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Well, sometimes you go big for an idea… and you get absolutely spanked for it.

I went big for Arteta this season (week), excited by the things he’d learned at City, happy he’d dealt with some of our major issues, hoping that he’d be a fast learner.

The faith was absolutely rocked last night.

We drew 1-1 against Slavia Prague. Not the worst result we’ll ever have, but it was a very, very bad game for Arteta. It’s all about performances now for our rookie manager. Every game is an opportunity to make good with the fans, show them the trend is linnear in the right direction, a chance to earn back some of the cratered capital he lost in the winter.

He botched his chance again.

That performance was absolutely disgusting and it was all made by Arteta.

In advertising, there are three jobs you have a creative. Come up with ideas, sell them, and get them produced to the highest level. The same is true of football managers. The best managers have an idea, they sell it to the fans, and they produce it.

Arteta has great ideas, he’s done an ok job selling them… but he can’t produce.

What’s worse for Arsenal fans is that maybe… just maybe, you could forgive a creative director failing to produce an ad once. Everyone makes mistakes, we work with bad directors, we pick bland models or actors, we work with the wrong partners. What cannot be forgiven and what will not be tolerated, is picking the same cast again and getting the same results.

Arteta nearly lost his job at Christmas picking bums. He’s doing the exact same thing now and shock/horror… he’s getting the same results.

That’s a sackable offence. 

He made a bold decision a few weeks ago to drop Auba for lateness. He then tried to get him back on track, it didn’t work. Not through the middle. Not by hiding him out wide. So he dropped him again. The BIGGEST statement he could have made, one that the fans would have adored, would have been to put Gabi in his place.

What did he do? He started Willian. The player he hyped pre-game as one of great ‘potential’… can you imagine saying that of a player that killed the Chelsea careers of KDB and Salah?

This was disastrous. Arteta dropped a lifeless 31 year old for a lifeless 32 year old. He did exactly what he did in the bad month of 2020 and got the exact same results.

Here’s the thing, the word is that Gabi is on FIRE in training. There’s nothing untoward going on. The only issue is Arteta is more invested in his personal rep as a transfer savant than he is as a coach in need of results.

It’s disgraceful.

What’s worse is this actually a pattern of bad behaviour now. He doesn’t like the kids. We have so many players that stink out our starting 11, but there’s always a way back for them if they’re 28+ or someone Edu shipped in courtesy of his own personal super agent. Gabi had one bad 50 minutes and he’s out for 8 weeks (can you believe the punishment?!).

David Luiz drops a disaster class? He’s right back in.

William Saliba has two rough games at Colney? Moved out to Nice on loan.

Mo Elneney drops countless 5/10s in midfield, who is moved on? The player man-marking big big names in cup semi-finals.

Under pressure, Mikel Arteta falls back on the bums Edu loves.

The Slavia Prague performance was problematic for so many reasons, the main one, he now has senior player issues that are all of his own making.

If Arteta bums his way to a Europa League win, it’ll start to feel like we’re basically in the same situation we were under Emery. A manager that is scared of making tough decisions, unless they are against young players that have a future with us.

This weekend is going to be a disaster. The squad has no confidence and no one will be focused for the game. It’ll be another shite performance ‘that is not to the standards of this club.’ I am already NOT looking foward to it.

Arteta is now burning fan capital the same way Emery did. His principles only hold true if you’re a small name. There’s no leadership around him to course correct the shitty inclinations. His coaching staff is kids and the assistant that worked with Moyes when he cratered United. He has surrounded himself with people that think Willian is a better choice than Martinelli. He has a team of ‘innovators’ that think David Luiz makes us play better, despite the league table indicating the opposite. He has a team that’ll let him hide Auba on the wing against Liverpool, rather than dish out some meritocratic justice. If everyone surrounding Arteta thinks this way, who is there to lead him into the light? Edu. Who has a vested interest in all the problematic names.

First rule of hiring a young person into a position of authority… surround them with elite experience. Give them a defined box to play. Be ruthless about what they can and cannot do. What did Vinai do with Arteta? Promoted him to an even bigger role he was nowhere near experienced enough to do. Unbelievable.

That is Arsenal.

Arteta is back to failing again. This is round two of a deadly disease. I’m not sure how he survives it, because his solves are the oppposite of what saved him last time.

I am deeply, deeply disappointed.

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  1. Rich


    We drew with Leeds, and then beat them 4-2

    We lost to City 1-0 twice in the league

    Leeds took 4 points off City

    Other than the observation that teams will take points off each other during the season, I’m not sure what more we can take from that

    Leeds did well today, but it was a freak result

    The same type of game as our 2-1 win against Liverpool at the end of last season

  2. Ishola70


    You are not looking at the overall situation properly.

    Leeds falter because overall their team and squad are not good enough. They are performing well above the tools they have.

    But even with this handicap they overall have played more expansive football than Arsenal this season.

    Someone on here was talking about scope for improvement from teams? Who has more scope for improvement? Leeds under Bielsa or Arsenal under Arteta considering that Leeds team could be improved pretty vastly with better player additions? They have the team play. Just lacking overall individual player personnel.

  3. Ishola70

    Villa, Leeds and West Ham in comparison to Arsenal this season are on good feel factors.

    Arsenal are on a downer in comparison.

    That’s why these teams could finish ahead of Arsenal this season in the league. West Ham looking almost certain to.

  4. Pierre

    “No idea why some of you are deluded in thinking we can win the Europa League. You think its the same level as the FA cup???”

    Obviously having to beat champions league sides like City in the semis and Chelsea in the final as we have managed to do in our past 2 fa Cup victories , makes the FA Cup a tougher trophy to win….that goes without saying.

  5. Champagne Charlie


    You can’t accurately account what’s even been said previously, nvm offer a coherent view of the future.

  6. Sid

    Midtable would be understandable if we had a a style of play like Leeds, didnt have last seasons EPL joint scorer a nd a 45M DM.

  7. Ishola70

    “TAA should be in the national team.”

    Pretty shit defensively. He has caused Liverpool plenty of problems especially this season with his ropey defending but of course he is all about going forward.

  8. Ishola70

    London Gunner

    Fullbacks used to be judged both defensively and offensively.

    It was called a balanced fullback but I understand that this is not such the case now in football.

    I blame that little Braziliian midget. What was his name? Marcelo.

  9. China1

    all this talk we keep hearing about progress and improvements and tables since Xmas, when you actually stop to look back at our results this year they’ve been pretty dreadful for months now.

    Jan 15th 0-0 draw with palace
    Jan 19th 3-0 win vs Newcastle
    Jan 23rd 1-0 defeat to Southampton (FA cup)
    Jan 27th 3-1 win vs Southampton
    Jan 31st 0-0 draw vs utd
    Feb 3rd 2-1 defeat vs wolves
    Feb 6th 1-0 defeat vs Villa
    Feb 15th 4-2 win over Leeds
    Feb 19th 1-1 draw with Benfica
    Feb 22nd 1-0 defeat to city
    Feb 26th 3-2 win over Benfica
    Feb 28th 3-1 win over Leicester
    Mar 6th 1-1 draw vs Burnley
    Mar 12th 3-1 win over Olympiacos
    Mar 15th 2-1 win over spurs
    Mar 19th 1-0 defeat to Olympiacos
    Mar 21st 3-3 draw with west ham
    April 4th 3-0 defeat to liverpool
    April 9th 1-1 draw with Slavia Prague

    Those are our last 19 games in all competitions

    Won: 7 (36%)
    Drawn: 6 (32%)
    Lost: 6 (32%)

    Knocked out of FA cup
    Knocked out of top 4 contention
    Barely scraped through in EL and currently at risk

    That we’ve been good this year is an absolute myth. We’ve had a handful of very good games. The rest has mostly been shite.

  10. China1

    As a rule of thumb the games we’ve won we’ve been good or very good. Those we haven’t won we’ve been varying degrees between poor and garbage. We’ve won only 6 of our last 19 games, so that’s one heck of a lot of chaff in with the wheat

  11. Wiglaf

    I’ve got no expectations for the rest of the season now.
    I hope, not expect, that Arteta will allow our younger players to riff of each other. I want to see the prospects get game time
    I hope he will find a way to really allow them to flourish within an attacking system designed by him to enhance their qualities and give them the freedom to really go at the opposition.
    There’s nothing else to play for really is there? He’s not winning the Europa. But even if he does, there’s no reason he can’t let the younger, fresher players off their leash together in the remaining league games

  12. MD-Gunner

    The generational coach has set new records just on the wrong end. He put Arsenal into the bottom part of the table and the table never lies. Massive job needs to be done get rid of front office personnel and get the right DofF and a real generational manager, but that will never happen as long as the Kroenkes own this club.

  13. Marko

    China you sure cause earlier charlie made a point that we were two results away from being right in the top 4 mix but how you explain it makes it seem like we couldn’t be further away from being a top 4 team. I’m confused. Either way it seems like the argument being made isn’t a good one for sticking with Arteta

  14. Wiglaf

    We’ve won only 6 of our last 19 games, so that’s one heck of a lot of chaff in with the wheat

    That is appalling for a club the size of arsenal.

    As the old saying goes, you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone

  15. MGooner

    @ MD Gunner

    We need to get Kronke out of here. But thats easier said than done. He bought the club on EMI and is sucking the blood out of it now.

    He consolidates Arsenal in his holding company and leveraged the whole thing, so he is going nowhere.

    We are doomed for at least 10 to 15 years.

  16. Rich


    Arsenal can improve by making a few really smart moves

    We shouldn’t be that surprised we’re struggling

    Arsenal making a few clever and astute adjustments gives us a squad that can challenge for top 4, and challenge for the Europa league simultaneously

    West Ham, Everton, Leeds, don’t have the squad to compete on two fronts

    We should have that squad with our revenue and wage bill, but we don’t, because we’ve been run by incompetent people for a long time

    We seen it with Leicester a few weeks back, injuries were piling up, their form was stuttering, they get eliminated from Europe, get some players back with freshness in their legs, and low and behold, their form picks up again

    The same with Spurs, they’ll benefit in the league from their Europa elimination

    It’s what screwed Emery in his first season, he should have prioritised the league over the Europa, because once we had 2-3 injuries, we crumbled at the last few hurdles, then lost a coin toss final

    We can improve by getting the right level of internal competition, and having the right number of players, going into the season with an unbalanced squad of 31 was unmanageable

    We went into this season without a fit or registered attacking midfielder, is it any surprise we struggled to create until Smith-Rowe recovered from his shoulder injury?

    Is it any surprise attacks down our left keep breaking down when Tierney has been out, and we’ve played a right back at left back?

    Is it a surprise that Leno’s form has crumbled, when he’s not had anyone putting any internal pressure on him or his place in the team?

    I don’t think our problems are a lack of talent, coaching or tactical

    They’re structural

  17. Wiglaf

    Why have you started from jan 15th?
    What about the 5-1 to WBA?
    We battered them?
    The 3-1 to chelsea
    We battered them
    Tell it how it is

  18. Nelson

    Ishola “He has caused Liverpool plenty of problems especially this season”

    The England national team plays 3 at the back. Their CBs are much better than those make shift Pools’ CBs. On the other hand, the team needs goal support where TAA is superior compared to other RB’s. Let’s see whether he’ll be reinstated. It is a good skill to have.

  19. Ishola70


    I hear you.

    But Leeds will not be fighting on two fronts next season and I have already said that West Han can drop next season for the very reason you stated. Everton? Whatever.

    But there are more than enough that can still be that obstacle to the top four. The obvious ones.

    Put it this way. We will have to surprise next season to get into the top four.

  20. China1

    I started from Jan 15th because that’s as far as I could be arsed to scroll down on the arsenal app and it was a statistically significant number of games to accurately sum up our recent form.

    If you want to go back even further to the start of the year we beat Newcastle and west Brom. Brighton and Chelsea were last year. But if you want to keep going back to look for more positive scores like those you can always keep going, though you’ll unfortunately be met be an absolute torrent of shit ones so you gotta be careful how far back you’re willing to go

    This year we have been mostly poor with a handful of excellent games. Last year (this season) we were exceptionally poor

  21. Marko

    Ishola it should not be a surprise or a foregone conclusion with us and challenging for a champions league place despite the recent struggles we are still a massive club capable of doing much much better. A good managerial appointment and some squad tweaks and we got a shot. A good manager and smart investment can do us a world of good next season

  22. Kendo

    “Why have you started from jan 15th?”

    The same reason Pedro started from Xmas.

    You judge Arsenal over a season and Arsenal have been shite.

  23. Wiglaf

    China1April 10, 2021 17:30:03
    I started from Jan 15th because that’s as far as I could be arsed to scroll down on the arsenal app and it was a statistically significant number of games to accurately sum up our recent form.

    How convenient

  24. China1

    Tell it like it really is…


    30 games played. 42 points. 10th position. 40% win record. Out of the league cup and FA cup. Out of the running for top 4. If we don’t win the EL this will have been an absolutely miserable season

  25. Ishola70


    Arsenal have now been out of the top four for how many seasons now? I have lost count now. Far too many seasons and are now on the back of their worst season in living memory. It is going to need a very significant turnaround here. A very significant.

    Besides your hope that Arteta will not be manager of Arsenal going into next season is going to be probably a forlorn one.

    We will rightly be seen as outsiders for top four next season unless we have a stunning summer transfer window.

  26. China1

    Wig it’s not really convenient tho is it because i don’t need to be selective about my stats.

    Please go ahead and share our 2021 stats in all comps and show us how impressive they are. Or better yet our season long stats.

    Good luck spinning that one

  27. China1

    It’s actually quite comical that you’d have to go all the way back to games we won in December to try to shift the narrative.

    It’s fucking April.

  28. Marko

    Besides your hope that Arteta will not be manager of Arsenal going into next season is going to be probably a forlorn one.

    I mean if that’s the case then yeah we’ve absolutely no chance if the manager isn’t removed but there’s plenty of examples of teams challenging for the champions league places on the back of a good managerial appointment and a good summer. Without both we have no chance though

  29. China1

    Yeah Kendo the problem with this season is the only way the numbers look good is if you pretend the season only lasted for about a month starting in late Dec

    Won 1 of our last 5 games. Won 0 of our last 4.

    Won 4 of our last 10 games. Funnily enough that 40% win record is the same as we’ve managed all season.

  30. China1

    It’s not even like the performances have been ther recently

    We were really good against Spurs and absolutely awful in all 4 games since

  31. Marko

    We will rightly be seen as outsiders for top four next season unless we have a stunning summer transfer window.

    I mean we were literally talking last summer about adding Partey and Aouar and having a good chance for top 4 and we added Partey and eventually Odegaard so the while there’s still issues and work needed to the squad it is absolutely a top 6 capable of top 4 squad. It again illustrates the abject performances under Arteta

  32. China1

    When we got smashed by Liverpool the narrative was all about how we can’t play without xhaka but all evidence suggests we can’t play with him either (evidenced by all of this season and all of the last 5 odd seasons). That conveniently got glossed over by many Who’d prefer to believe he’s been working magic in a midfield which has in fact varied between awful and average for most of the season

  33. Marko

    Like as bad as it is now it is not beyond the realm of possibility that a manager like Nagelsmann comes in next season and players like Saliba and Martinelli get used and flourish, Aubameyang gets back to scoring regularly, Partey and a returning Odegaard perform to their respective abilities on top of some shrewd moves in the market.

  34. Rich


    I don’t trust Arteta and Edu with our summer transfer business, and I don’t trust them to assemble a coherent squad either

    Arteta should never have been promoted to manager, it’s just another poorly thought out and panicked move from the people running the club

    Having a balanced squad of 22, will give us a much better chance of success, than having an unbalanced squad of 31

    Moving on the deadwood will be the problem. and even if we manage that

    We then have to rely on Edu + Arteta to identify the right players, and to strike the right level of internal competition for places

    Which I certainly wouldn’t put money on, but if they do get it right, we can have a better season

    If we fix the structural issues within our squad, we’ll give our head coach a better chance of succeeding, whoever that is

    Leicester aren’t where they are just because Rodgers is a good coach, they are where they are because they know how to implement a plan, and have exceptionally bright and innovative people pulling the strings

  35. Champagne Charlie


    Can you point out all the people on here that claim Xhaka ‘works magic’ in midfield?

    You’re typically replacing an objective view with something ridiculous because you have an alternative opinion. You waxed lyrical about Ceballos and Torreira, both are surplus because they don’t move any needle. Speaks volumes.

  36. Marko

    One thing’s for sure the club has to finally after years of beating around the fucking bush take a stand on certain players who have continually let us down time and time again. That means Bellerin, Xhaka, Lacazette, Elneny to name but a few have to get the fuck gone.

  37. China1

    Charlie I haven’t bigges up torreira or Ceballos in ages and have actively described Ceballos as a massive disappointment this season, but do continue

    See the difference is I have no issue in saying Ceballos has been really poor this season and shouldn’t be signed. Torreira I think is too mentally weak as well even tho I liked him as a player.

    But are you able to find the same sharp claws you always use to attack such players for good old granite? There is no imaginable scenario where you will be even half as critical irrespective of the fact he’s nowhere near good enough for what we should have been doing in midfield for the last however many years he’s been here

    Likewise you criticize my judgment but you were wenger in until very very late in the day lol.

    I own the ones I get wrong. Can you do the same?

  38. China1

    That team was it 2009? Fucking great team

    It was so disappointing that we didn’t win anything but despite that I was so proud of what arsenal did that year. The football was sensational. The results were there. We were so so close and had some horrible luck with Eduardo as well.

    But more importantly than anything that season it was just so enjoyable being a fan. You see the shit the team was doing every match. Watching eboue absolutely bagging on players and showboating was as hilarious as it was cool. Cesc hleb and tr7 unplayable.

    RVP scoring goals of the season for fun. Ade having the season of his career. Eddie before the injury. Flamini looking like a worldie for that one season.

    Man that was a FUN season.

  39. Champagne Charlie


    No I criticise your ‘matter of fact’ bollocks when recounting other people’s views. So is that precisely nobody that considers Xhaka magical in midfield then? Thought so.

    I don’t share your view about Xhaka, but I need to yield to your view of him sin order to get to pass judgement on others? Makes sense. You have personal dislikes that drive your opinions, I don’t care about your feelings about these guys.

  40. Rich


    Nice video 👍

    We had a brilliant team in 2007/08, just didn’t quite have the squad depth to get us over the line

    We were a couple of million away from signing Xavi Alonso

    Then Cesc got injured in a challenge with Alonso against Liverpool, which put him out for a couple of months

    Eduardo go injured against Birmingham, and Van Persie got injured as well, which derailed our season

    Wenger’s work between 2005-2013 was very underrated

    We had a brilliant team in 2010/11 as well, but again our squad depth let us down

    Wenger unfortunately lost his magic in the transfer market in his latter years, but Eduardo was a real gem before his injury, Adebayor was unplayable before it went to his head

    Flamini had a great partnership with Cesc, before he took the Bosman to AC Milan, and the linkup play between Cesc, Hleb and Rosicky was magical

    If we’d signed Alonso in 2007, I think we’d have won the title, which would have changed the course of our history

    Same in 2013 when we didn’t do what was necessary to get Suarez over the line, that was our Cantana moment

    Mbappe would have been a game changer for us as well, apparently missed out over refusing to pay his parents a few million

  41. Rich


    Eduardo scored 12 goals by February in 2007/08 before his injury

    He was the-understudy to Adebayor, and was also competing with RVP

    You need a squad to win titles, if your 2nd/3rd choice striker is banging in double figures, then you’ve got a chance

  42. MD-Gunner

    For all those hoping for Nagelsman forget it. Bayern will need a new manager next season as Hansi Flick will take Low’s place and there are too many big important clubs that also may be looking for new managers. The only way to get a decent manager is to kick out the execs and bring in a director of football that can entice a decent manger to join Arsenal, keep hoping.

  43. Saladin

    We did not win anything in 07/08 but that’s one of my favorite Arsenal seasons ever. The football we played was just magical. And we nearly won the league with a bunch of kids against one of the greatest stacked Premier League teams of all times at Utd (Ronaldo, Rooney, Tevez, Scholes, Rio, Vidic, Nani, Gigggs, Carrick).

  44. Guns of SF

    I would go in house for our new players.
    Promote Azeez, get in Balogun and give playing time to ESR, Martinelli, and of course Saka.

    Apparently there is another Martinelli in Brazil we are keeping tabs on….

    We should not buy any player above age 25 moving forward. Unless there last name is Messi or Ronaldo,

    I really like our yout!

    These guys have been playing with each other since early teens years. Its a fallacy that they are too young-

    If you are good enough, you are old enough!!!!!

  45. Saladin


    Yes, I am aware, doesn’t change the fact that we finished just 4 points behind the champions in Utd and were sitting at the top of the table for majority of the season.