by .

The big one is tomorrow. Arteta rolled the entire season on Europa League. He has to deliver.

My big fear?

Galaxy brain.

There are so many temptations and potential traps that could down us.

Do you bring David ‘BIG GAME’ Luiz back in the mixer?

Does Auba start?

Does he risk Tierney or Lacazette despite them having no game time?

Internet people are saying we should roll all the dice. For me, that’s dim thinking. Nothing wrecks an Arsenal plan worse than an early smack in the face. Losing players that are important to the system isn’t good for the system. Also, losing players for the final would also be disastrous.

I’d prefer to lessen the risk by playing fit players who want to perform.

The biggest galaxy brain worry is rolling out a Villareal tactical plan built for Manchester City level players. We’re not there yet. 20-year-olds in the false 9 role is not going to work tomorrow. We need to have a simple plan every single player can follow. That means the right players in the right positions. We have enough fitness to deliver on that vision.

Auba is fit, he wants to lead, he’ll have horrendous memories of his miss last year, that desire to prove the world wrong will be key. That feels like a huge boost.

Martinelli was on fire at the weekend, he’s in form, he should land a starting role.

Odegaard created 5 chances against Newcastle, if you’re playing Auba, you need him on the pitch.

Then it’s tough because you have Lacazette, Saka, and Pepe pushing for starts.

We need to win 1-0. Simple as that. Then we’re through. I would prefer destruction. I’m not sure we’ll get that, but we certainly did away for Slavia Prague.

If we win, Arteta has made a second final in two of the toughest ever seasons. That’s good work. He’ll still need to win the final, but it certainly takes the edge off the league season.

I don’t even want to contemplate a loss.

Whatever the result, there’s still a lot of introspection about this season to be had. It’s not been good enough. A trophy won’t change that.

… but, it’ll go a long way. It’s the memory zapper in MIB. We all need a memory zapper for this season.

Fingers crossed Arteta has something special lined up.

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Just to repeat again, you can’t expect such a squad of young players and ones that haven’t played together for a lengthy time to execute a chop and change plan that is new to them. That is purely on Arteta and a 4-4-2 would probably helped AFC to get to the final. Universally the pundits are burning Arteta for his selection, substitution and game formation. In the CBS Soccer report he got a value of 2 from 10. Certainly Arteta was a downgrade from Emery, still not a good manager. As already mentioned the leaving of Mislintat because Raul fucked… Read more »


Arteta was bland during his playing days, looks like his coaching years are going to be the same.

Fire arteta, get an experienced manager, so even edu can learn. Atm both edu and arteta haven’t benefited with both being rookies.

Who came with the those hires need firing too.
Said it Many times, arsenal have no short term, middle term and long term goals, always just winging it.



You should personally apologize to Unai Emery . The bum just handed our sauciest manager a two legged defeat .
I am so depressed for this club right now. We actually have no hope things will turn around until Kroenke fucks off with his people .

Guns of SF

KSE can see this time as a new opportunity to re invent the club moving forward but also a time to sell.
Which will they chose? History is on the side of them sticking with the club and throwing morsels to us, just enough to keep us satiated.
Truly I wish they move on. Just sell us


I’m done with morsels tbh. I hope every Arsenal fan is sick of them too.

Guns of SF

Maybe we can get Elon Musk to buy the club with Bitcoin
that would be a first!


Easily confirmed that Emery was better than Arteta. Shocking and a disgrace. If Arteta was ever a fan he should resign. Man City also seem to be better off without him. That is because the assistant who replaced him is an experienced man of football.

Arteta has broken all the records for worst season. No hope remains at the Emirates.


PeanutsandMonkeys – not sure where you are based but Arsenal is in Islington London England with a fair amount of support surprisingly in the UK. The Superleague you mention was actually built for you. Not
us legacy supporters. As you are obviously unhappy with us (UK based) please feel to pop off to somewhere else such as supporting a random franchise elsewhere you obviously you don’t like Arsenal much either. .

To all the Arsenal supporters around the globe we shall all move forward together and let’s hope under new custodianship

Guns of SF

28,333 full bitcoins should do it.


Arteta should walk after that season he’s just put us through.

It’s hard to see what his achievements have been over the last year. Poor decisions, questionable tactics, terrible coaching and bad man management have all been order of the day.

Any manager of a supposedly top 6 club who finishes under Moyesinho needs to be chopped.


Northbanker, BobN16, AFC forever, gooner_grower, zacharse, uwot?, the bard, Englandsbest

Things are so negative here,We need your positive input loooool


Sid Bit harsh on BobN16. He’s a liberal minded ST holder whose life in many ways is built around The Arsenal. His posts are generally well measured and thought out often being a voice of reason, so I’d expect his thoughts of Arteta to be what he feels is best for the club and football going forward. Nothbanker also is a very positive guy who tells it like its is. The others and don’t forget the mighty Cazorla? They support Arteta FC first and the club 2nd. Winning the FA cup for them absolves Arteta of all his managerial sins.and… Read more »

Guns of SF

almost bed time here in cali.
I hope to wake up and read of the sacking of Mike A.
It has to be done.

The club should have a contingency plan a few months back, knowing how our season was panning out and riding on the EL.

Time to execute that plan…


I hope we have a plan… would not surprise me if the club never thought this far ahead until now


Apologies to BobN16(my favourite bud Robert) and Northbanker (my runners up bud)
the Carzola guy seems to be Don, he posted about child abuse yesterday and sometime back he had an anal issue, he is crying out for help.


Are you carlifonicating or has Diet Pep ruined the mood?

The Bard

There is no doubt it was a shocker last night but scoring goals has been a problem for a while. Also as Hansen said many years ago you dont win anything with kids.
Is it the managers fault ? I don’t know. I do think his position is in question but mainly because his sacking gets Kroenke off the hook with the fans. I’m with keeping him and seeing what we do in the market this summer.. He will be a better manager next year.


Bard, what makes you think that Arteta will be better next year? I’m not seeing much in the way of substantive improvement in the team.


Bard, the AKB


I wish Arteta was capable of shutting me up like he did as a player when I laughed at signing him, but it was never going to happen. He’s too married with a vision of football that requires buying a whole team for him to work remotely well, that’s nonsense. And his vision of football at its best is just like Guardiola’s, dull as watching paint dry as we have suffered for most of this season.

Congrats to Villareal, with the football we were playing we didn’t deserve a final, let alone silverware.


If we can’t score goals for a whole season having tried different mix of youth and older veterans together and separately, you have to scrutinize the manager and his back room coaches.


I’ve cleared the beer cans but fact remains, arsenal are a disgusting putrid valueless corporate shell. Shit owners shit board shit execs shit manager and mostly shit players. That this embarrassing shower of shit thinks it should be anywhere near a super league sums it all up. Fucking mess from top to bottom.

The Bard

Moray he will be a better manager for this experience. I get all the anti Arteta stuff but I hvent seen anyone suggest a better alternative. I have posted before we are a midtable side with no money who in their right mind would want to manage us. Any manager we appoint will have a mountain to climb to get us back and that takes time. I suspect most of the moaners on here have only supported the club since Wenger arrived but I have been supporting since the late 50s and we have been here before. It takes time… Read more »


Pedro When Stan Kroenke first showed interest in The Arsenal in 2007, the club had just finished runner up in the Champions League, & were Top 4. Today, The Arsenal is out of Europe for the first time in a quarter of a century, & look like finishing 11th in the PL. In that time The Club’s value has gone from just over £1 billion to a a said asking price of just over £2 billion. Can it be assumed that value adding in the footie club ownership stakes has nothing to do with winning trophies. And the yank has… Read more »


Has the Fraud been fired already?

This club is a shambles!


The bard ‘ Moray he will be a better manager for this experience. I get all the anti Arteta stuff but I hvent seen anyone suggest a better alternative’ I’ll roll the dice with Arteta any day. This isn’t rocket science, no alternative suggested? Are you serious? Arteta is the lowest denominator, the ego driven fool who doesn’t know his own limitations. He’s the type of guy that destroyed Barrings bank. He can lead this once-great club to relegation which is what will happen next season. He’s poor with in-game management. He’s poor with youthful players. His philosophy of the… Read more »


* I’ll roll the dice with firing Arteta any day.

The owners are caught off from the club.

Arteta gets fired in any club at 8am Friday morning. It doesn’t get any worse than this.

We love to make fun of Spuds but even they won’t let a poor manager like Arteta go past 24 hours after last night.
Is Arteta trying to destroy Partey’s reputation or does he think Partey is an octopus? He played a central midfield of ONE last night.


Just watched highlights of other semi. Looked a cracking game of much higher quality. ROMA really gave it a go.


Yes the RB revolving door sums up for me why Arteta has to go. This was one game we needed Cedric to combine with Saka and ESR in attack as they had already proved they can., whilst Bellerin has many times proved he cannot. No wonder Saka looked far from his best.


Today is all about positivity

Bob N16

Thanks for the support Tony. Undoubtedly Arteta should resign or more likely be sacked. We have a talented core of young players who could potentially form an excellent team in the relatively near future. However, the mental scars of this season will limit any possible improvement if Arteta continues into next season. By bringing in a capable, new manager, with a consistent, coherent way of playing, will give the players the best chance to progress in a way that we all would like to see. Probably make it easier for Saliba to be integrated too. The trouble is that Arteta… Read more »


Not yet sacked in the morning huh


Im totally with you robert


Dissenter a 4-1-4-1 is an interesting idea on paper. However it proved not only a big mistake but remarkable that the first time we’d ever try this was in the most important game of the season Exceptionally dubious decision from Arteta If he’s tried this with some joy a handful of times before this season I’d be like ah maybe I can see what he was thinking. But this is a team that supposedly struggles to follow his game plan even at the best of times and we’re giving them a brand new one for the most important game of… Read more »

Black Snake

I cant see them sacking him, they were licking his balls giving him a promotion before he even had a year in the job. Theyre gonna play the long game to save face.


I’ve been discussed more in my absence than when I post lol

I was postive when I saw us trending upwards which for a spell appeared to be the case. That scenario has now gone and the mistakes Arteta has made with various players needs to be culled wherever possible.

The Europa has gone and with that the club needs to prepare for next season. I would be aastonished if even our docile Board stood by and did nothing. We need a new manager as soon as possible and ideally in place before the transfer window opens.


Ornestien, and yes I know it’s Ornstein, is adamant that Areteta isn’t going anywhere

Bob N16

Sid, you’re not my mum so call me Bob or simply ignore my posts. You are coming across as a patronising di*khead, it’s not a good look!


Ultimately I think one of the many serious weaknesses he has is that he thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room despite having piss poor results over and over again this season It often feels like the decisions he makes are less about just trying to win a damn football match and more about showcasing something or making some kind of point And it just fails again and again and again As a manager He reminds me of those kids at school who think they’re mad good because they do 6 step overs and a flip flap but they… Read more »


Arsenal is now a proper mid table team with no European soccer. Almost everyone that leaves the club seems to flourish. Willock, AMN, Emery etc. The place has become toxic.

Kroenke has his work cut out. The current leadership has shipped out the entire scouting team. Lots of good coaches have left. Even the mascot has been scrapped. The club has lost its soul.


In my 5 a side team we have a guy like this who is a very technical dribbler and he’ll run directly towards you when you’re on his team so you pull away to left/right to make a run so he can either pass or take the opposite direction and he invariably turns towards you and keeps dribbling. So you’re forced to swap directions on your run to get out of his way and provide a passing option. So you do and he turns towards you again, runs at you and plays you a pass from 3 yards away which… Read more »


In the modern game you need players with pace, power and creativity. Look at the team that he sent out last night and how could the result have been any different? Leno very slow and indecisive with Ryan sitting on the sideline. Mari slow and ponderous in possesion Holding also very slow while Saliba is not surprisingly doing very well in France. Xhaka a slow central midfielder would have been playing left back if he hadn’t been injured in the warm up Bellerin who is totally shot being played right midfield with Soares who has done nothing wrong sitting on… Read more »


Bob – there’s a compliment in a sense coming out of Sid’s weird mouth – far better to be associated with positivity than negativity in my view. Imagine being as depressed as Sid?


You forgot Guen who has had some issues but overall had a productive season

Bob N16


Agree with your post but believe that ‘confused and dispirited players’ can start again under a new manager and belief will return as the results will improve. No European football will mean a streamlined and hopefully focused team that can devote all it’s energies on the PL.

Has Edu got what it takes as he needs to do some serious work this transfer window now we have less football next season? Serious culling!

Bob N16

Northbanker, you have a point although I should probably just ignore Sid altogether!


Arteta is so lucky playing empty stadiums, can you imagine the scenes last night?
The club need to witness the fans anger as they have no idea as to the real issues.
Who wants to pay the highest season tickets for next year?
If ever a club needs a new owner, we do, and a shake up from top to bottom.


The obvious need for a new over-arching strategy has never been clearer. If nothing else this may give the Board that opportunity to impose. I can feel my letter to Tim Lewis taking shape.

Black Snake

i wonder how much they’ll try and sell season tickets for now!


Thing about mediocre people they bring you down to their level. Arteta has brought Arsenal to his level. We now have to live in his strange merry land.


Ok let me say this.

Mikel fell on a sword called Özil.

With Özil, we beat this Villarreal team. With Özil we are better off in the league.

I don’t say this. The numbers say this. The max average points that Arteta made in any stretch was wit Özil in the team.

This season he would have been helpful. To pay 350k a week (apparently we are still paying 90% of his salary) and not use him when we have a poor team is a rookie crime. But then Arteta is all about rookie crimes.



“Ultimately I think one of the many serious weaknesses he has is that he thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room despite having piss poor results over and over again this season It often feels like the decisions he makes are less about just trying to win a damn football match and more about showcasing something or making some kind of point”

Is that Arteta or Pedro?


BobN16 ‘I would consider ‘an Ajax takeover’ Ten Berg and Overmars. That being said, I don’t really know the best way forward as long as it’s not a rookie manager!’ I’d support that in a heart beat, Bob. I’ve always said the Rangnick route felt best for me. Have Ralph come in with an agreed vision starting now and for the long term. Give him carte blanc to hire and fire who he deems not part of the solution. Obviously, the club would have to clean house of Arteta and his muddlers. However, Edu should be Ralph’s responsibility to keep… Read more »


Christ look at our most expensive signing list. Just saw online Pepe 72m – managed exceptionally poorly by emery and arteta but has also been very disappointing Auba 57m – good goals record and absolutely nothing else. Terrible season. Dubious attitude and comedy wages Laca 48m – decent player, not worth more than 30m when we signed him Partey 45m – quite poorly managed but also a big disappointment so far Ozil 42m – don’t even get me started Xhaka 40m – 15m and a bench player would’ve been about right Sanchez 38m – quality and value for money. Mustafi… Read more »


Im sorry Robert, i mean Bob


Did I miss something? I thought we started the game with a 1-2 deficit? Most strangest Arsenal performance I have ever seen (I am nearly 52) the lego man has to go.


Lets keep it positive calling posters depressed or di*kheads is negative


Our situation is a result of the owner having no idea about the asset he brought as he looked at it as being real estate.
He did not buy it to get involved day to day or watch games.
So the club is just festering away slowly filled with overpaid wannabes.
It now attracts people who are just in it for the money and they have no attachment to the club.
I feel very sad for the clubs future .


“Can it be assumed that value adding in the footie club ownership stakes has nothing to do with winning trophies. “

Yes and no. There is much more money in football so all upper tier club have gone up in value. And Arsenal are still an upper tier club.

A rising tide lifts all boats.

But those clubs that are doing well have gone up in value even more. If Arsenal were better run in the last five years, the valuation would be at least half a billion more.

Bob N16

Tony, Ralf would be good! Northbanker, Lewis needs to step up. With our financial advantages over the vast majority of our PL competitors (let alone Villa real etc) we are having a nightmare. The management of the club both on and off the field has been sub standard for many years and our present position is a reflection of that. It’s not enough to replace Arteta, we replaced Emery after all. We need to be laser focussed in finding a manager with the skills set to provide stability and a certainty about our way of playing. It’s still a juicy… Read more »

Mr Serge

Willock guendouzi and mainland niles would have driven that team forward yesterday we need a bit of grit in that team, for me the squad and staff need a major overhaul
No style of play
No drive
No passion
No desire

Dark Hei

Hello everybody, Good Ebening.

Arteta needs to go.

Sadly though, there will be no replacements unless the owner situation clears up.

Kind of nobody wants to go into a new job if the management is about to move on.


The organisational setup is flawed and Arteta suffers from that.

He is also too stubborn, arrogant and risk averse to achieve anything with us.

We are really in a dismal predicament. Owner, CEO, technical director and manager are mediocre.

Other than pressuring Stan K to sell, how can this disaster be remedied?


Hindsight is 20/20, had we gotten rid of the charlatan in the winter we most likely would have won the EL, our path was smooth


Whats the point in firing Arteta when the decision makers higher up will screw up his replacement as well . It will be repeated ad nauseum . The only solution is Kroenke Out .


When Emery was appointed, we went to Man City and got thrashed. Arteta celebrated more than Pep. Arteta will be unsuccessful, always has.


Honestly, not good for Champions League.


@sid I tend to agree.

With the players we have, we couldn’t have done worse.

But who would the manager be?

Vintage Gun

Pedro, come outside. We know your in there. Come out with your hands up and don’t try and fight the inevitable. There’s nowhere to run now.


Watching Arsenal with my boys as they were growing up used to be an enjoyable experience, not any more ..

James wood.

As the the Podcast guest said just who do you get in.?
It is likely to be a roller coaster ride of managers with
the current set up.?

My question is did XHAKA DUCK THAT ONE.
He did not shower himself in roses in the first leg
did he swerve this one.????????????


Hi China I enjoyed your 5 a side analogy. Wish I was still gracing the concrete pitches in Homerton….they’ve probably been converted into a pound stretcher. But the mention of your headless chicken teammate who keeps running – and running – at you made me wonder how big the pitches are in China! Feeling very low this morning and experiencing lots of regret about how much time I’ve wasted investing in the team these past few years. I saw every home game in that 94 season when we underperformed and it felt nowhere near as painful as this. My only… Read more »


Shocking performance over the two legs, two shots on target in 180 minutes of football is diabolical. The false 9, the pseudo man city midfield setup, all of it highlights how far Arteta has to go on his path to being a competent manager.

If Ornstein is correct and the board/Edu have no desire to sack him the pressure on him will be immense from the pre-season. I really don’t think that’s the atmosphere we should be heading into another rebuild season with.


Mark0, Receding, and CA were treated like trash here. They didn’t deserve it.

A big man would direct an apology here squarely at them (among others too, no doubt).

Vintage Gun

Yesterdays 0-0 defeat lands squarely on Arteta and his pragmatic style of management. His negative, defensive style would have been better suited to Everton.

BEFORE they were taken over.


If Arteta was worth a gamble why not Graham Potter? Best young Emglish manager there’s been for ages. He has done his apprenticeship and he has proved himself at PL level with the football Brigjton play..

Football management is a results based business. They are paid huge salaries and have generous payoffs when they are sacked.

AKB acting like we owe Arteta somethn. That may have been an argument with Wenger……using it for Arteta is just ridiculous!


They key problem with Arteta is that I think the man genuinly believes he is a visonary. Winning the FA Cup in a short peiod of time only stoked up this belief that he was the Chosen One. Now it has unravelled will he hit a burst of humility. Or will the negative trait that has hindered him so badly take over even more than now?


Watching Arsenal with my boys as they were growing up used to be an enjoyable experience, not any more ..

Exactly the same mate it is a painful watch


Kroenkephobe These are dark times for lifer and new and anywhere in-between fans. You went to matches and I did my best to find places/tv channels to watch games around the globe. The 8:2 at OT was bad as were the many drubbings in the CL, but this is worse because we have seen it unfold knowing what’s going to happen pretty much before and being powerless to do anything about it. Did you honestly think we’d get to the final and then beat United? I didn’t. I got what I expected, but had a glimmer of underlying hope watching… Read more »


As much as I am disappointed with the way we played and the loss, I’m relieved in a way. Had we won, the charlatan would have seen it as progress and a reason why he should remain as manager.
I agree with Pierre, it is not enjoyable watching Arsenal anymore. I wouldn’t bother watching any games or renewing my membership if Arteta is still here at the start of next season.


I agree. They were quality posters.


Northbanker – I get the feeling it will simply make him more hard headed. Seems to me the only reason he’s still in the job is the FA Cup run last season. Great at the time but very likely the sole reason Arteta is still here.


Kroenke the 5 a side pitches here are tiny too which makes it ALL THE MORE FUCKING ANNOYING WHEN HE DOES THAT SHIT


Tho he’s done it on 11 a side pitches as well which was actually worse because I bust a gut making darting runs left right left right forwards back as he runs in circles for 30 seconds before passing it out of play then blaming me

As physically tiring as it is mentally tiring


One of the major failings in football and for that matter supporters and posters like Tony is that they make unqualified judgments about managers, coaches and footballers on a whim. Alex Ferguson had a torrid time during the early years as manager of Manchester United and the club persevered with him. Pedro and I made the case that Arteta who managed to win the FA Cup in his first year as Head Coach should be given the chance to prove himself. Let’s be clear Arsenal had accumulated a lot of deadwood at the club most of which arrived a long… Read more »


Leno for all his spectacular saves, is a huge liability regarding our build up play, takes too long to release the ball and almost always makes the wrong decision when put under pressure with the ball at his feet. I will say it now, we will go nowhere as a club with him between the sticks. The flow of our game is too mechanical and obviously confidence is shot. Arteta has to go as he has no grace left with the fans. We need to get an experienced head in ASAP


Kroenke yeah tbh this morning when I saw the score I felt a combination of stunned and also numb. I really thought as shit as we are we’d beat villareal. Been saying as much all week when asked

It was there for the taking. It was only emery. It was only villareal. It was at home. It was only a one goal deficit. We had an away goal

Don’t even know what to say


Like some warned before Arteta appointment, it was a gamble. A gamble who could have paid off if Upper management had been put strong and competent. Promoting him to manager at the same level than Edu was the beginning of the end. He became uncontrollable and nobody had the courage to put him in his place. Also all the talk of generational coaching was clearly hype. He may be an extremely good one on one coach, but being a good head coach/manager is a much more than being able to organise a good training session. In all the other aspect… Read more »


I’ve found living here a real pain that I have to skip all those late games because of the time difference

But honestly speaking these last 7 years it’s been quite a blessing that I’ve been unable to watch many of our most disappointing matches.

It makes you that little bit less angry when you didn’t have to sit through it

So apologies you’ve had to suffer all these shit games man. Here’s to hoping ek comes in, replaces half the staff and starts a new era. Dunno what else there is to hope for


‘One of the major failings in football and for that matter supporters and posters like Tony is that they make unqualified judgments about managers, coaches and footballers on a whim’

Looks like you got post game PTSD bad ES.It’s 6pm somewhere ES have a G&T or whatever to bring you to your senses.

Made me laugh, though.


Yeah Valentin maybe if arteta had a quality DoF and assistants he might have done better. You’d think and hope so.

But this is arsenal so safe to say everyone we employ in a managerial role is underperforming


One thing I do know is that if Ek were to buy Arsenal Arteta would not like Bergkamp, Vieira and Henry over his head and taking away his authority over the youngsters as we saw with him jettisoning Freddie out the door. Who they going to listen to on the training field – Arteta or Bergkamp? Arteta’s job is safe under the kronkes and he knows it hence why he’s binning off the kids and freezing out real talent for ass licking journeymen on Hollywood paycvecks Anita thing – Arteta must not be trusted with a big transfer budget. Why… Read more »


ES – one of the “major failings in football” is that a fan has a strong opinion 😂😂😂

is that one of the key problems really???


Anyone heard what time the Arsenal Board are convening their Emergency Board Meeting today? Guess it has to be PM to allow Stan to attend by video link.


*Another thing ffs


The warning signs where there when Arteta started getting involved in negotiations over players taking pay cuts. That’s how he ingratiated himself into the Kroenke;s good graces. Someone should have told him off at that stage to but off and focus on his j9b, instead they fed his ego and created the monster that we have before us. The joke is now on Arsenal. We have a manager who’s good enough and we can’t hold him accountable. In some ways I’m glad that it was Emery that reminded us his poor Arteta truly is. I’m glad the likes of Pedro… Read more »


The podcast today is top drawer.

Johnny’s content is elite.



If he had proper assistant rather than yes men, at least one would have said something when it was needed.

Those tactic experiments do no work, let’s go back to basic.

Somebody would have called him on his treatment of Martinelli, he kept benching the kid when everybody (Laca, Ödegaard, Leno, Luiz, …) said that he was flying in training.
You would think that a strong DoF would have tell him to at least give him an opportunity earlier.

It does not mean that he would have been successful, but at least he would not have failed so abysmally.


ES One of the major failings in football and for that matter supporters and posters like Tony is that they make unqualified judgments about managers, coaches and footballers on a whim. You really are swimming against the tide on this. Results on the pitch are the yardstick by which players, and indeed coaches are judged and rightly so. I don’t know why you keep bringing up SAF he was appointed in a different era , an era where Man Utd had tried to replace SMB but even then SAF had learnt his trade and had managed albeit in Scotland on… Read more »


That Boxing Day resuscitation indeed blurred our visions, to an extent that some people began to count the statistics from then, in a fashion that often overlooked the abysmal showing before Christmas.