No longer a banter club

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Well there is it my dears, part one of the transfer window is OVER (domestic).

We have landed in a great spot.

  • Saliba – For next year
  • Ceballos
  • Martinelli (This year, it would seem)
  • David Luiz
  • Nicolas Pepe
  • Kieran Tierney

What a haul!

You can whinge about some of the players if you are a real brat, not me, I am over the moon about the whole collective and I am a super brat.

I think there’s a lot of bitching about David Luiz, but for me, the only real concern is that he’s 32 years old. I’ve not seen a downturn in his ability to dominate players, but he might be more prone to injuries. He can be erratic, I’m just not sure we’re in a position to sniff at a name that has always won things with big clubs. Concern that placed in a madhouse, he’ll crumble is valid, but that’s an Emery issue. He should be a great stopgap and we’ll hopefully find a more longterm solution next summer.


What all these players offer Emery is choice, and with that, no excuse for not making the top 4 this season. The Spaniard is a very lucky man in general, it’s hard to look at Manchester United and think they’ve moved things forward. Chelsea rocked a transfer ban and I’m not sure Frank Lampard is the full ticket. A great player, but is he an inspirational leader of men OFF the pitch? We’ll see. But they have had an awful summer and losing your best player is never an easy pill to swallow.

We’re also finishing the summer with a net spend of around… £45m.

Emery said in his press conference that he’s still looking to move on some players, you’d have to imagine the writing is on the wall for Mustafi and Elneny. The absolute madness of it all is those two could move us close to a break-even point for the window.

That is wild when you consider all the lies and nonsense we’ve been fed over the years.

Ivan Gazidis and Arsene Wenger were the most inept duo in world football. Raul and Edu are making them look like the Chuckle Brothers.

They couldn’t sell players. They couldn’t negotiate. They never had a plan b. They couldn’t run an effective operation.

We sold Koscielny for more than Ramsey, Welbeck, Jack Wilshere and Chezzer COMBINED.

We sold Alex Iwobi, a player that’s really struggled to make a dent in our pretty average first-team, for £40m. He’s our RECORD sale. We sold an ok player and made him our record sale.

We’re finally negotiating with clubs. We’ve spent very little this summer and managed to bring the best young player outside PSG to The Arsenal along with a host of really smart buys that are very unArsenal.

We finally stopped behaving like victims.

‘Buying players is harder than buying a loaf of bread’

‘The market is inflated’

‘FFP will rectify things’

‘Stan doesn’t give us enough money’

‘We simply can’t compete’

I’m so glad we’re done with all that nonsense. Raul has done more in two weeks than Ivan could muster in 10 years. He’s a beast of a hustler. He’s playing with the big boys. He’s working with the mega agents. Now we’re moving players more easily and we’re bringing in a higher calibre of talent.

We’re getting shit done and moving ahead with a clear vision.

I am absolutely shocked at the pace we’re doing this.

I’m more convinced than ever that if the manager doesn’t work, decisive action will be taken. I don’t even think top 4 is enough… underlying stats and the style of football will have to improve as well.

This season will still be bumpy, but fuck man, it feels good to have some joy back in our football lives.

This is what the game is about. Great players, big excitement and a future that doesn’t involve everyone laughing at us every summer.

What a time to be a Gooner!

See you in the comments. x


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  1. Emiratesstroller


    I am with you.

    Arsenal have achieved a well planned summer transfer window.

    What I hope and do believe is that Arsenal can afford within one or two years to focus on buying selectively one or two major players each year to improve our first eleven and improve the fringe players in our squad from Academy and undiscovered gems like Martinelli from Brazil or France.

  2. kristoman

    stop spewing lies just to make us look good. Iwobi was sold for 28m+6m add-ons and not 40m. Anywhere i see this i will continue to call it out.

  3. Leftsidesanch

    I’m so glad the loser, defeatist mentality is rapidly leaving this club. A few more need to be shown the exit day but we are on our way. We’re behaving like a club our size ought to, with ambition and future thinking.

  4. Cork City Gooner

    What a window !!! Cant wait to see Pepe and Tierney in an Arsenal shirt,,Hats off to Raul and Edu,Great work !

  5. Upstate Gooner

    Where are you getting the numbers from, Pedro? Iwobi was sold for 28mil plus addons, total about 35mil. And when everything is said and done, we’ve spent around 80-85mil, not 45. Other than that, we did okay. Pepe was a good buy. I also like the look of Ceballos, although it’s a loan. Luiz is a band aid but he’s definitely better than Mustafi. Martinelli is an inexperienced kid from Brazilian 4th league. And Tierney is out injured for the next 4-6 weeks, and I have serious concerns about his ability of staying fit. So all in all, a decent window (certainly could’ve been worse) but not a great one, IMHO.

  6. Leftsidesanch

    Why does it matter what league the player comes from? If they’re talented thats all that matters. Anyway, your another one that revels in complaining.

  7. kristoman

    According BBC IWOBI everton bought him for £28m rising to £34m with add-ons. Or bbc lying now or is liverpool echo do not know the anymore. Just because we value him for 40m does not mean we sold him 40m. To me iwobi 34m is not a very good deal in this current price of players. He is young and ample time for him develop into world class player. I think we will regret this one later

  8. WengerEagle

    Loooooool Iwobi develop into a world class player, put that pipe down.

    35m is as good a deal as you’ll see in this market, more than a fair price when seriously top quality players go for only 10 odd mill above that or for that price, look at Liverpool’s side take out Allison and VVD and nobody else was bought for more than 45m. C

    Same for most of City’s players.

  9. Leftsidesanch

    And Iwobi becoming world class, fuck right off with that. Moaning for moanings sake. On what premise?

    What has he shown that makes you think that, look at players in his position in this league alone around the same age.

    You was probably one of them saying Walcott will come good when we finally sold him.

  10. Marko

    Emery’s contract finishes at the end of this season with an option of a years extension

    Marc his contract is technically up end of next season but we have the option of walking away without paying him next summer.

  11. WengerEagle

    Iwobi has stagnated for years now, his numbers across the board in all aspects of goals, assists, chances created, dribbles completed, passes are virtually the same as his breakout season as a 19 year old.

    He’s 23 and he’s literally made no progression since his late teens. He’ll never be anywhere near world class.

  12. WengerEagle

    What point are you making though, who cares if the fee wasn’t 40m?

    28m in itself without the add ons would still be a great deal.

    I’m chuffed tbh, was worried that he would be one of those tedious player’s that we would be stuck with for years to come because of the whole academy link and his age being cited for his ‘potential’.

  13. Little Mozart

    We’ve sold players that the club and funs have regretted but Iwobi aint falling in that category.

  14. Zfree

    Saw something on twitter saying Sead and Mesut will not be in the squad on Sunday due to their security incident. Not sure exactly how those two things are related or if there’s any truth to it, but that would likely mean AMN Chambers Sok and Monreal backline, probably willock starting, and good chance we’ll be seeing a heavy dosage of mhiki

  15. Marc

    Sky news just reported that Ozil and Kolas are not part of the squad for Sunday because of “further security incidents” which are being investigated by Police – apparently not connected to the other week.

    Fuck me when the Spanish Mafia put out a contract on you they don’t give up!

  16. kristoman

    that is the point, he was thrown to deep end of river to drown at a very stage of 19y. We didnt manage him well. For the past 4 seasons now, he was our best winger let that sink in

  17. Marko

    Wonder what’s going on with Ozil and Kolasinac. Is there an ongoing threat from a criminal element or what. Potentially being sold? God knows but something’s up

  18. Brooklyn

    If Iwobi develops into 10+ league goal a season player in next couple of years, he will definitely be worth more than 50 mil discounting future inflation, as his all-round game is pretty impressive. But 35 is the best we could have gotten for him, he would have been a bench piece and his development would have been slower compared to being a starter at Everton and hence lower valuation.

    Just like no way Gnabry or Rene-Adelaide would have been the player they are now staying at Arsenal bench.

  19. Upstate Gooner

    I’m actually more excited about the sale of Iwobi than any player that we’ve brought in this transfer window. That was a stroke of genius by Raul. If only we could get rid of Mustafi and Xhaka in the next couple of weeks, I’d definitely agree that this was one of the best TW’s we’ve ever had.

  20. PieAFC

    As gutted as I am to see Eddie loaned out and hold out for more patience to play for us. Shrewd clever move by the club.

    Leeds under Biesla play great football, he will get great experience there in a very competitive league. Almost saying can’t hack it there, won’t make it for us.

    Been so impressed with this summer. Everyone I know with and around Arsenal is buzzing for this season, what a joy to behold.

    First time in ages!

  21. Wasi

    Pedro heaping praise on Don Raul. How times have changed. Reports saying Mesut and Kola wont be available for Newcastle game. Cabellos now has to start right?

  22. WengerEagle


    Dortmund launched Sancho in to the deep end at 18, look at him. Has made more progress in a calendar year than Iwobi will ever make in his career.

  23. kristoman

    nobody cares eagle but if i say we bought luiz for 15m, someone will care right away to put me in place including you

  24. Brooklyn

    Would have sold Iwobi a day earlier for 30 million and dropped it in Barca’s doorstep for a 2-year loan deal for Coutinho. May have been an expensive loan but Barca would have probably accepted it, and Coutinho would have turned 29-30 after 2 years.

  25. Graham62


    No disrespect, but if Iwobi was going to be “world class”, I think we would have spotted it by now.

    A good player, with flaws, who, on his day, can be very effective.

    Never exceptional though.

    We are not going to regret getting rid of him.

  26. WengerEagle

    Iwobi’s PL goal count for the last three PL seasons combined is 9 goals total.

    I don’t think that he’s developing into a double figures guy any time in this lifetime. He scored the same in his 4th season aged 23 (3 goals) making the most apps he’s made (35) in PL in a season to date.

  27. Marc


    I think some of the negativity around Luiz is as much about the talk that we were in for Upamecano.

    Fact is we went from Kos to Luiz – an improvement but it felt like we went from a super model to a local pretty girl.

    Taking of pretty girls Pedro you must put up the beer festival frauleins picture for Sunday’s post.

    You do that and I guarantee 3rd place and St Totteringham’s day will be back.

  28. Dream10

    Probable XI

    AMN Sokratis Chambers Monreal
    Guendouzi Xhaka (c)
    Aubameyang Mkhitaryan Nelson

    Don’t think Ceballos will be risked. Think he had a knock against Barça, also Emery only planned to play him for 20 minutes. Don’t expect Torreira to get more than 15 minutes here. Lacazette should be ready.
    Expecting Pépé to play sporadically till the first int’l break. Sub appearances for the first four matches.

    Hope Mesut, Dead and their families are alright.

  29. Marc


    You do wonder, is it a gang thing – been shown up on national TV or just misdirection by the club.

    I’d be surprised if the club mentioned the Police if it was just misdirection though.

  30. Zfree

    Take it easy with Iwobinho. He doesn’t walk into this Everton side…

    I could see them playing with Calvert-Lewin up top, kean on the left, gylfi as the 10, richarlison on the right. Iwobi and Bernard mixing in.

  31. WengerEagle


    15m for Luiz is different tho, has nothing to do with the Iwobi fee. And even that wouldn’t be a terrible deal if he can make an impact until Saliba is more seasoned and we further strengthen CB.

    Point with Iwobi is that we got a great fee for him. You’ve just brought in a starting CB and LB (young high potential too) for a substitute wide man that’s pretty average.

  32. Marko

    Iwobi was certainly no where near as bad as some made him out to be around here but in saying that he is never going to be world class and he was never going to be anything more than a squad player here especially if we had any sort of real ambition going forward. Saka has far more potential than him and even Nelson who’s still got a lot of work to do still has the capacity to put up Iwobi type numbers this season

  33. Brooklyn

    Luiz will start I think, Chambers at RB maybe. Ceballos in front of Xhaka and Willock/Guendouzi, Mikki and Nelson on wings with Auba upfront.

  34. Dream10


    Much better for Eddie’s career that he goes out loan. He’ll play major minutes that mean something. Top coach as well. He’s the one who asked for regular minutes as well. There’s a growing of promising kids from academies prioritising first team football instead of being the 18th or 19th man in a squad. They’re betting on themselves.

  35. Zfree

    Why would Luiz who just arrived be able to start on Sunday but Pépé who’s been in training for a few weeks won’t start?

  36. Leftsidesanch

    Sanchez Kristoman.

    You’ve been on a crusade here to offer up alternative views since yesterday so you carry on.

    In what world was Iwobi better than Sanchez who also played out wide? Some of you on here are so annoying.

  37. Cork City Gooner

    David Luiz will start sunday surely,cant see chambers getting a start,ozil and kola are probably dropped

  38. Brooklyn

    Luiz played a couple of pre-season game for Chelsea. Pepe returned late from AFCON and probably had to cut short his holiday to join Arsenal.

  39. Marko

    Why would Luiz who just arrived be able to start on Sunday but Pépé who’s been in training for a few weeks won’t start?

    Luiz is by definition short term brought in to go from the start and he’s had a preseason. Pepe was away at the Afcon had no preseason and is on a long term contract. No point in taking a risk so soon. He’ll likely be on the bench

  40. Emiratesstroller


    I have published the sales figures on the last thread.

    The principle of war Pedro is suggesting is fair comment albeit that Pedro
    was sold for £28 million + £6 million add ons.

    The point is that Arsenal have bought the three major players Pepe,Saliba and
    Tierney on an instalment plan and the monies generated from sales including
    Iwobi have covered a major chunk of this year’s cost.

    Our net spend could be a less than the original £45 million forecast.

  41. WengerEagle

    Still can’t believe United let Lukaku go without bringing in a replacement.

    Shows how little they think of Icardi too as Inter are practically begging for someone to come and take him, Conte is pulling a Costa with him and won’t give him any mins.

    Ole and Ed must have been rehashing few too many Alexis 2016/17 DVDs while on the Henny.

  42. China1

    I haven’t been this excited about an arsenal game for about 10 years

    I’m not even convinced we’ll be all that this season but I feel like it doesn’t matter. This is the first time where the air of complacency seems to have been lifted and where you feel like there will be consequences for mediocrity and that the club is trying hard.

    Can you believe the club hasn’t tried at all to be competitive for the best part of a decade and suddenly, even though we’ve a way to go, it looks like we are actually here to try and achieve tangible things.

    I totally forgot what this feels like

    Win lose or draw doesn’t really matter, what matters is the club has to connect with the fans and always feel like it’s trying. Whatever happens this season, we actually have a reason to hope again and that’s a pretty special feeling

    Cheers to the club

  43. Emiratesstroller


    We have bought Tierney for £20 million up front, Pepe for £20 million up
    front and Ceballos Loan £5 million . Total £45 million.

    This is less than the money which we are receiving this summer from sales.

  44. BacaryisGod

    Most of us agree that Arsenal had a great window but let’s deal with the facts here.

    Our net spend wasn’t 45 million. It was closer to 100 million. Many of you are confusing net spend with cash outlay. I’m pretty sure that the meeting Raul and co. had with the Kroenkes this summer was about giving them the flexibility to commit future available cash towards accrued spending this season.

    It’s a gamble. We might be handcuffing ourselves in future transfer windows but there’s nothing stopping us from doing similarly structured deals in future windows that allow us to delay the cash payments. The common phrase that applies here is ‘kicking the can down the road’.

    For me, it’s a worthwhile gamble. The club simply have to roll the dice in order to get back in the Champions League. The window on the Auba/Laca partnership is short and we were lucky to find sellers in Lille and St.Etienne that had other priorities than maximum cash upfront.

    Pedro-not sure why some are mad at you over the Iwobi fee. You made a mistake but no malice intended. However, it does appear that the fee was 28 million upfront and add-ons would take that up to 34-35 million. Not sure if it makes him our biggest sale of it that still goes to Ox.

  45. Freddie Ljungberg


    Ozil and Kola is out of the team, Lacazette is nursing a knock from the barca game and probably won’t play.

    Would also rather we played Nelson and Martinelli than Mikhi but maybe that’s too much when the rest of the available players are so poor. Hope we get through these first couple of weeks alright until the new players are ready to get starts.

  46. China1

    Seriously for example we all know xhaka is a liability but after this summer I think it’s different.

    I think emery will continue to give him and mikki chances because for some reason he likes them, but I also think the fans have grown a backbone and will make it known if they’re not happy with repeated shitty selections and it will be emery’s neck on the chopping block if he can’t get results with this squad or if he sufficiently annoys the fans

    For a decade we heard be careful what you wish for. It’s below us to protest or make negative noise, too boo etc. be patient.

    And yet the start of wenger’s demise coincides entirely with him losing the fan base and them making it known to the club. Then we go halfway through this summer with limited progress and the fans are on it again and everything turns around sharpish.

    I know the club planned to make signings regardless but I honestly doubt they’re aggression about doing it before the fans started making fuss. Likewise booing mustafi will quite possibly be the turning point that leads to him getting booted if an offer comes along

    For all these years the fans forgot and we’re pushed to forget that the club is accountable to them, and if the fans will tolerate shit then that’s precisely what they’ll be served up

    The weird loyalty to fatherly figure managers is gone now and the veil of ‘class’ stopping the fans from making themselves heard when the club fucks up is gone and I think this is going to be a pivotal thing for us. The fans have woken up and now so too has the club. It’s not a coincidence at all

  47. BacaryisGod

    The other good point Pedro made is that there’s absolutely no hiding for Unai after this summer. If he fails to perform then it’ll be on him. With Chelsea and Man U weakened by restricted activity and unproven managers, this is our best chance to climb back into the Top 4.

  48. T

    I think you are well and truly mistaken about climbing being an ambition…

    This team is out to demolish the mid and low table team next season and give a serious assault at the top.

    I think there is a fair chance to finish even second but man city is unfortunately too muh for everyone else

  49. Paulinho

    I’m pretty sure Iwobi will spend most of the time riding the pine on the Everton bench after the first few months of the season.

    They’ve had the like of Kevin Mirallas up there on their wing over the last decade or so. At his best he was a different level to Iwobi.

  50. Graham62


    I agree. The fans must forget this culture of trusting and believing when things are clearly wrong. Wenger got away with murder and we don’t want that to happen ever again. It won’t.

    The thing is, Emery must give us a positive ID. We need to become a team that the opponents are genuinely scared of. When was the last time that happened?

    This season we need to focus our attention and efforts on every single EPL game. Play the youngsters and fringe players in the EL, as well the domestic cup games.

    Away from home we need to show a belief and intensity that wasn’t always visible last season. The Emirates should be our fortress. No opponent should be able to breath on our home patch. We( the fans) have our part to play.

    Last season we proved that we could compete when it mattered. The problem was we dropped our guard at a critical time when the EL seemed to take precedence. Emery and the players let us down at a time when CL qualification was in our hands.

    These past few weeks have proved to me that the mindset at the club has changed and although there is still along way to go and many bridges to cross, there is now a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Praise the Lord.

  51. Guns of Hackney

    “No longer a bantz club”

    Hold on. Hold on. We’ve been dialling it in for at least ten years and one good window does not a summer make.

    What we did was club 101. Others have been doing this as their bread and butter forever…

    This transfer window was great. We addressed 85% of our problems and hopefully over the next 12 months, we can eradicate the next 15% and move on to the next level.

    I’m hopeful that the hierarchy has seen actually how easy it can be, ergo, they might think, “oh hold on…we can actually do this” and not regress into the pussies they have been for the last ten years.

    Sell the fuckwits. But the ones who can improve you. Simple.

    Here’s the thing. We still have emery putting this shit together. No excuses at all I’m afraid. We now have a very potent attack (on paper). A pretty good midfield with one of the worlds best suppliers (on paper) and a vastly improved defence (on paper). This is all on emery now. Failure to get at least top four should be instant dismissal. And even if we do, instant dismissal and let’s get in some hot stuff to take us forward.

    Dare I say it, with this talent at the club, Arsene would definitely get us top four, probably a cup and definitely some amazing banter along the way.

    Emery has to earn his wage this season.

  52. Guns of Hackney


    That’s funny.

    Not that I rag on others’ musical tastes, but slipnot are pretty dire.

    But then I like a bit of jazz and classical and I get routinely called gay for liking that music. Meh. My baby is growing up listening to classical etc. I think it makes tykes smarter. Or so they say.

  53. fsaf

    Wonder how many goals will Pool score tonight. I know they are a top team, but no way Salah plays another full season with 0 serious injuries?! And for a longer period of time, it would be felt.

    While Man City became champs last season without KdB and Ben Mendy. Two of their best players. And they won the league. What a team they have! Two almost equally top quality players in every position.

  54. Guns of Hackney

    Can we stop taking about net or gross spend. Why?

    Do you go to the supermarket and then come home to your bit and start talking about ‘net spend’?

    No. You say “bitch, I bought Grey goose fucking vodka…yeah I know it’s £50 a bottle but playaz gotta play…I don’t give a motherfucker about gross bitch…you’re gross. Now get over here and pour me a shot you gross bitch”.

  55. Guns of Hackney


    I didn’t. Classical came later in life. I’d say early 20’s while driving, then at home, now in the car, at home and pretty much whenever I can.

    I’m a rock n roll guy really. Guitars and drums but I’ve had some wild nights out at jazz bars. Love punk. My wife is/was a punk.

    Classical is just amazing.

  56. MidwestGun

    Agreed .. It is nice for once that it seems like the team is actually acting like they want to be successful rather then be content to plod along in Eite Mediocrity.

    In that aspect I’m very happy.. Still gonna take me some time to get over seeing Luiz in a red shirt. Let’s hope he is the good Luiz.. and not the banter Luiz.

    Very excited for start of season.. but the first game will probably be our worst lineup this season with all the injuries, players not match fit yet, and the whole Ozil… Kola thing which is just weird if you ask me

    I remember a interview with Messi once where he basically said he has death threats against him and his family every single match. Especially when he plays for Argentina. Not sure Ozil is ever going to feel safe again ever if he is waiting for no threats ever. And is Kola staying home to be his body guard? Very strange.

  57. Mysticleaves

    What a great ending to the window. Sure I missed all in real time but I read most of the comments. Don Raul has to be the man of the month. Also I don’t like Luiz. I am with Unai and a few others in that assessment.

    Someone compared CG to RT on here. That was a very big insult. Redtruth always said the truth in the most stark way except when he wanted to troll Messi but he made it fun though. Legend of le grove.

    Bob is back too. Hilarious mofo. That’s RT MK2 right there.

    Looking forward to the new season. There’s no doubt in my mind that we are making top 4. I pin us as 3rd behind City and Liverpool.

    Congrats to Gentlebris fam. I know your lost in celebration and responsibilities. Be back soon. If you aren’t already back.

  58. fsaf

    £3.7m (4m euro) loan fee + £2.7m annual wages (£50,000k-per-week).

    It’s a good deal.

    Lo Celso went to spuds for £14.40m as a star player with an option to buy, so no way we gave them £15m with no option to buy for a squad although highly regarded young player.

  59. Un na naai


    Not at all mate
    I listen to classical regularly
    Classic fm has actually accumulated the most listeners in the last two years than any other music station
    They are leaving the likes of radio 2 and radio 4 in droves

  60. fsaf

    I mean if Ceballos becomes a huge success for us, imagine how he’d feel if we give offer him a £130k+ salary. That’d be almost thrice as much as he earns in Madrid.

  61. Guns of Hackney

    Le Grove is nice when not always bitching.

    Lots of interesting people on here.

    All dinner parties must adhere to two simple rules: never talk about money/earnings or religion.

    Liverpool will lose this.

  62. Freddie Ljungberg

    Real could very well block Ceballos even more from getting starts this window if they’re getting Van de Beek in for big money, they do like their shiny toys, the more they pay for them the better. They’re pretty stocked in midfield already and if they don’t get the results the fans want they will just keep spending until they get it right.

    Think there’s a pretry good chance we can sign Ceballos permanently next year if he does well for us and enjoys life at the club, surely Madrid has to sell off a load of players now and next year to finance all the craziness going on.

  63. Up 4 grabs now

    Norwich have had two or three half chances already.
    Would be nice if the bindippers defence was this bad all season.

  64. Cork City Gooner

    Un nah nai i Couldn’t care less about your opinion on music i enjoy,after all you are english ,i really dont care about you,,,,you are irrelevant to my people

  65. Nelson

    I don’t understand why some Le Grovers like to argue about money. As a fan, I am only interested in the players signed. Some are talking as if they were the part owner of the club. If you want to play the role of a manager, I recommend you to join a fantasy league.

  66. MidwestGun

    Pretty open game really… Norwich had some good chances.. they just go into panic mode.. when they get close to scoring or when Pool gets close to their goal.

    But that might be game ova…

  67. Pierre

    “138mil spent. 55.5mil received. Total net spend 82.5mil. Source: Sky Sports.”

    And it was so nearly 110/115 million if the iwobi deal hadn’t gone through at the last minute.

    I’m surprised no one is asking where was this 110 million in January when we were desperate for a couple of defenders but pleaded poverty.

    We would all be looking forward to champions league football now if the purse strings had been loosened 6 months earlier.

  68. TR7

    Guns, yeah. Shite vs Shite in Merseyside derby provided both actually get to play.

    Norwich the same old. Good combination play going forward but nervous at the back.

  69. Guns of Hackney

    I stopped watching after the first goal. Now I’m looking at The Living Daylights, with the criminally underrated Timothy Dalton as Bond.

    He was a brilliant Bond. Apparently the studio thought him too aggressive for the role which was ironic as Fleming wrote Bond, in the books, as a pretty violent and nasty psychopath.

  70. Up 4 grabs now

    Pierre you should ask where was the money this time last year.

    First New manager in 22 years, squad needs a massive upgrade and emery was given 68 million.

    The difference being Raul and Edu this year not gazidas.

  71. Cork City Gooner

    Does un nah nai have a mental block on Irish people? ??Two of Arsenals greatest were Irish,,,Brady and O’ Leary,,,pick another nationality to hate on you saxon dog

  72. Up 4 grabs now

    Guns, Dalton was massively underrated.
    When you think how Daniel Craig’s cold ruthless bond is rated now, Dalton was doing it 30 years ago.

    Oops 3-0

  73. Paulinho

    You do wonder what bright spark at Sky thought this was the game to show on the Friday.

    Should’ve been Newcastle – Arsenal tonight and this garbage on the Sunday early slot.

  74. Jamie

    kristoman disappeared as soon as someone told him Alexis (who scored more goals with us in a single season than Iwobi has managed during his entire career as a professional) is a better winger than Iwobi.


  75. Pierre


    we could have gone in big last season …Raul and Edu have certainly done a good job this window but I believe it was a missed opportunity in January …..the money was there but it seemed to be one excuse after another.

  76. Marko

    You do wonder what bright spark at Sky thought this was the game to show on the Friday.

    They must have listened to the guy who put the cakes in the urinals at HQ. Awful game to start but lucky it wasn’t us because Luiz wouldn’t have been able to play. Something about players being registered by a certain time and the cut off for the Friday game was 12 on Thursday

  77. Guns of Hackney

    Up 4

    I know! I feel for TD. He played Bond better than Connery and Moore. Much more true to the Bond that Fleming wrote.

    I like Craig actually because, he plays it a bit like Dalton.

    I’ve actually read quite a few books and the Bond in them is really rough. He isn’t cultured per se but a bit of a mimic. He’s an alcoholic, violent and a misogynist. Like Fleming. But most writers write themselves.

    For the record. Bond can’t be black! True, Idris Elba could be great but Bond was written white and if a black actor got the role, all that he would be would be ‘black bond’ which would diminish both the actor and the role forever.

    A bit like casting a white boy for Othello. No. Shakespeare wrote him a Moor and therefore, a black man.

    I digress.

  78. Paulinho

    “Luiz wouldn’t have been able to play”

    Top decision by Sky to show this match. European Champions against hungry promoted team desperate to impress.

  79. Up 4 grabs now


    I’m sure players we might have been interested in, in January possibly wasn’t available but something more should have been done.
    Those last six games could all have been different without xhaka or mustafi in the side.
    I’d be surprised now we have a team in place that situation will occur again.

  80. Up 4 grabs now

    Guns I’ve read a couple too.
    yeah spot on. Connery was cold when he wanted to be.
    Roger Moore was a lot more comical.
    But I though Dalton got a pretty raw deal.

    Yeah agree about a black bond.
    The character is a white guy.
    I like Idris good actor though.

    They made doctor who a woman.
    When the character is a man so it probably will happen though.

    Could you imagine the uproar if they wanted to cast a white guy to play Lando calarissan in star wars, or a man to play tennison in a remake of prime suspect.

  81. izzo

    Pretty sure Origi scores more if given game time. He’s a quality back up for Pool. The types we should be filling out the squad with rather than the likes of Iwobi. Thank fuck he’s gone! Norwich already signalling to the league they’re ripe for relegation. What did they spend 1.1 million? Would’ve been better had Leeds come up.

  82. Guns of Hackney


    Really? Really?

    James Bond was written as a white character. Like Shakespeare wrote Othello as a black man.

    WTF is your problem you agitating git?

  83. Champagne charlie

    Norwich are rank in defence, if this is their first string they’re having a mare this season.

    Unless the gaffer has something about him right enough.

  84. Up 4 grabs now


    In the books bond is described as blonde white guy.
    If your sticking to the character in the films, the actor has to be white.

    Nothing racial in it.