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Arsenal winning games makes life better. It’s as simple as that. In a complicated and stressful world, football is the antidote. Mikel Arteta has not made life easy over the past year, but it’s clear, if things get better over the next two months, fans will get back on side… because it’s hard to be angry when your team is winning games with style.

That won’t happen this weekend.

We’re probably going to get pasted.

BUT, I would like to see a concerted effort to show up and play some pragmatic football.

The Chelsea game was naive, probably on purpose. I don’t want to see that against City. The moron brigade demanding we go up North and put on a show are painfully deluded about where we are with this project. I want to see a shithousing. 3 at the back, everyone dying for the cause… Auba with a 78th-minute chance that could decide the game. This squad can defend, we’ve seen it against good teams, I’d like to see a boring starting 11 with a street-fighting attitude.

That might involve a really boring performance from Mo Elneny in midfield, but if it’s what we need to get the job done, let’s have it. It certainly can’t involved Kola as centre back or any other galaxy brain move.

The WBA outing might have been against meek opposition, but it was with our first team, and it was beyond a conventional win. If you are a striker, you don’t say after a hat-trick, ‘well, that didn’t feel great because it was against kids’, confidence doesn’t work like that. All the players will be feeling like some ideas clicked that they can take into the next game.

Auba has the confidence that he can score with limited chances, but more importantly, he will feel confident that if he makes a run, there are players in the starting 11 that can find them with accurate balls over the top.

Everyone is going to feel a little sexier having Odegaard in the starting 11, because he will make that tough first time pass someone like Granit will shy away from.

Saka looked on fire in the week, that’ll give him confidence he can make something happen.

I don’t need to see an evolution of style in a game we have almost zero chance of winning. I want to see spoiler tactics and ruthless discipline.

The transfer deadline is fast approaching, here’s what we ‘think’ we know:

  • Torreira will move to Fiorentina for the season and get games
  • Eddie will move out of the club, probably to Palace for £11m
  • Kola will have his deal terminated and likely head to Besiktas
  • Willian has scrubbed his feeds of the Arsenal name, Corinthians looks a real possibility
  • Reiss will have to find a club, he cannot possibly think it wise to spend another season rotting away
  • I’m not sure what the deal is on Ainsley, I’d love him to stay, but only if he’s considered a serious squad player
  • There’s talk Lacazette will be exited, but I’m not sure about this. We are SO late in the window. Lacazette moving only works if there’s a deal coming the other way.

There’s talk of Jovic moving if Mbappe goes to Madrid.

There’s talk of Calvert Lewin, though this feels very fanciful

I’m just not sure what to make of it all.

All I know is this… I really hope Trippier ends up at United. Arsenal shelling out on a 31-year-old really doesn’t sit well with me. Trippier would basically be the Lichtsteiner move this summer. He’s a good player, way better than what we have, he’d also be the only senior defender we’d have… but it’d be expensive and our funds really should be going on a player with more long-term in the tank.

This is Arsenal though… every time we right an expensive wrong, we jump right back in and do it again.

Ok, quick one today, I’ll see you in the comments… watch my damn video or listen to the podcast.



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  1. Terraloon


    Stop trying to find excuses and blaming others. This lies squarely on the shoulders of Arsenal

    Against Brentford ok strike their second goal out One Nil

    Against Chelsea ok Penalty score finishes 2-1

    Today ok strike that goal out still get slaughtered

  2. underrated Coq

    “”I want people to take responsibility for their jobs and I want people who deliver passion and energy in the football club. Anyone who doesn’t buy into this, or that has a negative effect or whatever, is not good enough for this environment or this culture.” – Mikel Arteta.


    The funny thing is no Top class Manager or even an average Manager with experience will ever make this statement. Because there’s no basis for this kind of thing to ever happen in reality. Doubtful they’d even have so many ‘I’s in a Statement. Doubtful they’d ever construct the Statement to be this imposing and/or intimidating.

    Management is a constant firefighting, but you are never the Hero.

  3. salparadisenyc

    Full reboot required for me.

    Campos unemployed, Overmars attainable i’d start right there. Likely latter as I rate Ten Hag quite a bit and he’d likely be attainable. Has some of the great Arsenal DNA in package with track record worth investing in.

  4. Guns of SF


    Realistically, the club should do something. Arteta should have been demoted back to coach last season, and he likely would have left on his own.

    Now again, the transfer window is shit, the coaching is shit.

    He needs a demotion, and maybe that will be enough for him to pack his bags, if the team is too scared to fire him outright

  5. Champagne Charlie


    I’m not well versed on Tech Director’s, but for my money we’ve went with a European model since Wenger and not got it right once as yet.

    Who are the major players in that department? Rangnick is a name I see over and over, formerly Leipzig? That’s the kind of structure we should be emulating on a more financially capable level. Raul and Edu seems like a choice between trash and rubbish.

  6. Guns of SF

    If he leaves on his own, we might not be on the hook to pay him out… as when a team fires the coach before his term is up…

    Make his life miserable and he will leave….
    Demotion time

  7. Guns of SF

    and how are we so sure we will not lose to Norwich?
    Who is to say we can actually comfortably beat anyone in the league this year?

  8. Bergkamp#10

    If you take today’s red card …City would have been one up with 10 men on the field and 70 minutes left to play .
    Xhaka wouldn’t have gone flying in as we would have been in control of the situation .


    Another pathetic commnet by Pierre.

  9. Receding Hairline

    Oh look at me I wanted Benitez…look, look.

    Let’s pretend I have not tied myself in knots defending literally every Arteta decision since he arrived here, talking down on posters and dismissing view point. Let’s pretend I wasn’t one of the process merchant.

    Just remember me as the guy that wanted Benitez

  10. TR7

    Guns of SF

    I think we should start looking for a new manager in a clandestine manner and pull the plug on Arteta as and when we get the right profile of manager. Ideally we should get a new manager within a month.

  11. underrated Coq

    Poor Mikel Arteta

    Once he gets sacked, he’ll be making grand entries to many a Management Books. Tale of the Arrogant upstart who believed in his own hype, took a job that was beyond him and crashed down to Earth.

  12. China1

    Sorry to be negative but unless Stan is planning on selling don’t expect the club to turn this around

    The manager has no idea about team selection and judging players or man management. The higher ups have no idea the managers is hopeless. The owners have no ideas the higher ups don’t know what’s going on.

    This is what happens when the owners have absolutely no interest or knowledge in the operation of the club. They delegate and put all their trust in others to do it properly without having any idea if the people they’re delegating too really know what they’re doing or if they’re just good bullshitters who talk a good game

  13. Pierre

    Always good to be honest about the events on the field i find.

    A fist in the face is a red card offence …..and a disallowed goal.

    With regard to Arteta , I called bullshit on him almost 18 months ago and nothing I’ve seen since has changed my mind.

  14. sly


    KSE’s period of nonchalance should be drawing to a close after 200M expenditure under Arteta
    The waste and decline should alarm/panic them in my estimation

  15. salparadisenyc


    Sadly for me we bottled it with Mislintat by not giving him enough time or rope to have effect.
    Raul came in like a fisky hippo crashing all over the place and took over after leaving Barca carnage in rear view.

    All saw how that went, let’s not forget who said Arsenal was a MESS after leaving, that has proved quite accurate.

    I’m certainly not nuanced in tech directors barring ones who’ve had great effect recently in Monchi, Overmars, Campos, Rangnick, Zorc, Txiki B (budgetless ball), Marotta in Italy. Berta at Atletico has certainly been a cut above has signed De Paul, Cunha and eying Celik in this window after titling out in La Liga.

  16. Guns of SF


    The question then is anyone doing the secret conversations with replacements?

    Also, it seems Iron Mike is impervious to any sort of consequence.
    Truly remarkable.

    His tenure makes our team look awful… our reputation in tatters.

    Not sure what KSE or anyone else is “waiting for”

    What is going to happen? we win the next 33?

    we will finish 10-15 this season…

  17. Guns of SF

    someone poster a bad wenger is better than a good arteta

    I agree…. weng teams would never go out like that…
    At least we would grab a few goals even if we lost.

    This is just pathetic. And Xhaka was given an extension

    The chickens come home to roost now….

  18. Gonsterous

    Does anyone within the club look like they know what they are doing? They will try to delay the sacking of arteta, but when they eventually do, they will be clueless as to, who should be the next manager.

    That’s how poorly run the club is and why we need kroenke out. Cause it doesn’t matter how much money he pumps into the team, it will never be spent wisely.

  19. Valentin

    So now that they have scored one goal, Norwich needs to lose by 2 goals to nick the bottom place from Arsenal.

    How the mighty have fallen, hoping that Norwich lose by more than 1 goal to keep Arsenal off the bottom place.

  20. The Bard

    It’s clearly over for Arteta. What a shambles of a club. They have just spaffed £150m and 3 games in haven’t laid a finger on the opposition. Who’s next of the cab rank.

  21. Champagne Charlie

    Pretty clear we’ve yet to see a competent Tech Director land as yet, nvm manager. When you consider what the remit was post-Wenger you have to think it was the key appointment that would influence the rest. Not grounded a new era in anything as yet.

    Best make another dim Pepe remark and call it a fact. Or maybe tell everyone I was behind the move for Auba, that was another doozy.

  22. Receding Hairline

    OGC Nice were rubbish under Viera, they bring in a proper manager and are absolutely flying.

    Leave our players alone, they have their strengths and weaknesses, the job of a coach is to amplify those strengths, this joker has simply made every single playing asset we have worse and devalued them.

    The longer he stays in charge the greater the damage, he is not a coach, just an arrogant ex pro with a self inflated opinion of himself. We are not here to feed one man’s delusion he is Pep Guardiola II.

  23. Guns of SF

    Its up to Josh.
    Vinai will not do anything, he is the commercial side of things. Has stayed out of anything but that….
    Its up to Josh to pick up the phone and call Overmars, Ten Hag, whomever.

    Its on Josh now,,,, a board member as well.

    Just do it ….. can Eduteta….. we might be able to still salvage thsi season after 3 losses…..

  24. Temagooner

    I will always say this. You don’t give a team like Arsenal to a rookie coach. Never!! Arteta and others who back him thinks he is the next Pep or Zidane. But Pep cut his teeth with the Barca B team. Zidane did the same at Real Madrid. Based on their performances, they were given charge of the first teams. Arsenal just gave the first team to Arteta, who had NO track record nor experience and expected him to shine. Generational coach indeed. For a club the size of Arsenal, this was a TERRIBLE decision. We are reaping what we sowed. Arsenal will continue to go down under this clueless manager and his cohorts.

  25. G8

    Pierre, agree we get special treatment from the PGMOL
    But this shit show all on Arteta

    i am pretty sure you said Arteta would turn it around and you were convinced of his coaching abilities
    Unfortunately Pedro got us all respond back to your banter
    It was all about ozil and wenger for you
    Its all there on files to look up to if you suffer from dementia

  26. Ernest Reed

    18 months in and i am completely failing to see any redeemable qualities about Arteta that provides for any continuation. ArtetaBall is the most useless brand of football ever conjured up at any point in time of the history of football.

    What you continue to see in Arteta is beyond baffling Pedro, its downright pitiful. Your continued support for someone who should NEVER be a manager at any level of football is mind boggling.

    Why has this BUM not been fired already?

    Hahahahaha… AFC are such a joke.

  27. MGooner

    So, we passed on Carlo Ancelloti to sign a super hero and now we need another super hero.

    The thing is why do people who miscalculated horribly think they have a better suggestion now 🙂

  28. Guns of SF

    3 days until the window closes and we are desperate more than ever…

    A new RB, CAM and Striker… at least get the CAM and one of the other….

    Lets see how inept Edu is…. if this loss does not motivate him then we have no hope.

    Bring Aouar- cheap buy or loan, and upgrade our RB- our right side needs a boost – also in attack….

    All summer, LG has been spewing names to grab but the smart fellas didnt listen LOL

  29. Valentin


    Go on tell us again how you never supported Arteta and that you wanted Benitez.
    Tell us how the timing of recruitment does not matter, how Ben White purchase made sense at the time…

  30. Valentin


    I agree that the club should make a lot of noise about the punch to Chambers for the second goal. They won’t, however I am not sure that even if ManCity had been down to 10 men, Arsenal would have scored.

  31. Globalgunner

    We are based on all observations comfortably the worst team in the league. The only team that look completely clueless on the pitch

    Bottom of the league…the only way is up I guess

  32. Valentin


    Are you now pretending that you are not trying to wriggle out of your unconditional support for Arteta by posting that you wanted Benitez?

    So you have never argued to death that the order in which the recruitment is done does not matter?

    So you were not arguing in the last few days that recruiting Ben White at £50 millions made sense at the time?

    So who is lying now?
    I’ll give you that. You know no shame and are ready to argue anything rather than admit you were ever wrong.

  33. Mark

    Pedro on the pod saying ” we just need to get Lokonga in the squad”
    Whose ‘smart’ decision was it not to play him ???


  34. Champagne Charlie


    It’s written in black and white, I can go back and get quotes that contradict everything you say. You can’t do the same. Figure out why.

    You’re a compulsive liar, and your defence of that is to lie even further about what I’m saying. Quite the tactic.

  35. Sid

    “””””salparadisenycAugust 28, 2021 16:45:21
    Sid God damn I apologise for giving you shit about Iwobi… he looks feisty in this!”””””

    He cannot be any worse than Willian, he is played as a wingback sometimes.

  36. Samesong

    Pierre love most of your posts but to think we were in the game I have to disagree with you even I’d we went down to 10 men. Our back 3 were clueless today.

    Auba hardly touched the ball. Our only player that was causing a slight bit of headache was ESR

    The one chance we had in the first half I think Saka should of went for the header.

    Oh yeah and the almost gifted goal from Ederson

    Apart from that we were toothless.

  37. Valentin


    You are right.
    It is in black and white, that you keep lying rather than ever admitting you are wrong.

    I see as usual when you are caught in a web of your own making, you avoid answering the questions and start to argue irrelevant whataboutism points.

    Answer those questions:
    Did you argue that the order of the recruitment did not matter?
    Did you state that recruiting Ben White to replace David Luiz was a priority, weeks after defending the opposing views?

    Did you wrote that the fight between Arteta and Edu NEVER took place and that they work in cohesion?

  38. Receding Hairline

    If Burnley don’t lose heavily tomorrow we will be bottom of the league going into the break with no goal scored.

    We will always have West Brom though until we return to hopefully beat up Norwich, going by today’s game with Leicester though that’s not a given

  39. Champagne Charlie


    Go quote me, you’re full of bullshit statements like claiming I back Arteta “unconditionally” because that’s how you operate on here.

    Fresh off saying earlier I was all for Pepe signing despite it being well known that I wanted Zaha over Pepe. You said you’d love if Pepe joined, and since you’ve changed your tact to claim you weren’t interested.

  40. GK

    It’s plain for all to see now that Emery rates better than diet pep. His only challenge was effective communication due to language issues. Gabriel, White and Partey not playing can’t rationalize this shit shower we just witnessed otherwise every top team should be losing scandalously every time 3 first teamers are unavailable. The entire management team should be sacked now otherwise there’s a real possibility of getting relegated ds season

  41. prvhc

    You’re never going to pin down Chumpagne to a position/argument, because he flip flops all over the place. He’ll make tons of post one way, then come up with a ton more spouting the opposite.

  42. Topside Northbank

    Long time reader, first time posting on here.

    Fan of our club for over 40 years and a match going home and away one for many years.

    Arteta is way out of his depth and for a guy that was praised for his coaching ability with City, who has actually improved under him with us?

    No one imo.

    If Saliba is no better than Mari let alone Holding, Chambers or Kolasinac he must be Gus Caeser levels of bad, I doubt he is.

  43. Topside Northbank

    To add I don’t live in the UK anymore and stopped going 2013, various reasons but direction of the club being the primary one.

    Good coaches do not make great managers in many cases, guess that is well known.

    Don Howe people my age will remember him fantastic defensive coach that players not just at Arsenal but with England always held in high esteem.

    Not a great manager, it’s totally different what we are seeing under Arteta is akin to chairs on the Titanic, he is out of his depth and he won’t turn it around short let alone long term.

  44. Emiratesstroller

    I will give you a name as a potential Manager. How about ROBERT MANCINI the current Italian Manager and former Man City Manager? He is still in his 50s with a lot of experience and success.

  45. GK

    Arsenal recruitment over 3 years has been criminal. Imagine Leeds paid £17m for Rafinha and he’s all we thought 72m Pepe was.