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Well, well, well… Klopp was the fraud all along. Arsenal win tomorrow, we’ll be 3 points off the Champions in the most nuts season on record.

It is quite incredible how a side can go from looking like the greatest footballing machine ever created, to total bums after one bad signing, a couple of injuries, and a global pandemic.

It’s a bit of a shame we’re playing Manchester City this weekend. They are one of the best teams in the world right now. Pep has managed the transition to a new vision with the same sort of deft innovation he always does.

The best manager in the world was pumping Arteta like he always does.

“All I can say is the last months show me that all managers need time and he is not an exception. What I see in the last two months every game Arsenal played is better than the opponent.

“Tomorrow we will have an incredible performance. They have an exceptional build-up, they have quality and they have energy. They have [Bukayo] Saka, [Pierre-Emerick] Aubameyang and all the players with the quality in the middle.

You might think this is patronising stuff. He’ll probably beat us tomorrow. But he’s not far from the truth if you are watching The Arsenal develop through the correct lens.

There are still mistakes in the system, we’re not perfect, but Pep is not wrong… we’ve been the better in all our games since the Chelsea game.

The key thing for me… we’re unpredictable now. Pep will recognise that looking at our games. We can press, we can sit back, we can go long, we can build from the back, and we can execute a well-crafted plan of shit-housery. Look at how we’re developing, versus the mess Jose is overseeing now his one-trick pony strategem is injured.

I’ve been saying for a while now, something is brewing at Arsenal, and it’s hard to deny it. We might lose tomorrow and we might lose on Thursday, but don’t take your eye off the ball. All the reports I’m hearing are that the coaching is phenomenal behind the scenes and things are building nicely. More importantly, you can see it on the pitch.

I thought a big show of our improving style was the game Auba had the other night. Sure, he missed some big chances, but did you pay attention to his game? Look at those runs he was making. That was a man that could smell the potential of a killer pass. Auba was running the channels. He was taking risks. He wasn’t doing that before Christmas. Arsenal has gone from a side that could barely progress the ball from the back, to a side that has options all over the park. Auba’s game sums us up… you don’t take chances on runs if you know the pass won’t come.

ESR, Odegaard, Partey, and Saka can all pass round corners. They can deliver from deep. They can beat an aggressive press. They dribble past players. When that clicks in this Arteta system, it’s really, really tough to play against.

Compare that to pre-Christmas when we had 2 power plays, that one on the left being the main one, well, it’s night and day. The passing is starting to look cognitive. Players are recognising the patterns, they know where to move, they know the triggers, they might not be the most aggressive pressers, but they are very intelligent at it now. There’s thought in every tactical setup these days.

We totally controlled Benfica. Whine about the result, but don’t snipe at the performance from a team that had just had to deal with Leeds before a plane journey. We controlled possession, we drew them out, made late runs in behind, and we delivered 8 quality chances that unfortunately didn’t have the finish.

We’re doing that regularly now. The xG might not always show it. But the positions we’re taking up in attack are good. The chance quality is way, way better, and the football is getting close to sexy.

The interesting thing is you can see the phases. Last year, we stopped being whipping boys. No more walking through the middle. This season, we started well defensively, we mopped up setpiece defending… then it went to hell for a bit. But part of that was down to not having the right players. Part of that was losing your best midfielder (he’s still out). If Liverpool can lose VVD and crash, why would anyone think Arsenal could lose their best midfielder and not suffer?

Now we’ve found some of the missing links. Big players are coming back into form (Auba/Laca/Gabriel). Troubled players are more settled because part of their usefulness was only going work playing with certain profiles of talent (Xhaka/Pepe/Hector/Cedric). Young players are shining (Saka/ESR). We also found an Odegaard who added more quality and confidence to the starting 11.

You should be excited as a fan. I’ve never felt more confident the path we chose was correct. We’re starting to see the fruits of the time we afforded the manager. We have to navigate this season with progress in mind, then Edu, Vinai and Arteta have to NOT make the same fuck ups as last summer.

We shouldn’t be signing David Luiz to a new deal. We should be ageing down in player profile. We need a top centre midfielder. Saliba should be integrated. We should sign Balogun down as our 3rd choice striker. We should sell the names that aren’t working or loan them for the year to shop window them.

Interestingly, I did hear that Willian is a top guy and an excellent trainer. No joke. What Arteta says about him is true, it’s not PR. He’s very well-liked behind the scenes. It’s not working out for him because he’s just not the player everyone thought he’d be. I get the sense the deal was rushed (can’t imagine why). It’s simple, never take a chance on the roulette of age. This was a mistake, Arteta has to accept that and never do it again.

I also don’t think you should read too much into the Gabriel M stuff. He’s not playing at the moment because the side is buzzing. It’s hard to change something that’s working, especially for a player that is raw power. He’ll get his chance though. There are also a number of kids coming through that everyone is very excited about as well, so expect the youth theme to continue into the Arteta tenure, there’s still a lot to come.

I don’t really have a lot to say about today. My hope is it’s a great afternoon of football. Key for us is to not concede early and see if we can grow into the game. It is going to be absolutely essential to take our chances. CIty’s defence has been immense this season, Auba won’t get 5 good chances tomorrow, he’ll be lucky to have two… so let’s see what we can do. Should be fun.


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  1. Goobergooner


    “The fans deserved to be told to fuck off. Booing their own player off the pitch like a bunch of self entitled morons. The only other fanbase i can think of that treats their players as badly are at Real Madrid”

    You’re a fucking soft cock, despite the hard man attitude you use on here. You have zero clue.

  2. shaun

    I am looking forward to the game against City for some strange reason and I did not think we were very good in the Europa but what have they got to loose really City are slapping everyone by three goals so to my mind they should just relax and play

  3. Matt

    I honestly don’t recognise this blog anymore. Standards have slipped so low that and it is a long way back. My old boss used to say that standards are the easiest thing to lower and the hardest thing to raise. Standards and expectations from so many people, Pedro especially is really hard to stomach.

    Do you not see where this is heading? Is top half of the table now a trophy??

  4. Goobergooner


    I don’t even know why I read your absolutely trash commentary…

    “I’ve literally never witnessed any period under any manager as bad as the first half of last season.”

    So you didn’t watch the start of this season then??

    “Emery had the worst start to a season for 40 odd years then Arteta comes in and beats every big team in the premier league bar spurs, wins the fa cup and the community shield in 6 months and you’re claiming emery’s half a season was superior”

    Contradictory much???
    And Arteta does all that great work last season to then go and do a better job than Emery at the club’s worst start to a season in 50 years.

    Top class halfwit you are.

  5. Tom

    “It is quite incredible how a side can go from looking like the greatest footballing machine ever created, to total bums after one bad signing, a couple of injuries, and a global pandemic“

    17 different CB pairings , or what Pedro calls a couple of injuries.
    Hard to take anything seriously after that isn’t it.

  6. Tom

    “We might lose tomorrow and we might lose on Thursday, but don’t take your eye off the ball.”

    Lose tomorrow , fine.
    Lose on Thursday and not sure what that ball is we need to keep eyes on.
    The ball that says Arteta can’t advance past first semi serious hurdle in Europe twice of asking?

  7. China1

    Yeah Tom we can lose this league game in what is in reality a dead rubber for us, but get knocked out of the EL by benfica and it all but confirms this will have been our worst season in how many decades? It should be a sackable offense, really

  8. China1

    Willian is a lovely guy, bellerin is a vegan activist and xhaka is a world class fine collector

    And none of them should be in the first team next season

  9. Matt

    I just don’t get the agenda from Pedro these days. He is going to be the next David Copperfeld if he carries on with this level or misdirection.

    About to get schooled by Man City, yeah but look at the mess Liverpool are in and as for Spurs…

    Something is definitely brewing, still, it’s just nobody knows what it is. But again, the coaching is apparently excellent and Willian has always got a smile on his face. Not surprised. I would have a huge fucking smile if I was stealing a living.

  10. Mysticleaves

    Smh. It’s a pity the utter tripe Pedro comes out with. At this point it feels like he’s trolling his readers. The same way Arteta is trolling the fans with all his decisions and interviews.

    Couldn’t even finish the blog post. This is an abomination of a post. If we lose today we will have lost our 11th game of the season in the PL. If we lose Thursday, we will have failed to go past the 1st knock out round of the EL for the 2nd straight running.

    But but but…keep your eyes on the ball. Smh

  11. JayJay

    We totally controlled Benfica.
    also don’t think you should read too much into the Gabriel M stuff. He’s not playing at the moment because the side is buzzing.
    The side is buzzing? With auba being a passenger? Don’t get me wrong but even after his hat trick against Leeds I still think he should be no where near first XI especially after what he showed against benfica
    Interestingly, I did hear that Willian is a top guy and an excellent trainer. No joke. What Arteta says about him is true, it’s not PR.
    It is fucking PR pedro and I’m surprised you’re getting foolished so easily
    Now we’ve found some of the missing links.
    Our missing links are guendouzi, saliba, martinelli and pepe,
    Wake up Pedro!!!!!

  12. Nelson

    “keep your eyes on the ball”

    That’s easy. I can get up, do a few stretches and then sit back down, and can easily find the ball still with Xhaka or Leno still trying to decide where to play the ball.

  13. JayJay

    I love this blog Pedro but sometimes you’re out of depth just like arteta is, just accept it and get back to reality, he’s taking us down

  14. JayJay

    I hope I’m wrong for good of my beloved club, I wanted arteta to do well and I still do, but i don’t believe him anymore

  15. Pedro

    JayJay, it’ll come… underlying improvements are there. Auba was not a passenger the other night, the opposite in fact. As for me falling for PR, sorry, not true. I have the correct narrative.

  16. JayJay

    I’m not underlying the improvements because there aren’t any, we’re still 10th, hardly improvement, isn’t it? I begged for Emery to be sacked but arteta isn’t doing us any favours at the moment, is he?

  17. Br0wnie

    So what’s with Balogen’s absence from the U23s game? Maybe he is getting a call up for City tomorrow? Jeorge Bird’s Arsenal youth blog made mention of his absence but didn’t provide any details.

  18. Pedro


    You’re seeing Arsenal through your disdain for Arteta.

    3rd best defence in the league
    We’re creating loads of high-quality chances
    The football is gaining traction, we’re the better side in nearly all our games
    Tactically, we’re unpredictable. The football is very, very intelligent
    Bum players are coming good
    Great players are finding form

    If you can’t see it, you’re purposefully not looking or you are a bad analyst

  19. Matt


    I think you are seeing Arsenal through your unwavering and undeserved faith in Arteta. You are asking everyone else to see the same and claiming that if they don’t, they have some sort of agenda. I’m amazed you don’t see the hypocrisy, I really am.

  20. Pedro

    Nelson, perfect.

    Some look at stock market price.

    Others look at underlying metrics to gauge value.

    Too many looking at the current price. They’ll get burned in the end.

    ‘Amazon will never turn a profit’

  21. JayJay

    Maybe I am a bad analyst, that’s why I’m not a generational coach, but I watch every game and I follow what’s going on behind the scenes and I’m disappointed with arteta as much as I wanted him to be our saviour, he’s not the man

  22. Pedro

    Jamie, not sure he is… I haven’t seen a single disgusting word ever from him.

    Don normally lasts about 3mins in whatever guise he has before he starts playing the hard man.

    Matt, you’re just worried it’s coming good mate… brace for impact.

  23. Matt


    I really am not worried. Despite what you might think, I would absolutely love it if it all came good. I just think you have become very unbalanced with your views.

    I have been coming to this blog for years, back when you and Geoff would alternate posts. Your expectations of Arsenal used to be so much higher.

  24. JayJay

    Is he really? I admit it once he get us back to champions league, and that will never happen, oh sorry him and willian promised us we’ll win it in 3 years, so I got to have faith, I got to have faith, faith….

  25. Br0wnie

    I would be shocked if he unleashed Balogun against City but also kind of excited. Like when you point your toboggan down the steep slope for the first time.

  26. Mysticleaves

    Pedro man I appreciate you but you have it so wrong at this moment. Sometimes I wish I could go somewhere else. But your blog used to be so good so I can’t help coming back. Goodwill and all. Hopefully you see the light soon enough and give us great posts.

  27. Pedro

    Matt, you come to this blog because I usually have the underlying narrative nailed… because I have the best information.

    Same as always. You’ll see my friend, you’ll see.

  28. Pedro

    Also Mystic, just remember… people with your sort of view were giving me shit when I said Emery would fail. Where are those people now? Trying to land one on me with Arteta.

  29. Anonymous Commentator

    Man Pedro, I’m all about doing what’s right by your health but you gotta sip some peroni again to gain some clarity on the state of the club.

    Genuine question, what happens If arteta is not the guy and all we will witness is a series of false dawn’s under him?

  30. Ernest Reed

    “watching The Arsenal develop through the correct lens.”

    The rose coloured variety suits your eyes best, Pedro.

    To each their own but for me, at this current point in time, i see Arsenal in a distinct mode of regression. Considering how oddly the season has played out for many teams, such as West Ham, Arsenal have been plain and simply a poor team throughout the season that is struggling to find its identity.

  31. LoveSausage

    Been reading this blog for 8 years, this is my first comment. I really don’t get some nastiness here. And some of the expectations. Quality-wise we’ve been on a relentless march to mediocrity for 10+ years. And people here whine and talk about saviours. There are no saviours or quick wins. Just a slow and hard work to raise standards. I’ve disagreed with Pedro’s POV plenty but he’s right on this – if you don’t see the improvements since the Chelsea game, you’re choosing to look the other way.

  32. Tony

    Pedro, Don is Winthorpe but he is behaving himself so far.

    Probably because Winthorpe/Don has aligned with your Arteta views your normal rationality has left you, as it has regarding your unnatural Arteta obsession.

    Lose against City and Benfica and it’s ok? Just keep our eye on the Arteta ball?

    Trolling personified!

    Could just see your reaction to a Wenger or Emery fan saying that during their tenures as managers.

    Love much of the comments section, Pedro, but your posts like above? I’ll wait until you come to your senses.

    Perhaps try writing your posts on magic mushrooms, as I have seen through others’ usage, they tend to bring out the truth in people when they speak – could help cure you of your Arteta blindness of him muddling through, or you could continue to drink your in-vogue beers, get drunk and continue your non sensical Arteta belligerence.

    Arteta objectivity seems to have deserted you Pedro. Hope it returns soon.

    Funny reading Pep talk this morning in the press saying that his new assistant keeps him calmer than before.

    Sly dig at Arteta, no?

    The bottom line is where we end up at the end of the season and who is going to be stuffing themself with humble pie.

    Time will tell.

  33. Shroomi93

    Too many closet chelsea fans in the comments. Stop using the table as a full proof metric of where we are currently. Theres like 6 points between 4th and 10th! Arteta’s never coached a club before and he’s got us playing good competitive passing football, and it’s defensively sound. There’s been occasions where we’ve been close to unplayable. That’s after 1 year and 2 transfer windows with a £70 mil budget. The ride was always gonna be bumpy you spoilt brats!

  34. Dissenter

    Pedro has been taken hostage by his Arteta obsession.He can’t see that Arteta is all smoke and mirrors.
    I used to just read the comments when he spun the typical Arteta Pollyanna stuff but these days the comment section is made up of pompom wavers. The hard hitting posters are no more.

    That said, Pedro’s blog helped me get through the dark days of Wenger’s last stand, so he’s always in my good books
    Pedro will see the light just like he eventually did with Gazidis.

  35. Dissenter

    Pep is forever very loyal to his assistants
    He made vey positive comments about his longest serving assistant, Dominic Torrent when he left for NYC FC. Pep’s sauce was not enough to help in in the states. The same guy was fired by Flamengo after 100 days in charge

    I expect Pep will say the right things about his new assistant, Juanma Lillo pretty soon. It;’s just that no premier league club will be foolish enough to provide their institution for a novice to learn his trade.

  36. Anonymous Commentator

    So people who are concerned about the club’s regression are now Chelsea fans?
    What on earth.
    You would think, logically, that Chelsea fans would be lapping up arteta as arsenal manager because we are no threat to their position in the table.

    What on earth is going on with this fanbase, has it been infiltrated or is this just it?

  37. Moray

    A bullish post, Pedro.

    I’m not sure where this certainty is coming from, though. Still many questions hanging over Tets and Edu for me, as well as our CEO. We are a club capable of making daft and atrocious decisions on a regular basis. I’m very far from convinced that these awful and amateur mistakes are behind us. Being behind Villa, West Ham, Spuds and Everton is not a good place to be for a club with our resources, though I do agree he inherited a shit show.

    Getting rid of our dead weight players is a definite plus. We have good young talent coming through but that is almost despite Arteta and not because of him.

    The end of the season and next will give an idea of where we are and how Arteta and the other senior guys at the club are progressing. We shouldn’t imagine other clubs are standing still.

    This is a freakish year and until COViD clears up properly in a year or four, we Will continue to see odd things happening. Being aware of these, the financial impacts and the wider implications in terms of accelerated pressure on a super league, are all going to be critical for our future health.

  38. Moray

    I wouldn’t put much store in Guardiola and what he says. I also wouldn’t expect any quarter from him. He will love to put five or six past his protégé’s team.

    Also, Guardiola is clearly a detailed and talented coach, but until he has the cojones to move to a club without the resources of a Barcelona, Bayern or City, then I’m afraid the verdict is definitely still out.

  39. Tony

    “exciting progress happening at arsenal”

    Edu & Arteta being fired with Rangnick the new DoF bringing a new visionary head coach/manager with him?

    Yup, that would be exciting and long overdue.

  40. China1

    ‘Bum players are coming good’

    Who is that Pedro? Bellerin and xhaka have been passable, not what I’d describe as good. Willian hasn’t gotten better. Luiz hasn’t gotten better. El Neny looks worse now than he did at the start of the season.

    Ceballos was good against Leeds but that’s about it

  41. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal are putting together a decent 1st X1 albeit one which is inconsistent and prone to silly errors.

    The squad is still lacking depth and needs strengthening. There are young players coming through U23s and Academy who have potential such as Okonkwo [see Bird’s latest reports].
    Azeez and Balogun.

    I would expect us to lose today against Man City, but we should not be completely written off. It should not be forgotten that we beat Man City in FA Cup and Community Shield and
    before the negativists discount these results I would remind them that Guardiola does not
    like losing any game.

  42. Pedro

    Tony, well, I’ve banned two other people that were Don in the same time period, so let’s see.

    It’s not his IP.

    If it’s Don, he goes the moment he says something grim..

    Diss, you were captivated by Unai Emery mate, give it up… you had an addiction to the biggest bum to ever step foot into the management role at Arsenal. You have ZERO cred on anything.

    Though please do tell us how Odegaard was a waste of money, again.

  43. Pedro

    Moray, except the times he didn’t though… right? Joint 3rd best defence in the league. Getting spanked isn’t a thing these days.

  44. Sid

    Klopp is likely to win the CL, he has given up on the EPL due to injuries.

    Meanwhile diet Pep isnt sure if the Europa league is his life line or top 8

    Im telling you for free!

  45. Zacharse

    I’m constantly optimistic about this side but i don’t totally agree w your take on the other day. Yes we controlled them yes auba was making more runs and being caught offside quite a bit. Our three creatives behind him and ceballos were looking good but i do think more and more bellerin and xhaka are losing thebtempo and momentum for us more than anyone in the team will admit to liking. I still think we’re a much better side w luiz in because of his passing magalhaes looked solid but I thought that that was a game against a team we should have easily smashed and nullified the next leg. We were a bit unlucky but there was a hesitance that built after auba missed the sitter and bellerin kept making bad choices. I worry about that part of our mental
    Game. That being said i do feel quite optimistic about the man city game because their game is not very defensive. Stones and rodri can easily turn off, their fullbacks are not strong defenders. I think we do have the potential to grab a massive upset, but its going to take a helluva lot more than we showed thursday

  46. Pedro

    Moray, sure, plenty could go wrong… but look at the games since Chelsea. If you think it’s shit and there’s no improvement, that’s fine… but it’d be a shit opinion.

  47. Sid

    ‘Also Mystic(supreme leader Peh Dro), just remember… people with your sort of view were giving me shit when I said Emery(Gazidis) would fail. ‘

  48. Tony

    Pedro reminds me of the nutter you used to see every day in towns high streets donning a placard stating “The end of the world is nigh” proffering unintelligible reasons why we all had to be ready to put our heads between our legs and kiss our arses goodbye.

    Who’s have though that the aforementioned placard would be replaced by an Arsenal blog on a thing called the Internet.

    In Pedro’s defense there is a very thin line between madness and genius where his Arteta delusions/demons are firmly keeping him in the former category .

    The latter will return when Arteta has left the building.

  49. Moray

    Pedro, I’m not saying we haven’t seen some improvement, against a very low bar it has to be said.

    My concern is consistency and whether Arteta will continue to make stupid mistakes with his team selection, signings etc. we should be aiming for top four rather than tenth. And being below West Ham, Villa and Everton shows how bad the overall quality of the league has been this year.

    That’s why I’m cautious. I don’t dislike Tets and was behind his appointment. But for someone for whom a strength is supposed to be detail, he makes a lot of odd, surprising and difficult decisions. If he was a general in wartime he would be responsible for a lot of his troops dying for nothing.

    Plus, I would add, one of the key capability pillars for managers these days is to harness different personalities, talents, nationalities and demographics. There are serious reservations about the manager’s ability to do this.

  50. Pedro

    Tony, I just hope you are here with an apology when it works out.

    Not sure you will be, but there we are. Nor were the Wenger in folk, the Emeryista, or the people that called me a fraud for calling out Don Raul.

  51. Pedro

    Moray, absolutely… if he makes bad mistakes again then he deserves whatever comes his way. Jan pointed to him learning. So we’ll see.

  52. Goobergooner

    6 points off the team in 6th place. Sweet I’m sold on Arteta.

    Pedro, I think most of us would have preferred to have kept mislintat over Raul.

    Gazidis’ ‘handover’ of the reins was one of the biggest fuck ups our club has made (apart from getting the kroenkes on board).

  53. Pedro

    Zach, however you cut it… we played the most draining team in the league at the weekend then travelled to Italy. We were always going to feel that… but we created more than enough and controlled the game. They got a goal from a dubious penalty.

    Who knows with City, but I think they can be got at… agree though, it’ll need to be a mega game though.

  54. Nelson

    “Though please do tell us how Odegaard was a waste of money, again.”

    I am afraid Dissenter was right. I read that Real will use Odegaard to attract Haaland. Our chance of signing Odegaard is very slim. We could have a better chance if Chelsea got Haaland. But then Chelsea would become super strong. It is like “head” you lose, “tail” you also lose. This season, our league position is too far behind. There are too many teams ahead of us. Hopefully, Odegaard helps us winning the Europa cup before he leaves.

  55. Tony

    I always own my mistakes, I’ve had plenty of practice in my 65 years.

    I’ll be very quick to ask to be absolved of my Arteta wrong doings if in fact, they turn out to be wrong.

  56. Pedro

    Nelson, Madrid are absolutely broke mate… no chance they are signing Haaland or Mbappe. They certainly aren’t going to use a player they don’t rate to hook the second best young striker in the world

  57. Pedro

    Goober, if you’re sold on points, then you have to compare Arteta to a top 3 manager in the world with one of the best teams to have graced the Premier League.

    If you are sold on progress on the pitch, and you can’t see that since the Chelsea game, then you have bad opinions on football. I can’t help you.

  58. Nelson

    I hope that you are right. But Real has a lot of players they could sell including Arteta’s favorite, Ceballos.

  59. Pedro

    Nelson, Odegaard will be with us next season… and Haaland isn’t going to be enticed by a player he knows Zizou doesn’t rate.

  60. Tony

    Believe it or not I want Arteta to succeed because I love my club.

    If I were the owner I’d be very concerned with what Arteta has produced and where his actions have a detrimental financial effect for the club.

    We’ve tried the usual route to get out of the mess Wenger built up over a decade.

    My solution would be to hire Rangnick and get him to sort out Arteta and Edu. I’d at least want a successfully experienced person at he head.

    My main directive would be teamwork with the 3 working closely together for the good of the club and not their egos.

    But I’m not the owner or a forward thinking confident of the owners.

  61. Captain Tierney


    Why do you still keep drumming to the Gazidis beat?

    Bald fraud is imo the biggest reason for our downfall. Sure, he’s doing great at Milan, but we didn’t sign him and paid him millions to do well for Milan. We did it for Arsenal.

    Also Madrid do rate Odegaard. Thats why they cut short his 2 yr loan spell. Maybe Zidane doesn’t rate him but the club certainly do and he wont come cheap.
    One thing going for us they need cash, so do Barca and most La Liga, French Ligue and Serie A clubs. Now is the time to get those bargains.

    Odegaard, Aoaur, Puig, Ceballos, Gil are some of the players we should be trying to strike a bargain deal for.

  62. Pedro

    Tony, agree with the leadership around Arteta… but the coaching is good and we’re seeing it on the pitch. There’s no concern that he’s not the right person.

  63. Captain Tierney


    He took Arsenal from challenging for PL titles and deep CL entries to barely qualifying for Europa.

    If that is what you call a good CEO then I sincerely doubt your judgement.

    He has made so many bad decisions, I’ll just list some of the big ones

    – Sacking Wenger 5 years past his expiry date
    – Mishandling of contracts of every Arsenal player. We sold Fabregas ( top 5/10 player in the world at the time) for 30-35 mil. Thats criminal. A 30 goal striker in RVP for 28. Nasri, Sanchez, the list goes on.
    – Created a new 3 man team and left before even allowing them to bed in resulting in complete turmoil.
    – Signing off on Emery
    etc, etc

  64. Emiratesstroller

    Frankly I don’t believe that Real Madrid want to keep either Odegaard or Ceballos. When you
    farm a player out on a regular basis it is clear that they are not wanted.

    Real Madrid rather like ourselves need money so they are willing to shift the players out at
    the right price. My guess is that the two would cost around £60 million combined.

    Whether that is the right direction for Arsenal to go is another matter. Personally I am not a
    fan of Ceballos. I think that Arsenal should be looking for an upgrade for Xhaka in central
    midfield and on current evidence he is not better.

  65. DivineSherlock


    I just hope you are right , cos I dont what I’ll do if you are wrong . I am worried about the subs , Arteta seems to always make the wrong ones , which has negative impact on the game.

  66. Emiratesstroller

    The constant debate about Arteta is boring. Arsenal are not going to offload him in foreseeable

    The club have invested in a young coach who has been recruited to develop the team as a long
    term project. The club knew when they sacked Emery that this was the direction to move in.

  67. Pedro

    Divine, rookie managers will make mistakes… so will experienced managers. Look at Tuchel double subbing today. Shocking.

    But… Arteta is learning fast. The players like him. The things we hated are improving. He’s bringing sexy football back.

    We are on the right track. It’s just going a little slower than we expect as Arsenal fans.

  68. Tony

    Gazidis was a survivor at Arsenal with the Wenger regime firmly holding the power.

    I would imagine Gazidis felt his Arsenal tenure was a successful one for him in finding his European football niche as in what he’s doing at Milan. Arsenal was his jump over the pond springboard.

    Gazidis is more upper class spice wheeler dealer than a football man, in that making money comes first. Isn’t that what you’d want from your CEO?

    None of the above makes me like the man. I really do detest his disingenuous kind, but they are necessary cog in business.

  69. Emiratesstroller

    Captain Tierney

    Gazidis was a disaster both in how he ran the club and managed its finances. He left before he
    was sacked.

    The fact that Milan are near top of Serie A is a measure just how poor that League is at the moment. Do you seriously believe that they are better than Arsenal?

  70. Tony

    The club went from Dein to Gazidis and Wenger running a power grab trolly dash.

    The geriatric BoD happy with their share values were willing to go with the flow they had no chance or real desire of oversight for.

    No doubt Wenger and Gazidis’ office carpets were fully swept under with each others’ misdeeds and errors.

    The blind policing the blind if you like..

  71. Captain Tierney


    Are you in your senses?
    Who in the world cares he has Milan back at the top. Thats not why we signed him. We signed him to help keep us on the top. He did the exact opposite.
    Thats like saying Emery has Villareal firing on all cylinders so we should have stuck with him.
    Or We should have kept Mkhi because he is balling at Roma.
    Gazidis had 10 years at Arsenal, only thing he did of note was to negotiate a better deal for the stadium sponsorship.


    Yes, Gazidis was so good financially that we sold all of our highly rated footballing assets like Fabregas, Rvp, Sanchez, Nasri, etc for half their market values or free.

    A disaster on all accounts. The real bald fraud. Ivan Gazidis.

  72. Socrates

    Post-Chelsea game there’s been progress, Check!

    What happened to the games prior to the Chelsea game and why the so-called progress?

    My recollection was that we had both Willian and Louis out because of covid, Auba was an unused sub because of injury. It was literally backs against the wall for Arteta after losing 4 games in a row.

    He threw an untested ESR on at number 10 with Saka and Martinelli on either side, because he had very little choice, basically wishing for a miracle to save his job.

    As much as Pedro would have you believe there was no plan for introducing ESR into the first team. It wasn’t a tactical decision, it was a blatant last hurrah for a man on his knees.

    We have some real talent coming through the ranks, this is the real progress within the club and in spite of Arteta…Unfortunately, the issue is Arteta doing everything he can to undermine the kids coming through.

    After over a year in charge, I am yet to see Arteta change the outcome of a game tactically, that’s damning for many of us and its one of the many indicators that point to a coach with little to no tactical nous.

    I’m happy to give Arteta until its mathematically impossible to get into Europe via the league or fail to win the EL. This is the barometer for progress, he has the team, it’s on Arteta to get the job done or be fired.

    One last thing Pete, telling people that have invested their time into reading and supporting the blog to leave, is childish and deplorable for a grown man. You inherited the blog and we have all added to its lasting spirit.

    You are very much appreciated for the space you provide, but that doesn’t give you the right to undermine opinions that you don’t necessarily like or share.

  73. DivineSherlock


    No doubt about the football , honestly the best attack we’ve played since Wenger . Just a bit sceptical right now having seen the first half of the season.

  74. Globalgunner

    Apparently Pedro fancies himself as a cult leader, This blog is his church. Anyone who isnt a good acolyte should leave, so the repetitive chanting can commence.
    “Arteta is a brilliant coach. He is taking us to football paradise”
    “Arteta is a brilliant coach. He is taking us to football paradise”.

  75. Tony

    I’m sorry he’s taking us to football what exactly?

    Did he quantify what that meant?

    Maybe it’s the Arteta paradise where no matter the cock up he’s immune to all consequences.

  76. DivineSherlock


    Atleast in Pedro’s opinion , he is trying to make us see the truth as he was doing during Wenger , doesnt make him wrong .

  77. Socrates

    Arsenal’s last 5 games,

    Arsenal 0 Manu 0
    Wolves 2 Arsenal 1
    Villa 1 Arsenal 0
    Leeds 2 Arsenal 4

    Benfica 1 Arsenal 1

    scored 6 conceded 6

    Please show me the sexy football, because if that’s sexy for you, you really do have low expectations.

  78. Tony

    Hardly generational either, Socrates is it?

    Arteta wasn’t generational as a player: above average with the occasional stand out moment during a season.

    Somehow that ‘Generational’ transfers to Arteta as a manager.

    Why? Can’t seem to fathom that out.

    If He continues at 1 win from 5 then generational loser would be more apt.

  79. Mysticleaves


    But but… according to Pep, we have been better than all the teams we played since Chelsea. I mean it’s coming from pep so it’s worth like 18 points out of 6 games with 3-0 sccore line each. Oh wait….

  80. Mysticleaves

    “Also Mystic, just remember… people with your sort of view were giving me shit when I said Emery would fail. Where are those people now? Trying to land one on me with Arteta.”

    Yea. You saw so clearly how it was going to end for Emery when we were seeing “exciting progress” or atleast were “optimistically cautious”. How you haven’t seen this one bewilders me. I mean, Arteta has been worse than Emery by far and yet he is progressing us? According to you?

    I still hope Arsenal will smash City today though…

  81. Tom

    “Basically Pedro is begging for the Wenger model to return. Only with a stronger defence. Literally everything he calls for is the Wenger blueprint “ ……….including the “judge me in May” bit. Except he apparently means May 2022 , or maybe even 2023.

  82. D

    Hats off to our owner, Kroenke, for finding his holy grail

    He successfully acquired a manager that has the fanbase clapping for producing bottom half football.

    Brilliant stuff for him. Not so much for Arsenal fans but business is what matters, why bother to compete when you can milk the cash cow with effective PR

  83. Gooner_grower

    “Basically Pedro is begging for the Wenger model to return. Only with a stronger defence. Literally everything he calls for is the Wenger blueprint “

    The only thing wrong with the Wenger model was the defence and the constant selling of players every season, which, in turn was a result of weak defence and players wanting out because we were not competitive. So, I think everyone should want the Wenger model to return only with stronger defence.

  84. Receding Hairline

    Exacting progress happening at Arsenal stated confidently then followed by the disclaimer we could lose at home to City,which is fine, and also crash out to Benfica, which isn’t fine no matter how besotted you are with the manager.

    At this point nothing you say should even be debated, just a shake of the head and move on. And Liverpool are having a season from hell, stop proclaiming the fact we are still points off them as progress. The leaders in the league this season play in light blue, they are called Manchester City and we are 22 points off them.

  85. Thorough

    Love Sausage.
    Been reading this blog for 8 years, this is my first comment. I really don’t get some nastiness here. And some of the expectations. Quality-wise we’ve been on a relentless march to mediocrity for 10+ years. And people here whine and talk about saviours. There are no saviours or quick wins. Just a slow and hard work to raise standards. I’ve disagreed with Pedro’s POV plenty but he’s right on this – if you don’t see the improvements since the Chelsea game, you’re choosing to look the other way.

    Is this Pedro’s Darian or what?

  86. Winthorpe

    Gooner Grower

    I’ve got absolutely nothing against that. It’s just that Pedro campaigned for a decade to remove Wenger only to champion everything he brought to the club.

    Not giving more than one year to older players
    Trusting in youth
    Creating patterns and triangles all over the pitch
    Playing football the right way
    Outsmarting the market
    Buying low, selling high
    Coaching players to become some of the worlds best
    Harnessing creative young talent from around the world

    It’s all Wenger. Only with a solid defensive platform.
    All of Pedro’s big criticisms of Arteta are the opposite of what Wenger would do.
    Basically Pedro secretly loved the Wenger model with a couple of tweaks.

  87. Receding Hairline

    “Quality-wise we’ve been on a relentless march to mediocrity for 10+ years.”

    And we have arrived at mediocrity. We are 10th on the log, have won the same number of league games as we have lost. Mediocrity is when you label this progress and look for all manner of excuses to justify it.

  88. Just Another Customer

    as if we’ll win against an in form City

    a draw will be a great result as it is

    a loss most likely

    thanks to Arteta there’s no more excitement watching the team no matter how much the potential because he will just damper everything due to his incompetence and huge unwarranted ego

    the sooner we get rid of him the better

  89. Gooner_grower


    But those tweaks including a stronger defence are vital and without them it is not possible to compete. And Wenger refused to change his ways and think about the weaknesses. I don’t think Pedro or anyone ever criticized the sexy football which Wenger had us playing. But the organization was lacking and it was not possible to win much in that system. The hope is that with Project Arteta, that won’t be the case.

  90. Habesha Gooner

    “We might lose tomorrow and we might lose on Thursday, but don’t take your eye off the ball”

    “Interestingly, I did hear that Willian is a top guy and an excellent trainer. No joke. What Arteta says about him is true, it’s not PR. He’s very well-liked behind the scenes. It’s not working out for him because he’s just not the player everyone thought he’d be.”

    Just wow pedro. Anything to justify Arteta’s miserable season so far huh. If he loses to benfica and we go out, then he should be fired. I see there is promise in some of the things he is trying but we aren’t getting Champions league football next season and we might not even get Europa league football. So how can we justify keeping him. I would like to see him next season to see if this football can amount to anything but we need results for now too. At least we should be going out at a semi final. A promise of a result isn’t a result. Anyway, I can see why you defend him so much but this is like a religion. Admit his faults. You hammered Wenger for far less.

  91. Winthorpe


    Good little read
    I can half accept this. Auba has not had anywhere near the work rate he should have considering his lack of ability on the ball to crest chances for himself
    If you’re expecting your team mates to give you the ball where you do the most damage then you need to be on your toes all the time. Not hiding.

    Moving forward I hope they are right and this is the best way to bring the best out of not just Aubameyang himself but our entire attack. It’s no good doing what’s just best for Aubameyang because so far that has stifled our attack
    In the summer I called for two more play makers. We didn’t get it. We got Gabriel and Partey. In January we got ESR and Odegaard and the difference is clear for anyone who understands the game and isn’t hiding behind their agenda

    As Chris pointed out yesterday, we have auba fir 3 more years now so we have to try our best to make it work. I hope he finds the efficiency he showed before his mega contract otherwise he is wasting the talent behind him

    Over to you auba

  92. The Bard

    Spot on post Pedro. No one is suggesting we are on course to win the CL but we’ve got a good deal of quality in the team and we’ve shipped out much of the deadwood. Arteta needs a couple more transfer windows then we can judge him. I’m really enjoying seeing the youngsters. The doubters on here will no doubt argue that Klopp should be sacked at Liverpool. They don’t seem to understand that football isn’t linear it’s cyclical. I’ve posted before it was always going to take a while to sort things out after the Wenger 20 year dynasty.

  93. Winthorpe


    I agree. The biggest issue with wringer was he was given free reign. That’s the clubs fault. They should have took over on transfer negotiations once wenger identified a target and should have forced a defensive coach onto him. If he refused then fine, let him go. Nobody in world football compared to him and Guardiola for creating the most beautiful attacking football teams. Obviously wenger never had the money to compete with pep’s ability to buy any ready made defender he wanted so a top defensive coach should have been hired

  94. Winthorpe

    We are at home today
    Arteta knows pep’s squad and tactics more than any other manager
    We’ve beaten him before in a high stakes game with a less capable squad.
    We are currently riding a high wave of a tracking confidence after an excellent run of games
    Don’t forget, since the Chelsea game we have been the better team on the pitch every single time except for Aston Villa
    We should have buried wolves United and Benfica
    Only the finishing and woeful officiating has cost us those wins. Had we took our chances we’d not even be taking of officials
    I think we could get something firm this game
    He alway seems to in the big games when you think we are due a whooping

  95. Thorough

    19th placed West Brom played over one hour of football with 10 men and nearly won. The game ended 0 0. Now that’s progress.

    Progressive Arsenal went one man down and lost a one goal leaf within 10 minutes. Progress much?

  96. Winthorpe

    thanks to Arteta there’s no more excitement watching the team no matter how much the potential because he will just damper everything due to his incompetence and huge unwarranted egothe


    You need to stop
    If you aren’t excited watching OG Saka ESR and Pepe then I’m not sure there’s any hope for you. Maybe try volcano boarding
    That’ll get your heart rate up

  97. Gooner_grower


    Agree with all that you say. It was partly the club’s fault to let Wenger have a free rein. But once he had it, he was responsible for all that was wrong at the club and he had to go. Also, Wenger was too worried about the club’s finances, which was never in his job description, and the Tr4phy madness.
    I hope that after a few years without the Tr4phy, Arsenal would be competing for actual trophies like the Premier league title.

  98. Graham62

    You know when you start watching a Film, you sort of immediately know/sense who the bad guy is by the way he looks and acts. Come on, you all know what I mean. His general demeanour promotes an untrustworthiness. Everything about them seems underhand and illicit.

    That was my first ever impression of Ivan Gazidis.

    Others though thought the opposite. He looked the part and talked a good game, so let’s trust him.

    How well did that work out for us?

  99. Winthorpe


    Yes except that it’s too much work and responsibility for one man to cope with and maintain our high standards on the pitch. It’s no coincidence we dropped a level when Dein went and no coincidence we dropped another level when rice went. Wenger lost the two guys who made his life easier.
    He’s gone now

  100. TeeCee

    This blog has turned into a kind of QVC with Pedro trying to sell some cheap, sub-standard costume jewelry that is ‘the thing to be wearing this summer’ and yours for just £120 for a pair of ear-rings that won’t stay in and fall apart anyway after two weeks. Lots of promises, less deliveries than Hermes!

    Let’s be honest, the youngsters look good. Saka and ESR look brilliant, Martinelli we know is quality but he needs game time to get back to where he was. Odegaard looks quality even if we only have him for a few months, Gabriel at CB is a good young player and will keep improving. BUT Arteta can’t help fucking up with the old boys. Xhaka is a disgrace, he’s utter shit and a couple of ‘meh’ performances compared to the normal shit shows are not proof of him being a good baller. Bellerin, Xhaka, Luiz, Willian……all get FAR too many minutes and will ensure that Arsenal remain a mid-table club. Don’t give me bullshit about he’s only had blah blah transfer windows, he LOVES Xhaka and Luiz, he feels compelled to give Willian time because HE wanted him. Arteta’s in game management and substitutions still stink the place out. He’s not good enough. Period.

  101. Gooner_grower

    Yes, onto Project Arteta, I think he has made some bad decisions, we all know, and Pedro has pointed out many times, which ones. I think how fast he learns from them and corrects them, either by himself or with help from others like Edu, will decide how successful he becomes.

  102. Guvnor

    After reading this Arteta PR article, it’s very clear now just how low the expectations are of our fan base.
    We are sitting 10th, 6 points from 14th, with an unbelievably hard fixture list coming up, out of a realistic European spot and playing dull one dimensional football.
    Arteta has lost the highest amount of games in a season since Terry Neil was in charge in the early 80’s.
    We still don’t know our starting 11 but it’s ok ‘trust the process.’
    This article begins by mocking Klopp, calling him a fraud. It’s embarrassing. The man has brought the champions league and Premier league not to mention getting Liverpool to a few major finals and is now deemed a fraud? Seriously? This is exactly why our fan base is mocked by other fans.
    Let’s also discuss Willian. The guy must be the biggest utter waste of money ever spent by this club on a non entity. He collects £230k a week and is invisible in 24 games. But it’s ok, according to Arteta he ‘trains really well.’ Sorry am I missing something here?! I didn’t think you could impact your league position by how well you did in a training session? As fans we deserve better and have every right in criticising a players performance.

    This is Arsenal FC not Arteta FC. I care about the future of this club not Arteta’s development as he learns his trade at the expense of our football club.

    Chelsea are the most successful team in this country last 15 years 16 managers

    Real Madrid most successful team in Spain last 15 years 13 managers

    Bayern Munich successful team in Germany last 15 years 14 managers

    See the pattern here? Build what exactly? It’s about winning Trophies and not wasting years on managers that can’t get you silverware.

  103. Pierre

    Reading through the comments last night, i get the impression that a large percentage of posters will want Arsenal to get turned over against city.

    The problem with Arteta is the last 12 months have been wasted .
    We are now back to where we were 12 months ago, and this time Arteta must not cock it up.

    To me it’s obvious where it started to go wrong, the first lockdown came and Arteta started to make very poor decisions that were masked by the FA cup success but became apparent at the start of this season..

    The football was as bad as I’ve witnessed in my lifetime in the 2/3 months before Christmas, Zero creativity, zero movement, zero confidence .

    The wing back system and the lack of a CAM was a disaster.
    Changing into a 4-2-3-1 and bringing in a CAM , changed our season.

    As i said , we are now back to where we were 12 months ago..
    The foorball is good , the performances are improving, the results are a little inconsistent , but the underlying trend is good.

    We are now back on the right track and I am with Pedro and believe we are building a very good , competitive football team, and next season we will be challenging at the top of the league.

    Take city out of the equation, and i don’t see a lot of difference between Arsenal and liverpool, Chelsea, spurs and united .

    It’s all about making the right decisions in the summer window.
    I would like to see all of the academy players stay for one more season and players like Lacazette, Xhaka, willian and Luiz be shown the door, and bring in 2 or 3 quality players..

  104. Gooner_grower


    I think as Pedro does, that Arteta is learning on the job. And no matter what others say, I believe Edu is competent and can help Arteta see reason about things like handing Luiz.a new contract.

  105. Chris


    The Arseblog post about Aubameyang reflects my thoughts almost exactly. Breaking it down simply, we can put a Golden Boot winner, with the highest goals to games ratio for an Arsenal striker prior to this season, in front of an exciting young trio of creative attacking midfielders. We can also try out Martinelli in the same way, perhaps even Balogun, but who knows what is going on there.

  106. Receding Hairline

    Pierre why do you always write on the assumption all other teams are performing at their maximum and only Arsenal have a lot more to give?

    Chelsea, Liverpool and Spurs are all having very poor seasons too. United too to an extent.

  107. Socrates

    Still waiting for the Arteta-in crowd to answer, when and where Arteta has changed a game of football from the sidelines and we’ve actually gone on to win?

    Asking for a friend.

    (I see Arteta sycophants, I see AKB’s in disguise)