Edu speaks – it’s good!

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What is going on my darlings?!

I am currently in Washington with my dad.

The weather is disgusting. It hit 100 degrees yesterday, or 37.7 Celcius. We walked the landmarks in a fit of ‘let’s not be pussies about this’ and I can confirm this was a mistake.

I have no idea how the players are supposed to deal with this… peak temperature arrives at 1700!

There is a BIG game tonight as we take on the once-mighty Fiorentina. Another chance for some of the kids to shine. Another chance for Mustafi to show the world he is a total legend and well worth the £90k a week.

Some interesting snippets in and around the internet. Arseblog had an interesting piece from Sven about his time at Arsenal. It’s what we all knew… he fell out with leadership because they changed direction when Ivan G left.

The key takeaway – one I have debated at length with people is… the dreaded contacts approach to football is real.

Arsenal is the only club on the planet that can move in the direction of modernism, only to crush it and go back to something that reeks of old fashioned curtains. He basically said instead of being proactive, using tech, people and data to uncover value in a competitive market… we’re waiting for agents to bring players to us. Pretty much the exact strategy that’s seen United do so well since Fergie left.

I guess we have to hope that Edu has something to say about that. It is not efficient to rely on the opinion of people who have something to sell. That is not a forward-facing approach to building a super club. When it succeeds you can’t repeat it either… it’s built on luck of the draw.

Very depressing if our new technical director agrees with this… because, you know, it’s not a very technical way of looking at a game that is advancing at a rate of knots.

Don’t be a dinosaur, Edu.

It was amusing that the journo speaking to Sven pestered him about taking a smaller job, his response was basically – ‘we fill 60,000 for a relegation battle and we’re nosier. This isn’t a small club.’ Fair play.

Talking of Edu, it reads like he gave a personal response to my blog the other day.

There are a lot of things to do, but I will try to explain to you a little bit about almost everything. People always say that the technical director has to look after and be involved in the process of signing players, selling players, keeping players, loaning players. That’s an important part of the job of course and I understand that. But for me there are more important things in front of that – we have to look after what we have today. We have to work hard today. We have to look after our squad today. The future is the future, and signing players means sometimes the future, and of course I have to be involved in that process, but I also have to take care of today. I explained to the players when I arrived that I’m not the guy who stays inside the office and waits for someone to knock on my door and send a message to me. I want to be involved in the process, I want to be on the inside, I want to be with them, I want to be with Unai, I want to be with the staff as well, to try and advise them if they need it, and give some advice for them. Being involved is important and that’s what I really believe from today. The link with the academy is very important because people always forget about it, because they talk about signing big names, but we have to take care of the academy as well. That’s one point I have to be linked with.

So there are short-term things to address, and also medium-term things to address?

Yes, that’s part of my role as well, because in football there are short-term, medium-term and long-term [challenges] of course, but how do you share that? I have to look after short-, medium- and long-term, but Unai has to look after the very short-term [challenges], and that means Wednesday, Saturday, training sessions, looking after the opponents and the strategy of the games. I have to give him time to look after that situation, and he has to give all his energy to that very short-term, he has to look after that and I have to help him with it. And medium-term and long-term, when we look after the academy, maybe you’re talking about medium-term and long-term, so that’s important to me, to be linked very well with the academy as well. So as I said, Unai has to be focused with his energy on the very short-term, and I have to help him with that.

What do you say, Edu, to the fans who are concerned about the club’s future? Some fans are positive, some fans are less positive. What do you say to those who are less positive?

We have to understand the fans, we have to understand that. That’s important. But they have to understand us as well. Because we have a philosophy. The club is changing a lot, so I saw that before I signed up for technical director, I saw the many changes now Arsene has left. The structure of the club changes a lot. So that’s a process, and sometimes we need time. I understand that time is going against us but we have to be aware of that. But in the end, we’re going to give to [the fans] some good things I am sure. I am sure. Because since I started to talk with Vinai and Raul about that job, I felt the energy of the club. I felt the very positive things around it. That’s why I really believe and that’s why I am here as well, because I feel we will do good things in the future. Not the future-future, but nearly there!

Let’s jump one year into the future. If we spoke to you again then, where would you hope the club would be at that point?

I’m not saying [it’s a] dream, but [we need to be] focused to be fighting for the Champions League again. Of course that’s our target. To make the squad even stronger. I want to see the fans enjoying, as before, the club even more. I know how they live the club, how they love the club and we have to give them something back so they can enjoy again the club.

This reads really well for me… and the club are clearly trying to appease the whingers like me. They want the ground to be buzzing this season, which is fair.

What I like:

He’s addressing the now, he’s talking about stages to what he’s doing and he’s said that his goal is to fight for the Champions League.

No time frame… but I’m giving him one. 5 years. Champions League final. Make it happen!

Transfer wise, no one really has anything. All the deals we know we’re gunning for are just chugging along. Dani Ceballos is going to be a very interesting move for Arsenal, that would make me feel a lot better about the coming season. If we can bring in a couple of wide players and a centre back, at least we’ll have inched forward. The most important thing for me is building out the athleticism of the squad. It’s been painful to watch average teams bully us. We need a more brutish character this season, Zaha certainly gives us that sort of edge.

In the… ‘look who we let go OMG OMG’ instalment today. Ismail Bennacer just took the player of the tournament at AFCON. Ouch. It’s amazing how good other clubs have been at identifying the better prospects in our youth ranks.

Hopefully, Emery really does get pressured into playing the kids this season… John-Jules, Saka, Willock and Medley best be £30m players by the end of the season.

Interestingly, Chelsea HAS to take the youth approach. Top 4 could be battle of the kids.

Right, that’s me done, enjoy the game this evening and HYDRATE if you are in the ground.

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  1. HighburyLegend

    “To make the squad even stronger.”

    Yeah right, with Mustafi, Xhaka and Ozil – aka the 3 stooges – as our leaders…. (lol ?)

  2. bennydevito

    Wasn’t too keen at first but I like what he’s saying and if we fail to get top 4 this season or we’re well off the pace come December, Emery will be gone.

  3. Ishola70

    I’d be interested to know what this “philosophy” Edu speaks of.

    At least he didn’t utter the word “values”.

  4. Marko

    “Previously we had a strong systematic approach to transfers, a mixture of watching things live as well as quality data and video analysis. Arsenal actually owns their own data company.

    “That meant that we acted independently, we knew about all markets and players in all positions that came into question.

    “However, the new leadership work more strongly with what they are offered from clubs or agents through their own networks.”

    How to actually dissect what Sven said well I mean on the surface if you’re really objectively looking at what he said he comes off a little butthurt but also sounds like he’s contradicting himself. First off the quality approach to transfers and quality data and video analysis stuff is a bit funny to hear when you realize that he was behind the signings of Lichtsteiner, Sokratis and Mhikitaryan. Where was the quality approach and quality analysis there? To sign Sokratis while West Ham got Diop is the complete opposite of quality approach to transfers. And also he speaks of Arsenal actually owning their own analytics company so the idea that we’ve gone completely away from analytics and a modern set up to back patting with agents and black books is laughable my guess is that it’s somewhere in the middle. Football is always going to be contacts driven anyway so the idea that it’s a bad thing is silly. Sorry for the long post

  5. Marc


    As always I’m grateful for the time and effort you put into the blog but sometimes you really let a self imposed agenda take control of your writing.

    Why do you take Sven’s interview as gospel? He has a well deserved reputation for being a spikey character and to me the interview looks like sour grapes. If you look at the factual evidence and timeline what he says does not add up.

    Players signed whilst he was involved – Auba (older, not data driven and Dortmund), Miki (older, not data driven and ex Dortmund), Sok (older, not data driven and Dortmund), Lich (not data driven and just old) you then have Leno, Torreira and Guendozi who look to be data driven types of signings. So even when he was here over half the transfer were not to his “model”.

    Then look at the players we’re being closely linked to this summer – all younger up and coming players with the exception of Zaha.

    I really can’t see how any one cannot take Sven leaving as him throwing a tantrum after being refused the TD job.

    Now whether that was good or bad is another question.

  6. Words on a Blog

    With Edu name-checking Viera as the closest friend he still has from the Invincibles era, and with Viera accumulating managerial experience in the last few years, the prospect of an Edu/Viera Technical/managerial partnership now seems much more likely in the next year or so…

  7. Marko

    Also the offered from clubs and agents stuff doesn’t quite make sense. It’s not a bad thing anyway but I’m pretty sure that Celtic or Tierney’s agent aren’t offering him around to anyone. Saliba either given that deal. Maybe Martinelli.

  8. Marko

    Nah nah nah Words I already called Edu hiring Vieira next summer. I called it. I mean I did say him or Nagelsmann but I can definitely see Vieira next summer

  9. Goldinho

    I’d be happy with bringing viera in,the biggest thing this club is missing from top to bottom is a pair of bollox.

  10. Marko

    Then look at the players we’re being closely linked to this summer – all younger up and coming players with the exception of Zaha.

    This is actually true. It might be taking an age (understatement of the year) but there’s actual thought for the future in some of the prospective signings this summer as opposed to the Sven signings. I think that may well have played a part in him not getting the TD job if I’m honest. He went by and large very safe and short term with most having no resale value and I guess that they were hoping to get a better return. Even some of the younger ones like Torreira, Guendouzi and Mavropanos have struggled a bit if we’re honest. Leno is the obvious stand out signing for me but I’m not sure that I can give him credit for that because we were linked with him for about 3/4 seasons. The summer we bought Cech he apparently had a release clause that we were considering but ultimately went for the cheaper option

  11. Rambo Ramsey

    Marko, take a day’s break from Le grove you fvcking potato.

    So tiresome having to navigate past your large chunks of drivel in the sea of comments.

  12. Marko

    I mean it wasn’t awful but I still don’t agree with that Halo certain people have placed around his head. Still would have preferred he was still here but over Edu? No. I even wanted Monchi and admittedly still rate him but my god going by his scattergun approach to transfers we may have dodged a bullet there. 120 million and counting spent this summer and in all honesty only really Kounde sticks out. Maybe Joan Jordan and Reguilon on loan but that’s it. Good at selling though

  13. Guns of Hackney

    Marrakesh 47c or 116f. That was hot.

    Anyway, question:

    If Sven hit a roadblock in the way we identify and sign players and was effectively shown the door for disagreeing, what makes anyone think Edu can or will do something against the Arsenal board?

    I mean, the man has been plucked from Obscurity (he wasn’t near anyone’s tech deck list) and now been made fairly wealthy…I’d imagine. I way is he going to slay the golden goose.

    Sorry but Edu, like Emery with his big plans (bullshit) will quickly fall into line and appoint the usual rhetoric: class, upholding values, living within means, time etc.

  14. Guns of Hackney

    Also, people like Stan don’t hire people who ask questions.

    Nothing will change until Stan goes…and he isn’t going.

  15. bennydevito


    There’s a few on here with their demented ramblings last night that need to take a break long before Marko does. Marko’s one of the better much more reasonable posters on here compared to some of the other abusive nutters that’s for sure.

  16. Ishola70

    Edu is really going great guns if he already has a philosophy in place.

    But he did say in that interview that “we” have a philosophy which would most probably mean a philosophy that existed before Edu’s arrival.

    I don’t want to hear about philosophies or values.

    They are just words and get out clauses when the team falls short.

  17. Valentin

    What both interviews reinforced is the fact Raul prefer the wheeler dealer approach that every clubs is trying to move away. The only consistent and repeatable way to find value in the market is to take a systemic , analytical approach. Contact dealing may bring you a great player once in a while, but it will more likely bring you vultures trying to sell you overpriced average mercenaries. Exactly the type of results Raul supervised at Barcelona which resulted in him jumping before getting the boot.

    Edu also confirmed that Director of Football cannot be away from the team. He has to be involved in all aspect and that the headcoach should concentrate on coaching the players at his disposal and not trying to dictate which players to purchase. So if Emery and Raul conspire to keep Sven at bay so they could get their own set of players purchase, it was never going to work. The big question is will they let Edu properly do his job or will they interfere?

    The current TW is not closed yet, but Right now, Raul has not been a great success.
    Before the usual flat earther presents Saliba and Tierney as proof that Raul has contacts. I would say that both players were more like on Sven’s list before he left. Same thing move for Martinelli and Everton have Edu’s fingerprints all over. Following the Suarez fiasco, the concept of loaning without possibility to buy another lightweight midfielder from Spain does not strike me as really solving our most pressing problems.

  18. Guns of Hackney

    People who study philosophy or quote philosophy generally either:

    A. Don’t have a job.
    B. Will never have a job.
    C. Have a job they will quote philosophy to keep.

    I already hate Edu. The Brazilian fanny.

  19. KAY Boss

    Eeeeiiii…. No signing yet?
    They’ll come definitely but when?
    Quite frustrating refreshing your data to read about a ‘done deal’.
    I hoped I never went thru this, this season but I guess it’s the love for the club. Cheerio guys!!!

  20. Ishola70


    Ceballos has more about him than Suarez.

    Just because one player was not worthy doesn’t mean you close the door on all.

  21. Lari03

    I imagine the philosophy must be winning while playing good football.

    That’s what Arsenal stands for all over the world, entertaining football.

  22. Marko

    Raul prefer the wheeler dealer approach that every clubs is trying to move away

    They sure are. It’s probably why people like Jorge Mendes and Mino Ravioli are going out of business. Certainly not attaching themselves to clubs in any way. Anyway we have a analytics company and this idea that we’ll be disregarding data analysis is silly.

  23. Pedro


    Are you arguing that the contacts approach is a good one?

    I mean, I’m not surprised, but do you care to flesh this one out?

  24. Lari03

    Sven was not right for Arsenal. Marko has explained his methods, so his interview was balderdash.

    How does a man who keeps buying his old players complain about someone else who keeps contacts with agents?

  25. Words on a Blog


    Ok, so your views are informed by insider knowledge, great.

    Tell me this: who do you prefer as Arsenal Technical Director: Edu, or Mislintat?

    If it’s the former, the intricacies of who is to blame for the Saintly Sven’s exit are immaterial.

    If it’s the latter, it would be interesting to understand your rationale.

  26. Cesc Appeal

    I like Edu’s comments, I think he’s going to be a really smart hire who understands what it takes to be a TD. I mean hopefully the first time his pick isn’t chosen he doesn’t run off like a crybaby bitch back to Brasil and he will instantly be an improvement.

  27. Receding Hairline

    Thanks Lari03

    The hypocrisy

    Man gets new job and 50% of his recruits are from old contacts but he doesn’t like contacts. I am struggling to see what data and analysis approach made us spend 75m on two 29 year olds from Dortmund.

  28. Nelson

    I read that we sold Ismail Bennacer for £1 m but have the option to match A.C. Milan to buy it back. Arsenal didn’t want to exercise this option.

    Bennacer is perfect for Emery’s high pressing. He attacks like a rock while Guen is like a feature. I find him better than both Guen and Xhaka. Guen needs to gain another 10 lbs of upper body strength before he can play like a man.

  29. Words on a Blog


    According to Pedro’s inside information, The Noble Sven is most definitely not a crybaby bitch. He has been cruelly harassed and tormented by the Evil Emery and his know-nothing-about-Football merchandiser side-kick Raoul.

  30. Guns of Hackney


    Remember when the total clusterfuck, Emery came in blaring trumpets of tactics and analysis?

    Remind me how that played out when he utterly stunk up the Emirates in his first season.

    Just because Edu says something positive, it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing.

    Arsenal recruit politicians. Season renewal time. Seat selling time. Every season you lot fall for big promises.


  31. Uwot?

    Dubai 50c that was Hot.Hotter than a gorillas jock strap.Anyway I digress.more shit stirring from conniving journos or palace,take your stating Everton now prepared to bid on!detimined to try & make Arsenal cough up full obbvious response to ur links with Soares,Kean etc.wheres the ingenuity.c*** ts.

  32. Marko

    Are you arguing that the contacts approach is a good one?

    No I’m arguing against this perception that we’re going completely away from data analysis. I’m also arguing that football is always going to be contacts driven anyway. You’re always hearing agent this intermediaries that and that will never change. And also I’d kinda take it at face value complaints about our transfer approach from the guy responsible for Lichtsteiner. Data driven approach to transfers? Must have been a virus on that one

  33. Valentin


    I don’t doubt his quality because of Suarez. I just don’t think that this style of players will fit in both the EPL and that Arsenal squad.
    That style of players are great when you play a possession based game. They retain the ball and recycle it well. The problem Arsenal does not play that anymore.
    Emery wants to be on the front foot, aggressively trying to retrieve the ball high up the field. He won’t offer that.

    He may be better than Xhaka under pressure, but the kind of physical pressure that he has been facing in la Liga is nothing compare to what he will be against in the EPL. I cannot imagine him playing against the Watford (Doucoure, Capoue), Everton (Idrissa, …), Spurs (Ndombele, Sissoko) and dominate them in tandem with Xhaka and/or Torreira.

  34. Wasi

    Pedro such an excellent blogger but sometimes you push your agenda in a senseless manner tbh.
    Like your Emery being average agenda. And the Raul being old school agenda.
    Sven is sour he didnt get the TD position he was promised. Im sure it must have been a hard deciison for Raul to break it to him but theres some sense in that too. Sven is an excellent scout no doubt about that but maybe Raul and Vinai thought and convinced Josh that he did not have the character to be the TD ,the face of the club off the pitch. He seemed to want control as much as Raul did but tbh i think Raul is more of a Head than Sven is. Raul has contacts and is a big name as compared to Sven. And i think Edu being our TD is better than Sven being our TD. Fans can identify with Edu and he really has SAUCE. I would still love to have Sven but only as a Chief scout nothing more.
    About the dreaded contact approach. It may be real and raul might have even used it before , Remember Suarez. And he might use ut again for malcom but other than that all out transfer targets are data driven and we are moving in the right direction. Saliba,martinelli,tierney,zaha(to an extent),cabellos,Alexis claude maurice,Fraser . All these players bar Zaha are young , And Completely Data driven.

  35. Champagne Charlie

    Quite comical how Pedro, an inside source for a decade on Arsenal, is suddenly having that thrown back at him when some aren’t happy to chew on what he has to say.

    Meanwhile you have some guys on here who need something written in a newspaper before it apparently has any credence.

    Work that one out. Same names time and again.

  36. Ishola70


    Then you don’t know much about Ceballos.

    He isn’t just all about on the ball.

    He offers off the ball as well.

    Yes offensively he plays like a 10 and these sort of players are questioned about overall play. But Ceballos himself isn’t just restricted to on the ball.

  37. prvhc

    Pedro with his insider knowledge also painted Gazidis as a visionary mastermind who was just waiting for Wenger to leave.
    Pedro,I don’t think you’re coming back from that.

  38. Marko

    Quite comical how Pedro, an inside source for a decade on Arsenal

    Change is afoot at Arsenal the only one to survive is Pedro’s informant always. Dunno if it was a joke but I remember years ago he said it was Pam the tea lady. Surely not.

    Anyway interesting approach to what was being discussed Charles.

  39. Marc

    “Marc, maybe because my agenda is fuelled by insight into the workings at Arsenal you don’t have?”

    Pedro – insights or not the facts to date do not back up what Sven said. In fact they almost do the exact opposite and show that Sven was far to ready to fall back on old contacts / signings.

    How do the links to Tierney, Saliba and Ceballos demonstrate a contacts only approach?

  40. Countryboy

    Words on a BlogJuly 20, 2019 16:29:13

    Ok, so your views are informed by insider knowledge, great.Tell me this: who do you prefer as Arsenal Technical Director: Edu, or Mislintat?If it’s the former, the intricacies of who is to blame for the Saintly Sven’s exit are immaterial.If it’s the latter, it would be interesting to understand your rationale.

    Pedro please respond

  41. Pedro

    Also seems off to critique the agenda thing.

    Sven gets sacked because Raul likes contacts scouting
    We sign Suarez from Raul’s club immediately
    Sven comes out and confirms the details people like Marko said weren’t true

    I have an agenda.

    My only agenda on this is that we do things properly.

    I love Edu, I have penned nothing but praise for him, I just hope he’s modern and smart.

    You are weird if you disagree with this imo

  42. Words on a Blog


    I haven’t ascribed an agenda to you or used the word “agenda”.

    Once again, my question was: if you prefer Mslintat over Edu, what is your rationale for that preference?

    Because if you have don’t have a particular preference for Sven, then his departure is immaterial.

  43. Valentin

    Alexis Claude Maurice was partly data driven, he was also recommended by Jeremy Aliadière.
    However my take on him is that he also tend to disappear during games. I am not convinced that at this stage of his career he would be a better option than Reiss Nelson.

  44. Thomas

    Still not a single player on the dross list sold yet. Also no signings except for an 18 year old kid. Terrible transfer window so far.

  45. Reggie 57

    Dont think Emery is the man to take us forward dont understand what he brings to the table also I’m sure the players are struggling with what he wants from them all in all Emery has been a bad choice!!

  46. Marc

    It was me who mentioned Pedro having an agenda. It’s strange that he bit quite so hard because nearly all people have some sort of agenda most of the time. Anyone who gets pissed off when accused of having one is obviously aware they are pushing one.

    Thing is I actually think the concept of it being either one way or the other is daft beyond belief. You utilise all methods and opportunities and dismissing one approach completely is naïve.

  47. Countryboy


    Please what’s your take on this by Words
    “Once again, my question was: if you prefer Mslintat over Edu, what is your rationale for that preference?Because if you have don’t have a particular preference for Sven, then his departure is immaterial.”

  48. Pedro

    Words, the opinion of our ex scout is admissible, what a silly assertion.

    Talk about agenda. Hands over ears if you disagree with evidence.

  49. Chitom

    ………but Edu has the Arsenal DNA they say.
    Those Brazilians get plenty of sun down there and they use hardly any sun screen, and we all know what UV rays do to DNA strands.

    Let’s hope Edu’s DNA hasn’t mutated into a corporate yes man’s DNA Kroenke’s so fond of.

  50. Champagne Charlie


    That’s it in a nutshell. It’s a ceremony of ‘I don’t agree with you, so I’m going to systematically unpick everything you say and draw a line back to what I disagree with’.

    Heaven forbid views that were held prior actually start realising themselves. The speed the feet shuffle is comical.

    Just look at this summer, all is ok and we aren’t desperately needing a squad overhaul….except we did when we fluffed game after game end of season so again, figure that one out.

    Landscape changes constantly for some.

  51. Receding Hairline

    That Pedro has an inside source doesn’t necessarily mean everything he writes is from an informed perspective. He can just as well be writing his personal take on things and there is nothing wrong with that.

  52. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Elton boys like chips n his Crewe dislike change…

    Reverting to agents is a sure fire way to keep the budget over .

    Like we are being run by fisher price kids…

  53. Receding Hairline

    No one has ever said we don’t a squad overhaul… No one ever. That some acknowledged the difficulty of moving on certain players due to wages doesn’t mean we don’t need to be rid of them.

  54. Words on a Blog


    You’re doing the politician’s thing of deflecting onto accusations of conspiracies and agendas and not answering the question I asked you

    Oh well, never mind, I’m off to prepare for a Le Grove free Saturday evening.

  55. Marc

    “Talk about agenda. Hands over ears if you disagree with evidence.”

    Pedro – you’re going down the same path you did with Arteta – getting pissed off because people disagree with your opinion and actually put facts up to back it.

    Please explain the evidence that what Sven is saying is fact based that is beyond “Sven said it” and “an inside contact you don’t’ have access to” because the actually signings and links this summer which I consider to be actual proof of methods says the opposite.

  56. Pedro

    Today though is odd, I don’t even know what people are disagreeing with.

    Everyone should want Arsenal to be an advanced club that relies on tech, data and elite people mining for opps based on more than gut feel.

  57. Marko

    Sven comes out and confirms the details people like Marko said weren’t true

    Big huh from me. What did I say wasn’t true? That we’ve gone away from data analysis onto a strictly contacts driven approach? Again I would take statements from the guy responsible for Lichtsteiner and others with all the seriousness that it deserves. Plus you have to remember as well the whole point of Raul bringing in Edu is so that he becomes responsible for transfers going forward. So the question then becomes is Edu data driven or contacts driven? Given how Pedro is attaching himself to Edu’s shirttails it’s going to be interesting to find out. My guess is going by some of the links that we’ve had that we’ve not gone away from data analysis at all. Data analysis gets you players like Tierney and Saliba. Contacts gets you people like Ceballos and Malcom though and whoever’s on Jorge Mendes or Raoila’s roster. It’s also weird how people are trying to vilify a contacts approach when that approach works wonders for the likes of Juve every single season. Also worth noting that it was data analysis that had us signing Granit Xhaka. I’d say an ideal approach is incorporating the two

  58. Pedro

    … and for you Marc… I said I hope Edu doesn’t take that route.

    Evidence suggests Martinelli is contacts. Madrid loan, contacts. Zaha isn’t really an elite scouting job, nor Tierney.

    Not saying these are bad players, just I hope we have a better plan moving forward.

  59. Receding Hairline

    Yes everyone wants tech,data and competency ( not too hung up on terms like elite people). But at the end of the day this game will still be 50% contacts based. Fulham bought a lot of players depending on data when they came up last season, data doesn’t take into consideration things like character and suitability to the league, a kid putting up numbers in Austria might struggle in England vice versa.
    Having good contacts with the best agents in the game means you are first to know when certain players are available, nothing wrong with that

    Too much has been made of a six month failed loan deal for a 25 year old from Barcelona.

  60. Valentin


    Some people have attached so firmly their colour to Raul and Emery’s mast that any hint of criticism to them is viewed as dissent, agenda driven and judgement on their person.

    When you try to use facts to justify your position, their dance to adjust to the new reality is just comical. Like you said, some still can’t reconcile the fact that Emery has now publicly admitted that he mismanaged Ramsey and basically discarded medical advice to follow what the player wanted to do.

    But Pedro, I thought that you were my friend, how can you say such bad thing about Emery and Raul, my new BFF.

  61. Dissenter

    You think a day will come when club computers will communicate with other club computers to do transfers, same way you’re still arguing for a utopian process where managers don’t bring their own physios to a new job.
    You keep trying to push these dichotomous arguments to deride the contact based method of Raul. You keep setting up Sven’s very mixed results against the new regime, even though we don’t have enough from Raul to test your hypothesis.
    The contact approach will always be required to facilitate transfers. We just have to mesh it properly with the data analysis approaches. Arsenal has a data company and there’s no evidence that it’s not being used.

  62. Batistuta

    How long exactly is this “squad overhaul” supposed to be for?

    If we are having difficult shifting bad players now then you’d imagine we’d have same difficulties shifting them next season and on and on until their contracts expire and we give them a wrist watch and a guard of honour at their last home game.

    The excuses for any sort of movement from Raul and co are wearing thick and thing and some of you are overdoing the whole “give them time” line.

    They’ve had one year, they should have already realized that certain players are not good enough and done something about it but hey they gave El Neny a fucking new contract when they came in so who knows, maybe they do believe that we have a good enough squad especially with our manager spouting his stupid 5 captain BS again so maybe they’re all as clueless as we think they are.

    20th July and we are still “agreeing” terms with certain players. Heaven help us if this is our path to becoming a big club again

  63. Marc


    Yeah Suarez was a fuck up and signed because Emery had worked with him before. That does not mean we are only going to sign players in future who are in Sanllehi’s little black book.

    My point is Sven sounds like a bitter ex – you believe him I think he’s making stuff up. Players we signed with him at the club Mavropanos (I forgot about him earlier), Auba, Miki, Sok, Lich, Leno, Torreira and Guendozi. Half of those were 28 plus and well known players and 3 of the 4 had played at Dortmund. Looking at those facts it’s Sven who looks like the contacts guy.

    The players we’re being linked to this summer are nearly all younger and ones for the future.

    I’m not saying we shouldn’t use analytics in recruitment of course we should but I also think dismissing contacts is naïve.

    It’s not what you know but who does have some credence – it shouldn’t be all you rely on but ability plus that will beat ability on it’s own.

  64. Receding Hairline

    Guendouzi isn’t elite scouting,good prospect lots of work to be done, nor is Torriera who wasn’t really an unknown in Italy and we paid good money for, his suitability to this league is still under question and if he has a season like his first he will soon be on the market.

    Who on here was the name Bernd leno a surprise to? Aubameyang? Sokratis? Litch?

  65. Cesc Appeal

    Is it because Mislintat had neck length unkempt hair, wore Converses to work and had that weird Beatles Indian music album in his car which of course takes cassette only and has no power steering?

  66. Dissenter

    What Pedro is deriding as contact based is simply being on top of the human element in the transfer business.
    1. You have a list of agents and technical directors.
    2. You constantly update that list by keeping in touch.
    3. You did little bits of humanity to the list- birthdays and anniversaries to tell your secretary to send flowers etc.
    There’s nothing wrong with having a list of relevant people in your industry but Pedro will have you believe it’s dated and unnecessary.

  67. Batistuta

    And too much is being made of a failed 6 month loan because of the context of it unless you’ve got your defender of Arsenal glasses on.

    The reason Wenger and Gazidis are no longer here is so we stop making stupid decisions and signing a broken Barca player as one of the first real moves doesn’t exactly speak good of them

  68. Ishola70


    It works both ways.

    You have stereotyped players in Spain because of the loan of Suarez.

    Suarez was a “lightweight” player.

    Ceballos isn’t seen as such.

    And it looks like you have stereotyped these players because of the involvement of Emery.

    Anyhow this argument seems a bit silly to me.

    Contacts based signings can go wrong as well as right. Same with data signings. Swings and roundabouts.

  69. Marc

    “Evidence suggests Martinelli is contacts. Madrid loan, contacts. Zaha isn’t really an elite scouting job, nor Tierney.”

    Where as no one had ever heard of Auba, Miki, Lich, Leno, Torriera and Sok. Certainly Sven hadn’t which is strange because he’d worked with some of them.

  70. Batistuta

    And too much is being made of a failed 6 month loan because of the context of it unless you’ve got your defender of Arsenal glasses on.

    The reason Wenger and Gazidis are no longer here is so we stop making stupid decisions and signing a broken Barca player as one of the first real moves doesn’t exactly speak good of them.

  71. Marc


    Imagine having a contact you’re close with in South America who gives you the heads up on some young player not widely known in South America let alone beyond.

    I mean you’d never look at that player would you.

  72. Dissenter

    The other day Charlie Chuckle was ascribing the signing of Aubameyang to Mislintat’s scouting prowess. I’ve forgotten the exact BS he called it.

    Truth is that Dortmund did us no favors for a player that had been struggling to find a club willing to pay the transfer fee.
    The entire planet knew Auba was available. He flirted with Chinese clubs the summer before and BVB were tired of him. There was no competition for him at the time we walked in.
    Even then BVB still bullied muse and extracted every bit of coin from us. They even placed the burden of finding his replacement on Arsenal. It was Arsenal that had to convince Chelsea to release Bashuayi on loan to BVB so that Giroud could leave to raise the money required to bring in Auba. This is public knowledge now thanks to Dick Law.

    Still yet some people still credit the transfer to the great Mislintat.
    Talk about an agenda.

  73. Receding Hairline

    Batistuta Suarez wasn’t injured when he was signed. You have players on the squad we have wanted sold for years. Suarez has since joined Celta, he is no longer our problem. That you guys still name drop him when we still have mustafi,elneny,jenkinson on our books is funny.

    All “bad signings” made by this regime are no longer on our books.

  74. Chitom

    Pedro , once you’ve decided Emery was a failure and a wrong hire ( quite possibly right ) many of your articles have been agenda driven.

    Not the least of which the one post in which you tried to build up the quality of Arsenal squad by praising the likes of Xhaka, Mustafi, or Monreal as national team captain, World Cup winner ,and a seasoned international for a mighty Spain…………, while there isn’t an Arsenal fan alive who doesn’t think Xhaka is too slow for the PL league, Monreal is too old for football and Mustafi should be sent off to Mars to look for possible signs of life.

  75. Dissenter

    I think we can all agree that the loan deal was a failure, no if’s ands or buts
    I also think we can expect that very transfer team will make mistakes. Mislintat too had his basket share of them in just one season.

  76. Marc

    ” and Mustafi should be sent off to Mars to look for possible signs of life.”

    I think Mustafi should be checked over for signs of intelligent life himself.

  77. Marko

    Hands over ears if you disagree with evidence.

    Pedro can I ask a genuine question but where was the evidence of “a strong systematic approach to transfers…as well as quality data and video analysis” with regards to the signings of Lichtsteiner, Sokratis and Mhikitaryan? Players Sven had previous with contacts some might say. What was the data analysis that made Sven go for Sokratis instead of Issa Diop.

    Funny thing in all this is if Ever Banega or Simon Kjaar rocked up at Arsenal there’d be absolute murder and rightfully so but in the case of Sven Mislintat it’s…dot dot dot

  78. Batistuta


    When exactly are we actually allowed to call out Raul and co?

    Because it seems like you guys just come up with excuse after excuse each time they are called out.

  79. Marc

    Ultimately I think Pedro’s prejudice against Sanllehi all goes back to him being involved in not hiring Arteta. Gazidis and Sven were involved in that as well but have both left the club, difference is Sven is slagging Sanllehi off so must be right.

  80. Marko

    Anyway I’m willing to wait and see what Edu’s approach to the transfer market is are YOU??? Yes YOU. Not like we have a fucking choice is it

  81. Batistuta


    I have no issues with a transfer team making mistakes tbh but for a new team that was meant to usher a new style of doing business, that was very bad.

  82. Receding Hairline

    Batistuta you can call them out for inefficiency this window by all means. But this Suarez thing has been given way too much importance. If Sven had his way and we could afford it we would have 29 year old Perisic here on a fat contract. Suarez is gone… Long gone.

  83. Chitom

    The Suares loan deal in respect to value lost/ wasted doesn’t even make the top fifty on the list of bad transfer decisions made by Arsenal in the last decade alone.
    The fact this gets brought up by posters over and over again to score I told you so points is quite funny actually.
    But Im sure it has nothing to do with any agenda whatsoever.

  84. Dissenter

    Pedro also has a fundamental misreading of what this data driven approach is about.
    I say this because setting up data-driven approach against a contact based -method to bash one over the other is just laughable, and that’s being polite.
    All the high tech investigations in the world wouldn’t make the best doctor, you still need bedside skills to know how to listen and communicate properly.
    We need both smoochers and data, not one or the other.

  85. Cesc Appeal


    Rumour is he keeps it in the front basket of his Vespa that he breaks out once a week to get his vegan bread from a bakery that employs only homeless people that makes shitty coffee priced at 4x the normal rate.

  86. Batistuta

    Anyway again,all of this Mlistinat stuff is in the past, in the present we’re being told it’s almost impossible to move on crap players because of their wages and that we should be more patient with incomings because well, Raul is a Wheeler dealer.

    Only club anywhere that makes signing players look like some kinda movie production that takes months

  87. jwl

    I’ve long believed Pedro’s inside sources are Gazidis praetorian guard who absolutely do have an agenda. Ivan receives little criticism from Pedro, he is protected for some reason.

    Arsenal can’t afford to pay huge fees to agents and we’ve had our own analytics department for more than five years, i am not worried about Pedro/Sven fear mongering. Having ‘contacts’, which means you know or are friendly with a lot of people, is a good thing when negotiating because both sides trust each other more.

    It is humidity that kills you, Pedro. Hot is bearable but when when humidity is added it is like walking through molasses.

  88. Cesc Appeal

    ‘We need both smoochers and data, not one or the other’


    All evidence suggests Arsenal still use data, still use scouting networks and use contacts.


  89. Unai

    Before the usual flat earther presents Saliba and Tierney as proof that Raul has contacts. I would say that both players were more like on Sven’s list before he left. Same thing move for Martinelli and Everton have Edu’s fingerprints all over. 

    Great when people make stuff up to suit an agenda.

  90. Dissenter

    Absolutely, it was bad and I can only hope that they learned from it.
    I don’t think it was the only option they had at the time but we know that they kicked virtually every tire possible – Carrasco, Perisic, Almiron etc. they in,y settled for Suarez because it was the most doable.
    In restrospect, they ought to have taken a chance on youth like my god friend Valentin 😀 has been arguing.
    Hindsight as the say is …. . They didn’t have that benefit

  91. Marko

    Contacts based signings can go wrong as well as right. Same with data signings. Swings and roundabouts

    Pretty much. Juventus and Madrid are two teams for example who primarily use contacts in the transfer market in particular Mendes and Raoila and it’s not a problem. There would be data analysis at these clubs too but there’s a reason that they signed up De Ligt for example and that’s because Juve have relations with Mino.

  92. Emiratesstroller

    I think that there is strong evidence now that Arsenal are recruiting as follows:

    1. LEFT BACK Almost certainly Tierney
    2. CENTRE BACK. Saliba for next season
    3.CENTRE MIDFIELD Ceballos on loan if Real Madrid agree
    4.WINGER Martinelli already recruited,but unlikely to be more than squad
    player this season.
    5.WINGER More experienced player. Most probably Everton from Brazil. I
    cannot see Arsenal paying more than £50 million for Saha

    What remains to be done is a solution at Centre Back. Koscielny is not fit for
    purpose and needs to be offloaded. I cannot see Chambers as a replacement
    and nor do I think that the club can rely on Mustafi next season on the evidence of what we have seen over last two years.

  93. Marc

    “In restrospect, they ought to have taken a chance on youth like my god friend Valentin has been arguing.”

    One small problem with that comment. As Suarez came in injured and hardly kicked a ball he can’t of denied too many opportunities to the youth players.

  94. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Ramsay was good going guns ho forward .

    But lacked discipline in the midfield role ,
    Remember souness tore into him that home game when he was out of postition an walking back.

    He had ten years in that he had two good seasons.

    Good luck to him in italy

    I’ll give it 6;months .

  95. Dissenter

    No one is actually angry about Mislintat. He’s been wished well by all
    What causing this backlash is the attempt to rewrite the history.
    If we don’t talk back we will still be crediting Arsenal transfers in 2026 tomthe famous Mislintat manuscript….I withdraw that. It should be the famous Mislintat files since he can’t be linked with paper.

  96. TR7

    I don’t remember a single poster here having anything but sheer admiration for what Sven offered as a scout all the while he was here at Arsenal. All his signings except Licht were good. Now that he has gone, I see a few posters who were once his admirers running a propaganda against him.

  97. Marc


    As I said on the last post if we get those players and then sign a CB – even if it’s a stop gap that will have lots on here bitching. I’ll be thrilled.

  98. Dissenter

    I think the tabloids talk is that we were going to sign a 6’ 6” Senegalese CB for 10 million
    If you believe the tabloids [ I have to add this since Marko is around]

  99. Marc


    I certainly was pleased when we announced Sven – his reputation was fantastic. The re writing of history you speak of is looking at the players we brought in whilst he was here against the claims he’s making about what Arsenal are doing now.

    Pot and kettle springs to mind

  100. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Heavily linked with greece cg Olympic …


    MY GUESSING is that he will replace kos

    Greece player
    Oh and him…

  101. Champagne Charlie

    Oh watch out all, Dissenter coming in hot with the playground name calling… “charlie chuckle”

    Someone was definitely bullied as a youngster because fuck me that’s stale.

  102. Marc


    I now want to see the club change the name on the back of his shirt to “Oh it’s him”.

    Reckon the club would sell thousands of the shirts!

  103. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Welbeck still with out a club

    Where will he end up..

    Sheffiefld united

  104. WengerEagle

    Ceballos and Tierney would be a brilliant start, adding a wideman in Zaha/Everton and you’re well and truly cooking.

    Adding a CB and CM is crucial too and I hope they haven’t become an afterthought. I mean we’ve conceded over a century of PL goals in two seasons with these defenders, Tierney alone isn’t nearly enough to plug that puncture.

  105. Marc

    That comment to WE was a joke!

    I’ve got a cold beer on the go, going to cook Stir Fried Pork with Spring Onions later and can seriously feel some Gazpacho coming on in the next couple of days.

    I’m chilled.

  106. Champagne Charlie


    You hit the nail on the head, a lot of the excusing being circulated was stuff we all knew 18 months ago.

    The guys at the club are on mega money to manage this precise situation, so a bit daft to suddenly start rehashing the difficult elements and crying foul.

    Seems like this hand tied nonsense is a constant. Could you imagine if it was Wenger, the outrage would be apocalyptic.

    Here I was thinking we dug up the status quo to actually achieve something unfamiliar to fire years gone by. No CL, embarrassing capitulations, laughable January recruitment, and no significant purchase come July 20th.

    This is different I’m told.

  107. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    With a c

    We are lumbered

    Nowt club can do other than hope this season is a new dawning and allah is behind him, plays well an gets sold in jan…

  108. WengerEagle

    You’d hope that Ceballos means that we won’t have to put up with any of Ozil’s hissy fits next season.

    Emery needs to cop onto himself re the Captain situation mind. Having Ozil as a Captain is viscerally insulting to any self respecting Gooner.

  109. TR7

    Sven was the only guy in our so called modern set up who was capable of adding real value to AFC. Unsurprisingly we cut off our ties with Sven and continued with guys who are going to draw fat salaries from AFC doing nothing.

  110. Victorious

    Bennacer is perfect for Emery’s high pressing. He attacks like a rock while Guen is like a feature. I find him better than both Guen and Xhaka. Guen needs to gain another 10 lbs of upper body strength before he can play like a man.”

    Utterly refreshing to still have someone with a good understanding of the game here

    Well done Nelson

  111. Pedro

    We have distilled contacts scouting to:

    ‘You have to have a contact to buy a player, so it’s good’

    Nice work.

  112. WengerEagle


    Mate my hope is that you’ll be smugly folding your arms and telling me that you told me so come September, believe me. Marko jacking off as we speak at the very thought too.

  113. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Marc with a c

    Made me own chicken tikka masala last week from scratch

    millieniuallas channel on YouTube

    Maraianted for 24 hours


  114. Marc


    Is it really that difficult to see the difference. Wenger was heavily involved with signing the players we now have issues moving on and had a PTR of over a decade of procrastinating in the transfer market. The new guys have had one previous summer and are being given the benefit of the doubt for now.

    If the window closes and we’ve not signed anyone who won’t find anyone making excuses. Moving on some of the dross is another matter.

  115. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    On the boat ting

    Send in the elite ,,,sas

    Sort the piss taking bastardised out…

    As they say in Columbia
    Fuck em

  116. WengerEagle

    I’m still with Bati and Charlie though as we’re at July 20th without a signing or an outgoing of of deadwood. Supported this club far too long to get sold on sweet promises.

    Far from ideal even if we do bring in a heap of bodies these next couple of weeks, we’re literally kicking off our PL season in 3 weeks.

  117. Freddie Ljungberg

    “Seems like this hand tied nonsense is a constant. Could you imagine if it was Wenger, the outrage would be apocalyptic.”


    Could that be because it was Wenger doing the tying of his own hands? Not that he was interested in rectifying any squad issues anyway.

    We’re still paying for that now, just because it’s been a year doesn’t mean the long term contracts some of our wasters are on has magically disappeared so we still have the same problem of getting rid of them.
    Mustafi is on 90k a week, who in their right mind is going to pay good (or any) money for him? If you know someone please email the club.