Arsene delivers style on and off the pitch in touching farewell

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What a party that was! I mean, I wasn’t quite there, but in spirit, we all were. Fans from around the world tuned in to bid Arsene Wenger farewell, and to say #MerciArsene.

The man came, he saw, he conquered… he went a bit off the rails for 8 odd years, but overall, I think in time we’ll forgive the banter years, and maybe even embrace them.

Yesterday’s beasting of Burnley was fitting. An exuberant show of football to see out 22 years. 5 excellent goals, beautiful clear skies, a packed house at The Emirates. It was lump-in-your throat time after the game as Wenger did his final lap of honour. What a career that man has had. What an impact he’s had on the clubs brand of football, he took us from boring, boring, Arsenal, to the must-see club in world football. His ability to keep the team afloat during the skint years will be looked back on as legendary. He’ll always have the honour of putting the first three trophies in the new grounds trophy cabinet.

He’s been a monumental part of our history. No doubt about that.


As for the football, well, it was all great fun. It was the testimonial match we’d been hoping for. Some interesting curiosities came out of the game, but before we get into the details, what about Mesut fucking Ozil? He missed training the day before, fretting over a back injury… sure mate, we’ve all been there ducking rugby class in sub-zero temperatures back in the day. You have to get it into your heads people, Mesut doesn’t give a fuck about Arsenal. The rest of the boys all paid their respects, Mesut wimped out. In fact, he’s so prolific at not turning up for games he doesn’t fancy, there’s a song doing the rounds.

The Oziltoligists excused the episode as a non-issue because the game didn’t mean anything. I have to back people up on that, firstly, yes the game did mean something, it was the difference between 7th and 6th, and it was Wenger’s farewell party. Finally, and most importantly, he’s our most handsomely paid player. He has a responsibility to lead by example. The man is a liability, I just can’t believe we gave him that much money to stay on. No way he’s going to get sold this summer. Hopefully, the next manager can whip him into shape. Going missing in tough away games cannot be this thing we deal with, having cheeky breaks away so regularly cannot continue to happen, going missing in big games needs to be a thing of the past.

Those that did show up put on a great performance. Iwobi combined in a lovely one-two with Lacazette, dinking a chip into his path, the Frenchman pirouetted into a shot he dragged across goal, with Auba foxing from a yard out.

Our second goal took 30minutes to arrive. Arsenal fans spent most of that time cooing over Mavrapanos, the Greek very much looking the part, sparking excitement that Diamon Eye is going to be a big deal. Strong in the air, fast on the ground, with a good range of passing. I know we always lose our minds over young players, but he looks a very good prospect.

At the death of the first half, Iwobi started the move for our second goal, he fed a teasing ball into Hector Bellerin on the right, the Spaniard clipped a ball to Lacazette at the front post, allowing him the chance to finish first time on the volley. A great goal, taken perfectly in his stride.

The third goal came from a powerful Jack Wilshere run from deep midfield, his acceleration allowed him to run at a retreating Burnley defence, he switched his pass out to the right, Kolasinac picked up the ball and launched it across goal past the hapless Nick Pope.

The game really did take a turn for the bizarre when Auba turned provider from the right, he cut a ball back to Iwobi in the box, the target shy Nigerian took one touch, made some space and launched his shot into the top corner. Majestical guys, that’s the word I’m making up to describe that goal.

The final goal came from some good work from Ramsey in midfield, Bellerin was found wide right, he found Auba with a teasing cross 8 yards out, with the man from Gabon doing what he does best, finding the net.

There was still plenty of fun to be had when he goals dried up. Wenger waited until the 71st minute to make his subs as usual. He brought on Per Mertesacker, a man we’ve all grown to love over the years. It was fun watching the players make sure he landed plenty of touches. Maybe a little uncomfortable for the German if truth be told, but it was all part of the carnival atmosphere.

The final whistle blew almost exactly on 70minutes, Wenger shook some hands readying himself for his final lap and his speech.

He definitely took in the moment, soaking up the applause and hearing his name being sung. A really beautiful thing to watch. Any upset you may have had over the years melted into nothing but respect.


‘Thank you for having me so long, I know that is not easy. But above all else, I’m like you, I am an Arsenal fan’

‘This is more than just watching football, it’s a way of life. It’s caring about the beautiful game, about the values we cherish, and as well, that something that goes for all our bodies in every cell of our bodies. We care, we worry, we are desperate, but when you come here, the theatre of dreams we realise what it means.’

‘I would like as well to thank everyone at the club who makes it so special, I would invite you, really push, support these players and the staff who remains behind me, these group of players has a special quality. Not only on the pitch, but off the pitch. Please, as you follow this team, support them next season because they deserve it.’

“I would like to finish in one simple sentence: I will miss you. Thank you all for having such an important part of my life, thank you all, well done, bye bye.”

God damn it Arsene, you got me all teary-eyed over here… I’LL MISS YOU TOO! x

Short and sweet, a man of class until the end.

Now we have to move forward. The Wenger chapter has closed. Our job as fans is to back the next manager with the same force we backed Wenger. It’ll be a rocky season next year, the main difference is it’ll all be in the name of progress.

You saw today that we have a lot of great talent to work with. Aaron Ramsey, Auba, Lacazette, Mavrapanos, Bellerin, Iwobi and even the young kids coming through are going to be given a new lease of life. We’ll hire someone who can coach, instil discipline, come armed with an exciting football philosophy, hopefully, one that involves some form of pressing. Ideally, we’ll bring in a manager who can unite the fanbase, the backroom team and the players.

This summer is going to be fucking crazy. Not only are you losing Wenger, we’ll likely see the back of a number of coaches and people who work behind the scenes. It’s hard to see futures for Boro, Peyton, Colbert, Priestly and a few of the others. Not only do we need to hire a brilliant mind to spearhead the next move, we need to gel that person with some of Europe’s elite coaching staff. It’ll be fun, but new ideas take time to bed in. Pep did fuck all in his first year at City, same can be said of Klopp. It’s all about laying foundations and building for the next three seasons.

I’m excited. If we’re shooting for a young buck like the LA Rams did, let’s hope the club does its due diligence. If we’re talking to one of the tier one managers, let’s hope they’re able to lead the club with care and attention. Whoever we hire, be sure of this, it’ll be a massive improvement and very much needed, and you’ll be jumping out of bed to get to the Arsenal on Saturday mornings.

That’s what football is all about. Shared joy. I can’t wait to write about it, and I’m excited to go on the ride with you all.

On that night, I shall tap out.

Thank you Arsene, you’re one of a kind, and we’ll miss you too. x

Have a great day everyone and stop crying at your desk.

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A liar said it, so it’s obviously true.


In all seriousness I believe that this back injury is genuine – logic does say if ozil was going to pick his matches he’d choose this dead rubber because he likes these more than the real games

That much is logically true. Regarding wenger, he’s a pathological liar – but now that’s he’s leaving I don’t think he needs to lie anymore because he’s got nothing left to prove. His story is over, no need to make up stuff.

This being wenger and ozil is never fully write this off mind lol


For all of Ozil’s ‘little holidays’, he’s still played the equivalent of 39 more games (in minutes) than Ramsey over the last 5 years.

We need someone more robust in CM.


Your list are all opinions from Wenger ..

Stating someone is injured is stating a fact unless of course he is lying .

“Ozil definitely does have a back problem…..he hasnt got a back bone.”

Probably not far off the truth there to be honest.


Sanllehi needs to be getting an answer from Ramsey right now. If he’s in our plans, I would offer him £160k pw as a final offer and give him two weeks after the season ends to decide. If he’s unsure, wants more money, or tries to spin out the saga like Ozil, offer him for sale after those two weeks are up. I trust that Sanllehi is moving decisively with our contract business and we’re not waiting until after the WC when the manager is in and players are back to make those kinds of decisions. Assuming the team will… Read more »


I won’t judge auba yet but I feel this entire squad lacks any kind of magic to it

Before we had cesc and rvp. Those players who could and typically would turn games on their heads single handedly. They could torture opposition and were consistently unplayable

Right now Ramsey and miki seem to be our best midfielders but I’m not convinced that either is special at all. Both seem like 7 or 8 out of 10 players so far. Worrying indeed.


You’re too soft on Wenger who’s known for his ultra-protective stance on his players. Wenger makes mama bears jealous with the way he contorts reality to shield them.
Stop being so gullible

Didn’t Wenger say it was preferable to have players get to the last year of their deal? You believe that too?


Regarding squad depth, I don’t mind if we give a couple of our fringe youth a chance. They’re probably no worse than the guys we’re selling but are a fraction of the cost and help our home grown quota

Frank Mc

His back problem is that it’s stuck on his mattress.

Rambo Ramsey

Pierre, you’re pretty brash for someone who’s got testicles for brain. How else would one explain your bizarre commentery wrt Wenger and Ozil? Quit thinking with your penis


“Didn’t Wenger say it was preferable to have players get to the last year of their deal? You believe that too?”

You are getting confused between opinions and facts…the above is an opinion and no I don’t remotely agree with that opinion.

Stating that someone is injured is a fact not an opinion .


“Stating that someone is injured is a fact not an opinion .”

…..and everyone who calls in sick to the office is definitely sick.

I also remember Almunia having a mysterious injury just before he was never seen again.


China The system the new manager plays should determine who we sign in midfield If he uses 4 attacking players(lacazette ,aubamayang,ozil and military an) ,similar to Spurs(Kane ,alli,,eriksen,son) , then we need to buy/play 2 defensive midfielders. To give us stability and control of the game. If he only uses 3 attacking players then the midfield could be similar shape to what we had at the weekend then he would possibly only need to buy one defensive midfielder though personally I would prefer 2 defensive midfielders especially away from home. The 2 players who will cause the new manager the… Read more »


Ok a fact or a lie …….calling in sick is not an opinion


“Stating that someone is injured is a fact not an opinion .”

Actually it’s not a fact until you’ve seen the medical report.
Wenger is way too protective of his players, that’s one of his foibles.


only an idiot comes in and makes big changes before sizing up what he has to work with.


I’m really open minded about what system we run with. For now I’m most concerned with discipline and coaching The culture of this team is soooo wet. Errors are not only tolerated but expected and nobody is particularly driven to achieve anything of note I know it may not be optimal for morale, but part of me would be glad to see the next guy come in and just tear this whole pack of pussies a new one. Despite blaming wenger the most, frankly the lack of shits given by this squad makes me sick. Being soft is simply a… Read more »


Even with all the average players and even if we had no manager at all (might as well have been true lol), this squad should’ve been able to pick up notably more points than this

The players have been a disgrace frankly. But anyway, hopefully the next guy gives them a good slapping and gets them back in line


Even my Monday night 8 a side foreigbers team in China cares more about winning than these shits.

We take it really personally if we lose to a chinese team. It must not happen. Thats just basic competition and pride, surely


New post.

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