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Bad news on the injury front. Ironman Granit Xhaka is out for 3 months. Whatever you think about him, that is a massive issue for Arsenal because it depletes us of reliable experience and it means we’re a little closer to a 3 month Mo Elneny residency in our midfield.

It’s a killer as well because the injury was a total freak. How much bad luck do we consistently get these days? It’s always something.

This could be an opportunity.


It has to be an opportunity for some of the younger players to make moves.

AMN is going to land minutes. He has to grab them. He has to stay focused, up his intensity, and find the midfield version of whatever he did in the FA Cup run.

Sambi Lokonga is regarded as a future superstar of European football. But he’s still a little lightweight for the league. He has to find a bit of bite to his game and continue to impress in the middle with his already up-to-speed passing and movement.

There might be a crack in the blinds for Charlie Patino. Look, he’s very young, he’s super green, but he has something about his game. Could he earn himself some minutes? You’d imagine he will in the League Cup.

There’s also a bit of chatter about Jack Wilshere. I love the player, he’s homegrown, and it’d be sexy to see him back at The Arsenal, but I’m not sure we can register him and he’s probably a way off Premier League full-fitness. But it’s a sexy idea, if not a little naive.

Matt from the podcast said yesterday that we might be about to feel the Gilberto-effect of losing Granit. If you don’t know what that means, back in the day, Gilberto was a bit of a mystery to people. The Brazilian midfielder was incredibly technical, but not as bang bang as our other players, so people didn’t understand what he did. Then he got injured, and we felt the pain of his absence. Closing down spaces, covering the back 4, using his movement to do clever things. Granit has his issues, his very visible HORROR moments cloud that he’s pretty reliable in the main. This is not great news for us, so let’s hope some players can step up in his absence.

One player who might have stepped into Granit’s shoes would have been Matteo. The Frenchman has performed pretty well for Marseille this season, but we’re barely out of September and French journo Romain Canuti is reporting this:

“There are a few players at Marseille who are struggling with Guendouzi. His way of working, when he always blames others for things, when he falls to his knees in training to implore God because a touch isn’t good enough, it grates”

I love this.

When everyone was beating the club over the head for being sh*t, this was the story that people kept coming back to: MATTEO WAS MISMANAGED.

Well, here we are, in September, and his teammates are leaking against him.

Did you see any of the above type behaviour at the weekend? Did you see any of the petulance, even when we were losing? No. You don’t want it. Being a d*ckhead is not ‘caring too much’, it’s a waste of energy. When players are gossiping about dickheads, it wastes time. When coaches have to worry about how hard to discipline a good player, it shifts focus from the helping people that want to behave. He is going to struggle if he continues to disrupt like this… but it’s clearly not a management issue, it’s a Matteo problem.

This week has given clarity to a lot of things, one of them, is culture. When you are making changes, things always get worse before they get better. We’ve moved on 30 players in 2 years. We’ve cut big players that didn’t have the character or behaviour we desired, and at times, it felt counter-productive. But now, we can see that actually, those moves look good. All the new players we signed seemed to have been vetted for good egg/bad egg vibes. Notable that a huge chunk of the fanbase wanted Aouar, but we passed, like the rest of Europe, because the backroom team wouldn’t punt on a talented guy that floats in and out of interest.

You can’t just sign in good eggs. They need to have talent. Martin Odegaard is a good egg, that everyone loved around the club, who boasted an incredibly high ceiling. More of those types as we move forward.

Also worth noting this: Arsenal fans threw a shit fit about our signings. Why? Because the system was not to be trusted. This summer needed to be 100%. We signed 6 players that basically no one really knew much about. If I’m going to be blunt, this summer was like a typical Arsene Wenger summer.

Robert Pires? All we knew is he was good in Champ Man.

Thierry Henry? Failed right wing back.

Patrick Vieira? Couldn’t make it at Milan.

Marc Overmars? Busted flush.

Nik Anelka? Wtf?

We had no idea, but after a while, we trusted his talent ID, even when players looked hopeless. I remember Wenger telling us Robert Pires would be like Zidane. No one could see it, but Wenger could, and it happened.

This summers deals, so far, has made the doubters looks silly. Those ‘THE NEEDLE DIDN’T MOVE’ folk will happily chew down some of that humble pie, because they didn’t want to be right. Good analysts and scouts are supposed to find value where others can’t see it. If things carry on this way… we’ll trust January. Then we’ll trust the summer. We’ll finally get a bit of trust back in a system that let us down very badly over the past decade.

Finally, before I go. How good are we all feeling today? Nothing feels as good as a NLD win. To think, only a few weeks ago, a serious conversation was whether it was ok for Arteta to use the word ‘project.’ Can you imagine being that petty? In all honesty, I can, but come on people… getting riled by the word ‘project.’ Take a walk.

Right, that’s me done. See you in the comments… but before you go there, watch the video or listen to the podcast.

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  1. Jamie

    EB –

    “Don’t ask me to name them, they know who they are.”

    Name them though. Who are all these crazies who slammed every single signing? Who unfairly criticises every move Arteta makes?

    He’s been in charge for almost 2 years and we’ve heard all the mitigating circumstances for back-to-back 8th place finishes and being knocked out of Europe. Questioning him after the start we had this season was justified, imo.

    The only clot who fits the profile you and AFC are describing as “some people” is CG.

    You should listen to the podcasts, the views there are far more balanced.

  2. AFC Forever

    Mr Serge

    “AFC this is true hell, i was rounded on for daring to have an opinion other than Arteta is shite and all the signings suck, hence why I have stepped back from chatting on here, been called a super fan a supporter not a fan and all sorts of nonsense, bottom line we all want Arsenal to succeed and i would rather see that now rather than sack another manager and see if it works in another 18 months or so.”

    Yep. Spuds have been recycling managers for years, so much so most of their fans present at their last league title are in retirement homes.

    The writing was on the wall, Spuds last three managers:

    PochitiNO trophy
    MouriNO trophy
    NuNO trophy

  3. Graham62


    The criticism of Arteta was/is totally justified.

    Emery was vilified on here by many for far worse.

    I’m not taking anything for granted here because what I do know is that Arteta has basic managerial and coaching weaknesses, which worries me immensely.

    It will take a lot more than a win against Spuds to change my perceptions of him.

    Let’s see how they get on on Saturday evening against another fresh team.

  4. Janky


    “What does moving to the Middle East in your prime have to do with anything’ is such a very bad take.”

    Point I was making, my take, is that Pereira was a decent player last season. Scored 11 in 33 EPL appearances. On a WBA bound for relegation. Pepe’s EPL stats on a mid-table Arsenal team weren’t better and he plays in a position where you’d expect them to be better. WBA wanted too much money, he wanted out, Covid summer, a million different reasons for him to end up at a shit Saudi side, but him being a nothing player isn’t a good take. That one move doesn’t define him as far as quality is concerned. Yet anyway. I didn’t want him, don’t care a thing about him, and haven’t thought about him until this popped up, but it isn’t enlightened or measured or even reasonable to suggest that somebody thinking he was a good player is reason for shame. I love the bully pulpit you have created, and bully on, but this seemed a little weak man.

    “…. But the main point, which you demonstrate perfectly with the ‘how were we to know’ is that Mark shouldn’t be trusted with his opinions because he didn’t know and the coach he called to be sacked all summer did.”

    As far as trusting the recruitment machine goes, it starts now. All the shit about the season starting now after Christmas or whatever, rubbish. The trust however, moving forward, absolutely starts now. Great transfer window, great group of players, all props to the crew that got this done, but one window doesn’t make them superstars.

    Letting Emi go.
    Whatever the fuck is up with Saliba.

    They’ve got ground to make up. I’m on board, but I’m not going to pretend like all the above, 3 year contracts included, didn’t happen. That’s illogical. To suggest that this time was the way it always was, always will be, that these two tets and Edu don’t have some howlers in their recent catalogue, that is a bad take. They got it right this time, but as far as being in the “know,” they’re only as good as their last shot.

    If Mark, or anyone on here for that matter, makes shit predictions forever, fine, their opinion should be noted as shit. I’ve not paid attention to Mark, haven’t an opinion of his opinion, but if it was massively rubbish, I’d have expected better examples. Maybe you chose poorly, maybe the gold just wasn’t there. I personally don’t expect my opinion to be right all the time. Especially in a game played mainly by kids under massive pressure and given gob-tons of money and power before they have any chance at accumulating any wisdom. Look at the haircuts ffs. So if you find someone with an inerrant streak regarding players send us the link. It’s not me, it’s not at the Arsenal, and I’m pretty confident it’s not you either.

    In the meantime, kind of the whole point of this blog seems to be giving a space for people to express and discuss opinions. Shaming a person for theirs seems at odds with the mission. At the very least, leave it to your minions.

    There you go. A few beers last night and that’s what happens.

  5. Nelson

    “Ben White is better than William Saliba.”

    They are both young and have different strength and weakness. I find Saliba has a higher ceiling but he’ll need good coaching to reach his potential.

  6. Graham62

    “Martinez decided to leave because he didn’t have the guts to fight Leno for his position”

    Do you really believe that?


  7. Nigel Tufnel


    Gotta disagree on Bellingham. Came from great sources, also is the kind of deal that gets screwed up with lack of continuity or executive infighting.
    Sven probably sold the kid that at Arsenal he’d get chances to play much sooner than City, Chelsea who are backed up with quality, young and old. The abruptness with which Sven left would’ve scared off the kid a bit too.

    Also Sven could’ve found a way to warm the kid away from Dortmund a little, using his knowledge of the club.

    I’ll stop crying over it because we have Saka, ESR and øde.

  8. Tom

    “Throwing 5 plus-es at Arteta so you can get at him for over-paying for Ben White? Dear me. If any other manager came up with that ransfer record, you’d be waving his flag. Furthermore, Ben is doing pretty good, all things considered.And you’ll be eating your words – unless you deny what you wrote.“

    Not surprisingly my comment went right over your head, Englandsbest.
    It wasn’t a dig at Arteta but rather at posters like yourself who gaslight on a scale Trump would be proud of.
    I’d say go back and read my post again but I’m afraid you’d just be wasting your time since comprehensive reading isn’t really your thing.

  9. Graham62

    As we all knew at the time and has been proven since, in bucket loads, Martinez is a superior GK to Leno.

    We saw it, he knew it but because Mr Arteta was too proud and stubborn to make the correct decision, that would have benefited the entire dynamics of the team, Martinez went to prove his case elsewhere.

    Ok, we’ve now got Ramsdale, who has impressed me so far and is a damn sight better than Leno but to let Martinez leave the way he did ranks as one of Arsenal Football Clubs worst ever decisions.


    Pull the other one Pedro, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  10. zacharse

    i’m sorry didn’t leno start over emi under every other manager too


  11. Nelson

    Congrats to Aaron Ramsdale and Bukayo Saka being selected in the England’s 23-man squad. White lost out instead Fikayo Tomori is selected. He plays for AC Milan. Southgate: doesn’t think that you have to be an EPL defender to be good enough.

  12. zacharse

    bullshit Jamie
    all you have to do is go to the comments in the last few weeks of the window until the man city game if you wanna seek out some bizarre negativity on here.
    on another note, is anyone compiling almunia’s tv movies? is he still writing them?

  13. Karsa

    Martinez on leaving Arsenal –

    “When I was on a high, I still felt like they didn’t deserve me because of the way they were treating me. They couldn’t guarantee me the games I needed so I thought that if they couldn’t guarantee me the games I needed, then I’m moving on.

    “They didn’t say to me that I wasn’t going to play, they just didn’t guarantee me the games that I wanted to play.

  14. Leedsgunner

    No doubt some people will use the England call ups as an opportunity to take potshots at Ben White. Frankly, I don’t really care. It’s time that White will have with Arteta and the other coaches learning… and avoiding injury… and getting settled in further.

    If he starts dominating it for Arsenal, the caps will follow.

    I’m pleased for Saka and Ramsdale of course, but if they come back to us injured, it will do us no end of harm!

  15. englandsbest


    Grab a hold of yourself

    Earlier you stated that you hated divisiveness on here. I can’t think of anything more divisive than naming names. A kangaroo court, an Un-American Activities Committee.

  16. Graham62


    Wenger had him from a kid, Emery had other problems and Arteta just blew it.

    How old was Martinez when he came to Arsenal? Wasn’t he 17?
    Petr Cech came along for his retirement package as most ex- Chelski players do.

    So you’re telling me at the time, when Martinez was arguably one of our better players and pivotal in our defensive stability, you were happy to see him go?

    From the moment Martinez took over from Leno we all saw he was a mikes better keeper.

  17. raptora

    Martinez have been proved 100% correct to leave Arsenal. It directly lead him to achieving the dream of his life winning the Copa America. There are no ifs and buts. He was right to leave regardless of whatever else happens in his career from now till the end of it. He didn’t want to risk staying and getting benched for whatever reason due to whatever circumstance. It would have stopped him from realizing the dream that he knew he could achieve. It was undoubtedly the best decision of his life. Same as Willian leaving Chelsea for us in the year before Chelsea triumphed in the UCL is probably the worst decision of his.

  18. Guns of SF

    Good for Emi to leave. The correct decision for his own career.

    As I stated earlier our goalkeeping system/players and coaches are a weak link in the chain. Always been since Jens hung em up.

  19. Nelson

    I don’t trust Arteta’s coaching staff. Leno said that he didn’t understand why he lost the #1 spot. We all see his weakness and his coach didn’t even let him know and tried to improve him.

  20. Graham62

    Make a data spreadsheet on the Martinez/ Leno/ Runarsson/ Ryan/ Ramsdale debacle.

    It’s a frigging disaster.

    Imo, sackable offence.

  21. Graham62


    “Well Bernd, let me make it simple for you. If you can’t command your area, go for crosses, deal with the physicality of the game, communicate properly, distribute the ball consistently, make quick and clear decisions, then I’m afraid I don’t want you as my number 1”

  22. zacharse

    we had him at the club for 8 years. what more do i need to say? to lay the blame exclusively w arteta is missing the relevantpoints, for instance like i said earlier he would have become our #1 less than 1/4 of the way through the season…but he preferred villa. i might a done the same thing in his boots if i was feeling unappreciated. Can’t remember if we offered him a new contract, but if we didn’t we should have immediately after the FA cup. At that point arteta, its safe to say, was not in the same position he is now in terms of power and influence at the club anyway

  23. Dissenter

    Fikayo was the better defender last season as well
    It was COVID-19 restrictions and need to quarantine that denied him call-ups to the national squad in the lead up to the Euros
    That’s just plain fact, not intended to rub anyone off.

  24. zacharse


    that’s what you would do at this moment in time? Fire Arteta because of emi/runarson/leno?
    no wonder you disagree w so much at the club, you are fucking crazy

  25. Leedsgunner

    As you all know I’ve not been afraid to call Arteta to account and bring criticism when I felt it was justified but this continued looking back to Martinez is a bit overdone now.

    Yes, he erred by letting him go but the important factor for me is that Arteta has now rectified his error by bringing in Ramsdale. He’s learnt from his mistakes. Sure the mistake shouldn’t have been made but I’m glad we have someone who isn’t stubborn enough to persist with an error just to save face… as it was in this case.

  26. Dissenter

    There’s no need for some to be ultra-defensive.
    Ben White has the big stage now. If he’s as good as some think, then he will make his claim for England call-ups in the months to come.

  27. Bob N16

    Oh good, it’s been a few days and we can all discuss the Martinez transfer…again!

    He wasn’t given a 100% guarantee that he would be No1 above a German international, he decided after NINE years to leave Arsenal for first team football, we got £20m after signing him for peanuts. End of……

    We’ve now got Ramsdale…..

    Should we now chat about how we f*cked up the Suarez deal and not buying Yaya?

  28. Leedsgunner

    “ I don’t trust Arteta’s coaching staff.”

    I don’t either, Arteta needs to bring in more experience to challenge him.

  29. Bradybunch

    I’m not going to argue with that. It probably does look dissonant. But spreadsheets simply lack any context, such as who was pulling strings at the time . The power axes at Arsenal have been swinging wildly since Arsene was demobbed, I can’t allign myself with blaming Mike and Edu for many of the deals that seem to be attributed to their incompetence. Willian is of course the rock on which they are legitimately reefed, but who knew he’d bomb so bad?

  30. Jamie

    “Earlier you stated that you hated divisiveness on here. I can’t think of anything more divisive than naming names. A kangaroo court, an Un-American Activities Committee.”

    You can’t think of anything more divisive than naming the names of all the people you accuse of being unfairly negative? Weak.

    I’ll make the list for you:

    CG (wants Wenger back)
    Val (loves all the French players, wants them at Arsenal)

    Can’t think of anyone else. Those two guys really mess with the flow of the comments section. You and AFC are right to be very upset about their contributions and brave not to shame them.

  31. zacharse

    interesting point made about the xhaka injury- it’s the first bad injury he’s ever suffered.
    That doesn’t seem normal to me at 29, but maybe I’m just ignorant

    I’m glad all the talk of the ‘project’ has been laid to rest. It’s a clear case of Arsenal always dipping their toes into the water of the BVB model but never really putting its money where its mouth is until this summer. Ya we’ve had our Cescs, we had sven buying guen and saliba, edu(?) found martinelli, now we got ESR and saka as our hale end champs- but really during that whole period up until now we were doing willians, lichsteiners, elneny, mikhi, andre fucking santos- we did pepe and laca- we bought that striker Lucas when we could have bought youth. We bought debuchy when we got have bought youth…

    This has to be seen as a major recalibration by the ownership at this point, they sign the checks.

  32. zacharse

    go look at comments here from literally one month ago and then please stop you’re making a scene and you’ll wind up 51/50’d

  33. AFC Forever


    “Oh good, it’s been a few days and we can all discuss the Martinez transfer…again!”

    It’s one of the signs I was talking about earlier. It will be Saliba next.

  34. Tee

    “There’s no need for some to be ultra-defensive.
    Ben White has the big stage now. If he’s as good as some think, then he will make his claim for England call-ups in the months to come.”

    I don’t know where this is coming from because no one is being ultra-defensive here.

    We need him to he fit which can’t be guaranteed if picked for the national team. Hoping Saka comes back injury-free

  35. Bob N16

    The posters who are passionately ‘Arteta out’ finding it more difficult to focus on recent results so have to turn other areas of criticism.

  36. Jamie

    Ok I get it now.

    Johnny from the podcast – who has been super critical of Arteta until the NLD, and who also wondered why Saliba didn’t get a shot to see what he’s about before being sent out on another loan – is a bedwetter.

    But AFC – who takes sabbaticals from legrove when we have the worst start to a season in decades like a proper fair weather supporter, then comes back after a couple good results to chest-thump – is not one.

    Gotcha. I’d rather Johnny’s takes all day long.

    The rest of us come here win lose or draw to vent or celebrate, literally for years in some cases. And we don’t change our monikers when we can’t take the heat.

  37. Bob N16

    Agree Tee, although White might have preferred to hang out with England players and sit on the bench, it’s better for Arsenal that he trains with Gabriel etc.

  38. Mark


    Just catching up, speaking of Pearls mate I’m pretty sure people can point to a whole bunch of your own. So I won’t even entertain a response.

    Just to reiterate I am an Arsenal supporter not an ‘Arteta’ supporter, first and foremost!
    You’ve been tying yourself up in knots since his appointment to defend every decision he makes and justify it.

    So as for me having an opinion that can’t be trusted, if flip flopping is a sign of someone who should be trusted , then in Pedro and the process we trust.

  39. Graham62


    Get your facts right.

    Martinez came to Arsenal in 2010 as a youth player and left in 2020.

    That makes 10 years.

    Yes, put all the facts together and it was a sackable offence.

    That’s my opinion but I’m sure a few posters on here, like Bob N16, will question the logic, which he always loves to do.

    I will be 100% honest here, I was delighted we beat Spuds but I’m still not convinced by Arteta and his methods.

    People act as if he’s only been at the club a few months, when come December it will be two years!

  40. Tom

    Saliba worship?
    Jesus, talk about misrepresentation.
    I can guarantee if Pedro put this question in his survey the bulk of responders would say not sure but would’ve liked to see him play before loaned out again, especially if project youth has always been the plan.

  41. Bob N16

    Graham62, isn’t this stream about putting forward your views for discussion. You come out with some forceful, provocative statements which are begging to be responded to,

    In your last post for example, ‘Yes, put all the facts together and it was a sackable offence’. I think you are very much in the minority with this statement. Is someone in the wrong for disagreeing with you just because you feel passionately about it?

  42. zacharse


    grabbed a few for you from a milder discussion in august:

    WengerEagleAugust 17, 2021 22:24:53
    The guts of 150m for White, Odegaard, Ramsdale, Lokonga and Tavares just is so disappointing when you consider what could have been gotten with that figure.

    OzyAugust 17, 2021 22:35:52
    I agree, Eagle. Close to 150 million spent and I don’t really see much of an improvement from the squad that finished 8th last season.

    Receding HairlineAugust 17, 2021 22:55:28
    We are packing the club full of players “Arteta likes”, ay considerable cost, let’s ignore he once upon a time liked Willian and Soares whom he now hates.When are we going to see an Arteta team play football we like?

    TR7August 18, 2021 07:08:57
    Only Arteta and Edu could spend £140M and not improve the team even one bit.

    MeeAugust 18, 2021 08:02:45
    Odegaard indeed is a very poor man’s Ozil. At least when we signed Ozil, we were happy and he was a part of the starting 11 at Madrid. Odegaard feels like were being shafted by Madrid especially as Edu and Arteta are used to it. Some saying the price is right but it is not considering it could get us a lot better. Like Locatelli if we somehow managed to get Conte in earlier.

    HoksilatoAugust 18, 2021 09:17:08
    Even Jesus couldn’t save us i’am afraid

    SidAugust 18, 2021 09:19:17
    Getting a patchwork of players that may appear good in other teams but do Not compliment each other at Arsenal will get us nowhere

    Graham62August 18, 2021 09:21:47
    Supporting Arsenal this past decade or so has been a nonsensical habit.
    On and off the pitch, things just don’t add up. The frustrations and bewilderment at how things are run and how decisions are made is all consuming.
    Wenger part 2, Emery and now Arteta, have not been up to standard. We know our owners are a joke but it’s mainly the footballing decisions that have left me shaking my head in disbelief.
    If and
    God forbid Arsenal go ahead and purchase Aaron Ramsdale, but if they do, I think we can all agree that the club owe us an explanation. The GK farce of the past year has played a massive part in our continued regression. In fact, I would say it has contributed to most of the problems we see played out in front of us week in week out.Martinez is undoubtedly one of the best GK’s around. He just won the Copa America with Argentina, playing a blinder in the process. Anyone who knows anything about football knows that he is head and shoulders a better keeper than Leno. Matt Ryan is also a better keeper. So what the #### was Arteta thinking when he decided to let him(and Ryan) go.
    I’m convinced this had a huge affect on the team dynamics. From what I heard, many of the players were gutted that he left. Fans felt the same.So what does this say about Arteta? As a manager, a coach, a team leader and significantly as an intelligent human being who puts the club first?Simple.He’s not fit for purpose.

    DigitalBobAugust 18, 2021 09:44:54
    TR7 – I’m not happy about it but I think we are now firmly planted in the middle of table as it stands. Unless something surprising happens I certainly don’t see a challenge for the top 4, and its unlikely we finish above Leicester or spurs for 5th.Sid – I agree its a shitty situation!

    MarkAugust 17, 2021 17:30:21
    Not that I want Arteta to save his arsenal career, he should have been long gone. I’m thinking for the next manager. He can’t just be saddling us with mediocrity and Xhaka! Before he gets the sack.

    GentlebrisAugust 17, 2021 17:40:00
    Isn’t it a pity that these guys regret nothing. You can’t regret White for £50m and still be ready to waste more money on a goalie that no one but the three musketeers rates.

    SidAugust 17, 2021 17:50:15
    Arsenal would sell Jesus for a few pieces of silver

    bacaryisgodAugust 17, 2021 18:01:35
    Under Arteta, Jesus would be 2nd off the bench after the 12 disciples.

    TomAugust 17, 2021 18:35:43
    Give this bunch another year or two in charge and the only sponsorship deals Arsenal will attract will be from the Taliban and North Korea.

    BacaryisGodAugust 17, 2021 18:52:05
    So it’s looking extremely likely that we’ll be closing out the window with Odegaard and Ramsdale.All in all, we’ll have spent around 130m on Ben White, Sambi Lokonga, Nuno Tavares, Martin Odegaard and Aaron Ramsdale with only Joe Willock exiting so far for a little over 20m.I’m not judging this window a disaster yet but I find it hard to get excited about this batch either.If you told me we signed Bissouma, Maddison, Lokonga and Matt Ryan for about the same amount and I would have been ecstatic.

    rollenAugust 17, 2021 20:04:27
    This club deserves relegation.

    gunnernetAugust 17, 2021 20:45:10
    It is unbelievably reproducible how every day is worse than the previous one. Honestly, it started with Xhaka renewal, Willock selling, culminated with defeat and overall performance and now Ramsdale rumors are true and it seems we are negotiating Auba-Coutinho swap.Attrocious stuff indeed.

    Danish GoonerAugust 17, 2021 21:29:21
    Ødegaard is a massive mistake.

    UserozAugust 17, 2021 21:43:06
    Odegarrde isn’t what we need sorry…Arteta behaves as if he were Wenger (good times) and doesn’t appear to realise he’s already in deep shit after one PL game and what he did and not do in the TW thus far….Ramsdale definitely a resounding no.Btw Rio Ferdinand is baffled…. why Willock was sold to Newcastle…

    NORGAugust 17, 2021 11:52:49
    Arteta is Brilliant – he keeps on coming up with ‘Firsts’ for Arsenal all the time. Perhaps this season will be the big one – relegation.

    MuppetmanAugust 17, 2021 15:28:33
    If all else fails go back in again for Ramsdale. Will this nightmare ever end

    TomAugust 17, 2021 16:18:26
    “Is there a chance we can sell Mikel to Sp*ds? Just curious.“Arteta’s next gig will most likely be a managerial position at one of Amazon warehouses.
    The Amazon Arsenal documentary is his job audition.
    Edu can drive one of their delivery trucks.

    FoxyAugust 16, 2021 21:25:06
    The worry about the Brentford game is that a lot of other teams are going to play the same way against us emboldened by the result.

    MbAugust 16, 2021 23:12:15
    Sorry Pedro, please delete this if it shouldn’t be here.@All – I have a very small blog of my own, If Pedro is lazy enough and you are left with nothing else to read, I would love to hear your take on my opinions.

    MD-GunnerAugust 17, 2021 04:28:27
    For Arsenal Supporters this was one of the most important TW in decades and so far it has tanked. Therefore no wonder that the masses are restless and complaining.Just dawned on me how different other clubs have approached it. We can all agree that the top 4 have strengthened their squads and Pool has their injured players back. But just to compare two others Villa and Sp*ds.Villa knew they had 100 mill to spend their from Grealish sale and they did their business early. There is no such thing in the Arsenal camp, they have to feed of scraps.Sp*ds payed 50 mill on a CB, wanting to splurge for Lataro they are spending Kane money and hopefully will repeat the waste of the Bale money, still so far better TW and position then AFC.

    TeeCeeAugust 17, 2021 07:27:03
    It doesn’t matter who we sign or how much we spend, there is a fundamental and major flaw in the coaching that can only be fixed by getting rid of Arteta.

    AlmuniasaynomoreAugust 17, 2021 09:40:26
    A secret office,deep in the bowels of the Emirates. Mikel Arteta,bewildered, surveys newspapers spread haphazardly across his desk. His DOF,Edu, stands by his side. Tension and anger are palpable.MA: Sack me,SACK ME??? Who do these buffoons think they are? (Picks up some newspapers randomly and flings them at Edu). This is your fault! I have told you to get me new players and you have failed me. ( steps intimidatingly close to Edu and breathes into his ear), Fail me again and the consequences will be dire.
    Edu: Boss,I’m doing the best I can, it’s hardly my fault there are calls for the return of Arse….
    MA: (Shrieks) DON’T!!!! DON’T YOU FUCKING DARE MENTION HE WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED IN MY PRESENCE. (Willing himself to calmness). My time here is only beginning, he is a nobody, forgotten,a relic. People will soon kneel before me, you would do well to remember this my friend. You are either with me or…….( He walks out,closing the door a little too loudly behind him).
    (Edu sits down at the desk when his attention is snared by an unfamiliar breeze catching the abandoned papers)
    Edu: What the……?
    ( Suddenly a panel in the wall,hitherto unrecognisable as such, opens. A tall skeletal figure emerges. Edu in a moment of frightening recognition falls to his knees and begins to jerk unsuccessfully with his zipper as a symbol of subservience.)
    My Lord, you have returned!
    AW: But of course,Edu Wormtail, no power on earth can keep me down. I was wounded but not mortally so. It is time now to reclaim my throne. Are all plans in place?
    Edu: Yes my lord, everything is as you have commanded. Soon we will find you a healthy body to possess.
    AW: This is my body you fool.
    Edu: Oh…right..sorry.
    AW:I heard voices before I entered, was it him? The manager who lived?
    Edu: Yes,my lord. Somehow he survived last season, but he still bears the scar.
    AW: It matters not. This time I will finish him….personally. His power is weakening while mine is returning to me,I grow stronger every day. Are my….allies… still with me?
    Edu: Oh yes my Lord, we have planted your supporters everywhere, they have undermined this impostor at every opportunity.
    AW: And none more than yourself my loyal friend. I have watched from afar as you have sown the seeds of discontent. The signing of Runnarson was genius. Soares, 50 million on White,selling Martinez, you have proved yourself time and again and I will not forget.
    Edu: I live to serve my lord.
    AW: ( cackling loudly) And Willian, how could I forget Willian?? Insanity at it’s finest!!
    Edu: In truth my lord, I can take no credit for that, that actually was Arteta.
    AW: All the better, proof that he is losing his mind…
    ( There is a knock at the door and Granit Xhaka enters)
    GX: Edu, we need to……
    ( He suddenly sees AW and falls to his knees. He begins unsuccessfully jerking at his top’s zipper in a gesture of undying loyalty)
    My lord,it is true,you have returned.
    AW: Yes my agent provocateur…It is I.
    GX: I always dreamed of this day. Soon we will get you a healthy body to possess and…..
    AW: ( Aggressively) This is my body!!!
    GX: Of course my lord, forgive me. I have done all I can in your absence to punish the infidels who disrespected you. I made Emery look foolish with every chance I had,undermining him on the pitch,at training,in the dressing room. How dare he replace you! Next I told those “fans” who booed you to go fuck themselves!!! But this manager who lived, he is more difficult to destroy. I play shit, demand to leave, demand to stay, demand pay increase,demand captaincy,no matter what I do….he lives!
    AW: Worry not my Swiss saboteur. I am returning to full strength. Soon we will destroy him forever! Edu,he has,I see,discovered my office. What other damage has been done in my absence?
    Edu: He has removed many of your supporters my lord, Mustafi, Mikhi, Ozil.
    AW: Ozil is gone? This cannot be? Where?
    Edu: Exiled to Turkey my lord, but he waits upon word of your return.
    AW: And Sanogo?
    Edu: ( shakes his head).
    AW: What a waste. We have much work to do.
    Edu: ( Hesitantly) My lord…..there is more.
    AW( Aware that a terrible revelation awaits) Speak!
    Edu: It’s the cones,my lord, Pat Rice’s cones.
    AW:NO!! The red and white ones?
    Edu: I’m afraid so,he has replaced them with blue and white ones that he brought with him from city. I have tried to destroy them but he takes them with him everywhere he goes.
    AW: This is insufferable! Pat’s cones were the cornerstone of this club for two decades.
    Edu: There is hope my lord. The cones….they still survive. He tried to lock them away but I managed to sneak them out.
    AW: This is wonderful news. How did you do this unnoticed?
    Edu: It was difficult. He doesn’t trust me. I knew I was being watched. But I hit upon an idea. At the end of each day I would turn a cone upside down and fill it with ice cream and give it to Willian. When he walked past the security guards with a 99 the size of Mourinho’s head no one batted an eyelid. All that remained was to intercept Willian on the other side before he started chewing through the cone.
    AW: You have done well. This Willian,he reminds me of one of my many glorious sayings, ‘ If you eat caviar every day it is difficult to return to a shape that doesn’t resemble Richard Branson’s balloon”.
    GX: My lord,I must return or I will be missed. I have to help Ben White hang the nets for training,he will need a lift up to the crossbar.
    AW: Why do you not use the small training goals?
    GX: We do.
    AW: I must leave also, I have stayed too long.
    Edu: My lord,your powers,they are fading?
    AW: No,I need to go to the toilet. Wait til you get to this age, bladder the size of Harry Kane’s medal collection….
    I will expect you to continue your work. Soon our time will be at hand…
    ( both Edu and Xhaka fall to their knees and almost competitively begin unsuccessfully pulling on their zippers to show their devotion. When they look up, AW is gone.)
    Edu: We must go and tell the others. If he has shown himself to us it can only be a matter of weeks now. Go, I will contact you soon.
    ( Xhaka exits. Edu sits down at the table.)
    Soon Mr Arteta, soon you will see the power of a relic……….#This story is an original.Any resemblance with any characters in the ‘Harry Potter’ series is entirely coincidental. Any copyright infringement cases must be directed to Pedro, thanks.

  43. zacharse


    well now that he’s weathered a fucking nightmare of a storm, let him get on with it.
    whether he proves himself a pep or not he’s got our club out of the shitter for the moment which is what we’ve all been arguing about since he’as been here

  44. Tom

    Btw, in relation the “Saliba worship “nonsense………Leicester has the leagues fifth worst defensive record this season, and had Fofana not been injured the same crowd that spent the entirety of last season fabricating nonsensical evidence for his overwhelming culpability would’ve been at it again.
    The cheek lol.

  45. raptora

    Tom: “especially if project youth has always been the plan”

    We all know they came up with it out of their asses this Summer.

    Their previous Summer was bringing a 32 yo Willian, a 29 yo Soares and a 27 yo Mari in – all of them stealing the game time for younger players and none of them proving to be good enough to start games.

    They basically spent money on old reserves which is exactly what you don’t do in project Youth as a bunch of your starters and practically all of your reserves should be young players waiting for a chance to pounce on and get in a good run of games. Arteta also tried to renew Mustafi, god bless it didn’t work.

    The only old players you want in the team are the couple of key players that you see as captain material and you need them to lead and be there for the kids when the going gets tough. Totally not what they did in their first Summer window with Willian, Soares and Mari.

  46. zacharse

    not an issue mark
    personally i don’t give a shit one way or the other and don’t mind if people change their minds etc.
    I get fed up with rabbit hole mentality and bad faith arguing

  47. Bradybunch

    This Saliba crusade needs context too shirly. A proper fuck up first time around not getting him a loan in time. Took plenty of heat for it. For whatever reason, like it or not, felt he hadn’t developed enough in half a season to risk as first choice at The Arsenal. Context then? Play him preseason and dump him on the bench behind Holding +/- White, or even worse dump him and find a late loan again,( miss one again possibly) or be straight. Get as much gametime as he can ,in as competitive an environment as he can and negotiate a decent loan in plenty of time..
    I really hope that they haven’t lost trust, and Saliba comes and adds to our growing defensive strength.

  48. Jamie

    Yikes, appreciate the effort Zacharse.

    Comments taken between Aug 16 and Aug 18th, right between our losses to Brentford and Chelsea on our way to our worst league start in our 118 year history.

    If you weren’t critical of Arteta’s 22 month reign up to that point, that’s up to you I guess.

    Anyone including Almunia’s legendary posts deserves a time-out. Flagrant foul.

  49. Bob N16

    Wow Zach, paints a picture.
    I’m just not keen on an echoing negativity (even if they’re proved right which hopefully will not be the case!)

  50. Pedro

    We’re going to have to ban the ‘look over here’ conversation of William Saliba going forward.

    Let’s focus the conversation on the tangibles. The real things that happened. Like the proper back 5 we have now. The exciting young players we have coming through. Not whether Saliba was badly wronged because the manager that has the youngest starting 11 in the Premier League doesn’t understand young players.

    Time to move on.

  51. Bob N16

    Tim Stillman on Arseblog has written an extremely well-measured take on Arteta’s continued employment – well worth a read.

  52. Pedro

    Damn, Zach’s post is the reason so many would prefer to talk about Saliba.

    Gotta say, I sure don’t miss those ‘zany’ comedy skits.

  53. Habesha Gooner

    That is Authoritarian. Banning talking about an Arsenal player isn’t a good look. People have their opinions. And if they think Saliba is a better player, they should be allowed to say so. And it is not offensive or derogatory to anyone. At one point, even you were baffled as to why we sent him on loan.

  54. Chris

    That’s an interesting read by Tom Stillman and something I had considered when struggling to come up with viable alternatives to Arteta. You just know a club like Chelsea whoever will bin off Tuchel should things turn sour despite his CL win (2 losses in a row is a crisis for Chelsea?)

    I don’t feel that it was a problem, as Arsenal fans, to be concerned about where we were headed under Arteta, halfway through last season, after the EL exit or indeed after the first 3 games of this season. The Spurs game was just the first outstanding performance we had seen in a long time, and more than before it is now easier to see a bright future under Arteta with his assembled team now together.

    That’s why the game this Saturday is fascinating in terms of us keeping the momentum going or not. It will be a real indication whether we were buzzed for the Spurs game or whether we have truly turned a corner.

  55. Pedro

    Habesha, I live in the country the codified freedom of speech better than anyone… and they are totally cool with private entities curtailing average commentary used to spike The Arsenal online.

    Also, you can take your Saliba comments to Reddit, they’ll have it.

  56. Major_Jeneral

    Saliba talk is welcome if it is constructive enough. The idea of just going into a state of negativity does not work for everyone.

    Moving forward.

    Q. What tactical changes will you make to get a win against Brighton if you were in Arteta position?

  57. englandsbest


    You are like a dog with a bone with Emi. A parallel to Pierre with Ozil. You know it’s chewed to bits but you won’t let go.

    If all of us on here knew that Martinez suited Arteta’s style better than Leno, then for sure so did Arteta. To dispute that would make you seem utterly daft or else agenda-driven.

    So why did Arteta sell him? We know the answer to that, too: Emi demanded to be number one in all key matches. For me, that’s the prerogative of the manager, not the player. But I understand Emi’s POV: he had been passed over by Arsenal managers (apart from Arteta), he wanted to play, and he knew Aston Villa wanted him.

    So why didn’t Arteta sell Leno instead? Because there was no offer for Leno. If you had two cars and you were forced to sell one, you’d take the first offer even if it was the better car rather than possibly not sell either. Does that make sense to you?

    The fact is Arteta wanted to keep Emi and ease him into number one. But Emi (and who can blame him?) was impatient.

    Try picking on a different bone of contention, you might do better with that.

  58. zacharse


    so you weren’t being honest were you? you were just waiting to pull that one out, got it.

    Well, point is you wanted proof of a steady stream of poorly thought out negative commenters about players who hadnt played yet, or had played once in a depleted squad w balogun starting…

    you’ve shown your true colors
    fuck off with yer concern trolling

  59. Nigel Tufnel


    I’m for free speech, nasty speech, horrific speech being free, because it’s important, even necessary,

    but thank you for taking a stand against annoying speech LOL…

    Past three games, one goal allowed, and I have to keep scrolling past whingers crying about Saliba constantly. Even right after a wonderful derby.

    Like you said, the guy can come take part next season anyway. Can find plenty of minutes for three great CB’s., Hopefully with Europe.

    People’s priorities and attitudes are a mess.

  60. Jamie

    Zach –

    “so you weren’t being honest were you? you were just waiting to pull that one out, got it.”

    I wasn’t being honest? About what exactly? I said I couldn’t think of any posters besides CG and Val who were unjustly critical of Arteta and all his summer signings.

    “Well, point is you wanted proof of a steady stream of poorly thought out negative commenters about players who hadnt played yet, or had played once in a depleted squad w balogun starting…”

    I don’t understand this sentence. You gave me some examples of folk berating Arteta and the signings. I said I appreciate it. How about taking comments post NDL for balance, you know, to maintain some semblance of intellectual integrity.

    “you’ve shown your true colors”

    Drama queen

  61. Pedro

    Nigel, agree. I’m all about free speech. But on an online message board, it’s about flow of conversation… and Saliba/Emi is a spoiler tactic for people in the mud right now.

    New post!

  62. raptora

    so what did you prove posting this long ass comment?

    This is AFC’s original comment: “AFC: “That is why anyone Arteta signs is instantly rubbished. They haven’t got the ability to be reasonable because they are obsessive and completely closed-minded. ””

    Where is the instant rubbish of Partey, Gabriel, Lokonga, Tavares just because they were signed by Arteta? In your copy/paste Bacary even included Lokonga in his perfect transfer window.

    The only comment to include them called the transfer window disappointing when you consider what we could have been gotten with that figure. A comment I absolutely agree with and it’s got nothing to do with Lokonga, Tavares and an opinion I would have had regardless of the name of the person in charge.

    The other comments were that we haven’t improved after spending 150m. No one knows if that’s true yet but again, it’s got more to do with the transfers and nothing to do with Arteta. When we got Partey and we got Gabriel and we got Lokonga and Tavares (after his first game shortly after he arrived), we’ve all been saying good stuff.

    Your long copy/paste proves nothing because it’s impossible to prove what is completely false.

    Bring me the Partey, Gabriel, Lokonga hate. I’ll wait.

    Else what AFC posted is completely false, a lie and your valiant effort to help your Arteta brethren just completely failed and made you look like an ass.

  63. raptora

    Also the only negative comment I read as a whole for Tavares and why I’m making the clarifications, is that is that Benfica fans were laughing at us for paying for Tavares who was supposedly not rated by them. So maybe someone commented in response as this was the first thing that many people heard of the guy and maybe it influenced people at the beginning.

    The notion that a group of people in the blog are rubbishing anyone Arteta signs because it’s signed by Arteta is not true.

  64. Pedro

    Raptora, I do admire the pivot, but you have been pretty awful about Arsenal for the past 4 months. Surprised you are out here saying that people shitting on the project and the players we signed isn’t a thing.

    ‘Move the needle’ was a constant theme, even with folk who have good talent ID like TR7 and WE.