Arsenal sign Torreira!

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Emery said this:

“In Lucas Torreira, we have signed a young player who is a very bright talent in the game. A midfielder with great quality, I have enjoyed watching his performances for Sampdoria in the past two seasons, and we all saw him do very well for Uruguay in the World Cup. He is a young player already with good experience, but who wants to keep on growing. We welcome Lucas to Arsenal and look forward to him joining us soon for pre-season.”

Finally, a DM that has the potential to dominate our midfield for years to come!

I can jump into commentary like this:

Because ‘garra charrua’ means that we give all we have inside. We give all we have to our football, our jersey and our country. We do our best because every time we enter the pitch we represent our family and friends, the most important people for us.

You’ve all been there, you’re 8 years old, you’ve just scored a 20-yard own goal, you’ve let your mates down in the cup final, you know your lunch money is going to be taken for the next three years, but your dad is there…

‘Son, fuck what they think, you could be the next Ian Wright, you have the talent’

Kind of felt like that moment was happening listening to Arsene Wenger talk about West Ham’s Jack Wilshere.

“Jack Wilshere is a playmaker,”

“He is a bit of a Messi type. He makes me think about Mbappe because I played him at 17 years of age because he was an exceptional talent.

“Unfortunately he has been stopped very early by big injuries to his ankle, and I believe that now he’s come out of it. He’s an exceptional player — he can pass people, he can give a final ball, he has a fantastic football brain.

I’m not sure even if you were squinting through a prism of rose after 6 bottles of wine you could draw those comparisons, but hey, there we are. It’s sweet that Wenger is still gunning hard for the players who didn’t quite cut it under him.


Gary O’D, from the Arsenal Medical Services team, announced that Chris Morgan was joining the backroom team. He comes over from Crystal Palace after 2 years service as Head of Physiotherapy.

‘Huge welcome to Chris Morgan who has joined the First Team as our Head Physiotherapist. Chris has come from Crystal Palace where he was Head of Physiotherapy for the last 2 years. Chris also held the same post at Liverpool for eleven years so brings a wealth of experience to us.’

BIG MOVE there son. I don’t know how you write about someone like this, but I thought this farewell not from Liverpool when he left them said a lot.

“Chris is someone who commands the professional respect and personal warmth of the first-team players and all his colleagues at Melwood.

“The dedication and commitment he has shown to Liverpool, over a long period, has been immense. His expertise and experience has rightly gained him industry-wide recognition.

“We thank Chris for his considerable contribution and everyone at the club wishes him success for the future.”

Apparently, Stevie G mentioned him a whole bunch in his book, I’d imagine because he spent a lot of time putting him together again (the piece here). Anyway, I’m sure he’s very good. Arsenal has a very talented bunch of people in that backroom team. I think they’ve been unfairly critiqued over the years with ignorant opinions about how injuries happen and how you should prevent them. Good luck to him, he’s certainly got a lighter workload after some of the exits this last year!

I still think the club might try and sign a wide player before the window shuts. I’d love it if we dropped some dime for Dembele on loan, but as Matt said on the podcast last night, that’s a banter era move for a club trying to show off its elite wings this season.

Right, that’s me done.

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  1. Leftsidesanch

    I’m born in London but have Nigerian born parents so both of the comments from the perps could be taken offensively if I was that way inclined, but I’m not – it’s just a football blog with convos being held by people who can’t see each other, most likely will never see each other and if were in the company of each other wouldn’t be speaking so brazenly.

    That being said, Victorious is an utter embarrassment, No getting away from that.

  2. Vintage Gun

    “And how dim is it to think that a professional footballer, a few months before the world cup, would decide to fake injuries and not train.”

    Introducing Oscar. Remember him? Refused to play for Chelsea at the backend of their season prior to world cup Brazil. He himself said that he didn’t want to risk getting injured for the home W/C.

    I wouldn’t call the idea of Ozil being of similar thought to Oscar dim Pierre, infact i think that theory is most likely to be honest

  3. Receding Hairline

    The whole thing is just sad. Then add this Uruguayan Pit bull dude and it’s just embarrassing.

    Victorious no one is policing you but seriously you need to look at some of the language you use on here. There are various other places you could discuss the Nigerian national team with fellow countrymen, This blog is mostly made up of Englishmen discussing an unexpected run to the semifinals of a world cup..if that upsets you, you can use your internet connection for something else, not jump in and pick fights

  4. Dissenter

    What gambon said was a low blow, below the belt.
    It was said in response to your repeated wishes that England lose.
    You wrote “I sincerely hope Croatia smashes your arses in today,would be a stain on the world cup if England make it to the final”

    Do you know what decorum means?
    In Nigeria, it’s called “home training”, someone ought to have taught you earlier in your miserable life that you don’t go to man’s house and spit on his food and then expect kisses or hugs.
    In some places, you wouldn’t have gotten a negative stereotype attack, it would have been a good beating it a gunshot to your face.

    Don’t disrespect people and surprised when they lash back.
    Your outrage is fake because you say more offensive things to people here. I’ve seen you abuse wives and use posts about their children to make your pathetic small points.

    You definitely lack home training. You’re like those Nigerians who disgrace the country abroad.

    Go cry your fake tears somewhere else.

  5. China

    Ultimately I’m not convinced that ozil wants to play football

    His total lack of interest in the matches he’s even involved in belies a man who looks like he’s been naturally gifted the talents to play and is simply going through the motions like many desk jockey workers do in their lives.

    It’s entirely possible that ozil genuinely can’t be arsed. We can’t expect every single football to love playing professionally any more than we can expect every lawyer to enjoy their job.

    He’s good enough to earn a fat salary and now he’s quietly milking his position before he hits his early/mid 30s and retires for good. It’s not hard to believe at all

  6. China

    He’s also a World Cup winner. He already has the most meaningful and valuable footballing trophy in his cabinet. If it’s true that his heart is not in it then why should we expect that he’s surely so motivated to carry Germany? He’s got the big prize already, now he’s just going through the motions until he retires

  7. Receding Hairline

    in other news Sarri is close to Chelsea and they look set to beat City to Jorginho.

    I think the player himself was holding out for his old boss to get the job and play for him. It will make the settling in to a new league easier. I am glad City are not getting him though to be honest i did not actually watch Napoli that much last season and whenever i did they played badly

  8. Receding Hairline

    @ Dissenter

    A large majority of people who leave this country to go abroad let the country down, i do not know when last you stepped foot here but sadly we are a country without values or morals. Everyone worships money hence why we are all lumped in as fraudsters and why Gambon can say what he did thinking he was being smart.

    Go on twitter and insult the so called yahoo boys and ordinary Nigerians will come for your head asking you how their source of income concerns you and accusing you of jealousy. it is a sad state of affairs.

    The irony though is that England isn’t any better values wise right now, pensioners and being duped of their life savings, children clearing out their parents bank accounts or selling their homes, Gambon had no business saying what he did , it was uncalled for .

  9. China

    I have a good feeling for this season:

    City won’t maintain their level. They’ll probably win the league but it won’t be so easy

    Mourinho is on borrowed time. His predictable meltdown and losing the dressing room is surely a matter of time. Could be this year

    Chelsea look like a mess. Long may it continue.

    I have a feeling spurs will have a tough year. They’ve done well the last couple of years and are due a slip up

    Liverpool look good but they’re also perennial losers so who knows if they can maintain last season’s progress

    Arsenal? WHO KNOWS!!!

  10. Michael24

    Hyperthetically speaking, if I supported Lagos Rovers, in the Nigerian PL and I was an English based supporter of that club and Nigeria reached the semi’s of the WC, how would people react in Nigeria if I posted ( on a Nigerian based Website) degrading and detremental remarks about the national team and highlighted the phrases ” you lot” and “it would be a stain on the WC should Nigeria win it” to spice things up.

    Would I be welcomed at passport control on my next visit to Lagos?

    Answers on a postcard please.

  11. raptora

    City to dominate another season me thinks. I am aware that it’s not all about the money, but you guys saw the rough math that I did yesterday. Money City spent on their full backs – 136m, Arsenal – 8m. Like come on. Top 4 will be a huge success this year. I cannot wait.

  12. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Why doesn’t he stick to watching his own country’s football if English football gets him so menstrual?

  13. GoonerDave

    Stereotypical Irish – potatoes comment?
    These remarks are not the same as saying a Mexican loves tacos or an Italian loves pizza – it has been used in the past to mock the Irish potato famine in the late 19th century which almost wiped out the population.

    Perhaps times have changed now and it is meant in a different way – but in the past, this was always the sentiment behind it.
    Irish people generally never cared much about these remarks – but today, the snowflakes would be triggered repeatedly.

  14. KAY Boss

    if a ’10’ passes to a player in a goal scoring opportunity and he doesn’t score, how’s that his fault. but it doesn’t relieve the ’10’ from scoring when he gets the opportunity to do so. please those expecting forward players to do defending is quite absurd. I think we have players for specific positions. players should be criticised on positions they play not ones they could have played. a player to do a ‘could have’ job is either by instincts or tactics.

  15. Pierre

    KAY boss
    The problem with Arsenal in recent years is our unbalanced midfield always leaves us open to a counter attack…
    Hopefully emery will address that, it already looks positive with the 2 new arrivals yesterday..

    This will allow our attacking third to do what they are paid to do.

  16. gambon

    Grow up you self important shit cunts.

    I worry how some people get through day to day life when everything causes offence.

  17. WengerEagle

    Hope to see goals tonight, lots and lots of goals.

    Would rather Croatia win just because it would be savage to see a country of four million people win the World Cup and they would be first time winners.

    Think it will be England though. AET/Pens.

  18. WengerEagle

    Yep, pretty nuts but pretty sure renting over here is now more expensive than London. We tend to drown our sorrows and beat our women to cope.

    Hope you came and conquered Temple Bar.

  19. KAY Boss

    Pierre, I hope it addresses the problem. Victorious tame down. some of your people in my country Ghana, are always in the news for wrong reasons. Others are also doing well. But honestly, it was wrong to label all Nigerians as scammers. only greedy and desperate people fall victims to scammers. Victorious, u consistently look for fights and u spill a lot of ‘thrash’.

  20. Dissenter

    “Gambon had no business saying what he did , it was uncalled for .

    That’s why I called it a “low blow”.
    My point is that the way we all react to certain things like sports is emotional.
    If a Briton had walked into a Lagos beer palour on February 10th, 2013 and wished for Nigeria to be spanked by Burkina Faso in the AFCON final. Do you think he would have fared well?

    It’s actually un-Nigerian [at least the Nigeria that I know] to be so blatantly disrespectful. Home training [decorum] used to be the norm.
    Why is it okay for this uncouth fool to think he won’t get blow-back for constantly wishing ill-fortune on England…on the blog of an English club, run b an English man with many English posters.
    You’re sophisticated enough to know that all Englsih fans rally to their flag in these moment; Pierre and gambon will be cheeing on the same team with one voice. “Victorious” is too dim and lacks the “home training” to know this.

    Chika gave the reply I’ve used to educate people successfully about scamming; In most cases, one has to be fraudulently minded to think an anonymous person will offer you millions from a supposed secret account in Switzerland.
    It’s takes a dubious and lazy mind for a 419-scammer to profit.

    gambon gave the emotional [albeit offensive] response that any fan [or patriotic] human being may say when you poke them relentlessly about something that means a lot to them. .

  21. gambon

    Temple Bar was conquered.

    A couple of friends are now going back for the Chelsea game because they want to hit temple bar again.

  22. sanmi


    Trump is not a racist. The liberals are the real racists. By the way i am black. before you start to think i am a white supremacist.

  23. Dream10

    Wenger Eagle

    No news on Zinedine Ramsey. Going to be sold before the start of the season, isn’t he?

  24. Rambo Ramsey

    Look how Marko and Eagle are poking fun at themselves and their countrymen. I have no choice but to reach for my pitchfork and fight for my brothers and sisters of Ireland.


  25. gambon

    I think Ramsey is going to stay, and be made captain.

    Ive noticed that a lot of the training vids involve Ramsey, hes probably the most filmed player along with Auba.

    He has also been leading a few warm ups.

    I am also unsure as to where he would go.

    After 10 years at AFC you would think he’d have too much loyalty to go to a top 6 competitor, and im not sure many overseas clubs will be able to afford him,

    Someone did mention a few weeks back that he might run his contract down and go to Bournemouth, but thats just mental.

  26. sanmi

    Kav Boss

    In all honesty i don’t blame anyone that thinks all Nigerians are scammers. As a Nigerian myself that reside in Nigeria, you are skeptical of every deal. The vast majority of the youths are directly involved in frauds and scams, or receive proceeds of scams… you can safely say 8 in 10 of youths in urban areas are direclty or indirectly involved in scams.

  27. Victorious

    The irony though is that England isn’t any better values wise right now, pensioners and being duped of their life savings, children clearing out their parents bank accounts or selling their homes, Gambon had no business saying what he did , it was uncalled for .”

    No the fvckin irony is posters who are crying wolf for me giving them zero chances of success at the cup and poking fun of their chances are same fans who wished worst things on arsenal and Wenger in his latter years

    Dissenter should be ignored going forward,he has a penchant for taking moral high grounds on minor issues,now he’s on about Nigerians in diasporal spoiling the countries image when he’s kissing the bum of another clown who mocked Nigeria

    I might have been a bit extreme on the criticisms towards England but don’t be fooled that prick Dissenter is the worst, full of pretence, very petty,small and double minded and the worst is he’s not even sure of his country of origin.

  28. sanmi


    Yea because i dont follow your liberal plantation ways?
    Tell me one instance of trump being a racist. Meanwhile virtually or liberals discriminate based on race, and they don’t hide it

  29. Rambo Ramsey

    “The liberals are the real racists”

    Nah, the vast majority of them are simply cunts with insecurity issues. Siding withthe side whose motto is- ‘We are better than everyone else’ is just their way of dealing with those issues.

  30. Dream10


    Ramsey had aspirations of moving abroad to a CL contender like Real, Barça, Juventus. Might be in his best interest to stay here.

  31. WengerEagle


    Nah have a feeling that Emery will build around him. Which I wouldn’t have a huge problem with if we were getting the Ramsey of old that plays on both sides of the ball.

    Just can’t imagine who and where we would sell him were it to happen. Then again all it would take would be Emery not to fancy him and he’s gone.

  32. Park Chu-young's left testicle


    The difference is Wenger was holding the club back whereas, Southgate, while I think the hype is over the top, is a positive in the England set up.

  33. Victorious

    I also wonder how my innocent comment on a blog would warrant such venom from a poster towards a whole nation,i mean it’s not as if it’ll affect England’s chances of progressing anyway

    England’s quality on the day will determine if they go through

    Croatia has the better players,stronger midfield and are more experienced which would make it perfectly normal to make them favorites in making the final.

  34. Rambo Ramsey

    WE, So now you display your intolerance as well. Its unacceptable that you don’t like all sports equally.

  35. WengerEagle

    Croatia’s defence is pretty shite, England will definitely score tonight.

    No Vrsaljko so Corluka who hasn’t played top level football in nearly a decade and is a lumbering 6 foot 5 will play at RB.

    Vida/Lovren at CB are dodgy as fuck too.

  36. sanmi

    Rambo Ramsey

    That was my initial thought, but i have never seen a group openly criticize another group solely based on the colour of their skin.
    There motto are as follow:
    1. white men are always wrong
    2. blacks are always victims
    3. All religions bar islam can’t be criticized
    4. All women are oppressed
    5. All latinos deserve to be in USA

    And they are confused about

  37. Leedsgunner

    Dear Arsenal,

    Thank you for getting our transfers in early. Amazing when you have a plan and are prepared, huh? I’m very excited for the season ahead. Keep it up!

    One last thing, please get us a scoring winger… or two. That would be perfect.

    Again, good work!

  38. Rambo Ramsey

    Eagle, that’s a start. Best start watching 6 hour videos of Cricket too. Else I’m protesting the discrimination.

  39. Receding Hairline

    England have not really played that well but they have got the job done. The quality of their play is irrelevant as no one was shouting when Portugal bored their way to a European crown just two years ago. I am going to watch the game today just like i did the one last night..i have no dog in this fight.

    Victorious and Dissenter …i can see there is definitely beef between you two, like i said and i always keep saying it wouldn’t kill you to be nice to someone even if you disagree. Victorious your language and some of the things u say, like Dissenter not knowing his heritage…i mean come on Oga..what was that for?

    On the topic of liberals, racism and what not…the world is going to be one big mess soon enough. the race card is played at every opportunity and then the perpetually offended .

    Although Gambon trying to pass off his comment as a joke does not fool me, he has used this Nigerian scam thing more than once, it was no joke.

  40. gambon


    Dont forget……its impossible to sign players in a world cup year.


    No idea how we’ve done it.

  41. Victorious

    Corluka is SHIT and Croatia’s defence is a major weakness,no really outstanding player in that department to hold it together,which you have to favour them doing considering England’s major threats are from set pieces

    But what they don’t have in defense they more than make up in midfield and attack where England doesn’t come close

  42. gambon

    “Although Gambon trying to pass off his comment as a joke does not fool me, he has used this Nigerian scam thing more than once, it was no joke.”

    Send me a cheque for £10,000 and I will explain what i meant.

  43. WengerEagle

    Haha lest not forget that the < 3 player signing rule was the funniest Wenger cop out in transfer season, which he broke multiple times himself in recent seasons most memorably in the post selling Fabregas and Nasri trolley-dash.

    Better even than the insistence on only buying 'super super super quality' players only to subsequently pass on Eden Hazard for Gervinho…

  44. Leedsgunner

    Croatia have a WC player in Modric and a decent supporting cast in midfield but that’s it.

    Their attack is average and their defence is suspect at best. In my mind, England hold advantages there.

    As for GK? England has a rising star in its ranks. Subasic is fair but no superstar.

    As long as the English lads don’t let the occasion get to their heads and play their game they’ll be ok.

    4-1 to England.

    Come on England, you can do it!

  45. Rambo Ramsey

    Sanmi, I’ve yet to meet a Liberal that is consistent in putting to practice what they preach.

    Hypocrites who out their true color at the slightest provocation is what they are.

  46. sanmi

    England will cede possession, and play on counters. That might suit them but sterling is shit.
    Llingard will have no say today, all will depend on Alli and Kane plus trippier.

  47. Dream10

    Kramaric is a good footballer. Quality combination player in the #10 zone. Wonder if someone like Rebic can time his run because Stones does leave space behind him.
    Marcus Berg wasn’t quick enough to exploit the gaps.

  48. ADKB

    Yet another player signs for us. I wonder how we managed to get all these new players in – moreso in a World Cup year!

    I’m beginning to get hopeful (subdued, anyway) and I’ll be going to the pre-season at Borehamwood even though the big guns won’t be there.

  49. Leedsgunner


    I know.

    Amazing that Sven, Raul and Ivan are at Arsenal at all… you know doing work that they are paid for. Signing players, training the first team… what incredible bores!

    Why aren’t they on the beach playing beach volleyball? Or pontificating on French TV about oil prices?

  50. Michael24

    ” Well my decision to either stay or go is not detremental to the club or the players”

    Dopey sod!

    Of course it was.

  51. TitsMcGee

    People’s true colors always shine through. You could tell reading Victorious’ posts that he was at best a very angry guy or at worst an utter idiot.

  52. Receding Hairline

    “I’m beginning to get hopeful (subdued, anyway) and I’ll be going to the pre-season at Borehamwood even though the big guns won’t be there.”

    They say he is going with most of the senior least that is the rumor online

  53. ADKB

    “They say he is going with most of the senior least that is the rumor online”

    That’d be fantastic! It’s so hard to get used to this new life at Arsenal 🙂

  54. sanmi

    The reason for the inconsistency is the fact that their beliefs are based on feelings which change from time to time.
    and the politicians needing votes, just give them wahtever they want. whivh no one really care about until ofcos they started infringing on everyone elses’ lives. labelling anyone that disagrees as Nazis, xenophobes, racists etc
    Then real folks started fighting back which led to Trump and now the #walkaway movement.

  55. Leedsgunner

    Be careful what you wish for… we were told year after year… by Wenger and his supporters.

    So? How do you like it?

    It’s early days to be sure, but let me tell you, I love it!

    Good to see the Arsenal acting like a football club again.

    Up the Arsenal!

  56. Dissenter

    I’m sure you know English humor is very difficult to get. I still get lost when Pedro starts slamming banter with very salty language. It’s not my style.
    It’s a bit of how they Irish can take mickeys out of one another.
    We need some self-deprecation to get by, that’s why that 419-talk never gets under my skin.


    He seems to dislike the English posters on here.
    Or are you a bit blinkered when it suits.
    If you have been reading on here(and you have)
    you must have seen his posting”.?

  58. Receding Hairline

    “That’d be fantastic! It’s so hard to get used to this new life at Arsenal :-)”

    I had zero doubts this football club will come to life once we rid ourselves of Wenger. Which is why i am baffled when i hear some still trying to defend him.

  59. TitsMcGee

    Something about the internet and being able to post brings out the idiots of the world. Go watch a video of the most innocuous video and guarantee there are at least 2 idiots in the comments calling each other names.

  60. Carts

    Rakitic, Modric, Rebic and Perisic need to be on form tonight.

    I think they’re good enough to control the MF, but I’m siding with the youthfulness of Lingaard, Alli, Sterling and Henderson to out run them.

    Close game. but I think win 2-1

  61. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Amazing that Sven, Raul and Ivan are at Arsenal at all… you know doing work that they are paid for. Signing players, training the first team… what incredible bores!

    Arsenal Football Club acting like a proper football club.

  62. Jamie

    Also, I legit received an email this morning from Mr Loveridge Goodwill telling me that my inheritance of $10.5m was parked in a bank account for me, and I should be wary of scammers trying to fleece me. Instead, I should send $550 to Mr Robert Stein (email address ending in ‘’) and he’ll transfer the millions of dollars to me.

    Best news ever, totally stoked. Sending the monies now by Western Union. Party at my house when the funds clear imminently.

  63. gonsterous

    so far France is the favourite to lift the cup, but if England have a good performance and win 2-0 tonight, they just might be motivated enough to win against France…