Edu lands, here’s what he’s bringing to the party

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Well here he is, finally, the Technical Director sent from the gods to bestow glory upon ALL of North London (just the red part).

Edu was announced on the website, Raul S is apparently really chuffed.

“His arrival is the final and very important part of the jigsaw in our development of a new football infrastructure to take us forward. He will be working closely with Unai Emery and the first-team coaches, and will play a relevant role leading our football vision and ensuring we have – and follow – a solid philosophy through all our football activities.”

Amen to that Raul, now take yourself off to Brighton beach for the day and hand your phone over to the man with the best skincare regime this side of anywhere.

So what can we expect from Edu?

My guess? Not a lot to begin with. No doubt he has many ideas about where he wants to take the club, but I’d imagine he’ll spend the first 3 months watching what happens at Arsenal. He’ll likely go on a prolonged listening tour, see the bus driver do the team talk, watch training, speak to the people on the shop floor and take in the madness that has gripped the club over the last ten years.

He’ll move where the fires are hottest. I can’t imagine he’s going to come in and take over transfers, it’s too late in the game for him to really make an impact there, but I do think he’ll have some thoughts on who replaces Burgess and I’d imagine he’ll look to fill vacancies or gaps in our setup fairly quickly.

I’d be very interested to know how long he takes before he announces himself internally (‘here is what I’m doing’ type thing). When does the big vision presentation drop? How does he share it? Will Emery do the deck design? Who will he trust to implement his philosophy? What does his rollout plan look like? Where the fuck does he start?

I’d imagine he’ll start with the basics.

  • What is the objective I am going to be held accountable to?
  • How am I planning to achieve it?
  • What structures, processes and workflows need to be implemented to improve how we operate (I’d imagine the flow of information at a football club is immensely complicated and probably quite political in 2019, especially in our murky structure)
  • What type of people do I need to hire
  • Which people need to be upgraded
  • Can I start to build a player recruitment policy that thinks beyond one window, has a more specific view on profile (power and pace is something we’ve ignored for 5 years), operates in markets that aren’t highly saturated (Eastern Europe, where you at?!)

Year one you create a process, build your minimal viable product, turf out the dross, and bring in talent that’ll move you forward. Year two you upgrade talent again, maybe selling a big name to fund more bodies with high ceilings. Year three you should really be making an impact on your grand objective.

Year 5, get the fuck out of my club if you haven’t won the Champions League.

I know things rarely run as smoothly as the above, but get a plan in place and you at least have a chance. If you hire talented people that are innovative, ambitious and accountable they will drive the vision through. Arsenal already has a lot of those people at the club, I’m hoping Edu will empower them and unleash their potential.

The smartest thing about his signing is that he knows the club. This isn’t a clash of civilisations here. The man has N5 DNA and a past baked in an Arsenal at their absolute peak. He’ll command a special sort of respect and he won’t need to spend 6 months adapting to the language, club culture or the shabby weather.

I also think his philosophy will have Arsenal DNA at core. This isn’t a Monchi like character walking in the door with a used car salesman attitude to a big club, this is someone that’s just left Brazil in a winning position. Someone who helped Corinthians win big. A player that believes in the beautiful game Arsene Wenger lavished on the fans. The ideas he brings should thrill the fanbase, they should please the board and they will be exciting to any player wanting to join the club.

Listen to his prose.

“Arsenal has always had a special place in my heart and I’m thrilled to be returning to this great club in this new role. We have a strong squad and some very talented young players with fantastic people at every level. I’m looking forward to helping make a difference.”

This should be a very good signing. I’ve been told that not only is he a very nice guy, but he’s also an obsessive when it come to the game. He understands scouting, how to grow talent and he has a keen interest in the performance side of the game. Take note of Dick Law coming back into the media spotlight this week, the two men know each other and I’ve no doubt they’ve been sharing notes about Arsenal, so I’d imagine Edu has a pretty solid grounding on what to expect from Arsenal.

I would hope that big changes start to happen behind the scenes by December. We should expect exits. There are some very average people that cling onto jobs through elite arse kissing. There are people that have made it into the backroom team because of who they know, not what they know. There’s a lot of people that will be switching their LinkedIn profiles to ‘Open to Offers’ because they know a fraud-busting-axe-of-doom is heading their way. That’s a great thing because we’ve allowed stagnation and complacency at Arsenal for far too long.

The player recruitment side of things is going to be very interesting. Will Edu stick with Cagigao? Or will he find his own chief scout? I’m also interested to see what his plan of attack is going to be with players. There will be a strategy that emerges, but what sort? I hope it isn’t a Monchi style of churn and burn.

Edu is a man that’s spoken in detail about young players from around the world, that doesn’t strike me as the sort of person eyeing up Ever Banega type characters, that’d be an affront to the purist values I am PRAYING he has. I’m hoping he’ll have seen the success of other clubs that have emerged from the embers of financial fuckery and opt for identifying youth value in the market because our attempts at short term hits of experience have been utterly miserable. Let’s look at Dortmund, Liverpool, Spurs and Ajax for inspiration… not Mourinho’s Inter Milan.

Finally, how is he going to deal with the munch bunch we’ve struggled to move on? Has this summer simply lacked someone focused on exiting players… or is the issue we’re dealing with so bad, no one can fix it? I struggle to believe there’s ever a situation in business that doesn’t have a creative solution on offer, but we’ll see.

The big thing we all want to know is this: What are the ambitions of the club and how are we going to get there?

Hopefully, the answer is aggressive and specific.

No more talk of being ‘proud’ or the Gazidis led Arsenalisation of failure. Just get me to the exciting stuff, which is winning trophies with an aesthetic built to thrill.

I have a rep for getting pretty excited about all the backroom folk we hire in, however, it has to be said, this guy is the only one I’ve heard great things about across the board. Monchi was an egotistical wally, Sven wasn’t really interested in being present in London, Raul was too Barca for his own good… Edu, well, the rumblings have been far more hopeful. There are no guarantees, but this is Raul’s best move yet. I mean, kind of his only move, but hey, let’s keep things positive.

Edu is one of our own. He’s a footballing man. He’s paid his dues and delivered success wherever he’s been. This could be good.

The 5-year countdown to Premier League success starts now, I can’t wait to see where this goes, this is a BIG move for Arsenal. Hopefully, it delivers on the promise. x

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  1. Dissenter

    Left side
    You lot would remortgage the north bank and clock stand just to sign Zaha

    Henceforth I will refer to you lot as the Zaha-obsessives

    Receding, CC, Leftside, Gentle bris…all of ya

  2. TR7

    I have high hope from Xabi and Cesc as great managers for the future. Xabi has already started his journey, expecting Cesc to follow suit.

  3. Dissenter

    I hope this is Joe Willock’s year.
    Emery needs a young player ready to do all the hard running in the midfield. Hopefully this young lad steps up.

  4. TR7

    Kaveh Solhekol : Source close to Wilfried Zaha says doubts about whether Arsenal can afford to sign him. Palace have rejected £40m Arsenal bid & they value Zaha at closer to £100m. Palace would not be interested in taking players as part of swap deal. Would only ever happen as last resort.

  5. Pierre

    “Pierre“after a dreadful run of 7 defeats in 14 games ”Could you list those matches?”

    With pleasure..

    Southampton, Bate, West ham , Tottenham ( home) united(Home) Liverpool (away) , City( away ) ….plus a draw with relegated Brighton ( which Ozil started but was substituted at half time) .

    During that run we were eliminated from the 2 domestic cup competitions ( losing at home both times) and nearly eliminated from Europe .

    Admittedly there were 2 tough away games against city and Liverpool that resulted in a total in a goal difference of 8-2 in the opposition’s favour .

    In fact our goal difference for those defeats against city ,Tottenham, United and Liverpool was 13-3 in the opposition’s favour ….2 were at home , 2 were away.

    Marc, good luck trying to take some positives out of those set of results without Ozil starting one of those games ….

  6. Pierre

    “I hope this is Joe Willock’s year.
    Emery needs a young player ready to do all the hard running in the midfield.”

    let’s hope he can play football as well otherwise we might just as well put Zola Budd in midfield.

  7. TR7

    Man United put spanner in our pursuit of Zaha with their outrageous deal for Wan Bissaka. City, United and Chelsea have distorted the transfer market for other clubs.

  8. Marc


    Oh dear – So out of the 7 matches 3 were cup matches one of which we got to the final in that competition so that leaves 6, Spud’s match was in the League Cup so a super star like Ozil would never play in that competition anyway that leaves 5. ManU in the FA Cup – crappy result but that was in OGS’s special sauce run and no one can compete with special sauce that’s 4. You mentioned the away matches against Liverpool and City – as if Ozil would’ve made a positive contribution in either of those – if he’d have played we would’ve likely conceded more goals.

    So that leaves the 2 PL matches against Southampton and West Ham – 2 shit results.

    Did we have 2 shit results were Ozil played in the PL? I’m sure you’ll bring up “but he was subbed” bollocks. The more you repeat this line the more you look like a complete fucking moron.

    How many assists did he managed all season again?

  9. Pierre

    ” Are you going to be critical of Wenger for not getting the best out of Ozil in 17/18,

    It depends how you look at it really , is being the 3rd most creative player in Europe getting the best out of Ozil …..some would say yes , obviously you would prefer him to be number one , though I’m sure you would find a way of criticising both ….that’s what obsessives do .


  10. Marc

    It’s hysterical that Pierre can accuse others of being obsessed with Ozil.

    It’s like Hitler accusing someone else of being Anti Semitic.

  11. Zfree


    They haven’t distorted anything. It’s been trending this way for many years. Arsenal under Gazidis and Wenger were too blind to see it, or too daft to better position the club for it.

    If we were sitting on more saleable assets and had handled contracts with an iota of competency, we’d be flush with cash right about now, doing these sort of big deals.

  12. Marc

    The “Zaha” issue has nothing to do with some clubs paying too much for players it’s the PL putting too much cash into the pockets of small clubs so they don’t have to sell.

  13. Cesc Appeal

    If that is what’s happening then Zaha needs to push for a move if he really wants to play for Arsenal. He needs to make Palace stop and think about it, if Arsenal are offering them £40-50 Million plus add ons potentially and a player(s) do they really want to stick to their £100 Million valuation and have a seriously unhappy player in their side who happens to be their best player as well?

    If not then move on, for the money they want we could land Malcom and Ceballos and have about £30 Million+ in change.

    I think Zaha would be great for us, but at the right price. I appreciate the market is inflated but Palace are taking the absolute piss.

  14. Marc


    It’s one of those times where you’d be happy to sit back and watch Palace bitch and moan when they get relegated cause Zaha is doing an Ozil.

    I’d also like to see players get a little common sense and when signing new contracts insist on some get out clauses.

  15. WengerEagle

    We’ve spent weeks chasing Zaha, sure as shit hope that we have a plan B and C.

    Not a good sign, mid July creeping up and we still haven’t had a single player in or out or the door.

  16. Cesc Appeal


    It would be very sweet if we go back next summer after they’ve been relegated and offer them £20-30 Million for him.

    It’s alright for us with Ozil because he can sulk all he wants, throw a snotty rag on the pitch and it would likely have more impact than him, but for Palace it’s different because Zaha is critically important. Be like if Aubameyang suddenly decided he was fed up and was going to jog through the season…of course Ozil just calls that a usual season.

  17. Pierre

    Just to add before the obsessives bring up how shit Ozil was in the world cup


    However, statistics have emerged in the aftermath of Hoeness’s controversial comments which suggest he’s talking nonsense about Ozil “playing s**t for years”.

    Per Opta Joe, Ozil actually created more chances (5.5) per 90 minutes than any other players at the 2018 World Cup finals.”

    So maybe he wasn’t quite so bad as the media would have you think , it could just be that we have a manager who hasn’t a clue how to get the best out of the 3rd most creative player in Europe and the most creative player in the world cup before Emery arrived at the club…

  18. Marc


    We’re all talking about something else now. You’re the only one still talking about Ozil.

    But at least you’re not being obsessive!

  19. Pierre


    Excuse me for defending one of our own players …

    Was Just putting the record straight with hard facts …it wins every time..

  20. Marc


    I can understand clubs wanting to maximise the return they get on a player but the arrogance of Palace is crazy.

    Didn’t the player threaten to go on strike last week?

  21. Cesc Appeal


    I suppose it depends how things turn out.

    Arsenal have apparently told Celtic to f**k off with their valuation and I would guess Sanllehi knows he wants the move to Arsenal and is playing it out to get closer to the valuation he’s happy with.

    If it works in future windows we’re likely to be more understanding but it’s perfectly understandable that fans are concerned. The opposite of course is also true, if we f**k the window up then fans are quickly going to abandon the new regime.

  22. TheLegendaryDB10

    Glad to see that Edu is finally our DoF. Really looking forward to see how he turns us around in the next 2-3 years.

    Now that the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle is in place, I really would like to see the club pull it’s hand out of their Arse and finally work on the long needed surgery on our team.

    I am just hoping that waiting to get Edu in is not another excuse to having a terrible TW (which it is for now). We have less than a month before the season starts.

    Let’s hope that some of these rumours, like Malcolm, come good.

    As for Zaha, a bit of a tough one. A shame CP have decided to be very aggressive in trying to keep their player so far (which is understandable). I personally hope that we do push for him.

    As much as he is not an “all star” winger, for me the fact that he is PL ready is a plus. An even bigger plus, is that he is a Gooner at heart, which could easily add an extra 10-20% to his motivation to persevere and do well for our club.

  23. Cesc Appeal


    It’s going to be really interesting to see how it plays out. By the sounds of things Arsenal are talking to him so it might be he’s ‘told’ that he might need to make this happen.

    It’s one thing if Arsenal are making some derisory bid of £20 Million for him, but if the bid is £40-50 Million plus a player(s) and Palace say no having promised Zaha he could leave if a fair offer was made all because they are greedily holding out for £100 Million…you’ve got a pissed player on your hands.

  24. Spanishdave

    If Tierney has had a hernia op then no club will buy him until he has had the all clear, so he can have a medical. So nothing will happen for two to three weeks.
    Zaha is in Africa playing football again nothing will happen until he is back in London.
    It therefor will be a frantic rush about ten days to go about 2nd August.
    Meanwhile we beat each other up about nothing.

  25. Marc


    As frustrating as the window has been I don’t think Sanllehi is a fool. You can’t allow the press to run a reduced budget theme for months and then not even spend that much!

  26. salpardisenyc

    Blame Zaha, he signed the mental 5 year extension at beginning of past season thus locking himself to Palace next season.

    Not sure what he expects club to do, had he not its an entirely different conversation.

  27. Marc


    I had a hernia op a couple of years ago, now that was an Umbilical hernia so I can’t comment on other types but I went in one day and went home the next. Got in doors had a huge craving for a fry up so walked down to the local shop and got some eggs, bacon, sausages etc etc.

    I’m pretty sure a professional athlete who’s 22 is not going to have a major problem recovering.

  28. Marc


    “you’ve got a pissed player on your hands.”

    So they end up having to offer him silly money to get in line and then have a player on huge wages causing dissent in the camp.

  29. WengerEagle


    Yeah and look I get that it’s a sound strategy.

    For a young Scottish lad barring an infatuation with Italian culture choosing Naples over London would be pretty bizarre, language barrier notwithstanding.

    So the sound bites being fed out to the media from Napoli were most likely just hot air and probably Celtic’s attempt to drum up the price when in reality, we have more leverage here.

    Having said that, I’m not sure how ideal it is to stretch signings out for the sake of a fee million, with Zaha it’s different because they want a laughable fee but with Tierney I mean how far can we really be off with 15m? SPL is turd and everyone knows it, Celtic are a selling club even with occasional CL football.

    We kick off the PL season in about a month and it doesn’t look like we’re on the verge of closing any deals exactly. Last season there was the WC which was used as an excuse even though we signed Toreirra literally a couple of deals after Uruguay were knocked out.

    I don’t really understand why there isn’t more urgency given everyone can agree how poor the players were last season and have been identified as substandard long ago.

    Emery was fresh in the door and with his stacked dossier in hand decided to give everyone a crack of the whip for the season.

    Indefensible for me if they haven’t been moved on over a year later.

  30. CG

    The whole Zaha cock up Is because useless Unai didn’t beat Brighton.


    Arsenal 1 Brighton 0 h/t
    Arsenal 1 Brighton 1 f/t

    If we beat Brighton ( safe from relegation)

    We are in the CL
    And are Spurs not in the CL

    Spurs then dont buy £62 mill players
    We do instead ( I.e Zaha)

    That’s The Truth.

    Emery will be happy this evening
    Lots of Loosers Cup matches for him to follow.


  31. Graham62


    I’m all for defending our own players but in the case of Mesut Ozil, as you well know, he is a liability and a hinderance to the clubs development.

    Every man, woman, child and animal knows this.

    He’s finished, just accept it.

  32. WengerEagle

    Haha he wanted that sweet cheddar Sal!

    Didn’t see the wood for the trees. As Marc said lowly PL clubs have less reason to sell than most of Europe’s top 5 teams given the ridiculous money in the PL.

  33. Cesc Appeal


    In terms of the sales I have some sympathy, the players we all want gone like Mustafi, Mkhitaryan, Ozil etc most of them are on ridiculous money for what they offer and considering they will have to go abroad those wages become a serious issue.

    I do agree with the buys though, I would have liked to have seen more new players by this point. So far we have Martinelli and Saliba, the former will be a bench player this year and get very few minutes and will likely not have much impact and the latter won’t arrive until next year.

    I think Tierney will happen, Arsenal want to pay £15-20 Million and Celtic want £25-30 Million so given our budget there is a bit of a difference there.

    After that it seems Zaha, Lemina, Malcom, Ceballos are the names that won’t go away.

    We do need to get a move on though.

    Interesting it’s an all Kroenke game next Tuesday in Colorado. Wonder if he will be there?

  34. TheLegendaryDB10


    I sure hope so to, because that will be a heap of egg on Sanllehi’s face if he we do end up with a net spend less than that £45m (ah shit £40m now that we have bought Martinelli).

    I have always believed it would have been more, particularly if we had got CL.

    I really would like to see Raul succeed this TW to finally show that we are turning things around. And I’ll be honest it does look like it: trying to ensure that we get the right deal with Saliba, spurning Celtic’s absurd demands for Tierney and keeping it cool with CP.

    I’ll be honest, the club did fuck up at the beginning. I believe that we had a plan A if we were in CL but no plan B if we didn’t.

    Or maybe they are trying to ignore having no CL and spend as much as we can to enable us to push for CL next season.

    We shall see comes the 8th August.

  35. salpardisenyc

    Dude I want that sweet cheddar as well but a man’s got to leave the back door opened… always.

  36. TR7


    I have said this earlier – everybody would be up in arms if we were in the same situation as we are now in with Wenger in charge. We have signed a kid who won’t get any playing time and a prospect who will be sent back on loan. As things stand, we have the same team as last season minus Ramsey and Welbeck.

  37. Cesc Appeal


    Which could be even more problematic if they end up going down still.

    Could see a last minute deal for him or a January deal for him.

  38. Pierre

    “You gotta give it up with Ozil, he’s finished. Doesn’t want to be here. He’s done”

    I wouldn’t blame him for not wanting to be at Arsenal….it’s hard enough these days watching an Emery side without having to play under him.

  39. TR7


    ‘In terms of the sales I have some sympathy, the players we all want gone like Mustafi, Mkhitaryan, Ozil etc most of them are on ridiculous money for what they offer and considering they will have to go abroad those wages become a serious issue’

    Buying clubs look at a players’ overall cost that is signing on fee plus wages plus bonus if any. If we can discount our valuation of players we want to move on, I am sure there will be clubs who will be interested even at similar wages.

  40. Marc


    The difference is Wenger in his later years never wanted to sign players and seemed to deliberately make life as difficult as possible.

    I don’t think for a second Emery, Edu or Sanllehi would be happy going in to the new season with no new signings.

  41. CG


    “”””it’s hard enough these days watching an Emery side without having to play under him.””””

    32 empty corporate boxes tell us that.

    Emirates Cup tournament will be more deserted than peak Chernobyl.

    Who in their right mind, seriously pays to watch Arsenal with Emery as coach.!!!??

    Actually shell out hard cash to watch his tripe???

    Give your money to charity.
    (So many noble causes folks)

  42. Cesc Appeal


    It defeats the purpose a bit if the discussion was £40 Million budget but Emery you can have everything we make from sales, so here’s the £2.75 we got for Mustafi because he’s on £100 000 a week and here’s the £1.20 we got for Mkhitaryan because he’s on £200 000 a week and moved to Wolfsburg.

    The value of this squad is honestly a joke. In fact some of the best work in terms of player appreciation in value is the work of the new regime in Leno, Torreira and Guendouzi.

  43. Graham62


    How’s it going?

    Blaming Emery “for the whole Zaha cock up” I see.

    What a surprise.

    What about the bucket loads of money chucked down the drain by the incompetent fools of yesteryear? For example, the small amount of the £60m lost on Sanchez would have helped pay for Zaha’s transfer.

    I know it was only £60m but, as you well know, every little bit helps.

  44. KAMP

    Happy to see the Ceballos talk re-emerge, though not sure who I’d prefer between him and fakir…sounds like the former wants a loan deal which might be deterring the spuds…

    The talk was we are after a box to box Ramsey replacement, that’s more likely Lemina than the two mentioned above, and I truly hope we land him as he can cover RB till Bellerin returns.

    Surely it’s zaha or Fraser for the left, and once the player is back from intl duty this one will be resolved one way or the other.

    With the centre back and Tierney that makes a potential 5 new faces…and when you consider the first two signings are ones for the future, 5 isn’t excessive considering last year’s performance….but I can’t see us getting it done without shifting on some players;
    Elneny, Koz (sadly) and Torriera are most likely, though there surely is no future for chambers and at least one EPL club should fancy him?

  45. CG

    Dear Graham,

    All good this End
    Hope you are well…

    (I have detected slight improvements in your overall performance.)

    No doubt money was wasted before.
    Pots of it.

    But if we beat Brighton
    We would not be in the cart

    If you employ a Looser- you will always Loose!

    Employ a winner – you will always Win!

    Dont we want winners at The Arsenal, anymore?


    Not this Clown, surely ….
    I know deep down – you know he is a pillock too.

    Keep it Simple
    It’s only football

    Best Regards

  46. Nelson

    I don’t see the fans in the other top 6 EPL teams are as divided as the Arsenal supporters. How can we compete against other top teams if the fans keep showing our dirty underwears to the whole world. I start to think that we need an ex_player as our manager in order to unite the fan base.

  47. Graham62


    i know I shouldn’t over indulge but after just one season at the helm and following many years of regression, I won’t pass judgement just yet.

    I’ll stay seated on the fence a little bit longer.

  48. Graham62


    Why? It’s a blog for christ’s sake.

    By communicating you get to see a wee bit more of CG’s unique and slightly warped perceptions on things.

  49. Marko

    It defeats the purpose a bit if the discussion was £40 Million budget but Emery you can have everything we make from sales, so here’s the £2.75 we got for Mustafi because he’s on £100 000 a week and here’s the £1.20 we got for Mkhitaryan because he’s on £200 000 a week and moved to Wolfsburg.

    Very true CA

    Anyway I think we’re beyond the point where signing up Zaha makes sense. 40-50 million plus players? You could probably get Pepe for that sort of shite. Move on to the next one he’s not worth it

  50. Marko

    Graham people like you are the reason he still comes on. If you don’t engage he will go away…eventually…maybe

  51. kenyangunner

    Pepe has been a disappointment at the Afcon!
    Iwobi and Idrissa Gueye have been the stand out players

  52. Marko

    However, LFC are scared of the silence, which the Ivorian is giving (to every club). Wants to speak to each interested team’s manager post-AFCON before deciding

    Pepe is in play

  53. salpardisenyc

    If Wenger was overseeing this summer there would be blood on le grove, we all expected more at this stage theirs no denying that as last summer was expedient with now shortened transfer window.

    Wenger obviously added salt with the parting gift of leaving a host of players on the former inflated wage structure which was always going to be the case. Raul and co knew the score heading into this summer and better have a plan we’ve not seen set in motion yet, had two scenarios to prepare for and we landed on the B budget. Surely there was a plan B.

  54. Marc


    I have no issue with people with different opinions but CG is a troll plain and simple.

    He’s openly hoped for us to lose matches and you think I’m being unreasonable in saying don’t engage with him?

  55. Cesc Appeal

    ‘If Wenger was overseeing this summer there would be blood on le grove’

    The difference is precedent, isn’t it?

    A decade of botched summers vs a regime that has had one good summer last year and another that hasn’t ended yet.

  56. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I don’t think ther3 was,

    Big chips an his crew let wenger do what he wanted.
    I think they thought wenger had left it al shop shape n cruising.

    Thinking h3 was an honourable
    Man an all that,

    When really he was a self centred self coated Teflon cunt.

  57. CG


    “”””””He’s openly hoped for us to lose matches and you think I’m being unreasonable in saying don’t engage with him?””””””””

    And you wanted our best player( Ozil) to have a career finishing injury, earlier

    the simple Fact is Walt.

    I am bright
    and you are dim


  58. Marko

    I don’t get why people bring that up if this was a Wenger summer like we’re fawning over anything. We’re quite aware of how shit the summer has been thank you.

  59. Marc

    “I am bright
    and you are dim”

    Well whilst that comment is wrong you have demonstrated something I hadn’t realised about you – you’re funny and that’s both haha and funny peculiar.

    Cheer me up and tell me you won’t attend the single match you made last season.

  60. salpardisenyc

    “The difference is precedent, isn’t it?”

    Its exactly that, point is its the true first spin of the wheel for this crew with Gazidis and Sven out. Nobody has a clue whats next. They’ve certainly not been handed an easy task but that doesn’t change things.

  61. CG


    The reason this is and will remain a botched Transfer window is because we did not beat Brighton at home or away. ( Take your Pick)

    Pretty knackered with £40 mill Loosers Cup budget, these days.
    You need CL budget! (100 mill)
    Spurs have it though.

    Stick with unai for too much longer – and we will be out of the CL next season too and the one after that.

    Collateral Damage Big Time!

    The way We are going- We will be selling Saliba ( provides he stays fit and in form) before he has even played a game for us.

    Wake up . smell the coffee and stop being a bloody dreamer!

  62. TheLegendaryDB10


    Surely there was a plan B.

    And that’s my worry. It genuinely feels like they didn’t.

    If you remember, in that Interview, Sanllehi and Venkatesham were so overconfident that UE would win the EL final, that they didn’t see a defeat in the EL final a possibility. It looks like they had forgotten that we were playing Chekski and not Eintracht Frankfurt.

  63. Cesc Appeal


    I mean I think it’s quite harsh not to make allowances for the awful situation they’re in.

    That said if things stay as they are or we end up just adding Tierney I will be very underwhelmed.

    I’m just hoping right now they’ve got several different directions they could go in and they’re on the cusp of deciding which to follow…because given our finances and lack of assets to sell once we’ve made a decision it’s done, regardless of whether a player we’d been after suddenly becomes available after etc.

  64. CG

    Even The best football brains would struggle to do anything with £40 million these days.

    With our Numpties in charge – nigh on impossible.

    But with great coaching and motivation – Spurs more than held their own without spending a penny for three windows…

    So we are knackered then.

    Especially when you hear we are giving up on this versatile stand out young Pole – before he has even had his chance.

    The morale around our place ,must be horrific-akin to working in an abattoir.

  65. salpardisenyc


    Might be a harsh outlook but its not like this reality suddenly appeared.

    We’ve assets we can sell to generate funds. At this stage one can only assume we lack the leadership to makes the hard decisions to generate that, like selling either PEA or Laca to better the club. Or that leadership must have assessed they can get what they want with whatever the budget is and its best to keep both.

    The wage bill is free of Ramsay, Cech and Welbeck, theres some room to maneuver.

  66. vickingz

    Been shouting chukwueze since God knows when, yet people think zaha would do a better job. Get chukwueze and enjoy good football. He’s within our reach, good dribbler, pacy, assists defense, can score goals, create something out of nothing, what more does emery want? Does he even have eyes at all?

  67. Nelson

    Nigeria advances to the semi. Iwobi played through the middle as an attacker behind the striker. He picked up an assist for the first goal.

  68. Pierre

    “good dribbler, pacy, assists defense, can score goals, create something out of nothing, what more does emery want? Does he even have eyes at all?”

    You forgot the one important aspect when Emery assesses a player …CAN HE TRACK BACK…everything else pails into insignificance.

  69. Pedro

    My man Thomas T is looking to solve the culture issues at PSG like someone that doesn’t understand people.

    ‘2 new rules at PSG this season: players will be required to have an increased # of meals together, specifically breakfasts & lunches on training days & there will be more severe punishment for not turning up to training on time.’

  70. Pedro

    Sal, very good point.

    Really thought we’d move on Laca or Auba this summer. Missed opp with Auba now.

    Great players, but if there’s a cashflow problem, we could probably have done with £80m.

  71. Chitom

    CGJuly 10, 2019 19:51:39
    The whole Zaha cock up Is because useless Unai didn’t beat Brighton.Reminder:Arsenal 1 Brighton 0 h/t
    Arsenal 1 Brighton 1 f/tIf we beat Brighton ( safe from relegation)We are in the CL
    And are Spurs not in the CLSpurs then dont buy £62 mill players
    We do instead ( I.e Zaha)That’s The Truth.

    You do realize that Brighton was on match day 37 and winning that game would’ve decided nothing of the sort you’re suggesting CG, right?

    If Spurs win their last game they still finish above Arsenal and they very well might’ve , had they had to.

    Just because you label something a fact or truth , it doesn’t make it so. It’s just your opinion fella.

    Zaha for 80m to Arsenal would’ve been borderline crazy considering other more pressing needs, CL or no CL money.

  72. Samir

    With it looking like Man Utd getting around 70M for Lukaku, wouldn’t surprise me if they come for Aubameyang.

    I’d personally take the money. We aren’t going to compete for a good few years anyway. Auba is getting old. We need wingers, a CB, RB and a CM. Also 2 up top doesn’t do it for me. Lets go back to 4-3-3.

  73. Samir

    Considering Brandt went for €25 million and is only 23. Can still improve and has a re-sale value. We should stay well clear of Zaha at these crazy prices.

    Why not look at Leon Bailey, Chiesa, Malcom, Everton

  74. Emiratesstroller

    I think that there is a pattern emerging at Arsenal, which falls in line with what
    was said by the club management at end of last year.

    1. The club will focus in future on developing youth promoted from Academy and elsewhere. Last week I expressed concern that this had not been done, but
    now the club has recruited Martinelli from Brazil and promoted 4 players from the Academy. So the dynamic of club has been to add youngsters aged 18-20 to first team.

    2. In future Arsenal plan to sell players who refuse to sign new contracts with
    only two years unexpired on contracts. The three main players who have
    two years unexpired and might be considered saleable are Ozil, Mkhitaryan
    and Aubameyang. All three are now in their 30s and therefore with a diminishing resale value if at all.

    3. I think that Arsenal would be happy to offload both Ozil and Mkhitaryan if
    possible, but unlikely to get a transfer fee for either because of wage bill.

    4. In normal circumstances I think that Aubameyang could be a prime consideration for sale, but he scored last season 30+ goals and to replace
    such a player would cost Arsenal well in excess of £60 million, which when
    you consider our shortcomings elsewhere is well beyond our means.

    5. If we are going to make a major investment this summer I would hope that will be in our defence.

    6. Realistically Arsenal need still to recruit 3-4 new players good enough to
    play in starting X1. None of the you recruited or promoted are likely to be
    more than squad players at this stage of their careers.

  75. Marko

    My man Thomas T is looking to solve the culture issues at PSG like someone that doesn’t understand people.

    I think it’s more Leonardo.

  76. Valentin

    Viera and Grimandi as coach and DoF/Head of Recruitment of OGC Nice are likely to be after the same target than Edu.
    Saliba interested Nice. And now Alexis Claude-Maurice whom Arsenal was rumoured to be after just changed agent and is tempted by Nice.

  77. Valentin


    Marko is right on the changes imposed at PSG. Tuchel wanted to make them, but players especially the Brazilian contingent used to go and complain directly to the club president.

    With Leonardo replacing Henrique and now acting as a buffer between players and the president. Those decisions can be taken and nobody can object to it.
    BTW those new rules are just standard in Italy where Leonardo spend most of his career.
    In fact surprisingly with Leonardo’s arrival the Brazilian contingent is losing influence. Thiago Motta has just been released from his U19 head-coach job. Dany Alves had not been extended. Neymar will be sold either this year or the next summer. Thiago Silva’s offer of reconversion in the club has been put on hold.

  78. Valentin

    Regarding the promotion of 4 youngsters to first team, the same thing was done last year. The only difference seems that this year management is demanding that these are really integrated in the first team instead of being given lip service.
    However with Emery refusing to even entertain the possibility of Bielik being part of the first team this season, we have already seen some push back from Emery.
    It will be interesting to see if any of Willock, Nkethia is really given time in the premiership. And what will be the reaction if they are not instant success.

  79. MidwestGun

    Well…. to me.. Looking more and more like next season is Hard reset time…. this season is make do… EL final setback and waiting for Edu to get here and assess the damage seems to have put a wrench in this summer. Also, Manager in last year of his contract as well.. all factors… I would think in summer handbrake scenario.

    Basically the planets didn’t align properly. As mentioned I don’t think anyone in the suits thought we would lose EL final

    So trying to temper my expectations… Bed in a few youths..(hopefully they don’t all suck) and get enough help this summer to get by… But get rid of some of these underperforming leeches and get our payroll in order has to be high priority as well as move out the old timers with no tread left on the tires. And then I suppose we will be ready to unleash h.ell next season..

    Hard to sell that vision to the fans though.. when the team gets smoked by teams like Watford on the road next season because Xhaka is doing his best granite boulder impersonation. And Ozil can’t be bothered to show up.. and don’t get me started on Mkhitaryan. Dude is useless.

    Thinking ahead the best thing that could happen is we get a break out star that is unexpected A name nobody is considering and we scrape out a CL spot which could be 5th next year if City get the Ban hammer.

    Either that or Edu walks on water and the next 2 weeks turn out to be like winning the powerball lottery. 😀

  80. Pedro

    Valentin / Marko,

    I have no idea who made the rule, but Tuchel was very big on that at Mainz.

    Everyone eats together, always round tables etc.

  81. Dark Hei

    Does anyone here have this sense of Deja Vu, like it seems like Wenger is in-charge of transfers again? The dithering, the inefficiency…….

    I miss Sven already. Edu save us!

  82. Dark Hei


    Ozil wasn’t bad at the World Cup.

    I watched him worked his ass off for that heavily in-balanced German side; sweat pouring down as he went deep in search of the ball.

    Germany did not have a striker and were slow in transitions. That forced them to play higher up the pitch and opened up their mid to counters. It also meant that he had to drop deep because opposing teams always had time to regroup.

    Ozil was honestly more of a victim of racial politics than a lack of effort. I have German friends who don’t like him because they say he don’t sing the anthem.

    If he plays as hard for us as he did for his “country”…….

  83. DaleDaGooner

    Speaking of defending players…..Iwobi looks a different player than the one Arsenal fans like to slag off

  84. Mysticleaves

    Lol. Ozil along with other German midfielders were between bad and fucking bad at the world cup. No excuses to be made

  85. Mysticleaves

    Infact the whole German team was so bad the association had to forcefully retire many first team players. If Ozil wasn’t smart enough he would have been among those layed off.

    I have come to realize with some Arsenal fans that it will never be Ozils fault. It has to be strikers, midfielders or wingers or movers. Smh. He’s not Messi. He’s had his day and is done. Get rid

  86. Nelson

    We all know that Iwobi can carry the ball up field. When playing In the Nigeria national team, he can also pass the ball to his teammate. That’s how he got his assist today. In his last game for Arsenal, he has also scored a worldie. He is in the zone now. Long may it lasts!

  87. Dark Hei


    You pointed out they were all collectively bad.

    But the charge Ozil faced alone was that he didn’t try hard enough because he was unpatriotic and an immigrant. And because he is an immigrant, he is lazy; just like all the other lazy immigrants who are taking their citizenship for granted.

    He was used as a poster boy by the far right to drive a wedge through society.

  88. Nelson

    Thinking about it, I would give Iwobi the starting position. I wouldn’t buy Zaha and use the fund to improve the defense and DM. The money for Zaha, the club would never be able to get it back. He is way over price.

  89. MidwestGun

    I honestly tend to read very little into international play.. it’s a whole different animal to club play and often times doesn’t translate.. Watched Joel Campbell once again tear it up for Costa Rica in the Gold Cup and was amazing at last WC.. But for Arsenal not so much.

    Pulisic was the best player on the pitch every match. Looked unplayable at times gliding past players.. we will see how that translates to Chelsea and the PL.

    I’m glad Iwobi is doing well… he should be reaching his peak.. he is at that age. But I don’t think it proves anything until he can translate that to the PL. To be fair he wasn’t the worst player last season by far especially when you consider how bad the supposedly world class Ozil played at times and Miki. Iwobi gets some abuse because those around him in the midfield were shit and he had to carry more of the burden then he should have and he wasn’t ready to step up to that responsibility yet.

    Elneny another one who plays well for country but in the PL sideways 5 yard passes don’t work as well under constant pressure.

  90. MidwestGun

    From what I’ve been reading the Zaha deal is deader then dead.. unless there is some real shit housery from Zaha. So most likely much talk about nothing.

    More realistic targets who are actually available surely are in order.

  91. Chris

    Pierre you peddle this ‘chances created stat’ which is the go to for which to defend Mesut with. If you looked closer at tangible stats like goals scored you would see he managed 5 all season and after he signed his new deal his disinterest sank to new levels if you actually watched him properly.

    If you did actually watch him closely you would see he is finished at this club and no amount of make believe look good stats will disguise that.

    Also you do realise it is possible to have quality, creative attackers who work hard and track back right? They are not mutually exclusive qualities? Not unreasonable for any coach to desire all this traits.

    Unfortunately for your Mesut he is displaying none.

  92. WengerEagle

    And the funny thing with Ozil’s beloved ‘chances created’ stat is that he managed only 1.9 per match last season, he literally used to average double that.

    There are now fullbacks that average more key passes a match than Ozil.

  93. Valentin

    One smart move would be to offer Aubameyang for Diego Costa plus 30 millions to Athletico Madrid.
    We could could use that money to then fund further purchases.

  94. Gentlebris

    Let me tell you if you care to listen, everywhere in the world, good footballers with established names don’t come with peanuts price tags. They are expensive, you either buy them or not.
    And if Barca, PSG, Juventus, Real Madrid, Atl. Madrid, Man United are not fussy about dropping the mega bucks on players, why should we if we ever want to compete with them again?
    You either buy good established players for good money, or waddle around the bargains market and hope you unearth some diamond while spending little to nothing. Right now, with our performances on the pitch belly up for so many years, that’s is one corridor we should exit. We may resume such ‘bargain buy’ philosophy later when Arsenal stop being a club of banter.
    Long story short, wake up from your Wenger dream you fuckers! The reality known near and far is you drop the cash if you want the quality ballers.


  95. Pierre

    “And the funny thing with Ozil’s beloved ‘chances created’ stat is that he managed only 1.9 per match last season, he literally used to average double that.”

    That says as much about the manager as the player if you consider that he was creating 5.5 chances per 90 minutes for Germany a year ago against the best players in the world.

    Last season early on he was actually doing pretty well , scoring 4 goals in a 6 game period , the team was winning but Ozil made the fatal mistake of shaking his head after being substituted, just as Ramsey and Lacazette did and they all suffered the same fate of being messed around by the manager though Lacazette was for a shorter period .

    Anyone with a football brain would know that a football manager is essential for a creative player ( whoever he is) to play to their maximum …sadly Emery has managed to do the opposite.

  96. Nelson

    My guess is that Ozil will again go through the motion this year. The year after will be his contract year. Whether Emery is the coach or not, you’ll see Ozil trying harder to sell himself to the next buyer.

  97. Graham62

    “Anyone with a football brain would know that” Mesut Ozil is a total liability, irrespective of whoever is in charge.

  98. Leedsgunner

    Kos has been offered a three year contract by Bordeaux. So it looks like Bordeaux is going to be taking two of our players this year… Elneny and Kos. I hope we can get at least £15m-£20m for the pair of them.

    If Kos, we are going to be severely short of bodies in defence… which was critical in quality before we began in the summer in the first place.

    Sort it out Arsenal, it’s beyond ridiculous.

  99. Left testicle

    There won’t be a next buyer. By the time he’s fleeced Arsenal out of another two years wages he would have regressed even more.

  100. Chris


    You’re still hanging on this chances created stat. I’m not disregarding it totally but how is this measured and what constitutes a chance created? Is it the first touch of an indirect free kick? Is it a simple side ways pass that a 5 year old could have made?

    You know you can use your own eyes to judge a player, and anyone sensible that does knows that Mesut has never realised his true potential here, under Wenger or Emery and wouldn’t hide behind murky stats. The difference in coaching is that Wenger appeared to let Ozil do whatever he wanted, whereas Emery seemingly demanded team work (shocker). Emery hasn’t managed him as well as he could of but it isn’t unreasonable to ask for more from a player of his stature.

  101. HighburyLegend

    The day Ozil will leave, I will be really worried about Lil’ P.
    I hope that he will not be too depressed… That day he’s going to need our support, more than ever.

  102. Graham62

    I think we can all agree, Pierre excluded, that Mesut Ozil is underserved of anyone’s glorification and adulation, based on what he brings to the team.

    For me, top level sport is all about attitude and commitment. Whether your Roger Federer, Rafa, Ronaldo, Messi, Virat Kholi, Usain Bolt, you have to show the drive and desire to give it your best, no matter what.

    Ozil hardly ever shows this. That’s why he will always get ridiculed, wherever he plays.

  103. Knoxville

    “There has been a tonne of excuses, but this window has been nothing short of a disaster.”

    The most exciting thing to happen to happen to the club this window is the launch of the new Adidas kit but we saw it waaaaaaay before it was even launched. Peak Arsenal. League starts in less than a month.

    As Le-grove favourite CG would say: Tick Tock. (Shut up HL)

  104. Leftsidesanch

    Yes the shirts were revealed ages ago, even Auba and James Harden have posted the away shirt which everyone has seen by now and had to delete it. Lol this club is determined to be the running joke for as long as it’s still funny.

  105. HighburyLegend

    “Mesut Ozil is underserved of anyone’s glorification and adulation”

    Yeah, tell that to Erdogan.
    (just kidding Pierre, calm the fuck down)

  106. Chitom

    The latest on Zaha : Arsenal to offer Palace 40m for Zaha plus Chambers, Jenko, Elneny, Mustafi Xhaka and Ozil( sorry Pier) but Palace say that’s still 39 m short of their 80 m Zaha valuation.
    CG blames Emery’s negotiating skills.
    Says if Emery were any good at his job and not a complete fraud he would send his wife and daughter to Palace’s Chairman home at night to sweeten the deal and push it through.

  107. TOLI83

    I guess we can only hope this is a dark arts move from Raul.

    Getting Tierney etc for the best price they possibly can. Zaha’s actual value is more around £60m, if we can squeeze them down to that or £45m plus Chambers then Raul would have done his job.

    Kos and Elneny to Bordeaux will help bring money in and at last we see money coming in.

    The board must see we have too many passengers in the squad and are looking for the future or 1st Team players. We’ve been padding out the squad for too long.

    The trouble is we are far from good at last minute transfers in recent history and tend to end up with a bundle of ill and thought out panic buys. Fraser, Malcom, Lemina and players of that ilk (they all improve us by the way but can’t be considered the best value for money out there or 100% what we actually need!).

  108. Dark Hei


    I think it is more to do with that 350k a week baggage.

    We still kind of revere Arshavin right? Lol!

  109. Dark Hei

    I am surprised by the shift Chambers is being given on Le Grove.

    He seems to have done very well last season.

    And he did well for us when paired with Holding.

    I would be happy to keep him.

  110. Guns of Hackney

    I love the fact we’re trying something (if true) regarding Zaha but…

    1. He ain’t worth the hassle.
    2. No son of a bitch wants our players.
    3. Emery couldn’t negotiate a deal with street walker.

    Where’s edu?

  111. Guns of Hackney


    He didn’t turn up. Contractors, eh!

    I’m expecting him sometime in the next 5 years.

  112. HighburyLegend


    Arsenal “angry” against a player ?? Sanctions to come ??

  113. Guns of Hackney

    Lolz all of Emery’s players are treating him like a bitch. Ozil and now Kos…the rest will follow.

    The man has as much credibility as Corbyn at a synagogue.

  114. Words on a Blog

    I’ve never ever seen a formal club statement like the one that just dropped against Laurent, of all people.

  115. Mr Serge

    Guns edu has been here 1 day seriously ??
    Chambers is decent at best I would sell KOs and find someone else he is also a liability these days

  116. Marko

    Why’s the one guy trying to force a move away from Arsenal worth about the same price as a packet of quavers. Fucks sake

  117. Mr Serge

    GoH we all do bro trust me it’s the first thing I think of in the morning and night it’s crazy slow

  118. TOLI83

    Interesting statement on Kos.

    Our club captain refusing to travel. Just sell him and be done with it, we all know he’s a decent servant over the years and now injured and past it.

    It’s like our marketing team is ran by a bunch of petulant teenagers. Keep it private and get rid.

  119. Marko

    Woah hold on a second disrespectful to know? That piece of shit works for us he has a year left if someone wants him sell him. Disrespectful to Koss the fucker’s lucky he wasn’t taken to the knackers yard after that Southampton performance last season