Honeymoon over.

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I took things to new levels of terrible last night when I decided to experiment with the ‘one drink / no hangover’ theory. I drank office champagne, which isn’t really champagne, it’s like clear Tizer. I can confirm that the hangover is deathly. I benefited in no way from this new approach.

Arsenal felt like a hangover yesterday.

I’m going to get the bad things out of the way early.

Emery made a huge strategic error yesterday. The League Cup is a pointless trophy. Winning it would not feel like a new era. Going for it was not beneficial when lined up against our targets, the players we have and the depth of our squad.

The manager should have let the game slide away and lived to fight at the weekend with a fresh squad and renewed focus.

Instead, he went with a 90% first team. He ghosted Ozil again, for ‘tactical’ reasons. He started Xhaka in the back 3 again. We played all the key players who needed to be rested.

We were bad. Beaten easily.

We’re now fatigued, low on morale and we have no excuse out of this.

There were some shocking performances as well.

I was correct when I said Iwobi was regressing a few weeks ago. His end ball is poor and he makes bad decisions.

Granit Xhaka should never, ever play in the back 3, but that appears to be Emery’s thing. He was poor again. it doesn’t matter how good he is at quarterbacking, he just doesn’t have the core attributes you need to boss the Premier league. He’s slow, lacks mobility and he makes BIG mistakes in almost every game. That’s the case in midfield or defence. It’s been the same for his entire Arsenal career.

As for the game, it wasn’t our best performance. It was a touch half-hearted. I think we were tired.

We had chances that we fluffed. We hit the woodwork. But ultimately, Spurs took advantage of our high line and you just felt they had the extra gear we didn’t.

I also have to say that the Arsenal fan who threw a bottle at Alli is an absolute disgrace. There’s no place for that in football. We are now at Spurs fans level. The whole world just saw that Arsenal fans can stoop to that level and it’s a real shame we all get tarred with that scumbag brush. I hope the club find the fan and ban them.

As for conclusive thought. Emery is fallible. Simple as that. We’re not going to ride out the season undefeated, if you thought that, I’m really sorry to burst your hope bubble. We don’t have a deep squad and there’s no muscle memory for the things Emery wants to do.

He made a huge mistake in his approach to that game. Now we’re going to be chasing our tail through December. We really need to hope there’s a victory waiting against Burnley at the weekend, because if there isn’t, we’ve gone from 22 games unbeaten to a crisis in a week.

Right, I’m tapping out. I’ll be in London tomorrow. See you on the other side.


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  1. Eduardo

    Discouraging performances and results like this will be a regular occurrence until we are rid of all the dross of the Wenger era. The signature of a Wenger player is the mentality of a spayed cat. Losers through and through.

    Playing Xhaka at center back doesn’t help though, seeing as it gimps both defense and midfield.

  2. Joe

    Graham and joe
    I notice that you forgot to mention that sterling and Suarez left the club just before klopp arrived ,sturridge was our injured plus Gerrard was on his way out so to suggest that klopp was taking over a title winning side is way off the mark

    ….Annnnnnnd it took him 3 years to get to where he is.

    But you want results in 6 months.

  3. Guns of Hackney

    It’s very hard to see a positive outcome for this, or subsequent seasons unless rickydiculous amounts of money is spent on:

    1. Virtually an entire squad.
    2. A balls to the wall manager.
    3. Both of the above.

  4. Joe

    Wish wenger had left us players like that to sell and make 100m to use on new players

    Oh wait we have mkhit and oZil.


  5. HighburyLegend

    “A balls to the wall manager.”

    Who would be able to transform average players into world class players LOL

    Am I right Guns ??

  6. Receding Hairline

    Nice Post from Pedro

    First thing i posted here after teams were announced was unnecessarily strong line up. We should have fielded fringe players, yesterday meant nothing to our season, let the fired up Spurs beat the kids

  7. Guns of Hackney


    We need the players and a manager who can make them play.

    Jose was a great manager who couldn’t get very good players to perform. We have a decent manager with poor players…not happening. Perhaps an Ancelotti or Allegri could get more out of this bunch of pap but I’m afraid Emery couldn’t manage some of the best players on the planet beyond their own league.

    Great players win matches but the combination of great managers and great players form legacies. We have neither.

  8. Jamie

    Don’t want to speak for anyone else, but I’m happy to give Emery a season. If we pip top 4 or manage to pull the EL out of the bag (both huge asks), I would class that as a successful 1st season.

    Our squad is straight-up trash. I wouldn’t put a single quid on Pep extracting more than a top 4 finish with the players we currently have on the books. We need better players in almost every position, it’s as simple as that from where I’m sitting.

    At least 1 CB, 1 RB, 1 LB, 1 CM, 1 LW ,1 RW, 1 AM needed by the start of next season, or we’re finishing 5-8th again in 2020.

    Outs (summer 2019 or earlier if possible):

    Lich, Jenko, Kos, Chambers, Nacho, Elneny, Ramsey, Ozil, Welbeck, Mikki all need to be shown the exit and replaced with starting 11 players.

    As I type, the enormity of the task becomes clear. It’s going to take 2 years to rebuild at least. CL next season would be immensely beneficial in helping us attract (and finance) a few young talented players.

    Win or lose yesterday, none of the above chances.

  9. Guns of Hackney

    I disagree with the weak lineup theory, actually. Winning the carraboo cup could have been a kickstart to the new manager and given the club a life after Arsene. We won’t win the league, FA or Europa or finish top four so the caramel cup was an opportunity for emery to get one on the board. Missed.

  10. Savage

    Double standards. You can’t say he needs two seasons and then start throwing your toys. The only thing missing last night was taking our chances, something we’ve actually been GOOD at.

  11. Freddie Ljungberg

    Wenger on the squad today:

    “A lot of people thought when I left the club that the team would need to completely rebuild – I never thought that.

    “I am very happy that these people have been proven wrong.”

    Smh, still as deluded as some of our fans

  12. Dissenter

    You’ve become the Pollyanna of this blog.
    You’re always gushing with optimism these days.
    Get real for once
    Our said is only good enough for now.
    We can beat anyone left inthe EL, maybe Napoli, Chelsea and Inter may pose difficulties.
    Spuds, Chelsea, Cityand Liverpool will finish ahead of us in the league.

  13. Graham62

    My worst fear for any new manager coming in was seeing him try to gel together all the weak-minded cloned individuals that Wenger had assembled these past few years and make them into a productive and progressive unit, only to find that it is sort of an impossibility.

    These next two games against Burnley and Brighton will be tricky. We all expect maximum points but in reality this could prove to be very difficult.

    Burnley took Spuds to the final seconds last week, so don’t be surprised if they cause us a problem or two.

  14. Ozy

    Sure, let’s get rid of Ramsey and Ozil just because our brand new manager who keeps playing Xhaka at CB has some sort of issue with them.

    When it comes down to it, I’d rather Ozil start over Iwobi and Mkhitaryan.

  15. Guns of SF

    Champagne hangover are the worst. I agree Pedro.
    The bubbly really works your system
    stick with the mimosas if you want the bubbly

  16. ddkingz

    If Stan doesn’t provide the necessary cash…. or if the revenue at AFC isn’t enough to get quality players( 2 @ least) then we are fucked…..

    If no winger and CAM by January…. Then I smell Europa league next season

  17. HighburyLegend

    “We really need to hope there’s a victory waiting against Burnley at the weekend, because if there isn’t, we’ve gone from 22 games unbeaten to a crisis in a week.”

    Even if I’m not part of this stupid anti-Emery brigade, I must admit Pedro is right.

    (P.s. : you don’t know what christmas present to buy for Pedro ?? My advice : an Arteta doll.)
    (You’re welcome.)

  18. James.wood

    Watched the game on a foreign station last night there seemed to be a deep conversation being led by Eleny with the other subs re Iwobi ,or that’s the impression I got from the camera work.?…..???

  19. Joe


    I’m just going to give him a year to 18 months to make the team into his. I’ve spent over 10 years wanting the manager out so I’m not going to shit my self 6 months into the new managers reign.

    If there is no improvement by next Jan/end of next season it will be emery out

  20. Joe

    It’s a work in progress. A transition year and hopefully emery sees that mkhit. OZil. Iwobi etc are not up to the task and he’s get rid

  21. mysticleaves

    James, El Neny is fed up and is planning a revolt.

    I agree that Emery kind of overestimated the cup. I even feel the Sakas and Willocks would have been more pumped up for the game.

    lastly, can we even play worse than this? creatively wise. Why not just try Torr Xhaka pivot with Ozil in front for a few weeks? I think we are still better with Ozil in the side and as the no10

  22. Chris

    Wow he way some of you go about it we will be the new Chelsea ie a new manager every 18 months or less.

    This was never going to be straight forward. To say Emery has had a fair crack of the whip involves him having his own team. This will take at least two more transfer windows, at the least.

    I am not for one minute saying he is immune from criticisms and I believe he got a couple of things wrong last night, but is sad to see it doesn’t take long for the knives to come out when we should be getting behind him. I am sorry to say it but we are not going to win every game!

  23. London gunner

    Reading through some of the comments about politics on this blog makes me worry about humanity.

    You are either crazy liberals ruled by foolish fantasies that are ultimately distructive and orwellian or crazed right wingers who are in essence the type of scum who don’t belive every has a right to life aka free medical care and think capitalism should be left unloosed (see how well that went in 2008 ya fucking numnuts)

    The only way is centralism or Christian democracy (not a religious thing)

  24. Joe


    There is a happy medium. No has seemed to find it

    Although Norwegians seem
    Pretty happy as do a lot of Canadians. Although the Chinese have made our housing market out of reach for most people( in BC and Ontario)

  25. Graham62

    3 years max to sort things out.

    However if by the start of 2020-21 season no real progress, the vultures will be circling, as they should have been for Wenger after 12 years.

  26. Chris


    Yes I agree. If after 3 years there is no tangible improvements then it would be wise to start thinking about other options but the guy is less than halfway through his first season and he is getting pummelled by some on here, including the blogger, for losing two in a row after a 22 game unbeaten stretch after having most of his first choice back line wiped out.

  27. Guns of SF

    El neny having to ask teammates why he is not being picked to play. Poor guy- a boring player who tries his best but id rather see him get minutes and relieve Lucas than Ozil. We have to protect Torreira- little guy has been our best player this season

  28. Nelson

    That’s what I wrote right after they announce the lineup:
    “Emery is taking a big risk. I remember before Holding got injuried, he played every match. I hope he can give Torreira a rest soon.
    Our team is lack of depth. We definitely need to sign someone in January. We can’t keep playing our best players all the time.”

  29. Joe

    El neny having to ask teammates why he is not being picked to play. Poor guy

    Hope someone told him “
    Because you’re shit mate “

  30. mysticleaves

    El Neny is not that bad at all that he can’t deputise in a cup game. The guy has been dependable whenever he has played ffs.

    just maybe Emery suddenly stopped rotating very close to winter TW for a reason

  31. Pierre

    “Yesterday Koscienly lets Kane bring down the ball, turn and pick a pass. If that was Sokratis, you can bet he’ll rather commit a foul than let Kane turn.”

    It was xhaka who let Kane turn and he shouldn’t have even been in the back line ..where was Sokratis….if the manager had sorted the defence properly he would have had sokratis playing alongside kosielny and played Xhaka in centre mid in the 2nd half instead of going to wing backs …very poor game management .

    It made no sense , we were one nil down,Mhkitaryan went off (injured I presume) , so we lost an offensive player and he brought on a defender (kosielny) and then went to the wing back system so xhaka continued in the back line .. Ramsey disappeared, we had no one to create as Mhkitaryan had gone off and our most creative player was left out of the squad for “tactical reasons” when we had iwobi and Ramsey starting who are not the most tactically astute players in the world plus on the bench a couple of kids who Emery,in his infinite wisdom, must regard as more tactically aware than a world cup winner and a 5 times winner of the German player of the year….

    If he doesn’t get a couple of decent results and performances in the next few weeks then the crowd will turn on him ……it wouldn’t surprise me if he is also losing the confidence of Lacazette and Aubamayang….they are playing in front of iwobi and Ramsey and rarely start a game together despite proving what a good partnership they have together .

    Our best partnerships on the pitch this season have been Aubamayang/Lacazette and Torriera/Xhaka and the manager splits them up and then wonders why the team is not operating efficiently.

  32. Graham62


    I know it’s absolutely amazing.

    What puzzles me is that those that are pummeling Emery already, are the same people who were prepared to accept mediocrity for so long. It’s as if they have suddenly woken up and realized that they made a bad judgement call with Wenger and have to get rid of all their frustrations because of it.

    They really don’t get the fact that Arsene Wenger destroyed so many facets of the club and that it’ll take a season just to steady the ship. Next year will be key, as by this time those players that need to leave should be history and a few new signings will be brought in.

    Ozil may be our most technically gifted player, but he’s also become our biggest liability. Emery was put into this situation and I hope the board support him when the ultimate (and only) decision has to be made.

  33. Guns of SF

    Graham I would argue that Ozil is not our most technically gifted player. He gets assists when he has time and space to make the killer pass. The game has moved on now, bar some shitty teams where he can get away with this. Look at Ramsey stats last year- better assists and goals than Ozil. Ozil stats dropping every year…. fact

    What we do need is more technically gifted players. Once upon a time we had it

    Nasri, Hleb, Cesc, TR7 all in the same team.- add Arshavin as well

    Was wenger copying Barca back then. Didn’t quite work, but was good on the eye

  34. azed


    It wasn’t Xhaka who let Kane bring down the down, it was Koscienly.
    Ozil is a waste of space and money. Ancelloti played Di Maria in midfield and sold Ozil because he figured playing Ozil in midfield basically means playing one man down.

  35. Cesc Appeal

    Said all through the summer this team has no future if Ozil is a starter, Emery has worked that out inside 6 months.

    You can’t have a player in the midfield in modern football who has no interest in pressing, working hard, who avoids physical contact, who doesn’t want responsibility in possession and who just wants to one touch and dummy.

    It doesn’t work which is why Inter are the team after him. No one will touch him.

  36. BacaryisGod

    Agree with you on every point, Pedro.

    First, after seeing our midfield get overrun against Southampton, why repeat it?

    I think Emery is showing a little arrogance based on his cup history in Spain and France. Arsene would have been crucified if he had used Koscielny in three games within a week after he was out for over six months. Why have Xhaka at the back, when Monreal is a much more natural fit? This way you can give poor Lucas a much needed rest and have Xhaka paired with Guendouzi in the middle.

    As disappointing as Ozil was against Southampton, he would have been perfect for a low priority game. Also, if Emery was going to use Laca and Aubameyang, far better to have them come on as second-half subs andhave us keep it hopefully tight until then.

    Here’s what the line-up should have been if he was committed to a 3-5-2.

    Cech, Jenkinson (RCB), Sokratis (CB), Monreal (LCB), Xhaka, Guendouzi, Ramsey (CM) Mkhitaryan (RWB), Iwobi (LWB), Ozil (ACM), Nketiah (CF)

    This is not a team that will score goals, but it could arguably keep it tight and we can bring on Auba and Laca later in the game like Spurs did with Kane.

    More importantly, it would allow us to rest key players like Torreira and our two best striker for the Premier League.

    Madness….I think Emery has misjudged the demands of English football much like Guardiola admitted to in his first season over here. He’s in danger of running this already weakened squad into the ground.

  37. azed


    Ozil is like the Giroud/Heskey of midfielders. Their main qualities are not what they were signed for.

    Ozil => chances created not assists
    Giroud/Heskey => Hold ball up not scoring goals.

  38. Cesc Appeal


    I think Ozil’s on the ball skills are massively exaggerated as well.

    When its the right opposition who don’t pressure him on the right night we know he can show up. That’s 1 in every 10 games or something.

    But most of the time I actually think he’s an ineffectual CAM in possession as well as out of it.

    The danger if we invite him back in is we all know that against a team like Burnley if they sit off him he could show up and immediately the usual suspects start proclaiming ‘this is the real Ozil’.

    But I think Emery is smart enough not to fall for it, after Leicester he said he needs to find some sort of consistency now and he didn’t.

    I think this is what the great sulk is about, Ozil was use to turning up once a month or every couple of months and living off that. Now while Emery doesn’t expect a sublime performance every week he does expect a consistently effective level of performance and effort.

    If we make big changes in CAM we will improve no end.

    Ozil is as much a dead weight as Wenger was.

  39. James

    Reality is this squad is going to change incredible amounts in the next 2 seasons. Our target this season is CL qualification by winning the Europa League and push for top 4 all of which were in contention for. I am dissappointed Emery chose to play a team who we need fresh for the next 5 games in 2 weeks, but maybe he went to build momentum and it backfired.

    He will learn lets not forget Emery is going through his toughest fixture list he’s ever had to deal with in his career. Spurs had a strong team out too, they used the fixture to get some kind of “retribution” for being stuffed in the prem by beating us in a nothing competition.

    The plus is the players seemed to curb their enthusiasm, this was by no means the level of intensity we saw when we stuffed em a competition that matters. We will get back on track i think he wanted to play Xhaka at the back as a final test and hopefully gave Emery all the evidence he needs never play him there again.

    To the next fixture and hopefully the back 4 will be back to full strength soon.

  40. BacaryisGod

    As much as I was unhappy with his team selection yesterday, overall Emery is doing a good job for us. Let’s not go overboard. Even Guardiola and Klopp have had major transition issues when they came over. It took Klopp awhile to locate a top CB and Keeper and Guardiola defence budget ended up coming close to that of the United States.

    Arsene did leave the squad in decent shape but it’s instructive to see that right now according to the Guardian, we have only three players in the Top 100 (Ozil #99, Torreira #93 and Aubameyang #55). Compare that Man City (11 players) Liverpool (6 players), Chelsea (6 players) and Spurs (6 players) .

    Of the potential players in our squad who might make the Top 100 in the future, Ramsey and Ozil are both almost certainly on their way out, and Aubameyang is going to keep sliding in the list as he gets older.

    I would argue only Torreira, Lacazette and Reiss Nelson from our current squad might feature on that list at some point in the next five years. You could make a very weak argument for Bellerin if he found himself back in a successful Spanish national team but no-one else looks like coming close.

    The logical immediate signing for us (at least within the next two transfer windows) would be a player like Wilfed Zaha. Incredibly consistent for Palace and he would give us the width we so desperately need. Of course, he signed a 5 year contract last year with Palace but they may have had to agree to a release clause. At 26, he’s the perfect age to be stepping up to a higher level.

  41. Pierre

    “Madness….I think Emery has misjudged the demands of English football much like Guardiola admitted to in his first season over here. He’s in danger of running this already weakened squad into the ground.”

    100% correct ….saw it coming weeks ago ……the workload that Emery is putting on our players is too much ,our squad has very little depth..

    Many posters on here gave me abuse ( no change there then) for suggesting this and doubting the wisdom of Emery asking so much from our full backs ..

  42. Terraloon

    In years gone past a manager may get three years to improve but in the modern era that sort of time is quite simply not there.
    Unai may get a free pass this season but the truth of the matter is that he made what for all intents and purposes was a commitment to improve the squad he inherited and the reality is that top four was always going to be a major challenge and coming into the Christmas period with a squad that’s being held together with sticking plaster and a wing and a prayer that challenge is getting ever more difficult.

  43. BacaryisGod

    Just checked and it was reported Zaha agreed to a 5 year deal with no release clause. Should have sacked his agent.

  44. Pierre


    “wasn’t Xhaka who let Kane bring down the ball, it was Koscienly”

    So who was it who let Alli run through the middle ?

  45. azed


    “Arsene did leave the squad in decent shape ”

    How is a squad without a DM or Wingers and a wet sponge as the AM decent?

    Arsene left a terrible squad.

  46. gnarleygeorge9

    Honeymoon is over, but its Xmas time so Snr Emery needs to splash out on a marquee CB &/or marksman. All the really, really, really great clubs have either or both, history proves that & The Arsenal hasn’t been much since Sol & Thierry left.

  47. KAY Boss

    I feel Emery is beginning to feel arrogant. The PL is not a league to be under estimated. I think he’s gradually repeating the Neymar debacle with özil.
    No matter the issue with him, he should have played in this game whether he’s an asset or liability.
    Most sports fans expect players to perform on the same level week in week out. It’s not possible. There are few exceptions which is quite rare.
    In sports if u start an early age u are likely to lose form earlier than the stipulated age.

  48. ddkingz

    The problem of this fucked up club is the fucking owner (Stan k.) ….

    Looking at psg…. Their Qatari owners/board made it clear that rabiot is no longer in their plans…. and T. Tuchel came out and announced it… Simple.

    Rabiot has more hype than ozil, and more of an asset than ozil…. And still yet, psg had to call a spade a spade… and fuck him offfffffff ….

    Stan would give emery another decade to turn the club around…..

  49. Hitman

    What London Gunner means is that its ‘free’ when someone else pays for it.

    That the dishonesty inherent in these socialists and liberals.
    Free means they give no value to sweat and toil of the middle income earners who prop up the whole system.
    The level of ingratitude and sense of entitlement is frightening.

    Capitalist are the reserve side of the same coin. They get a free lunch by raking the profit but passing on the risk to the taxpayer when things wrong.
    Your average tax payer gets shafted either way.

    And WTF is Christian Democracy?
    Is that when they go looting Africa, Central & South America, Asia and ME and kill a lot of people in the name of Democracy and Jesus? Nutters.

    PS : Should have played the kids.

  50. ddkingz

    @ Pierre… are you this daft??????

    Talking about overworking our FB/WB….. When literally 60% of our goals have been provided from the cut backs our wing backs have provided us….

    Don’t ever call it overworking our FB/WB… Simply say, our wb have sacrificed enough for our current dysfunctional team/squad left by your uncle, let’s prof.

  51. Mr Serge

    Klopp came 8th in his first season in charge we need at least 4 windows to get rid of the lacklustre and lazy players we have. The players that we brought in the last window are an improvement. There is no magic wand I am afraid but we are going in the right direction

  52. Pierre


    No I am Not daft??????

    A little tactical education for you is needed( along with a few others on here) to help you understand why our full backs are being overworked.

    Probably best to listen to Tony Adams or Lee Dixon who I think most will agree know quite a bit about playing in a back 4.

    I will try and keep it simple for you and just say that you would never see BOTH full backs attacking at the same time in that back 4.

    Tony Adams and Lee Dixon would say the back 4 should seem like they are on a piece of string …if winterburn goes forward then dixon, Bould and Adams would automatically shift across to act as cover .

    Besides acting as cover it also reduces the amount of energy that the full backs will expend during a game .

    Both full backs going up and down the line at the same time all match will create the team opportunities but it will also leave gaps down the channels which the opposition can regularly expose , plus of course it will eventually lead to muscle fatigue and then injury .

  53. kc

    Losing to the Spuds sucks, but being out of that stupid league cup is just fine by me. It means more games for Spuds/Chelsea and less for us. Getting back to the top 4 is all that matters this season. We won the game that mattered, they won the game that didn’t. If they drop points at Goodison this weekend their little league cup win will look silly.

  54. Goobergooner

    “Emery plays aggressive high-risk football,always has, that comes with risks and short-term pain when personnel is lacking. In the long-run though, simply trying not to concede goals is a road to nowhere, so the work Emery has put in this season should reap dividends next season.”

    Explained a bit better than how I said it. Exactly how it is.

    Why weren’t these people crying over defensive stats the last few seasons?

    “The gist of all of this is that there are still far too many supporters who remain in a state of denial. Denial, that is, at how far we had fallen as a club.”
    Haha this. We haven’t been close to good enough for years. Our squad really is poor, even going back to the discussion about combined spurs arsenal 11, where only 2 players got in from ours. And that is just spurs let alone the best team in the league.

    We aren’t great and it’s going to take time to get back to the top. Not just 6 months of trying to figure arsenes mess out.

  55. Cesc Appeal

    We saw shorter term with City and Guardiola and then longer term with Liverpool and Klopp.

    The manager has to work out who he can rely on and work with, who he needs to get rid of and who he needs to buy.

    Guardiola got past that faster because of a limitless transfer fund.

  56. Leedsgunner

    Did anyone else read the Independent article where it states that almost all of the squad has bought into Emery’s new ways of training and playing… except one.

    First name is five letters and his last name is four.

    Answers on a postcard.

  57. englandsbest

    Thought we did okay, bearing in mind missing players. At times the play was close to scintillating. We had as many good openings as Spurs.

  58. Leedsgunner


    You’ll get there. 😉

    I just hope we don’t sell him cheap in our desperation to get rid of him because in the right system and under the right manager he still has a lot of football in him.

  59. Cesc Appeal


    He has to play in the right league, no physicality, no work rate and loads of time on the ball.

    The fact that people are talking about him wanting to retire/it being best for him to retire at 30 is pretty telling.

  60. Guns of SF

    sell him cheap or for free – we need to have a change of direction now- if he sits the rest of the season we dont get much $$ for him. Right now, there has been enough media hype about his back issues, etc. Sell now not later when there is no value at all.
    if Inter are Interested! Go Inter

  61. Cesc Appeal

    Guns of SF

    Like many on here have said a lot football transfers are not as straightforward as they seem. If we got say £25 Million for Ozil and £15 Million for Elneny for example in January that’s £40 Million in total.

    Now say the club went out and wanted Aouar and Pepe, for example, and agreed a £60 Million and £40 Million fee for each respectively, you could use that £40 Million to pay £30 Million to Lyon up front and £10 Million to Lille up front and the rest you pay over an agreed timescale.

    But as you say, then you look at the £1.4 Million wages a month and think you could be paying those two their wages and still have change for a couple of summer signings on the wage bill.

    It was, frankly, one of the most ridiculous decisions in football. Arsenal made two contractual blunders in less than a year handing Wenger a new deal in May which costs us football wise and financially and then Ozil which cost us football wise and financially again.


  62. TheLegendaryDB10


    Yeah. Read the article. It’s Ozil.

    One training ground source said: “Every player has bought into the manager’s ideas so far, except Mesut.”

    Make what you will of it.

    I have always respected Ozil. But after seeing what he did against Leicester (I fell for it didn’t I?) And then he pulled off his usual disappearing act when hard graft is required. He has become lazy behing redemption.

    Rumours have him being sold. China would be a nice place. A ton of money to be made, if that’s all he cares about, or go to Inter to play football.

  63. Guns of SF

    Good points
    I think most get confused with that transfer fee being paid all up front. its always in payments.
    Lump sump then payments over time

    Just the names aouar and pepe – easily worth paying the 100M –
    Our team would get a shot in the arm- both players are amazing- especially aouar

  64. TheLegendaryDB10

    And one last excerpt from the article:

    but former manager Arsene Wenger is understood to have hugely resented sanctioning such a contract. It has left his successor with a problem.

    Truth or AW trying to shrug responsibility once again? … I think I know the answer….

  65. Pierre

    I said a while back that I am not seeing a lot of difference between Jose’s management style and Emery’s ….our football is bland and boring without any class or quality and i can’t say that I like the direction or the football of Arsenal football club atm.

    We still won’t be able to compete financially with the top clubs,in fact the gap is getting wider…
    We are not going to attract any real quality stylish footballers under Emery ,they will take their talent elsewhere where they will be appreciated.

    As I said back in August…we have employed a manager who has a certain philosophy without the players at the club to implement that philosophy and an owner who will not give the financial hacking for the manager to recruit the players to implement that philosophy….Emery is being set up to fail.

    So what we have now ,half way through the season , is a club that could be in utter turmoil by mid January unless Emery gets the team working as a unit again.

    We have 2 of the easier games in the season coming up ..would be nice to see a convincing performance from Arsenal because I feel the fans need to be convinced after leaving out ozil and Lacazette for the last few games.

  66. Joe

    So what we have now ,half way through the season , is a club that could be in utter turmoil by mid January unless Emery gets the team working as a unit again.

    We just beat spurs 4-2 and drew Man U away in a game we should have won.

    We’ve lost 1 match in the league since the 2nd match of the season.

    And now lost in the worthless league cup

    But tied a record for 5 clean sheets in the Europa.

    Had a 21 match unbeaten streak.

    But according to drama queen Pierre we are a club in utter turmoil.

    Hahaha fuck me Pierre. No one cares what you said in August.

    This year is a million times better than the last 12 under wenger the wanker.

    Won’t you judge in May Pierre like uku have wenger for the last dozen years????

    Posts like your last one are why you’re ridiculed on here and people don’t respect your opinion.

    We sit 5 points out of 3rd but Pierre is having a huge tantrum.

    In emery we trust.


    Emery knows.

    Pierre and I don’t give a fuck if we win 1 nil with a goal off Leno’s ass.

    Asking for a commanding performance after putting up with wengers shit for over a decade. Hilarious pathetically hypocritical.

  67. Joe

    Ozil. Mkhit. Iwobi. Kos. Wellbeck sell them all.

    This teams need a full reset and get rid of all the wenger crap.

    Just need new energy and players who don’t have the wenger baggage

  68. China1

    The ‘real’ ozil is the ozil that shows up on average week in week out

    That ozil is anonymous outside of a couple of great passes and touches per game

    Having technique and vision is only a fraction of what it means to be a footballer. He doesn’t have much else – ergo he’s not that good

  69. China1

    I’m not even convinced ozil would dominate in the Chinese league

    He wouldn’t be playing with any elite strikers so his chance created stats wouldn’t be converted into so many assists

    I’m also not convinced that it’s just the intensity of the PL that makes him go anonymous. Even in China he wouldn’t be arsed to dominate games.

    He just looks like someone who frankly doesn’t care about football. Everything he has is what ‘god gave him’ and for him this is just a simple job that pays the bills. No need to put his back into it. He knows the fans get on his back for not playing like he cares so he periodically acts angry when we concede a goal or whatever then after tge match he reverts to type and won’t be found again for weeks on end

  70. BacaryisGod

    When I said the squad was in decent shape, I actually contradicted myself from a previous post. For me, Wenger left behind plenty of talent in the squad (Auba, Laca, Ramsey, Ozil,etc) but the instability caused by Ramsey and Ozil likely leaving can’t help and when you look at our most consistent players this season, then post-Wenger players Torreira and Sokratis would be up there at the top.

    Iwobi looked to be turning the corner but has lost his way recently although Bellerin seems to have rebounded from some off-par seasons for us. Still, the best managers like Klopp are able to get the best out of flawed players. Just look at Milner or even Ox before he got injured. Let’s hope Emery is given a little space, time and fresh blood to get his plans put into action.

  71. gonsterous

    I understand why people are quick to put the blame on the manager but it wasn’t the manager who decided that there will only be 70m available in the pre season. I think we made good use of the money we had. We had to strengthen the defence, the mid and the wings with 70m. tough ask if you ask me. I think we will know more about how good this squad can get under emery when he has another 2 Windows under him. Don’t forget people from this very site were calling klopp and pep a flop in their first season here.

  72. Joe


    Do you remember the akbs on here saying “fraudiola”.

    All those are the same ones that are emery’s back

    You’d think they’d learn.

    But again, they are the same ones who backed wenger for a dozen years past his best before date so their judgment and football nous leaves a lot to be desired

  73. azed

    “So what we have now ,half way through the season , is a club that could be in utter turmoil by mid January unless Emery gets the team working as a unit again.”

    We’ve already won more away points that we did the whole of last season. If that is not an improvement, then the club would never improve.

  74. PaddyV

    It’s sickening how much the UK media have love Man Utd…Listening to the debate on sky sports all about this is by far the biggest club in the world etc…Pochettino or any manager would love to go there etc…What a load of nonsense. Firstly they are a shambles with a bunch of twats like Pogba running the dressing room, secondly why has no one mentioned Madrid and possibly Barca and Bayern will be looking for a new manager in the summer. Madrid want Poch and he will one million percent choose them over United. The sense of entitlement by United and the UK media is laughable

  75. Pierre

    “We’ve already won more away points that we did the whole of last season. If that is not an improvement, then the club would never improve.”

    Our away form last season is not a yardstick to go by ..we were dreadful .

    Our last 5 home games In the league produced results of
    I wouldn’t expect that to be used as a yardstick either …..it’s a different season and we should judge results and performances on their merit..

    We are moving into a critical period that could determine what sort of season we could expect .

  76. Pierre

    “This year is a million times better than the last 12 under wenger the wanker.”

    is it ….this time last season we had qualified from the group stages of the Europa cup of which we were narrowly beaten in the semis.
    We were in the semi finals of the league cup of which we were well beaten in the final.
    We were out of the fight for the league title.

    This season…Europa same…
    Out of league title …..same
    League cup ……knocked out .

    So one could say that we are doing slightly worse than last season which was our worse season for 20 years.

  77. Edd

    Sad to read that some funs here believe Arsene left us a decent squad. The truth is he and Ivan G left a really dire outfit with very little rom for manouvere due to mismanagment of player contracts (Sanchez, Ozil, Welbs, Wilshere, Ramsey). If we manage to get back into the CL, then Emery will need another 3 windows to put together a team that can challenge for the title. Without CL we are doomed.

  78. Graham62

    For me, the bottom line with regards Ozil is exceptionally clear.

    You play him and there is the chance he may create something special and win you the game. By playing him though, you are basically starting with only 9 outfield players, which in itself jeopardises the structure of the team and puts added pressure on those around him.

    Against the better teams he, more often than not, goes missing, whilst against weaker opponents he can look a worldbeater on occasions. On the whole he flatters to deceive. His body language and general mindset is appalling and, on top of this, he feels he is justified sympathy.

    We need a playmaker, which we don’t have. Guendouzi, for all his attributes, is not a natural creator. Mkhitaryan should be, but he isn’t and Ramsey is, well, Ramsey.

    Hopefully we can rectify this in January.

  79. Pierre

    I still think that in Aubamayang,Lacazette,Mhkitaryan and Ozil we have the creative quality and goals if used correctly …
    obviously Emery doesn’t rate Lacazette and Ozil and prefers Ramsey and Iwobi.

  80. Receding Hairline

    Our last 5 home games In the league produced results of

    Last five home games when the pressure was off right and half the players were already on the beaches. Easy to pulverize the Opposition when they aren’t even trying ..why do i even bother with the likes of you.

    Emery’s teams have never been defensive even when he took on Barca and Madrid with Sevilla and Valencia. Emery bears no resemblance to Mourinho

    Pep and Klopp also want their players to work hard over 90 minutes, Sarri’s Napoli teams also worked extremely hard. Have you see how hard Spurs work in every single game. The Arsene way of put your feet up and relax is not the only way football can be played and wasn’t even the original way he played until he started losing it as a winner

  81. raptora

    You just can’t stop yourself from being a lunatic, yeah?!

    In the EPL Lacazette has played 260 more mins than Iwobi and 400 mins more than Ramsey.

    But according to you Emery prefers them to him. Lunatic.

  82. raptora

    I was thinking the same.
    It feels like Emery was being careful with him and he also wasn’t going right at it as in the beginning of the season.
    I believe that he will start tomorrow vs Burnley.

  83. HighburyLegend

    Joke Friday : “Alexis Sanchez sent a WhatsApp message to team-mates suggesting he had won a bet on Jose Mourinho’s sacking.”

    lol at least he has won something with Manure this year.

  84. HighburyLegend

    “Mesut Ozil is losing his battle to convince Unai Emery he has an Arsenal future as the club face up to taking a huge financial hit on the German.”


  85. Pierre

    Iwobi has started 5 of the last 6 league matches
    Lacazette has started 2 of the last 6 league matches.

    The last (and I think the only )time this season that Lacazette,Aubamayang,ozil and Mhkitaryan have played together was against Liverpool, the league leaders and most will agree that was a good team performance with good structure to the side and we didn’t look like we had 9 outfield players .

  86. Receding Hairline

    Samuel Eto’o, the great Cameroonian forward, remarked: “We know Neymar can dribble past the whole stadium but one wants to see him defend, run after a defender, cover kilometers to do the pressing. Cavani is the only attacker doing it. It’s not enough.”

    Neymar, yes Neymar, one of the greatest goal scorers to play in Europe Eto’o wants to see Neymar cover ground, defend from the front

    But Ozil should be allowed to roam about the pitch dropping passes to fullbacks while contributing nothing to the team’s shape

  87. Pierre

    “Lacazette is, I feel, not 100% fit.”

    And yet he plays a large percentage of the meaningless quarabag game …

    If he is carrying an injury why risk him

    I get the feeling that you are desperate not to criticise Emery so you are making excuses for his strange decisions ….

  88. Receding Hairline

    A sixth Parisian league title in the last seven seasons could easily arrive before the end of the winter, yet so far it has been a humiliating season for PSG, which tends to view itself as an international team that has the bad luck to be based in France. Since few foreigners care about the French league, most international headlines have been negative.
    After seven years of cash injections, the Qatari owners are tired of never even getting to the Champions League semifinals. They want the world’s most expensive forward line to take them all the way. They may be disappointed once again.

    PSG is an impossible job for any manager

  89. Pierre

    So you don’t agree that after 3 months of assessing the players/team that Emery has decided he would rather play iwobi over ozil and Lacazette.

    It looks that way to me..

    Iwobi starting 5 of the last 6 league games is confirmation.

  90. Pierre

    Lacazette and Aubamayang are a great partnership but rarely start a game together ..why do you think that is .

    Maybe they look too happy when they are on the pitch together.

  91. Pierre

    “But Ozil should be allowed to roam about the pitch dropping passes to fullbacks while contributing nothing to the team’s shape”

    Oh dear,I think you have been brainwashed by Raptora ..that’s just the type of stupid remark I would expect from him .

  92. Pierre

    Another great partnership this season has been Torriera and Xhaka….do you think Emery will continue to split this partnership to the detriment of the team .

    Of course we have defensive problems so Emery has to make decisions on who covers in defence .

    Maybe “the useless” mustafi (as some like to call him) will be fit and can play alongside Sokratis …

  93. raptora

    Why do I even bother with you Pierre…
    You were blind in all of these years, you remain blind at this moment, you will continue being blind in the future.

    Causa Perduta.

  94. Wolfgang

    Arsenal under Wenger were often 2nd best when confronted by sides who kicke d their way with the ref taking no action. It seem Emery is duplicating him with his hdl with easy goals for Spurs.Football in England according to Pires
    is like a street fight.Arsenal play football and are easily intimidated by such teams . The gunners shd call on a Bruce lee clone.BL was the king of street fights in HK in the 50s.
    Burnley are fighting against relegation and held Spurs to alate goal. I wouldn’t be surprised if they flood the md and hit on the break and allow Arsenal 80% possession.
    Emery must devise a plan to beat such teams.

  95. mysticleaves

    Your Comment HereThis new criteria for forwards to defend though. it’s laughable. I mean Eto is talking nonsense. When Neymar played for Barca, a pretty demanding team, he had no problems whatsoever. Psg can field their reserve team and still win ligue 1.

    I wonder who Eto wants Neymar to defend against.

    I saw some quotes attributed to Lacazettte on twitter, questioning the decision by Emery to bench Ozil. Was I alone in seeing it?

  96. Goobergooner


    Having added torreira, Sokratis and Lichtsteiner we actually have some balls about us again. Most of Wenger’s latter year signings were all softcocks.
    Ozil being the prime example, the living, breathing epitome of the downturn of Arsene Wenger

  97. Goonerboy

    This is an Arsenal blog and is not the right place to peddle your simplistic right wing political drivel so keep your political opinions to yourself.

  98. Samesong

    Pierre the saddo been on Le grove all day debating the same bullshit. Get a life mate. See you guys tomorrow have a good evening all.