But it should be shouldn’t it??

    What should be the requirement? Top Four?? Slick football?? Youth?? Sauce??

  42. fsaf

    Inaki Williams has signed a new nine-year contract with Athletic Bilbao with a release clause of 125m pounds.

    Nine-year contract?! Is this normal? Lol

  43. Nelson

    It looks like the next north London derby will be decided by the biker gang. If they want to Spuds to lose, they’ll just go out and do a thing to the Spuds players.

  44. Biggles

    I sadly couldn’t see the game yesterday. Bloody family obligations…

    Since I didn’t see it all, I can’t pass much judgement outside clips I’ve seen. The main thing was to win, which we did. Not only did we win an away game at the start of the season, we did it with a mostly second string team. And we kept a clean sheet. I don’t think we could have asked for much more.

    I’m heartened that Willock and Nelson got playing. I’m also relieved to see Chambers playing in place of Mustafi.

    I don’t think Ozil is going to play for Arsenal again. I think the security issues might be getting milked to give him an out whilst saving face for both him and the club. If the MLS can come up with a good enough package and the club perhaps pay him a chunk to leave, I think he’ll be gone. Another two years of not playing at Arsenal will do terrible things to his commercial value, whereas four or five years in the MLS on a lesser salary, but playing, will keep him marketable.

    Dunno about Kolasinac. I think he’d be gone if we got a good offer for him. Monreal can cover for Tierney.

  45. Vintage Gun


    Fair point but still. If this was Auba, Pepe, Kane, Hazard (When he was at Chelsea) i feel the club security would put them up somewhere until the issue gets resolved if it got to the point where ‘Gangs’ are literally on you doorstep threatening allsorts AFTER a knife attack.

    These are multi millionaire footballers, not Universal credit gangsters that have nowhere to go when the heats on.

    As i said i know as little as the next man on this but it honestly seems off .

  46. Marko

    But it should be shouldn’t it??

    We’re not like Madrid or Barcelona where expectations are league titles and champions league trophies and not winning one or both could mean the sack. My guess is the requirement for our next manager is are you a good manager with the potential for improvement and that’s it. I think in this league especially and with our owners especially any expectations of bigger things just doesn’t seem very Arsenal at the moment. That doesn’t mean that we should temper our way of looking at our next manager whoever it is. There’s still a lot of expectations at Arsenal I just don’t think beating Pep/Klopp/Poch to a league title is one of them

  47. andy1886

    Mourinho is a has-been, he’s done as a top flight coach. Always interested to see that the idea of Wenger-Ball is equated with the tippy-tappy Barca lite nonsense from the last ten years of his tenure rather then the pace & power football that we played and repeatedly won trophies using during Wenger’s first ten years (okay 8 years then).

    If Wenger had stuck what worked rather than gone off down some mad ideological possession/passing game road then we and he would have been more successful IMO.

  48. Guns of Hackney


    They don’t get it.

    Sauce makes people want see what happens.

    But Pizazzzzz keeps them coming back.

  49. Guns of Hackney

    Now I want Jose I’m just to shake the place up. There wouldn’t be one slacker around that’s for sure.

    Maybe Arsenal has always been Jose’s spiritual home.

    I’d give him one season to see what kind of sauce bomb he could drop.

  50. Guns of Hackney

    Arsenal are still in apathy. Wenger’s ghost still haunts us and to be honest, they recruited a clone in Emery. A guy who will always tow the line.

    We need a guy who turns up to the party already drunk, doesn’t bring booze, hogs the kitchen, chats up the hosts wife and makes inappropriate innuendos to the daughter, pisses on the cat, curtains and toilet seat and leaves while knocking over the blue ray player.

    This didn’t happen to me…it was a widescreen tv.

  51. chris

    Mourinho would be a disastrous appointment for Arsenal football club.

    He may well win a cup competition but his recent employment history suggests he loses the dressing room after a year and a half or so. It all goes Deep South after that ending with an acrimonious exit.

    His football style in recent times (and even in major successful years) has often been dour and turgid. Think of the football style Wenger had us playing up until before the latter part of his tenure. Isn’t that the type of football we want to see?

    I do see the appeal in terms of producing a winning machine that has a steely attitude but there would be no guarantees of this, more likely he causes division and ill feeling in the squad and fan base. I think the thought of him recreating a Chelsea circa 04/06 or Inter 09/10 is just that, a wild dream. That’s what Man Utd fans were expecting and he failed to deliver on a huge transfer budget afforded to him.

    I would confidently say that a huge majority of Arsenal fans would be against it.

  52. Un na naai

    MarkoAugust 12, 2019 14:33:59
    There wouldn’t be one slacker around that’s for sure.Last three clubs players have downed tools.

    Where he won the prem, la liga and was the first manager to bring Man U champions league football since Fergie left and won the Europa league.

    What a failure

  53. Pedro

    Guns, my big concern in hiring Emery was that it’d go wrong and then the media would bang the PROVEN winner drum and we’d end up with Mourinho.

    Think that could be a possibility… but hoping he clashes with the values of Raul/Edu.

  54. Un na naai

    The man won la liga with a record points total and had an overall 72% win ratio across 3 years

    Can he lose our dressing room please??

  55. fsaf

    Wengaball was a thing mainly during the years when we won nothing. In our title winning teams we always had superb atlhetes that were giving as good as they were taking.

    The wengaball imo could be narrowed down to the period having Cesc as a main figure in the team. We had excellent technicians like Cesc himself, Rosicky, Hleb, Nasri, RvP. It was more Wenger having the right players than Wenger showing his quality since that’s the only time we played a seriously good looking football. With DB10 and TH14 the style was different imo.

    Sadly we don’t have anything to show for it but pretty football. If Wenger had a better eye for defenders we would have won the EPL at least twice in these roughly 6 years.

  56. Guns of Hackney


    Don’t do values, mate. Where has that got us? But you know that…

    I just want to win again. Winning beautifully would be amazing but I’d take pulling the pig in the dark for a season if it meant we were in a great position to hire the future guy who will lead us for the next few years.

  57. Globalgunner

    What on God’s good earth unforgivable sin would we Arsenal fans have committed to warrant having Mourinho and his Mephistopheles like traits foisted upon our club.
    Mourinho is 58. Yesterdays man with terrible human traits. Nothing warrants hiring him. I cross myself just at the thought.
    Nuno Espirito from Wolves is the man. He will be at one of the top tier European clubs in the near future. We need to grab him before the likes of Milan and Real do. The guy is mustard. Plays great potent football even with average players.

  58. Graham62

    I will not get into any further Arsene Wenger discussions as I’ve saturated the subject on that.

    I will though defend my club against the Antichrist that is Jose Mourinho.

  59. Valentin


    I agree with you regarding Mourinho.
    He is toxic and he clearly feel threaten by Lampard approach. He has been riled by the comment of a younger, fresher, more entertaining Chelsea.
    However that does not mean that his assessment of Chelsea tactical and personnel approach was wrong.

  60. Victorious

    Pedro calm down on the sauce will ya

    Values or no values, No way should we ever entertain the thoughts of Boringho as our gaffer(trying not to puke here)

    the man is hate filled, literally called the club specialists in failure,think we’re a laughing stock already? Something like that will top the bantz chat for decades non stop,lol

    You think it’s a plausible idea because it’s the internet and anybody can write whatsoever the fuck he feel like with absolutely nothing to lose(looking at you CG)

    but IF we ever try some shite like that half of the stadium will be empty in his first match,with only a handful of guys like CG and Don hoping to catch a glance of their hero

    It’s NEVER going to happen, our next manager will or rather should be Nuno before he goes to United or Chavs

  61. Emiratesstroller

    Certain posters need to use some common sense. The situation concerning Ozil
    and Kolasinac is exceedingly serious.

    Both players and their families have been subjected to life threatening situations
    by gangsters.

  62. Leftsidesanch

    It feels like Pedros’s lost a bet and has to allow Little G to post his ramblings on here. Either that or they’re related, or the same person.

  63. Victorious

    Either that or they’re related, or the same person.

    Hahahah beginning to think this way too, might be he uses the handle to provoke arguments and create traffick.. I mean it boggles that they seem to agree in plenty matters considering the odd stuffs CG comes up

  64. Rambo Ramsey

    “the man is hate filled, literally called the club specialists in failure”

    Surprise, surprise.

    Victorypuss thinks the club and Wenger are one and the same.


  65. DivineSherlock

    First thing First about this Mourinho nonsense , Would City , Bayern or Juventus consider him for the job ? if the ans is no , then I’ll pass. Juve apparently couldve signed him they went with Sarri . Special One my ass . If you think Emery’s football is boring how can you say Mourinho is exciting in the same breath , fuck me some fans on here are deluded.

  66. HighburyLegend

    “literally called the club specialists in failure”
    The only wise words which came from the mouth of Maureen.

  67. DivineSherlock

    What I absolutely recommend tho is that Poch fcuks off to Madrid and Then Levy brings in Maureen the self anointed special one . Comedy gold . Then we’ll see that 3 season crash and burn as Kane and Delle Ali move out of the club.

  68. Guns of Hackney

    Just piss of the Neanderthals on here, I hope Jose takes over in January.

    Wins the Europa but relegates us.


  69. Akilan

    What Mourinho did with Real is as relevant as Wenger’s work with us in the early noughties.

    In his last 6 seasons, he’s won 1 league title & 1 EL. His tactics doesn’t work in the CL anymore as he’s been knocked out by inferior sides like Sevilla. Not a bonafide winner anymore.

  70. Emiratesstroller

    Highbury Legend

    Stop trivialising a very serious situation.

    You may not like or rate Ozil but he does not need or deserve what is going on.

    Moreover this can have very serious consequences for the EPL. Do you not think that it might act as a deterrent in the future for players joining clubs in England?

  71. Dissenter

    How did we get to discussing Jose Fcuking Mourinho, the day after our season opener?

    What a bizarre start to the week?

  72. Un na naai


    Nobody is with Man U. Get him to another club and watch him take the title again. United are the new Liverpool
    Will be another 20 years for them. They carry a stigma now. Only greedy, troublesome players seem to flock there who’ve lost their ambition. Sanchez, Pogba, lukaku, Mkhitaryan

  73. HighburyLegend

    My only concern is that the Ozil situation could affect our season, we clearly don’t need that.
    Ozil has become a real dead weight for the club, both on and off the pitch.

  74. Un na naai

    Moreover this can have very serious consequences for the EPL. Do you not think that it might act as a deterrent in the future for players joining clubs in England?

    Yeah and act as a green light to any scum bags looking to come to London on the make?

  75. Victorious


    Chop rice Chop rice

    Shouldn’t you be in a blog full of Old Ladies?

    It was a slight to the club and the supporters as well, A manager is the face of the club, represents the club and it’s image

    No true supporting fan should take it lightly a fellow unprofessional twat sees it fit to use such terms against the man managing the club he claims to support,simple as

    You would’nt know that though seeing as you tend to confuse been stucked in Ramsey’s asshole is the same as supporting the club

  76. Micheal

    “Moreover this can have very serious consequences for the EPL. Do you not think that it might act as a deterrent in the future for players joining clubs in England?”

    Well said ES.

    It also opens up the real possibility of outside influences interfering with th outcome of matches. The equivalent of invading the pitch to get a game stopped.

  77. Dissenter

    People handle stress in different ways. Some use humor, just so that you know.
    Ozil can afford the best security. He will be fine.
    Let’s drop the righteous indignation shall we.

  78. Rob The Goon


    You’re usually on the ball with your posts but Mourinho is finished.

    We really dont need a divisive character like him at our club especially at a time when we appear to have some togetherness.

    Top 4 should be the minimum this season, if Emery fails then I’d be more open to Arteta as he would have another year with Pep under his belt

  79. Emiratesstroller

    Highbury Legend

    I think that Ozil and Kolasinac’s welfare is more important than its impact on Arsenal’s season.

    However if we lose these two players it is going to have serious consequences for our squad. We have currently only 23 registered players including 6 Home grown and if we offload Mustafi and Elneny our squad is exceedingly light.

    Currently Bellerin and Tierney are out with long term injuries.

    So we need every player that we have got and not land up with this dreadful situation as well.

  80. Carts


    That’s fair enough – whether I agree entirely with it or not, his critique was justified, especially on the back of a (flattering) 4-0 loss for Chelsea

  81. Rob The Goon

    Cant forget the time when Jose pulled the plug on the Djemba Ba deal right at the last minute. To be fair though, Wenger was a fool for even doing business with him considering their past

  82. Carts

    Reprisal attack, or intimating that another is pending, given the fact those shitlords would be ridiculed ‘back in the ends’, has resulted in them blowing hot air, imo

    Equally, Ozil and Kola’s safety is paramount and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

  83. Marko

    Cheers Charles

    Only one way to settle this imposter a fight to the death on a narrow rickety bridge over a gorge filled with crocodiles. Last man standing apparently gets the best post route

  84. Marko

    No true supporting fan should take it lightly a fellow unprofessional twat sees it fit to use such terms against the man managing the club he claims to support,simple as

    Hilarious. I was particularly offended everytime he was questioned for making a dumb decision.

  85. Rambo Ramsey

    “It was a slight to the club and the supporters as well”

    Only if you were a Wenger lover, which is an open secret in your case.

  86. Marko

    my big concern in hiring Emery was that it’d go wrong and then the media would bang the PROVEN winner drum and we’d end up with Mourinho.

    Big lol Pedro. So you’ve been against Emery since day one cause you think it’d lead to Mourinho getting the job? Not to worry never going to happen.

  87. Chika


    “Ozil can afford the best security. He will be fine.”

    You do come up with some needless daft comments.

    You were the same nincompoop that called Ozil a pussy because he refused to engage knife wielding criminals with his bare hands.

  88. TheBayingMob

    “A big HELL NO to Mourinho as a potential manager. HELL. NO. Literally cannot stand the guy. Twat of a man.”

    I would agree but not because he’s a twat (which he absolutely is, but …). I think most people who make it to a level of significance in sport (either coaching or playing) are terrible, arrogant, fevered egos / fucktards; for me it’s just more his management style is dead. It’s all siege mentality and throwing players under the bus to get a reaction. It’s been found out and specifically the Chelsea players mutinied to push him out. I don’t think we need that. No one does anymore. Jose is done.

  89. Leftsidesanch

    ‘Hope Ozil and Kolasinac wants out now. Two more off from the dross list.’

    Judging by your teams capitulation at OT yesterday you can add them to that list and include yourself on the dross list you nonentity.

  90. Stew

    Stroller – I fully agree with your comments re Ozil/Kola. It’s a serious situation indeed but let’s hope it can be contained and we can get back to playing the game.

  91. HighburyLegend

    Here’s what we know right now : “Since they were agressed in July, Sead Kolasinac and Mesut Özil are at the center of a gang war. According to the Sun, relayed by RMC Sport, a gang from North London would have come to the rescue of the two Arsenal players by threatening retaliation the first attackers. Problem: they would have reacted strongly and would have in turn threatened the players new attacks. For the moment, Kolasinac and Özil would be under permanent police protection.
    Sunday, the two players did not attend the victory of Arsenal against Newcastle (1-0) for security reasons. Last week, two individuals who were observing the house of the German international were arrested by the police. Sead Kolasinac’s companion would also have left England.”

    Totally cursed, yes we are.

  92. HighburyLegend

    In other news… “Sami Khedira wants a move to Arsenal”
    He wants to be beside his best pal, ain’t it cute ??

  93. Valentin

    From other media, Kolasinac confronting the would-be carjacker really upset them. It made them look like incompetent amateurs on the eye of the criminal underworld.
    Then another outfit of gangsters the same size than them tried to flex their muscles by claiming the players and their family protected and off limits that really pissed them off.
    Now Özil and Kolasinac are not the prizes anymore, they are just the collateral show off in a gangster war between two factions of similar size.
    Polices is trying to arrange a truce behind the scene, but that things could turn really violent, because nobody want to back down.

  94. Dissenter

    Chika or whatever you call yourself
    Why don’t you get your sorry ass down to London and protect Ozil. Talk is cheap.
    I’m sure he’ll appreciate it.

    He has minders guarding him. He’s safer that you will ever be.

  95. Dissenter

    Un na
    What was so upsetting about my comment?
    That the professional football is okay because he can afford the best private security money can buy?

  96. UTarse

    With Liverpool followed by Spuds coming up, it’s imperative we beat Burnley and convincingly at that, we need momentum, positivity to really be infused through the club, the players and the fans…. I’d be content with 2 wins and 2 draws from our first 4 games.

    First time in a long time I am looking forward to our first Emirates game of the season… expectancy awaits, now deliver what we’ve all been starved of for so long Emery.

  97. Marko

    Emery if he’s good enough would win a trophy this season with the lads.

    The fake Marko can meet me in front of Highbury.

  98. Chika


    “He has minders guarding him. He’s safer that you will ever be.”

    Another daft comment from the super cretin.

    Two of our players missed a game with a possibility of missing more because their well being is threatened; their wives have reportedly fled the country despite the “heavy security”. However, you believe it’s all good simply because Ozil can easily assemble a Voltron led security from Mars.

    No matter how you try to coat it, it was another stupid comment from you.