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The post-match reaction from Gooners seems to be pretty unified: A frustrating game we threw away.

Mike McDonald had the most incisive piece of analysis: The team that made the most mistakes lost.

The goals we conceded were all unforced errors.

  • Ben White with a shocking clearance
  • Nuno and ESR making a mess of a 10-yard pass
  • Odegaard sliding in on Fred in the penalty area

Mistakes kill momentum, they kill confidence, and they fu*k up your position in the table. Our players need to learn from them and they need to make sure they don’t become part of the package like they were last season.

The biggest issue we have this season outside the striker problem is how poor we’ve been once we’ve taken a lead. Our comfort blanket is to sit deep. Our players have very little confidence or know-how when it comes to going a goal up. That’s an experience thing and we’ll get better at it. It’ll click at some point, it takes a collective boldness to make it happen, but with good players, it comes.

The usual suspect think this is part of the game plan, but they’re wrong. The players say that Arteta wants us to push forward, the manager says he demands the team pushes forward, and you can see him waving his arms frantically on the touchline encouraging the players to get forward. Sitting deep and ceding possession is not part of our approach, it’s a bug in the system we need to code out.

So how do we start to manage games a bit better? Our experienced players need to step up for starters. We have the youngest team in the league, they have limited feel for each other, they need support. At the moment, would you say that Partey is stepping up? He’s been our least impressive midfielder this season. Lokonga has outshone him. Elneny outshone him. Let’s be honest here, who would you rather see as our starting midfield pairing when everyone is fit? Probably Xhaka and Sambi as things stand. Partey needs to find his best form and fast.

I will say, a lot of people were wondering why Sambi was dropped for United, I suspect there must have been something in his data pointing towards the potential of an injury. No way Mo is rolled out for his first game against United if Sambi is fit.

Back to it…

We need to see the players take a little bit more ownership of controlling games. We know they are all good enough to play a high line. The players are much more impressive when they are chasing a goal or level. They need to bottle that. This team is 10 games old, logic would suggest that they are going to improve as the season rolls on. The danger Arteta has to manage for? December is a tight month. There’s not a lot of time on the training pitch. If we don’t beat Everton, we’re in a bit of a mess when we need it the least.

The other issue the players will be watching for is the Auba problem. Is he above being dropped for poor performances? He shouldn’t be. Everyone at Arsenal knows the issue here isn’t the person, it’s the player. The system has outgrown his ability. If you want to succeed with a Juego De Posicion, you can’t have a striker in there that can receive the ball into feet or run the line. We talk about the lack of chances in the system without acknowledging the painful reality that Auba is part of that problem. If your striker can’t hold the ball up or turn with it with his back to goal, your attacking system is not going to create to its optimum levels. Just think back 5 years ago, Olivier Giroud had his speed limitations, but his ability to stitch play together allowed Ozil, Sanchez, Ramsey and Cazorla to thrive from an attacking perspective. He could play one-touch, he could hold the ball up, he would bully defenders. His weakness was pace, which made it easy to squeeze up on us, but there are strikers within our reach now that have everything he does PLUS pace.

The Times is reporting our interest in lowly Everton’s Dominic Calvert Lewin. He’s a rough diamond. He looked like peak-Inzaghi at times under Carlo. What does he have? Speed. Power. Elite air game. He’s a gooner. He bullies defenders. We’re clearly looking to the future. We’d have Tammy A in our line-up if we’d been able to move on one of our strikers this summer.

It’s also interesting that we’re looking at Dejan Kulusevski, the Swede with Macedonian heritage (parents) is powerful, he has great control in tight spaces, his range of passing is very good, and he has red hair. His stats point towards a player that keeps the ball moving forward. Apparently, he’s ranked #1 in the league for one-touch passing accuracy, and he’s good for key passes.

He’s only 21, so he fits our profile, and when you look at his defensive stats, you see again, we’re looking for players that can do it at both ends. He ranks in the highest percentiles for pressures and tackles… and get this, he’s also in the 67th percentile for aerial clearances. Small thing, but having 6ft 1 attackers that can help from setpieces at both ends gives us additional weaponry. Remember Giroud from corners?

There’s also Ianis Stoica, the young Romanian, who is being linked with a move. Can do everything Lacazette can but with power and pace.

Basically, it’s clear that our attacking options are going to get a big reset over the next year.

But what can we do NOW?

Our options are slim. Eddie Nkeitiah is apparently training well. Say what you will about his output for Arsenal, he’d run the line better than Auba and Lacazette.

There’s also the potential of Gabriel Martinelli through the middle. I still feel that’s a bit of a lightweight option right now. He’s a top talent, but he needs that Wenger education out on the wing before we can think about him inside. We’d all love to see Balogun given another go, but I’m just not sure we’re at the stage where we need to be taking risks like that. We’re in the mix for top 4 this season whether we like to admit it or not. A 90 minutes like the Brentford offering and we’ll not come away with what we need. I think he needs a solid loan at a club where he’ll be guaranteed minutes.

A few were scoffing at Boro, but for me, that idea feels very interesting. Chris Wilder has been there for about a month, we know he’s a progressive coach that moved Sheff U a long way, they are mid-table. I have no idea what Ben Knapper’s model is for loan moves, but one would suspect he is painfully aware of what happens when you get them wrong. Eddie is a prime example here. Fortuna Dusseldorf nearly had a deal for him, Leeds came in with a fee, the player ended up going there and not getting any minutes. If he went to Germany, that wouldn’t have been the case, and he’d probably be further along in his career now.

The perfect loan is a bit of a Goldilocks formula.

If the club is chasing promotion, the stakes might be too high to let a young player flump around in the starting 11.

If the club is rock bottom, the stakes and emotion around the camp might be too high to let a kid slum it with the bigger boys.

You need a club that is in transition, safe enough to give young players time, and you probably want a coach that wants to make a statement about kicking up the technical level of a team.

I wouldn’t be against Boro’, it’s a tough place to be a pro, but if you do well, the fans love you. That or a move to a solid German club would be good for him. Emile cut his teeth at Huddersfield, Ben White at Leeds and Newport, Harry Kane went to Leyton Orient and Milwall… you don’t need a trendy loan move for it to be successful.

Finally, I’m writing this as West Ham put in ANOTHER huge performance against a top team. David Moyes really has been absolutely magnificent since he arrived. I’m not sure Chelsea are at the level of Liverpool or City this season. I’m looking forward to seeing how Tuchel deals with adversity. It also shows the importance of us grabbing those 3 points on offer on Monday. We need to keep pace with West Ham this month. They are top 4 contenders, no doubt. I don’t know why people keep using West Ham to pick holes at the club, a reminder, we win on Monday and we are 1 point behind them… also, West Ham are GOOD. One of the oldest squads in the league against the youngest. We’re in good shape. Loads to improve on, but we’ll get there.

I’m also watching Wolves put in a really good performance against Liverpool. They’ve been superb this season, their table position doesn’t reflect some of their performances, we are in for a TOUGH game on the 27th.

Right, jump on our podcast. People raving about the Matt Kandela performance, he started the game with a two-footed challenge on me and the crowd went wild.


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  1. zacharse

    What happened to us on the pitch at trafford and anfield has less to do w juego de position, arteta, etc
    and has everything to do with what our team mentality looks like at the moment.
    when auba and saka can’t hit a barn door, when partey isn’t at his best for an extended period, when we lack the amount of quality players we need for subs and elneny is forced to start (how many games has he played with the rest of the team?) you have a bunch of niggling things that add up to shakiness on the pitch. we all saw it very clearly 2nd half at anfield and basically the same thing at old trafford. this is simply a lack of killer instinct, something arteta, nor any manager CAN TEACH. our boys can’t smell blood yet and that is solely a youth mentality/unteachable situation. you can’t teach will power you can’t teach players to steal the game and stop thinking about all the things that could go wrong because last year is still close and ive never seen a team have so many things go wrong so quickly as what happened last year. a lot of this stuff isn’t arteta’s doing, it’s his responsibility in picking up the pieces after late wenger and emery whose times at the helm left us ultimately with less confidence and quality.
    i realize there’s about a million people who want to scream at me for how i see this and say emery/wenger finished top 4. well the fact that both those guys were able to pop out results doesn’t mean anything to me. that’s the past, there are good reasons for what happened then and why we are where we are now.
    my impression as always is that arteta’s the easiest person in the situation to attack if you’re filled with rage at the state of arsenal. but its not that simple and it never was.
    the fact is we are more stable and better than the wenger teams that couldnt break down a deep block away at stoke either. why? because those teams were filled w season pros and then it absolutely was the manager who had no response to the many tactical issues that were never solved over a 10 year epriod. most importantly, the mentality of the team. we have no room for another alexis/ozil/guendozi and we’re certainly not looking at spending big money on players like that anymore is my impression. The biggest sea change we’ve seen so far is obviously recruitment and that takes time. if you havent seen the payoffs so far you’re not paying attention

  2. Champagne Charlie


    Churning out G/A isn’t the valiant defence of a player you think it is, it’s never been the definitive judgement of any player and instead it’s often what’s used to prop up a poor overall footballer – step forward Nico Pepe.

    If you want to genuinely run with the idea Pepe and Maddison are at a comparable level because of their output then be my guest, there’s simply no reasoning with someone so far off the reservation. You take Pepe, I’ll take Maddison on 365 of the days available.

  3. Ishola70


    Any payoffs will be seen at the end of the season and hopefully we will see them.

    Stating that payoffs are in evidence right now is premature.

    We have to judge payoffs in conjunction with other sides in the league as well.

    We can go on and on about green shoots but if will not mean a lot if the team are stuck in the 6th-8th position in the league perpetually.

    And excusing Arteta for how the team plays is poor.

    He signed these players. It’s his responsibility to get the best out of them and iron out these problems we see with the side along with continuing to improve the better signs we have seen with the team.

    Did we ask for a young side?

    The aim for Arsenal considering the size of the club and it’s expenditure should always be to compete at the top levels in the best way possible. Can this be done with a young side? Yes to some extent. But the overall age of the team should never be used as an excuse.

  4. Champagne Charlie


    Let’s not pretend you have a finger on the pulse of what I, or any other poster, has as a pov.

    As if I haven’t been critical of Auba since the day he arrived (pre-Arteta), as if I wasn’t against his contract extension, as if I haven’t been going on about the paltry makeup of our attacking unit for 2 years now.

    You say dumb things regularly, at least get right what other posters have previously said.

  5. DivineSherlock

    Champagne Charlie

    I never called him piss stain though , I am saying his numbers do match up to Maddison despite him playing for 3 different managers and not being given a consistent run through it all , you’re right I would’ve taken Maddison as well . But to scoff at someone who has can be a good attacking option is quite rich . Instead of working him in our team he has been frozen out , then the stories will leak that he is not giving 100% in training . We’ve seen this movie quite a few times.. Remind me how well did Willian do under Arteta ?

  6. zacharse

    “Any payoffs will be seen at the end of the season and hopefully we will see them.Stating that payoffs are in evidence right now is premature.”
    no way. the 4 defenders we’ve added are clearly CL level. The fact that all are in their 1st 6 months at the club goes unacknowledged in yer response shows something, not sure what. usually its offensive players that have the stellar start and are gradually figured out, w defense it goes the opposite way.

    “We have to judge payoffs in conjunction with other sides in the league as well.”
    well what about the emery/wenger finished 4th” argument then? that certainly doesn’t hold if folks are doing what you suggest. the EPL has never been stronger, we haven’t been worse in 30 years and we still sit 5th right now. assuming your viewpoint is that that will change rapidly, i’ll happily disagree and hold out for jan and attack reinforements. if im wrong im wrong, couldnt care less

    “And excusing Arteta for how the team plays is poor.”
    agreed. but when the team plays poorly at places like anfield and old trafford- and yet we showed up for the first 30-40 at anfield, and again the same to lesser extenet at trafford its a bit different than just flat out poor from start to finish. you might wonder why they start strong and relent. to me, that says mentality 100%.
    If arteta isn’t giving them the game plan to win that’s one thing, but i saw both games and i saw plenty of chances and nothing but hesitation, low confidence, the feeling of ‘i wish someone else had the ball’ when saka or auba or got it in dangerous positions. i also saw the same desperation creep into sambi at anfield, same w partey. to me that’s players not ready to play a whole game w the level of concentration required. thats the green shoots/learning curve that wil change over time and will occasionally return when we play WC opposition. That’s part of what builds a strong core of a team. we’re not at the mentality yet that liverpool had when they fought back at home against barcelona, forgetting the talent they have, to know you need to score that amount of goals and are reeady to die on the pitch to make that happen. we’re not there yet. arteta wants to take us there from what i can gather and it simply takes time- and you’re probably right in assuming it would taker less time if arteta had done this before. and perhaps he will fail. i’d prefer he didn’t.

  7. Champagne Charlie


    You think Pepe is a “good attacking option”, how much proof do you need against that exactly before the penny drops?

    “Remind me how well did Willian do under Arteta?”

    I thought he was poor, but judging by your standards of Pepe he was another “good attacking option”. Most assists of any player in the PL for us last year and all that.

  8. Ishola70


    It all depends on what you mean by the term payoffs.

    A real payoff to me means getting that 4th place in the league.

    A lesser payoff would be to get in the top six. And that is a minimum requirement payoff.

    And if these defenders are CL quality let’s hope that they play CL for Arsenal in the future and don’t end up somewhere else.

    We can’t wait forever on Arteta.

    He must get top six as a minimum by the end of this season and that’s not a gargantuan task that is asked of him at this stage of his time at Arsenal.

  9. Ishola70

    Arteta finishing 8th in the league last season was bad failure.

    So he needs to improve on that bad failure this season.

    Top six is a very fair demand for him to get.

    We are not asking for impossibilities here.

    We are simply asking him to improve on last season’s bad failings.

  10. zacharse

    Ya Ish, 4th place needs to be made this year at all costs. but what i’m taking exception to is the ‘arteta has us playing poorly’ argument. i don’t think that’s what’s happening. i think minds/concentration is waning, and we don’t have a very good ‘squad’ meaning non first xi. generally this happens at AFC around this time of season usually happens a month before but we have no europe. its happening at chelsea right now too. the thing is, our general mentality is pretty fragile anyway and so it looks worse than it is, but it’s simply another one of those humps a good team has to make it over over the course of a season. my guess is we go on a run when this issue is solved. i don’t see it beimng solved internally though which means holding out w what we got until jan. i can’t imagine anyone high up at arsenal doesnt see what we see which is a dire need for attacking players

  11. zacharse

    from football london, whatever that is…

    “According to football finance expert Kieran Maguire, Arsenal may well have big money to splash out on new signings in January.

    And that could be perfect for Arteta as he looks to solve a rather large African Cup of Nations problem that is looking large.

    Arsenal are set to be without Thomas Partey (Ghana), Mohamed Elneny (Egypt), Pierre Emerick Aubameyang (Gabon) and Nicolas Pepe (Ivory Coast) for a long period in January, which could lead to Arteta making signings to cover.”

    sounds good to me, won’t miss any of those players at the moment if our 3 CMs are healthy 😬

  12. zacharse

    so i guess what that article is basically saying was someone named kieran maguire published a report showing how much each club can spend in jan and still come in below FFP requirements.
    it has us at 201m. doubt we’ll be spending that much but we will most likely be buying a CM for elneny and an attacker for nketiah/laca. assuming a lot ofn players are going to move again, comparatively it is jan…

  13. Champagne Charlie

    Ralf Rangnick on his future plan for Manchester United: “It’s about recruitment but also making sure every year we have academy players good enough to make it into the first team. Remember: one doesn’t exclude the other”.

    Wonder which view this aligns with more….

    My view that we should have elite players in the XI and kids pushing them, or Ishola’s idea that elite senior players block young talent.

  14. Receding Hairline

    “Top six is a very fair demand for him to get.We are not asking for impossibilities here.”

    Not an impossibility Ishola but not as straightforward as it first looked when we went on that run. We were took advantage of the fact teams like United, Leicester and Spurs were on a miserable run of form, form that warranted two coaches losing their jobs.

    Now those teams are back and they are very much in the mix, Wolves are one to keep an eye on too, I expect West Ham to drop but they are resilient. We have only scored 17 league goals all season, that is a worry anyway you look at it.

    Doesn’t matter what anyone on here thinks though, i fully expect Arteta to keep his job even if he finishes outside the top six. He has a hold on this football club like i have never seen before and that hold is based on very little.

  15. Ishola70


    “elite senior players block young talent”

    lol what “elite” senior players are we going to get with no CL football for years now.

    You do live in a dream world at times Charlie.

    I suppose you bracket Xhaka as “elite” so we have to understand that when you use this term it can be very wide ranging and broad.

  16. Receding Hairline

    Two of those teams are back anyway

    With the media promoting Rodgers for the United job i expect Leicester to have an indifferent season, top ten finish at most.

    As for us, if that goals for column continues the way its going we will have a problem, we have scored the same number of league goals as Everton who are living a nightmare

  17. Champagne Charlie


    More straw man bullshit from you. I’ve said countless times we don’t have the right players in attack and you come back with some bullshit claim about Xhaka being elite according to me.

    If ever there was a standard expected response it’s that one.

  18. Ishola70


    I didn’t say it was going to be straightforward or easy to get top six.

    But if the league is so competitive now and we can’t live with the competition to just even get into the europa league placings then we have to go back to the drawing board.

    It’s not as if we are punching above our weight is it.

    In fact punching quite below it.

  19. Receding Hairline

    “lol what “elite” senior players are we going to get with no CL football for years now.”

    The likes of Auba, Partey and Willian on very high salaries i suppose.

    If the money is right good players tend to move regardless. The elite part is up for debate. Some on here believe we have elite young players so ………………..

  20. DivineSherlock

    Champagne Charlie

    Exactly my point how come Willian Pepe Auba were delivering in attack before playing for Arteta and now suddenly gone off the boil ? Whats the connection I wonder , all awful players I guess .

  21. Receding Hairline

    “In fact punching quite below it.”

    I agree, we have the players to have scored more than we have and to have competed better in those big loses some like to write off as “accidents” and “expected”.

    If you sign a top goal scorer on very high wages and his form falls off the cliff you don’t wash your hands off that, it can’t be all on the players once it doesn’t go well and all because of him once it does.

  22. Ishola70


    “no way we’re punching below our weight right now. we’ve had a couple of bad games that’s it”

    We are talking about where the team finish at the end of the season.

    And it is said in relation to the size of the club and expenditure put out when defining punching below or above your weight.

    If we are going to struggle to just get europa league placings every season we are still doing it wrong.

    But hopefully Arteta breaks at least into top six come this seasons end.

  23. Dissenter

    It seems the consensus here is we have to buy a striker in January to fix our goal scoring problems Never mind a player who scored 10 goals last season has been frozen out by the manager and the team is still not creating chances nor scoring goals.

    No one is asking for Pepe to be a starter, just that he needs to be placed in a position where he can help the team from the bench as sub and push the starters to be consistent.

    Watching how this plays out.

  24. Mr Serge

    2 bad results and the chasing pack have all caught up it will be back and fourth all season
    The Everton game is a must win now

  25. Champagne Charlie


    Willian and Pepe delivered in Chelsea and Lille respectively, and Willian has been a nothing player for Corinthians since arriving…..Arteta?

    Pepe delivered nothing under Emery when he arrived at Arsenal. But hold on, didn’t you say Pepe is a “good attacking option” based on his output? How’s that so if you’re using him against Arteta? Willian by your logic was good given he was our most prolific assister too. No continuity to you whatsoever.

    As far as Auba is concerned he’s been a penalty box threat his whole career and now that touch is waning his poor all-round game is glaringly obvious to those who denied it previously.

    I mean, almost like he’s not the same player at 32 that he was at 28. But I guess it’s way more convenient to blame Arteta for their poor returns, whilst ignoring the good returns from the likes of Saka, ESR, Laca.

  26. Time Up

    Since our generational manager with Zero experience was hired, other club like Chelsea, West Ham, Palace, Wolves, Spud and ManU, all managers with experience and philosophy.

    Meanwhile, we’ve Pedro telling us he’s generational based on a friend telling a friend. He’s mixing up between competitive sport and advertising.

    We as mortals should take Pedro’s word or we’re trolling while he’s trolling us in his own blog without any data to back his claim up.

  27. DivineSherlock

    Its like arguing with a brick wall , so according to you we just need a striker to replace Aubameyang who is young but experienced ( So no to Nketiah , Balogun or Martinelli) , is pacy ( so no to Laca ) and has a brilliant link up play ( no to Pepe ) & the goals will come . Brilliant . Because it is too much to ask of Arteta to make do with the players we have . Yeah I am sure kroenke are just writing a check for him as we speak .

  28. Vickingz

    Ragnick seems to have made man utd play better in few days than Arteta has made arsenal in 2 years. Pedro will soon cry us a river once conte goes above

  29. MD-Gunner

    “no way we’re punching below our weight right now.”

    WTF is this ludicrous statement after 14 games a goal difference of -3 is not punching below our weight? Hate to see what it will be after 38 games.

  30. Leftside

    Not a surprise to see our struggles in front of goal. It was why I wanted us to bring in an attacking midfielder who can score goals as we have to spread our goals out as we can’t rely on a few players.

  31. MD-Gunner

    Mr Serge
    ” will be back and fourth all season
    The Everton game is a must win now”

    More like watching a seismograph in the middle of an earthquake going wild. Even a draw will not move us out of 7th, so yes a win is an absolute must to stay with the pack.

    The GD is another handicap ONLY 1 team has finished in the top 4 with a negative GD since the turn of the century.

  32. Ishola70

    Everton away now as others have said is a very big game.

    And it’s big in the sense not just because there are signs that Spurs and Man United may be getting their houses back in a better shape but also because Everton have been poor for quite a while now so we have to at least avoid defeat there.

  33. Aaron

    8th, 8th and 8th, let’s extend his contract another 2 years…..

    That pesky xG again.

    We have no attack, a static midfield, no real pressing in the opponents final third, and runners that go running into somewhere to receive nothing.

    Need goals, end of conversation, Arteta either fixes the attack this year or buenos noches.

  34. Champagne Charlie


    I wouldn’t play the ‘according to you’ game, because you’re clearly not very good at it.

    If it were up to me we’d have an entirely different front 4 to what we have, with players like Saka and ESR being the ones pushing the starting players – I’ve said this for ages. Auba, Laca, Pepe is a disjointed mess of 180 million spent and I want the lot replaced.

    That said, if you think replacing Auba with a CF that can do all the things necessary wouldn’t yield a massive improvement then that really is quite the take. Up there with Pepe being a good attacking player for us.

    Our issues are we’ve got into bed with Auba by making him captain and highest earner, so now his inclusion is political despite him being a terrible fit. And his supporting cast are veritable babies of the game who we need to suffer along with as they carve out their early careers in the PL.

  35. Graham62

    Of course, I won’t be surprised if Aubameyang plays tomorrow night but if he does, I think every Arsenal fan should be up in arms.

    Aubameyang can’t find the back of the net even when he’s offside, one yard out!

    Martinelli, Lacazette, Eddie( from 60 minutes) please.

    Or something like that.

  36. Dissenter

    Our problems aren’t just that Auba is being assisted by ‘veritable babies of the game’
    We have systemic problems that were pertly created by a manager who’s learning his game.

    Arteta desperately wanted Auba’s extension and certainly made it clear that he wanted Ode on a permanent basis.
    These two are his signings who have been together for almost one calendar year and yet Ode failed to make a single pass to Auba in 79 minutes at OT.

    I repeat again that you have a carve-out -out for Arteta when you cast these wide blame nets [which I don’t disagree with]. You seem to criticize everyone but Arteta.

  37. DivineSherlock

    Champagne Charlie

    That said, if you think replacing Auba with a CF that can do all the things necessary wouldn’t yield a massive improvement then that really is quite the take

    You clearly dont get the gist of what I am saying so I am gonna drop it after this , I didnt say it wouldnt improve our attack , I am saying its unlikely that Kroenke would allow that kind of expenditure because that kind of allround player wont be so cheap or most likely wont wanna join a club without UCL guarantee. . Managers always need to work with a squad they have , Arteta has not yet so far delivered on attack front and we still are 7 games away from January to do anything about it anyway.

  38. Ishola70


    “Managers always need to work with a squad they have”

    No not in Arteta’s case.

    Haven’t you heard.

    He needs a whole new first XI made available to him to compete.

  39. Champagne Charlie


    Obviously our issues aren’t down to personnel alone, but that’s the biggest factor in determining a sides ability to be a threat and score goals. Not my fault you want to always talk about the nuances of Arteta’s organisation and approach, ignoring the glaringly obvious flaws in the players tasked with doing them.

    Explicitly what systemic problems are preventing us scoring goals right now, do tell. Because to me that sort of comment is a close relative to the rubbish about Arteta making us play defensive when we take the lead.

  40. Ishola70

    I’ll be honest until Arteta clearly does impressive things with this team I am very luke warm on him.

    To me he lacks real charisma and that big personality that can be endearing to fans.

    Yes he is young and dresses well but as others have said that is just an image thing.

  41. Champagne Charlie


    Arteta has bought just 2 attacking players since he arrived at the club, Willian and Odegaard. Clearly the approach has been a back to front overhaul of the XI. Say what you want about priorities, but the business we’ve done on that front has been excellent.

    I don’t think for one second Stan is going to be denying Arteta funds to take that same approach further up the pitch. It won’t be cheap? Pepe wasn’t cheap either but that move was sanctioned with a lot less good will earned.

  42. David.D

    I dont understand why after signing a new contract and being promised a chance at fighting for a first team chance Balogun seems to be with the under 23s and can’t get onto the bench.
    Nketiah doesn’t want to sign a new contract so shouldn’t we be putting our faith in the player who has committed to us.
    I get he looked raw against Brentford but surely he deserves some more chances before we decide he needs a loan.
    Tomorrow is massive.
    As expected we are now behind Spurs and Utd with their kind hoke fixtures today.
    The thing is we are the team who keeps giving.
    If you are under the cosh and on a really bad run .
    What team do you want to face at home to end your run ……step forward Arsenal!
    Won’t be easy tomorrow, we have to be on it from the first whistle and shut their crowd up.
    I’d go with
    Tomi White Gab Tierney
    Partey Lokonga
    Martinelli ESR Saka

  43. Frost

    My lineup vs Everton:

    Smith Rowe

    Would be shocked if tets went with this. Usually takes him months to drop underperforming senior players.

  44. David.D

    Also what on earth is going on with Pepe.???
    Not even trusted off the bench these days.
    Of course we don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors but Pepe always struck me as a cool respectful guy not a sulker so can’t understand the treatment he is getting currently.

  45. Ishola70

    David. D

    “Pepe always struck me as a cool respectful guy”

    The cool part may be an aspect in his downfall.

    He looks like an individual that needs a few slaps across the face and plunge his head into ice cold water to wake him up a bit.

    He has that far away look a lot of the time. Laissez-faire.

    He reminds me of AMN in this regard.

  46. S Asoa

    Gerard has Vila on the upswing. Everyone ha got an upswing, even Martinez who was leaking goals like a sieve.
    The Kroenke’s are either blind or dumb. Likely perverse to person with our bimbo who dresses natilly

  47. Time Up

    Pepe still has a value in the French league, we can use him as a bargaining chip to sign Tchouaméni from Monaco. Put some cash to subsidise his wage.

    Make a good situation out of a bad one.

  48. MD-Gunner

    Looks like the top 3 are a runaway trio with 6 points between 4th and 3rd. Which means the fight for 4th through 6th will be massive as only 6 points separate 5th through 11th with Spuds having the game with Burnley in hand. Every game from now on is a massive one from Arsenal as already said Gerrad at Villa is doing well which will add more pressure from the bottom part of the table.

    An hour before the game we will see how well the starting XI has been selected to beat Everton..

  49. Time Up


    You pick a number and make it a wage, Pepe in around half what you mentioned.

    Beside, I said subsidies half his wages and he would love to play instead for f warming his ass on the bench.

  50. David.D

    I’m really nervous
    That’s not a bad Everton team.
    Are we going to continue to be the team that keeps giving by helping to end teams losing runs and crisis.