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Can’t wait.

It’s nice that to commemorate the Italians and Turks game that we’re being heavily linked to Serie A players.

Locatelli as a Granit replacement?

Barella as tasty number 8 with bite to his game?


Those are three very sexy links. I read someone say we go from ass to class and I am absolutely here for that sort of poetic internet prose.

Rodrigo De Paul is 27, repped by Mino Raiola, and probably going to Atleti… but his profile is exactly what we’re looking for. He’s tasked with progressing the ball from deep at Udinese. He creates a lot, scores a lot, has an energy profile that has attracted Bielsa. Give me that sort of talent over some of the one-paced merchants we’ve been looking to replace all day long.

This is an excellent scouting report if you’d like to read up further on him.

Locatelli is exciting because he’s handsome and Italian. He ticks all the Xhaka RPL boxes from a stats perspective. He’s at a small club in Italy, Sassuolo, so should be attainable. Though I do wonder how the P&P merchants are rationalising him more than the other slow deep-lying midfielders because he’s very one-paced even in Italy. I guess Italians just hit differently?

I’m not sure how much is actually going on, because I know Arteta is out of the building on holiday and it seems that Edu is still away because he keeps posting to his public IG stories. Breath though. Everyone is entitled to a holiday. BUT WHERE ARE THE SIGNINGS BECAUSE THE EUROS HAVE ALREADY STARTED. Breath. It’ll be fine. IT WILL BE FINE.

Tyler Adams feels like a dead cert now.

Agent Smith Rowe is on the blower as we speak luring him over to the mighty Arsenal. Journos are saying he’s a hot target of clubs with Champions League football. I’d say WE ARE ARSENAL, but Emi B just binned us off to play cards with John Terry, so who knows how the Arsenal pull is working at the moment.

More journos are talking up the prospect of Lokonga, a great talent, but not for the first team I’d imagine.

Then there’s the story of Eddie getting a new deal. Not quite sure how this one is working. If he’s getting a new deal, you would imagine it’ll be because Huss Fahmy put an option of an extension in his last deal so we could preserve his value… because I don’t see a world where he’d sign another year knowing how far he is down the pecking order to protect Arsenal’s right to sell him?

Granit Xhaka is about to move out of the club for £18m or so… if you spent the last 5 seasons calling him the worst player in the world, I can’t have you moaning about the fee in a post-pandy world (pandy is ok to use, right?).

On the note of moaning, word for the comments. I let a whole bunch of people back on a few weeks ago and predictably, the misery is back and the conversation is starting from a low point. People need to pick it up. Misery breeds misery and stops interesting conversation flowing like we have a few months back. If perpetrators don’t pick it up, I’ll do a sweep again.

On that note, I bid you farewell, enjoy the Euros, it’ll be fun!


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Didn’t see it. Just turned the head to do something and next thing he is on the ground.

This is really awful.

So it must be that Erikson had a heart attack or something then.


The team spirit of the Danish team, is very strong


Pretty horrific what’s going on. Lad was in serious form coming into the tourney

Mr Serge

He was getting CPR not sure they used a defib

Mr Serge

Yeah diss that’s his wife


Yes it was a heart issue. They went full on cpr right away and used the paddles. I never saw him move, scary stuff.. they had a air bottle on him when they wheeled him off. But not sure he recovered or not.. Pretty horrible stuff.


He didn’t seem to regain consciousness and they did intubate him early, before his team mates shielded the camera.
Hopefully he regains full functioning but it didn’t look good.

Radio Raheem

I’m in tears I pray he recovers 🙏

Mr Serge

Hopefully he is more Fabrice muamba outcome than Marc Vivien foe hopes and prayers are with him and his family


Anthony Taylor’s expression really said it all, awful stuff. Come back to the light Christian Eriksen.


Let’s pray Eriksen recovers


Mr Serge

I think they did use a defibrillator on Erikson as I did see his body jolt at one point before he was totally shielded.

I really hope he recovers. 🤞🏻

Mr Serge

Football does not matter right now it’s all about this guy pulling through for the sake of his family sad day


Yep.. Radio. I have a family member in hospital with serious heart problems, too so hits close to home.

Life is fragile thing even for professionals in great shape.

Mr Serge

There is a pic of him with his eyes open and his hands raised as he was stretchered off


Mr Serge
“There is a pic of him with his eyes open and his hands raised as he was stretchered off”


I mean the guy was out for minutes.
Even if he did regain consciousness, he has to be delirious after being out for so long, the so called hand raised ay not matter

We just have to wait.

Mr Serge

I have seen a couple of pics diss he looks out of it but alive

Radio Raheem

Great he’s stabilised 🙏

Mr Serge

Yeah uefa just tweeted he has been stabilised and is in hospital


Thank fuck for that…


Mr Serge
Thank goodness for that; if he was indeed conscious

I’m just suggesting he was out fir while and his heart stopped/was quiet at some point, hence the cardioversion.
My point is that the hand raising to the crowd doesn’t mean much because he is unlikely to be delirious for a while.


*likely to be delirious

Mr Serge

As long as he lives fuck football he has young kids

Champagne Charlie

Terrible scenes around Eriksen there, glad to hear a level of stabilisation has been reached and he regained consciousness before leaving the stadium. That’s big. Football utterly irrelevant when events like that occur, best wishes to the man and his family.


Marko wants us to sell Xhaka, Elneny, and Lacazette. He’s yet to illuminate how we’re going to get on next season with just Partey down in midfield.

So that’s a LB, RB, CM x 2, AM, and Forward required after 45 mil on Ben White. You just don’t see it obviously. Master plan


Mr Serge
I agree
Football is probably done for him as a player anyway
Always good to have quick access to good care


Marko needs to cease and desist before he eclipses Neymar gate.

Champagne Charlie


There’s an image of him being carried away, hand on head, eyes glazed. He’s awake, but understandably unawares.


That Danish team is a close knit family and Kasper Schmeichel is a first class leader

Never seen a team react better to the most horrible of events


After seeing the tragedy with his boss, Kasper deserves a happy ending. He’s been through too much already. So sad for Eriksen, I hope he recovers well.


I am really glad to hear that Eriksen has regained consciousness.

I am sure his team mates, the Danish fans and most importantly his wife are all relieved at this news.



What was amazing about Kasper is how he also walked up to Eriksen’s wife to reassure her. And he hugged her and stayed with her for 4-5 minutes.

A true leader with a caring heart.

A trait that is seriously lacking these days in politics unfortunately.


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