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Unai Emery takes charge of Arsenal vs Newcastle this evening in a tense as you like battle that could see Arsenal LEAPFROG United AND Spurs. Imagine the banter lads and laddetes… Arsenal, going above Spurs. A team they said could no longer be deemed Spursy. Title challengers a mere two months ago. The GREATEST crop of players to ever have graced Shit Hart Lane… and we could go above them in a transition season.

A thought so appetizing, even Harry Kane couldn’t resist licking it. Watching Poch and his boys botch a point yesterday gave me so much joy. Imagine moving into your new toilet bowl under the ad headline of ‘THE NEWEST STADIUM IN THE EUROPA LEAGUE’… I am physically aroused at the thought.

There are some watch-outs this evening. Rafa B is a wily old fox. He’s always been a smart tactician and he’s literally rotting away at a Newcastle. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t have some secret weapons up his sleeve. Miguel Almirón might not have scored any goals, but be honest, when has a goal drought ever been a problem for a player coming to us? We are a gift for bad records. The guy was MAJOR LEAGUE SOCCERBALL hype over in the states where the speedy wide man would electrify 70,000 fans in Atlanta. He could be a nightmare for a defence that is extremely susceptible to the long ball over the top on the fast counter-attack.

The only other worry we have is that Arsenal have had a whole bunch of players out on international duty, whilst Newcastle will have had 2 weeks to plan and practice a strategem to stifle us.

The game being at home helps, but I truly hope we don’t come back lethargic. We need to fly out the traps like we have done in the last few games. As Mike Tyson once said, ‘everyone has a strategy until they get a smack in the mouth’… the football equivalent of that is an early goal.

Emery, who came to his senses this year when he decided to bring Ramsey and Ozil in from the cold has doubled down on what good players can do for your systems.

“I think we are taking a good performance using a different system and different players,”

“For example, we started the last two matches playing 3-4-1-2.

“But we finished it playing 3-4-3, with players helping us in the 90th minute with a different system and different positions.”

“At first I used information from last year or the last two years. Mesut can play like a No 10 player, or starting on the right or left, in a different system, and he has a good mentality.

“And also Aaron Ramsey can play in a system with two or three midfielders, getting more in the opposition box.

“I used this information with this player and I think this player’s mind is very open to help us, to play in different positions and give us a big performance. He has a very good attitude to do that.”

Amen Unai… the big worry for the summer is how we replace Aaron. It’s not just a talented player we’re losing, it’s someone who understands a North London Derby, a player who knows what the shirt is all about. But fuck it, that’s a worry for another day.

We need a big performance this evening. Newcastle are an easy switch off side, they’re not sexy, they have a poor reputation and complacency could be a problem.

… but the players MUST be tasting Champions League bonus money by now. So let’s hope Emery and his coaches have them firing on greed cylinders.

BIG MATCH, see you in the comments. x

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  1. grooveydaddy

    Cheers DM

    I know you strayed from your usual M.O. , but I’ll take it. Tr4phies are hard to come by when you’re lurking about…. 🙂

  2. Words on a Blog

    Really need the win tonight – it would be good to build some momentum before two tough away matches against Everton and Watford

  3. TR7

    Let me use a very basic probability calculation to prove how wrong and foolhardy it is to say wrong refereeing decisions even themselves out.

    Assume there are 8 wrong referring decisions in all the games involving a football team. If I use symbol ‘A’ to represent referring decisions going against the team and ‘F’ to represent decisions going in favor of the team. Now let us see samples of all the possible 9 events :

    (8F, 0A), (7F, 1A), (6F, 2A), (5F, 3A), (4F, 4A), (3F, 5A), (2F, 6A), (1F, 7A) (0F, 8A)

    Probability of things evening themselves out : (1/9)

    Probability of decisions unfairly costing or favoring a team : (8/9)

    I have used for my illustration only 8 decisions. Larger the number of decisions, lower the probability of them canceling each other out. For 100 decisions, probability of bad decisions cancelling each other out will be (1/101). As I have said before one of the most ridiculous myths in football is this thing about referring decisions not being a factor overall.

  4. Dissenter

    Thanks for taking out time from your demanding schedule to serv this one up.
    “The only other worry we have is that Arsenal have had a whole bunch of players out on international duty, whilst Newcastle will have had 2 weeks to plan and practice a strategem to stifle us.”

    I don’t think this holds true given that we kept most of our squad together and even chilled out in Dubai
    We used the international break well.

    I expect a bruising battle because Newcastle have genuine pace and a bruiser leading the line.

  5. Dissenter

    I’m a bit worried about injuries today. Salomon Randon is a great guy who just has a knack for causing defenders to get serious injuries.
    They have in Longstaff, a young midfielder in the form of his life.
    Shelver can move the ball around
    Kennedy can draw fouls in dangerous places to give them a chance to cross the ball into dangerous places.
    Every game is like a final these days.
    I just hope the referee won’t ruin it.

  6. pliget

    Very sound analysis TR7 :).
    Same thing with coins. Toss one 99 times and will you get 49.5 heads? Will you ‘eckers like.

  7. Valentin

    Your math are incorrect.
    You are mixing probability of a set of events and probability of an individual event.

    In order to make it easier, just assume that an incorrect decision is like tossing a coin. Head: decision for. Tail: decision against.

    The probability of head or tail is 50%.
    If you toss a coin once, you have a possibility of 50-50.
    If you throw the coin twice, you have a 25% chance to have two heads, 50% to have 1 head and 1 tail and a 25 % of two tails.
    Extend that to 9 draws and you can see that the probability of the set (X heads, 8-X tails) would not be 1/9.

    The Blaise Pascal’s triangle or binomial tree is used to calculate the probability of of throwing m heads when tossing n times a coin.

    If you draw the probability of drawing favourable decision with in X-axis the number of decisions in favour (head)
    You will end up with bell shape probability.
    In short not the 1/9 distribution you are assuming.

    Overall in the long run the incorrect decisions will not compensate each other, but not to the extend you mentioned.

  8. salpardisenyc

    Been an ETERNITY and finally we have our football back.

    Marc put the thought out there about a month ago, the map to overtake Spurs. Seemed like great banter at the time, yet here we are.

    Get it done boys, its your birthright.

  9. Zfree


    I think Longstaff is injures and on the shelf for the rest of the season. I also don’t think kenedy has been getting many minutes for them.

    I’m still nervy for the match. Our home record suggests we’ll be fine and bag the 3 points but this is a pesky Newcastle side

  10. DaleDaGooner

    I know Ramsey seems like a very important player we’re losing, but honestly Pedro, do you think he can’t be replaced? I mean Emile Smith-Rowe is there. We still have Joe W.llock and Mailand-Niles isn’t short of confidence, we’re not losing Messi or C. Ronaldo are we? We will be fine without Ramsey. As much as he has done, he has equally frustrated. Losing Cesc Fabregas was probably more difficult.

  11. Receding Hairline

    Please enough of the referees stuff

    There is NO conspiracy against Arsenal

    Bad refereeing decisions DO NOT even themselves out over the course of the season

    The premiership just has terrible officials and if consequences for having a bad day at the office isn’t introduced they will only get worse

    Besides the same old men keep turning out as referees season after season, don’t they recruit??

  12. HighburyLegend

    @RH : without talking of “conspiracy”, you must admit that Arsenal was not very much “helped” during the last decade… but it seems to have changed a little since wenger is gone, go figure!! lol

  13. DaleDaGooner

    I’m a bit hesitant about the whole VAR thing, but Chelsea got away yesterday, VAR couldn’t come faster after that farce refereeing

  14. Receding Hairline


    I guarantee you supporters of other clubs, even manchester united, will tell you they were not helped by referees in this or that match. it’s not a thing peculiar to Arsenal, even with Wenger.

    Unfortunately Wenger used wrong refereeing decisions as an albi for poor performances and most fans bought that.

    Yes we have had some poor decisions go against us and change the course of games but so has everyone else.

    Bringing up Calciopoli is unnecessary

  15. Marko

    The only other worry we have is that Arsenal have had a whole bunch of players out on international duty

    Not that many these days

  16. MidwestGun

    Pffffft Don’t know what all the fuss is about.. Clearly if every referee decision would have been correct and everyone given correctly 100% over the last 20 years Arsene W. would have won 5 more championships and been the greatest manager the world has ever known. Obviously.

    I mean it all ties in to the Ancient Alien theory as put forth by Erich Von Daniken in his book .. Chariots of the Gods.. Cleary AW was an Ancient Alien.. as everyone knows martians don’t know how to use a zipper. And duh… he was ancient. So it is pretty clear that the humans were trying to ruin the Ancient Alien’s career.

    Mind the gap!!!!!

  17. Valentin


    I would say bringing Calciopoli is very necessary.
    For years team in Italy have complained about the pattern of dodgy decisions. Everybody turned a blind eye and said that there was nothing to see there.

    All attempts to bring the truth were shot down as the work of paranoid conspiracy theorists. Newspapers colluded with Juventus to bury any news of anomalies.

    When suddenly the justice intervened, a certain number of recommendations were put in place. A proper independent and random system of naming referees. A transparent system of assessors. A greater number of referees to limit the possibility of collusion. A limited number of term as head of the referee board.

    PGMOL refused to implement every single recommendations. While in the same threatening everybody who reported any anomalies. Mike Riley extended his stay against every transparency recommendation. Look at the treatment of Mark Halsey when he complained that PGMOL gave his phone number to Alex Ferguson who then personally called him the week he was going to referee them. When does PGMOL insists on a NDA after referees retires.
    Look at the treatment of Mark Clattenburg when he lift the lid on his wanting Spurs to collapse during the Chelsea-Spurs game.

    Those are legitimate questions.

  18. Paulinho

    It’s been a long three weeks without my fix of watching Emery prowling the touchline analysing the events unfolding in front of him.

    As far as ref decisions go, teams that are playing well, and appear in control, always get the benefit of the doubt. If you are hanging on for dear life and a defender sticks a leg out, the ref will give a pen, if you are in command and do the same thing the ref will assume the player is looking for it too much.

    In that 4-4 draw against Newcastle we were clearly not in control and so the ref interpreted everything in that context.

  19. Receding Hairline

    So the league is rigged in whose favor exactly Valentin??

    Who and who should we be looking at?? You seem to have it in for Mike Riley.

    There is no calciopoli going on here, trying to link bad decisions with the corruption that was calciopoli is wrong.

    Like someone once mentioned here, you try too hard to appear clever and well informed and that act is wearing thin

  20. Dissenter

    City have quietly set themselves up to do the impossible; win all four competitions they are participating in.
    Last season it looked like a fool’s dream, but they do have a very good chance of getting that quadruple this season.
    -They have the league cup won already.
    -They are favorites to win the FA cup- Watford, Brighton or Wolves aren’t going to stop City.
    -They are favorites to win the league and are +7 on GD already.
    -They are the best team left in the CL, bar Messi’s Barcelona.

  21. Dissenter

    “As far as ref decisions go, teams that are playing well, and appear in control, always get the benefit of the doubt. If you are hanging on for dear life and a defender sticks a leg out, the ref will give a pen, if you are in command and do the same thing the ref will assume the player is looking for it too much.”

    Or the team that plays with fast dribblers will get penalties while the Wenger team of the past decade would play tippy tappy just outside of the 18 yard box and not get penalties.

  22. Paulinho

    Dissenter – That as well. Lacazette earned that pen a few weeks back for his decision to run with the ball and engage United’s defenders in the box. Ozil and Aubameyand spent that whole match playing far too conservatively so they would’ve never gotten in pen in that fashion.

  23. Dissenter

    It would be understandable for fans of small teams like Burnley and Cardiff to get preoccupied with refereeing conspiracies. they tend to get the brunt of shoddy officiating.
    It’s just inexcusable for Arsenal fans to do the same.
    Pierre’s brigade of whingers are out in force today with their calculators.

  24. Dissenter

    Neil Wrnock used to be an object of derision
    This referring cock-up has helped to humanize him. They only thing left is for the FA to charge him
    …and then the next question is to ask what is the penalty for officials that miss glaring offsides and determine who stays up or goes down in relegation.

  25. Valentin


    Mike Riley had been outed as ManUtd fan with a particular dislike of Arsène Wenger and the foreign managers (Pochettino, …) who dared challenging him during an annual pre season meeting. During the Leicester winning season, Pochettino was the only one making references that Leicester Robert Huth and Wes Morgan seemed to get away with an extraordinary number of fouls. He got censured. However the following year, as part of the new referees recommendation a lot of those fouls were now deemed mandatory yellow card.

    As I have said before, I don’t think that Mike Riley is issuing orders to ruin a particular team and benefit another.
    However I do believe that referees know what Mike Riley would like to happen. They then adjust their decision to make sure to generate his preferred outcome.
    They know that if they make the wrong decision against ManUtd, they will be banned to the EFL. Make the same mistake in favour of ManUtd, and nothing bad will happen to them.

    It is human nature to then make the conscious or unconscious decision in favour of the best decision for their own career.

    Personal security, but also unconscious bias was one reason why the idea of foreign referee for top games was generated. That is also the reason why during UEFA tournament referees of a specific country cannot referee any game of their group. The FA and the SFA had the idea of exchanging referees for the most explosive derby. Of course PGMOL lobbied the FA to scrap the idea.

    Why have the Italian best referee Collina referee ManUtd v Arsenal when you can have a bent/incompetent referees to do your bidding?

  26. Receding Hairline

    “Mike Riley had been outed as ManUtd fan with a particular dislike of Arsène Wenger and the foreign managers (Pochettino, …) who dared challenging him during an annual pre season meeting. ”

    Guess you were present at said meeting. And not many men from Leeds are Man United supporters. So you are basically building your whole case of gross corruption on alleged xenophobia. Wow

    “However I do believe that referees know what Mike Riley would like to happen. They then adjust their decision to make sure to generate his preferred outcome.”

    Christ on a bike!!

    “Why have the Italian best referee Collina referee ManUtd v Arsenal when you can have a bent/incompetent referees to do your bidding?”

    Every league in the world uses referees from the country the league plays in, it’s not a vehicle for corruption

    You have no case in a nutshell…

  27. Receding Hairline

    Besides the Referee at the weekend would know that the evil Man United loving Mike Riley would love for Chelsea to drop points in the top four hunt and sent off Rudiger

    So you see where your “they know what Mikey would like” theory looks a bit weak right??

  28. Emiratesstroller

    It is vital that Arsenal grasp the opportunity tonight to win against Newcastle.
    That will put us in third place in EPL, which is much healthier than being in
    fourth position.

    Finishing third would also ensure that we avoid qualification games in pre season.

    The reality is that under Wenger in recent years Arsenal seldom took advantage of such situations often losing or drawing games, which we were
    expected to win.

    My real concern is not so much the three remaining home games, but how we
    have performed away from home in last two seasons. Emery needs to reverse
    that trend.

    On a separate matter I am 100% in favour of holding onto Danny Welbeck as
    I suggested a couple of weeks ago. He is a hard working and honest player who
    is worth his place on the bench.

    He may not be the most prolific goalscorer on the planet, but he adds nuisance
    value particularly at end of games and he is an experienced and good value third string striker/winger to have on books.

  29. Valentin

    At the beginning of every season, club managers and referees meet to discuss the new recommendations. Usually it is a very mundane affair.
    However one year, the meeting turn fractious. Some of the foreign managers did not appreciated being lectured by Mike Riley about their attitude toward referees.
    Tempers flared and words were said.
    That was reported in numerous newspapers.
    I am not sure whether that was at the beginning of 2012 or 2013.

    Arsène Wenger gave an interview on French TV where he called Mike Riley ‘Mike le rouge’ a well known ManUtd supporter.

  30. Valentin


    To say that Neil Warnock is not well like inside PGMOL is an understatement. He kept accusing them of incompetence and called them a disgrace.

    If a referee has to make a decision whether to give a penalty to a Neil Warnock team or do nothing, the choice is easy. Unless the foul is so blatant to be uncontroversial, his team will not get the benefit of the doubt.

  31. Marko

    Valentin you are not in the know you are a bullshitter and liar you do realize that. So when you say something like “To say that Neil Warnock is not well like inside PGMOL is an understatement” it’s actually funny to read. You’re what about 20 and so well informed and connected that you should be taken seriously? Nah not for me

  32. Valentin


    You are really obsessed with me. Your stalking of every one of my comment is becoming pathological.

  33. Receding Hairline

    Valentin you have to understand your passing off every thing you post here as inside knowledge can get a little annoying right??

    It becomes more annoying when all you have to back them up are newspaper clippings and links yet you post these things like you were there when it happened, even journalists who wrote those articles don’t go that far

  34. Luteo Guenreira

    Lol @ people who engage in debate on the internet, offer a controversial opinion and point of view, then accuse people of stalking when someone argues against them.

    Maybe he just disagrees with all your points dude.

    3 points today, easy or not. Absolute must win. Winning with some style and comfort would be a nice marker for the rest of the season. Lineup expectations?

  35. JDavey

    Big game, tonight sets us up so well and a win will mean we then have no excuses for not finishing 3rd.

    Big night for mesut tonight I feel, come on you gunners!!!

  36. Rahul

    It’s my first comment on here, as I could not resist the probability comment.
    @TR7, using your simplistic 9 event scenario, the probability of decisions favoring one team is 5/9 and favoring the other is 5/9 as well. Hence, they even out.
    There are a lot of other factors that would make it uneven like bias towards stronger teams, timing of bad decisions during a game and so on.

    Hoping for a big win tonight!

  37. Valentin


    When I post link, you said that does not means anything.
    When I said that I have been told by somebody involved in football, you deride me as a liar.
    Tell me what would you accept as proof.

    When I said that Emery had overworked his players in November/December, despite physical evidence that that was the case you rejected that. When I linked to an interview that Emery recognised in January that he was adapting his workload because it had been too heavy, you dismissed it as proving nothing.

  38. Valentin


    I have nothing a good debate with somebody on internet. Quite the contrary I enjoy that.
    What Marko is doing is not that. When I post a comment, all Marko posts is “You are a liar. Nobody believe you. I know better than you.” Read his comment no argument just petty insults and innuendos.

  39. Pedro

    Valentin, you don’t have to prove yourself, you write great stuff that is consistently on-point.

    Ignore the nit-pickers who live for the strawman.

  40. Receding Hairline

    “When I post link, you said that does not means anything.”

    Nothing wrong with posting links Valentin, everyone posts one from time to time.

    There is something wrong with drawing assumptions from said links and posting them as absolute certainties or fact .

    Anyway do your thing, i am not policing you or your contact, just don’t call someone a stalker when you get called out.

  41. TheLegendaryDB10

    Finally Arsenal play tonight!!! Phew. What a wait.

    We must win tonight! I am particylarly happy that my prediction (😉) of Spuds bottling it came to fruition last night. Massive lols from me on that one.

    On a more serious note, we really need to make sure not to slip up tonight and that we take this chance to grab 3rd spot with both hands. I really think we can do it!

  42. Marko

    Valentin I wouldn’t have to reference the things that you say if they were in fact true instead of you trying to pass them off as true which is false. Let’s run it down. You have not proven double training sessions in November/December. You have not proven that Steve Rowley is back at Arsenal. And you have not proven that Eboue has AIDS. And yet you said all these things. But don’t worry Pedro has your back because one of those things that you haven’t proved coincides with the agenda that he perpetuates. Again none of it’s a big deal one could say what’s wrong with a little white lie here and there but a constant stream and someone has to speak out once in a while. Constantly on point… well you’re in the know Pedro tell us is Steve Rowley back? Does Eboue in fact have AIDS?

  43. Marko

    Top 5 paid managers in football in 2018/19:
    1 | Diego Simeone (Atletico Madrid) – €41m
    2 | José Mourinho (Man Utd) – €31m
    3 | Thierry Henry (Monaco) – €25.5m (3 months wage + severance)
    4 | Pep Guardiola (Man City) – €24m
    5 | Ernesto Valverde (FC Barcelona) – €23.5m

  44. Graham62

    Pierre and Dissenter

    Having played competitive sport to a high level, I learnt, from a very early age, that if you were going to blame anyone, blame yourself. However, in the case of Cardiff yesterday, this though was not the case. Let me explain.

    The conspiracy theorists amongst us are only embarrassing themselves and the good name of the club, with the constant drivel about Arsenal being hard done by. Why not blame the weather? How about a dodgy pitch or the technological changes in the footballs? What if you blamed the colour of your football kit (MU did)?

    I think we have all noticed over the years that the top teams generally get the rub of the green when it comes to getting decisions in their favour. I include ourselves in this. I laugh at those that blamed the referee for Arsenal throwing away a four goal lead at Newcastle. Only a tactically inept team/manager would allow this to happen. I laugh at all those supporters who genuinely believe that Arsenal have been hard done by, specifically under Wenger. It is simply not true.

    Arsenal have had numerous decisions go in their favour over the years. We all remember the 2017 FA Cup Semi final against MC . Lady luck shined down on us that day, as it did in the Final against Chelski.

    The top teams always seem to benefit, so to compare yesterday’s ludicrous decision in the Cardiff v Chelski game, as some have done on here, is mindblowingly stupid and exceptionally naive. Cardiff have every right to feel aggrieved, as they are fighting tooth and nail to stay in the EPL. We, on the other hand, have never been in a situation where our position in the best league in world football has been put in jeopardy by a series of shambolic decisions.

    Stooping to the level of blaming the officials for our own shortcomings over the years is shameful. Remember, if you’re going to blame anyone, look at your own inadequacies and deficiencies before questioning the officials unless that is, you’re fighting for your lives against one of the top sides.

    So Pierre, the link, although detailed, is cringeworthy from a true supporters perspective and only goes to show the depths some people will go to make up for our own inadequacies.

    I find it shameful .

  45. Bob N16

    All a bit serious on here.

    What about tonight’s match? Am always slightly concerned after an international break how cohesively we will play. Hope we set up the same as before and hit them hard in the first half. In the next few weeks we’ll ideally able to coast in a few matches after taking a 2 goal lead in the first half, assuming Mustafi is not on the pitch.

    Anything but a win will be mightily disappointing.

  46. Bob N16

    Pressing the patronising a little heavily there Graham…’let me explain’ , ‘remember ‘.

    Anytime a team gets back from a 4 goal lead has done amazingly, but it was the perfect storm that day with a red card and the referee allowing all sorts of aggressive fouling without the ref stepping in. Arsenal screwed up but sometimes when things go badly, the ref can be accused of being a homer for example.

    We all hate Graham Dean but are there referees who we feel are prone to helping us out? Refs are generally pantomime villains after all!

  47. TR7


    I know this is not the place to discuss mathematics but Binomial distribution is used when events are dependent on each other, right ? In case of referring decisions, I assumed all.the decisions are independent and hence the simple mathematical calculation.

  48. Nelson

    Arsenal: Leno, Maitland-Niles, Mustafi, Sokratis, Monreal, Kolasinac, Guendouzi, Ramsey, Iwobi, Ozil, Lacazette

    Subs: Cech, Elneny, Suarez, Jenkinson, Mkhitaryan, Nketiah, Aubemyang

  49. Nelson

    It seems that Xhaka is more injured than reported. I don’t trust Guen playing as a DM. He’ll let opponents running pass him easily. We are counting on NewCastle packing the bus.

  50. Up 4 grabs now

    If we win tonight it’s the first time we won ten league games in a row since 97-98.

    Evening all!

  51. Up 4 grabs now

    No granite concrete boots tonight! Shame mustafi is playing.
    Feels like months since we played.

  52. Nelson

    Looks like we’ll be bombing heavily from the left channel with Iwobi and Kola. Emery probably thinks that there is not enough room for both Auba and Laca playing in the middle.

  53. Up 4 grabs now

    Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has been ill this weekend with a temperature and isn’t being risked tonight ahead of a busy period. According to sky.

  54. Paulinho

    Don’t like that Ramsey had a thigh injury, causing him to miss Wales games.

    He’s usually sloppy when he’s unsure of pushing himself physically.

  55. TheLegendaryDB10

    Interesting to see whether a Guen, Rambo and Ozil MF will be effective tonight vs Newcastle. With Laca up top, this could be interesting… if we don’t get ourselves bogged down in their parked bus in the process.

  56. Nelson

    I rather have Mkhitaryan than Iwobi. Even Suarez would be better than Iwobi. I think Emery wants the Iwobi/Kola combination.

  57. Dissenter

    We will miss Xhala today
    Guendpuzi has no control about him and Suarez is untested.
    It’s going to be a long night

  58. Dissenter

    “I rather have Mkhitaryan than Iwobi. Even Suarez would be better than Iwobi. I think Emery wants the Iwobi/Kola combination.”

    Even Suarez????

  59. TheLegendaryDB10

    And Guen had to get caught out. He better watch out as this is happening to frequently.

    Haven’t been playing to badly so far but you can tell that Newcastle are geared to latch on to/ create a mistake and then go on the counter.

    And goal ruled out….. for a foul. … Just gotta keep pushing as we have so far.

  60. Guns of Hackney

    Arsenal are making the spate of london stabbings look interesting.

    171,000% possession and 0% penetration.

  61. Guns of Hackney

    Juve are paying £300,000 pw for someone who scuffs every shot.

    Kola looks like he drinks homemade alcohol made in a car radiator.

  62. Marko

    Kolasinac has been particularly bad tonight. Very static he might as well be napping. Everyone very slow with their passing. Credit to Ramsey he’s trying to add some much needed impetus

  63. Marko

    Ramsey is playing at such a high octane that he has to be subbed off in the 67th minute or so.

    Would you stop

  64. Guns of Hackney

    Remeber the famous Ron Atkinson quote about Carlton Palmer?

    Interviewer “Carlton has an engine, covers every blade of grass during the game”

    Ron “that’s because his first touch is so shit and he’s always chasing the ball”

  65. Dissenter

    Why do I need to stop?
    You’re dreaming of some other team players giving you night emissions yet you’re dissing a very good play we have in Ramsey

  66. Un battle angel

    Ah lads
    How good was that?? Lovely football
    Ozil looks like his old self
    Some beautiful stuff
    Wengaball is back!!

  67. Un battle angel

    Reign it in you paddy bell end
    Bout wrong with kolasinac tonight
    He over hit a pass
    Go masturbate over your pet Ajax or benfica left back on their pages. Snotty little arse wipe

  68. London gunner

    Ramsey is quality and had the potential to be a top quality player.

    Injuries then Wenger ruined/limited/handicapped his career.

    Look how he has become the complete definitive midfielder under Emery.

    Damn shame he is leaving.

  69. Jamie

    More of the same after the break please!

    Wouldn’t it be absolutely delicious if Spurs finish 5th? Financially, it would be an absolute gut punch.

  70. Un battle angel


    It was his lack of s regailsr position and coaching in that position which held him, Theo, ox and jack back along with injuries
    They could have been an awesome quartet

  71. London gunner

    I like iwobi ge doesn’t hide and alwqys works his socks off, but he isn’t good enough.

    We need another winger. Maybe zaha preferably someone with proven end product though.blackout

  72. Zimmie2652

    Really not sure how you can even defend Kola today. He has had 1 maybe 2 passes that actually found feet and weren’t hospital balls or complete miss hits. Totally poor showing thus far in that aspect of play.

  73. Guns of Hackney


    Two months ago, Ramsay was a twat. Now, the next Michael Laudrup.

    He’s rubbish but better than what we have but that still doesn’t make him good…just better than crap.

    Juve will eat him alive and he’ll be back in the premier league with Everton in two years.

  74. London gunner


    I deffo agree the constant chopping and changing of their position and roles meant they never became a master but rather a poor jack of all trades.

    As soon as Ox locked down a position at Liverpool before his injury he was seemijg to he progressing well.

  75. Un battle angel


    They all had so much talent
    All of them. Theo could have been a 25 goal a season striker for us in the right set up
    Ox jack and Rambo could have been world class
    Wenger let them go for his idealistic interpretation of total football
    As much as I’ll alwasy love what he gave us in the early years, the sword falls on him for their careers and lack of progress for me

  76. DaleDaGooner

    “PedroApril 1, 2019 16:48:58
    Valentin, you don’t have to prove yourself, you write great stuff that is consistently on-point.“

    This! Well said Pedro. Too many nonsense contrarians on here.

    Valentin do your thing, ignore them. Same folks every time with different people they don’t like to agree with either way