Aaron Ramsey spotted out with horrific character

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Arsenal are apparently FURIOUS with Hannover’s treatment of precocious talent, Takuma Asano. They’re not playing him. Presumably, because his skills are so blinding, it damages the esteem of the other players. Bring him back to Arsenal, let him shine in the Premier League… allow his skills the greatest stage.

There’s really not a lot of good news to talk of…

Matteo… the NEW banter king of North London? I think he jokes about his attraction to Ramsey, but it’s real, the love in his voice, just listen to the admiration… and damn, does Aaron dress well.

In other news… I was in work on Sunday for a pitch (poor me), grabbing a coffee in the Tribeca La Colombe, and I heard British voices in the vicinity, and I was like, ‘oh cool, British voices.’ I normally nod at fellow Brits and make hilarious quips about American’s like, ‘don’t tell them water is pronounced with a T, not a D’, so we can bond. ANYWAY, I turn around and it’s Kit bloody Harrington and Rose Leslie.

Jon flipping Snow ordering a chai latte with a dash of under-the counter-CBD-oil, right in front of my eyes (made that bit up). Did I say anything? No I didn’t. I remained cool. FOR THE… no… keep calm.

Anyway, there is a point to this:

THEN, I see last night that they were there for GOT season 8 Premiere… AND… Ramsey was with RAMSEY BOLTON.

Did you see how I connected all the relevant pieces?


… could have been my headline.

I didn’t go there, you know why? Ramsey Bolton skins people alive, that’s why. I’m not fucking with that, even if it would have landed me mad hits.

Anyway, look at those Aaron threads. What a babe.

BARGAIN BIN TIME: So Zidance is looking to release Varane, Kroos, James, Mariano, Vallejo, Bale and Isco… anyone fancy a bit of that?

If our transfer strategy is to sit below the big boy tree and shake, I’d imagine Madrid, PSG, and Barca will have some gifts to roll our way at bargain prices. Be interesting to see who we jump in the mixer for. Rumours that Coutinho is up for sale as well…

Feed the below opinion right into my veins… FEED ME!

‘As a general point, I’d like to see more players who are legends with their clubs get a chance as managers or in the boardroom.’

Same here…but at United. I love the idea of someone just landing a job as a Sporting Director because they opened a place called Cafe Football in east London that closed down for being hideously expensive (and shite).

But to be honest, hideously expensive and shite are the top two attributes when hiring managers and players at United, so the fit would be perfect.

Let’s bring ALL the 1992 gang back together and watch it fail in slow motion for 5 years. Let their egos crash the club, let the fans forgive the mistakes because LEGENDS DON’T MAKE MISTAKES, and grab ourselves a £19 burger shaped like a football at the end to celebrate its CRUSHING failure.

A great article regardless, I fully agree with its full implementation (but only for UNITED).

I like this from The Guardian as well:

‘Paul Pogba-wise, and United have apparently penciled in some face time with everyone’s favourite cuddly super-agent Mino Raiola in order to tie the midfielder down to a new contract, but they shouldn’t expect to get much change out of £500,000-a-week. ‘

Amazing… I love that they are already on the hunt for players that will unlock Paul. It seems no one has clocked that maybe after all this time, he’s not actually as good as everyone thought. I’m not sure there’s any unlocking to be had. He’s like a tamer Mario Ballotelli with a cooler haircut that is changed more regularly.

Even crazier to me that Richarlison is being linked with Liverpool for £70m. An exciting player at times, but he’s banged in 13 goals this season in 33 appearances, he’s no Everton-Lukaku imo.

Right, as you can see, not a lot of Arsenal shaped news today… so we’ll be back tomorrow.


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  1. Charlie George

    A skittish post today from PedRo.
    Thanks as always.

    I really think – Arsenal have to look at their loan policy.

    Loaning our brightest and best players to the Bundesliga-is not really a proper thought out strategy.

    I don’t see the benefits of it- whatsoever.
    Nelson seems to have gone backwards.
    ESR? Any developments?

    Surely- sending them out -to championship sides is a much better policy. As we can keep a closer eye on the players – if they are going astray ( which they will – if they are out of the first team contention)

    As for Aaron Ramsey – doesn’t the guy – look sublime.

    One day – he will be our manager!

  2. Marc

    The more interesting thing about the Richarlison rumour (as always taken with a pinch of salt until it happens) is that he’s not going to go there for £70 million to sit on the bench – so who are Liverpool looking to lose?

  3. Marc

    “Surely- sending them out -to championship sides is a much better policy. As we can keep a closer eye on the players ”

    Yeah because jumping on a Ryanair flight to Leipzig is going to piss the summers transfer budget up the wall. I mean experiencing another culture both on and off the pitch is a terrible thing for a young player.

  4. Charlie George

    “””I mean experiencing another culture both on and off the pitch is a terrible thing for a young player”””

    It might make them more rounded people-playing in Germany.

    But does it make them better players? (Than, say the championship.)

    if our young prospects can perform – in the competitive environs of the championship- it will make them much MORE likely to succeed in our similarly competitive prem.

    the recent demolition of the German clubs by Spurs/Man City/ Liverpool- illustrate that the bundelsiga is actually quite weak,

    Swansea gave Man city (3-2) a harder game than Schalke (7-0)

    ESR and Nelson- if they are to be loaned out- should be in the championship.

  5. HighburyLegend

    Bayern players were so disapointed…
    It was in England, but unfortunately, it wasn’t Arsenal.
    (how do you say “lol” in German ?)

  6. Eduardo

    This post was hot garbage.

    Everton away will be a challenge. In the context of our away from this season, a draw with no injuries or suspensions would be a good result.

  7. Marko

    I don’t see the benefits of it- whatsoever.
    Nelson seems to have gone backwards.

    Went from reserve football to barely playing for the senior team to scoring in the bundesliga. I honestly don’t know why I bother you are stupid and say stupid things and you will continue to do so.

  8. Marko

    It might make them more rounded people-playing in Germany.But does it make them better players? (Than, say the championship.)

    Is the English second division one of the top 5 leagues in Europe?

  9. useroz

    Apparently ESR has not played a game in Germany due to his long drawn out groin injury. Just back to training though. Unlikely play any meaningful part with few games to go…

    Rumours say ESR staying on loan for another season… a good idea?? Not sure.

    Nelson gone nowhere since the early minutes of fame, sadly, not a Sancho..MK II. Better to go to a promoted team or a promotion prospect in the Championship. He isn’t quite ready.

    If nothing else, this summer TW is guaranteed an exciting one for Arsenal, with the many come ‘n go…I think Emery’s strategy is to pick people’ pockets. Sign good players whose contracts are nearly up so that the asking price wouldn’t be astronomical.

    On current form, we couldn’t not win the Everton game surely.

    Our squad has not been this complete and healthy in April for awhile. Someone reminded that, Bellerin, Holding and Welbeck aside, Emery has the rest at his disposal, and I think he’s more than able to leverage the squad in the remaining, hopefully, all 1 games.

    Winning breeds confidence. No letting up please.

  10. Marko

    “I think now in the team we have a good atmosphere and good spirit. Each player is helping us with his quality and with good behaviour. This is the spirit I want so they are doing that, and Mesut is also.”

    Suggesting that before Mesut wasn’t “helping” or showing “good behavior”? Scathing.

    Also just had to check out something on the Ramsey front cause going to New York a couple days before a big game while you might be injured and Mateo obviously pictured him in his suit at the training ground and he wouldn’t sit on a 8 hour flight in his tux cause that’d be silly. And yes he WASN’T in New York for the GOT premier it was the Our Planet premier in London. Just fact checking

  11. Marc

    “But does it make them better players? (Than, say the championship.)”

    Well as a great deal of the Championship is still based around hoof the ball and if it moves kick it to death yes being exposed to the training culture and lack of a drinking culture that still exists in the lower divisions will be of a benefit.

    We sent Gnabry to play under Pulis, remind me when his career took off?

  12. Marko

    Marc I kinda wish he ran with the headline “FURIOUS EMERY ASKS WHY RAMSEY WAS IN NEW YORK”. It would have been such a “ladies and gentlemen we got him” moment. I thought it sounded ridiculous to be honest I mean I’m not a Ramsey fanboy or nothing but even I wouldn’t think he’d do something like that. He’s a lot of things mostly good some bad but he’s not unprofessional

  13. Marko

    Since November 2017, the 30-year-old Gunners ace has only played Premier League games away from the 100-mile radius at Swansea City, Cardiff City and Newcastle United. Inside the 100-mile radius, there are only 10 Premier League clubs, so the statistic is fairly damning for the German.

    Everton’s 200+ miles away.

  14. Marko

    The Evening Standard are reporting that Tottenham could sell 12 players this summer.

    Apparently Spurs are not under pressure to sell before they can buy, but they are planning to streamline their squad.

    12 players… sounds alot like pressure to sell before buying. Interesting how they spin it in Spurs favor.

  15. Words on a Blog

    The club and the media can try to spin it all they like for their supporters and the general public.

    The sharks at buying clubs like Real will ignore all the spin and the PR, knowing full well that the club will be short of cash, and prices for all the world class Spurs players on sale will no longer be at a premium

  16. Marc


    There was a story last week about Levy demanding £130 million for Eriksen if Madrid / Barca want him. No mention that he’s down to a year left on his contract.

    If Levy thinks he’s going to get away with being a smartarse all he’ll see is players walk on a free.

  17. Marc


    The Spud’s have a clutch of players either at a year left or 2 years and refusing to sign a new deal. With the drop off in value between 2 years left and entering final year they will need to maximise the value of sales.

    Personally I expect to see a piece of land up for sale on the Seven Sister Road in the next 3 years!

  18. Charlie George


    “”Apparently ESR has not played a game in Germany due to his long drawn out groin injury. “”

    Which makes it quite extraordinary- that we loaned him out on the last day of the transfer window.( injured)

    Why do that?

    We as a club – must up our game – with regards to the development of our young players.

    We do not seem – to have no real strategy
    Hopefully, moving forward Big Per and Freddie L – address this.

    The days of spending on millions on players ( for all clubs) is clearly coming to the end.
    Bosman 2 -will see to that.

    Savvy Youth recruitment and development will be the name of the game – in the future.

    We must do better.

  19. Marc

    “The days of spending on millions on players ( for all clubs) is clearly coming to the end.”

    Believe that when I see it.

  20. Words on a Blog


    The narrative, everywhere you care to look, is always about how shrewd a businessman Levy, how he drives a hard bargain when it comes to player sales etc, etc.

    As with all these things, it’s partly founded on fact, with a good dollop of PR thrown in.

    I can’t remember where I heard or saw this, and I make no claim whatsoever to be in the know, but what I understand is that a large part of the blame for the cost overruns on the shiny new stadium can be ascribed to Levy.

    As far as I understand, He did not appoint a large specialist engineering company as Project Management Consultant to oversee the project (routine for large civil engineering contracts) as he wanted to be more
    “Hands on” in terms of controlling the execution of the project, presumably backing his business/negotiating skills.

    Instead, he turned into the typical clueless client, with continued scope changes etc contributing to delays and cost overruns on the project. When liquidity was low he tried delaying payments to contractors, only for them to stage walk-outs etc, leading to further delays etc.

  21. Marc


    You are correct re the stadium situation. Usually on a large construction project a company will be appointed as “project manager” this can be the main contractor but doesn’t have to be. To save money Levy took this on himself and left off one of the most standard practices you see in construction – penalty clauses which can be on time, costs and other items. I’ve had a little experience of helping clients out who were at risk of being fined and it scares the shit out of them.

    Imagine you are a sub contractor being paid £400 a day because they are already running late – what’s the incentive to get something done quicker? I’ll just go back tomorrow and get paid another £400.

  22. Words on a Blog

    Marc (sorry about the extra “o” in my earlier post)

    Yeah I heard something similar about the sub-contractors being effectively incentivised to take their time…

  23. Marc

    I’ve also heard rumours that some sub contractors were refusing to do more work on the project because they were struggling to get paid on time.

  24. Words on a Blog

    I mean if I was in the finance team at Real, and Zidane and his Football Director were urging me to buy Eriksen from Spurs and they said the price was £130m with a year left on his contract, I’m pretty sure that I’d tell them to f- off, particularly if they wanted to reshape the squad and buy 4-5 other players too.

  25. Words on a Blog

    I heard about the late payments saga too, I think that was “cash management” on the part of Levy until Spurs got an extra £267m debt facility from their bankers back in October/November

  26. Marc


    Eriksen is a good player but if he’s worth £130 million with a year left on his contract and can sign a pre contract in less than 6 months what is he worth with 3 years left on his contract?

  27. Words on a Blog


    At the moment all we have is conjecture and supposition, albeit firmly anchored in facts. but I do think there are strong grounds to believe that Spurs are going to have a few years ahead of them financially.

    And if they’re financially strapped, their football side is likely to suffer, almost regardless of how “special saucy” Poch is (assuming he stays)

    If I pick up anything interesting on the financial,side, I’ll post it on here, for those interested.

  28. MidwestGun

    BARGAIN BIN TIME: So Zidance is looking to release Varane, Kroos, James, Mariano, Vallejo, Bale and Isco… anyone fancy a bit of that?
    Hell’s yeah .. I’d fancy a bit of that… hahaha But bargain? I doubt it.
    If you told me I could replace Ramsey with Kroos.. Mustafi with Varane and Iwobi with Isco though… I’d bite your hand off and write you a large check.

  29. Charlie George

    Spurs ‘perilous financial position- should not allow them and Harringay Council to ride roughshod over clearly defined Health and Safety Regulations.

    They (BOTH) are in breach of these.

    All supporters must be seated.

    Their supporters in the front tiers stood seemingly throughout.

    I suggest supporters notify:

    The Health and Safety Executive
    The FA
    Harringay Council.

    We can not have one rule for one club and not the others..

    Their new stadium will have to be closed down – if this is not corrected.

  30. Dissenter

    Eriksen’s value is that high because there are more than two big moneyed clubs after his signature; Barca, Madrid and PSG.
    Demand and supply …

  31. Emiratesstroller


    There are three important developments, which occurred this week.

    1. The massive profit that Spurs are allegedly making in the latest financial accounts. Is this a “manipulation” at a time when the club needs to refinance
    the growing cost of their stadium? I find it astonishing that they make so much profit and Arsenal are supposedly struggling financially.

    2. Liverpool have paid an astonishing £40 million+ on agents fees, which combined with the transfer fees paid needs some explanation. How does this
    club manage to pay such sums when their balance sheet is not exactly in great
    shape? Its not so long ago that the club was bankrupt and yet the new owners
    have not invested any significant money in the club.

    3. The huge agents bills being paid by clubs in EPL is raising some serious questions about the finances in the sport. Frankly agents fees need to be properly regulated.

  32. Words on a Blog


    You may well be right, but at the moment it’s quite hard for anybody on the outside to gauge how strong the supposed interest by the 3 clubs is in Eriksen.

    For example, if Real is going to substantially reshape it’s squad, I can’t see it shelling out £130m on a single player…..

    But this is football, as they say, and stranger things have happened….I’ll give you that!

  33. jwl

    Lots of articles recently about how all top teams want to sell five or six players in order to refreshen squad but never say who is going to buy all these expensive players on large wages. It going to be buyer’s market if all these top players are really up for sale. I just want Mustafi sold and replaced with quality cb, don’t care who else stays/goes.

    And if it is true that Levy did not hire project manager to oversee construction and he did not add penalties for late completion in contracts signed with builders, that is amateur hour and he lucky he still employed because he has cost Spuds quite a lot of money.

  34. Luteo Guenreira

    I cannot for the life of me see how Eriksen will go for £100m+. He is not that caliber of player, I mean he’s alright but £100m? We see what is happening with Coutinho, one of the mega rich squads paying that kind of money will be a mistake.

  35. Marko

    Personally I expect to see a piece of land up for sale on the Seven Sister Road in the next 3 years!

    That would be hilarious. I read somewhere that the loans for the stadium are spread across something like 4 or 5 banks which to me just seems so not dodgy but stupid to spread yourself over so many different banks

  36. Luteo Guenreira

    Joke Friday

    Thomas visited his mother on holiday. They made their greetings and as a doting mother, she excitedly gave her son a peck on the mouth. Shyly he responds “Now now mater, I missed you too. Let me hurry and put my bags away and we can finish knitting our quilt, but first I must visit the loo.”

    Thomas then went to the bathroom to lick his lips. The end.

  37. Dissenter

    True talk the loan deals with too many banks
    Had the loan been with one bank then it’s a lot safer because as the saying goes … when a bank loans you a billion dollars, you own than bank.
    When it’s spread out then it’s different. Its going to be about which bank gets theirs first.

  38. Words on a Blog


    The Spurs loan (£400m, raised at first to £537m and then to an amount “up to” £667m, is with 3 banks (Goldman, HSBC, and Bank of America)

    Having a loan of this size split with more than one bank involved is quite common, in fact 3 is quite a small number of banks.

    I think Arsenal’s original bank loan was with 12 banks

    The loan is over 5 years, with no mandatory principal repayment (interest only) and what Spurs expect to raise a long term (20-25 year) bond to replace the bank debt.

  39. Words on a Blog

    Spurs are effectively copying what we did with the Emirates, except that the cost of the stadium, and the amount of debt raised is much larger.

  40. Dissenter

    There’s that John Getty quote of
    “If you owe the bank $100 that’s your problem. If you owe the bank $100 million, that’s the bank’s problem”
    My point is that one bank is likely to work with you but 3-5 banks will not because of competition not to be the one that gets the short end of the stick.

  41. Dissenter

    Arsenal’s was a bit different because we were defraying the Emirates’s price tag by building [and selling] property at Highbury. We were doing this at a property boom period.
    We had more leverage with the banks, so to say because were also doing very well on the pitch. Even then, they still placed huge cash mandates on us.

    Spuds are threading on very thin ice.

  42. Words on a Blog


    Sure I understand that point, and that’s why single bank transactions are quite uncommon for that amount of debt, the banks don’t want to be too exposed to any one client (particularly if it’s Spurs lol)

    But whether it’s one bank or 3 or more, they’ve got security over the stadium and the shares of Tottenham, and if things really go bad, they can make life very difficult for Spurs and ultimately take it over completely (very, very unlikely)

    What’s more likely to occur, if results underperform expectations, is that they’ll impose heavy restrictions on things like player purchases, enforce more rapid player sales etc.

  43. Words on a Blog

    Because what the 3 banks want to do is to make more money (beyond fees and interest payments on the loan) from fees from the sale of the bond to other parties.

    And in in order to do that successfully, and not be lumbered with bad Spurs debt beyond 5 years, they need a Spurs that is in a healthy financial and (to a lesser extent, as long as gate receipts are ok) football situation.

  44. Words on a Blog


    Yes, it was 12 banks.

    The lead bank was RBS, who arranged the deal, and who brought in the other banks to take a piece of the loan

  45. Marc

    “All supporters must be seated.

    Their supporters in the front tiers stood seemingly throughout.

    I suggest supporters notify:

    The Health and Safety Executive
    The FA
    Harringay Council.

    We can not have one rule for one club and not the others..

    Their new stadium will have to be closed down – if this is not corrected.”

    You’ve just had the Emirates closed down – have you never been lower tier North Bank?

  46. Marko

    Yeah but is it a case of us getting the loan from one bank and them spreading it out over 12 or us owing money to 12 banks. It just seems like a fuck load to me

  47. Words on a Blog

    By the way one thing I do like about you is you keep us all on our toes when we state “facts”!

  48. Charlie George

    Some great paragraphs, Dissenter.

    Would you also agree – we had Arsene Wenger in his pomp.

    A very reassuring figure ,at the time for the banks.

    As I stated yesterday

    If spurs are not in the champions League for a few seasons – they will be the next Leeds Utd.

    Which leads us on to Sunday.

    Everton v Arsenal is a monumental match..
    Huge future revenues for both clubs are at stake.

  49. Words on a Blog


    No, whether one bank arranges it alone, and then sells the debt on, or the banks arrange the debt together, for the borrower it’s the same, they owe money to more than one bank, and it will be there in their loan agreement.

  50. Marko

    Words no bullshit. World is full of it and full of liars. That needs to be challenged by people. You can have an opinion but trying to pass off something that’s not true as factual not on my watch. Back to trumpland with that bullshit

  51. Marc

    Someone needs to check me on this (so Marko don’t accuse me of fake news ok!) but someone told me that the Spud’s only managed 41,000 for the Legend’s match last weekend when the whole point of the match was having a 45,000 crowd to get the final safety certificate signed off.

    I have no idea on the rules on this type of thing but I would have thought that having a spread of matches with increasing crowds to get the safety certificate signed off doesn’t work if the numbers don’t show up.

  52. Marc

    The Spud’s also haven’t sold the naming rights for next season. Now they are passing that off as not needing the money but if they fuck up and miss out on CL football that could knock a huge amount off the value of the deal.

    Really looks as if Levy is playing hard and fast at the moment.

  53. Marko

    But whether it’s one bank or 3 or more, they’ve got security over the stadium and the shares of Tottenham

    This is true. But that security goes out the window if they start dropping out of the Champions League. It’s funny but there was a time when you could make an argument that them building their stadium now as opposed to when we did it would be easier on the club given how much more money is in the game these days but I absolutely don’t think that now. That went out the window when they went 600 odd million over budget and in all honesty they’re proper fucked if they don’t continue to get champions league football and let’s be honest that’s harder to do these days with the top 4 becoming the top 6 and all on top of the huge increase in transfer fees these days. We were lucky we could scrape by with minimal spending and still making champions league Spurs contending with 5 others for 4 places will have to maintain some level of investment.

  54. Marko

    someone told me that the Spud’s only managed 41,000 for the Legend’s match last weekend when the whole point of the match was having a 45,000 crowd to get the final safety certificate signed off.

    Doesn’t affect my club or an argument I’m making. Don’t care

  55. Marc


    The argument that it will be easier for the Spud’s to afford the new stadium now rather then when we did it is completely wrong and has nothing to do with the cost over runs.

    For every pound that comes into the PL via TV money at least that much goes out again in salaries and transfer fees. If anything it’s harder no than it was before. We had ManU and the oil money of Chelsea fighting for CL places, there are now 6 clubs chasing 4 spots.

  56. Dissenter

    So Maybe multiple banks coming in is to disperse risk amongst them
    Makes sense but it’s also perfect conditions for a stampede at the end
    Banks are notorious for not trusting one another.

    The conditions are perfect for Spuds qualifying for the CL because of the slant in the schedule.
    The premier league wanted to market itself based on that brand new stadium so much that they bent the schedule. The fixtures have to be spread out as evenly as possible. You shouldn’t have this much of a tilt in home vs away games.

    Imagine if that home vs away games swing was present in the run up to the title race between Liverpool and City; it will make the premier league look dumb-f*ckingly stupid.
    Some will say but they played more away games first, which sounds like a good argument until you consider that the tail end of the season is when tired legs and minds exist so it’s an advantage to play away first when you’re fresher.

  57. HillWood

    The Spuds new stadium saga has been going on for at least 15 years when they started being up property in the surrounding area.
    If they haven’t included those costs in the price of the stadium build they have spent millions more than they are letting on
    Dodgy Cunts

  58. Charlie George

    I would rather walk the streets of Hillbrow ,in Johannesburg- than Edmonton.

    Spurs have made a chronic error – in spending nearly a billion pound on a stadium -in an area that is a no go zone.

    They should have moved to Cheshunt/m25 into an 80 000 seater for a third of its costs .

    Typical Spurs hubris.

    And these escalating costs will bite them viciously on the bum!

  59. Thomas

    @Luteo Guenreira

    That’s your idea of a joke? Just a little bit of advice: Don’t try to become a comedian.

  60. Victorious


    For the Southampton goal, Keita was halfway up the pitch there. His positioning and work rate is horrible, not at all right for this sort of league

    The fact you thought he’d come in and boss our midfield must make you look really silly now

  61. Victorious

    Haha jinx it, Scrappy as dey come , dippers have all the luck in the world going for them to win the thing

    You just know it’s their year when opposition keepers keep on shooting themselves in the foot

  62. Marko

    The fact you thought he’d come in and boss our midfield must make you look really silly now

    Oh Vic. Me saying that he’s a quality midfielder who’d improve our midfield isn’t remotely as stupid as you saying that AMN was as good as Ndombele or as embarrassing as the time you wanted Huddersfield to beat us. That was a particularly embarrassing moment in a lifetime of embarrassing moments for you

  63. Nelson

    MC looks more like a champion than the Pool. Most of Pool’s attacks coming from their two full backs centering the ball. It is quite easy to defend. Firmino appears to miss a step.Mane is too short to head those crosses from the full backs.

  64. Marc


    I agree I can’t see City not winning the league. Liverpool’s first 11 are good but City’s squad is just a level above.

    I just hope they don’t do the treble.

  65. Thomas

    @Luteo Guenreira

    Nice try shifting focus from the fact that no one laughed at your joke. Again comedy it’s not for you obviously.

  66. Tony

    Why all the Spuds stadium chatter?

    Who really cares?

    What concerns me are our 5 away games and why we haven’t got a top TD or DoF in place to oversee our summer transfer dealings?

    Personally it wouldn’t bother me if City did the quadruple. United fans would be apoplectic with City fans’ banter, and the bin dippers would have nothing to crow about for another year, so we wouldn’t have to put up with their insufferable moronic scouse accented BS.

  67. Moray

    Tony, I agree wholeheartedly. For me the fact that City bought the league including the best manager in the world means that anything they win really is just pyrrhic.

    In relation to the comments above about the Spuds stadium investment, it does seem that they’re sailing close to the wind. If the costs spiralled during construction then no doubt the increase came at a higher rate and with more severe penalties. Having said that, interest rates are much lower than when we were borrowing but they do have liabilities: a somewhat underpaid squad who will all be itching to get a piece when their contract comes for renewal, a manager who is not as entrenched as Wenger was, and a peak market to handle.

  68. Graham62

    Just get the feeling that Liverpool are going to do it? Salah will be on fire now and I feel MC will drop points.

    As for tomorrow, a huge game.

    Can’t call it.

    See how I feel in the morning.

  69. Moray

    Graham, it’s in the balance. I can see Spuds taking a point off City but equally, Liverpool are typically more flaky. Shame we’re not up among them but it’s a great end to a season. What football is all about.

  70. useroz

    Yep. City a lesser evil.

    If nothing else, Pep >>> Flop.

    Our away record versus the 5 specific teams upcoming isn’t as bad compared to ‘all away’.

    Cautiously optimistic tbh.

    The psyche, form, injuries, etc are just positively (and collectively) different at this juncture this season.

    For many frustrating years under Wenger, we were usually dead and buried by around March end, and played somewhat well in end of season games when nothing much was at stake to us/opponents.

    No tech reasons why we couldn’t win all 11. Again, most players would have been starved of some success and importantly pride for too long… they would do it.

    Even Ramsey and Ozil…

  71. Emiratesstroller


    As I wrote earlier in the week no-one will be talking about Spurs “spanking new and overpriced stadium” in 6 months unless the roof leaks or the revolving pitch breaks down.

    Real Madrid have just announced this week plans for the rebuild of their new stadium and predictably their President is claiming that it will be the best in
    the world.

    Both Levy and Perez have one thing in common and that is an inflated ego.

    On the matter of Football/Technical Director I suspect that Arsenal are going
    through the process of recruitment but are undoubtedly cautious in view of what happened with Mislintat and Monchi.

    I think that it is fairly clear that Arsenal’s recruitment this summer will be limited to three or four players maximum and none will be “headliners”. Arsenal will adopt a similar policy to last summer with “low risk and good value” purchases.

    Apart from Lichsteiner the acquisitions last summer were reasonably sound if not spectacular.

  72. Emiratesstroller

    To be clear I think that we know already the positions in squad, where Arsenal
    need replacement>

    Second String Goalkeeper to replace Cech who is retiring. Only question is whether he will be replaced by Martinez?

    Left Back to replace Monreal who is now 33 and his contract expires.

    Central Midfield to replace Ramsey who is leaving on Bosman and joining

    If we have additional transfer budget and can offload Mustafi then perhaps we
    will also buy a new Centre Back, but at the moment this is by no means certain.

  73. Pierre

    “For many frustrating years under Wenger, we were usually dead and buried by around March end, and played somewhat well in end of season games when nothing much was at stake to us/opponents.”

    That’s not really correct is it .

    Last season was the only season that we were out of the champions league equation in the league before the end of the season and we were still competing in the semis in the Europa cup up until 3rd of May…….not exactly * dead and buried” is it.

    The season before that we finished 5 th , one point behind Liverpool so not exactly ” dead and buried by March ” were we , plus we beat Chelsea in the Fa cup final to win it 3 times in 4 years.

    This season is no different to any of our last ten seasons , and that is not a criticism of Emery , it is a fact .

    It was your loss for not supporting the club during our previous 5 successful years but let’s not pretend that everything is so much better now, it isnt, it’s just you and a few other of the wenger obsessives who are trying to paint that picture.

    In fact , our turn around in form, results and performances could be attributed to the return to the side of a couple of wenger favourites which I think is difficult to deny , though some will try I’m sure.

  74. Bob N16

    ES, slightly conservative in your expectations, particularly if we are playing CL. I would expect we’d sign an attacker who plays wide unless Welbeck gets an extension. I also feel that sometimes if a player becomes available at the right price, almost regardless of whether we need the position strengthening, we’d take the opportunity.
    Of course promoting from within will happen but I’d be surprised if we didn’t at least match last year’s five players – there are quite a few players leaving!

  75. Graham62

    I can honestly say this is the first time for many a long time that I have felt a certain amount of belief in what is going on with regards our on pitch objectives.

    A draw wouldn’t be a bad result tomorrow but a win would really crank up the pressure on MU, Chelsea and even Spuds.

    Everton can be dangerous and have picked up in recent weeks , but so have we. Should be a good game for the neutral.

  76. Pierre

    morning Graham
    ” I can honestly say this is the first time for many a long time that I have felt a certain amount of belief in what is going on with regards our on pitch objectives.”

    will just point out that you wasn’t saying that 6 weeks ago after the Bate defeat .

    What’s changed?

    Could it be a change in personnel (on the pitch)do you think ?

  77. Charlie George


    Very accurate indeed

    “””In fact , our turn around in form, results and performances could be attributed to the return to the side of a couple of wenger favourites which I think is difficult to deny , though some will try I’m sure.”””

    The re introduction of most of Wengers regulars.

    (Ozil/Rambo/Monreal /AMN) has definitely improved performances.

    Only Sokratis and Leno -are the non Wengers players- who are playing well and consistently now.

    Having said that.

    We do look more feisty than in previous seasons
    And we certainly look more solid when we take the lead…

    So Emery deserves some plaudits.

    But let’s state the truth.

    Our recent upturn in form- is because Emery has returned to Wengers players..
    And in particular to Mr. Ramsey.

  78. Pierre

    “Left Back to replace Monreal who is now 33 and his contract expire”

    Personally , I would give Monreal at least another year .
    Playing as one of the 3 centre backs ,he has shown recently that he is is irreplaceable at the moment .
    His days as a full /wing back are numbered as it requires tremendous energy to play that position these days though he could still fill in occasionally.

    His injuries occurred earlier in the season as too much was being asked of his body playing wing back.
    Playing one of three centre backs is far less taxing on the body.


    I cannot believe how Arsenal got Santis Carzola’s injury so wrong.
    Last night he was unbelievable against Barcelona.
    We spent fortunes on the Diaby injury.?
    Yet we still got Santi’s injury and his ability to still be a world class
    midfielder so WRONG.?

  80. useroz

    ‘…dead and buried’ not in relegation sense

    Other than the ‘4th place’ trophy, most of our title and cup hope would end around Feb/ March … the odd FA cups notwithstanding.

    Everyone has a different view / expectation/ judgment over ‘success’ so naturally our talks differ on this (and other) blogs. But then, at least @legrove, the diversity contributes usually to the richness of the forum.

    In any case, despite some nervy moments here and there, we have been on form, look hungry and quite resilient, and “ruthless” when matters usually.

    On “ruthless”, apparently we have , as we speak, the highest goal to shot conversion rate in the HISTORY of the PL. Around 23 (or 25%?)whereas the next 4 hover around 20%. Hopefully we keep it up in the rest few games. This speaks consistency, and probably reflects the two high quality strikers we have. They hardly got injured (for long) anyway.

    Even away, on all counts, we simply couldn’t be the underdog tomorrow. A draw would be a surprise, to me at least.

    Btw, watched the Salah goal. Sighhh…. 1 on 3 (+Gk) and all Soton defenders did was backing off for 40 yards and didn’t for one moment think about challenging Salah… and so he picked his spot! Self inflicted.

  81. Marc

    So the AKB’s are showing their hands – it’s all down to Wenger.

    What are fucking shower, Emery has matched last season’s tally with 7 matches left.

  82. Charlie George

    Good to hear, that Gazidas took time out to attend the Peter Hill Wood Memorial Service.

    Wenger,Dixon,Adams, Rice, O’Leary and Hollins among others were also present.

    Its these great and loyal stalwarts that make us all love our Arsenal.

  83. Words on a Blog


    If the reports about Gazidis wanting to take Poch to AC Milan are true, and he pills it off, then we should all take back the nasty things we ever said about the smooth corporate snake oil salesman.

    From then on, in my eyes at least, he would be transformed into an Arsenal legend!

  84. Pierre

    I haven’t seen a lot of Norwich this season but I have to say , the football they are playing at the moment v QPR is quality.

    Daniel Farke their German manager obviously knows what he is doing.

  85. Graham62


    It may be the case with regards the “change in personnel on the pitch”, however, unlike yourself, I will not base my reasons for these positive changes on Emery eating humble pie. I look at it as a combination of things, one of which is that both Ozil and Ramsey are also benefitting from the systems and structure set up by Emery and realise that their strengths can be beneficial if they adhere to certain tactical principles and methods that was previously missing from their game.

    In order to move forward you sometimes have to take a step back to review and understand your own input and benefits to the team.

    All I know is that things look more cohesive and synchronised. Let’s hope it continues tomorrow.

  86. Marc


    Pierre is just looking to pass the recognition for any success back to Wenger. If we miss out on top 4 you watch him reverse the argument – it’s Emery’s fault and has nothing to do with the team he inherited from Wenger.

    I’ve said it countless times on here Pierre is all about an agenda and nothing else.

  87. Graham62


    I know that, that’s why I worded things the way I did.

    After years of malfunctioning parts, it’s just nice to see something resembling order.

  88. Nelson

    Watching a replay Empoli vs Napoli. Napoli played 4 4 2. They played a number of subs. They have a midfielder, Zielinski, who has a hard long short. He just hammered the ball from the 25 yards out and scored. He is quite mobile also and can play with both feet.

  89. Words on a Blog


    The way you put it to Pierre is carefully put and apposite.

    Özil and Ramsey are now doing what they should be doing in terms of tactical instruction and effort when the team does not have possession of the ball, working within an appropriate structure.

    Consequently both the two players, and more importantly the team, is benefitting.

  90. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    For those remeninising about wenger…

    Remember he turned down VDV when it was in the bag for 12 m….

    Cunt …

  91. Words on a Blog

    R.S.P..C. Arsenal,

    I’m waiting with bated breath for one of The Usual Suspects to lecture and explain to you why VVD is not all that, and that Liverpool’s significantly better defence this year is nothing to do with VVD, but is all about new ideas from special sauce tactician Klopp.

  92. MidwestGun

    What’s changed?
    Could it be a change in personnel (on the pitch)do you think ?
    LOL Could it be we have a manager that actually knows how to do tactics.. Makes appropriate substitutions before the 70th min. and gets the team prepared for the matches and works on situational set pieces. And isn’t falling asleep or hidden in his cocoon coat trying to work his zip.. A manager that isn’t a geriatric trying to stay awake….and actually watches the matches. ” I didn’t see it.”

    If you can’t see Wenger was finished at least 5 -10 years ago because grandpa didn’t keep up with the times and couldn’t compete with the top 6 teams and failed to bring in the necessary players time and time again resulting in us falling apart late in the season … then that’s on you.. and your love affair with something that didn’t exist. And it absolutely is a criticism of Emery because you are trying to discredit him. Especially when all the AKB’s were going on and on this summer about how we would be fighting relegation with Wenger gone. Guess not. huh. How about you lot…. actually support the team instead of trying to worry about Wenger’s legacy.. for a change. Also…. FYI… they aren’t Wenger’s players anymore.. We don’t play the same style, we don’t play the same formations and Emery has had time to actually teach them a few things.

    Honestly the Wenger cultist.. are tedious as fuck.