Edu speaks – it’s good!

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What is going on my darlings?!

I am currently in Washington with my dad.

The weather is disgusting. It hit 100 degrees yesterday, or 37.7 Celcius. We walked the landmarks in a fit of ‘let’s not be pussies about this’ and I can confirm this was a mistake.

I have no idea how the players are supposed to deal with this… peak temperature arrives at 1700!

There is a BIG game tonight as we take on the once-mighty Fiorentina. Another chance for some of the kids to shine. Another chance for Mustafi to show the world he is a total legend and well worth the £90k a week.

Some interesting snippets in and around the internet. Arseblog had an interesting piece from Sven about his time at Arsenal. It’s what we all knew… he fell out with leadership because they changed direction when Ivan G left.

The key takeaway – one I have debated at length with people is… the dreaded contacts approach to football is real.

Arsenal is the only club on the planet that can move in the direction of modernism, only to crush it and go back to something that reeks of old fashioned curtains. He basically said instead of being proactive, using tech, people and data to uncover value in a competitive market… we’re waiting for agents to bring players to us. Pretty much the exact strategy that’s seen United do so well since Fergie left.

I guess we have to hope that Edu has something to say about that. It is not efficient to rely on the opinion of people who have something to sell. That is not a forward-facing approach to building a super club. When it succeeds you can’t repeat it either… it’s built on luck of the draw.

Very depressing if our new technical director agrees with this… because, you know, it’s not a very technical way of looking at a game that is advancing at a rate of knots.

Don’t be a dinosaur, Edu.

It was amusing that the journo speaking to Sven pestered him about taking a smaller job, his response was basically – ‘we fill 60,000 for a relegation battle and we’re nosier. This isn’t a small club.’ Fair play.

Talking of Edu, it reads like he gave a personal response to my blog the other day.

There are a lot of things to do, but I will try to explain to you a little bit about almost everything. People always say that the technical director has to look after and be involved in the process of signing players, selling players, keeping players, loaning players. That’s an important part of the job of course and I understand that. But for me there are more important things in front of that – we have to look after what we have today. We have to work hard today. We have to look after our squad today. The future is the future, and signing players means sometimes the future, and of course I have to be involved in that process, but I also have to take care of today. I explained to the players when I arrived that I’m not the guy who stays inside the office and waits for someone to knock on my door and send a message to me. I want to be involved in the process, I want to be on the inside, I want to be with them, I want to be with Unai, I want to be with the staff as well, to try and advise them if they need it, and give some advice for them. Being involved is important and that’s what I really believe from today. The link with the academy is very important because people always forget about it, because they talk about signing big names, but we have to take care of the academy as well. That’s one point I have to be linked with.

So there are short-term things to address, and also medium-term things to address?

Yes, that’s part of my role as well, because in football there are short-term, medium-term and long-term [challenges] of course, but how do you share that? I have to look after short-, medium- and long-term, but Unai has to look after the very short-term [challenges], and that means Wednesday, Saturday, training sessions, looking after the opponents and the strategy of the games. I have to give him time to look after that situation, and he has to give all his energy to that very short-term, he has to look after that and I have to help him with it. And medium-term and long-term, when we look after the academy, maybe you’re talking about medium-term and long-term, so that’s important to me, to be linked very well with the academy as well. So as I said, Unai has to be focused with his energy on the very short-term, and I have to help him with that.

What do you say, Edu, to the fans who are concerned about the club’s future? Some fans are positive, some fans are less positive. What do you say to those who are less positive?

We have to understand the fans, we have to understand that. That’s important. But they have to understand us as well. Because we have a philosophy. The club is changing a lot, so I saw that before I signed up for technical director, I saw the many changes now Arsene has left. The structure of the club changes a lot. So that’s a process, and sometimes we need time. I understand that time is going against us but we have to be aware of that. But in the end, we’re going to give to [the fans] some good things I am sure. I am sure. Because since I started to talk with Vinai and Raul about that job, I felt the energy of the club. I felt the very positive things around it. That’s why I really believe and that’s why I am here as well, because I feel we will do good things in the future. Not the future-future, but nearly there!

Let’s jump one year into the future. If we spoke to you again then, where would you hope the club would be at that point?

I’m not saying [it’s a] dream, but [we need to be] focused to be fighting for the Champions League again. Of course that’s our target. To make the squad even stronger. I want to see the fans enjoying, as before, the club even more. I know how they live the club, how they love the club and we have to give them something back so they can enjoy again the club.

This reads really well for me… and the club are clearly trying to appease the whingers like me. They want the ground to be buzzing this season, which is fair.

What I like:

He’s addressing the now, he’s talking about stages to what he’s doing and he’s said that his goal is to fight for the Champions League.

No time frame… but I’m giving him one. 5 years. Champions League final. Make it happen!

Transfer wise, no one really has anything. All the deals we know we’re gunning for are just chugging along. Dani Ceballos is going to be a very interesting move for Arsenal, that would make me feel a lot better about the coming season. If we can bring in a couple of wide players and a centre back, at least we’ll have inched forward. The most important thing for me is building out the athleticism of the squad. It’s been painful to watch average teams bully us. We need a more brutish character this season, Zaha certainly gives us that sort of edge.

In the… ‘look who we let go OMG OMG’ instalment today. Ismail Bennacer just took the player of the tournament at AFCON. Ouch. It’s amazing how good other clubs have been at identifying the better prospects in our youth ranks.

Hopefully, Emery really does get pressured into playing the kids this season… John-Jules, Saka, Willock and Medley best be £30m players by the end of the season.

Interestingly, Chelsea HAS to take the youth approach. Top 4 could be battle of the kids.

Right, that’s me done, enjoy the game this evening and HYDRATE if you are in the ground.

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  1. MidwestGun

    Feels like we are going to give up some goals.. need to outscore them. too much space between the back 3. They are getting too many good looks at goal.

  2. Nelson

    Emery is defending with a 5 – 4 – 1 formation. The two wingers come back to help out the midfield.

  3. Marko

    Burton looks like a tidy little player.

    Another example of not being able to trust Kolasinac defensively. Just does not track his man ever

  4. Guns of Brixton

    … We need a CB!!
    Arsenal fans are holding out for a CB ’til the end of the deadline night
    He’s gotta be strong
    And he’s gotta be fast
    And he’s gotta be fresh from the fight
    We need a CB!!!
    Arsenal fans are holding out for a hero ’til the morning light
    He’s gotta be sure
    And it’s gotta be soon
    And he’s gotta be larger than life!
    Larger than life….

  5. Marko

    Incredible to think a sledgehammer hasn’t been taken to this defence yet. Fuck me it’s shocking. Another 5-65 goals incoming that’s for sure. Very tempted to forego any idea of a Zaha type signing in favour of addressing the back 4

  6. Cesc Appeal

    We need UCL football (however we get it) just to sort that defence, every penny of that money would be needed.

    Just next to no good options, Kolasinac, Monreal, Mustafi, Chambers, Jenkinson, Maitland Niles…just no good.

    We really need Saliba to be a great scout and really someone out of Holding/Mavropanos to step up this season. Otherwise you’re looking at £60 Million plus on a CB and you’d still then be banking on Saliba just picking it up right away.

    Arsenal could justifiably spend £100 Million+ on CBs.

    If we land our rumoured targets this will be the season of great attacking play and facepalm defensive moments. I do expect the attacking potency to improve our defensive record somewhat though.

  7. MidwestGun

    I think he literally could have walked it in before halftime, .. oh well.. not sure what I’m expecting ..we have the same defensive players as what finished last season. We looked better with a back 4 though last few games. Think I would switch to that.. bring in that kid Macy.. Monreal, Macy, Chambers, Jenks.. Still bad but has to be better then this.. Bit yeah… I cant see it being good to start the season unless we replace at least 3 of the back 4

  8. Emiratesstroller

    It is criminal how the club fails to invest in our defence. Does anyone believe seriously that we can continue to play with a backline which includes Mustafi,
    Monreal, Koscielny and Chambers.

    Everyone knows that we have some very good attacking resources which are
    now supplemented by the likes of Nkietah, Nelson and Saka.

    However, we cannot continue to rely on our current defensive resources. The
    absolute minimum requirements for this season must be a left back and a
    quality centre back.

  9. Cesc Appeal

    I think Sokratis and Holding are Emery’s first choice CB pairing.

    Doubt we will see Mustafi much this year unless there are injuries, probably Europa League where he will still manage to fuck up.

    Emery is rumoured to want another CB this summer though.

  10. Marko

    If we land our rumoured targets this will be the season of great attacking play and facepalm defensive moments

    Oh at least. The only definitive defensive target we know of is only Tierney though and that’s pretty fucking shocking. I swear if the back 4 isn’t addressed to the tune of at least three we’ll be seeing at least another 50-65 goals conceded again. None of our CB’s are good enough and our full back options are dire as well

  11. MidwestGun

    Chambers has looked ok.. in both other matches. but he wasn’t playing in a back 3. He is ok for backup and to start here and there imo… certainly I would play him over Mustafi if we aren’t going to sell him.

  12. Ishola70

    “It is criminal how the club fails to invest in our defence”

    Nothing new is it.

    Been happening over a decade at the club.

    Club get away with it because they can cover in it a cloak of well at least we try to play football the right way whatever that is and enough fans lap it up still.

    Always thought a balanced side is what to aim for.

  13. Dissenter

    Our defense is just picking up from the shitty place we dropped it off last season.
    There’s already so much pressure on Saliba and he does not resume fir another 12 months. He’s like the baby Jesus from St Etienne.

  14. MidwestGun

    We look more solid defensively with a back 4.. but our attack suffers.. With a back 3 we look dangerous in attack but defensively its a shit show.. pretty much like last season.. with lack of wingers.. same issues. And same issues with defensive personnel.. Not much changed there.

    Miki .. still useless.

  15. Dissenter

    Mykhi is the one that we should definitely pay half his salary to get him out on loan.
    He’s a waste of space. At least Ozil has had his moments with Arsenal.

  16. Marko

    Mid he has to stop with the back 3/5 it simply does not work. I’ll be honest though I think he does it because of Kolasinac sometimes but he has to stop trying to make it work because we look pathetic when it’s played

  17. Dissenter

    These were the types of weather conditions where the 1994 World Cup was played under.
    FIFA made them play matches at 12 midday in a very hot American summer season.

  18. Marko

    Mid a back three can work with players that can play it but we don’t have any that can. When it’s played you get people like AMN and Kolasinac switching off because there’s this assumption that because there’s 3 CB’S that there’s this protection but there really isn’t any. We’ve also not got mobile enough CB’s that can play a high line or can comfortably split.

  19. MidwestGun

    I just think it’s inherently a bad formation it requires your cb’s to track back to the corner flags into positions they aren’t used to and leaves space in between them..
    Easily exploited as well.. by quick wingers.

    Anyhow… would like to see the end of it.. we don’t need to accommodate Kola.

  20. Jamie

    Xhaka really is garbage. Everything wrong with our midfield starts with him. Square peg in a round hole no matter where he plays for us.

  21. Marko

    Easily exploited as well.. by quick wingers.

    Absolutely. At the end of the day if you’re not comfortable defensively with the full backs you have don’t change the formation around to compensate for that fact. Just get better fullbacks
    Miss for Martinelli but that boy has nitrous in his socks

  22. Dissenter

    The stadium seems to have only gooners in it.
    There aren’t too many global clubs around, Arsenal is definitely in that elite group.

  23. Cesc Appeal



    Like the look of him.

    Absolutely ridiculous pace. Good feet as well.

    Still only 18.

  24. Marko

    Calm down will’s a meaningless friendly match

    Says the dumbo who thinks AMN is comparable to Ndombele. Isn’t there a Huddersfield match you could be watching you fake fan

  25. Dissenter

    Even in a meaningless preseason game, you can tell the players that have that little quality.
    No one is saying is word class, just that he has something.
    Jesu eledumare, You just want to moan , don’t you.

  26. Cesc Appeal

    Matinelli has great acceleration, in a pressing system that could be very useful.

    A few times just in that last 15 minutes he accelerated and caught a defender unaware or made it into space he really shouldn’t have.

  27. Dissenter

    We need a major investment in our backline
    Hope the rumors of the Senegalese defender are true

    I would sell Xhaka for 14 million and a back of hot chips because that’s the fee for Bennacer.

  28. Dissenter

    The way Martinelli goes last players is impressive
    Emery has to find a way to play some of these kids, not just in meaningless games.
    I would rather have Willocks making errors than see more of Mykhi.

  29. Victorious

    Says the dumbo who thinks AMN is comparable to Ndombele. Isn’t there a Huddersfield match you could be watching you fake fan”

    Oh the ever idiotic Marko is about

    The wretched postman who claimed Keita would come into Arsenal’s midfield and be our best midfielder since Cesc,How about Max Meyer who is better than anything we have in midfield.


  30. Nelson

    I have a feeling that if we give more opportunity to Medley, he may be developed to be a functional CB. Tonight, he already looks more comfortable.

  31. Marko

    The wretched postman who claimed Keita would come into Arsenal’s midfield and be our best midfielder since Cesc

    Haha not hard is it.

  32. MidwestGun

    From the first match I noticed Martinelli likes to run at people as well.. and isn’t afraid to shoot…. So I think it was a very good signing … he may need a loan though at some point.

    As for youth squad .
    I think Eddie is going to get the Welbeck spot, Willock the Ramsey spot, and Martinez the Cech spot.. And think Chambers is going to make the side as a CB.. That’s what I have gleaned so far after 3 matches. Anyhow… Real Madrid on Tuesday at least that one I won’t have to stream.

    We have a lot of good to very good youth players.. but none you would say certain superstar.. and I guess that’s always the issue, with youth players is figuring out which ones are what.

  33. Danny M.O

    Martinelli looks very direct, too direct for my liking considering he is brazilian. A young r9 or pato would have thrown in some step overs and circled the keeper.

    Not enough trickery in his game for me at the moment.

  34. Gonsterous

    I can’t believe not a single club is interested in buying mhiki, ozil, Mustafi, or xhaka. I think xhaka is not put up for sale this window, considering the options we have. But the other 3 need to go.

    Club is sinking faster than the titanic.

  35. Dissenter

    “I can’t believe not a single club is interested in buying mhiki, ozil, Mustafi, or xhaka. ”

    Kindly send rail an email if you know of any clubs interested in the aforementioned players.
    Be sure to negotiate a finders fee for yourself.

  36. Leedsgunner

    We spent over £100m on two strikers and we have a front two that any club in world football would love.

    Frankly we need to do the same in our defence, two class centre backs would go such a long way in sorting this out.

    Konate and Upamecano should be our priority than Zaha.

  37. China1

    I think we only need one great Cb to make a massive difference, rather than 2.

    Between pappa and holding we have a ‘good enough’ partner alongside a top defender to have a very good CB pairing.

    Ofc two elite CBs would be better but in terms of priority and finances I think one is enough for now. Spend that money on a LB, a CM or whatever will help the defense more than a buying two great CBs in this window

  38. Emiratesstroller

    China 1

    Football is now a “squad” game and we cannot afford to go into next season relying on our current defence, which has proven time and again just how brittle they are.

    Okay we have got on our books perhaps three players good enough to justify a
    place in our squad specifically Bellerin [still out injured], Sokratis and Holding
    [also out injured].

    However, the rest would never make the bench let alone the starting X1 at any
    other major club.

    The club needs to now prioritise “defence” in transfer market and realise that
    we are not going to buy anyone cheap if they are proven quality.

    On the positive side I do think that there are a number of very promising youngsters coming through the system who could make the grade, but sadly
    none are defenders.

  39. China1

    Emirates sure but the whole team needs surgery, not only the defense

    An aggressive winger could relieve pressure on the defense.

    A better CM could relieve pressure on the defense.

    Were getting Saliba for the long term, and have two decent CBs already, so buying another CB for now is a good idea but 2 is excessive

  40. China1

    As you said it’s a squad game but also a team game. Just a 7/10 defense can be hard to score against if the they are well drilled, the formation and tactics are accommodating, the players compliment each other and the midfield provide enough protection and the attack puts teams on the back foot

    So whilst it’s nice to want an elite defense, the whole setup is a way off the pace so having even 4 top class defenders still wouldn’t solve all our problems defensively. They’d still be under pressure from a poor midfield, lack of pressing from the front by certain players, lack of midfield mobility, predictable build up play, and a lack of dangerous attacking players to keep the opposition honest against counter attacks.

    The defenders are only half of what really constitutes the defensive makeup and quality of the team.

  41. SUGA3


    Hear, hear! I think we should go all out and find a defence general, who will naturally drill the back four, because sure as hell we are not getting it coached into an average setup. Unless we hire someone like this in the coaching role.

    Oh Martin, where art thou 😉

  42. Emiratesstroller


    The stats tell you that Arsenal’s defence is not fit for purpose. We have conceded 50 goals+ in each of last 2 EPL seasons.

    The players are not spring chickens likely to improve. Chambers has been at the club several years as is the case with Mustafi. Both Koscielny and Monreal are 33 and injury prone.Jenkinson and Kolasinac are also unlikely to improve

    Everyone bar the kitchen sink knows our weakness and as I have posted many
    times I would rather spend money on this department than buy an expensive
    winger at a time when we have just recruited Martinelli and have two very promising young players coming through system in Saka and Nelson who will
    expect game time within next two years.

  43. Un na naai


    Forgive me me but you were equally dismissive of Holding until his rapid improvement last year. I’m not sure you really have they eye for defensive capabilities or if you do then you don’t seem to consider how a raw defender can improve with coaching in the right set up. Chambers can play for arsenal. Maybe not first name on the team sheet but he’s better than most of our back up centre halves over the last 25 years.He reads the game well and is good on the ball. He’s done his time with the lower clubs and learned what it takes to battle and remain switched on.Let’s see how he gets on now. Our defence has never been the most comfortable place for young centre half to learn his trade either with two horrendous defensive coaches never the last 15 years

  44. Champagne Charlie


    Goes back to Emery, he hasn’t the eye for defence in the same way Wenger didn’t. Our manager is arguably the last person you’d send away from home with a 1-0 win and say keep it tight, 0-0 does the job.

  45. Un na naai


    Who? Who is this ready made general? How much does he cost? Why isn’t he already at abetter club than arsenal?

    Straight away, Dani Alves is on a free. Snap that up immediately. He’s no Lichtsteiner. This guy is a proper winner.

  46. Unai

    Wonder why we dont just pay half of a players wages and send them on loan? Pretty obvious if you do something fag packet maths.

    Say you do it with Miki 180k, Ozil 350k & Mustafi 90k. £620k / week (ffs ivan!!!!)

    You lose the player with no income so net £0 for further transfers.

    You still need £16m for 1 years worth of half wages.

    You need £30-50m for replacements (all our budget)

    You need 15m for years wages if you pay each of the new player 100k a week

    Then, the real kicker a year later Ozil, Miki & Mustafi return requiring an increase in wages by £16m

    Total cost over 2 years…. around £100m

    If we dont get the problems off the wage bill entirely then really we cant do anything at all.

  47. Un na naai


    Exactly why I was saying. The fact that holding is developing as well as he is would indicate to me that he’s got exceptional talent and drive to succeed as wenger and emery would hardly have provided Graham like tutelage.

  48. Pierre

    “Wonder why we dont just pay half of a players wages and send them on loan? Pretty obvious if you do something fag packet maths.”

    You missed one important point ….the player.

    If he doesn’t want to go on loan , then it won’t happen.

  49. Unai

    Pierre, just further cements my point, the myth we can just ship them off on loan and pay half wages is a none starter.

    We either sell or keep.

  50. Champagne charlie


    Fan of Holdings, said he had a bright future since I watched his demolition of Costa. That was elite mentality and he’s a guy that will learn and learn willingly.


    You’re dead right, but this is where management shows their salt and develops a relationship with players to the point they can sway them ‘onside’ and get the best for the club. Not always, but predominantly so. The fact we don’t seem capable of working a sale I think speaks for itself on the leadership front.

  51. Un na naai


    Yeah same
    I’m not quite sure why so many are so dismissive of chambers though. Even as a back up he’s better than most of our previous back up centre halves
    At least give the boy a chance. Give him a run. Why would we sell him when the alternative is Mustafi and a 33 year old left back?
    I read he stood out against Fiorentina last night while Montreal and Mustafi were shaky

  52. Ishola70

    Holding impressed me and others when he first came on the scene.

    Then he sort of panned out and didn’t look as good.

    Then he was in the team that went unbeaten in those 22 games last season.

    In that unbeaten run the defence was far from watertight. Games were won because of the offense rather than defence which was the case for most matches last season. Also the unbeaten run had quite a few matches that shall we say were less taxing than others as the season went on.

    Holding’s repuation is now based on the games he missed just as much as the games he played. He has became yet another player that is yearned for because of absence. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

    So Holding has capabilties and he could become an important defender for the club but at this point he is being overplayed by the fans. He is being portrayed as the undoubted saviour for the defence. This has probably to do with others being poor like Mustafi but nonetheless a bit of caution should be excercised regarding Holding and putting him on this pedestal of undoubted saviour.

    Emirates Stroller continues to ignore that poor defence is jut not about the back four but what can you do. He just continually fixates on the centre backs primarily. Of course at least one CB needs gutting nut it is so much more than that.

  53. SUGA3

    Un na,

    Alves does not have the legs to play here anymore. Of course he’d bomb like Lichtsteiner. He is 36, ffs.

    I am sure there are unpicked monsters out there in their early twenties. Banging about in the lower leagues and youth teams in the Eastern Europe. Even Bielik had an amazing U21 World Cup, but we would rather treat him like a cunt. Would he do better than Mustafi? Of course he would.

  54. Ishola70

    Been said before Chambers needs to show that he has toughened up when away on his loans.

    In an Arsenal shirt he was seen too many times as being bullied by the opposition. Not tough enough.

    Not convinced at all that he has acquired this toughness.

  55. Freddie Ljungberg

    The thing with Chambers is that he’s one of the few players we could get a decent fee for seeing as he’s on reasonable wages, done well on loan and has that english premium. He’s also someone that wouldn’t be missed unlike the other sellable assets we have in Laca, Auba and Torreira.

    The last thing we need right now is another backup level CB, we’ve got enough of those, we need someone that can start.

    Chambers for me doesn’t have the physical attributes to be a dominating CB, or DM for that matter. Lacks pace, physicality and height.

    Will be interesting to see what happens with this Pape Abou Cisse dude and if he’s any good.

  56. Champagne Charlie


    I know where you’re coming from with Chambers, but for me he’s prime beef to turnover for money an reinvest in someone with much better chance of making it as a first teamer.

    Chambers isn’t athletic and doesn’t offset that with anything particularly impressive. He’s OK at a lot, and we need more than that, he’s a 20 mil asset in this market and good scouting would uncover better for that money.

    These are the moves the club should be making, but we don’t. I see us ‘giving Chambers a go’ then trying to sell next summer after a flat season when we should be flaunting his player of the season input at Fulham.

  57. SUGA3


    He is obviously too good for the youth/reserves and he seems like a commanding character. Would give him and Mavropanos a go here and there. Neither can do much worse than Mustafi IMO and they will only learn.

    Hire Keown to drill them. We set that record CL run without conceding a goal with Senderos and Flamini in the back four, remember?

  58. Un na naai


    No. Not at all. He was our best defender in that run. The best communicator. The only leader and had it not been for him then we would not have had a 23 game run

    It was no coincidence that once he got injured the defence fell apart
    I see with my eyes ishola
    Not sure what you’ve been using

  59. Un na naai


    Yeah I’d agree on Bielik and more than happy to do what we can to offload Mustafi

    I think we really could use some leadership skills in the dressing room right now though. Someone who has been there and done it. Kos is off. Cech is gone. That leaves literally nobody.

  60. Un na naai


    I disagree. He can pass and read the game well. He’s tall. Decent in the air. Stays on his feet. Yes he’s not athletic but we are in no position to be throwing away a team’s player of the season right now.
    Get what we can for Mustafi and use that. If chambers doesn’t work then sell him too but for me he’s more useful on the field right now than £20m in the bank for arsenal.

  61. Ishola70

    Un Na

    We have been here before with absent players.

    They are yearned for in their absence but when returning Arsenal do not take all before them.

    As said Arsenal were not watertight in defence in that unbeaten run and the run itself had quite a few games where victory was expected before kick-off.

    Also the way the defence is even a competent defender is going to look good and we are praying even for just a competent defender.

    I’m not writing him off at all. I rated him highly when he first moved to Arsenal but then he tailed off somewhat. All I’m saying is some caution needs to be made when citing Holding as the saviour of the defence and all will be well once he returns.

  62. Champagne charlie


    Chambers would obviously be more useful than 20 mil in the bank, but if we had any kind of savvy at the club we’d turn a fee for Chambers into a replacement for Chambers with a better skillset and higher ceiling.

    That’s my point about this current setup at Arsenal, nobody seems capable of shuffling a deck to their advantage like we see across Europe from the real innovative clubs.

    In real terms Chambers hasn’t kicked a ball for us in two seasons, so money for him would do nothing but bolster our firepower in the transfer window and that’s precisely what we need – provided any of the guys in charge decide to raise their hand and offer a direction.

    But alas, if none are capable of that then I’m all for having Chambers on board. He’s a better CM option than Elneny having played there all season, CB? not so sure. All in all it seems a waste not to capitalise on his sale, I don’t think Arsenal should be treating Fulhams player of the season as something to cling hold of personally.

  63. Ishola70

    Time seems to be running out for Mavropanos at Arsenal even at just 21.

    The defence has been so shaky that you would have hoped to see much more of him.

    Added to that reports that Emery doesn’t fancy him at all and it doesn’t look to good for Mav at this point.

  64. Unai

    @Suga3, totally disagree. Mustafi is poor but Bielik is untested and Mav looked like a walking disaster when called upon in the past. Dont think either are the answer.

    Also, the coaches see these guys in training, they will have a good handle on the current capabilities of both against our more experienced players, clearly they dont feel they are ready

    Chambers and Holding are a different story however, think Holding will be a regular when fit and Chambers will be a decent backup.

    Although I’d take 15-20m for Chambers today if someone offered.

  65. Un na naai


    But how do we know what his ceiling is? He’s being written off before he gets a proper run in the team. Just like Holding.
    When he first signed for us he plays around 8-10 games in the first team and was hugely impressive. He was strong on the ground and in the air and brought the ball out of defence beautifully. Then wenger shunted him over to right back due to the debuchy injury and he just never recovered. He was torn apart there as he lacks the pace for the position in the modern game and his confidence suffered from there

    Wenger was great at getting forwards to express themselves but that philosophy doesn’t apply to centre halves who he seemed to just throw in without a life jacket to see if they sink or swim with no guidance.
    If Chelsea is a strikers graveyard then we are the equivalent for promising centre halves.

    What this all leads back to is that he had enormous potential back then but his confidence was shattered and he needed to rebuild it (with some proper coaching) at lower clubs. He’s done that now so let’s see how he does. Will £20m get us anyone as good as chambers can be for us? Well let’s give him a run and find out.

  66. Champagne charlie


    Chambers has been at Arsenal since he was 19, he’s now 24. You’re treating us with a level of disdain if you’re honestly wanting us to persevere and persevere until some eureka moment where he, or any other in his shoes, comes good.

    That’s not the strategy at elite clubs, and if we want to be there again with any impetus then we need to act accordingly and not indulge a lower level of approach. If you think he might make it, then sell with a buy-back clause and all bases are covered.

    For 20 mil you can buy better than Chambers currently gives us, and that’s the most important aspect. Beyond all that he’s one of the most obvious sources of income for us at no loss to our net performance – if we were to benchmark from last season.

  67. Un na naai


    No: not expecting a eureka moment. I want to see him given a run. I think he’s a lot better than people think just as I did with holding.
    It’s clear you do not rate him at all but let’s get serious for a second and say that you’re right. He’s not good enough and that we should just take £20m for him now and that we would get that for him now

    Who are we getting right now for £20m to come in and do a job in the premier league? Someone that you trust this mob to get to arsenal before the window closes

  68. Un na naai

    As a side note

    After watching the extended highlights of the Fiorentina match I have to say I’m really really excited about our young prospects this season. They all link so well. Tricky, energetic, fearless and positive. Exactly what we need. They look like they expect to beat their man whenever they get near the ball. No doubts.

    I’d almost say fuck signing a winger and just focus everything on defence. Another centre back and a left back at the very least. I’d like a right back too.

    Do whatever we can to get rid of elneny and Mustafi.

  69. KAY Boss

    The defence needs sorting. Gosh we can’t seem to defend when our lives are on it. Also this bogus highline is killing the defense. It seems Emery just like Wenger is inept with defense. Even if we buy an excellent Cb in say Koulibaly, we’ll see same results because we ain’t properly shaped defensively. If a club has holding, chambers, mustafi, sokratis as cbs it says it all about the club and its level. So frustrating.

  70. Mysticleaves

    Another match that Nelson has left me less impressed. Really like the look of Burton and yea, Willock further strengthens his case for first team (not starting 11 for people like Marko) duties.

    Martinelli is very direct as someone noted. Not much skills. Am not surprised though. Most wingers out of Brazil these days are very direct. Neres, Richarlison, Everton to mention a few. I think they are taking football serious in Brazil now.

  71. KAY Boss

    Reading ‘rumors’ we ain’t in for Everton Soares. Nothing seems certain in transfer windows.
    I think is bs though.