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The season was supposed to start with BANG, but it’d be fairer to categorise the Newcastle showing as a light crackle, not even a firework, I’m talking a bag of Quavers in the cinema.

The opening game of the season was all about delivering a win, something we didn’t manage last season. It was also about showing that the club had moved on defensively. We delivered against both objectives, landing a clean sheet and a 0-1 win.

The football wasn’t very pleasant and had most of the hallmarks of last season. We struggled to make use of the possession we were afforded, there was little coherence moving forward, and we looked similarly one dimensional.

That said, it’s hard to fault the manager on this occasion. Most of our new players are either injured, unfit or off the pace of the league. Kola and Ozil were dealing with criminal issues in London which don’t sound pleasant. So Emery really had to roll with a makeshift starting 11.

That gave Joe Willock and Reiss Nelson a start, and it also offered up Emery the chance to leave Mustafi out of the 11, something he wasn’t prone to doing last season… so we saw Chambers gifted a start. I think you could confidently say that with a fully fit squad, at least 6 of the player wouldn’t have featured.

We controlled possession with ease but struggled at times to deal with Newcastle’s aggressive pressing approach. We struggled to create chances, so you felt that we were going to need a decisive intervention. Auba to the rescue. The man doesn’t need much of opportunity to devastate teams. We hit Newcastle on a quick break led by AMN who intercepted a stray pass and drove forward, his threaded pass to an unmarked Auba was truly special, the finish was tight, the deadliest sharpshooter in the game lifted the ball over the keeper and did just enough to make the difference.

We took control for the rest of the game, introduced Pepe, Martinelli and Ceballos all made their debuts and all did very little. The Spanish U21 looked extremely off the pace, which is to be expected, but also a big problem because we need a ball-carrying midfielder that can do the job now.

Of the kids, I think Chambers had a solid game, Joe Willock looked comfortable but a touch meek, Reiss was largely anonymous for me, he did create two chances though, and that’s what he’s there to do. He will need to impose himself a little more if he wants to earn more chances.

The player that really stunk the house out was one that’s dropping £170k a week. Mikhi had a shocker of a game, he’s so out of sorts it looks like he’s come out of retirement to play in a charity game at Old Trafford with Robbie Williams best mate… but to be fair, I think Robbie’s best mate would contribute more to the game. Outside one devilishly good pass to Auba, he spent the game getting himself dispossessed or spraying the ball at imagined shadows. His pass completion rate in the final third was 55%… even for someone taking riskier options, that’s kind of appalling. As someone said online, it’s like peak Alexis Sanchez without the goals or assists.

The big thing I’m focused on this season is how Emery evolves the style of play. Our pressing seems very unstructured at the moment and I’m concerned that this system he’s building is easy to suss and not exactly a chance creation machine. We had two shots on target yesterday, that’s really poor when you consider the level of striker we have upfront.

Hopefully, those numbers will improve as we integrate pace and quality into the side. I’m very interested to see what David Luiz brings to the table. Xhaka isn’t the full ticket, but whatever you think of him, you can’t deny that he’s vital to our ability to move the ball forwards and his long balls are a chance creation option in a side that doesn’t create a lot of chances. When opposition teams know where the creativity comes from, it’s easy to control us. Xhaka can get away with being Xhaka against teams like Newcastle, but he’s easily wiped out when you have a team that aggressively pursues him.

Problem is… I’m not sure Matteo and Joe are ready to hold strong in that midfield with Ceballos. Could be a touch weak sauce and it’d be open to bullying. So I’d imagine the main hope is that if we put more mobility into the midfield with Willock and Ceballos, hopefully, we’ll offer more creativity and more running options. Having a midfielder that can move the ball through agressive press is also going to be game-changing. It’s so easy to box our midfield in at the moment.

This squad is exciting because I have literally no idea what it’s capable of producing. The great thing is it’s all on Emery to unlock heat, these are his guys. 8 of that starting 11 are Emery players, probably 9 as Chambers wasn’t a regular fixture with Wenger. All 3 subs were his. No more excuses.

Better football has to be on the menu. Raul and Edu are Barca/Wengerball types. Top 4 needs to come with style. Emery has the players now, let’s see what he can do.

ALSO, did you watch the Chelsea vs United game? The most Brexit game I’ve seen in a while. Neither side impressive, but I’m still unsure how Chelsea managed to lose 3-0. Both squads are not good enough, both managers are not good enough. Top 4 really should be ours! Interesting that Chelsea are going so hard at youth with players that don’t look up to scratch.

Final thought before we go… it was interesting that Jose Mourinho was being so kind about Arsenal players. This on Auba.

“That control looks simple but it’s not simple, it’s genius. Then the finishing is beautiful.”

A few voices indicating that he has deep ties with Mendes and might be trying to ingratiate himself with the Arsenal fans/execs if the inevitable happens earlier than May.

I wanted to hate that idea, but then I started to like it. It totally goes against everything I believe our next manager should be, but the guy has prestige, he’s built winning machines and now I love the idea despite knowing the risks.

There, I said it. I’m really sorry. It was literally a fleeting thought that got out of control.

See you in the comments. x

P.S. I cleared out the banned list as it’s the new season. Same rules apply, agree with me or go elsewhere. Just jokes. But play nice. All are welcome.

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  1. DM


    1. It was 4-0 yesterday, not 3-0

    2. A big HELL NO to Mourinho as a potential manager. HELL. NO. Literally cannot stand the guy. Twat of a man.

  2. Pierre

    I spent the whole of last season criticising Emery for playing our full backs too advanced, creating gaping holes down the channels for one of our centre backs to have to move across to fill, which in turn creates a hole in central defence .

    Yesterday , our full backs played with superb discipline , they did occasionally move forward to support the attack but never both full backs at the same time as was a regular occurrence last season.

    It was no surprise to me that our full/wing backs suffered so many injuries last season as the work load being asked of them was way too high, maybe Emery has looked at our limited resources and decided to protect them a little by asking them to play a more disciplined role.

    By playing with our full backs more restrained , our 2 central defenders rarely ,if ever, were drawn out of position so consequently our defence looked nice and compact .

    Also having our 2 central midfielders playing more of a protecting role meant we were never open to the counter attack .

    Of course Newcastle did not not look very good offensively and there will be much tougher tests to come but to me , it looked like a slight change in Emery’s philosophy.

    I am hoping Emery does not persist with playing Willock behind the striker . Willock looks a way more accomplished footballer playing slightly deeper , when Ceballos came on for Willock his positional sense was better in that he was always available to receive the ball so consequently we were more in control of the game .

    I feel we we see the best of Willock playing deeper , it remains to be seen whether the manager is of that opinion as previously he has used the CAM more as a the first line of press rather than a conventional play maker type.
    I may be wrong but it looks like it’s all about what the CAM does off the ball than on the ball…

  3. Mysticleaves

    I said it one time that either Pedro knows CG or CG reached out to him to allow him troll his blog. What I missed was that CG might be Pedro’s alter ego. The one that’s really allowed to let loose and say whatever is on his mind.

    Jose Mourinho to where? The moment it happens, Arsenal have lost me. Not that it means much anyway.

  4. Bojangles

    No way I want Maureen at Arsenal, although it does seem an option that those in control may take up. If it does eventuate, I may take a year sabbatical and visit ancient relatives up north (Viet Nam). No TV there

  5. Freddie Ljungberg

    CG has now successfully groomed Pedro, no other explanation to the Mourinho nonsense, it’s coming straight from the voices in CGs head to Pedros keyboard. A big fat no thanks on that.


    Still trolling about the fullbacks? There was a reason they had to play like that last season, no fullbacks and no Cam (at least a good Cam) meant we didn’t create chances without the fullbacks bombing forward.

    We didn’t create much against Newcastle but hopefully that will change when we have a full squad to choose from.

  6. A J

    For how long does Chambers get catagorised as a “kid” !?

    After a couple of early cheap losses of possession, thought Ceballos kept the ball well being neat & tidy given 1-0 up away from home.

    Also thought ANM looked something like a R/B, better game from him.

  7. Valentin


    I am not so sure that our fullback being less gungho was a result of Emery’s instructions. It could just be due to personnel.
    There was moments when Chambers was calling AMN back to his position. On the other side, Monreal knows that he does not have the leg to go continuously galloping forward.
    Also Nelson was much more alert to his defensive duties than Iwobi and Kolasinac used to.

  8. Freddie Ljungberg

    Leno, Maitland-Niles, Chambers, Sokratis, Monreal, Guendouzi, Xhaka, Willock, Mkhitaryan, Nelson, Aubameyang.

    That was our starting XI last night, I’m not sure what advanced mathematical algorithm you used Pedro but how are 8-9 of those players his players? I count Leno, Sokratis and Guen that were bought in since last year, even if you for some reason has to count the kids as his players it still doesn’t add up.

    anyway, this was basically a reserve team, looking forward to how we’ll look in the next month or 2.

  9. Bojangles


    Have TV… Wouldn’t be here if I couldn’t watch the football. Up north where the monkeys swing they have no TV though… Lol

  10. Ivan

    If we played few more games like this last season it would be cl football on the menu this season.

    Bar Mhiki team selection was really good.
    Plenty of young players and 3 points and cs in away game.

  11. Mysticleaves

    Also interesting that when someone wants to praise Luiz they praise his passing abilities. Like we do with Xhaka. 😄😄 What does that tell you?

  12. Quindinho

    I believe we will see a dry run against Burnley next weekend in preparation for our double cracker against Liverpool and Spurs….Unai Knows Best

  13. Jamie

    Lovely morning.

    3 points, clean sheet away from home, under 23s got valuable minutes, our summer signings yet to bed in.

    Arsenal positives.

  14. CG

    Spanish Dave

    Off course we ain’t got enough cover .

    Problem is No one who works at the club in high positions can count.

    When Mustafi departs ( not in squad,yesterday)

    We have:

    X4 central defenders ( all on the slow side)
    X2 central forwards.

    And that’s what they want to run with for a 10 month season.

    Playing 3 games a week.

    We scraping a 8th – 10 th slot by the end of the season with those squad numbers

  15. Bojangles

    Lol. Maureen says Man City B team has more chance of winning the title than In**ed. He’s a bitter old man.

  16. Graham62

    If the CEO of this blog is getting excited about Mourinho coming to our club then I’d have to seriously start to question his credentials.

    There is something dodgy going on here.

    I’d create a MOBMAB( Mourinho Out Before Mourinho Arrives) blog if there was an inkling that was going to happen.

    Shame on you Pedro.

    You’ve gone down in my estimations big time, just by thinking this.

    One person on here is very happy.

    Strange that.

  17. Cesc Appeal

    It was a tame performance but a good win and great to get a clean sheet. What makes it even better is that we traveled to a potentially tricky place with a Europa League or reserve side for the most part.

    When everyone is fit I doubt very much Maitland Niles, Chambers, Monreal, Willock/Guendouzi, Nelson and Mkhitaryan will be playing.

    I cannot wait to see this side when Bellerin, Tierney and Pepe are all fit and starting.

    I’d like to see some of the new faces in the side for the game against Burnley on Saturday and I expect to see another clean sheet.

    It’s annoying the Spurs game will probably come just a little too soon to have most of the first choice players back and fit.

  18. Wasi

    Gotta agree with the Willock thing. He is at his best when playing deeper and controlling the game. Cabellos i beleive is also an #8 ideally who can also babble at #10 quite well. But Emery is fixated on using #8s at the no. 10 position. And this goes way back. Banega at Sevilla prime example.
    Idk why Emery likes mykhi so much. He is as much a liability as Mustafi(repeated). The ball over the top was world class and then the rest if the match he was not even anonymous . He was present and in a negative sense.
    Chambers had a Solid Solid game. Where r all the haters now. He is more than capable of holding his own and Playing for Arsenal even if it means in a rotational role.

  19. Danny S


    Take a look at our invincible team. 4 x CB, an aged Keown and the human lamppost Cygan were 2 of those.

    Bet you didn’t criticise Wenger then.

    Teams that win leagues generally do so because their main defensive partnering stays fit.

  20. Graham62


    I’m starting to have the same feelings.

    Even though it’s his blog, Pedro needs to be very careful in the way he promotes things and allows others to manipulate the blog by promoting things that are counterproductive.

    If certain things continue, I’m off.

    Shed totally dismantled and stacked up ready for the tip.

  21. Leftsidesanch

    Pedros been trolling us for a year lol so Mourinho in from him doesn’t surprise.

    Never been a better time to be a troll on LG than right now 😫😉

  22. Alexanderhenry


    ‘Raul and Edu are Barca/Wengerball types. Top 4 needs to come with style.’

    That pretty much rules out mourihno.

    Also, when things go wrong the grumpy Portuguese has a habit of blaming everyone except himself- especially the club.
    I can’t see Josh and Stan going for that.

  23. Chitom

    No truth hurts tick tock Arsenal are getting relegated?
    That’s as an uninspired performance from you as Arsenal put in yesterday.

    Mourinho to Arsenal……. that’s an interesting thought.
    I think a lot of supporters would be moving up North ( Vietnam) were that to happen, including the guy who runs Untold lol.

  24. Danny S

    Also yesterday showed how an entire team pressing can improve defence.

    Everyone put in a shift pressing wise, may not have done anything great with the possession they won but they still harassed Newcastle all over the pitch. No passengers.

  25. Freddie Ljungberg


    I don’t think Emery likes Mikhi that much to be honest, but when we sold Iwobi (rightly so) it left us a bit light on the wings until Pepe is ready.

    Saka and Martinelli are exciting but they’re not ready to start in the PL yet.
    When Laca was also out yesterday we didn’t have anyone else that could play there. (Laca middle, Auba right wing)

    Think we’re stuck with Mikhi until at least January now unfortunately. Hopefully we can shift a couple of the other wasters at least.

  26. Words on a Blog


    Keep wondering why Pedro came up with that one. Weird as fuck, weird as CG.

    Only thing I could come up with is that Pedro’s always at his most comfortable running a “Manager Out” blog, and he thinks it would be much more fun running a Mourinho out Blog than running a campaign any other manager…

  27. Carts


    I know you were up late last night getting your end wet, so you can be forgiven for being tired.

    But that Mourinho shout is a wild one. So less of that, bruv!

  28. Carts

    Mhk put in a horror show in the first 30 mins. That man did well not to get dragged cos his displaced passes and unforced errors were shocking.

    Admittedly, he showed glimpses of his directness which is always handy, but he’ll need to improve significantly.

  29. Champagne charlie

    The only way I’d ever indulge Mourinho is of some miracle occurred where he totally reformed his character and wanted to be better.

    Then it would be epic mega bantz to have him be successful for us after burning bridges at Chelsea and United.

    But back in the real world, he can stay in the Sky Studio and Nagelsmann or someone up and coming can be our next sauce merchant.

  30. Guns of Brixton

    I think we gotta try and get a 3 man midfield somehow to

    Not ashamed to say it but when it comes to the 4 3 3 variations I’m clueless on how to line up the midfielders properly.

  31. Receding Hairline

    Mhki had an atrocious first half but I think he improved in the second.

    Last season I was on the edge of my seat till the last whistle for away games, yesterday I just didn’t see Newcastle scoring.

    One can argue the way they setup led to the game being a bore, against a team with more ambition we will suffer more defensively but the upside is we will have more space to attack ourselves.

  32. Receding Hairline

    For the Mourinho think, I don’t know, man is a winner though. His attitude has always been the problem. It turns petty with him very quickly.

    Another loose cannon without a job is Enrique, I reckon he stands a better chance than Mourinho as far as Arsenal are concerned

  33. Ben D

    Hell NO to Mourinho coming to coach the Arsenal.

    I would dump my season ticket in the toilet if that happens!!!

    How can Pedro even contemplate something that appalling

  34. Carts

    Nelson strikes me as someone who’d typically turn it on at home that he would away. I know it sound random.

    He’s definitely got something about him (but like Tammy Abraham) , he lacks certain attributes that someone like Mbappe has.

    Early doors so I’m not about to shit on Nelson. Just a thought.

  35. Clive Mayhead

    First time here. Love the comments and your game summary. Souness summed it for me: Great forward line probably best in league but the rest good to average. New additions need to be up running and effective immediately otherwise top four wishful thinking. Good 3 points though.

  36. Un na naai

    From last page

    GooberWas and am usually optimistic. If you’d read my previous ramblings pre emery and while Sanchez was smashing it for us I was still quite optimistic
    Was only once he downed tools that I became despondent. Still not a great lover of emery but it’s his team now really and I’m happy enough with the squad
    Was always of the opinion that we were good enough to attain champions league last year we just threw it away and it rightly pissed me off.It’s down to him this year and his tactics and his ability to motivate and keep the boys and keep the team spirit on the level. Plenty to be optimistic about on the whole I’d say

  37. Nelson

    I watched the Burnley game. All their three goals are results of long pass over the top from their own half. If Emery really watches video, he should not play high defensive line next game.

    Mourinho is a nonstarter. He wants a lot of funds to buy players. His salary is £12m.

    One of my last post has pointed out that Manure will play this defense and fast counter style. Lampard is too inexperienced to fall into that trap.

  38. InsideRight



    No. Just no. Look at the mess he left at Old Trafford. He’s yesterday’s man. The special sauce has dried up. The game has moved on.

  39. Micheal

    Personally I hate Mourinho and everything he stands for. He demeans football. He is the Boris Johnson of football – a nasty, narcissistic, money-grabber intersted only in himself.

    But he is box office. And Sleazy Stan Kroenke is all about box office.

  40. Un na naai

    I wanted to hate that idea, but then I started to like it. It totally goes against everything I believe our next manager should be, but the guy has prestige, he’s built winning machines and now I love the idea despite knowing the risks.

    There, I said it. I’m really sorry. It was literally a fleeting thought that got out of control.

    Pedro!! How could you? If emery bombs and there are no saucy options around (vieira, arteta) then I’d take Jose. Why not? It’s not like this side hasn’t got character and they don’t have the horrific attitudes of the current untied wankers like Pogba, lukaku Sanchez and martial.

    He’s worked with ozil and Luiz before and got on well. He could turn our toung defenders into machines and willock into the new lamps.

    There’s so much potential there to unblock if the right coach gets them
    He would bring prestige to arsenal again m. Something we’ve lacked since 06 really

  41. CG

    We are run by an egotistical Spiv

    We have the most inept coach – I have ever had the misfortune to come across

    And the wonderful folk on here are turning their noses up at the possibility of recruiting One of the Greatest coaches of all time?

    You want Top 4!
    You want a sniff of a league title?

    Mourinho more than any other manager on the planet is the most likely to get it.

    The Clown or Jose?
    The Serial Looser or The Serial Winner?
    The incoherent one or The Lucid one?

    No brainer.

  42. Un na naai

    Personally I hate Mourinho and everything he stands for. He demeans football. He is the Boris Johnson of football – a nasty, narcissistic, money-grabber intersted only in himself

    He’s a winner
    He develops players and gets into their heads. He had a bad group at untied but has won the league literally everywhere else he’s gone.

    Who the hell would say no to that?
    He’s actually a really nice fella in person. Met him loads through work too. Really nice bloke.

  43. Kevin Sweeting

    Still not sure about Emery.. Still short of a decent center back and a box to box distributing midfielder.
    Xhaka – OUT.
    Elneny – OUT
    Mustafi – OUT
    Monreal – OUT
    Mikhitayan – OUT

  44. CG

    Un nai

    “””””””He develops players and gets into their heads.”””””””””””

    Cloughie- Mark II

    imagine: AMN/Willock/Martinelli/holding/bellerin/Tierney (if fit)/Genduzi
    with a Jose at the helm.

    Back on Track.

  45. InsideRight

    I need to get this debate away from No Way Jose…

    Wasn’t it refreshing to see a proper away kit on show yesterday?

  46. CG

    Inside right

    “””””Wasn’t it refreshing to see a proper away kit on show yesterday?””””

    we should have wore RED and WHITE!

  47. Un na naai

    JamieAugust 12, 2019 10:21:06
    Mourinho to Arsenal is as dumb as it gets. I’d sooner take Arteta, incredibly.

    You’re not a stupid bloke. Why? You’re letting your heart rule your head. The man has won the title for every stint at every club he’s been at bar Man U

    He’s a draw. Players run through walls for him. Players would join arsenal to play for him. He gives players incredible self belief.

    The untied job is a poisoned chalice with the pampered tosser they employ right now. Ogs is doing well to manage it and I’ll bet he offloads Pogba as soon as he can next summer

  48. Valentin

    Steve Bruce tactical change directly led to the goal. From a back 3 that inhibited Nelson unsured to push or stay with his wingback, Newcastle went for a back 4. Willems the left back was not attuned to the speed of the game he got caught upfield by AMN interception. With Mhkitaryan running beside him inside the left CB, Lascelles had two players to worry. Obviously he had not seen The Armenian Messi performance before because he chose to track his run then changed his mind and was stranded in nowhere land, leaving Aubameyang free at the back post.

    Until the introduction of the direct right winger Saint-Maximim, Newcastle second half performance was very flat.

  49. Jamie

    Unai –

    It’s precisely because I’m not a stupid bloke that I can recognise the car crash that is Mourinho.

    Ridiculous short-termism, as evidenced by every 3 year stint he’s ever had at a top club, and how he leaves the clubs he manages in a worse state than when he arrived.

    We need to be forward thinking with a long-term plan, not throwing £250m + Mournho for a single cup.

    Re-read some blog posts on this site from last season re: Mourinho. Stunning flip-flopping, and I’m hopeful Pedro simply dropped that clanger to stir up some debate in the comments.

  50. Carts

    Haha I know right

    This is the same Mourinho who only yesterday suggested that if a player is in the squad then he’s also fit to play.

    Mourinho wouldn’t have started Mount or Abraham even if he had a bare 11. He’d start with 9 and bemoan that fact

  51. Valentin

    If the FA really cared about the fans and reduce the cost of replica kits, they would introduce the following rule.
    Both team play in their home colour if they don’t clash.
    If both home team colour clash, then the away team should play in their away kit.
    There should never have a need to have a this kit anyway. Because that would mean that both home and away kit of the away team clashes with the home kit.

  52. Mysticleaves

    “Only thing I could come up with is that Pedro’s always at his most comfortable running a “Manager Out” blog, and he thinks it would be much more fun running a Mourinho out Blog than running a campaign any other manager…”

    I called this too. That’s why Pedro would go into Emery the way he went into him last season. Without objectivity.

    Now Jose to Arsenal? What in the actual fuck!! One would have thought CG would have been binned for thinking it by now but what do I know? Blogs have to remain relevant in the blogosphere

  53. Un na naai


    And Emery is long termism? I thought we were away from having a long term manager? It probably won’t happen anyway but i wouldn’t turn him down

    You were advocating Benitez all season but not Jose? Jose wipes the floor with Rafa in every single department
    Rafa is Jose lite.

    Rafa’s Newcastle has the second lowest average possession in the premier league last year

    And he does develop players. He develops their mentality. At every single club he’s been at bar untied.

    Both stints with chavs

    Two champions leagues and many titles and cups.
    His players talk endlessly of how much they love him bar the prima donnas

    The platitudes from Ex players are endless. He turned Chelsea into a winning machine for over a decade.
    Had inter running serie A and Europe. Was the biggest thorn in the side of the greatest club side of all time and the main reason they didn’t sweep the board every single year

    I’d have him over emery in a heartbeat

  54. Chitom

    “Mourinho develops players”
    Sure, why not . Getting rid of Sala, Lukaku and De Brune so they can develop under another manager and triple their value is , in a way , developing players.

  55. Tobs

    A big fat NO to Mourinho. Too divisive, plays negative, execrable football and leaves behind a club in tatters. His time is past and we have to look to the next batch of managerial talent. I’m pretty sure he’d want to come to Arsenal but that would be antithetical to everything we believe we stand for.

  56. Un na naai

    So we will be boring
    Have you lot been watching for the last year?? We are fucking turd going forward. I’ve seen more life in a mortuary.

    Look I’d take vieira or arteta first (yes I know) but who else is on the managerial radar for us? Henry?? If it’s a choice between him and some dull emery clone replacement then give me Jose with butter in top.

    The man is a winner
    So what he only does 3 years. We know that and we plan accordingly for his successor

    That is a safe pair of hands now. Not the bumbling emery

  57. Jamie

    Un –

    Emery wasn’t hired as a long-term option either, but if he leaves Arsenal in a worse place than when he came (lower than 6th place finish, higher wage bill, valuable players allowed to walk on Bosmans), I’m a talking monkey.

    With Mouinho it’s a guarantee, and winning a cup will come at the expense of all of the above. Backwards mentality. No sauce anywhere on the dish.

    Vieira is the next guy. Fuck Jose.

  58. Chitom

    Mourinho is a definition of a check book manager.
    The idea that the only club in the PL who’s owner never put a single penny of his own money into transfers would hire Mourinho is beyond ridiculous.

  59. vickingz

    I just hope pepe hits the gym and builds up more, same for ceballos. With those legs, they won’t do much in epl where players prefer kicking legs than balls. And emery should know how to play to player’s strength, he really need s to suss it out. It makes no sense having pacy wingers if balls won’t be rolled for them to run onto and do what they are known for.

  60. Valentin


    I did not like Mourinho’s demeanor and how he was saying it (nor why he was saying it), but I was not disagreeing with the jest of what he said.

    1) if a player is fit to be on the bench, he should be fit to play 90 minutes. Players can get injured and then the planned substitution has to take place much earlier than anticipated. If the person can only play 30 minutes, then the substitute needs to be substituted again.

    2) Tactically Lampard had not given enough respect to ManUtd. He thought that he could dominate them and impose his tactic. He never devised a plan to block them. Against Leeds, he got taught a lesson by Bielsa three times. Only in the return leg of the play-off semi final did he setup Derby to block Leeds and he won. Underestimating the opposition and not making his home work may become a recurring problem for him.

    3) Mason Mount, Tammy did show their lack of experience and nous. They did not make any niggling fouls, nor draw enough fouls from ManUtd defenders. Mason Mount was caught too far upfield to help stem ManUtd counter-attack going through the middle.

  61. Tobs

    Mourinho to Arsenal will never happen – and rightly so. Like someone mentioned earlier, Pedro has been successfully groomed by CG. To even countenance that idea makes me sick.

  62. Un na naai


    He develops their mentalities into that of winners


    “When I met Mourinho, I was still very young, but mentally and tactically, he worked on me. He was really demanding; you could not take a step below your level.”

    – “It was very good to work with him at that age because I was young and with Mourinho you have to be mentally very strong. You have to jump on the train with him or you’re off. So it was great for my development.”

    Arjen robben

  63. Un na naai

    ChitomAugust 12, 2019 11:30:27
    Mourinho is a definition of a check book manager.
    The idea that the only club in the PL who’s owner never put a single penny of his own money into transfers would hire Mourinho is beyond ridiculou

    And what’s pep and klopp? Their whole team cost hundreds of millions.
    What’s emery? The man has spent a fucking fortune. It had a fortune spent for him and his players


  64. MuddyGooner

    Hope you haven’t been sniffing glue Pedro because Mourinho for Arsenal is a brain dead suggestion ………… or have you been hypnotised by CG ?

  65. raptora

    Mouninho burned the bridges to Chelsea and Manure, City and Pool have better managers than him and Poch is going to be spuds’ manager for as long as he wants to, it’s his decision.

    I’d go with Emery ahead of mouninho every time though. If Emery doesn’t do well this season we’re going to go for someone more exciting. Not a past it manager. And even if he was half decent, Raul wouldn’t pick someone that is hated by our fans. It would be the recipe for disaster. Now we are smarter than that.

  66. Guns of Hackney

    Jose the eye gouger.
    Jose the misogynist.
    Jose the scourge of Arsene.
    Jose the winner of 2 CL.

    Apart from piss people off and make Arsenal hated again, this isn’t for me.

  67. Vintage Gun

    Bar a Sheik taking over Newcastle Jose in DONE in England.

    Hence why he’s doing punditry on the opening weekend of the season.

  68. Un na naai

    ChitomAugust 12, 2019 11:36:41
    Un na naai
    All those deep state conspiracy have scrambled your brain dude.
    Arsenal aren’t winning the PL no matter who the manager is.

    Ooooh so we were never really concerned with winning after all? Should have just kept hold of wenger then. I’d you ya e no ambition to win again then why were you so unhappy with just participating in the champions league? We won’t win it with emery
    We won’t win the title with him either
    Not a fucking hope of it

    At least if we bring arteta or vieira we will have some sort of identity and with arteta play good football

    At least with Jose we have a chance at winning.

    What do we get with emery??
    Years of boredom and fuck all chance of anything else.

  69. Un na naai

    JamieAugust 12, 2019 11:40:20
    “After I stopped working under that cunt Mourinho, I won two PL titles, three League Cups, and an FA Cup.”– Kevin De Bruyne

    Shit Jose won more than that just at Chelsea

  70. Champagne charlie

    “You were advocating Benitez all season but not Jose? Jose wipes the floor with Rafa in every single department. Rafa is Jose lite.“

    The two aren’t comparable idk what odd point you’re angling at there.

    Jose has left on bad terms with Real, United and Chelsea, he’s combustible, creates cliques in the dressing room, and throws the players under the bus if it saves himself.

    I wouldn’t touch Jose with a barge pole and would hire Benitez over him 10/10. Whether you agree with that means very little to my view of the two.

  71. Marc

    So Pedro doesn’t want CL qualification he wants it with sexy football – his solution to this is to bring in Mourinho?

    Yeah the guys renown for the great football his teams play.

  72. Un na naai


    Yeah you’re right
    They both play pragmatic football in search of victory
    One achieves those goals and the other tends not to

    Jose has won the title 5/6 managerial stints with 2 cL trophies thrown in

    If he achieves that at arsenal I wouldn’t care too much if he leaves on bad terms

    Nothing odd about that in the slightest

  73. Dissenter

    CG is an alter of Pedro. I’m sure every successful blogger has created alters to drive up blog traffic .
    The Mourhino to Arsenal call was a slip.

  74. raptora

    Nice set of names you got there. Is any of them still playing football? LOL (yes Ibra..)

    Tell me about his conflicts with KdB, Mata, publicly taking captaincy away of Pogba, publicly singeling out Shaw numerous times calling him naive, that he needs to grow up and more to a point where his teammates said that Mouninho is basically bullying Shaw, making jokes about Eto’o’ (“The problem with Chelsea is we lack a scorer. I have one [Eto’o] but he’s 32. Maybe 35, who knows?”), told Pedro Leon he wouldn’t play him even if the team plane crashed and he was the only player available, falling out with Casillas, Pepe, Ramos which lead to the Real Madrid players going to their president with a letter saying “Either he leaves or we will”… List is endless.

  75. raptora

    Read this piece Don.

    De Bruyne started two of the first four league games of the 2013-14 season, but soon fell out of favour with Mourinho and was dropped to the bench.

    “Jose called me into his office in December, and it was probably the second big life-changing moment for me. He had some papers in front of him, and he said, ‘One assist. Zero goals. Ten recoveries’,” De Bruyne said.

    “It took me a minute to understand what he was doing. Then he started reading the stats of the other attacking forwards – Willian, Oscar, Mata, Schürrle. And it’s like – five goals, 10 assists, whatever.

    “Jose was just kind of waiting for me to say something, and finally I said, ‘But… some of these guys have played 15, 20 games. I’ve only played three. So it’s going to be different, no?’

    “It was so strange. I was completely honest. I said, ‘I feel like the club doesn’t really want me here. I want to play football. I’d rather you sell me.'”

    The following month, De Bruyne joined Wolfsburg for £18m.

    He scored 13 goals in 51 league appearances before becoming City’s record signing in 2015 when he agreed a £55m, six-year deal.

  76. Un na naai


    He wouldn’t be my first choice in an ideal world but I’d walk through broken glass to have him over emery
    All day long
    Let’s face it there aren’t a plethora of wild options to succeed emery right now so if it ain’t arteta or vieira then where does that leave us? Where’s the next big thing for arsenal?

  77. Uwot?

    Maureen being hired at some stage would be the ultimate slap in the face to wenger.i think he’d be physically sick.but then an awful lot of supporters would would be split right down the middle.but could it happen?

  78. Graham62

    Un na

    What are you blabbering on about?

    Mourinho is finished.

    Top players no longer want to play for him.

    “He’s a draw. Players run through walls for him”.

    Not any longer they don’t.

    He’s a has been and, I’m if I’m totally honest, one of the most disrespectful and arrogant dickheads in the game.

    If he was announced as being our next manager, there would be uproar amongst all the fans although I do know of one person on here who would be jumping for joy.

    Tim Howard made Jose Mourinho.

    The rest is history.

  79. raptora

    We’re talking about a 21 yo KdB coming from a Werder Bremen loan, 33 apps, 10 goals, 9 assists, 7 man of the match performances. Hyper mega insane talent. What a cretin Jose is.

  80. Jamie

    Un –

    There are a dozen options I’d consider before Mourinho.

    How anyone can stand his brand of football is beyond me. Re-watch Inter v Barca, and that’s when he was on top of the world.

    Also, he’s a monumental cunt.

  81. CG

    The Great Sir Bobby Robson knew Jose had the magic.
    He saw it.

    Give him a 10 year contract.
    And let him build a New Arsenal fit for 2020.

    Jose and Cesc ( no.2)

    Back on track!

  82. JDavey

    Mourinho looool banter.

    Thought although ceballos may take a few games to bed in, it’s clear to see he will add quality to our side this season. Slightly worried about the possibility of Pepe being a bit lightweight, nothing on him!

    Saturday will be a better indication of how good we look for the season ahead. Mkhitaryan must be dropped, ceballos and Pepe in.

  83. Cesc Appeal

    The first game of the season was yesterday, a win and clean sheet away from home with a side that was far from our first choice after a great summer of transfers and the topic of discussion is should Mourinho replace Emery.

    Fucking state of this place sometimes.

  84. Gazzap

    i just hoped that mikitaryan was being put in the shop window for a potential sale to Italy/germany etc. but that backfired because he dropped a terrible performance. Maybe deliberate from him?

  85. Dissenter

    Pedro casually dropped a tersely worded half-formed comment about Mourhino that’s now driving the conversation
    Atta boy, no wonder Legrove keeps ticking.

  86. Graham62


    Do you want to come and help me take my dismantled shed down to the tip?

    There’s a special recycling area now set up for items like you.

  87. Champagne charlie


    There you have it, the most superficial assessment of Mourinho possible to make out he’s suitable for the job.

    Arsenal aren’t winning the league or CL this season or next. Mourinho hasn’t a clue how to structure a club for longer term gain, he’s big money for right now and fireworks when it doesn’t materialise.

    Any club Rafa has spent time at he’s left better than he found it, Mourinho doesn’t do that and he wouldn’t survive at Arsenal without the 200 mil transfer windows. It’s comical really because for a guy that rubs himself raw over our academy talent you’d be all for Mourinho who hasn’t stored for inside a football academy in his life. Literally pier off KDB and Salah when young because they didn’t have it.

    Yea, let’s get him in to bring on Chambers, Willock, Nelson, Guendouzi, AMN, Saliba, Tierney, Holding, ERS.

  88. Dissenter

    Any update on the Ozil and Kola situation?
    Who’s paying for all that security?, certainly isn’t Arsenal for sure.

  89. Un na naai

    Jose has failed 1/6 appointments.

    He’s in the top two greatest coaches of the last 15 years

    Only pep compares. Only pep:

    Anything else is in inconsequential

  90. Guns of Hackney

    Looks like the London gangs are going to do what Arsenal fans couldn’t: get rid of Ozil and force him out.

    You see? 60,000 fans…nope. A chav on a moped. Done.

  91. Carts


    Maybe Lampard didn’t show Utd enough respect. You could almost envisage Lampard giving his team talk followed by ‘go out there and express yourself’, lads.

    He’ll take that defeat and work on their failings.

    I thought Mount looked much better than Tammy, but at times he was definitely too far forward.

    However, just going back to Mourinho’s comments: I think the angle I’m coming from is more to do with how Mourinho, due to his stubbornness & arrogance, will create a wedge between him and players by being almost too rigid in his thinking re: fit/match fit

    Mourinho is always looking for a scapegoat, remember.

    We’ve all seen player deemed just about match fit to then signal to come off with in 20mins. Yes it may have been anticipated. But Mourinho’s attitude around this topic is quite concerning.

  92. Leedsgunner

    Under the last days of Wenger he blew over £70m on Xhaka and Mustafi. Despite that with them in the team we couldn’t buy an away win, nor a clean sheet for love or money.

    We have regularly lost over opening game of the season for about 5 years now.

    Yesterday we won our opening game of the season. We won away. We won with a clean sheet. We did that with a makeshift side that left out our first choice full backs, our player of the season last season and our new record signing.

    Why the heck are we complaining about the lack of style?

    Style is a luxury. Three points, no matter how drearily obtained is a necessity.

    Job well done to the boys in red and white.

  93. Cesc Appeal


    Well it can’t go on.

    I have a lot of sympathy for their situation but that is £470 000 a week worth a talent that is unavailable because of crime.

    This isn’t South America, it’s a pretty sad indictment of the current state of London.

    But from a selfish Arsenal point of view, we can’t go on like this. I appreciate the players point of view and as Robbie on AFTV said where is your mind going to be when you’ve received death threats and your wife is at home when you’re hundreds of miles away.

    We need a resolution though because this is frankly absurd. I want to know, and I’m sure the club will, what exactly is going on here and how all this has occurred.

  94. Un na naai


    Sorry what? Superficial?? That cute. You must be reading between lines naked to the human eye for Benitez then. The man won the second flukiest champions league (after Chelsea) of all time 15 years ago and he’s been dining on that ever since.

    And yeah. Jose would 100% halt the flow of academy players. And without doubt that would piss me off but I’d bite my tongue to have a title and or a champions league medal in his 2-3 year stint before he does a what he does and is ejected from the premises.

    If we are going for boring football then let’s at least get something from it.

    It’s never going to happen anyway so the point is moot
    My stance is that yes, if it’s a toss up between emery and Jose (or Benitez, never gonna happen either) then it’s Jose. With bells on.

    Case closed

  95. Leedsgunner

    For those secretly tempted to celebrate Özil, ,possibly leaving the Arsenal because of his personal security… just don’t.

    It will be more difficult to convince our future targets to come to London if they feel they can’t be safe living here…

    Liverpool and the Manchester clubs will just play the safety angle to win players over.

  96. Un na naai


    Porto titles and champions league
    Chelsea titles
    Inter titles and CL
    Real- title
    Chelsea- title
    Man U- Europa league (his biggest failure)

    I get why he isnt exactly buttering muffins wit people like CC but with the cunts who hounded Wenger for just “participating” in championships then it wreaks of hypocrisy. You either want someone who builds the club or you want to win

    It’s very rare to have both and emery ain’t that guy. He’s a stop gap and fuck all more.

    Pedro did this deliberately anyway. No way will this ever see the light of day but yeah, if you’re offering me a man with the above record then I’ll have some of that after the last 15 years looking at the party through a window

  97. Champagne charlie


    No it’s a matter of taste and appreciating what would fit with what the club needs. Benitez doesn’t need anyone patting his back as a coach, his CV is just fine.

    Meanwhile only Jose compares to Pep you tell us? Might want to pen an email to Chelsea, United and Real Madrid to see why their views differ to yours on that one.

    You talk about Jose as if his baggage is permissible because he guarantees trophies. Nearly a decade late on that one, now the guarantees are internal turmoil as far reaching as the medical staff. Do us a favour.

  98. Moe

    I would as soon take back Wenger before Jose. He’s classless, dont care how many titles he’s won. You can disagree or dislike some people but without human decency in our interactions we are no different from animals. In that context, Jose will fit nicely in a zoo. Not at Arsenal.

  99. Dissenter

    I’ve never felt anything but near total security when I’m in the UK.
    Whatever is going on with Ozil and Kola isn’t going to deter anyone from coming to the UK.

    There a lot we don’t know but let’s not start pretending that London is now Mogadishu.

  100. raptora

    He had to bring back Manure to the top. More money and much better foundation than Arsenal as well. How did that work out?! He was fired cause his team was going backwards. Fell out with everyone he could, team stopped playing for him. He brought Pogba fought with him. He brought Mikki, didn’t give him a chance to begin with and Mikki was a player back then (3 years ago), he handpicked his defenders in Bailly (£35m) and Lindelof (£32m) and then cried like a fanny how he needs to buy Maguire cause he doesn’t have good defenders… Didn’t manage to get anything of Alexis (top player), Martial (top, top, top talent), he turned Lukaku, a 25-goal per season striker to a 15-goal per season striker. Everything he touched made their team worse. And he got the chop.

  101. Dissenter

    How many players have had their homes broken into in the Manchester-Liverpool area?
    No one is using Ozil/Kola’s unique situation against us.

  102. Leedsgunner

    I’m not over egging this but these criminals don’t target the ordinary citizen… they target millionaires like footballers… hence my comment.