Social competence challenges for two heavily linked names

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Today, we’re going to talk social competence, because that’s often a consideration overlooked when fans think about a new leader for their club. We think tactics, trophies, hair density, how much they dance about on the sidelines.

Jokes aside, social competence is one of the most important aspects of a managers game, and quite often the defining factor in success. The man who represents your club sets the tone for how your brand is perceived, they can inspire sensational player to move to shitty areas, they can make average players believe they’re heroes.

Barcelona passed on Mourinho because he was a brand destroyer, but players like CR7 describe him as one of the best motivators in football. Jurgen Klopp has a band of average players on the verge of a Champions League final, those players feed off him. Leonardo Jardim took a group of inexperienced youth players and made them the most exciting attacking force in Europe. Social competence matters, and it comes in many different forms.

Arsenal and Arsene have tried to reflect their values in the squad, ultimately at the expense of trophies. Whether it’s keeping Diaby for 5 years too long, giving crap players massive wages to help with their feelings of inferiority, or keeping nice boys like Theo around… all were attempts at managing the psychology of the club for the better.

We celebrated values over accomplishment, and that has to stop. But there’s a clear demarcation line of the type of coach we could hire, it’s good versus evil (through the lens of Arsenal). We could opt for an out an out winner, who leads through fear, or we could hire a man of the people that motivate players and inspires fans by connecting to them on a human level.

Nagelsmann famously told Rapha Honigstein:

“Thirty percent of coaching is tactics, 70% social competence”

“Every player is motivated by different things and needs to be addressed accordingly. At this level, the quality of the players at your disposal will ensure that you play well within a good tactical set-up – if the psychological condition is right.”

The young prodigy was ironically mentored under Thomas Tuchel, a man famed for his football genius, not his people skills.

This is a comment from Antony Ujah comparing Tuchel to the new manager, Sandro Schwarz, at Mainz.

“Both are detail-obsessed and tactically very good, they do a lot of video analysis, so we need players to remember certain things, the difference is communication and human interaction.”

Ultimately, you can be a genius at extracting greatness from players on the pitch, but if you’re no good at the personal stuff, things break down very quickly. This was the commentary after his stint at Dortmund, his first major job.

“Even earlier, in January 2016, Tuchel had fallen out with head scout Sven Mislintat… being banished from Dortmund’s training facilities.

“More bridges were burned and the fall-out with the club and the fans continued. He already had parts of the team questioning him, when he hit out at Bayern-bound Hummels following his last match for BVB in the 2016 DFB Pokal final.”

“The coach also lost influential parts of Dortmund’s fan base. Jan-Henrik Gruszecki, notable fan and historian, told ESPN FC: “Tuchel never identified with the club.”

Even Mourinho admits his emotions have caused issues, and were something he tried to address.

“I believe that I am able to transmit this serenity to those who work with me, to my players. I have the same ambitions as before. The same involvement, the same professionalism, but I’m more in control of my emotions.”

His passion and inability to stay humble is why he rarely longers long than 3 seasons, but also maybe why he’s one of the most successful coaches in the world. He knows how to exract excellence for a short period of time before players and staff give into his social incompetence.

If you want to really nerd out, this quote takes you down an interesting rabbit hole from a football perspective.

“In 1988, Goleman analysed 188 global companies, where he tested and interviewed the star performers within them. He found that at managerial level, technical and cognitive skills were comparable, with emotional intelligence being the crucial factor that differentiated employee’s positions. Boyzatis, Goleman and Rhee (1999, p.3) define emotional intelligence as “When a person demonstrates the competencies that constitute self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and socials skills at appropriate times and ways in sufficient frequency to be effective in the situation.”

“It’s why a smart manager is gold in the game. Players usually turn into coaches. Most players are not taught to be real humans. They lack curiosity and don’t need social skills because they are fit, rich and good looking. Social skills are a rare commodity in football, so they are something our board should aspire to have in a new manager.”

That moves me to my point. The two supposed lead candidates for the role at Arsenal are Luis Enrique and Mikael Arteta. The exBarcelona coach famously offered to resign because he couldn’t get on with Leo Messi, there were also lots of reports that he never really bonded with the players. Then there’s Mikael, who some rave about, but quite a few people in the ranks at Arsenal do not speak of him in favourable terms. Apparently, he’s not a galvanising force, he’s outspoken, he lacks humility on quite a grand scale, can be immensely difficult and he’s seen as one of Ivan’s boys.

At a club that suffers divisions in the dressing room, do we not think the club should be considering someone a bit longer in the tooth? A little more mature? Or someone who has a less controversial reputation amongst players and staff? Or someone known in the game for having a world-class approach to culture?

Or, do we see the genius? He’s turning ok players into world-class operators. He’s captivated the City players, Pep G loves him, and City are winning.

The club might want a change of pace. Maybe we want to hire a ruthless manager to bring discipline and focus to the squad. Maybe a bit of ‘telling it like it is’ is what’s needed in a team that’s lacked direction and leadership over the last ten years.

If he has a streak in him, is that just par the course of absolute excellence? Is elite sport not a place for the nice guys?

Well, there are managers like Jurgen Klopp who operate on the other side of the fence. A man who leads through passion and love for his players. He’ll go to war for all his boys, and they die out on the pitch for him. He brings the fans together, the players and everyone loves him. I think Diego Simeone is another manager who has that sort of reputation for bringing players together, he operates a siege mentality and not many push to leave his nest despite massive riches on offer elsewhere. One of the most successful managers in the world, Carlo Ancelotti, is one of the nicest guys in the game. Players love him, a people’s man, and an absolute winner.

There are two sides to the argument, the question is, right now, what do Arsenal need with limited funds and a squad that sits out of the Champions League?

Matt Law is reporting that Arsenal are not in for Allegri and Sarri, weirdly because they won’t bring the stay away fans back to the club. Seems like an odd thing to say about a two managers that are best in class for sexy football, and tactically unreal football, battling it out in the most interesting Serie A in years.

Interestingly, he’s the first journo to talk about Leonardo Jardim, who should be the frontrunner for the Arsenal job. Interestingly, Marcelo Gallardo who is managing Club Atlético River Plate at the moment, is being linked with the Monaco job. Could Jardim be a backdoor signing? Or could Juve, PSG or Chelsea be up to some back door planning?

Anyway, point of this post is there are so many layers to this hire, and so many people to consider. The health of a football club goes beyond the 11 people that line up on the pitch. If the focal point of the club isn’t a brand fit, it can be horrendous.

The big question for Ivan is this: Who does he want Arsenal to be in a post-Wenger era?

We’ll find out in due course.

Right, see you in the comments.

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  1. salpardisenyc


    Think i’m in the camp that would like to see Ozil under new managment, but you may very well be right in wanting him shipped out.

  2. azed


    I’m a fan of the 4-3-3 and Ozil would put too much pressure on the other 2 players in Midfield. I’d rather play Mkki there and have a pacy front 3.

    Mahrez— Aubamayang—-Dembele

    CM —–Mkki ——CM/DM

  3. Dream10

    Prefer using Özil in the middle three as opposed to the front three. As bad as our defensive shape is, we need to score more particularly away from home. We average a goal per match away from home. Liverpool avg two per match away from Anfield. Haven’t checked City’s tally, but pretty sure it’s higher.

    If we can improve our collective shape away from the Emirates, our defensive record will improve. Whatwill also help reduce our goal conceded total, is to have our attackers bail us out. Having fast, penetrative players in the front three will put more pressure on the opposition. Playing attacking midfielders in the front three to balance your team limits your goal threat.

  4. izzo

    Would be satisfying to see the new manager sub off Ozil for disappearing and benching him against better opposition. We’ll have to sell him within a year. We need a clearout sell all Wenger buys and reinvest in new players. We are starting over no need to keep chokers so if we are going to be ambitious it has to be 9 out 9 in from the first team squad.

  5. gambon

    I think a big part of the problem is the delusion that exists within the club regarding the standards required to win the league.

    I have been banging on about this for years….but to win the league you usually need either the best attack or the best defence. Often the team that wins it has both.

    If your strategy doesn’t involve having the best attack or defence, you are basically crossing your fingers and hoping for a lot of luck/positive variance.

    Now at what point have we gone into a season even remotely confident that we have the best defence/attack?

    This is why I find it ridiculous that some people are saying we don’t need attackers.

    Our current attack is miles behind teams like City & Liverpool.

    This is why I also question if £50m will be enough.

  6. Paulinho

    Definitely need to ship out Ozil if we want to compete with the intensity of Liverpool and City, but we’re stuck with him unfortunately.

    We’ll need a top manager who can employ squad rotation because Ozil will need to be used sparingly if we ever want to compete at tough away grounds. He’s a complete waste of time at any away venue against teams of intensity.

    Both Lampard and Ljungberg have said we need to build around Ramsey because they both know what a wet lettuce Ozil is in the long run.

  7. London gunner

    Jupp heynckes

    Criminally underrated manager.

    Trains his team to deal with the press.

    Could be 3 nil to bayern by now if they were more clinical

  8. TR7

    Heyncks Bayern look a different beast compared to Pep’s Bayern- direct, high press, great work ethics,sharp and relentless.

  9. Dream10

    Real Madrid will win this now.
    Get Asensio on and they’re in business.

    They don’t need to have great performances to win.

  10. London gunner

    Ribbery really fucked up. At this elite level you can’t be fucking up clear as day chances like he did.

  11. TR7

    Ronaldo barely touched the ball in the first half. He will score a tap-in/header/penalty at some stage,take his shirt off and his pics will be splashed across every newspaper and sports website.

  12. London gunner

    Wenger eagle and sal

    Klopp obviously sees something in ox and on klopps current form as a manager I would trust his judgement.

    There is a reason that ox is first team or might be that he is actually a real player

  13. WengerEagle


    He fits Liverpool’s style of play better than ours for sure.

    And nobody is denying the lad has strengths, such as his dribbling and ability to strike the ball.

    Way too often an inconsistent dead-end player with poor end product though.

  14. London gunner

    Liverpool Real Madrid final it is.

    Can’t see RM losing to Liverpool.

    Its a real shame because on performance alone Bayern have dominated real Madrid gas copius chances to score and made RM look average.

  15. London gunner


    Hasn’t been inconsistent for Liverpool. Come on leaps and bounds from a shaky start ask any Liverpool fan ask klopp.

    If he was inconsistent klopp wouldn’t be playing him.

  16. WengerEagle

    ‘Its a real shame because on performance alone Bayern have dominated real Madrid gas copius chances to score and made RM look average.’

    Exaggerating a bit here, sure they’ve been the better team but they’re home and the onus is on them to take the game to RM, once again they’ve allowed soft goals to give themselves a mountain to climb.

  17. Thanos

    Can either of these teams handle pools offence I don’t think pools defence can handle either teams offence so hopefully pool lose the final, I hate the bin dippers, they always seem to find a top striker, since the days of rush and dalglish they have always done it.

  18. London gunner

    Have to feel sorry for bayern their talesman and one of their biggest goal scoring threats and clutch player in robben off with an injury and their best defender off as well

  19. WengerEagle


    Wijnaldum is inconsistent himself as TR7 pointed out.

    Ox is starting because he’s the best of a bad bunch of CM’s, can guarantee that once Keita beds in that he will be dropped from CM.

  20. London gunner


    Not really bayern had about 5 clear cut goal scoring chances in one half.

    Players great football through RM lines.

    Marcelos goal was great but it was an individual goal rather than a team construct.

  21. WengerEagle

    Lucas Vasquez is so underrated, not a headline grabber like an Asensio or an Isco but he’s such a vital piece of the puzzle for their system with the outlet that he provides and his directness.

  22. London gunner


    I don’t think klopp spent the decent amount of money on ox to perma bench him.

    I’d suggest you watch abit more of Liverpool games to really understand Ox breakout season for Liverpool. The fans love him and rightly so tbh.

  23. salpardisenyc

    Leaps and bounds ffs he’s featured in more games for Liverpool this season than any under Wenger yet has scored less goals than he did last season . Consistently looses possession, scores a worldie from outside the box and is now the second coming. Klopps got the whole team working together thats pretty clear but Ox really isnt doing anything he didn’t under Wenger.

  24. London gunner

    Sal as a midfield not an am of course he will score less goals. I don’t think you really Understand his role in the team.

    Hint he isn’t a Cam, striker or winger

  25. WengerEagle

    I actually think that Ribery’s been bright.

    Not sure wtf has happened to Muller since the start of Euro 2016, he’s been complete shite in front of goal.

  26. London gunner

    That’s the thing about this game.

    Zidane will be lauded as the genius when it’s just. The fact he has better players who have that couple more percent eliteness in the final ball.

    Jupp whose stupidly underrated has had the bayern team playing far superior football but his players have let him down where it counts most.

  27. London gunner

    What the fuck is wrong with these bayern players. Constantly shit the bed, just hit the fucker into the net.

  28. WengerEagle

    It’s hardly ‘vastly superior’ though, is it? They’ve had 5 shots on goal to RM’s 3.

    Similar possession, and they’re home.

    Exect the reverse effect at the Bernabeu next week.

  29. London gunner


    Muller has always been an awkward player.
    Just normally he scuffs it into the goal despite doing his best impression of a drunken lama.

    Today he i kooking just as awkward but not. Managing to Bury it

  30. TR7


    ‘That’s the thing about this game.Zidane will be lauded as the genius when it’s just. The fact he has better players who have that couple more percent eliteness in the final ball.’

    And someone will be awarded another undeserved Ballon D’or …….sigh

  31. London gunner


    Come on man I know your a real Madrid man but don’t let. Your biases get in the way.

    Bayern chances were as clear cut as you come. Where even a semi decent player could have finished. It could have been 5 1 just from the first half… That’s dominating

    RM shots on target were shots from distance

  32. WengerEagle

    Na LG can’t agree on that, was a huge fan of Muller and in 2015/16 especially he was fantastic, scored 32 goals and I think 8 in Europe.

    With you that he’s not a particularly stand-out player in any regard physically or even technically but his ability to find space and finish difficult chances was second to few in his heyday.

    Clutch scorer too.

  33. WengerEagle


    RM have scored twice, Bayern have not literally had 5 clear cut chances, you are exaggerating.

    You don’t win any prizes for being profligate in front of goal, what separates the men from the boys in this competition.

    And I just call it as I see it, much prefer Barcelona to RM.

  34. London gunner


    Muller is or was world class and is an incredibly Industriius player with one of the highest football I’Qs

    Thay doesn’t change the fact he is has always had an akward style. All elbows and knees. Quality player all the same tho

  35. London gunner


    They certainly have had that many clear cut chances. If. You look at the chances they had had and the level of talent who have failed to finish.

    If. They hadn’t of. Been so unnaturally poor at finishing they’d have a cricket. Score against RM.

  36. WengerEagle

    Bayern have been muck since the second goal, really disappointed with their response.

    Mental how nobody can figure out this RM side in Europe, They’re not THAT good ffs.

  37. London gunner


    Anyways we going in circles on this one. Let’s agree to disagree.

    On another matter, why are RM so dominant in CL and have had a polar opposite season in the league

  38. salpardisenyc

    Its a shame this could be dust but Madrid now in driver seat, thirds feels close.
    Bayern have given this away w/ lack of clinical finishing. Mental.

  39. WengerEagle


    Hard to say because they won the league last season, best explanation for me is that they had a run of poor performances at the start of the season (coincided with Ronaldo only scoring I think 4 goals in his first 14/15 apps in the league) and Barcelona simply kept winning every week.

    League was over by January for RM.

  40. London gunner

    RM mentality is that of concrete.

    They literally won’t ever give up.

    Bayern players just seem overawed in the moment.

  41. salpardisenyc

    Barring my love of ZZ yes I’d like to see Klopp vs Bayern, tasty tie.
    Think Bayern cause all kinds of problems for Liverpool, where as front 3 of Liverpool and Milner going to beast this Madrid defense.

    In the end we can’t have the reds winning.

  42. WengerEagle

    Your Comment HereaIt’s gone unnoticed but haven’t been impressed by Bayern Munich’s signings in recent years.

    Renato Sanches, Tolisso, Rudy, Wagner.

    Looks at the huge disaparity in the strength of the bench’s tonight.

  43. London gunner

    It’s ashame Bayern have flopped so badly.

    They can only blame themselves tho.

    2 2 would have made a good second leg.

    Can only see BM being carved apart in the second leg now

  44. TR7

    Yes, interesting Lewa is considered an elite striker by football fans in general but his performances don’t quite back up his standing in the game.

  45. WengerEagle

    Liverpool-RM Final should be interesting but can’t see Pool overcoming that last hurdle, RM are too streetwise and clinical.

    Not as much to lose either, more of the pressure will be on Liverpool and Klopp.

  46. Samesong

    Madrid are that type of team that will butcher you if you don’t hurt them first.
    Marcelo goal came from nowhere and they won the game.

  47. Samesong


    I’m going to go against the predictable RM win Ronaldo hatrick. And say Liverpool will stifle them like they have done most teams this season.

  48. TR7

    Hoping against hope Pool beat Real in final.Would be a shame if this Madrid team won 3 CLs in a row when better teams have failed to win 2 CLs back to back.

  49. salpardisenyc

    All about the first 30 minutes, if Liverpool get on front foot and score its going to get very tense for Madrid.

  50. WengerEagle


    Finals are always played at a different pace though, tend to be much cagier affairs because any mistake is punishable and nobody takes advantage of that better than Madrid.

    Don’t see Liverpool being allowed to play at the pace that they excel at, RM will slow the game down and have the quality to outplay Pool.

  51. WengerEagle

    Lol and people constantly bag on La Liga, how about the Bundesliga?

    Bayern have sleepwalked to the league title, they lead the league by 22 points, smashed Dortmund 6-0 only recently.

  52. Samesong


    There is not much I can disagree with that post. Only an opinion but an early goal by either team opens up the game for both attacking teams to their business.

  53. WengerEagle



    I’ll be torn, would be supporting Klopp and the team but Liverpool fans are insufferable at the best of times, they still go to town on Istanbul.

    Dublin’s a hotspot for Bin Dippers too, bout 40pc of footy supporters over here with 40pc United.

    Last 20 a mix of Arsenal, Chelsea fans, Spurs, City now lol and the odd niche Newcastle/Everton fan.

  54. China

    How can you be a plastic Liverpool fan when they’re haven’t been particularly successful for a few decades now?

  55. China

    I’d like to see Liverpool win the CL because it’s good for England in attracting top players and managers to the country when we have teams competing for/winning the CL.

    I want all the best players as managers in England so that whenever we next win the league it will be the absolute finest of achievements

  56. Pierre

    ” how can you be a plastic Liverpool fan when they’re haven’t been particularly successful for a few decades now?”

    Are you saying plastic fans are fans that started supporting a club when they were very Successful ( like Arsenal from 98-2004) and then when their success diminished , the fans turned on the club and withdrew their support .

    Is that your definition of a plastic fan ….it is mine .

  57. Wallace

    fancy Liverpool to give Madrid a far tougher examination than Bayern. they’ve run into some excellent form at just the right moment, for the CL anyway.

  58. Pierre

    Yes,diminished success but It shouldn’t matter for how long…..the plastic fans have dragged the club through the dirt…our fan base will never be the same because of the divide unless we get back to the level of the glory years then the plastic fans will jump straight back on the bandwagon and straight off again when our level drops .

    If 5 cup finals in 5 years ( winning 3, possibly 4) is not regarded as successful then we may as well give up.

  59. Pierre

    Injuries have taken their toll on Bayern ,if not I would have fancied them to get a result away to Madrid .

    Liverpool are not through yet ,if I was a Liverpool fan I would be concerned about the last ten minutes of the first leg , the whole team switched off ( maybe tiredness) but if they concede early I can foresee a tough night .

    I am hoping they get through as their free flowing football will make the final very watchable whoever they face.

  60. DivineSherlock

    I think Bayern got unlucky with Robben injury. People dissing on Muller need to know that he was playing on the right , not his natural position. With Robben, Muller plays behind Lewandowski . Once he was replaced by Alcantara , he was in wide position. Too bad . Madrid again winning against a team who played better than them. Literally dont remember a contribution in attack from Ronaldo. 5 Ballon D’or is a joke.

  61. mysticleaves

    “Ronaldo barely touched the ball in the first half. He will score a tap-in/header/penalty at some stage,take his shirt off and his pics will be splashed across every newspaper and sports website.”

    Exactly what happened in the matches vs Juventus especially the first leg. Cue all the praise and mental fortitude and decisiveness of Ronaldo. Much like Ramsey it helps when you know people will give you balls on a platter to finish. Ramsey was tasked with creating for Arsenal against Westham and he couldnt even keep the midfield going, couldn’t string make simple passes, it was as if he was learning how to control a ball. Very painful to watch. So crazy that people are suggesting we build our midfield around Ramsey because he scores goals haha. What stat does to a player though…

    Bayern are beating this Madrid team in Spain. Just wait and see

  62. Ishola70


    I detected an air of superiority in your post the other night in relation to teams getting over the line and winning a trophy.

    While this can be applied to a team like Spurs it doesn’t ring true to a team like Liverpool.

    We all know that Liverpool have more prestige as a football club around the world than Arsenal and atm they are mixing it in the final stages of the premier competition in the world which is the CL. With all due respect becoming FA Cup “specialists” is not in the same ball park.

    Said before like it or not today’s real top football teams are judged on how they perform in their domestic leagues and the premier european competition the CL.

  63. mysticleaves

    Yes, about the post, social competence is really been put where it shouldn’t. You don’t need to like your players outside of making them realise they have a job to do and making them do it regardless. Manage their fitness, manage their game time, enhance their skills and give them a proper system to exhibit and everything is cool. Players looking to a coach to cuddle them are weak mentally and should be gotten rid of.

    I would really like Tuchel because he is a thinker. Allegri is a thinker also but am concerned about the kind of players he buys. Would like Jardim because of the players he could come with but I think what we need is Simeone because our next coach has to be radical.

    Oh, and am surprise people are dissing Enrique, he did a magnificent job at Barca, put his own print on the team and didn’t even play tiki taka. He was very direct and mostly bypassed the midfield. I would love him for us because at least he would look to bring wingers and mix our possession with directness (because regardless, people will sit back against us so we must have the lion share of the possession, as was in Barca).

  64. mysticleaves

    “We all know that Liverpool have more prestige as a football club around the world than Arsenal”

    Explain this please Ishola, I might just have misunderstood you

  65. Ishola70

    Alex Ferguson couldn’t be termed a “sociable” manager.

    More than enough players didn’t particularly like him. They feared him. But had great respect for him at the same time.

    There was a very good interview with Gordon Strachan last year where he was basically implying that he couldn’t stand Alex Ferguson as a person but admired and respected him as a football manager.

  66. Victorious

    “If 5 cup finals in 5 years ( winning 3, possibly 4) is not regarded as successful then we may as well give up.”

    the painful truth is our fan-base is largely made up of plastic twats and over pompous jerks who would jump the bridge at the slightest of rough paths,had a face-palm moment when that ‘Micheal’ chap would instead support fulham because of Wenger,embarassing and deserved to be binned for that alone.

  67. gambon

    ““Is there a perfect goodbye? I don’t know. I just want to do as well as I can… I think this group of players deserve something special”

    If ever a quote summed up why Arsene Wenger is now a useless manager, this is it.

  68. Pierre

    No air of superiority.

    Was just making the point that until we beat Hull in the cup final we were having trouble getting over the line but once you win that first trophy ( whatever trophy ) it gives the side confidence and belief .

    As yet Spurs and Liverpool have failed at every single hurdle , Spurs in semis and going for the league and Liverpool in finals and going for the league…

    Letting in those 2 goals near the end on Tuesday night could have a massive effect on the Liverpool players mentality in the 2nd leg due to the fact they have failed previously..

  69. Victorious

    “If ever a quote summed up why Arsene Wenger is now a useless manager, this is it.”

    I’ve read the Wenger’s comment for an umpteenth time and can’t place a finger on what translates to him being a ‘useless’ manager there? could you care to throw more light?

  70. Samesong

    Letting in those 2 goals near the end on Tuesday night could have a massive effect on the Liverpool players mentality in the 2nd leg due to the fact they have failed previously..

    The team that concedes 5 goals away will be chasing the game and Liverpool are deadly on counter attacks. Roma will need to score early in the game to have any chance.

  71. mysticleaves

    Ishola I want you to explain what you meant by “”We all know that Liverpool have more prestige as a football club around the world than Arsenal”

  72. Ishola70

    Tell Mystic why Liverpool have more prestige as a football club around the world than Arsenal.

    For anyone that can be bothered to paint pictures for him.

  73. Dream10

    So according to L’Equipe, Raul Sanllehi has been speaking to Luis Enrique. He is Arsenal’s first choice. If they can’t reach an agreement with him, the club will speak to Ancelotti, Vieira & Jardim.

    Luis Enrique prioritises fitness. So this is a plus. He was a very competitive player himself. Jardim is the clear front runner for me. He will try to put out a team which scores at least two goals per match on a weekly basis, can work with a budget & incorporate signings & is willing to use young players if they are good enough.
    Love Carlo, but this isn’t the job for him. We need a foundational coach. He is the one to take over in three years after someone else has done the hard yards.
    Let another manager take us 70% of the way, then Don Carlo can do the final 30%.

  74. steve


    If 5 cup finals in 5 years ( winning 3, possibly 4) is not regarded as successful then we may as well give up.


    Lol second tier tournaments. What about the league and CL? Oh yeah that’s right completely useless in those competitions.

  75. Pierre

    Also Ishola

    The Arsenal players should go in to tonight’s semi final with confidence due to our recent superb record in semis including beating Chelsea and man city in semis recently.

    It shows that the team has the capability to raise their game for big games.

  76. Ishola70

    Liverpool are seen as a more serious football team than Arsenal.

    It goes back in history where the north-west English clubs were seen as the tops and southern teams were seen as soft pretenders.

  77. mysticleaves

    “Tell Mystic why Liverpool have more prestige as a football club around the world than Arsenal.”

    Ishola I want you to tell me what you mean, otherwise I will term it nonsense. Cos that’s exactly what it is. So am giving you a chance to rephrase what you said.

  78. Ishola70

    “The Arsenal players should go in to tonight’s semi final with confidence due to our recent superb record in semis including beating Chelsea and man city in semis recently.It shows that the team has the capability to raise their game for big games.”

    Yes there is the chance and possibility that the team can raise it’s game again but this one coming up is on a little tad higher level. Not much but a little.

    CL >Domestic League> Europa>FA Cup>Carabooboo.

  79. Ishola70

    lol Mystic I explained a few posts back.

    History of a club is important Mystic unless that club really falls from grace heavily. Liverpool don’t conquer all as they did in past times but they have not fell heavily from grace either.

    Now tell me why it is nonsense.

    I’m all ears.

  80. Pierre

    Let’s hope the new manager can replicate our successes of the last 5 years and greatly improve on our performances and results in the league..

  81. gambon


    “this group of players deserve something special”

    Why exactly? This group of players have us sitting 6th in the league, has conceded the most goals in the top 6 (also more than Burnley & Newcastle).

    This group of players have lost 11 league games, and last season got humiliated 10-2 by Bayern.

    So why do this group deserve anything?

    Because Wenger likes them, because Wenger is sentimentally attached to them.

    As I said, this quote tells you all you need to know about Arsene Wenger.

    How would you ever expect him to take the right decisions if he thinks these players are already good enough.

  82. Victorious

    “We all know that Liverpool have more prestige as a football club around the world than Arsenal”

    swiftly realizes what a dumb comment he just made…. and in a desperate attempt to make amend…

    ‘Liverpool are seen as a more serious football team than Arsenal.’


  83. HighburyLegend

    “We all know that Liverpool have more prestige as a football club around the world than Arsenal”

    “WTF… lmao”

    Dear Vicuntious, that’s a true fact, whether you like it or not.

  84. Pierre

    I haven’t seen protest and empty seats at anfield despite no title for 28 years…

    I haven’t seen protest or empty seats at White Hart Lane despite no title for 57 years.

  85. Pierre

    “It’s a shame Arsenal fail to raise their game in bread and butter games.”

    We will leave that to Liverpool and spurs whilst we keep picking up the trophies.

  86. mysticleaves

    I didn’t see your reply before i posted,Ishola, but becareful not to confuse history and pedigree. Sure they are synonymous but your pedigree is measured by your recent history and it’s no question between Liverpool and Arsenal who has a better recent history. Except this UCL semi final Liverpool made is clouding your judgement.

    I was thinking you would have added “in Europe” and that would be true but a club is not generally measured only on Europe.

  87. HighburyLegend

    @Pierre : no PL title at Anfiels since 28 years, but how many UCL ??

    And concerning the spuds… what’s the point ?? lol

  88. mysticleaves

    Mystic—-I would say they have similar prestige.

    But the Liverpool crowd are noisier and far more passionate than
    the Arsenal.

    James that’s absolutely true. There’s a deadness and a sense of “values” embedded in the Arsenal supporters and it didn’t start recently. Even at Highbury. Arsenal is more tourist and European in nature compared to the more British Liverpool or Newcastle

  89. Redtruth

    Spurs fans hated and despised Graham despite him winning them a trophy same goes for Benitez at Chelsea.

    Send Wenger to liverpool and their would riots in the stands

  90. Vintage Gun

    “If 5 cup finals in 5 years ( winning 3, possibly 4) is not regarded as successful then we may as well give up.”

    Context my friend context.

    No matter which way it’s spun no title challenge (Key word challenge) in the last 14 years coupled with two CL semi final appearances and being KO’d in the last 16 seven years straight before failing to even qualify is not “successful” for a team of our resources AT ALL!!!

    Why did Gazidis mention his “Catalyst for change” speech and Arsene’s “The next level is the next level” tosh he was spewing last May?
    Because they knew Arsenal wasn’t fulfilling their potential.

    I was VERY happy for all our recent domestic cup wins BUT we are a Massive club with massive resources which means we should be at least challenging for the major honors after a decade and a halfs wait to compete.

    Can’t see how that would make me or others who are of the same opinion as me “plastic fans” Victorious.

  91. mysticleaves


    And even as they have better pedigree in Europe than us, no player comes to Liverpool because they want to win the champions league. So no, Liverpool don’t really have a better pedigree around the world as a club

  92. Ishola70

    I really can’t see Mystic if we turn it around and say Arsenal have more prestige around the world than Liverpool. Just can’t see it.

    Both clubs have waited far too long for a league title win but Liverpool pop their head up in the premier knockout comp that being CL at times something Arsenal have never done.

    Liverpool went down the road that Arsenal are now treading quite a few years back. They were winning FA Cups getting to domestic cup finals but no-one was fooled at the time that they were a top team. They were failing in the league.

  93. Redtruth

    Spurs fans hated and despised Graham despite him winning them a trophy same goes for Benitez at Chelsea.
    Send Wenger to Liverpool and they would riot in the stands

  94. mysticleaves

    *prestige. I was making a case for history leading to pedigree and then prestige. Don’t confuse it.