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Mikel Arteta looks a dead man walking and we’re one game into the season. His embarrassing carry-on before the game in his press conference wasn’t an off day at the office, it was a window into the mindset of a ‘manager’ that has lost control of whatever he had bottled when he first joined the club. The team performed at 60%, there was no evolution of the football, and we were bodied by a Brentford side with literally zero Premier League games worth of experience.

It was shocking, but I think most people half expected that it was going to happen. There was a slight narrative working against us and we let it consume us. If Chelsea went there, they’d have come away with 3 points, and probably spanked them. They wouldn’t let the ‘plucky upstarts in their new stadium’ get the better of them. We allowed it, and what was most painful is Arteta set the expectation for that result through his behaviour pregame.

I don’t want to keep banging on about this, but as ‘manager’ you set the tone for the club. When you are the defacto leader on the football side, you cannot allow yourself to make things about you and your feelings… unless you’re Jose Mourinho at his peak. Arteta was visibly sulking before the game because he didn’t have the players he wanted. He decided not to set out a lofty ambition for the season. He didn’t pump his players, instead, he chose to flame grill Willian, and he pontificated over whether Auba could get back to his best form. He basically communicated he didn’t have belief in the players he had, and worse, told fans to temper our expectations.

He should have come out and set a lofty ambition, not tell the fans that consistency is what he was looking for. He should have rallied the players, ‘we have the most talented group of young players in the world, they’re going to shock you, and the doubters will see… top 4 is what we’re going to achieve’… what did we get? A spoilt brat sulk and a non-answer about the season.

This was such a miss. If you set big ambitions that are a little crazy, it can do magical things. The talent on the pitch have a north star, so they know what the expectations are. Management has a target and you make them accountable, and you can make sure every decision is filtered through the lens of ‘are we moving towards this mad goal.’ Fans get pumped because someone at the club has standards. If you beat the drum about the vision, people tend to rally and overperform… and even if you miss the target, you’ll be a damn sight closer to it than you would if you set the target as ‘consistency.’ There was no aspirational target set and the players dropped a performance like they’d been told they were shite.

He also couldn’t give us a straight answer on Auba and Lacazette. Why couldn’t he just be straight and tell us what was wrong with the players? Giving an ambiguous answer now has half the fan base wondering if something more nefarious is at play.

The football was pretty much exactly the same as last year. Loads of passing that lacked purpose, lots of aimless crossing to forwards that weren’t present in the box, and no real bang-bang to our game. The players look weighted down by too much information. Nothing really flowed. There’s still no intelligence in our final third play.

Now, what is clear… losing Auba and Lacazette was a big miss for us. Balogun looked like an 18-year-old upfront, it’s his first game, you can forgive that, but he’s clearly a long way off where he needs to be. Martinelli was absolutely anonymous all game, and Pepe was back to his infuriating worse. But here’s what I can’t deal with… how can those names offer so little energy? Why couldn’t Arteta get them to press? How can you have three players like that and not really cause a problem in attack? That’s not a talent issue… that’s a system problem. It’s also a management issue, because they weren’t giving their best. Hardwork can be just as useful as talent, we didn’t seem to have either yesterday.

Arteta has had 6 weeks to address the lack of creation in the system and he hasn’t solved it. Give it to Tierney is not a strategy. Lobbing balls into an empty box is how Steve Round and David Moyes got their P45s at Manchester United. We had 22 attempts at their goal and only hit the target 4 times. They had 3 shots on target and scored two.

Look at the mess in the team as well. Granit Xhaka wanted out at Arsenal a few weeks ago, now he’s the captain. Cal Chambers is a centre back who is now playing right back, he played like that yesterday, dropping two errors in the build-up to their first goal. Bernd Leno is consistently playing like a keeper that wants a new challenge, you can call a foul on their second goal, and yes, I agree… but it is an affront that a professional keeper lets that happen to him. Where is the fight?

So many of the problems we have in the squad are of Arteta’s doing. He was responsible for Pablo Mari, who looks way out of his depth. He was the guy pushing Willian who is now persona non grata. He told us Cedric Soares had special qualities. All of the players on show yesterday have had long enough under-Arteta to understand the system and they should all be well versed in the expectations of what should be delivered on the pitch.

I think the bigger worry about all of this is it seems like the biggest miss in Arteta’s Arsenal is how he treats players. The  Willian issue is a prime example. One minute, he’s a fave, the next, he’s in the bin. Same thing happened to Gabriel last season after a poor 60 minutes saw him benched for 10 games. He’s not looked the same since. The social EQ looks to be weak with Arteta. You can have the best coaching ideas, but if people don’t like you, you can’t survive at the highest level. There are quite a lot of Arsenal fans that just don’t like Arteta because of how he behaves and that’s not a good omen. Just look at Thomas Frank, rallying his fans, talking glowingly about the club, the history, and the plan for the season. That should have been Mikel.

Instead of dropping Brentford with a fizzing performance, we limped out like it was the Villareal game. Now we head into the Chelsea game without key senior players and a painful lack of confidence. It’s quite likely we could finish the first three games of the season bottom of the table with 0 points. The nightmare start of last season looks like it could return for round two… and we only have ourselves to blame. We didn’t get our business done fast enough, we didn’t move the football on with what we have, and the players performed like they’d listened to a manager that lacks focus and fire.

The manager spent all his fan capital during that horrible run. There’s no forgiveness in the system for him because we’ve not seen enough good stuff to care. I don’t know what peak-Arteta football looks like, so it’s hard to get excited about what 3 extra players could do for the football. That’s a problem that can only be solved by winning big games. Chelsea is now a cup final and so is the City game. Will the players go to bat for him? Or will they taste blood in the water like they did with Emery?

We’ll see.

We did a video and a podcast to verbalise the pain.



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  1. Daniel Altos

    Almuniasaynomore I must admit your posts are so entertaining…keep em coming. At least brings some joy compared to the absolute rubbish arteta serves up on the pitch and the absolute rubbish his fanboys come up with on here

  2. CG


    It’s nearly worth keeping A&E in their posts , if you can keep that up.


    Round has nearly got as many relegations on his CV as Ramsdale.

    And Arteta wants both of them sitting on his bench in the dug out next week.

  3. Valentin


    Not correct.
    The fact that Wenger did not pay attention to the defensive side than other coach does not mean that he did not do tactic.

    Depending the opponent we did not setup the same way. The main problem was that the defense was never properly coached and that when a player did not respect the instructions that was often no consequence.

    Ramsey admitted as much when he said that sometimes he was going forward without thinking that his move was creating an opening for the opposition.

    Same thing with Alex Song who suddenly decided to become an attacking midfield, because he thought that would bring him more exposure. Remember the story how he and his wife coming up with the idea of having colourful hairstyle so that when Arsenal score he is more visible. That the decision to abandon his defensive duty was against Wenger instructions. That was one of the reasons why Wenger did not try to resist Barcelona attempt to buy him.

    Also you can see the change of philosophy between early Wenger who was about power and pace and later Wenger who was about intricate midfield play.

  4. Almuniasaynomore

    Your post is a very real warning of the dangers of our current situation, well said. It is incredibly difficult to gauge which players aren’t good enough and which players are struggling because of our current set up but could flourish under a different system. All clubs have this problem but the volume of players that seem to be regressing under Arteta is very worrying. Equally worrying is that he is the man deciding who we sell, but what is he basing this decision on? Ability or personality clashes? There really is no logical argument not to remove him as he could make very damaging decisions over the next few weeks with long term consequences. Unless of course he can turn things around,but how could anyone take such a view? Forget about his failings as a manager, where are his successes in coaching players?

  5. Rich

    Arsene Wenger delivered 20 consecutive top 4 finishes, he managed at the top level in England and France for over 3 decades

    You can make a really sound argument he was an idealist/philosopher, who refused to drop his beliefs for good or bad, and that eventually brought him down

    That he trusted his players far too much, where Arteta doesn’t trust them enough, and that we probably need something in between

    But the idea Arsene Wenger didn’t have tactics is utter nonsense, you can disagree with those tactics, and there’s certainly times where he’d have benefitted from showing more pragmatism

    But do you honestly believe Wenger managed at the top level for that long, without any tactics?

    That’s just ridiculous

  6. Peckobill

    I’m not joking whatsoever when I say in arteta’s interview when he was asked who is back room staff will be and the second he said “one is Steve Round “ I would’ve said “ok then we’ll be in touch “

  7. reality check

    Lads. We’re all Arsenal fans. We’re all being mugged off. MA in or out you’re being mugged off. Trust the process or don’t trust the process. You’re being mugged off. The players or leeches or truly care. Whatever side of an opinion you fall on. You’re being mugged off because your club from top to bottom are not meeting your expectations.

    I’m going to say something here. Not seeking clout or for shock value. But as a real concern from what happened last season. We fell into relegation form and we were at the top end of a relegation fight. Lads… We didn’t get out of it. What do I mean. Lads at that time the club was doing everything it knew to get out of that trouble and nothing worked. What did happen was the introduction of saka esr and Martinelli all putting in 7+ out of ten performances at the same time with an on form Lacazette connecting the dots at the top end. Lads this was like catching lightening in a bottle. All the stars lined up just right so that we could pull ourselves up out of relegation form. Lads. This was an extremely fortunate set of circumstances. This happened without anyone planning or enforcing. It all just… Worked. But if you look at all the plans and ideas we did try. They all failed. Then you add the end of season form. We finish 8th. Take away the impact if those youths, but still add in the end of season form. We barley finish 10th or 11th.

    Lads. Technically. The system, plan, ideas, work, training ect. All of it. None of it worked. It took an extraordinary set of coincidences to line up in order for us to get out that relegation zone/form.

    I believe we are still facing bottom half of table struggles. I’m not saying “we’re facing a relegation battle”. But I am saying. We are facing relegation form.

  8. Peckobill

    I feel sorry for our forwards , all of them even Pepe . What anyone stops and just for a second has a little think about it with the stick Pepe gets but actually asks who has he actually played under at arsenal ? Fucking Emery and arteta / round combo . Maybe he isn’t all that but can honestly form a fair assessment off that ?
    Who has in a forward position actually progressed under this lot . Even saka and ESR are age related progression

  9. Daniel Altos

    There are certain posters who kept on digging into emery for his lack of a style of play two months into his job. That he was only interested in cutbacks and 2nd half comebacks. Well,at least emery was using cut backs because he didnt have proper wingers. What is arteta’s style of play 18 months into his tenure?I almost never here Pedro and his wingmen tell us exactly what is is,its always arteta wants to do this and that.Where is the exciting young coaching we were promised?What is the actual plan ffs?Arteta spent more years with moyes than with pep and wenger and also has his assistant who is well schooled in moyes football.Where are people getting this nonsense that arteta wants to play some dynamic brand of ManCity’s football?I say its all B.s and artyboy actually believes in the moyes philosophy.Lets not take the piss here there is no process and people who have been buying that nonsense are idiots of the highest order.

  10. China1

    Didn’t shakesbeard write that comedy novel… the shopper in Venice? I think it was about a young Christian boy who bought a pound of flesh?

    That was a right larf!!!

  11. Daniel Altos

    PeckobillAugust 15, 2021 12:49:49
    I feel sorry for our forwards , all of them even Pepe . What anyone stops and just for a second has a little think about it with the stick Pepe gets but actually asks who has he actually played under at arsenal ? Fucking Emery and arteta / round combo . Maybe he isn’t all that but can honestly form a fair assessment off that ?
    Who has in a forward position actually progressed under this lot . Even saka and ESR are age related progression

    @Peckobil spot on.This is why I dont believe in this narrative that auba is finished.I just think he is tired of the project. Goalscorers dont just wake up and lose their goalscoring touch. Before last season,auba was among lewandowski,messi and ronaldo as the 4 players who have scored 20+ goals for the past 7 seasons.I am not for one second buying this narrative that auba suddenly cant finish

  12. Daniel Altos

    No surprises pierre thinks gabi isnt ready when he was literally banging goals left right and centre under emery…this is purely an arteta issue

  13. Tonga

    Willock not in the team for Newcastle. Might as well as kept him on the bench for this one. Would have done better than Tavares at left back and caused some problems, as we saw in preseason

  14. gunnernet


    i will add that under Arsene we have had clear identity. The Arsenal DNA, attacking football with speed coming from both wings and the middle. Wenger knew how to link lines.

    Nowadays, team seems always to be disconnected among lines. Even under Emery this was the case. Arteta’s identity so far is rigid way of conceding less, without caring about offence. And even for that he has failed.

  15. MLC

    Edu is a rotten fruit, his relationship with Kia is a BIG problem, everyone here in Brazil knows that Kia is unreliable, Corinthians was fucked by Kia in 2005, the vacuum left by wenger is fertile ground for pests

  16. Spanishdave

    So Abu and Laca off to Barca.
    I doubt there much in the way of transfer fees on offer as they have no money.
    The salary savings would be good, but we do need a good replacement.
    Did Arteta use the game to show what happens without them to get his way with replacement?

  17. Wengaball

    Only the uneducated can say Wenger did not do tactics. Neither is it correct that he did not coach defence.

    What is definitely true is that tactics were subservient to his philosophy, which was first and foremost about fluid, attacking football. He was never going to set up a low block because he was playing Barcelona or whoever.

    As for defence, he always said that the way we play means we will always concede goals. Defence, in the Wenger world, carried a much higher burden because they had to defend in an attacking set up. Defending with ten behind the ball like Arteta is waaaay easier.

    Finding the right balance between attack and defence is the holy grail of football and even the greatest of coaches struggle with it. Just look at Mourinho and Wenger.

    One was forever parking the bus. The other didn’t have one.

    The financially doped teams look like they are doing better tactics and finding the balance. It is an eyewash. They have just gone and double mopped-up the best talent in the world.

    The other point that Rich made – switch from fast, strong football to intricate midfield play was the direct counterpoint to park the bus culture that became a league wise disease in the post Mourinho years. The earlier football wouldn’t work with opponents lined up in two banks and refusing to come out and play. You had to pull them out of position. That meant keep moving the ball till you find an opening, at which point you moved the ball at lightning speed and get in.

    Does that sound like a tactic? It is much bigger than that in reality – it is a whole new way.

  18. Peckobill

    “ So Abu and Laca off to Barca”
    I dread to think who arteta will get to replace them .
    The man is going to take us to new depths and people think things can only get better .
    Arteta is worrying now and needs replacing ASAP before he does untold damage .
    He’s panicking and making big rash decisions and with his ego can’t accept it’s his system that’s the problem.
    It’s probably why he had his strop in that interview before the first game and why he dropped auba and laca because he couldn’t shift one of them in time to get the bang average Abraham .
    The man is out of his depth

  19. Rich

    You could see within the first few games that Pepe was incredibly raw, not sure we can blame Emery or Arteta for that, he is what he is

    Our issue is that top possession based teams can only get away with 1 or 2 impact players, and they need to be surrounded by technicians, which we’re in short supply of

    Pepe + Aubameyang need the right supply lines, they’ll never be hugely involved in games, but we can get away with it, as long as we give them the right service

    Pepe is the best finisher at the club, we need to get the ball into him as early as possible into the final third

    Ideally I’d be happy for us to dump them both, and replace them with technicians, but since we’re probably stuck with them, we have to try and extract value from them

    Odegaard? Smith Rowe, Partey, Saka, are 4 players who’ll help us do that

    Partey plays right on the edge, and has me watching from behind the sofa, but he does open up the game, but currently outside of Saka, Smith-Rowe, we’re in desperately in short supply of craft, creativity, flair, and imagination in the final third

    Our only other creative outlet is Tierney down the left

    For all the talk about coaching + tactics, the reality is we’re short on quality technicians in central midfield and in the final third

  20. Wengaball

    “Defence, in the Wenger world, carried a much higher burden because they had to defend in an attacking set up. “

    What I wanted to say that takes way more coaching than putting ten behind the ball. Any half decent football coach can do that. Pulls and Allardyce excelled at it in fact.

  21. Pierre

    The link you showed was outside the box, I said “He did nothing of note in the game and surprisingly his movement was poor in the box.”

    Which it was ., though by the looks of it Xhaka should have picked him out.

    His movement outside the box was good in that he left the space for Tierney to move into , but in all honesty i can’t remember him making a near post run for Tierney, who was finding good positions out wide, although he was unlucky from a corner late on in the game.

  22. Peckobill

    “ Ideally I’d be happy for us to dump them both, and replace them with technicians, but since we’re probably stuck with them, we have to try and extract value from them Odegaard? Smith Rowe, Partey, Saka, are 4 players who’ll help us do that”
    Utter codswallop , and tell me who’s scoring the goals . Just pass it round and do bugger all with ball and no one to score .
    Don’t know what it’ll take for you to wake up and realise it’s a coaching and system problem . Open your eyes

  23. Wengaball

    It would have been interesting to see what football we got if Wenger managed a financially doped team.

    Unfortunately, we will never know.

  24. Rich

    A story doing the rounds that Arteta’s future isn’t secure

    We’re looking at Conte, who’d demand Lautaro Martinez, who’d be keen to join up with his former boss

    That would be quite the domino effect

    Conte doesn’t take any nonsense, not from the players or the board, and would certainly look for guarantees before signing on the dotted line

    He’d either sort this mess out, or he’d quit within 12 months, because he wouldn’t be coming here happy to linger in mid table, his ego is far too big

    Amazon will be willing for this one to happen, absolute fireworks 😂

  25. Sid

    “”””””It’s all about the long game.
    JK: That’s what Uncle Sid always says!””””””

    Pedro!, send this guy to the bin!

  26. Wengaball

    The non-Diet Pep is getting all prickly about FFP.

    The question someone should ask him is how proud does he feel about going into the ring as a heavyweight and knocking out light-flyweights?

    Because that is exactly the boxing equivalent of what we are seeing in European club football.

    In no other sport in the whole freaking world is money deciding the winners the way it is in European club football. It is not even a sport anymore.

  27. CG


    ”””For all the talk about coaching + tactics, the reality is we’re short on quality technicians in central midfield and in the final third”””’

    Liverpool dont seem to have this problem

    They played yesterday Kieta , Milner and OX yesterday.( 3 runners)

    another 3 points and another 3 goals. Maybe its the Klopp effect?

    This Arteta could manage Arsenal for the next 20 seasons- and not get a 1 Top 4.

    Slightly different from the peerless A. Wenger 20/20 and all on time and budget and with a flourish!

  28. CG


    ”””’A story doing the rounds that Arteta’s future isn’t secure”””

    I did put the Tick Tock on him yesterday.


  29. Rich


    Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Ljungberg were all technicians

    Van Persie, Cesc, Nasri, Hleb, Rosicky, Wilshere, Arshavin, we’re all technicians

    Ozil, Cazoria, Alexis we’re all technicians

    Right now the only technicians who create are Saka 19 + Smith Rowe 20

    Then people wonder why we struggle to create against deep blocks, teams are happy to cede possession to us, and the football is drab

    You can get away with 1 or maybe 2 Walcott, Aubameyang, Pepe types, providing the technical and creative quality around them is of a high level

    Wenger used to cover technical No10 types, it’s no surprise the football suffered and the goals have dried up, since we’ve moved away from this type of players

  30. MidwestGun

    I just think, you can’t say Martinelli’s movement was poor when he isn’t getting the service. That run would have continued into the box. After awhile when your wide open and you don’t get the ball, you stop making those runs.. It’s only natural. I think we were way too over reliant on Tierney, probably through coaching and also I think Xhaka effects everything on the left negatively. Anyhow.. I don’t think Marti’s movement was the issue, more so the execution. of getting him opportunities. I mean you already know I think Xhaka is shit and this is another example why, he defaults to the easy pass 95% of the time, Marti can’t pass the ball to himself… you can see in that screengrab he was calling for it. I do think if he was played more last season he would develop better chemistry with Tierney.. He had no preseason with the team.

    For me I thought just as Martinelli was starting to make an impact he was subbed for Nelson.. I think it was.. Bizarre move as it moved Pepe into the #9 role. Anyhow, knowing Arteta he will agree with you and be grabbing some major bench time.

  31. Thank you and goodnight

    Brentford’s fans chant on Friday “ you’re just a shit Tottenham Hotspur” . But apparently we’re not the laughing stock of world football according to some on here. Being laughed at by a newly promoted team who haven’t been in the top flight for years. Shocking!!

  32. JP


    I don’t disagree that what managers say in press conferences and the image they give off is important but your constant belief that the message from the manager can will magic to happen is weird.

    Football is won by talent and training and waxing lyrical about the potential of the squad would not cover up the stink of his coaching and the lack of talent in the squad.

  33. Wengaball

    Rich – you can add Ramsey and even Giroud to the list. Giroud didn’t look like a technician but he was excellent win little one-twos and flicks in congested spaces.

  34. Samir

    The most concerning thing here is:

    We’re going to lose Saka, Tierney and ESR. There is no way we’re going to make top 4 again until Stan is gone.

    Why would these guys want to stay? We’re now the equivalent of Everton. (they probably have a better squad and manager actually)

  35. Gbat

    I don’t get all the hype with Martinelli. I think he’s liked more for his running and determination than his football ability.

  36. Moray

    So Xhaka has almost an inked a four year contract.

    It’s time to get this administration out before they do any more long-term damage.

    We’ve signed the third most expensive defender of all time who seems to have a critical weakness and now it’s another four years of that failure Xhaka. God knows what effect he has on the team in the dressing room.

    That docu next year will be almost unwatchable, I think.

  37. Globalgunner

    Newcastle and West ham playing the kind of football Arsenal fans can only dream about. Woe is us
    Fraudteta out!

  38. Samesong

    Newcastle and West ham playing the kind of football Arsenal fans can only dream about. Woe is us
    Fraudteta out!


  39. Vintage Gun

    “Pedro!, send this guy to the bin!”

    He cant. His bins full with posters who questioned Arteta or the process in the build up to the seasons start. Toxic i think they were called.

    Had posts deleted for the first time few days ago for simply pointing out that pre season hasn’t gone to plan. Two days and one match later. Pedro posts up this blog saying the same thing.

    If you stick your head in the hot sand for too long, your arse will get burnt.

  40. Rich


    Liverpool play 2-3-4-1 in possession

    ………..Gomes Van Dijk
    ……Keita Fabinho Wijnaldum

    What they do is put their 3 central midfielders across their two centre backs in possession and push both their full backs forward as wingers, this comes at the expense of an attacking midfielder

    If you go back to before Klopp signed Van Dijk, Alisson + Fabinho

    Liverpool kept throwing away leads late in games, and the narrative was that Klopp was a defensively naive coach, and you couldn’t play a high press for 38 games in the PL

    Sky presenters continually pushed this, and everyone jumped on it, but what Van Dijk + Alisson allowed Liverpool to do, was press much higher, because they’d cover the space in behind

    You can do it, but if we tried to press the play and left Holding + Mari covering the space in behind, and had Leno operating as a sweeper keeper, we’d be like lambs to the slaughter

    If you look at Pep at City, he inherited the most expensively assembled squad in history, spend £200 million and finished third

    The narrative was you couldn’t win the title as a pure possession based team in the PL, I really can’t believe how bad Neville + Caragher’s analyst is

    Pepe then spent another £170 million, then €65 million on a centre half in the January, in order to win his first titles, and he’s hailed as a genius…..

    It depends how we want to set up, there’s no value in buying players for one managers philosophy, only for another manager to hate those players, and we then need to do another 180

    We need to get players out, but I genuinely believe that we’re not as far away as some think, a few tweaks to this squad can see some real improvements

    Our results improved when we added some craft + creativity to our midfield in Smith Rowe + Odegaard, and I wasn’t surprised by that

    There’s no shortcuts back to the very top, that’s going to take 2-3 seasons minimum, and that journey will be a process, with plenty of ups and downs

    The question is, who do we trust with overseeing that?

    The type of meltdowns we’re seeing after every defeat, is completely unsustainable

  41. Samesong

    Thankyou and Goodnight.

    Moyes is ok. He’s improved. He was crap at United but let’s not forget how he got his Everton sides playing. Player’s have to work hard in his system. and yes his team are playing good football.

  42. Samesong

    The type of meltdowns we’re seeing after every defeat, is completely unsustainable

    You could of never captained my football team. You seem void of any passion. Football has always been an emotional sport.

  43. MidwestGun

    Screw politics…… More importantly, Xhaka for 4 more years would just about seal the deal for me needing a liver transplant. They are talking about until June of 2025. Good Lord…. Axis of Evil never ends.

  44. bennydevito

    Afternoon Grovers,

    Sorry if this has already been done to death but why the hell have we sold Willock? It makes absolutely zero sense. We desperately need goals from midfield and Willock can provide that but has never been given a chance. Saliba’s been marginalised, Martinelli looks a shadow of the player under Emery and our play is worse now than it ever was under Emery.

    I don’t want Enery back and it was right for him to go but why the fuck are we persisting with someone worse than Emery? Arteta out now ffs before all our youngsters are binned off or ruined. He should have gone last season but losing to Brentford is not good enough and worrying with the fixtures coming next.

    Brentford deliberately targeted Xhaka as the weak link and I’m staggered he’s been given a new contract when we’re selling Willock and freezing out Torreira and Guendouzi.

    What a mess we are.

  45. Dissenter

    ‘ I don’t get all the hype with Martinelli. I think he’s liked more for his running and determination than his football ability’

    Martinelli returned back to the squad two days after the Olympic final in Japan
    The man has had no summer break, he shouldn’t have played in that game.

    He’s less prepared for the season than Saka who did eff all when he came on to;

    The team wasn’t set up right,, the manager who has been sulking all preseason didn’t know his opposition and his in-game adjustments were diabolical.

    Like someone said, spare the players. The manager let them down.

  46. Peckobill

    “ Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Ljungberg were all technicians”

    Who could all score bag full of goals as well . I don’t like putting them down because I love them in the team but what numbers are saka and smith rowe and ode putting up again ?

  47. Dissenter

    Also,why does Tierney get a free pass all the time, Bryan Mbeumo had the better of him too many times to count and his crossing was diabolical.
    He wasn’t even looking up before crossing.

  48. John Munoz

    Hard to get excited about any potential signings that may yet come. The club have shown that more often than not they prioritize or select the wrong kinds of players.

    And yet even if they did grab quality players I just don’t think Arteta is the right choice to lead them forward. He’s has plenty of time to try an establish a philosophy on the pitch and all we got are passing around the backline to Xhaka and the occasional pass to Tierney who crosses it to no one in the box.

    That’s all we got.

    It’s all just depressing. Until he goes, nothing changes.

  49. Peckobill

    “ Henry, Bergkamp, Pires, Ljungberg were all technicians Van Persie, Cesc, Nasri, Hleb, Rosicky, Wilshere, Arshavin, we’re all technicians Ozil, Cazoria, Alexis we’re all technicians”
    Every one of them coached by one of the best coaches in world football at attacking and expansive interchangeable positions . Put any in arteta’s side and watch them decline ,
    Your proving my point even more it’s a coaching issue

  50. China1

    TR7 this was always going to happen Afghanistan is known as the graveyard of empires for a good reason

    We could’ve stayed there for another 50 years and when the withdrawal happened the country would be lost within months at the most.

    Not saying it’s right or nice but I’m also not sure there’s a solution. How does one withdraw from Afghanistan and let it remain safe and free? That is the question that historically no one has been able to answer

  51. Terraloon


    I think he still has credit in the bank.

    Slowly but surely ,unless things improve, he will be reluctant to adventure forward he will cut the ball back as opposed to trying to play a ball in

    But don’t underestimate the need for Pepe to provide assistance when defending and that isn’t a skill or ability that is in his locker

  52. China1

    Rich all of those players would have scored way less in this team because the whole team plays 10-15 yards deeper. Build up play and creativity is being asked of our CBs now… and we wonder why the front doesn’t get enough service

  53. China1

    Like seriously the taliban were always just going to wait and wait and wait

    All those years of training and arming the local army and special forces and when the western help goes the country collapses in days.

    If 20 years, elite American training and top of the line equipment can’t help you defend your country then your country cannot/will not ever be defended in this manner. You also wonder how much those working for the Afghan gov forces really wanted that anyway if they’ve barely even fought to retain the current status quo… you wonder how many of them would rather it was the taliban or simply don’t care either way.

  54. China1

    Also I think the policy to withdraw came under trump’s watch

    Not that I approve or disapprove of it either way.

    Just saying this was always going to be an unwinnable war in the long term

  55. Sid

    They should send Diet Pep to Afghanistan to bore the Taliban to death with his brand of football, while the troops take that opportunity to evacuate people

  56. Sid

    “”””””If 20 years, elite American training and top of the line equipment can’t help you defend your country “”””””

    Defend their country from fellow country men? Loooool

  57. Dissenter

    The Biden policy was no different from what Trumo was doing.

    Better now than in 2040 after another 3,000 American soldiers and 500 NATO soldiers have died to prop up Astro-turf governments that can’t back on the grit of the people.
    Let Afghanis decide what happens to their country. They aren’t even fighting the Taliban, they are basically inviting them in.

    The Biden/Trump policy is the right one. It may appear gruesome but that because the entire policy was a 100% foreign policy disaster.

  58. Dissenter

    Edu is in over his head.
    A better man would have resigned the moment Arteta did a power grab but no he saw his job as a cushy vacay in London.

    When this transfer window is over, Edu needs to be ushered out quietly and a proper DoF needs to be brought in sharpish.
    …and that’s independent of whatever happens to Arteta.

  59. Globalgunner

    Look at what these 2 teams are doing. have we ever seen anything close to this in 20 months of “the process” What a bunch of morons in charge of this club. Jack from the Beanstalk far smarter than any of these morons. Moyes team playing like peak Real Madrid

  60. CG


    ”””’One thing you get with the hammers they score goals.”””’


    What are they?

    A Steve Round-less David Moyes started his West Ham job , the same time as Arteta started his.

    they have been good for 12 months solid!

  61. Rich


    All those players could sustain attacks in the final third

    It’s one of the reason we need Odegaard, Smith Rowe + Saka

    Wenger’s best teams had Campbell, Toure, Vieira, Gilberto/Petit, Parlour, covering the space in behind on the counter

    The best football we’ve played since 2010/11 was in the first half’s of 2015/16 + 2016/17 with Cazorla at the best of our midfield, because he could beat the press at create overloads, and when teams stood off him, he’s dictate the tempo of the whole game

    Partey frightens me a bit, plays right on the edge, nowhere near as technically secure as Cazorla, but he can consistent carve teams open from deep, and get the ball into our forwards early

  62. Peckobill

    “ Rich all of those players would have scored way less in this team because the whole team plays 10-15 yards deeper. Build up play and creativity is being asked of our CBs now… and we wonder why the front doesn’t get enough service”

  63. Peckobill

    “ A Steve Round-less David Moyes started his West Ham job , the same time as Arteta started his.”
    Was going to post similar and some don’t think it’s a coaching issue .
    Go watch some Utd you tubes of Utd under Moyes then watch West Ham under Moyes
    One with steve round , one without .
    Light years apart in style

  64. Thank you and goodnight

    America and Britain make me laugh. They’re both supposed to be developed countries, yet even in the year 2021 their are kids and people going hungry on their streets yet they have the balls to stick their noses into how other countries operate. Fuck other countries and worry about the fucking mess in you’re own countries. Don’t worry about what Abdul the Afghan is doing and concentrate in making our streets safer and stop 14yr olds stabbing each other to death

  65. Rich


    If we did manage to get Aubameyang out, we’d have to replace him

    He’s 32, I’m not sure I want to see him up and down our left wing for another two seasons, I’d much rather a Nasri type

    We could move him centrally, he’s low on confidence, but a goal could get him up and running again

    I’d just prefer a different type of striker, someone who offers a combination of what Aubameyang and Lacazette both offer

    Lacazette link play is good, he also presses well fir 70 minutes befriend gassing out, but he offers little threat in behind, and generally gets eaten up by centre half’s in the box

    Aubameyang offers good movement, but his link play is virtually non existent, and doesn’t offer a physical presence or a focal point down the middle

    Abraham isn’t elite, but I do think he’d have been a good signing for us, he’s got qualities that would have improved us as a collective

  66. CG


    ”””@CG Very good comment regarding Moyes in comparison to Arteta””””””’

    (Thank you.)
    Which goes to show you, why most sensible clubs plump for experienced and proven managers

    And silly ones or lazy ones , employ wannabes!

  67. Peckobill

    I tell you what watch Utd under Moyes (with round ) and see if you can spot the exact same problems with attack and forwards struggling as we are witnessing under arteta ( with round ) .
    Then watch the “technicians “ under prime Wenger how they all interchange positions ( Henry , pires, bergkamp , lungburg ) dragging opposition all over the place even viera breaking into Henry’s position as he pulls wide .
    Now watch arteta’s arsenal how players are static not allowed to leave their positions because arteta shits his pants at the ball being overturned and the fear of players being out of position . Arteta is a no risk pessimist .
    Wengers teams played with no fear , arteta’s play with comer fear .
    It’s a coaching issue

  68. Thank you and goodnight


    It was fucking Saudi’s and Egyptians that flew plane into the towers , not afghani’s. Also let me ask you one thing, when the IRA were bombing our towns and cities, I didn’t see any yank aircraft carriers based off ireland bombing the IRA,, I suppose they were to busy helping Irish/Americans fund raise for the IRA whilst selling them arms.

  69. MidwestGun

    TY&GN.. Don’t really want to discuss politics here.. it’s too inflammatory and I don’t know why people want to keep bringing it up here.. Just telling you why we cared. You cant ignore everything outside your borders. It is what it is.

  70. Peckobill

    You bang on auba and maybe he is over the hill , maybe not but until I’ve seen him under a different coaching structure I’ll hold my view .
    He a striker , he was bought to score goals ,goals and only goals wins games .
    Assembling a competent squad needs players to be their very best in every position , aubas goals put him in the golden boot level both before he came and once here . There was that stat no player had scored more than him in the league up to a certain point . He was doing his end of the bargain . His part , in his position he was putting up league winning form . All of this right up to arteta ( and round ) come along with their bland no risk football .
    Abraham has never been amongst golden boot levels , auba always have ( upto arteta and round ) . Not debatable, a fact .

  71. David.D

    Friday was depressing.
    We actually started the game quite well but then it all went to pot.
    I cannot stand Arteta now and his methods.
    The football seems so forced, so predictable and so mechanical.
    Just no variety or spontaneity.
    Just pass pass pass and get it out to Tierney to cross.
    Oh and the ridiculous playing out the back even when it looks to put us in trouble. It’s as if the players have been told to do it no matter what and are fearful of deviating from Arteta’s instructions.
    There is just no joy to our football.
    And this is all down to Arteta.
    He seems more scared to lose than take risks and let the team express themselves.
    I don’t think it matters who we bring in.
    The system and boring functional system will just swallow them up.
    I want him gone as he seems totally incapable of having the humility to admit his system is wrong and doesnt have the flexibility to change it around.
    Look at that performance from Spurs today without Kane and see in a few weeks how City will trample all over us..
    Franck of Brentford charismatic.
    Nuno a personality . They rise and galvanise their clubs.
    We have the boring as fuck Arteta.
    I wanted him and was excited when he first joined.
    It’s just so depressing as cant see how this improves unless he reinvents himself (no fucking chance,) or he gets sacked.
    I love this club and it fucking hurts where we are .
    We have the core of a good squad.

  72. alex cutter

    “14 year old kids don’t fly … Planes into our tallest buildings… Hence why we cared about Afghanistan.. I can’t speak for Britain.”

    God damn are you wrong.