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Mikel Arteta continued to progress his charm offensive on the fan base.

Jack Wilshere is now officially training with us.

“He wants to do his coaching badges again and we are prepared to fulfil all the needs that he wants. That is basically the idea and it is no further than that.

“He is going to be training sometimes with us, he is going to be around the place, he is going to be continuing his coaching badges that he is very interested in, try to get him fit, try to get his experiences across to our players, our young players, our academy and I think it is great influence to have around.”

No two ways about it, this is a very sharp piece of manoeuvring from the backroom team.

  1. Fans love the player. Being the club that lifts up an exPro when they are at a low is just a feel-good story and it makes us all feel warm and fuzzy inside. Far better than feeling like a toxic demon is living on your gut feasting on good vibes.
  2. We have the youngest starting 11 in the Premier League. Jack Wilshere is in his late twenties. He has tasted highs like being the best player on the pitch against the best Barcelona team ever. He’s also tasted some pretty dreadful lows. Both of those experiences are extremely relevant to players finding their feet in new careers.
  3. The Hale-Enders, without doubt, will have had a poster up in the changing rooms and maybe even their bedrooms. Jack was a major, major name when they were plotting their routes to the top. Having him at the training ground will be special.

I suspect Arteta sees a bit of himself in the Jack situation. His injury issues weren’t ever as bad as the one’s Jack has dealt with, but he was a miserable shit during his last season with Arsenal and he’ll know exactly what his mental state is like right now. When Mikel was on the physio table, what was he doing? Plotting coaching moves. It’s interesting that Jack is leaning on the club to help him there.

I love the move. Could there be a fairytale at the end of it? Who knows. But for now. Let’s wish Jack Wilshere the best of luck with his rehab.

Newcastle United are selling out to Saudi Royalty. Slagging off another club just got a little bit riskier. Why is the deal going through? Because they solved for… illegal streaming. Can you believe it? The thing holding up the deal was piracy, not all the other delightful things their rulers get up to. Grim, grim, grim.

Newcastle fans won’t give a shit. They are about to be elevated into the stratosphere when it comes to money. The group running the show will invest in the City, the arts, the schools, they’ll invest in the club facilities, and they’ll spend an absolute shit tonne of money to make the team competitive.

Am I worried? Not really.

The Premier League should be viewed a little like a property market. If you got into New York property in the 70s as a rich man, you’re making a killing. Go there now with a billion and you are not making the same margins.

The first movers were Chelsea and City. Outside that, billionaire owners haven’t really made much of a dent. You need to be smart to succeed in the richest league in the world. Maybe Newcastle United will be that, but there are no guarantees.

Even in the world of petrodollars, Liverpool beat City to the title and still compete at the highest level.

We’ve seen Spurs in a Champions League final.

We’ve seen Lyon and Leipzig make Champions League semis.

There’s a diminishing return on being mega-rich. Just look at the state of Everton to confirm that.

Newcastle can’t stockpile the best players like Chelsea did in the 2000s.

Even when you can stockpile players, it doesn’t mean you’ll succeed.

United has spent as much as City since Ferguson left. What do they have to show for it?

PSG bought every elite free transfer this summer. They spent £80m on a right back. They were beaten by Rennes at the weekend. A club with a wage bill two-thirds of what Lionel Messi earns. They haven’t won the Champions League yet.

Even City, who do things properly, can’t win in Europe.

Mike Skinner, a UK garage/hip hop artist from when I was very young, once said that being around famous people at awards ceremonies took him right back to being bang average… because everyone in the bar equalised out. It was better to seek out ladies in Colchester Hippodrome. That’s how I feel about this move. Standing out in a bar when everyone is wearing a Rolex is tougher.

… but hey, who the fuck knows.

What we do know is the Premier League has absolutely no shame and as fans we’ll soon forget what it all stands for. No one asks how the sausage is made if it tastes nice… a metaphor that could work for bloggers if we’re not careful.

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  1. MidwestGun

    Jack is back.. Love that photo… should be holding a Martini though.. shakin not stirred. If he wants to get his coaching badges good for him.. That’s one thing that always bothered me about Wenger, he wasn’t intertested in bringing back Club legends and giving them the opportunity to coach in the future.. and letting them mentor the youth. Vieira and Henry have spoken about this.

    Ready for Belgium v France today… Think France will nick it.

  2. Chris

    It can only be a positive thing about Jack, works for both parties. All the best to him.

    The horse has bolted as far as integrity and decency in football goes.

    Arseblog stated today how we are living in glass houses and shouldn’t throw stones as regards to ownership, wheras not to the lowest reaches of Newcastle’s new rulers,,we are far from squeaky clean ourselves. Indeed it is hard to find a top level club who is.

  3. MidwestGun

    Have you not tried that haircut yet? Peds…. think you could pull that one off. If it was me I’d sit Jack down with Odegaard and let him drop some knowledge on him.. Minus the drinks and Cigarettes of course.

  4. SurferX

    Mike Skinner? As in the Streets? And you were very young?

    Fuck me, I’m ancient. Cheers Pedro.

    Also, give Jack a PAYP contract.

  5. Spudnik

    I really hope it works out for Jack and the club. I saw the twitter trailer for his Athletic interview with David Ornestein and he looked so down, so this is really positive news for him. Love the photo of him Pedro.

  6. James wood.

    Picture of Jack was from 2013 he was known to be the best dressed
    player at the time.
    Can any one help what that car is.?
    Really hope Jack cracks it.
    Really nice find on the photo Pedro.

  7. MidwestGun

    Still trying to figure out how Belgium has garnered the number 1 ranking for so long. When they have won nothing. Something seriously wrong with the rankings… Saw England was ranked ahead of Italy, Spain and France as well. Might want to get a better computer nerd to do the rankings.

  8. englandsbest

    Jack Wilshere maybe adores Arsene Wenger, but to an observer – well, me – the lad needlessly overcommitted himself, took risks he needn’t have, and if Arsene was a caring manager he would have taken the boy aside and told him to be more cautious, take it easy.

    Wilshere was far and away our best prospect and, bar the injuries, might have been truly outstanding. He and Theo never reached their potential under Wenger.

  9. Spudnik

    My fear about the Saudis moving into Newcastle is that it will start a petro-dollars war in the transfer market between the Qataris, Russians and Saudis. It’ll take the Saudis a few of years to get their feet under the table – just in time for Arsenal’s new contingent to come of peak age. If KSE’s investment in youth pays off and all the players reach their potential, will KSE be able to refuse the massive profits on offer for their initial investment?
    The likely targets will be Saka, ESR, Odegaard, White, Gabriel and Ramsdale. How damaging would it be be to lose these players in 1,2 or three consecutive transfer windows? Will that mean that Arsenal go into rebuild, sell repeat cycle?

  10. Chris


    Not for one moment suggesting that to be the case, as I said, Arseblog’s post this morning explains why we cannot take much moral high ground. The larger point is, football is irroveccably corrupted and being salt of the earth is not likely to take you to the top of the game for a sustained period

  11. Kris

    Abramovich is the chief financier of an ethnic cleansing posse in an area of Israel. Add that to his activities in Russia, and it’s clear the league has had no standards when it comes to ownership for a while now.
    I don’t think the Saudis top Abra by much.
    Sad, but it’s all about the green.

    Nations League looks like a better competition than those wretched Euros. You got the 4 best teams in Europe in the semis, and the attractiveness of football thus far tops the Euro semis easily.

  12. Upstate Gooner

    “That’s one thing that always bothered me about Wenger, he wasn’t interested in bringing back Club legends and giving them the opportunity to coach in the future.. and letting them mentor the youth.”

    Not true, Midwest. Vieira and Henry just had a gripe that THEY weren’t given a chance by Wenger (and we’ll never know the real reason). But plenty of others did. Don’t have to go far with Steve Bould who was Wenger’s assistant for many years. Ljungberg, Mertesacker, and even Lehmann all got their chances as well.

  13. englandsbest

    Football Clubs are doing the same as any other business in UK, selling the country’s crown jewels to the highest bidder, no matter who or where they come from. Ironically, most of the buyers derive from bits of the old British Empire.

    I guess they see UK as a safe refuge in a threatening world. But money counts for little when, say, the food chains break down. A starving billionaire will pay his last penny for a crust of bread. And a stroke of the chancellor’s pen can commandeeer bank accounts. And Boris is a patriot who will anything he deems necessary.

  14. MidwestGun

    Upstate… Yes but did Wenger ever really push the boat out for his former players and help to mentor and lineup a replacement for himself? I would say no. Especially when it was clear many of his former players wanted a chance. Bould always came across as a personal adviser to Wenger himself a shoulder to lean on and it always felt like Freddie and Mert were more a Club Mandate then anything Wenger lead the charge on. Anyways I was always disappointed by his efforts in that regard.

  15. MidwestGun

    Wow… France is gonna have to rethink their defense.. pretty bad at the Euros and so far pretty bad today. Again though Lloris beaten near post. Hard smash by Lukaku got on him too quick I guess.

  16. Pedro

    Patrick Bamford on good old honest Sean Dyche.

    “While he was talking to me, he said that he was fascinated by how hard I worked and that he was so impressed, especially as my dad was a billionaire.

    “I didn’t have the heart to tell him my dad was an architect from Newark. He’s just a regular bloke. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Newark but it’s not the most affluent place in the country.”

    “There was always that stigma because I went to private school,”

    “It wasn’t an issue at Burnley until I started asking why I wasn’t playing,” Bamford said.

    “And then the manager started citing other reasons: ‘born with a silver spoon in your mouth’ and was ‘listening to too many people influencing you outside of football’.

    “When I asked for an example, the answer was ‘who did you arrive with when you signed on your first day?’ I said ‘my mum and dad’ and he said ‘exactly’. Then I started getting defensive. I didn’t think that was right.”

  17. MidwestGun

    Sheesh Dyce sounds like he has a serious chip on his shoulder.

    Regards to ownership.. I think if you did a deep dive into any sports league and rich owners it would be shockingly bad. I know in North American sports thats true. But you have to draw the line somewhere, murder, genocide, and terrorism … I don’t know. I suppose Sport League officials don’t want to make any moral decisions because then they would have to examine, themselves and their own financial practices.

  18. Kris

    2 great semifinals.
    I’ve almost given up on international football, but these 2 games were excellent.

    Now for qualifiers and 25 shitty games without a single interesting one.

  19. Tom

    “You’re right regarding Newcastle – nice Rolex analogy.
    It won’t be easy for them though even with their petro dollars.“

    Newcastle won’t be fishing in the Lukaku, Grealish, Sancho waters…… more like Ramsdale, White, Odegaatd waters, which means another competitor for us re potential signings.

  20. MidwestGun

    Meanwhile USA play Jamaica….later. not quite the same quality… hahaha I bet the crowd will be pretty chill, though. Well at least the Jamiacan fan side.

  21. bacaryisgod


    I agree that we can’t take the moral high ground as a club. There’s the Rwandan sponsorship deal which looks ver closer to be veering towards a repressive dictatorship. I’m sure we do plenty of business with China, a country currently commiting atrocities to the Uyghurs.

    That doesn’t mean that fans shouldn’t speak out against inhumanity whenever it touches their clubs or football in general. It might not make an impact but to remain silent is tantamount to an endorsement of horrific behaviour.

  22. Pedro

    Tom, they’ll be fishing in the Lacazette, Coutinho, Firmino, and Hulk waters.

    Almost zero chance they adopt a transfer strategy like the Arsenal one. They’ll be short-term FC, they have no need to be developmental.

  23. Pedro

    Bacary, struggling a bit here… Rwandan sponsorship deals or airing your games in China isn’t quite the same as having an oppressive regime own your club. The same regime that chopped up a journo.

    You can pull all sorts of threads to say Arsenal are bad… but let’s be honest, this is a different level of sports washing.

  24. Tom

    Pedro, don’t disagree there.
    My point was no top level player in his prime will look at Newcastle as a viable option no matter how much money they throw at him, not until they make Europa at least.

  25. Pedro

    Tom, agree on that. Their best bet would be an Arsenal strategy… then add when it starts to bang like Liverpool did.

    It’ll be the same for their manager. It’ll be Wenger or Carlo… versus Zidane like so many seem to think.

  26. bacaryisgod

    Pedro-of course there are degrees and being owned by an oppressive regime is clearly worse than what Arsenal have been engaged in. The point is that it is hard to take too much of a moral high ground when you have clearly shown that money is more important than values. Our hands might not be as filthy as Newcastle’s will be, but they are definitely not clean.

    Respected human rights organization Freedom House ranks 210 countries on people’s access to rights and civil liberties. Saudia Arabia comes in 199th, China 194th and Rwanda 170th. Having said that Russia ranked 171st and they just hosted a World Cup and 2022 World Cup hosts Qatar is 162nd.

  27. Tom

    “Bacary, struggling a bit here… Rwandan sponsorship deals or airing your games in China isn’t quite the same as having an oppressive regime own your club. The same regime that chopped up a journo.“

    How soon before rival fans start chanting Newcastle manager you’ll get chopped up to pieces in the morning instead you’re getting the sack in the morning after a heavy loss I wonder.

  28. LoveSausage

    Happy to see the club helping Jack. That story in The Athletic was heartbreaking. He seemed to be in a dark place at the time and no wonder considering the turns his career took. I really hope this will help him get back on his feet.

    As for the Newcastle situation, what can you say? I had extremely low expectations for the PL people, UEFA and everyone else making the rules. Football has been a place where you can launder money and image for a while now. But even so, this is beyond the pale. Now we just need North Korea to take over Stoke City and it’s moral bankruptcy bingo.

  29. englandsbest

    I’d expect Newcastle U to spend big early, maybe even in Jan. It took Man C a while to break into the elite but they brought in top players early, like Robinho, Tevez, Adebayor, Kolo Toure, Yaya, Kompany…

  30. Elmo

    “Bacary, struggling a bit here… Rwandan sponsorship deals or airing your games in China isn’t quite the same as having an oppressive regime own your club.”


    ” the European Parliament said it “strongly condemns” the conviction, which it said was “exemplary of the human rights violations in Rwanda.”
    “several human rights organizations, as well as the U.S. State Department, have expressed concerns about the trial’s fairness. Belgian Foreign Minister Sophie Wilmès openly criticized that “Rusesabagina did not receive a fair and impartial trial.”

    “Dominic Raab urged to block new Rwandan diplomat amid human rights concerns”


    You have a problem with your choice of sponsors when you’re having a statement read out on the evening national news denying that you’re affiliated to a dictatorship accused of human rights violations.

    There are degrees to all this, but there’s certainly nothing ‘classy’ or discerning about those with whom we do business.

  31. MD-Gunner

    There are three reasons players choose clubs, history / status, money or an elite manager that can advance a players talent. AFC had all three of those, Newcastle can also get all three of those even though their history / status is not great.

    The oil money can make up for buying a top manager, will Conte sign if he gets paid enough and has the assurance of mega bucks to spend on players? Maybe. All the Saudi’s need is buy the right hierarchy in club management and put up the resources to build the club. For sure some that would not normally sign with them may reconsider if it is only for a short period. What manager would not have owners whose money dwarfs that of PSG & Man City!

  32. MD-Gunner

    “Even City, who do things properly, can’t win in Europe.”

    You missing the point “Can’t win in Europe” may be the aim, but they made the semis and final, AFC can’t even get into to lobby of European football you should be worried.

  33. Spudnik

    Pedrp, Arsenal is sponsored by a Rwandan human rights abuser president which also slagged off Arteta. Your choice, Kagame or Arteta?

  34. Spudnik

    Pedro , Arsenal is sponsored by a Rwandan human rights abuser president which also slagged off Arteta. Your choice, Kagame or Arteta?

  35. Spudnik

    Pedro, Kagame’s vision for the gunners is that we should rule the world. Asking for a friend, should that be bullets or bombs???????

  36. Spudnik

    Pedro, can you protect Arteta from Kagame given that the human rights abuser has massive access to Arsenal as a sponsor. Do you have those skills? Prove it!

  37. Tony

    All the Saudis have to do is get Rangnick, Monchi or Campos in or similar and bankroll their choice to create a vision and identity for the next 5 years.

    Just like we should have done.

    Or they can do as Pedro suggests and do like Arsenal has done and solidify a mid table position for the next few years.

    Somehow I think the Saudis will be fired up to be the alpha football middle eastern country for the PL.

    Wonder how Wilcox is feeling right now?

    Could we tempt the Saudis in taking Arteta now he has PL experience. Perhaps RH can send the Saudis Pedro’s 100s of Posts bestowing Arteta’s greatness and sauce. Raul could start a bidding war pretending Barca want Arteta and get a bona fide % for his troubles.

    That should set the Saudis and Newcastle back at least a decade.

    Make Wilcox part of the deal because no player should have to suffer Arteta twice as a manager, as no amount of PTSD counseling will work.

    Have a good day Grovers and be well.

    K’phobe I understand how you feel something has to give sooner than later. Newcastle has just upped their ante in the PL and Arteta does love him an open chequebook.

    The Saudis taking over a doldrums club punching above their weight and making them a top 4 club should be interesting for Josh & Stan to watch.

    Any guesses how long it will take them?

    Third full season?

    Whom ever thinks up the silly stats’ tables here is going to be busy with the excuses.

  38. Moray

    Whatever remnant of a soul football had has now gone.

    Allowing those murderous, terrorist bastards in through the door is the final piece. But then it’s just alining with the deals successive governments have struck to line their own pockets.

    Football is almost a different sport these days. It would be nice to start supporting a lower league club but that’s really tough from overseas.

  39. Moray

    Agreed Tony. If you have cash it’s not difficult to get a good side together. We’ve made a hash of it, partly due to the legacy of shit Wenger left and partly due to the poor decisions and weak leadership from the club since.

    This idea players won’t go to a “smaller” club even if the sure throwing money around is bullshit.

    A proper tech director and head coach and Newcastle could be competing within a couple of years. It will take longer to get the facilities etc up to scratch but the team building could happen quite quickly. Offer half a mill a week and a winning project to Kane and he will be take his substitute teaching classes north before you can say “ankle injury”

  40. Moray

    “Bacary, struggling a bit here… Rwandan sponsorship deals or airing your games in China isn’t quite the same as having an oppressive regime own your club.”

    This is a straw man, Pedro. Chinese viewers and the CCP are quite different. Rwanda sponsorship is about shining the shit of a nasty regime.

  41. MD-Gunner

    What I posted regarding getting players because the club has a manager that is recognized as being generational is vital here. Think what good Shearer would do as an ambassador of the club in convincing talent to come to Newcastle. Then get the preferred DOF and Manager plus elite coaching staff and you have yourself another top 6 competitor.

    The only ones that would not sign then would be those who hate the North of England would rather stay in Italy, Germany or Spain, like Locatelli.

  42. MD-Gunner

    In edition I am really spoiled with some superb Rugby matches NZL vs SAF in the final Rugby Championship game was legendary. Starting in October Premiership, URC with 16 teams including 4 South African ones and also the Heineken Champions Cup as well as the European Challenge Cup starting in October throw in also the Autumn Internationals starting Oct 23 and there are some tasty matches ahead to fill any interlulls or dismal performances by AFC.

  43. Tony

    Agreed MD post Covid good times are a few years off yet so the market will act accordingly. The PL is a cash cow for lower level Euro leagues even more so now the Saudis are getting started.

    The vulture agents will be circling Newcastle HQ as the Saudis will be rich pickings and no doubt Raul will be found entrenched offering all his pearls of wisdom.

    Going to be interesting watching what they do?

    Will it be Saudi money scorched earth of all the top young talent and a spine of elite experience or a carefully planned approach of money no problem for the right targets the DoF and manager agree on?

    My guess is the latter as the Saudis will not want to look too much like they’re buying the league and potential CL titles in the future.

    Who knows MD/Moray one thing for sure is City 2.0 will be here in 3 seasons or less or heads will roll. Is that still appropriate to say?

    Abromavitch will no doubt be looking to offload his decent players out on loan, as KDB and Salah were and keep Tuchel happy with funds.

    Manure fans will be shitting the bed because Newcastle will like keep the out of the CL. As long as they keep OGS we’ll be fine.

  44. Dennis+the+Menace

    Pedro, I appreciate the attempt to be positive about the effect on Arsenal’s standing of the Saudi Royal family’s take over of Newcastle. But the lesson from Arsenal’s past is that Chelsea and Man City seriously damaged Arsenal in the past. Time and again Chelsea beat us to our transfer targets and we eventually had to accept the reality that if they were in for a player, there was little chance we’d get them. Man City bought our players which reduced the quality of our team and caused enormous disruption season after season.

  45. Barney75

    Newcastle haven’t, bar one or two seasons in the mid 90s, been that competitive a side for 60 yrs or so and they haven’t won the league for almost a century, I suspect their problems go deeper than not having had much money. Let’s be honest, Newcastle isn’t a bad place but it’s a bit of an outpost and location and culture matter more and more to players, especially established foreign players. Can you seriously imagine the likes of Mbappe and Harland moving to the Toon!

  46. Ustyno

    With Newcastle being the new rich club in town, it’s just a matter of time before we start ignoring games played against them especially when we lost here on legrove like we keep hearing that Chelsea and Man City games should be ignored

    Can another rich country come and buy Arsenal,it’s not funny again

  47. englandsbest

    The downside for Arsenal is another big-spending competitor. The upside for fans is that PL will become even more entertaining, with a flood of incoming exceptional players.

    It will take Newcastle United 2-3 years to make an impact at the top. By then Arsenal should be firmly entrenched in the elite again. That’s if you believe Arteta’s the man (as I do). Otherwise we are doomed.

  48. NORG

    According to Amanda the first Newcastle signing will be a DOF. Their choice will be determine how successful they will be.

  49. Matt

    I don’t know how anyone can dismiss Newcastle as a threat. Taking aside the gulf in riches, the difference between their owners and ours is that they will want to be competing with Man City, PSG, Real Madrid and they wont want to be waiting 10 years to get there. Nothing can happen overnight, even with all the money in the world, but make no mistake, if Arteta doesn’t get this right and we have to go through another rebuild, then you can soon count Newcastle as yet another club who will be seeing us in their rear view mirror as they fly past us.

  50. CG


    “””I don’t know how anyone can dismiss Newcastle as a threat”””

    Newcastle as of yesterday are talking in terms of PSG and Man City – the harsh reality Arsenal, Spurs and even Man Utd will not now be in their thoughts.

    The combined wealth of these ‘Saudi Geordies’ is more than all of the other owners put together.

    Silent Stan looks like a pauper in comparison to MBS and Co.

  51. Ishola70

    No need to worry about Newcastle just yet because they will have to overturn their current squad to a large extent over time but anyone that dismisses them because of their past history is off.

    Man City were not exactly glittering in their past history either before their takeover.

    Newcastle are a big club in terms of fanbase and has the potential to get bigger because of location. They will now become the club in the North-East of England which is a large geographical area and has always been a hotbed for football and passion for the game. Those that don’t know that don’t know their English football.

    The North-East has always been a prime area and primarily Newcastle for a takeover to establish another super club.

    Now it has happened. Now it’s just about the time period involved to elevate them from previous.

  52. Ishola70

    And just being in the EPL is enough for Newcastle as well for the Saudis because the league itself is where it’s at for these sort of take overs.

    You didn’t see the Saudis rushing over to Germany to take over a club like Schalke in the past when they were in the Bundesliga because the league itself is not seen as the place to be and Schalke are another with a very big fanbase and mad for football area in that part of Germany. Just as big of a fanbase as Newcastle if not bigger.

  53. englandsbest


    Yep, it’s Arteta or nothing.

    Any switch from him will be lethargic and ponderous, leaving us in the wake of a resurgent Newcastle. Anybody who has watched a game at St James (is that still the name?) knows the passion and commitment of the populace. Its position make the ground the centre-piece of the city. Nobody desrves success more than the Geordies.

    Fortunately under Arteta we are well along the process, two years ahead of them.

  54. Sid

    “”””Ishola70October 8, 2021 10:44:03
    lol Joe Willock may require to seek another club in the not too distant future.””””

    Arsenal? 50m, Loooool

  55. englandsbest

    Had a Jensen back then. The electrix (the fan) never worked efficiently. It would overheat in a traffic jam and stall. But on an open road it was heaven. World’s fastest production car (or so they said).

  56. Ernest Reed

    Just because Newcastle have rich owners does not necessarily mean that the money will be well spent. If they don’t invest into a solid and sound infrastructure first, then the rest wont matter as it will be akin to throwing money into a bottomless pit. Going to be interesting to see how this one plays out. For now Newcastle are only a threat to themselves.

  57. Barney75

    Unless the Saudis suddenly make the North-East an attractive place to live for the global elite (which is what top footballers are) I just don’t see them suddenly attracting the world’s best talent. London, Manchester and Liverpool are all cultural hubs in a way that Newcastle just isn’t and no surprise their clubs can attract the best players. This is if of course completely hypothetical but if Liverpool or Man City offered me £300k a week and Newcastle offered me £400k a week, I pretty sure I’d be heading up the M5/M6 rather than the M1/A1. Geography and location matter (check out the author Tim Marshall) and companies increasingly compete on this basis as well as just paying the highest salaries.

    Look, I’m sure Newcastle will have some success but I just don’t see them as an existential threat to Arsenal….and as much as Man City and Chelsea have benefitted from money being poured in, at the same time our recruitment of players has been appalling. Part of also wonders whether the PL (and probably the UK Gov) rolling over on this matter is part of BJ’s levelling up agenda!

  58. Ishola70

    This talk of players wanting to live in a glittering metropolis is nonsense.

    Is Liverpool a glittering metropolis compared to London?

    Newcastle is not on Mars. It’s one of the biggest cities in the whole of England.

    The main point here is the passion for football in the said city.

    There is the passion for the game in Liverpool as well as in Newcastle.

  59. Barney75

    Having spent a lot of time in Liverpool, it’s a great city.

    As I said, geography matters. The influx of money into the game in the last 30 yrs cannot explain why Newcastle as well as Sunderland and Middlesborough have by and large been shit for the last century.

  60. Ishola70

    lol football players and high culture.

    If the players Newcastle sign get bored and want high culture in the city of Newcastle the Saudis will build an opera house for them to go to during weekdays off and get in the best tenors to entertain them.

  61. Ishola70


    Liverpool was a working class dump for much of the past but a proud working class dump.

    It’s only been the last few decades that it has been gentrified.

    So what.

    Most of England has been gentrified in the lasr decades including Newcastle.

    Even the biggest shitholes in England have had some sort of gentrification.

  62. Ishola70

    Lots of players will love Newcastle.

    Young men going out with young women falling at their feet in bars and clubs.

    Yes the fat ugly ones as well.

    I wanna de adored? Stone Roses. The Newcastle public will adore you.

    They won’t need the opera house.

  63. CG


    “”””Just because Newcastle have rich owners does not necessarily mean that the money will be well spent.”””””

    Chelsea, Man City and PSG don’ t always spend the money well, they still win though.

    When you have as much money as this lot, you always win in the end.

    A. Wenger was right all along- Financial Doping , he called it.

    Newcastle Utd have not won the league for 96 years. They are stating, they want to win in before the 100 years are up

  64. Barney75

    Having an Opera house is a pretty narrow definition of culture, but anyway, let’s see how it all pans out.

  65. Ishola70

    As long as these young men can party they will be fine and you can party in Newcastle.

    Such is the human condition and nature.

    There were sex and drugs orgies at the Nuremburg trials inbetween sittings. Something as sombre as that had the entertainment on offer if it was wanted.

    Humans will always find entertainment if they really want to.

  66. Fabregoat

    Newcastle will be a top 4 team in about 3 seasons.

    So Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man Utd and Newcastle will be competing it out.

    We’re out.

  67. Barney75

    Wonder what the Saudis thought when they saw those Geordies jumping up and down outside their newly acquired stadium yesterday chucking beer all over themselves….the very definition of juxtaposition. Interesting times ahead

  68. Guns of Hackney

    Stop dissing Newcastle, Peter. They can absolutely crush the league if they buy right. No guarantees of course but they have a shot. As for recruitment, players will go anywhere for the cash. Look at the players who went to China, most of them were in their prime. Dollar.

    I think we are jealous. In fact, I know we are. We shat ourselves when Chelsea got rich and the rest is history.

    I’m really happy for the geordies. I’ll never forget after we beat them in the fa cup finals, some of the best fans you could meet. No trouble, had a beer and a laugh.

  69. Graham62


    AW was right about “financial doping”

    If only he’d tried that bit harder when it came to our own financial irregularities, his legacy would have been so much better.

    To be honest, I think we all saw this coming. If the governing bodies break the rules of financial fair play, how can we expect the game to remain unaffected.

    Our problem is that we have a wealthy owner who is clueless and uses the club as a personal banking system to help fund his many business concerns. We then have a board who basically sit on their arses nodding their heads, whilst reaping the rewards. Then there’s our Executives who are way off the pace and, on top of all of this, we have a rookie manager who just doesn’t do it for me.

    What a rosey picture I paint.

  70. Barney75

    If Newcastles only manages to attract the calibre of player that has so far gone off to China I’d be quite happy. Anything above that, then that would be a problem.

  71. Ishola70

    Steve Bruce is already packing his bags lol.

    But he said he doesn’t mind because he is a Newcastle fan himself and wants what’s best for the club.

  72. Elmo

    “Newcastle will be a top 4 team in about 3 seasons.So Man City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man Utd and Newcastle will be competing it out.We’re out.”

    Is this the catalyst for the European Super League? It fell before because the big English teams got cold feet and pulled out, because they had least to gain financially (enough cash from PL + existing Europe).
    If you add another deep pocketed competitor, meaning 3 of 4 CL qualification spots are sewn up every year (City / Chelsea / Newcastle), do the traditional cultural powerhouses of English football (Liverpool + United) change their position and become strongly in favour of an ESL (along with Arsenal + Spurs who have most to gain as we can’t qualify under the status quo)?

  73. raptora

    Manchester United forward Cristiano Ronaldo has won Premier League Player of the Month, while Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta has been named Manager of the Month for September.

    Laughable stuff really. So undeserved. Someone in the FA must be taking the piss.

  74. NORG

    Can you imagine Vinai having to answer to Amanda – she stands up to piss and wouldnt stand for his meek and mild offering.

  75. englandsbest


    The European Super League failed because the Yankee owners wanted exclusivity ansd permanence.

    But it will return in a revised form that will embrace ALL the top Clubs of Europe. Why? Because the top clubs of Europe (apart from the financially-doped one) need the dough.

  76. Jamie

    “Wonder what the Saudis thought when they saw those Geordies jumping up and down outside their newly acquired stadium yesterday chucking beer all over themselves”

    Wealthy Middle Easterners absolutely love Westerners with loose morals. Trust me.

  77. Ishola70


    “Wealthy Middle Easterners absolutely love Westerners with loose morals. Trust me.”

    Absolutely. Who will be holding the biggest parties in Newcastle now? The Saudis themselves. And Newcastle players very welcome to attend as well of course.

  78. Dissenter

    Financial doping?
    That’s hogwash
    Why isn’t our £160 million summer splurge considered “financial doping”?
    It certainly wasn’t money earned from football since COVID devastated the clubs finances.

  79. Ishola70

    European Super League is so boring.

    What is still much more exciting is if Rangers and Celtic joined the EPL from Scotland.

    But as soon as Rangers and Celtic joined the EPL they would become super clubs almost instantly because they are massive clubs in their own right and they would get taken over by heavy investors as well.

    But in terms of British football that is more appealing than a Europan Super League.

    It’s been talked about for years the Celtic and Rangers joining EPL.. Still waiting.

    Just rename it the British Super League.

    If Cardiff City can play in the English divisions so can Celtic and Rangers.

  80. Habesha Gooner

    If NUFC are serious, they are going to recruit top young players. Then they can take it from there. It won’t be as easy as city and Chelsea did it. Back then Liverpool were in shambles. There was Arsenal and United to compete with. Now NUFC have to compete with an youthful Arsenal side, a top class Chelsea,Liverpool and Mancity sides, and a Man United team full of world class players waiting for the right manager. There is also Tottenham. So I don’t think it will be easy unless they are willing to pay extortionate wages.

  81. The Bard

    I dont think the Newcastle situation affects us very much because despite the PR we are second tier club with very little ambition and have been for a decade or so. I do think it will affect transfer values as the top clubs fight it out for signings, the prices will go up.

  82. Sid

    “”””Can you imagine Vinai having to answer to Amanda – she stands up to piss and wouldnt stand for his meek and mild offering”””””

    Vinai is into dominatrix

  83. Leftside


    That’s just it, we’re not in Newcastle’s sights. In the league it will be Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea and potentially Man United. Where they are headed they won’t be able to see Mikel riding in 8th place playing passive, defensive football scared to really go at sides.

    They will probably get into Europe in not too distant future and be competing for trophies while we are still here waiting for Arsenal’s process to come into fruition.

  84. Ishola70


    “They will probably get into Europe in not too distant future and be competing for trophies while we are still here waiting for Arsenal’s process to come into fruition.”

    Rest assured. England’s Best has already told us we are two years ahead of Newcastle in the process and this despite the Saudi take over there.

    Funny that because I’m sure there have been noises on here that really the real process for Arsenal only started a few weeks ago.

    So the Saudis will have to overcome a few weeks deficit in relation to Arsenal.

  85. Habesha Gooner

    Is hola
    There is nothing to Laugh out loud about it. I think our coach is the problem. Our players are fantastic. We need some more quality in some positions but we are in the right direction with the quality of the squad. And I give arteta some credit for the recruitment. I just don’t think he can set them up to win.

  86. Matt


    ‘So I don’t think it will be easy unless they are willing to pay extortionate wages.’

    Do you honestly think the richest owners in world football ae going to scrimp on wages?

  87. Ishola70


    It may not be me laughing regarding Arsenal but rather you not realising the possible advancement the Saudis can make with Newcastle.

    As the saying goes the world is their oyster now.

    It may not happen without fail but past history with takeovers of this magnitude and with those involved tell us that there may be a very high chance of it happening.

  88. Leftside


    I tend to not read his comments as he (putting it politely) isn’t in touch with reality.

    That being said, this project is not in it’s infancy, no matter what Arteta’s devoted fans will say. He has been in a role for almost two years, won an FA Cup early on, overseen two 8th place finishes, has the players he wants. Whatever the process is meant to be currently, and whatever the end goal is anyone’s guess.

  89. Ishola70


    “He has been in a role for almost two years”

    Well yeah that’s where Engand’s Best got his two years ahead of Newcastle idea from.

    As soon as Arteta walked into that Arsenal door on his first day at the club as coach/manager we were naturally at an advantage over other clubs instantly.

  90. Habesha Gooner

    Is hola
    I am not saying they won’t succeed. Eventually they will. But it is going to be a lot harder because Chelsea, United and City already pay ridiculous wages. And players will look at the here and now if they have enough wages. These clubs are in a good position already and are going to win sooner than later. When city and Chelsea did it, it was only Man United that could match them. Now there is at least 3 clubs Vying to match them on wages. And I don’t think they will be a pull anytime soon for some one who wants to win. Harland or Mbappe level of players aren’t going to Newcastle soon.

    I think Newcastle will have to pay more than the 300k a week these clubs pay regularly. That is what I mean by extortionate. And the fact that they went to 300 mil Newcastle rather than 2 billion clubs like Arsenal tells me they want a smarter way of spending like Man city did. They will get it right eventually but I bet it will take at least 5 years.

  91. englandsbest

    I imagine a plan – a process, if you like – has already been decided by the new owners of NUFC – after all they have had ample time while FA dithered. It’s just the details which need to be filled in – the manager, the players. No doubt they have a top manager in mind, tho’ they are likely to keep Steve Bruce on, at least till Xmas.

    My guess is that they will bring in experienced players. People they know can hold the fort until the new manager arrives and the big spend starts. A guy like Auba might suit them fine, perhaps Xhaka, maybe even Kola – short-term signings to get them though e arly on, and keep their fans excited. Wenger certainly gave an early helping hand to Man C in their resurrection.

    I am not worried about Newcastle as a competitor, in fact I’m pleased, a welcome change from Chelsea, Man U, Liverpool. The way things are shaping, Arsenal will be a match for any Club, here or in Europe.

  92. The Bard

    My worry is less that we won’t be competing any time soon but that some of our fantastic kids will get picked off. Does anyone really believe that if someone is willing to pay Saka £300000 a week and offer £100m in transfer fees we won’t sell ?Welcome to our new world as a satellite club for the big boys.

  93. NORG

    Amanda has stated two things – they will copy the City model and the priority will be a DOF.

    If they get the right DOF he will have Carte Blanche to carry out the rebuild of the first team. The whole new structure of the club will be massive – they will be raiding other clubs academies during the ‘catch up’ program.. It will cost a fortune – something they have.

  94. englandsbest


    Yeah, I agree – they prefer pronto, But it’s September, difficult to find what you want, all the best guys are employed. And Jan is a hard window in which to find what you want. And the Saudis, despite their wealth, will not want overpay. Better to wait a while.

  95. Tom

    “I am not worried about Newcastle as a competitor, in fact I’m pleased, a welcome change from Chelsea, Man U, Liverpool. The way things are shaping, Arsenal will be a match for any Club, here or in Europe.“

    Englandsbest, so you telling us when Arteta fails to break into top four you won’t be using Newcastle as another excuse as in the whole landscape of the PL changed and we just couldn’t compete?
    Call me a cynic but I find it hard to believe.

    MBS payed more for a single “ fake” da Vinci canvas than the Newcastle FC , how much money do you think he’ll be willing to piss away to make them competitive in the shortest time possible?

  96. englandsbest

    The Bard

    Yeah, it’s a worry, and you can betcha life an offer will come of that nature for Saka. But my hope is that Arteta’s pull will be greater. And looking at the upside, £100 mill, well spent, can buy a load of talent.

  97. englandsbest


    I don’t make excuses. I give explanations.So clearly if Arsenal came fifth and Newcastle came fourth, that explains why Arsenal weren’t in the top 4.

    Nobody is less inclined to give money away than the very wealthy. I guess that makes me a cynic.

    Lastly, there’s a huge difference between overpaying for a da Vinci (real or fake) and pissing away money to make your footballl club competitive. You got it! The guy who owned the da Vinci is not a competitor.

  98. Tom

    Any Arsenal fan happy the league is getting tougher to compete in because of another prospect of unlimited funds being thrown around at players’ wages and transfers, at a time when Arsenal are actively lowering their wage bill, must be off his/her rocker.