No longer a banter club

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Well there is it my dears, part one of the transfer window is OVER (domestic).

We have landed in a great spot.

  • Saliba – For next year
  • Ceballos
  • Martinelli (This year, it would seem)
  • David Luiz
  • Nicolas Pepe
  • Kieran Tierney

What a haul!

You can whinge about some of the players if you are a real brat, not me, I am over the moon about the whole collective and I am a super brat.

I think there’s a lot of bitching about David Luiz, but for me, the only real concern is that he’s 32 years old. I’ve not seen a downturn in his ability to dominate players, but he might be more prone to injuries. He can be erratic, I’m just not sure we’re in a position to sniff at a name that has always won things with big clubs. Concern that placed in a madhouse, he’ll crumble is valid, but that’s an Emery issue. He should be a great stopgap and we’ll hopefully find a more longterm solution next summer.


What all these players offer Emery is choice, and with that, no excuse for not making the top 4 this season. The Spaniard is a very lucky man in general, it’s hard to look at Manchester United and think they’ve moved things forward. Chelsea rocked a transfer ban and I’m not sure Frank Lampard is the full ticket. A great player, but is he an inspirational leader of men OFF the pitch? We’ll see. But they have had an awful summer and losing your best player is never an easy pill to swallow.

We’re also finishing the summer with a net spend of around… £45m.

Emery said in his press conference that he’s still looking to move on some players, you’d have to imagine the writing is on the wall for Mustafi and Elneny. The absolute madness of it all is those two could move us close to a break-even point for the window.

That is wild when you consider all the lies and nonsense we’ve been fed over the years.

Ivan Gazidis and Arsene Wenger were the most inept duo in world football. Raul and Edu are making them look like the Chuckle Brothers.

They couldn’t sell players. They couldn’t negotiate. They never had a plan b. They couldn’t run an effective operation.

We sold Koscielny for more than Ramsey, Welbeck, Jack Wilshere and Chezzer COMBINED.

We sold Alex Iwobi, a player that’s really struggled to make a dent in our pretty average first-team, for £40m. He’s our RECORD sale. We sold an ok player and made him our record sale.

We’re finally negotiating with clubs. We’ve spent very little this summer and managed to bring the best young player outside PSG to The Arsenal along with a host of really smart buys that are very unArsenal.

We finally stopped behaving like victims.

‘Buying players is harder than buying a loaf of bread’

‘The market is inflated’

‘FFP will rectify things’

‘Stan doesn’t give us enough money’

‘We simply can’t compete’

I’m so glad we’re done with all that nonsense. Raul has done more in two weeks than Ivan could muster in 10 years. He’s a beast of a hustler. He’s playing with the big boys. He’s working with the mega agents. Now we’re moving players more easily and we’re bringing in a higher calibre of talent.

We’re getting shit done and moving ahead with a clear vision.

I am absolutely shocked at the pace we’re doing this.

I’m more convinced than ever that if the manager doesn’t work, decisive action will be taken. I don’t even think top 4 is enough… underlying stats and the style of football will have to improve as well.

This season will still be bumpy, but fuck man, it feels good to have some joy back in our football lives.

This is what the game is about. Great players, big excitement and a future that doesn’t involve everyone laughing at us every summer.

What a time to be a Gooner!

See you in the comments. x


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  1. Marc

    Expecting perfection from match officials is unreasonable, expecting basic competence is not and is why VAR has been brought in.

    The ref’s should ask themselves why it’s happened.

  2. Freddie Ljungberg

    Both Ceballos and Lacazette back in full training today, great news, hope they can both start along with Luiz so we can field a decent team.

    Hopefully Pepe gets some minutes too.

  3. Marc


    I still can’t find someone who can explain to me why they were given a pen. Kane was in an offside position when fouled so no pen.

  4. Graham62

    Life is about accepting mistakes and moving forward.

    Mark my words, the way things are going, football will die a death.

    No disagreements, no disputes, no banter……….just predictable perfection.


  5. Dissenter

    You’ll be gone first before football dies a natural death
    I too will be gone before football dies a natural death

    What’s wrong with removing as much doubt as possible?

    The likes of Zaha won’t be that effective in the climate because divers will be sussed out.
    It’s like complaining about goal line technology. What’s right is right.

  6. Ishola70

    Mr Serge
    “I am going to booo Mustafi every home game he is playing and so are all the people around me”

    Why stop at just Mustafi?

    By your actions you are indicating that Arsenal’s failures these last few seasons are all down to one player which is incorrect.

  7. Up 4 grabs now

    It’s not the nineteenth century any more.
    Technology and the game has moved on, the fans have to move with it.

    Look at how many goals are given now we have goal line technology.
    With the naked eye it doesn’t look a goal as its so quick, now we know to the millimetre if it’s a goal or not, that’s a good thing.
    VAR is here to stay.

  8. Dissenter


    Mr Serge didn’t say he was going to boo ONLY Mustafi
    I know you just want to urge him to add Xhaka to his boo list.

  9. Ishola70

    All Graham is implying is that the nature of the game will change which isn’t wrong.

    We will end up in the future with periods in halves rather than the current two halves and this even without it being officially announced because of VAR.

    Just like some of the American Sports.


  10. Ishola70

    “Mr Serge didn’t say he was going to boo ONLY Mustafi
    I know you just want to urge him to add Xhaka to his boo list.”

    No he is going for the easy target.

    People do that.

  11. vickingz

    What a season opening we have had from Liverpool and man city. They’ve already set the tone and put other clubs under pressure

  12. Marc

    “Are you going to boo Mustafi the next time you’re at the Emirates?”

    I’m hoping he won’t even be on the bench – no reason he should be either. Sok and Luiz start with Chambers on the bench.

    You can’t boo someone who isn’t there!

  13. Ishola70

    When you look for perfection and wanting every what could be termed questionable play reviewed then it is only inevitable that the game will be altered by VAR.

    Once you let the beast out of the cage no turning back.

    Unfortunately football as we knew it and still just about now is a game with lots of questionable plays. That’s what made it a great sport. This will be killed off and the game will be unrecognisable ten years down the line.

    And all because = It’s not Fair! Not fair!

  14. Dissenter

    Better to wait a few moments to get it right than to let a wrong decision stands.
    Some people are still stewing on wrong decisions decades after it happened.
    People still talk about the hand of God goal by Maradona or the atrocious foul the German goalkeeper Harald Schumacher did on Patrick Battiston in the 1982 WC. It was so bad it is still referred to as the “tragedy of Seville”.

    Who cares if there’s a delay of a few seconds to ascertain accuracy?

  15. Dissenter

    I’m glad you’ve taken Mustafi under your wings as the scapegoat.

    Actually in management, you need to make an example of the likes of Mustafi. Handle him right and the rest of the axis of evil won’t mess with you.

    The days of Arsenal FC country club are over. The fans who pay the highest tickets in world football deserve better. The manager who is openly talking about it has his job on the line too. Everyone has a job to do.
    Stop all the nice guy pretensions.

  16. Up 4 grabs now

    Burnley go one nil up, oh no they don’t var just confirmed the goals offside.
    It took all of 15 seconds.
    I bet Southampton aren’t complaining about Var.

  17. Marc


    As long as it’s balanced and doesn’t turn into 5 minute stoppages every 20 minutes it’ll be fine.

    We’ve also got to give it a season to bed in before judging.

    Things in football change – fans get used to it and if anything gets to the stage of turning fans off the game it’ll soon be done away with.

  18. Marc

    Another classic example was the Crouch goal a few years ago – blatant hand ball and everyone knew it – everyone except the officials.

  19. Graham62


    You’re a US citizen, right?

    As Ishola highlighted, American sport is based around stoppages and time outs.

    Not my cup of Earl Grey I’m afraid.

  20. Dissenter

    The premier league is being the curve actually. The speed of decision making is going to be awkward initially for a while and will get better over time.
    I’m old enough to recall when football was played without offsides, back passes were allowed and teams had only two substitutions.

    VAR is just another change, a much needed one at a time when the required technology is dirt cheap.
    I don’t understand the complaints really. It’s just the first week.

  21. Dissenter

    By the way, we do have long stoppages in football already, for injuries and to resolve player disruptions.
    Just add the very important tasks of reducing decisions to the barest minumum to the reasons for delays.n That’s not so bad, is it.

    We have all complained about the pernicious diving that is ruining the game. Imagine if diving players [like Zaha] knew the proceeds of diving will be reviewed?

  22. Dissenter

    No biggie
    You do recall when there was no offside rule and back passes were allowed?

    Just take this as an evolution of the game. No referee can keep up with the speed and guile of the modern player.

  23. Marc

    “We have all complained about the pernicious diving that is ruining the game. Imagine if diving players [like Zaha] knew the proceeds of diving will be reviewed?”

    Er Harry Kane and Deli Alli?

    Suddenly it’s decreed that they cheat.

  24. Dissenter

    Yes, add them to the list.
    I just think the worst of the lot is Zaha. VAR is going to nullify some his usefulness to Palace.
    In fairness to him, he does get fouled a lot but he is the biggest embellisher in the league.

  25. terraloon


    That missed penalty saw players from both sides within 10 yds of the penalty taker. That means the fact it was missed then play continues.
    VAR would not have ordered a retake as no goal was scored.

  26. Marc


    I think you’re taking the potential of VAR to far.

    I mean expecting officials to actually know the laws of the game is just fucking la la

  27. Dissenter

    I’m so glad Aston Villa are back in the premier league.
    Hope they stay up. They are proper storied club that adds to the glamor of the league.

  28. terraloon



    In today’s game the fact it was missed and the fact that both teams had players encroaching then it should not have been retaken, if it was ruled the GK had moved of the line then ok but based on the criteria I don’t think VAR should have been used.

  29. Victorious

    What a season opening we have had from Liverpool and man city. They’ve already set the tone and put other clubs under pressure”

    Eh? What pressure? I mean to do what exactly

    Those two are clearly on their own and it weakens the league badly

    watching the midtable teams plodding along just now u could why exactly that is

    Boring and goaless in all 4 fixtures at halftime and u can see the quality of play falling off a cliff

    Hope we’re at least watchable this season

  30. Dissenter

    The penalty is to be retaken if there’s encroachment, regardless of who’s doing it.
    Encroachment gives either the attacking team or defending team an undue advantage to score or clear the rebound.
    Doesn’t matter who’s encroaching.
    Vermalein was already on the penalty line, that’s why he got to the rebound first.

    VAR will change everything.

  31. Victorious

    VAR is controversial and disrupt the flow of the game too much,saps off the entertainment aspect of the game and too many miniature incidence are needlessly referenced all the time

    At least it will stop diving twats like Kane,Alli, Son,Zaha..etc mugging off the refs which is at least a good thing

  32. Pierre

    Let’s not forget that Arsenal would/ could/should have been crowned champions of Europe and league champions a few years back if VAR had been in operation..

    These games weren’t the tip of the iceberg I’m afraid.