Aaron Ramsey spotted out with horrific character

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Arsenal are apparently FURIOUS with Hannover’s treatment of precocious talent, Takuma Asano. They’re not playing him. Presumably, because his skills are so blinding, it damages the esteem of the other players. Bring him back to Arsenal, let him shine in the Premier League… allow his skills the greatest stage.

There’s really not a lot of good news to talk of…

Matteo… the NEW banter king of North London? I think he jokes about his attraction to Ramsey, but it’s real, the love in his voice, just listen to the admiration… and damn, does Aaron dress well.

In other news… I was in work on Sunday for a pitch (poor me), grabbing a coffee in the Tribeca La Colombe, and I heard British voices in the vicinity, and I was like, ‘oh cool, British voices.’ I normally nod at fellow Brits and make hilarious quips about American’s like, ‘don’t tell them water is pronounced with a T, not a D’, so we can bond. ANYWAY, I turn around and it’s Kit bloody Harrington and Rose Leslie.

Jon flipping Snow ordering a chai latte with a dash of under-the counter-CBD-oil, right in front of my eyes (made that bit up). Did I say anything? No I didn’t. I remained cool. FOR THE… no… keep calm.

Anyway, there is a point to this:

THEN, I see last night that they were there for GOT season 8 Premiere… AND… Ramsey was with RAMSEY BOLTON.

Did you see how I connected all the relevant pieces?


… could have been my headline.

I didn’t go there, you know why? Ramsey Bolton skins people alive, that’s why. I’m not fucking with that, even if it would have landed me mad hits.

Anyway, look at those Aaron threads. What a babe.

BARGAIN BIN TIME: So Zidance is looking to release Varane, Kroos, James, Mariano, Vallejo, Bale and Isco… anyone fancy a bit of that?

If our transfer strategy is to sit below the big boy tree and shake, I’d imagine Madrid, PSG, and Barca will have some gifts to roll our way at bargain prices. Be interesting to see who we jump in the mixer for. Rumours that Coutinho is up for sale as well…

Feed the below opinion right into my veins… FEED ME!

‘As a general point, I’d like to see more players who are legends with their clubs get a chance as managers or in the boardroom.’

Same here…but at United. I love the idea of someone just landing a job as a Sporting Director because they opened a place called Cafe Football in east London that closed down for being hideously expensive (and shite).

But to be honest, hideously expensive and shite are the top two attributes when hiring managers and players at United, so the fit would be perfect.

Let’s bring ALL the 1992 gang back together and watch it fail in slow motion for 5 years. Let their egos crash the club, let the fans forgive the mistakes because LEGENDS DON’T MAKE MISTAKES, and grab ourselves a £19 burger shaped like a football at the end to celebrate its CRUSHING failure.

A great article regardless, I fully agree with its full implementation (but only for UNITED).

I like this from The Guardian as well:

‘Paul Pogba-wise, and United have apparently penciled in some face time with everyone’s favourite cuddly super-agent Mino Raiola in order to tie the midfielder down to a new contract, but they shouldn’t expect to get much change out of £500,000-a-week. ‘

Amazing… I love that they are already on the hunt for players that will unlock Paul. It seems no one has clocked that maybe after all this time, he’s not actually as good as everyone thought. I’m not sure there’s any unlocking to be had. He’s like a tamer Mario Ballotelli with a cooler haircut that is changed more regularly.

Even crazier to me that Richarlison is being linked with Liverpool for £70m. An exciting player at times, but he’s banged in 13 goals this season in 33 appearances, he’s no Everton-Lukaku imo.

Right, as you can see, not a lot of Arsenal shaped news today… so we’ll be back tomorrow.


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  1. Nelson

    “they aren’t Wenger’s players anymore.. We don’t play the same style, we don’t play the same formations and Emery has had time to actually teach them a few things. ”

    I admit Emery did a lot of good things and Wenger is finished, but this sentence is incorrect. Initially, Emery wanted to change Remsey to be a #10 and played Ozil on the right. It failed and he dropped both of them. Just last week, Emery admitted that he studied again how Remsey and Ozil played last year and decided to play Remsey as a box to box midfielder and Ozil in the middle in the final third. To word it correctly, Emery uses Wenger’s players within his system.

  2. MidwestGun

    Nelson… that’s semantics. When you teach players to work within your system then they become your players. Bottom line if Emery fails its 100% on him.. The same way it should have been 100% on Wenger. and not some excuse like a referee conspiracy…

    What you are referring to is the same thing tat happened when Wenger took over … Wenger inherited a backline and he taught them to work within his attacking system at that time and they became his players.

  3. Pierre

    The players that have come back into the side during our recent excellent run of results and performances deserve the utmost credit for being so professional.

    We all know that they wouldn’t have had a look in if our results and performances hadn’t been so poor but it looks like it will turn out ok in the end .

    It has been a good learning curve for Emery😇

  4. MidwestGun

    We all know that they wouldn’t have had a look in if our results and performances hadn’t been so poor
    Why would they have needed a look in if the results weren’t poor? You make no sense. We have a manager that adapts and has the skillz to make the team better. And that is refreshing to see. Rather then a preset substitution pattern.. or go out there and express yourself and play without the handbrake on. Mental strength .. bounce back ability and all the other bs from the previous one.

  5. Luteo Guenreira

    It’s cause Pierre has no knowledge of the game. He thought he was supporting a football club for years, then he realized he was actually just an aging fan girl of husk leftover by an equally old and decrepit football manager.

    This past year has obviously been him acting but out and trying to cope. No offense to actual soldiers who have PTSD, but his is an extremely pussified version of it.

    If he had proper knowledge of the game he would realize how silly most of what he says is.

  6. Marc

    “We all know that they wouldn’t have had a look in if our results and performances hadn’t been so poor but it looks like it will turn out ok in the end . ”

    And yet despite those poor results we’ve still managed to get the same points as last season with 7 games left.

  7. MidwestGun

    Ozil has had to play a more disciplined role is that down to him being a Wenger boy? Ramsey has had to adapt to defending in the center of the park and choosing when to go forward is that down to being a Wenger boy? or is that because the new manager has communicated his philosophy and held them accountable to it? Therefore making them “his” players. You decide.

  8. Marc

    Emery has shown that he doesn’t play favourites therefore players who come into the side and follow instructions are given a chance – those who don’t are out. The reason Ozil was shut out for so long was because he wouldn’t tow the line. If he’d got behind the manager earlier he would’ve played more.

  9. Graham62


    It doesn’t take a genius to realise that VVD is one hell of a player.

    Most run-of-the-mill fans saw this several years back.

    Unfortunately, our genius of a manager, and his back room team, didn’t see this.

    Oh well, never mind.

  10. Dream10


    That’s incorrect. Most of the top 6 teams passed on him. No point making it an agenda against Wenger. He is a top player and odds on to win most the individual player awards.

  11. Dream10

    Roy Hodgson having another solid season and will keep them up again. Love to see it.
    Zaha’s ability to win penalties is a tremendous weapon.

  12. MidwestGun

    I honestly think Wenger saw it too… He was just a slave to his ego and his player valuations …. If they were a penny more then what he thought they were worth… then he would rather try to go without and squeeze blood from a turnip…. aka get goals out of Sanagoal.

  13. MidwestGun

    Prvhc.. because he went on a page long silique on how this seasons turnaround was all because of Wenger’s boys. And he implied that we would be in the same position if Wenger as still here. And the other clueless AKB’s agreed with him that’s why.

    It honestly ticks me off to see agenda driven bullshit that why..

  14. Dream10


    The defenders part is true. Koscielny,Monreal, Per for around 10m and Bellerin from academy have done well. The problem is every other defender we’ve signed since then is a downgrade. Holding, Sokratis, Kolasinac, Mustafi are all backup defenders at best.

  15. prvhc

    That is exactly the reaction he wants
    Don’t fall for it
    His reason for supporting Arsenal is no longer here.He’s sticking around to troll Arsenal fans.We only have to tolerate him until Wenger finds another job, though unfortunately it’s looking increasingly unlikely any club will take a punt on him.

  16. Chitom

    “It has been a good learning curve for Emery😇“

    Pierre, this is probably the only sentence from all your nonsense and agenda-ridden commentary that resembles any truth.

    Is this any surprise to anyone that a new manager would need time to adapt to his players ( and vice versa) and the league in his first season.
    Especially at a club like Arsenal when the management clearly asked Emery to lower the wage bill while at the same time move up the table( piece of cake right?)

    Klopp and Pep are on the record stating that it takes about one full season to get to know all your players well.
    I’d say Emery is ahead of schedule.

    Also , someone ( might’ve been you) up thread said this season resembles all the other seasons under Wenger.
    Does it though?

    Here’s just a few things you haven’t seen this season that were a given under Wenger.
    – complaining about scheduling conflicts, how Arsenal have one day less to recover than team xyz
    – complain about refs
    -complain about fan support or media bias ( my personal favorite – home support at fault for Arsenal lousy 2015-16 home record)
    – special treatment for sacred cows
    – cookie cutter setups, tactics and substitutions.
    -complain about Arsenal players being fouled ( they are, especially Guen and Torreira)
    – using injuries as excuses
    And the biggest difference……. ready for it?
    Zero time spent fucking about with the zipper or talking to the fourth official.
    Just this alone was worth the change. 🙂

  17. Chitom

    If someone had just landed from the moon after being in space for 8 months and stumbled on one of Pierre’s comments , they would’ve thought Emery had refused to play any Arsenal players from Wenger era and only after Bate away has realized his mistake.

    I truly hope he’s trolling because the alternative is just too tragic ( for his sake)to contemplate.

  18. MidwestGun


    Hmm well.. Thing is I have other Arsenal supporter friends who were Akb’s and we can have conversations. In fact one of my best friends who I watch some of the matches with loves him some AW. But he doesn’t spout nonsense and even he can see reality and is starting to see things a little clearer now. So maybe deep down I still think there is hope.. I know being optimistic but it would be nice if the fanbase wasn’t so splintered. and it doesn’t help if the former akb’s keep trolling notions that have not been true for years and years. It might take 3 or 4 more years for things to get better though as far as the fanbase. I do acknowledge this. And there will always be manager haters it’s the nature of the business… but it is so disingenuous to hate on the new guy to protect some false idol. Hate on the new guy because he sucks if you want not because he isn’t the old guy. And give him his due if deserved,

  19. WengerEagle

    You just knew that in a Klassiker showdown for the title that Bayern needing a win would batter Dortmund at the Allianz, their H2H is 21-3 in their last few Bundesliga matches there with a 6-0 last season.

    Gutted for Dortmund but they’ve shown their naivety today, especially Zagadou and Dahoud who’s got to bury that early chance which would have changed the course of the match.

  20. HillWood

    Don’t be fooled into thinking Le Grove is representative of all Arsenal fans.
    I love Pedro but really it’s all just a laugh

  21. prvhc

    Dortmund, except for a brief period under Klopp,are Bayern’s bunnies.Bayern helped them to avoid bankruptcy ffs.They might as well be Bayern’s academy team.I might be a bit harsh here,but for me Bayern vs Dortmund was never a rivalry,let alone a ‘classic’ one.

  22. Victorious

    Bundesliga is pants tho

    Gnabry feeling Peak Ronaldo after looking a fat waiter and failing miserably in the EPL

    I mean the two major contenders of a title having a game in the eyes of many as a potential title decider and you would be forgiven to think one is a relegation fodder seeing the total decimation taking place

  23. Elmo

    We really need strong performances until the end of the season.

    Everton beat Chelsea and drew with Liverpool at home in the last month.
    Watford haven’t lost at home since 26th December (P6 W4 D2 L0)
    Wolves haven’t lost at home since the 2nd of January. (P9 W7 D2 L0)
    Leicester have won their last four.

    Yes, we don’t deserve nowt if we can’t take points from that rabble, but they don’t look like fixtures where we can just turn up and expect to win.

    I think we can drop 5 points and make the top 4, based on the fixtures of the other contenders. Important to win at Everton tomorrow, as that will give us the flexibility to draw a couple of games in the run-in.

    Seeing as we’re skint, finishing 3rd will make a difference over 4th, as you’ll make more CL money next season.

  24. WengerEagle

    Not arguing the Bundesliga is probably the weakest of the top 5 leagues in Europe atm, Ligue 1 has improved a lot these last couple of years.

    He didn’t fail over here though, he actually looked decent for spells that FA Cup match at the Emirates vs Spurs in 2014 he was outstanding in particular, Pulis didn’t know what to do with him as he’s only accustomed to playing with creatures that only hoof and win aerial battles with pre-historic football, shocking manager.

    He also left at 21.

  25. MidwestGun


    Oh I know it isn’t… That’s why I have friends outside this community.. The truth is usually somewhere in the grey area between 2 points. The problem comes in when objectivity has gone away. That why I called it a cult earlier.. because there is some element of brainwashing and believing what you want to believe in rather then what needs to happen. Those that refuse to see that the Club needed a change years ago and still cling to the past are ironically holding us back, imo much like AW did after he had run out of ideas. Anyhow.. Pedro is my boy…. he knows that but I don’t agree with everything he writes. Either.

  26. Marko

    Bayern absolutely having their way with Dortmund today. It’s men against boys sexual predators against victims.

  27. MidwestGun

    Wasn’t the rumor that Gnabry’s injury was career threatening and hints of some sort of drug usage. And then he had a bad loan spell. And that was that… At least that’s what I remember the talk being about at that time.

  28. Marko

    That’s incorrect. Most of the top 6 teams passed on him. No point making it an agenda against Wenger

    Yeah but we needed him perhaps moreso than any of the other sides around then and again summer of 15 when VVD moved to Southampton we signed no outfield player. It was an unbelievable fuck up from the great ditherer and it seems like we specifically had an opportunity to sign him and turned him down.

  29. Marko

    Midwest it was just a rumour. I remember another one about Rosicky being out for so long because he was getting treatment for a drug problem but it turns out he was just unlucky with injuries. Truth is with regards to Gnabry it was just Wenger gave up on him too early and then he wanted out which you can’t blame him. It’s incredible considering the amount of useless wank young players Wenger persisted with over the years and he gave up on a legitimate prospect very very quickly. Still can’t get rid of Jenkinson, Asano or Cohen Bramell

  30. WengerEagle

    Lol Asano, now there’s a name that i legit forgot existed.

    AW had some absolute howlers in the second half of his tenure in particular, his eye for talent deserted him a decade before we finally got rid.

  31. MidwestGun

    Yeah rumors can be vicious… You would have to believe Gnabry’s heart was always in Germany.. but yeah Wenger sticking to his favorites was maddening at times. Especially when his favorites were questionable talents at best or chronically injured.. maybe Gnabry’s injury spooked him.. but who knows. Definitely missed out on that one..

    Maybe Wenger didn’t want to hurt Walcott’s development or some such stuff he always spouting.

    That was disappointing result. One thing to lose another to get annihilated.

  32. Marko

    You also have to remember that we paid a million to Stuttgart for Gnabry when he was a young’un so we kind of had an idea of his potential. But again Wenger just gave up too soon

    Moise Kean is red hot. Fucking awful what happened to him last week especially considering that he’s only 19 and Italy’s best chance of a CF going forward. Try telling that to a racist Italian though

  33. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Wenger ..

    The man who turned down the worlds best cos he didn’t rate them…

    Thank the lord he is gone

  34. Just Another Customer

    That first XI of his could haves signings over the years that he always brag about to remind people that he still has it.

  35. Kronkees wallet

    @rspc…..agreed mate…it’s amazing how many complete balls up Wenger made over the years…transfer duds, wrong tactics, predictable and ridiculous substitutions, ….thank goodness he has gone….
    I find it pointless to compare that bungling tool to Emery….there is no comparison….Emery is a proper manager….the other w.as a fraud.
    If Emery’s arsenal team loses 8-2 or 6-0, I will then start to make comparisons.

  36. Kronkees wallet

    Man city look to me like a team almost freezing under pressure.
    Some of the worst cautious football I’ve seen this season was on display today.
    Perhaps they are going to bore teams to death in the run in.
    Football is about a lot more than tippy tappy side passing possession….I for one much prefer Liverpool’s direct football.

  37. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    If we learned anything from wenger it’s a manage4 should only stay a max of 6 years,.

  38. Sid

    I remember when we played a counter attacking game against city and won 2-0 (carzola had a blinder) and there were reams written about the change in tactics. That was Wenger, he was so cookie-cutter, 4231, go out there and express yourself type that one change in system had us all jumping for joy.

    Then it turns out the players had a meeting before the match…..yup tactical genius that one!!

  39. gonsterous

    looking forward to the game today. We need to win today and maybe not concede.
    definitely want to finish in 3rd. have a great Sunday though groovers.

  40. gonsterous

    I think if we concede today, we will have conceded a goal in 15 successive away games, a new record or not happened for a long time.

  41. Graham62


    I know it’s Sunday, but don’t you get sarcasm.

    Time, on this particular subject, will never be a healer.

    Sorry to disappoint.

  42. Graham62


    “We don’t deserve nowt if we can’t take points from that rabble”

    I don’t consider Everton, Watford, Leicester, Wolves and Burnley as “rabble”.

    A wee bit disrespectful as all these teams are capable of beating us if we don’t give 100%.

  43. Dream10

    We’ve struggled away from home against the top 10 since December 2016 when we lost to Everton and City back to back.

    Everton, Wolves, Leicester, Watford are not “rabble”. Based on our away struggles over the last couple of seasons, four points from four matches is likely.

    Reckon we’ll need three goals to get three pts. Likely that Xhaka, Ramsey and Koscielny don’t play. Those our three best central players for shape. Torreira with his suspension is out. It was needless red, could have really used him today.

  44. mysticleaves

    I have been soo busy lately trying to adapt to a new country, timezone and work that i rarely had time to come here though I tried to keep up as I could.

    In doing so I saw the great referee conspiracy debate by Valentin especially against Newcastle where the referee apparently rinsed us clean.

    Well, I rewatched the match and from what I saw, the referee might have made two legit wrong calls, one in our favor, one against us.

    The second penalty was a farce, never should have been given but there was a legit move that was flagged offside by the officials that would have resulted in a goal for Newcastle. These were the legit mistakes of that game.

    The first penalty, was merited, debatable but merited while the sending off was spot on. All in all, the reason we lost was not bad officiating but cos we folded after going a man down.

  45. JDavey

    Huge game today, win and we should make top four. Manage the game well being solid at the back, and let the magic up top do the business.

    Come on Arsenal.

  46. Charlie George

    “”””So much anti-Wenger rhetoric on here overnight.Give it a break guys.””””

    Slim chance of that Graham.

    Unintelligent folk – will always hark back and criticize- because it is the easy and simplistic thing to do so.

    So much to chew the fat over – so much interesting stuff PedRO alludes to- but the bitter and bluff will always hark back to Wengers mistakes.

    I ll remind them – Wenger left 10 months ago.

    Fulham have gone through 3 managers since he left us

    People in all walks of like – don’t have to be thick. But they choose to do so.

    Pivotal game today in Arsenals modern history.
    Hope Emery gets the 2 centre forwards playing in tandem today…( from the start)

    Up the Arsenal!

  47. Emiratesstroller

    I posted yesterday that Arsenal would recruit a maximum of 3-4 new players
    this summer. Bob thought that I was being conservative.

    However, the figures and positions that I posted do not of course include players who are currently out on loan or promoted from U23s.

    There will be at least 6 departures from the first team squad excluding players
    currently out on loan so I would expect at least two loanees/U23 promotions to
    be included in equation.

    Over the last two seasons many posters believe that Arsenal need o recruit wingers with a lot of expensive options being suggested. I question the likelihood of that happening on two counts.

    1. We are now playing with wing backs such as Bellerin, Kolasinac and Maitland-Niles. If we play with conventional wingers then I assume that we
    will need to play a flat back four with more defensive full backs. Personally I
    don’t see that happening next season without complete overhaul of squad. Also there are a number of talented wingers in club such as Nelson and Saka.
    They will need to be promoted to first team squad in next couple of years if we
    are going to fulfil ambition of developing youth at club.

    2. The priorities are for me upgrading and investing in our defence and that
    means recruiting a quality centre back, left wing back and second string goalkeeper to replace Cech.

    3. We need to replace Ramsey and clearly finding the right player to do so will
    cost £40-50 million. Suarez a low budget option is clearly not good enough or
    an option.

    As I wrote on many occasions I expect Arsenal to spend more than £40 million
    net. That is what money from Adidas, Emirates and Rwanda sponsorship is supposed to pay for. On the other hand Arsenal are not going to spend recklessly in transfer market. That is not our model.

    Successful clubs seldom make wholesale changes to their squad and that is why in the medium term I would prefer Arsenal to recruit one outstanding player annually with a couple of speculative additional speculations as well.