Arsene delivers style on and off the pitch in touching farewell

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What a party that was! I mean, I wasn’t quite there, but in spirit, we all were. Fans from around the world tuned in to bid Arsene Wenger farewell, and to say #MerciArsene.

The man came, he saw, he conquered… he went a bit off the rails for 8 odd years, but overall, I think in time we’ll forgive the banter years, and maybe even embrace them.

Yesterday’s beasting of Burnley was fitting. An exuberant show of football to see out 22 years. 5 excellent goals, beautiful clear skies, a packed house at The Emirates. It was lump-in-your throat time after the game as Wenger did his final lap of honour. What a career that man has had. What an impact he’s had on the clubs brand of football, he took us from boring, boring, Arsenal, to the must-see club in world football. His ability to keep the team afloat during the skint years will be looked back on as legendary. He’ll always have the honour of putting the first three trophies in the new grounds trophy cabinet.

He’s been a monumental part of our history. No doubt about that.


As for the football, well, it was all great fun. It was the testimonial match we’d been hoping for. Some interesting curiosities came out of the game, but before we get into the details, what about Mesut fucking Ozil? He missed training the day before, fretting over a back injury… sure mate, we’ve all been there ducking rugby class in sub-zero temperatures back in the day. You have to get it into your heads people, Mesut doesn’t give a fuck about Arsenal. The rest of the boys all paid their respects, Mesut wimped out. In fact, he’s so prolific at not turning up for games he doesn’t fancy, there’s a song doing the rounds.

The Oziltoligists excused the episode as a non-issue because the game didn’t mean anything. I have to back people up on that, firstly, yes the game did mean something, it was the difference between 7th and 6th, and it was Wenger’s farewell party. Finally, and most importantly, he’s our most handsomely paid player. He has a responsibility to lead by example. The man is a liability, I just can’t believe we gave him that much money to stay on. No way he’s going to get sold this summer. Hopefully, the next manager can whip him into shape. Going missing in tough away games cannot be this thing we deal with, having cheeky breaks away so regularly cannot continue to happen, going missing in big games needs to be a thing of the past.

Those that did show up put on a great performance. Iwobi combined in a lovely one-two with Lacazette, dinking a chip into his path, the Frenchman pirouetted into a shot he dragged across goal, with Auba foxing from a yard out.

Our second goal took 30minutes to arrive. Arsenal fans spent most of that time cooing over Mavrapanos, the Greek very much looking the part, sparking excitement that Diamon Eye is going to be a big deal. Strong in the air, fast on the ground, with a good range of passing. I know we always lose our minds over young players, but he looks a very good prospect.

At the death of the first half, Iwobi started the move for our second goal, he fed a teasing ball into Hector Bellerin on the right, the Spaniard clipped a ball to Lacazette at the front post, allowing him the chance to finish first time on the volley. A great goal, taken perfectly in his stride.

The third goal came from a powerful Jack Wilshere run from deep midfield, his acceleration allowed him to run at a retreating Burnley defence, he switched his pass out to the right, Kolasinac picked up the ball and launched it across goal past the hapless Nick Pope.

The game really did take a turn for the bizarre when Auba turned provider from the right, he cut a ball back to Iwobi in the box, the target shy Nigerian took one touch, made some space and launched his shot into the top corner. Majestical guys, that’s the word I’m making up to describe that goal.

The final goal came from some good work from Ramsey in midfield, Bellerin was found wide right, he found Auba with a teasing cross 8 yards out, with the man from Gabon doing what he does best, finding the net.

There was still plenty of fun to be had when he goals dried up. Wenger waited until the 71st minute to make his subs as usual. He brought on Per Mertesacker, a man we’ve all grown to love over the years. It was fun watching the players make sure he landed plenty of touches. Maybe a little uncomfortable for the German if truth be told, but it was all part of the carnival atmosphere.

The final whistle blew almost exactly on 70minutes, Wenger shook some hands readying himself for his final lap and his speech.

He definitely took in the moment, soaking up the applause and hearing his name being sung. A really beautiful thing to watch. Any upset you may have had over the years melted into nothing but respect.


‘Thank you for having me so long, I know that is not easy. But above all else, I’m like you, I am an Arsenal fan’

‘This is more than just watching football, it’s a way of life. It’s caring about the beautiful game, about the values we cherish, and as well, that something that goes for all our bodies in every cell of our bodies. We care, we worry, we are desperate, but when you come here, the theatre of dreams we realise what it means.’

‘I would like as well to thank everyone at the club who makes it so special, I would invite you, really push, support these players and the staff who remains behind me, these group of players has a special quality. Not only on the pitch, but off the pitch. Please, as you follow this team, support them next season because they deserve it.’

“I would like to finish in one simple sentence: I will miss you. Thank you all for having such an important part of my life, thank you all, well done, bye bye.”

God damn it Arsene, you got me all teary-eyed over here… I’LL MISS YOU TOO! x

Short and sweet, a man of class until the end.

Now we have to move forward. The Wenger chapter has closed. Our job as fans is to back the next manager with the same force we backed Wenger. It’ll be a rocky season next year, the main difference is it’ll all be in the name of progress.

You saw today that we have a lot of great talent to work with. Aaron Ramsey, Auba, Lacazette, Mavrapanos, Bellerin, Iwobi and even the young kids coming through are going to be given a new lease of life. We’ll hire someone who can coach, instil discipline, come armed with an exciting football philosophy, hopefully, one that involves some form of pressing. Ideally, we’ll bring in a manager who can unite the fanbase, the backroom team and the players.

This summer is going to be fucking crazy. Not only are you losing Wenger, we’ll likely see the back of a number of coaches and people who work behind the scenes. It’s hard to see futures for Boro, Peyton, Colbert, Priestly and a few of the others. Not only do we need to hire a brilliant mind to spearhead the next move, we need to gel that person with some of Europe’s elite coaching staff. It’ll be fun, but new ideas take time to bed in. Pep did fuck all in his first year at City, same can be said of Klopp. It’s all about laying foundations and building for the next three seasons.

I’m excited. If we’re shooting for a young buck like the LA Rams did, let’s hope the club does its due diligence. If we’re talking to one of the tier one managers, let’s hope they’re able to lead the club with care and attention. Whoever we hire, be sure of this, it’ll be a massive improvement and very much needed, and you’ll be jumping out of bed to get to the Arsenal on Saturday mornings.

That’s what football is all about. Shared joy. I can’t wait to write about it, and I’m excited to go on the ride with you all.

On that night, I shall tap out.

Thank you Arsene, you’re one of a kind, and we’ll miss you too. x

Have a great day everyone and stop crying at your desk.

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  1. Leedsgunner

    Our transfer window starts now.

    Thank you Arsene for the first ten years. Thank you Arsenal FC for demonstrating that no one is bigger than the club.


    Thank You Arsene for lifting the Club to the Highest Level.Thank You for All the time You spend with Us God Bless You

  3. alexanderhenry

    Moving stuff yesterday and a fitting send off.
    It’s a shame we were so poor this season.

  4. Guns of Hackney

    Isn’t it funny how the cretins who essentially cost Arsene his job (the players) are the ones turning it on again and crying into their contracts. Same goes for the horrible fans. You either wanted him gone or to stay…now 60,000 turn up and cheer his name? Pathetic and gutless as ever.

    Don’t get me wrong, I wanted him gone for a long time…but at least I was consistent.

    Those fans who didn’t show up…the players who didn’t show up all season are a fucking disgrace.

    As for Ozil. Piece of shit.

  5. Frankie Coffeecakes

    As is with life all things, good or bad, do come to an end. Tomorrow is another day, a day of hope for Arsenal.

    Really dont know whats with Ozil, but any goodwill he may have garnered is quickly evaporating. He’s going to be in for a very difficult time ahead if he keeps up the attitude. 300k + a week may not be enough to buy the thick skin that wimp is going to need.

  6. Frankie Coffeecakes

    GOH, i have stayed consistently on message, i did not watch yesterday’s match by choice.

  7. Chrispy

    The fans who didn’t show up during the season, me included helped in its own little way in moving Wenger on. I didn’t go yesterday but managed for a change to pass my tickets on. A full stadium was a fitting tribute to the man though.

  8. Guns of Hackney


    Me too. It’s the hypocrisy I can’t stand. The fans and players cost him the job and now they are crying about it. It makes me sick.

    It shows that footballers don’t care about anything other than themselves. And the irony is…we’re giving Ozil shit for being a typical money grubbing bastard.

    Football fans are the dumbest plonkers on the planet.

  9. Emiratesstroller

    Bruce Rioch has published recently an article about his time as Manager of Arsenal. He was the son of a much respected Regimental Sergeant Major and by all accounts was a disciplinarian.

    However, he inherited Graham’s squad and there were a number of problems
    not least an ageing defence and several players who were alcoholic. Also he
    mentions ill discipline and social problems within squad mentioning that on
    one occasion a player arrived at club at 10am and announced that he was considering committing suicide!

    The only real legacy of Rioch’s short term as manager was the recruitment of
    Dennis Bergkamp.

    When Wenger arrived at the club he transformed the team and the regime.
    It is significant that the club recruited in his first season just three new players
    namely Remi Garde a 30+ year old experienced midfielder who was past his
    best, Patrick Vieira who had failed to perform in Italy and Nicolas Anelka an
    untested 19 year old striker.

    I mention this, because I do think that Arsenal’s current squad does have potential albeit that the new manager/head coach will need to focus on upgrading the defence of the team, which has under Wenger underperformed and
    been underinvested in recent years.

    If the budget this summer is frugal I would use it to buy a new Goalkeeper and
    perhaps an experienced quality Centre Back. Ideally we need also a central
    midfielder. However, we might solve that problem with Maitland-Niles who
    has shown potential this season and could well be an upgrade on both Wilshire and Elneny. That presupposes also that Arsenal fails to recruit Meyer on Bosman from Schalke.

    There are clearly some issues at moment with Ozil, because he has been missing from last 5 EPL games first through alleged illness and now back injury.
    The current situation needs to be clarified.

    What I do know is that Ozil is a talented player and having renewed his contract with £350 K pw wage he is unsaleable apart from perhaps in China.

    We need to get the best out of him as one of the most creative players in the
    game. What we do know is that to achieve this we need a solid and hard working midfield behind him. From my point of view there is no point constantly
    slagging the player if you want to get the best out of him.

    When it comes to offensive players Arsenal may not quite match Man City,
    but I do think we have potential next season to outperform the rest. We have
    outscored Man Utd, Spurs and Chelsea in League and I think the Aubameyang
    and Lacazette combination will score a lot of goals.

    We have also got 4-5 other players in the squad who are capable of scoring
    double digit goals.

    There have been a lot of posts recently suggesting that we need to buy a winger. Frankly I disagree. Where are you going to play him if we are playing
    both Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan in team? Also I suspect that Nelson will
    be promoted to first team squad next season.

    If money is no object then fine go out and spend £60-90 million on such a player, but we know that the club has more important priorities.

  10. Gunner2301


    Nice fitting post.

    You have connections. Can you find out from people you know if Ozil has it written in his contract that he can choose 5 games to miss each season?


  11. Jamie

    Keown called it last week by saying Ozil’s done playing this season.

    Signing up Ozil to that outrageous 350k a week deal is as damaging (if not more so) than letting Alexis’ contract run down. At least we got Mikki to mitigate against that ridiculous debacle.

    The only way we get Ozil off our books is to either:

    A. Subsidize his wages (100k a week over 4 years = roughly 20m), and sell him for somewhere around 25-30m, picking up at least some cash (5-10m), and getting rid of his weak shit from our club as a result. Good business, imo.

    B. New manager relegates him to the reserves and tells him he has no future at Arsenal. He should instruct his agent to find him a new club or he’s kicked his last football at professional club level.

    Ozil epitomizes the 2nd half of Wenger’s tenure, closely followed to Koscielny. Soft to the core, neither of whom are remotely big game players.

    Where’s Pierre? Looking for missing Ozil?

    I enjoyed the last game, but I won’t miss Wenger. I would have 5 years ago. The result against Burnley at has been his bread and butter for years; trouncing teams below us in the table. Against big clubs in the league and in Europe, our results have been nothing short of embarrassing.

    Wenger out, finally. Thanks for the first 10 years, though, some of which were sublime.

  12. Wallace

    lovely day yesterday. pleased he got the send off he deserved.

    seems like we’re fine in the areas where you usually have to spend the really serious money – goalscorers and creators. and there’s definitely quality elsewhere, so will be interesting to see what the new guy can do. an experienced CB, and a physically dominant CM, and I think we’ll be competitive at the very least, although will take two or three good windows before we can look to challenge City & Liverpool.

  13. Black Hei

    Context Guns… Peds himself said, he doesn’t hate the guy, just the manager.

    But me, I am as solid an AKB as you can find.

    But because I love that man, I know he has to go.

  14. HighburyLegend

    Thank you Arsène – for your amazing first 10 years.
    The second part of your reign, mostly, was synonyme of pain and suffering for the fans, so I won’t regret you at all.

    Very strange and funny (??) to see some leaders of the “wenger out brigade” crying yesterday, and even this morning… The hypocrisy at his top.

  15. steve

    Never defended a league title, never won anything out In Europe, went trophyless in 14 out of his 22 years. He should’ve left about ten years ago. Now everyone wants to cry. Give him a me a break.

  16. Guns of Hackney

    My hope is that Arsenal reinvent themselves as the modern club they should have been, when we moved into the soulless bowl.

    I also hope our fanbase take a look at themselves. Do you want to be a fan or the jerk who just wants a season ticket and something to do for a couple of hours on a Saturday.

    Perhaps we’ll start seeing a different type of fan now that the apathy has gone.

    Cheering isn’t a crime at a football match!

  17. Guns of Hackney

    Steve gets it.

    Wenger was good but not great.

    With a couple of his teams and a better manager, I’m convinced we would have at least one CL and a few more league titles.

    Arsene at Arsenal was a missed opportunity.

  18. WrightIsGod


    Keown had it right when he called Ozil out and Pedro went with the pathetic counterpoint of – but yeah Keown was a Wenger fanboy – I mean really?

    His points were still 100% valid – and also asking an ex-player to call for their gaffers head is rare, mostly unseen behaviour and goes against the footballer’s code. Deep down you know this Pedro.

    Pedro latched onto the arguments of the previous posts comment section and tried to ignite it but it was extremely lame. Peds I see you.

    Ozil is a disgrace and could not hold a flame to the likes of Keown who put his neck on the line for the Arsenal cause every single game he could.

    For Keown to make such a prediction )that Ozil would not play the rest of the season) you know he has inside knowledge there (possibly Bould) feeding him about Ozil’s temperament. Keown is right to publicly call out the most overpaid person at the club in the knowledge that no one else there will.

    Oh but Keown never said Wenger out so his point in irrelevant? Idiots. And I’m surprised Pedro that you fell for the same stupid counter argument.

  19. WrightIsGod


    Arsene Wenger delivers his final European disaster class.
    “I’m game for digging the German out for another insipid performance, but let’s take a step back, where was Keown when Wenger was tanking the side over the last 5 years?”


    Pedro in this article after realising well yeah Keown was bang on:

    “You have to get it into your heads people, Mesut doesn’t give a fuck about Arsenal. The rest of the boys all paid their respects, Mesut wimped out. In fact, he’s so prolific at not turning up for games he doesn’t fancy, there’s a song doing the rounds.”

    So first of all why call out Keown for a stance that 90% of ex players/pundits took re Wenger when all the legend was doing was making a valid point about a player that doesn’t care about Arsenal as much as he does?

  20. gonsterous

    bellerin with 2 assists, iwobi with 2 pre assists and a goal… all this proves is that Burnley was more shit than usual..

  21. Uwot?

    Flog the no show Ozil.miki can play his role just as well.maybe better in time.get that fekir in.get top ch & cm & almost sorted.warchest now rumoured to be closer to £200 million.along with sale of deadwood.still plenty left.ought to be enough with some astute purchases.

  22. Dplanet

    Slightly weird for Pedro to be getting all moist around the eyes for Wenger. Le-Grove has been campaigning to get rid of him for as long as I can remember.

    I will definitely not miss the Banter Years at all. Of course, amazing memories from the early years but stayed far, far too long for me to feel sad he’s finally leaving.

    Surely Wenger’s record is actually quite mediocre when you consider the resources available to him and the amount of time he’s had? Only a 57% win rate at Arsenal and 3 league titles with nothing in Europe!

    I’m really looking forward to us getting back to being an elite sports club with the mentality that goes along with that.

  23. HighburyLegend

    Let’s hope we’ll get rid – mostly – of Wilshere, Ospina, Cech, Kos, Mustafi, Iwobi, that guyz Welbz…
    We must keep Mikki, Auba, Laca, Monreal, Bellerin, Mavropanos, even Ramsey – want to see him correctly coached.

    Ozil is a difficult case… nobody wants to pay his insane wages, so I guess that our only hope is that he goes the f*ck out to China.

    Very busy summer in perspective.

  24. Elmo

    For anyone who was in the stadium, did the thanking of departing club stalwarts extend to Boro Primorac, Gerry Peyton etc? Obviously Vic Akers was celebrated, but we knew he was going; I’d like to know if Primorac is going, or whether all of the legacy Wenger backroom team are intending to try and serve out their contracts.

  25. Micheal

    Pedro: You are on fire at the moment. Another excellent post.
    Arsene: Thanks a million for everything, mostly good, some bad.

    But FFS – let’s move on. The Arsene era is over.

  26. Micheal

    “lol Michael, only “some” bad ?? Great sense of humor.”

    A sense of humour is essential to be Gooner.

  27. WrightIsGod

    Ozil wouldn’t dare show his face pitch side with the legends. He knows they all critique him and it would be too much for his weak mentality to take.

    The reason I really despise Ozil is because he is the true manifestation of Wenger’s last 10 years. Weak and not held to accountable.

    I hope the new manager really gets the best out of him and if he is not prepared to work as hard as his team mates he has to go. Simple.

  28. HighburyLegend

    @WrightIsGod : apart if Maureen if our next coach, I don’t see that miracle happening.

  29. englandsbest

    I think we can forget a ‘brilliant mind’ coming in as manager. They are rare (Pep?) and come expensive. And having had one for 22 years, do we want another as manager?

    I don’t think we do. We have two ‘brilliant minds’ already, Sven and Raul. And Ivan Gazidis as the new David Dein. It seems to me we’ll get the manager that THEY need. Who is that likely to be?

    A face, a voice, a presence. A man who can follow their plan, handle interviews, get the best out of the players. Experience comes way down the list.

  30. InsideRight

    Arsene transformed the club. He brought in some of the playing legends who will forever remain part of Arsenal folklore. He turned us into winners and genuine competitors for a decade. He oversaw the move to the Grove. I loved it, I praised him and the team and a soaked it up like a sponge. I won’t ever forget that.

    That’s why when it became clear some 7-8 years ago that those days were over and Arsene was presiding over a period of decline I wanted change. It was time to thank him and move him on for a fresh approach. But in the last 3-4 years particularly he clung on, not for the good of the club but for his own self interest. Those of us who criticised him have been subject to his ire. I won’t ever forget that either.

    Arsene got the thank you he should have been milking 7 years ago. I refused to be part of it. The relationship I had with My Personal Arsene was over long ago. I would never jump from demanding he leave to gushing over him after all that has gone on. It would have been hypocrisy.

    I’ve not been watching the side on TV, I’ve not gone to any games for some time now, and I’m shedding no tears about Arsene going. I’m grateful for all he’s done and the good times over a decade ago. But that’s it. I bear him only good wishes for the future but what matters is that I’m getting my club back. My club will have a manager who, I hope, will build a winning mentality into the team and who has a rampant desire to win. It’s time to move on now. Forza Arsenal!

  31. GoonerInNY


    “I enjoyed the last game, but I won’t miss Wenger. I would have 5 years ago. The result against Burnley at has been his bread and butter for years; trouncing teams below us in the table. Against big clubs in the league and in Europe, our results have been nothing short of embarrassing.

    Wenger out, finally. Thanks for the first 10 years, though, some of which were sublime.”

    Exactly. It’s not like Wenger was great for 21 years and then was bad for one. So much damage to the club. I can’t join in all the positives today. I am just glad he is gone and the club can start to recover.

  32. Marko

    Until he’s actually gone this season finally done with and a new manager is known the end can’t come sooner.

  33. steve

    Akbs are so fucking pathetic and sensitive.
    Any slightest criticism of their God Wenger and they completely lose it lol.

  34. Jim Lahey

    If we could ship out Mesut this window for £25-30m and bring in someone like Nabil Fekir it would be a great bit of business!

  35. Bamford10

    I guess it’s appropriate, Pedro, to have one moment of sweetness for the man, but now it is time to move on.

    When will we have an announcement re the new manager? That is where the real excitement lies. Let’s hope they make a smart appointment.

    As for the long-standing divide among Arsenal fans, The Gooner Talk guy has proposed this morning that it will now continue over the issue of Ozil. Ozil-outers vs. Ozil-supporters.

    I would have no problem seeing Ozil sold — he doesn’t bring enough to the XI, in my opinion — but I don’t see how we could move him on given his wages.

    Maybe the new manager can light a fire under him. We will see.

  36. Dissenter

    Ozil twisted his back while trying to earn a new contract. Until he reports for World Cup duty, his back belongs to the former miss Turkey.

  37. TR7

    BREAKING: @Arsenal want Massimiliano Allegri or Luis Enrique to be their next manager but both have concerns over club’s management structure – Sky sources

    I have never been a fan of having DoF in a football club, no top manager will want to be subservient to a nobody.

  38. Victorious

    ‘I would like as well to thank everyone at the club who makes it so special, I would invite you, really push, support these players and the staff who remains behind me, these group of players has a special quality. Not only on the pitch, but off the pitch. Please, as you follow this team, support them next season because they deserve it.’ …Wenger

    Truly a majestic man Arsene,reading that you can tell he genuinely loves this club, almost got teary reading that,comes across like he was talking to the WOBs here who to be fair didn’t deserve him… go on and have a fulfilled retirement man,a true LEGEND of football,your name remains etched in the heart of every ‘true’ Arsenal fan.

  39. Klauspoppe

    With the shit show we’ve been seeing the last few years, many Gooners have definitely felt somewhat disconnected from the past of the glorious years.

    With LeCunt finally announcing his departure from the club, many Gooners haven’t felt this excited for the future in a long time.

    With this gush of optimism surrounding the club, not at all surprised many Gooners are feeling nostalgic to the years when we were relevant and how LeTosser was central to it all.

    Me included.

  40. Dissenter

    I predict that the new announcement will, be made befor our last game, probably on Friday.
    Wenger’s exit of formally celebrated so that’s out of the way.
    I also think Kroenke’s presence is serving more that one function; the board is formally meeting to ratify the new managers contract and also for the majority owner to meet the individual.
    I expect we’ll make the formal announcement in the next week, between Friday May 11th and Monday May 14th.

  41. Leftsidesanch

    At this point SSN seem like theyre winging it. They report something different every couple days.

  42. Marko

    I have never been a fan of having DoF in a football club, no top manager will want to be subservient to a nobody.

    This is actually with all due respect bullshit. Arsenal are one of the few club’s who doesn’t have a DOF. Enrique worked with one at Barcelona he’s here now and Juventus and Allegri have Giuseppe Marotta who’s been a massive influence on their recent successful years. Dortmund have one Chelsea have one Madrid PSG you name a club with a good structure and they’ll have a director of football. And no one’s saying they have total power but used effectively they’re very important. Monchi once of Sevilla and now at Roma is another good one

  43. Dissenter

    “I have never been a fan of having DoF in a football club, no top manager will want to be subservient to a nobody.”

    Allegri and Luis Enrique worked under the same structure at Juve and Barca respectively.
    The problem is ours is untested and certainly; individuals make be overreaching their job descriptions. It’s up to Gazidis to keep everyone in line.
    No manager of repute will come into a situation where the chief scouts powers or recruitment are absolute; the manager has to have a veto before any player is brought in.
    Our structure is untested and that’s going to create some problems for a while. I expect that there will be a lot of infighting and disputes that have to be resolved by the CEO all the time.
    The way the club approaches the manager will suggest how organized the system is. We haven’t recruited a manager in 22 years so we might be coming across as amateurish in some ways.

  44. Marko

    Truly a majestic man Arsene,reading that you can tell he genuinely loves this club, almost got teary reading that,comes across like he was talking to the WOBs here who to be fair didn’t deserve him… go on and have a fulfilled retirement man,a true LEGEND of football,your name remains etched in the heart of every ‘true’ Arsenal fan.

    Not usually this crude but I bet you had tears in your eyes and a massive erection in your pants writing that vic. Look it’s going to get better mate

  45. Jim Lahey

    @TR7 –

    “subservient to a nobody”

    Are you talking about Raúl Sanllehí?

    Also its about time the manager of Arsenal had someone to answer to.

  46. Victorious


    ‘With LeCunt finally announcing his departure from the club, many Gooners haven’t felt this excited for the future in a long time.’

    Get a hold of yourself, you asswipe,the man is gone yet you still can’t help yourself,using the c-word on a man that contributed so much in making Arsenal what it is today,would never understand how Arsenal managed to attract cretins like you and your ilk.

  47. TR7


    Well if Sky sources are true then both Allegri and Enrique seem to have a problem with our ‘management structure’. If the bone of contention was money, the term used would have been ‘ambition’ least that’s how I see it.

  48. Bamford10


    Didn’t Enrique work with Sanllehi (as the DoF) at Barcelona? Yes, I believe so. And doesn’t Allegri work with a DoF at Juventus? I imagine he does, though I’ll admit I don’t know for sure. A fairly standard arrangement these days, though.

    And by the way, it’s not that the manager takes instructions from the DoF or has no input in transfers, it’s just a division of labor: the manager focuses on training and preparing the team, the DoF focuses on the signing, contracting and selling of players.

    The modern game is complex; one man cannot do everything. Wenger’s struggles over the past ten years proved this (among other things).

  49. Klauspoppe

    Max Meyer would be an excellent signing.

    This season Tedesco has converted him to a deep-lying defensive MF who can cover and keep the ball moving.

    Resemblance to Arteta playing DM for us but with the athleticism.

  50. Marko

    TR7 but why would they have a problem with the management structure? When it’d be the same type of structure they’re used to. I’m reading between the lines here assuming there’s a worry about being able to do certain things. Why would Enrique have a problem working with Raul? Why would Allegri insist on total power at a club when he’s never had it before. Maybe they want assurances over final say on transfers which is reasonable. The idea that they wouldn’t want to work under a DOF though is absurd

  51. Klauspoppe


    You can say thanks to LeSenile for playing attractive football to attract one of the biggest fanbases in the world you fucking soft cunt.


  52. Uk bubbler

    I was suprisingly emotional at the final whistle and when Wenger was talking. I see it as a divorce after 22 years that had to happen. Although wanted him out a long time ago, yesterday was about reflecting on what he did for the club IMO. I for one see no hypocracy in wanting him gone, and touched with a little sadness when that now is happening.

    Thanks Arsene

  53. Bamford10

    The “management structure” comment probably just refers to the fact that the structure is brand new at Arsenal and maybe there are some questions about how exactly the division of labor will work, how much input the manager will have in transfers, etc. However, let’s note that Enrique worked with Sanllehi in precisely this regard at Barcelona and that Allegri works with a DoF at Juventus. It’s probably just a matter of ironing out the details of the division labor.

  54. TR7

    Barcelona is one of the most prestigious clubs in the world. Enrique had been managing small clubs such as Roma and Celto Viga. You think he would decline Barca job just because they had a DoF? No fucking way. Now he is a CL winner joining a club in a rather difficult situation. World of difference between two scenarios and probably now the new found objection with working under a DoF.

    Allegri leaving Juve to join Arsenal… again not quite a step up. At best a lateral movement and it’s not that Juve don’t want to keep him. He is in a strong situation and thus can put conditions.

  55. Bamford10

    Fair enough to the comment re Wenger’s attractive, free-flowing football playing a big part in attracting a large, global fanbase. No doubt this is true.

    But two things: one, we haven’t really seen much beautiful football in the past 6-7 years. I’d say the 2010-11 team was the last to play this kind of football on a consistent basis.

    Two, certain people here have only contempt for the non-UK-based Arsenal supporter; it’s a bit rich for such types to cite the global fanbase as some great good.

  56. Bamford10


    Pretty much everyone has a DoF now; I’m not quite sure why you’re persisting with this point. I guess the DoF thing is a hang-up with some people (as it was with Wenger).

  57. Bamford10

    Other (non-Ozil) points that will continue to divide the Arsenal fanbase:
    – the DoF structure
    – the owner
    – the self-sustaining model

    Have a good day, all. 😉

  58. Elmo


    Good point re power grabs and the CEO having to maintain a balance of power that works best for the club, rather than any individual.

    Just as Wenger, by default, inherited more power as previous influential figures left the club (Dein etc), Gazidis has to make sure that Sanllehi and Mislintant aren’t allowed to over-reach before or after the new manager comes in. We need a harmonious relationship where everyone is pulling in the same direction, and that requires strong strategic leadership from the CEO.

  59. Marko

    Barcelona is one of the most prestigious clubs in the world. Enrique had been managing small clubs such as Roma and Celto Viga. You think he would decline Barca job just because they had a DoF

    You don’t think Roma and Celta Vigo don’t have a DOF.? He’d decline the likes of PSG Real and Man City then if that’s the case because all those club’s all the big club’s in Europe have a DOF

  60. Marko

    It’s funny but there should be zero assurances going forward for Arsenal managers. None. If you do a bad job you’re sacked

  61. Wallace

    interesting read. Liverpool will earn about £70m for their CL run if they beat Madrid. Chelsea – 54m, Man City – 52m, Spuds – 50m & Utd – 32m. so we’ll actually make more than Utd from Europe despite playing in the EL

    “Despite their semi-final heartbreak in Madrid, Arsenal will receive roughly €40m from their Europa League campaign, largely thanks to the disparity in performance between themselves and the only other English representative, Everton.

    Arsenal earned €8m in prize money payments for reaching the last four of the competition but miss out on a further €3.5m awarded to teams who reach the final and €6.5m paid to the winner.

    The TV revenue up for grabs from the Europa League is significantly smaller than the Champions League yet as Arsenal were only one of two Premier League teams in the competition and the only side to progress beyond the group stage, they will scoop up around €31.5m in market pool payments.

    Combined with their €8m prize money, that puts Arsenal’s total haul only narrowly behind the €44.5m Manchester United received for winning last season’s competition and above the estimated €37m that Jose Mourinho’s side will receive from their Champions League campaign.”

  62. james wood

    Strange one Ozil’s injury.?
    Like all top sportsmen stress plays a large part in their psych.?
    He could he be invoking something in his contract leading up to playing for Germany in the World cup.?
    I remember Rosicky being injured forever but evidently stress and
    related products where the real cause.

    It will be interesting to see what he produces in the World cup.

  63. jasongms

    Nice set of financials there Wallace. It will be interesting to see what sort of reinvestment the squad get, surely the mooted 50mil is incorrect on those figures alone.

  64. HighburyLegend

    “Arsenal want Massimiliano Allegri or Luis Enrique to be their next manager but both have concerns over club’s management structure”

    The result of the disastrous club’s policy since so many years, so it isn’t really a surprise to see that they are worried about that.

  65. HighburyLegend

    “Other (non-Ozil) points that will continue to divide the Arsenal fanbase:
    – the DoF structure
    – the owner
    – the self-sustaining model”

    You forgot all the survivors from Untold, who are still on Le Grove.

  66. TitsMcGee

    If all Wenger had to play was the Burnleys and the Huddlesfield Towns he might have been okay.

  67. LINP

    Reading a lot of comments about Ozil, here is my two cents on this issue.

    I know we are all very disappointed with the loss to Madrid. But we were playing against a very good defensive team with an excellent goalkeeper. Our team and manager included were not good enough to beat this team. If we really wanted to single out players, they should be the right back and the goalkeeper who couldn’t prevent that goal.

    Ozil was not the worse player on that day. Because of his high wages, he is being attacked all over the social medias. Was it his fault that the club pay him that wages?

    Now that a lot of fans are jumping all over him, for me, that is shooting yourself in the foot. If it were you, you think you’ll be happy and will play better after all these attacks. You think you’ll help the team by killing your own player.

    I hope that we’ll hire a good manager who can find ways to get the best out of his players, Ozil included.

  68. Pedro

    Some misery guts on here today.

    The battle is over, we won, Wenger is gone.

    Show the man some respect. The back 9 was sad and frustrating, but you can’t knock is overall contribution to making us a force in world football.

    Next manager has a lot to work with.

  69. Champagne charlie

    Allegri or Enrique just seems like such a weird two candidates given their respective records.

    Allegri wipes the floor with Enrique in any managerial sense I can imagine, so when I read they’re the two candidates it says to me that Arsenal want Allegri – Enrique is the fall back option.

  70. HighburyLegend

    “Next manager has a lot to work with.”

    You could also said that the next manager has a lot of things to fix.

  71. HighburyLegend

    For Allegri, to leave Juve for Arsenal would be a major step back in his career, so I wouldn’t pay too much attention to this rumor.

  72. salpardisenyc

    Like many of you having lived and breathed Wenger’s Arsenal adventure from the start, was hard not to me be moved and touched by yesterdays events. Regardless of how the back half ended or desperately we wanted change. Their will always be the sparkle which he certainly put some tarnish on but i’ll never forget those golden years.

    That said thrilled to look forward and know its all in the rearview with a new beginning ahead.

    Allegri smoke out there, can’t imagine anything would be announced until Juve have finished season, or at least played out the Coppa final vs Milan on Wednesday. Title still up for “grabs” which is 99% in bag. Juve would have to loose both remaining games with Napoli winning and turning a 16 point goal difference as their even head to head this season. Great hiring if true.

  73. salpardisenyc

    I’m still convinced its going to be a younger manager w/ potential falling into Gaz new structure with Raul and Sven carrying some power.

  74. Rambo Ramsey

    Vieira jetted in from NYC on Arsenal’s invitation but Henry, though staying in London, snubbed us?

    What a cvnt

  75. HighburyLegend

    “Brendan Rodgers would bring winning mentality to Arsenal, says former striker Kevin Campbell”

    lol thanks Kevin, but no thank you.

  76. salpardisenyc

    Speaking of Henry who was doing post match at City w/ Pep, whom did his best to thrust TH14 into managerial conversation saying it was in his heart.

  77. David Smith

    In fairness to Henry, heard on the radio he headed straight over after finishing his shift with Sky, but no idea if that is true

  78. Dissenter

    Lets show the man some respect
    I don’t have much love but when he gave his speech all the animosity melted away.
    I’m not going to start re-remembering history to like him but he deserves some modicum of respect for the first decade and his assured dignity.
    Life is too short to hate one who has not hurt you.

  79. Dissenter

    Henry’s behaviors was shameful, to say the least.
    His employers would have been glad to have their commentator p[resent as part of the Wenger-send off. Afterall, Henry is who he is because a certain manager believed in him and game him the platform to shine.

    He ought to have been there.
    Do you think Gary Neville won’t have left all for SAF send-off if his presence was requested?

  80. Marko

    Allegri wipes the floor with Enrique in any managerial sense I can imagine, so when I read they’re the two candidates it says to me that Arsenal want Allegri – Enrique is the fall back option.

    I agree but to be fair in 8 years compared to Allegri’s 14 years as manager Enrique has won two more trophies (soon to be one) has a win percentage of 59% compared to Allegri’s 56%. Not that much between them not a bad fall back to be honest

  81. Guns of Brixton

    Allegri at Arsenal.

    The all important”A” is the factor here.



  82. Dissenter

    I’m still convinced its going to be a younger manager w/ potential falling into Gaz new structure with Raul and Sven carrying some power.

    That’s my fear with this nascent emerging structure.
    These new staff may run rings round Gazidis and appropriate too much power for themselves.
    A well versed manager can tell the difference between BS and substance. A chief scout shouldn’t have the final say as to who to sign. The scout’s job is to compile a list of “possibles” with all their pros and cons then bring it to a select group that includes the manager and CEO.
    A tested manager like Allegri has to get a major say, like a power of veto to over-rule some signings if need be.
    Gazidis is the one who has to keep the peace.

  83. Dissenter

    The thing is Juve fans consider Allegri to be less than Conte.
    He has always lived in Conte’s shadow and I do not think most of their fans will shed a tear if he leaves.

  84. omar

    I dont get why everyone is here blasting Ozil. If you dig deep enough you will see that this is part of the mess left by Wenger. After the usual dithering during the summer and buying no one, Aston Villa turned up at us and spanked us 3-1. We then rushed out on the last day of the transfer window and panic bought Ozil to calm the fans who had turned on the club. Ozil always was a luxury purchase who came about because of Wenger’s inactivity during the transfer window. Then to make matters worse we gave a wantaway player 350k a week. A player who has always been inconsistent and never showed and real commitment to the club. All while Sanchez’s future was uncertain, Ozil refused to sign a contract. Only when Sanchez left and he saw the opportunity to be the big dog in the club, did he sign. No player wanting to hold a club for ransom should be at said club.

  85. HighburyLegend

    Agree with Omar.
    And anyway, why sit on the bench, at the risk of giving flu to yours teammates ??

  86. Guns of SF

    I honestly think that ozil was thinking he would come out the hero to the fans for staying while Alexis got all the crap. It backfired as his work ethic pales to Sanchez who himself was not giving 100%

    Overpaid and overhyped. Ozil needs to leave .

  87. Jamie

    Yeah, not sure why Allegri would want to leave Juve, European giants, for Arsenal, European fluff.

    He has a much higher chance of league and CL glory staying at Juve, so the move, from his perspective, what sense would it make?

  88. Wallace

    i have been pretty snotty about Aubameyang the last few years, but will admit it’s very nice to have a clinical finisher in the side, one who also has that sprinter’s speed. I also think Lacazette is high quality, and a better all round #9, but that speed is very important.

  89. Wallace

    and they look like they enjoy playing together, which is good. the goals and assists stats when they’re both on the pitch are pretty crazy, although obviously only a small sample size.

  90. Champagne charlie


    Hmm context is a factor there, Enrique commanded a Barca side with MSN. No formalities, sure, but does make you wonder.

    Allegri doesn’t have that concern for me, his career trajectory has been upward throughout and his Juve side has showcased his propensity for achieving at a top club with more comparable resources to Arsenal.

    I wasn’t talking trophy count anyway, which can misrepresent, I mean tactically and managerially he is a different grade. Works with a budget, gets good levels out of average talent, has a solid philosophy etc.

  91. Champagne charlie

    “The thing is Juve fans consider Allegri to be less than Conte. He has always lived in Conte’s shadow “

    Nice apples to oranges argument. Conte played for Juventus for near 14 years, captained the side, and is a club legend.

    Pretty clear after his success managing the team that anyone following wasn’t going to top that from a fans perspective – unless Del Piero suddenly took charge and bossed it.

    Are you saying Allegri is underwhelming?

  92. salpardisenyc


    Don’t think anyone knows how this structure will play out, on the up between Raul and Sven both have been involved in brokering some of the biggest deals in football recently w/ Neymar, Lewandowski, Dembele etc. Our past January was calculated and decisive in sending a few out and bringing in PEA and Miki.

    Allegri has Marrota, Pep has Begiristain, Roma has Monchi and list goes on, Wenger was operating with powers nobody seem to dispense any more for various reasons. Can’t imagine having this structure in place would put anyone off if budget is there.

  93. Dissenter

    “Yeah, not sure why Allegri would want to leave Juve, European giants, for Arsenal, European fluff. He has a much higher chance of league and CL glory staying at Juve, so the move, from his perspective, what sense would it make?”

    More money with less pressure
    He earns 7 million euros yearly at Juventus and will come to a club that hasn’t won a league title in 15 seasons [by 2019]

  94. Dissenter

    I’m saying his managerial record is mixed and also the perception in Italy is more varied than you read here.
    He had a dismal record at Cagliari and a mixed performance at AC Milan [probably because of under-investment by Bellusconi].
    He has done well at Juve but then Juve have an excellent scouting and recruitment policy. They have an institutional advantage in Italy , more so since they are the only top flight club with their own 100% owned stadium. Some believe Juventus will perform at this level with any other top flight manager,

  95. Marc

    Jesus some people on here are incapable of feeling any joy when it comes to Arsenal. I actually know rabid Spud supporters who are more likely to make a positive comment about the club.

    Linked with Allegri – he’s not all that and why would he want to come to Arsenal.

    Linked with Arteta – lack of ambition.

    One paper reports we don’t have much to spend this summer and it’s repeated constantly – when another reports a new manager will have £200 million it’s completely ignored.

    I’m not saying everything will work out perfectly but Wenger’s going, we’ve brought in some top people who could get jobs at a host of top clubs. Why not actually wait and see what the club does and get behind it.

  96. azed

    ” go on and have a fulfilled retirement man,a true LEGEND of football,your name remains etched in the heart of every ‘true’ Arsenal fan.”

    I’m not going to lie, Wenger’s name is etched in the hearts of every Arsenal fan but to people like me, he’s under the section called “Never Again”.

  97. Champagne charlie


    I’ve noticed that, it’s a real queer one to watch the same sort continually try and extinguish any excitement about the club.

    Wtf are you following a team for if not to speculate and enjoy the possibilities of our uncertain and exciting future?

  98. Elmo


    Remember United’s CL prize + TV pool revenue is limited because they only qualified via winning the EL, which excluded them from any of the big UK TV pool for the group stages.

    We will make more than them from European TV + prize money this season, but that’s only possible under those unique circumstances. Any other season you have to literally be both an English club (i.e biggest TV pool) and win the EL just to match the TV pool + prize money of a CL group stage team. In the EL you have to win it to be financially successful (i.e focus your season around it), whereas in the CL you merely have to turn up in the group stages.

  99. HighburyLegend

    “he’s under the section called “Never Again”.”

    It’s his fault, not ours, if he did everything that was possible to ruins his legacy, such a waste… and such a shame. (©TalkTalk@1984)

  100. TheBlaster

    we have no idea how different players will respond to modern coaching of tactics and organisation, so it’s way previous to say who should and should not be sold. Eleven pistons organised into an engine can do great things, but without that organisation are just pops and bangs.

  101. Marc


    I think a big part of it is down to overseas fans and those based domestically who don’t have a connection with the club outside of the internet / TV. They don’t understand what supporting a club is about – if you break it down in England there are 4 league champions, League Cup and FA Cup winners plus runs in Europe, plus other promotion. That’s means out of 96 clubs only a handful actually achieve a trophy or promotion and yet clubs that would consider a half decent cup run as amazing have some of the most dedicated hard-core fans going.

  102. Leftsidesanch

    Time to draw a line under Wenger and move on. With two meaningless games for all involved (bar Huddersfield perhaps) he’s all but gone now.

    Looking forward to what the future brings, and it doesn’t matter too much to me how long it takes just as long as the club is making clear progress.

  103. China

    Regardless of how much many of us WOB have lost patience with wenger, the reality is that he has been here for 22 years and that even the campaign to remove him if you will has been a really long and arduous slog

    I felt emotional to see him go because it’s literally the end of an epoch. Era is too small a word to describe this. There’s no hypocrisy in that. We are not sad he’s going, just emotional that a truly epic story with some incredible ups and downs is finally at its close.

    I usually feel the same way whenever I have moved house – even if the place I lived at sucked

  104. Dissenter

    The record at Cagliary was capped with winning the manager of the year[as assessed by other Serie A managers] ahead of Mourhino who was having a monster season at Inter.
    After that Cagliari never kicked on beyond mid-tab;e placements. AC Milan took a chance on him and he was probably unlucky to be incharge of an under-funded and rapidly diminishing club. He managed AC Milan during their fall from grade- not his fault to be honest.

    Is he a good manager? ABSOLUTELY
    Is he the best choice for4 Arsenal? MOST LIKELY

    However he does have some scars that need to be discussed.
    Did you know that there’s a bit of George Graham in Allegri. I believe he was one of the players banned and fined for match fixing in the early 2000s.

  105. Leftsidesanch

    We are in the midst of a World cup year which was used as a handicap at Arsenal in previous years.

    From the end of the season until Russia kick off the opening game, there is almost 5 weeks in between. Thats more than enough time to have a man in place. He will have an idea of what he wants to do with his squad moving forward so there is even scope for additions and sells by then too.

    Doesn’t the transfer window close before next season too now? We’ll have to identify targets early and move for them fast. I have a lot more faith we can do this looking at the Auba deal.

  106. Jamie

    Dissenter –

    So the only viable ‘pull’ to Arsenal is 10m a year?

    Also, he’s won the league and the CL with Juve, and he’s been up against decent sides. He has almost no chance of winning the league, and isn’t even participating in the CL with Arsenal. A huge step back for a few million euros a year in the retirement fund.

    It would’ve been a different story if Wenger had acquired a 10th life and pulled the Europa League out of his ass on his way out the door. CL participation might have enticed Allegri over.

    Top level sports professionals aren’t interested in low-pressure jobs, in my view, they’re interested in winning, and being part of a setup which is likely to help them achieve their goals. A massive salary helps, no argument.

    The next guy is going to need to implement an entire culture change at Arsenal, and the next few seasons rebuilding might be a little ugly. The more I think about it, the less I think Allegri would want trade Juve for Arsenal. I’d love to be wrong; I think he’d be a great appointment.

  107. HighburyLegend

    “Also, he’s won the league and the CL with Juve”

    Are you sure he won the CL with Juve ??
    Anyway, I still don’t believe he will come…

  108. salpardisenyc

    I’m on Arsenal cloud 9 at the moment, new dawn.

    Have a chief scout in place that this blog did nothing but praise on a daily basis for years for his exploits at Dortmund, Barca’s former fixer whom left with the title of Director of Football after 14 years with the club.

    We don’t bottle this managerial appointment it may get interesting very quickly.

    Summer’s going to be a ride, from managerial appointment down to the squad in’s and out’s and into Emirates cup w/ new man on the touch.

    Been waiting for this for better part of decade. Now we just need Liverpool to get abused in the final and Tottenham to bottle top four.