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Arsenal vs Burnley.

Arteta vs a player he helped coach.

A battle of JdP principles… one that is unfairly weighted against the team in claret.

An absolute must-win game Arsenal cannot afford to slip up in.

Little teams always have a moment in a season that gives the fans something to remember. Kompany taking a scalp against Arsenal would be exactly that. He’s unlikely to keep Burnley up, but he could at least give them some nice memories and the hope that he can bounce back with a very young team the next year.

They can play with the ball on the floor, they have the pace to get in behind, and their players are more than capable of a freak upset.

… but not if Arsenal show up and treat the North with the respect it deserves. The players cannot wade into that game thinking it’ll be a cakewalk. If they do, it could be bad.

My hope is this goal-scoring streak continues because we need some confidence heading into a Porto away day followed by a tough game with Newcastle at home next Saturday. A blip today casts doubt over both of those fixtures.

I don’t think we’ll see many of our injured stars return, but I am guessing the bench might be a little deeper than it was last week. Players like Jorginho, ESR, and Fabio should all be in and around the squad over the next two games. The big dogs should be given the day off considering their importance in March… and really, for the Porto game next week if there’s a chance. Arteta said Partey has just rejoined training, so this might be too soon for him, which is super painful to hear, but hey, if we can get him for the last 10 games, that’ll still be massive.

I am down for no risks. They are not worth it in games like this. The team that destroyed West Ham has plenty of ammo for Burnley. They just need the same focus and viciousness that had us on cloud number 9.

If you want a piece of the LIVE podcast action after the game, sign up HERE.

See you in the comments. x

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The curse of le-grove is real

Habesha Gooner

It would be a superb achievement to beat Man cheaty and pool to beat them to the title.


A window into what Chelsea could be in a season or two.


Haaland missed about 3 clear chances. Sorry bro. Wasn’t your day/night.


Well that’s 2 points dropped by City that I did not se coming.

Habesha Gooner

City should have won though. Chelsea rode their luck. They didn’t take a couple of chances. But Chelsea are still a poor team.


The Curse doesn’t like having its levels of omnipotence questioned… It takes it personally.


Great Weekend!

Long may those feelings continue.


“Haaland missed about 3 clear chances. Sorry bro. Wasn’t your day/night.“

Haaland might be leading the league in big chances missed.
I think Pierre keeps tabs on those.

Guns of SF

good weekend


Certain Turtle star is watching…

Nice work Poch!


What an excellent start to our weekend!!!

Not only do the shits further down the road lose their game, but the chavs somehow hold up the mancunien pretenders to a draw?

What’s not to love about today?


Stadiums are empty, every where go!! Stadiums are empty, everywhereeee we ggoo! Everywhere we go!!!


Legrove as per usual are now shitting on Jesus , lmao. In that false 9 role, Jesus is better than Trossard. How can you forget so soon that Jesus was essential to us beating city. He brings a certain X factor. What has changed post Dubai, is the instruction to our striker to play as a midfielder, and Harvetz to crash the box more often


Sanmi: “In that false 9 role, Jesus is better than Trossard. How can you forget so soon that Jesus was essential to us beating city.”

Bukayo was injured so Jesus was playing on the RW, his strongest position without a single doubt and yes, he was superb.

Eddie started at CF but got subbed with Kai who had a big contribution for our win.

Kai was also at CF when we beat them in Community Shield.

So yeah, you’re wrong.


I’ll bet my left nut Pep will claim ref robbed him of two pens


Great weekend of results,the boys are in form and Saka looks refreshed,City drop points and the awful Tottenham get beaten.
City do not look as invulnerable as before,open on the counter,although I doubt Haaland will miss as many chances again all season.


I’m just waiting for Vickingz to come on after the game and explain how this is all Arteta’s fault. [@MidwestGun]

Check page 3, he has been around trolling in his truly appalling and despondent manner. Needs a hug from a cactus or something.


Pep just like Messi has his legacy tainted by cheating and dirty money.

Nigel Tufnel

Jesus is a great player with loads of talent that makes us better in many ways. But there is no debating that Trossard will score and even assist more GOALS given the same playing time. The guy is value per minute (and money). Jesus takes so many shots that are not even close. Leandro is always around the target, and gets off more shots. I agree Jesus would do better bringing energy and pressing for partial games, best on the wing…. Seems he can’t be effective for 90 minutes because it takes him out for future matches. Using him as… Read more »


It always makes me smile that whenever Haaland misses a sitter(often), the commentor and co commentator will without fail express surprise that he hasn’t found the back of the net……they never criticise him though.


Pierre, actually, its even worse because whenever he shits the bed like today, they say things like its so out if character\ he’s never done this before………. when in fact this season he’s done it quite a lot.


How about Caicedo and his Chelsea career thus far, plenty candidates for Chelsea stand outs today, especially on defense, not Caicedo though.
That goal Rodri scored you would expect Caicedo to be in that exact space.

Same money as Rice but Rice shits all over him with 4goals\4assists to Caicedo’s one measly assist and no goals.

How Brighton managed to extort 116m for him I’ll never know.
Even the Ecuadorian press is at a loss for words.


Jesus would be best gone..totally over rated with little output, runs all over the pitch and ruins the teams formation…

London gunner

Trossard is underrated because of his background and history as a player. Coming from a lower team and not costing much but some players are hidden gems that come into promise later in their careers Ian wright/cazorla ect.

Trossard has to be starting CF with Jesus as an awesome super sub option.


Fantastic result, but can someone please find a desperate woman for Nigel/kpankulu? He really needs one.

Alex James

London gunner
December 10, 2022 21:02:24
I hate fucking French cunts I honestly think your dirty nation of poncy horrible people and I only wish the worse’s for your nation

London gunner, given what you said about French people and how a lot of our all time legends are French, we do not want your prejudice on this platform. Stop commenting.


Results last season from Feb to April after we lost 1-3 at home to city( trossard didn’t start) Villa 4-2 Leicester 1-0 Everton 4-0 Bournemouth 3-2 Fulham 3-0 Palace 4-1 Leeds 4-1 7 league games on the bounce . 7 wins 23 goals for 6 goals conceded. Trossard started every game. The next 4 games Arteta benched Trossard in favour of jesus who returned from injury, we failed to win any of them. Liverpool 2-2 West ham 2-2 Southampton 3-3 City 1-4. The last 3 games that trossard has started are Palace 5-0 West ham 6-0 Burnley 5-0. I wonder… Read more »

London gunner

Alex James

I don’t give two fucks what you want 😂

Nigel Tufnel

Tom: “Same money as Rice but Rice shits all over him with 4goals\4assists to Caicedo’s one measly assist and no goals.” I couldn’t have been more right, and it’s not just down to us being a better team.. Not only with attacking stats and defensive actions… but even more in the fact that Caicedo is terrible passer with no smart midfield instincts. Does not even look like a player that Arteta could have made better in those aspects of the game. Remember me saying Caicedo = Coquelin ? No one will want to admit that was closer to accurate than… Read more »


Hello, Jamie:

I am not Nigel – and he is more qualified to speak for himself. As for you, can you please inform whoever purchases your meds to let him or her know that you are hallucinating and need guanfancine or ritalin, stat!


The eminent Richard Keys, as only he can, has moved on from complaining about Mikel Arteta leaving his technical area and then Arsenal over-celebrating and is now leading the campaign against footballers who cut open the backs of their socks.

What a prized prat…


Rich, you should know better than to use quotes from the cesspool of agenda driven disinformation aka Twitter.
Here’s the rest of that quote, which is still kinda out of context of the full presser:

” There’s no tricks, it’s hard work. I’m not a magician, I’m a football manager. It’s hard work which these guys have done all year.”

Yes Nigel, you called both Trossard and Rice before anyone else here did.
Keep basking in the glory and limelight, you’ve earned it.



Paddy Power are a betting site… But their social media just rip the piss out of everybody.

It’s a joke… The joke is on Spurs.. Enjoy.

No need to run to the defence of old fat boy.


@Midwest Gun, you have been coning across my comments but haven’t been paying attention. I’m no Arteta hater neither am I one of his hypemen or fan boys. Man City played against Copenhagen, I mean Copenhagen, not against Real Madrid or Athletico Madrid and other big teams and Arteta’s hypeman came here to shout that man City is back because City won Copenhagen. Would Arsenal not win against Copenhagen? Why does city’s win against Copenhagen warrant being lauded as the beast is back? What picture is the hypeman trying to paint by man City is back?


kpankulu –

“I am not Nigel”

Ok Nigel.


Rich, Spurs are a joke club in and of itself (over 60 years since their league title), no need to manipulate the facts.
Stay off Twitter.


There’s nothing unbeatable or beastly about this man City side and heaven won’t fall should pep win the epl this season, neither would Arteta be condemned to the purgatory. So there’s no need for the ‘man City is back’ chorus from the hypeman. Don’t hype man City in order to fetch an easy pass for Arteta should he not win epl this season.


Vikings, City had 80%possession, 27 shot, 13 on goal, they dominated Copenhagen like no one ever has.

But I agree, they aren’t back, mainly, because they never left.


Arsenal are now playing very well. Statistically we are 5 points behind where we
were last season after 25 games.

However, my gut feeling is that our prospects in the last 13 games will be better
this season. At the moment we are missing Tomiyasu, Timber, Zinchenko, Vieira
Partey and Jesus.

Apart from Timber the others could be back by the end of next week, which will
obviously strengthen our bench and options

Nigel Tufnel

Jamie, I might be open to that idea. Where did you purchase yours? I know that’s your style.

Nigel Tufnel

Somebody earlier made the point about our great scoring without Zinchenko and Jesus. Fair enough about Jesus, because if he gets the early chances in the past couple matches, and misses the goal by 15 yards, as he often does, then maybe we don’t go on to romp with 3 or 4 goals in the first half. But unfair on Zinchenko, because he is a great player who contributes a lot in midfield and attack. Back to Jesus.. I think this is a rare opportunity for Arteta to switch him to a super sub (exactly what he often was under… Read more »

Kenneth Hanlon

“He can be told we’re preserving him so that he can be available to affect more matches overall, instead of one 90 minute appearance per momth.This is a way for him to save face”
Brilliant plan Nigekulu but lets hope he doesn’t read your post or the whole ruse will fall apart before it’s inception.

Mr. Serge

Great result today we are in this race and I am confident we can get over the line this season. Some tough matches to go though.spurs and both Manchester clubs away


I agree that it’s common sense that trossard should keep his place as Jesus returns He should have last season and he should do this season I also think Kiwior has done enough to not get dropped like a stone when zinchenko returns One of the reason our defense has looked tighter than a nun’s arse in 2024 is that we’ve got a back 4 of players who are all defense first players – and it hasn’t hindered our attack whatsoever. We’re attacking better than ever. So it’s true that zin is a significantly better attacker than kiwior but we’re… Read more »



To add to your excellent idea for Jesus [super sub], I also feel that Kiwior has earned the right like Trossard to continue in the starting eleven [as long as White is available on the right to invert].

Since Kiwior joined the main lineup, Arsenal have not conceded a goal [225 minutes] – obviously in concert with his fellow defenders and goalkeeper.

The team as a whole is doing great.


Pierre I tend to agree that as good as Jesus is at causing chaos for opposition defenses, he always seems to find himself in the wars against players twice his side, ending up with him getting flattened and looking at the refs in dismay hoping for free kicks. Trossard is not interested in getting into battles he won’t win and instead focuses on finding pockets of space where it’s easier to cause damage. Combined with his better finishing I think that’s why he’s more of a goal threat than Jesus even tho Jesus is a more chaotic dribbler (in a… Read more »


Kpankulu the record for kiwior is longer in reality as the last goal we did concede was predominantly a fuck up by saliba and was marked as an own goal by Gabriel. So a better stat would be when was the last time we conceded a goal that had anything whatsoever to do with kiwior and the answer is I don’t know because it’s ages


Time for arteta to be bold as recognize that as good as Jesus and Zin are and as key as they’ve been to our revival as a club and how we’ve played these last 2 years, the best thing for the team right now is Leo and Jacob

Really hope he realizes this


China1 Agreed-I’m a fan of Gabriel Jesus, Zinchenko, Partey and Tomiyasu but you don’t mess with a winning formula and this current line-up is playing scintillating football. However, the biggest mistake Mikel can make is not rotating now that the business end of the season is starting with 2 games a week and the travel it involves. My primary disappointment about the Copenhagen win for City was that with a 2 goal cushion and the second leg at the Etihad, City can afford to rest their key players before traveling to Liverpool four days later. With any luck, we can… Read more »


Bac I 100% agree with rotation We shouldn’t be playing this same starting 11 every match til the end of the season or it will end in tears But I just think subject to a clear change of circumstances we really should be considering this our go to 11 for all the biggest matches and assuming they’re all fit and healthy/not fatigued I wouldn’t be surprised if Jorginho is actually brought back in to the starting 11 vs Porto in the CL tho, especially away from home. He was fabulous against liverpool and in a competition where you have more… Read more »


At the beginning of the season, I i said it that Zinchenko won’t be a nailed on starter after many carried on about him being undroppable. A lot of things he does is fancy but most times, risky and could be compensated by another player that adds more defensive steel. As for GJ. Never been a fan. Was very down when we got him. Wenger eagle wouldn’t let anyone rest with stuffs like him being world class and very few better. Guess what? We have never missed him when he’s not around. In fact it seems we even play better.… Read more »

georgia boy

Good luck with the new UX Pete. Looking forward to it.

Move to ATL and fix the Five Stripes plz and thx. I’ll buy you a pint.

China1 continues to be the fogging man. Facts and logic. I don’t mind the French either. Marquis de Lafayette mfs. Get some


Agreed that we should be rotating judiciously for the remaining season. We will have good enough bench and should not hesitate to rotate within the match as well. Man cIty drawing yesterday was a huge boost for the title race. It makes it even more exciting. May be suits Arsenal to be chasing than leading. Whatever it is it’s going to super exciting couple of months. CoYG


Re the Zini vs Kiwior argument it is more than simply their individual strengths and weaknesses but the way the team sets up and plays. The Evening Standard ran an article last week on how when Kiwior played he stayed back and then White inverted with Saliba covering across. White inverting then pulled the opposing fullback infield and created more space for Saka and or Odegaard. Yes I am sure there us much more to it but it could help explain Saka’s return to form and more dynamic game the last few matches.


@Tom, if you can’t get the point then, I can’t help you. Is Copenhagen a team that even Nottingham forest should be afraid of? That City possessed Copenhagen at Etihad shouldn’t be a news worthy of being a breaking news. City possessing Copenhagen was largely due to Copenhagen’s set up and not city’s brilliance, same thing happened yesterday against Chelsea. Chelsea wasn’t set up to contend with City but to sit back and catch City on counter, this set up gives City the larger possession, they didn’t play for it, they were given the possession by Chelsea and Copenhagen by… Read more »


Tros fills the false 9 role better than Gab Jesus no doubt but we all know that galaxy brain doesn’t see it, he’ll probably see it after he must have blown it again. He sees thing only when it is all over. What we are seeing now, we saw it last season, we saw our Tross was on fire and the team’s chemistry and momentum when Gab Jesus was sidelined by injury and we know what happened as soon as Gab Jesus was available. We all know who would come on top if both were given the same number of… Read more »


Whatever the outcome, as a prestige football club, we shouldn’t harbor an inferior thought that we couldn’t secure the PL title until Pep is no longer with City! Or else, what’s the point? With squad depth including Trossard (Havertz?), Kiwior and Tomi, seems no particular reasons for Jesus and Zinchenko to auto start upon return from injury. Aside from rotations among Pl and UCL games, they’d come off the bench and surprise/ hassle the opposition.. Jesus pressing like hell and create chaos when keeping a 2, 3 goal lead would be mighty! Eddie isn’t it sadly… despite fresh legs, he… Read more »

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