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Sounds a little bit like a track title for an Adele song. BUT IT’S NOT OK? It’s about the game today.

Top 4 was the stretch target this season, especially after the shocking opening we had… but the more the season goes on, the clearer it is, that the objective might not be that outrageous.

You gotta dream big (ish). The power of ambition in an organization cannot be underestimated. It sets the tone, it keeps people excited, and sometimes… it pays off.

Just look at Arsene Wenger when he told the world we might go invincible. Hadn’t been done before. Will never be done moving forward. The ambition was ridiculed, it was put on Spurs market stall merch… but who was the one laughing in the end? Wenger.

Our ambitions are a little lower right now, but everyone has to start somewhere.

Beating Everton would be a very good indicator that we’re less fragile than we were last season. Losing to United was upsetting, but they are a good side, and Old Trafford is always going to be a difficult place to go. We can beat them in the return leg. I don’t think we’d won there in 17 years until last season. Not like beating them is par the course. It’s also not like there crisis was that terrible either. Ralf Rangnick is one game into his tenure and he’s 3 points off top 4. Their crisis is they aren’t winning the league.

Goodison Park? Now, there’s a game that you lose if you’re not Top 4 serious. In fact, it is a game we actually did lose last season, 2-1, when Carlo was there. We can’t be that team this season. Beating the teams below us and around our level is how we’re going to progress.

Rafa Benitez is a very good coach. I’m actually surprised he’s still in charge though. The Director of Football, Marcel Brands, left their business yesterday… so maybe not for long. As I said yesterday, we’re either going to see a big reaction from Everton this evening, or we’ll see a non-reaction if the players can taste blood in the water and they don’t like what they’re getting from the exScouse boss.

Arsenal have injury concerns. The biggest one is ESR. He has a tight groin. Our #10 wasn’t great in the last game. He might just need a rest in general. That’d put a lot on the shoulders of Odegaard, but if we have Saka in the side, hopefully it won’t be too telling.

The biggest reboot I feel we need is in attack. Will Arteta persist with Auba in the side? Or is he going to cave and give his captain some time out? It’s a tough call. If you persist with an underperformer for too long, it starts to impact your standing with the other players. No one is undroppable. If you have a high performance culture and you talk about it… you have to live up to it.

He could play and score a hattrick. He could play and drop another disaster class and make it feel like we’re rolling with 10 men.

Auba is part of the reason we struggle with chance creation. If you striker can’t hold-up the ball and link play, the whole system is going to struggle. That’s why Lacazette has been so important. He brings others into the game. The issue with him is he doesn’t have the speed to be a threat coming deep and holding the line.

It’s a messy balance that needs to be struck… but we have to find a way this evening.

The curve ball inclusion might be Granit Xhaka. He’s making good progress. We know he’s made of iron. We could see him on the bench. That’s good news for squad depth when you hit mid-December.

3 points puts us back where we need to be. Anything less and it’s going to ramp the pressure up again.

December is the month for heroes. Who is it going to be? My hope is Martinelli gets a run again. It seems more likely if ESR is out again.

Let’s see what happens. See you in the comments. Watch our video or plug our podcast right into your ears.

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  1. EdTheRed

    It fascinates me how otherwise intelligent people like Pedro can behave like complete morons when it comes to obvious frauds, often with fatal consequences – Jim Jones, Uri Geller, Brexit, Arteta…

    It’s time to stop this charade.

  2. TR7


    I don’t watch a lot of European football, so I can only make a judgement about the managers who are in EPL. I like how Potter plays.

  3. Sid

    “”””””central defenders need to take their share of the blame for dropping off instead of confronting the player higher up the pitch .””””””

    Are you Not familiar with juego de posición?

  4. China1

    Time will tell, maybe this comment will age badly. But if we wanted a rookie manager with lots of upside I think gerrard would’ve been a much better choice

  5. Batistuta

    To be this long into a manager’s reign and not have any discernible pattern of play is a sad indictment.

    Again, we could have used that Ben White money to do something on our attack. Let Saliba and Holding fight for the remaining CB spot.

    Again and as good as he’s been, the Ramsdale money could have maybe been better used fixing same midfield and attack

    It paints a picture when your goalie keeps picking up MOM performances.

  6. Batistuta

    Not even disappointed with last night as it was expected really.

    We’re boring, barely creating chances and of course not scoring enough goals.

    The manager may well come good someday elsewhere but having been backed by the club financially and had his way with literally everything he wants, he’s just not cutting it for me at this point

  7. China1

    Bati I think the ramsdale money was in hindsight very well spent. Tho ofc we only had to because we sold emi.

    In any case, yeah an elite CM or CF would bring more to this team than White can probably offer ahead of Saliba.

    I do hope white kicks on tho since he’s here now…

  8. TR7

    People who like Arteta are either emotionally invested in him because of his association with Wenger and Arsenal or they are swayed by the sound bites from the likes of Pep, Wenger, Poch etc. on him or perhaps the idea of a rookie manager transforming himself in to a giant managerial figure at Arsenal fascinates them. The moment you start to objectively assess him his glaring deficiencies will become so apparent.

  9. Habesha Gooner

    I think we had a lot of home games and that made us look better than we are. We have played horribly at Brentford, Man city, Brighton, Liverpool, United and now Everton. That is 6 away games out of 8 played. Even Burnley away wasn’t great. We just got a win through a moment of brilliance from Odegaard.

    Arteta needs to figure out how to attack quickly. If not, another 7th or 8th place finish will not be acceptable. He is over two years in the job. And this small margins score less and concede less crap will not be enough to get anywhere. It was a whimper of a performance.

  10. Kegunner

    Arteta is a manager not coach. He has substantially more power to quickly change large aspects of the club to suit his vision. At this point he should not talk about the mistakes but provide updates on what will be done.

  11. Goobergooner


    They just want their own pep for arsenal, which is all well and good. But daaaaaamn. Into the 3rd season and we get that display.

    That’s why its hilariously ironic he’s called diet pep

  12. China1

    Tbh the main problem with arteta is that the idea of arteta is better than actual arteta lol

    He’s been in the role 2 years now. It’s his team. He’s the manager. He’s spent a small fortune. Not interested in hearing if buts and maybes currently.

  13. Habesha Gooner

    We need to get either Ten hag or Potter down the line. The only two managers that I am seeing play exciting football with very limited resources. Potters Brighton were a relegation candidate when he came in. Now the football they play is ridiculously good. Even when they lose, it is not because they didn’t play well. It is because they missed a bunch of chances. When is the last time that could be said of Arsenal.

    Ten hag is unrealistic now because lots of teams have noticed how good he is. I especially expect United to make a move for him in the summer.

  14. Goobergooner

    Also going out on a limb here (well not really), but I think our play is all based on defence and wings and it’s not quick (despite our goal coming from great one and 2 touch plays). We bypass midfield and play to the strengths of Giroud who probs has a picture left on a wall at the Emirates somewhere, but not one other striker we have.

    Our midfield has been woeful except for one game against United. Partey and xhaka is not the answer. Partey and Lokonga; especially if Lokonga shows more of his promise, is our best partnership (regardless of tactics).

    Our forward line is regressing big time. And our midfield is just so weak. I don’t get it at all

  15. Mb

    We are behaving as a mid-table team with a mid table manager, having 23 points in 15 games, winning and losing some games with boring football, with a negative goal difference.

    What else do you expect? 7th is about right.

    I was a ‘lets see at the end of season’ for Arteta but I think I have seen enough now. The fact that Xhaka started when he was half fit in place of a Sambi who have played some good games is in itself a crime.

    Somebody needs to sit with Edu too.

  16. Goobergooner

    But partey has needed a proper partner since we bought him, so jury is still out for me.

    But DM is his best position rather than box to box. Lokonga is an absolute beast with forward plays so he will fill that hole nicely in time

  17. Tony

    Agree with you China I posted that I’d prefer Paddy or Gerard than Arteta because they had some experience.

    We got Arteta and the rest is a very poor history lesson/experience in football for 24 months and ongoing sadly.

  18. gnarleygeorge9

    Should have lost 4-1. A Club known as the Gunners, fire blanks these days. The overpaid marksman, with his fancy car and all, stops more Arsenal goals than scores them. Laca is shot & the others up front are quite simply clueless.

    The Brut Haaland was apparently watching. All I can hope after such an insipid performance he thinks “ Shit, sett meg foran, for en pris, det er jeg som skal bringe tilbake glansdagene.”

    Bloody awful performance this morning!

  19. Northbanker

    For most of the game I was just bored watching it and even debating turning off. Now I just feel sick about the whole thing. Let’s not make this a debate about who was worse in Emery v Arteta. We were terrible last 6 months of Emery and that’s where we are again. Emery failed and Arteta is failing now.. Both awful appointments.

    The one saving grace for me was that MA bought well last Summer and put in a reasonable plan. With more game time to assess, it’s clear many of these players need to develop significantly. The biggest disappointment for me though is Partey – who is far too casual and has not adapted to English football.

  20. Goobergooner


    It’s funny you say partey is too casual. It was exactly like Lokonga in his first EPL game for partey tonight. Heavy touch. Too many touches. Not up for the 50 50s.

    But Lokonga learned rapidly while apparently partey needs his hand held. It’s a bit odd haha

  21. Berg10kamp

    I’m all for the process and backing the manager regardless of who it is, but last night’s display was pathetic honestly. Why the fuck can we not hold onto leads? What the fuck do we back off when we a goal up? After everyone equalised we looked like a different team again. I dunno if it’s the manager or the players but whoever it is it needs to fucken stop. This is ridiculous. Var saved us twice and still we can’t win. I like the young team but I feel its time we bin the old heads Jan and get some new young blood. Azeez, patino and lokonga midfield and we buy a young striker in Jan.

  22. China1

    Lokonga is more than capable of being a rotation option. As a third choice as he learns I think he’s ideal.

    But I feel a little uncomfortable with us depending on him as a nailed on starter because he’s still quite raw. But with partey playing badly and no other ‘proper’ CMs in the squad it only leaves AMN as an alternative. Another player who is decent but not exactly elite and is better as a rotation option

    We need a top class CM

  23. China1

    Instead of throwing money at loca this summer we should’ve been doing it at bissouma

    Bissouma and partey with sambi and AMN is absolutely enough quality and depth

  24. Berg10kamp

    Any takers on that top class CM? These days buying top class players seem to crash for us. Partey was top class. Pepe was top class at lille.

  25. Ishola70

    The idea of Lokonga as the attack minded central midfielder is nice n all but he is not known for being effective in the final third.

    Read reports about him in Belgium before he came to Arsenal. The main criticism of him was that he doesn’t have that real feel yet for being effective on the edge of the opponents area. He is going to sky as many as Partey does. He can improve in that respect of course but improve he needs to do in this aspect.

    I’m beginning to give up on Partey. People keep saying that he is better at DM. They only say that because he is failing at CM. It’s just wishfu thinking. I have seen him slow to react in the defensive midfield position as well.

    With Xhaka it’s not even worth going on about whether he makes a fatal error in matches any more. Just his role for the team and what he is most comfortable playing to is a hindrance to the side. Deep lying midfielder basically that likes to operate deep can give the team control up to the centre circle but this means every other midfied partner he plays with ends up isolated and of course we know Xhaka is a big problem off the ball.

    It’s not worth beating yourselves up any more folks over and over again punching yourself in the face. Until we get in a serviceable midfield every manager is going to fail. We have just doubled down on this failure by appointing Arteta that’s all. As ever new CMs needed or forget about it. This is even more important than forwards. We have no real midfield base to work from and it’s a killer.

  26. TR7

    “What the fuck do we back off when we a goal up? After everyone equalised we looked like a different team again”

    The answer is simple – our manager has the mentality of an underdog. Under Arsene we looked for more goals and domination after scoring the first especially if it was scored in the first half.

  27. Ishola70

    The death knell for Arteta was keeping hold of Xhaka for the club not once but twice.

    This has meant that any real makeover and improvement to the midfield was not forthcoming.

    It needed to be gutted and Arteta failed to do this.

    Lokonga is a start but we need a few more fresh faces in central midfield.

  28. GAZZA

    not a good morning after that shit show last night.. it wouldn’t be so bad if we at least played some decent footy, but it is so so boring nearly every game

  29. Goobergooner

    Ishola, fair assessment.

    It’s because we don’t actually have a box to box. I feel Lokonga with his passing range, and gangly ability to steal the ball and turn and play positive would work higher up he field with partey behind.

    But partey himself has been clumsy as fuck playing out from around the box.

    It’s one thing to be clumsy though, it happens.
    But when the tactic of playing from the back regardless is in force and everyone succumbs to the pressure at some point or another its just the wrong tactic to have as the be all and end all.

  30. Goobergooner

    Also ishola.

    We tripled down on Arteta, purely for the fact granite xhaka is first name on the team sheet under him. That’s a kick to the own groin for the upper management

  31. Sid

    Partey is past it @Gentlebris told you, Sid told you

    For free!

    Similar pattern to Wanyama at Spurs, age catching up with them. He never was great technically.

  32. Ishola70


    We need midfielders who occupy the central midfield not filter back or play deep when the play hots up. And more than one.

    All round midfielders if you like.

    Pierre keeps banging on about Jorginho. Jorginho would sink without trace in that Chelsea midfield if he didn’t have other midfielders around him like Kovacic and Kante who can take it to opponents in the centre circle. As ever a lot of the time it’s just fans only interested in what a player does on the ball when the team have possession.

  33. TR7

    Arsenal’s win this season :

    Norwich ( 20th)
    Newcastle (19th)
    Burnley (18th)
    Watford (17th)
    Leicester (11th)
    Aston Villa ( sacked their manager)
    Tottenham ( sacked their manager)

  34. Graham62

    Haven’t really bothered to read or listen to too much about last night’s debacle.. I watched the entire game and, as events unfolded in front of me, I came to the realisation what an utter shit show Arteta has created.

    First of all there is no doubt that Godfrey should have been red carded. The fact he wasn’t was an utter disgrace and one that I feel should have repercussions. Pierre I’m now starting to think you’re onto something.

    Secondly, Xhaka started. Not going to bore with why I think he shouldn’t have but let’s say with him around Arteta is continuing to cut his own throat.

    From the word go we were slow and predictable. No surprise there then. Godfrey continued to get away with things. VAR came to our rescue and with our first meaningful attack, MO scored a very good goal. Went in 1-0 up and thought, be positive at the start of the second half and kick them when they’re down.

    Yet another VAR in our favour and we all started to think yeah, it’s Karma. How wrong we were. Losing Tierney seemed to affect us and I was happy to see Eddie. Everton’s equaliser was just typical Arsenal and then Arsenal came out of their shell.

    MO had a couple of chances, that were blocked and then Eddie’s miss. No comment. What I will add here is that if he had been on earlier, we probably would have seen a different outcome ( in the result).

    We all knew what was going to happen and yes it was a great goal but where was the preventative actions prior to the goal. Frantic finish and Aubameyang’s miss.

    Game over.

    My take on Xhaka and Arteta later but, for now, enjoy whatever your doing and try not to kill yourselves over all of this.

    It’s just the way it is.

    Great song by the way.

  35. InsideRight

    Habesha “Ten hag is unrealistic now because lots of teams have noticed how good he is. I especially expect United to make a move for him in the summer.”

    That’s why we need owners who will be decisive and pull the trigger to get him before someone else does. We need to show some ruthlessness because this touchy feely nonsense and sentimentalism over our manager needs to end.

    Josh needs to make up his mind what he wants. Does he want a manager who can do better with the players at his disposal and put us in the hunt for silverware and a Champions League spot? Or does he want a romantic pipe dream of hoping a limited manager will transform the side into one that can compete with the top 3, while turning in performances like the one last night after two years of management-speak BS about a process?

    How much longer do Arsenal need to see what is blindingly obvious? Two years of Arteta has not made the team’s outcomes any better than they were under Emery and his dire, identity bereft football.

    I truly wanted Arteta to succeed. I’ve wavered over him time and again. But last night was the straw that broke the camel’s back. A team in turmoil with a frustrated fan base that was low on confidence and there for the taking, and we turned up with another Timid Teta pile of toss.

    Enough now. No amount of Pedro nudging and misplaced enthusiasm is going to turn me around. The team has it in them to be more consistent and achieve better results. It just needs someone who knows what they are doing to get it out of them. Arteta out.

  36. DivineSherlock

    Come on guys we are only 4pts off top 4 , lets not be so negative , its only December , we have a young team , why arent you postive about your own team ! This is what we are gonna be told now

  37. Leedsgunner

    Shoving performance last night.

    “They are a young team and they are learning…” is going to wear thin pretty soon.

    You can understand it losing to top sides but losing to a side like Everton is not progress.

    Let’s be honest that was just a reminder that:

    Arteta has a lot to learn, and I repeat he needs to bring in more experienced heads in his back room staff and;

    we need more investment in the team and a lot more of it.

  38. Spanishdave

    It’s depressing knowing that Arteta will not be sacked or resign before next May.
    He’s had enough time to show us what he is and it’s clear it’s going to take along time for him to even be a mediocre manager.
    Our owners love him and believe his bull shit

  39. Matt B

    Graham62: Agree with that — slow and predictable sums up that performance. We seemed to have returned to crab-like passing, sideways, backwards but rarely forwards.

    From a very encouraging league position and following some decent performance up until less than a week ago, we are back to playing turgid football.

    Self-inflicted losses and some bizarre team selections, substitutions and the freezing out of Pepe — we’ve been here before. I thought Arteta had moved on from all that, but clearly not…

  40. Habesha Gooner

    We need decisive owners. That has been true for the last 15 years. Abramovich wouldn’t tolerate the results and the style Arteta has showed since he took over. Ten Hag won’t be coming in now. I was banging about him since I saw that Ajax team that run through everyone with an amazing football style. They only fell short because they were naive against spurs in the last 10 minutes. 2 or 3 years later, he is back to producing the same level of football after they sold everyone that mattered to the way the play football. Only old heads like Tadic and Blind are left. Now everyone knows how good he is and we won’t get him.

    Arteta’s small margins football will never get us anywhere. Especially in a league where we have coaches like Tuchel, Klopp, pep and Conte who demand to go for the throat everytime. They want to win by destroying teams. Arteta just want to see out a 1 nil win. That is the major difference.

    Graham potter though is the next manager about to blow up. The football they play is amazing. It is so easy on the eyes. It somehow feels like watching an Arsene Wenger team. We need to spot a good coach. The two that came after Wenger have been terrible.

    You are pretty lucky you missed that game. I wish I had. A 0/10 performance.

  41. Thank you and goodnight

    Don’t agree on Potter. Think he has the same weakness when it comes to forwards just like Arteta. When he first came in he dumped Glenn Murray then had to recall him to save his arse from the drop, 4 transfer windows later and Brighton still don’t have an out and out striker and struggle to finish games. 2 1/2 seasons and all potter has done is make them play slightly better but are still relegation candidates come the end of the season. MASSIVE NO TO POTTER!! Sorry

  42. Ishola70


    “we need more investment in the team and a lot more of it.”

    He’s got plenty of new players in.

    What’s the point of Arteta if it’s just a case of buying a whole new team for him and more. Joe Bloggs could manage the team with a massive overhaul.

    I agree we need some more central midfielders and a forward but christ this throwing everything at Arteta seems misguided.

  43. James wood.

    The Godfrey stamp should be looked at again.
    Saka being targeted is the new norm.
    White needs to hold his position.
    Torriera used to do the same thing ( big gaps behind when he charged and those little legs never got him back.)
    Say again White needs to hold which probably will make more average
    than he already is .?

  44. Ishola70

    What the scenario should be is that you give a manager huge backing regarding new players coming in if he shows that he is doing a good job with what he had before. You add to the potential that is being shown.

    This is not happening with Arteta.

    He is likely to finish 8th again as he is to finish 5th. Probably more likely to finish 8th again.

  45. Leedsgunner

    Arteta is here to stay. No point debating alternatives.

    A young team will go through peaks and troughs but Ajax is often a young team and they win the Dutch league, pretty much from year year. Why is that? I’ll tell you why…. The coach, the identity and belief is top rate, and the squad is battle hardened and tested.

    We are starting to develop an identity. I for one am tired of dumping a coach thinking it’s a cure all.

    Give him until the end of the season- he’ll have been given what? Three years then? If we’ve not achieved no European football (ie. Europa at the very least) he’s out.

  46. TR7

    “Arteta is here to stay. No point debating alternatives.A young team will go through peaks and troughs but Ajax is often a young team and they win the Dutch league, pretty much from year year. Why is that? I’ll tell you why…. The coach, the identity and belief is top rate, and the squad is battle hardened and tested.”

    We don’t want your sermons Leeds

  47. Ishola70

    “Arteta is here to stay. No point debating alternatives”

    Is he?

    If he finishes 8th again why should he stay?

    And why would KSE continue with him?

  48. Habesha Gooner

    Thank you and good night
    They do have an out and out striker. He is called Maupay. They spent 20 mil on him and for that fee he is doing well enough. He misses chances but we was in double figure goals last season. And Brighton have totally transformed from the chris hughton team. They aren’t relegation candidates at all now. What I like about him is his team have no problems getting in to the final third and creating chances. There have been a handful of games that they should have won since the season started including against us.

    I don’t think he would come here. But if he gets fired for Zidane at the end of the season, you never know. This young team is tailored for pochettino to stamp his identity. He isn’t a winner as far as I can see. But he can take us up a level.

  49. Spanishdave

    The Premiership has a collection now of the worlds best managers, no other league has this.
    We have a novice so how on earth do the owners think we are going upwards to win things.
    We don’t have a chance.
    Putting in Xhaka for the full game shows us what a complete dick Arteta is.
    Leaving him on resulted in the winning goal being scored, so Arteta was fully responsible for loosing the game.
    Partey got teed up for a shot and put it out of the stadium, you can’t make it up.
    The players look bewildered and Arteta’s constant arm waving for the whole game must poss them off.
    What a shambles

  50. Ernest Reed

    When a manager has supposed tools (players) at his disposal to help remedy a situation and continues to ignore them in order to make a point to said players, thats not managing a team, thats called being spiteful to your team.

    You can keep excusing this team because they are young, but eventually they will stop being so and poor play s poor play.

    There is something really wrong at Arsenal and its not about inexperienced youth, its about playing under a spiteful and football illiterate manager. Playing this poor brand of football is not bad luck, its a pattern by design, a design that makes little sense and shows continued false progress,

  51. Thank you and goodnight


    We don’t need mertesacker, a black sack could do the same job as Arteta.

    As for Maupuy, my wife’s family including my father in law have season tickets and they aren’t overly impressed with Maupuy. Potter might play decent foot up to the final 3rd but I’d still pass on potter

  52. Tony

    ‘Give him until the end of the season- he’ll have been given what? Three years then? If we’ve not achieved no European football (ie. Europa at the very least) he’s out.’

    That was done this time last season and look where that got us. How many seasons should we do this Leeds?

  53. Mr Serge

    It’s Groundhog Day again the football is not improving and I knew we would lose with20 mins to go,
    You do not change the manager in the summer you change him now, so the new manager has a chance to assess players now and be able to change who he needs come the summer, it will also give a chance to bed in his philosophy

  54. WinOrDie

    Partey does not simply need a proper partner, He needs to take responsibility (up his game) the old man(50 years) misplaces more passes than lokonga (a rookie) does

  55. WinOrDie

    I’m inclined to conclude that Arteta has reached his peak but then i look back at the chances we had late in the game (Nketiah, 2 Odegaard, Auba) and i think maybe reinforcements in the attack and as the team plays more together, Arteta can still take us back to champions league.

  56. Mr Serge

    Win or die the issue I have is our in game management is useless and the football is turgid, how much more money must we throw at MA ? We have only beaten 7 teams all season and they were all bottom 6 or in dire straits like spurs and Leicster

  57. UTarse

    You can’t keep throwing money at the problem, you have to correct the problem, it’s the manager, he’s out of his depth.

  58. China1

    Yeah Partey is quality – but only sometimes

    He has to be the guy in this team. Even more so with auba letting us down. The stage is all set for him to be ‘the one’ in this team in his own way – just as vieira, cesc, rvp, Sanchez etc have all been in their own way over the years.

    He does have the ability to be a standout PL CM – but ability doesn’t count if we don’t see it a solid third of the time. He needs to step up. If he doesn’t he’ll always be a player who is largely forgotten to footballing history where he could become a massive player for the club

  59. China1

    Seriously our midfield has been so bad for so long. For partey with his qualities and athletic profile it’s on a plate for him.

    The only two questions are

    1) can you stay fit?
    2) how much do you actually want this?

    I’ve not seen conclusive evidence of either so far. It’s frustrating. If he was an el neny or a xhaka with obvious shortcomings that would be one thing as we could see he’s not fit for purpose. But nothing is more frustrating than when someone has the talent but still doesn’t consistently deliver

    He can have bad games. It’s fine. Just not so damned often. He should be vying to be the next captain of this club. At the moment I’m not convinced he can do that