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The Europa League last 32 kicked off to a fairly muted start.

Arteta rolled with the same line-up he used against Leeds United at the weekend. On reflection, that might have been a mistake. I felt like the game was leggy at times and we certainly lacked the zip we saw in our last 3 league games.

That said, the approach to the game could have been tactical. Arteta doesn’t have a one-size fits all and he’ll adapt to the moments. My assumption is that the lack of intensity might have been a choice. We totally controlled the game from start to finish. Arsenal didn’t need to fly at them and I suspect coming out of the first leg unscathed might have been on the minds of the coaching staff.

There was a lot of whining after the game, which I found odd. Not only did we control the game, we also had a lot of very big chances we fluffed. Odegaard had his most impressive game so far. He was very influential and he opened up Auba’s game with quick thinking and quality final balls. On a normal day, we don’t miss those chances… it happens. I’m not sure blaming Arteta for Auba missing those chances is sharp analysis.

I also found it horrifying to read people taking jabs at ESR after the game. The currency on the internet is to be the first for everyone so you can say, ‘I called ESR a fraud’, and it’s fucking embarrassing. Even though it was a quiet game, his running and off the ball movement was essential to all the good bits that happened yesterday. He can’t have a 9/10 every game, but just having him that 11 is so, so important. Perhaps some of the noise was shaped by the handball, which felt pretty harsh to me, but there we are.

We responded quickly, which was what was needed. A quick pass from Odegaard that found Cedric in space on the left, his accurate cross found Saka who finished with a fairly simple tap in.

Subs were questionable again, not because they were the wrong bodies, but because they came so late in the day. But, if you thread the decisions through the idea of total control, you can see why he maybe erred… because Gabi and Pepe aren’t exactly controllers in big moments.

I’d have started with them, particularly Gabi who deserves some minutes. There was still time to see a bit of Willian and Mo, but this time, they were only given 3 minutes. Safe bet. Subs are an art, it’ll take time to master them, but at least they didn’t cost us anything this time.

1-1 in an away leg on a European night isn’t a terrible start. I don’t think Benfica are very good and if we replicate that performance in the next game, we’ll cleanly win the game. We will need to be at our best though.

My thought are on Sunday. That was basically our first team out there. What is Arteta going to do against Manchester City? Surely he can’t go with that starting 11 again? Who comes in? Control is absolutely essential against the most dominant team in the league… but hey, if there’s any team he’s going to have a clue against, it’s City, so let’s see what happens.

Right, short one today, if you haven’t already, take a listen to the podcast I did with Touchy Gooners below.


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  1. Winthorpe


    You’re moving the goal posts
    We are talking about being given time to build
    Which klopp was. Now you’re dropping emery’s average league form like it serves your point; let me help you out here, it doesn’t

  2. S Asoa

    Le Grove gives so much to us all. An extended family get together for true blood Gooners. We have to thank Pedro for the efforts, for all he does.
    That’s why am appalled at the level of bending of the facts , both in the main and the posts by Pedro.
    Arsenal fared poorly against Benfica who were no great shakes. We scrapped with a 1-1 draw in a game we should have won on canter. Regarding domination of Benfica without winning is akin to ‘ if my uncle had balls , would have been my aunt ‘
    Sorry to say this defending Arteta when he is strutting with shitted in jeans is beyond ridiculous.
    Even that would have been understandable, because there are poor Managers like there are good ones.
    But the PERVERSITY, VINDICTIVENESS, LYING of Arteta in virtually trying to destroy young talents is Unforgivable. Damn it those kids are much better than the old pricks he keeps on giving chances upon chances through disasters. If he condescends to give the kids minutes, he sets it up for them to fail. Arteta has been in the Club long enough, and surely got inputs in what circumstances each player thrives and could set up for the best efficiency of the talent in hand. But, no.Arteta is Evil. Period

  3. Tom

    Xhaka took over a minute to exit the pitch with 2:2 score when Arsenal needed the win.
    For someone who likes to throw “obviously you never played the game “ around as much as yourself, complaining about fans booing him for that is quite hilarious.

    You know how refs hurry players off the pitch when they perceive slow walking subs take advantage of the 30 seconds allowed to exit the pitch, well in Xhaka’s case the ref did nothing that’s how obvious it was he was acting against his own clubs self interest.

    I’m not one of the Xhaka haters but if ever a player deserved to be booed off the pitch it was then,
    Not to mention he threw his Arsenal shirt to the ground too.
    And no, it wasn’t just a few wankers booing. It was virtually the whole stadium of wankers.

  4. Chris

    The VAR decision making is going from bad to worse. Chelsea ought to be down to 9 men!

    The technology is sound and a benefit to the game as a whole, but the rules need sharpening up and more crucially, the incompetents using it need replacing.

  5. Winthorpe

    these are teams who arrested regression with new managerial appointments regardless of the outlay required to get rid of current managers.
    we’re basking in the regression presented by arteta.

    Really?? The regression was under Arteta? Sorry, we’re we not 11th when he took over?

  6. Winthorpe

    worse yet, spuds are objectively failing on their targets this season and they’re still ahead of us after their form has gone out the window.
    arteta isn’t even going to match last season’s finish exclusively because emery started the season and got results that arteta proved he wasn’t able to get this season.


    Oh piss off! You’ve got to be on a wind up. Emery had the worst start to a season for 40 odd years then Arteta comes in and beats every big team in the premier league bar spurs, wins the fa cup and the community shield in 6 months and you’re claiming emery’s half a season was superior? I’ve literally never witnessed any period under any manager as bad as the first half of last season.

  7. Nelson

    “Le Grove gives so much to us all. An extended family get together for true blood Gooners. We have to thank Pedro for the efforts, for all he does”

    I would like to second that. It is really helpful during this pandemic where people are locked down at home or some recovering from COV-19 in bed. This blog gives us a pastime to kill off some boring time. Again, thank you Pedro!

  8. Matt


    One of the few posters seemingly left on here that sees the continued slide towards mediocrity that so many on here are apparently oblivious to.

    The mind set of some posters really does baffle me. We are quite evidently heading to a mid table finish. That would not be tolerated by the vast majority (rightly so) with any other manager in change, but Arteta gets a free pass from Pedro and many others.

  9. Nelson

    “The mind set of some posters really does baffle me. ”

    It is all Wenger’s fault. He brain washed the fans to accept Top4 as the new trophy. Arteta is going one step further. idk where is the new goal post now.

  10. Graham62


    The reason that Arteta gets “ a free pass” from so many is based on four main reasons.

    1. He played for Arsenal.
    2. He coached under Pep.
    3. He is intelligent and speaks numerous languages.
    4. He’s Spanish.

    Have I missed anything out?

  11. Winthorpe

    Don’t be ridiculous
    Arteta doesn’t get a free pass. He’s been heavily criticised by almost everyone on here, me included. There’s plenty to criticise but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t positives
    Trying to pass off Emery last season as anything tiger than the worst period in recent history is beyond pathetic and so very transparent.

  12. Thank you and goodnight


    Not bigging up Emery, but wasn’t it Arteta who’s had the worst start to a campaign in 30 years? Pretty sure it was. I agree the football under Emery , especially his last 3 months, was fucking dire, but in fairness Arteta ball isn’t much to write hone about either

  13. G8

    Arsene Wenger on bein sports reminiscing about the past and giving his football knowledge for free…
    Looks more relaxed and enjoying his time in Qatar with Andy and Richard .

  14. Radio Raheem

    If Arteta doesn’t get to the final of the Europa and finishes lower than 7th in the league he needs to be fired end of the season.

    There’s a yardstick to measure him by.

  15. Pierre

    We has been slowly regressing over a period of time but Arsenal’s real demise began when they gave Ozil a massive contract and brought in Mhkitaryan, and then 5 months later employed Emery…

    Which buffoons thought this would work , god only knows.
    We basically had 2 players being paid over half a million a week playing under a manager who had no respect or understanding of their style of play and despite them both figuring prominantly during our 21 match unbeaten run, they were hung out to dry by the manager (along with Ramsey) after the opening 4 monthsof the season.

    Emery then proceeded to mess Torreira about after he had a great start to his Arsenal career as a DM , Emery decided to replace Ozil with Torreira as a CAM.

    Of course it all went tits up before Christmas and then Emery had to reinstate Ramsey and Ozil to get the season back on track , which they did.

    Emery proceeded to cock up the end of the season and by the following season Ramsey, Mhkitaryan and Ozil were nowhere to be seen and surprise , surprise, Emery was sacked after a disastrous run of results.

    Le Grove supported Emery through all this turmoil and poor decision making and poor recruitment.

    I said from day one Emery was doomed to fail, not because he was a bad manager ,but because he was the wrong manager with the wrong type of players for the football he wanted to play .

    Of course it didn’t help that he didn’t address our defensive issues , which i found very odd.

    Artera came in and at first he changed the club around, he made us more organised and disciplined without losing our creativity.

    Lockdown came , Arteata changed and he made many poor decisions that put the club into reverse amid a disastrous run of games up until december.

    The football was dire , the results were dire and we were seriously heading towards a relegation battle.

    Thankfully, Arteta changed back to the pre lockdown
    successful 4-2-3-1 system and our foothball improved immediately, mainly due to Smith Rowe and Saka.

    We are now back to where we were 12 months ago.
    This is not something to be celebrated as it has been a wasted 12 months.

    Arteta is lucky to still be in a job , I’m hoping he has learnt from his many mistakes though i am worried that his ego and arrogance will ultimately be his downfall.

    I will be really disappointed if i don’t see our young guns given real game time in the league for the rest of the season.
    Martinelli, Balogun, Azeez, Eddie , Nelson need to be played alongside Smith Rowe , saka and Odegaard.

    Arteta has a golden opportunity to blood these kids as mid table is the best we can do , and who knows the young guns may put a winning run together and get us into europe..

    Let’s not forget , it was the so called experienced players who put us in such a poor league pisition.

  16. G8

    Pierre when we lose ” you deserve what you get by forcing wenger out and employing emery”
    When we win ” told you Arteta would turned it around ”
    You also said the answer was Ozil ..lol
    You not fooling anybody Pierre
    Nice try though !

  17. Winthorpe


    Some of it has been dire. I don’t deny it. So have many of his choices since taking over. But we have to remember that he’s trying to completely route out the weak elements of the squad and recreate it to suit his vision.
    While doing this he’s draining the negative attitudes and changing the culture of the squad throughout the financial burden of COVID. In his first ever job.
    He’s got a lot more work to do now than if he’d taken over directly from wenger.

    If he fails to reach top four next season then I’m happy to call time.

  18. Pierre

    I never said the answer was Ozil , I said it wasn’t the answer to freeze Ozil out, and i was proved right .

    We are where we are due to poor decision making , first by the club for giving Ozil that contract, 2nd for

  19. Nelson

    Both Chelsea and Real wants to sign Erling Haaland this Summer. If Chelsea got Haaland, they’ll challenge for this league. Arteta is a fan of Ceballos and suggested after signing Odegaard temporarily last month that he is open to the idea of keeping him at the Emirates beyond this summer. Edu is currently working on deals to make their moves permanent in the summer. It would help Real to land Haaland and also stop Chelsea to get stronger.

    Make this happen, Edu!

  20. Anonymous Commentator


    The reason that Arteta gets “ a free pass” from so many is based on four main reasons.
    1. He played for Arsenal.
    2. He coached under Pep.
    3. He is intelligent and speaks numerous languages.
    4. He’s Spanish.Have I missed anything out?

    5. He’s a pretty boy.
    6. That immaculate hair.

  21. Kroenkephobe


    Unless there’s some scandiwegian bromance between the two in which Haaland is attracted to playing in Madrid precisely because MO is (back) there. Given what they each offer, they could turn Madrid back into the best team in Europe.

    As things stand, I’d love Oder to stay in N7 because he appears to combine so well with our players.

  22. Winthorpe


    Rumours are that Mbappe is their first choice and will be selling peripheral players to get him. That means odegaard and Ceballos. Ødegaard will have a year left on his contract and real are over a barrel so I’m hopeful something can be done there for reasonable money.
    Not sure I’d spend more than 20m on Dani C.
    Even that seems a lot for a back up midfielder when we already have AMN or willock.
    Could be a big summer for us. I’d love to see us land Ødegaard, a cmf player and a right back to push bellerin out of the first team. Someone who is tierney’s equal on the opposite side.

    If we can keep Balogun and get him and Martinelli fighting it out for no9 then I’d not eat to sign of Seward who’d block their path. Keep Aubameyang and Lacazette and really we are as well stocked as anyone. This squad has big potential. I think we are 4 first team players away from being genuine title challengers as silly as that may seem with us where we are. Rb, 8, 10, 9
    We already have players in the squad who can fill 10 (MO) and 9 so that leaves the cmf spot and rb

  23. Matt


    I’m not saying Arteta doesn’t get criticised. Even Pedro criticises him in some of his posts, but the criticism usually ends with something like’ He needs to learn quickly’. Invariably even when he doesn’t learn and commits the same mistake, the criticism comes, but with the same sort of caveat – ‘he is too intelligent not to learn’. Did Emery get this same sort of patience and benefit of the doubt? Would any other coach get the same benefit of the doubt? The answer in case you’re wondering is no.

  24. G8

    Yes Pierre, everbody in le grove said that Arteta got it completely wrong deploying his negative 343 tactics and starving the forwards from any chances apart from crossing the ball to no man land
    Auba still suffering from that
    He is still mismanaging players like Pepe and Martinelle
    He gave Nketiah more chances than he deserved at the expense of Baloguns
    He played saka as a left back
    He played Laca as no 10
    Ozil would have added nothing to creativity and it was the only thing he did right, got rid of him !

  25. Radio Raheem

    Lewandowski talking Chipo-Moting through the game yet can’t make play. First PSG then Bayern what do these clubs see in Chupo-Moting? 😂😂

  26. Nelson


    Dortmund has a history to sell their best player, PSG not so much. Chelsea needs urgently a world class striker and they have money.

  27. Graham62


    No my friend, the real demise started long before that. All that the Ozil debacle did was confirm just how bad things had become.

    Where were you when, as a fan, you’d sit through matches, thinking “ here we go again”? The acceptance of where we were and what we’d become was the reason for our demise. Deep down every fan felt this.

    Yes, there was exhilarating football on occasions but, ultimately, we failed to deliver. It was like climbing Everest every season and then realising, half way up, we’d forgotten the bloody tents. It was infuriating because with a few tweaks here and there, Wenger could have achieved so much more.

    The excuses consumed the club. Yes, there was always an excuse or two given as a reason for not quite getting there. This “demise“ started once we left Highbury and became more and more evident as each season past and by 2010, at the latest, drastic changes were needed. Unfortunately, they never materialised..

    Emery was never going to work, although we all hoped it would. As for Arteta, the jury is still out. A lot will depend on how he handles the many talented youngsters we have.

    It’ll be interesting to see how Arteta navigates these next two games..

    Team selection will be critical.

  28. Kroenkephobe


    First PSG then Bayern what do these clubs see in Chupo-Moting?

    Probably what Stoke City also saw in him. 💩

    AMN having a decent game for WBA today playing as a leftie inside forward.

    Lockdown has reduced me to watching a game between teams coached by Allardyce and Dyche.

    A slow day…

  29. Anonymous Commentator

    Ainsley has been mismanaged by arteta, but nothing is new at the Emirates anymore.
    He’s not the only one that’s been mismanaged either.
    And it might turn out that we actually need him for the season run in if we pick up fullback injuries.
    Actually having to cross fingers hoping that bellerin doesn’t get injured.

  30. Graham62


    Bellerin is a real conundrum.

    Doesn’t look comfortable with the ball at his feet, doesn’t look comfortable when the balls not at his feet, doesn’t look comfortable when the balls in his hands( throw in), doesn’t look comfortable when the opponents are taking throw ins. Doesn’t look comfortable running forwards or backwards. Have I left anything out?

    Why am I saying “conundrum”, I mean he’s a liability.

  31. Winthorpe

    Graham62February 20, 2021 17:22:42
    AMN is the only player I’ve seen deal with Adama Traore 1 on 1.

    Sorted out Mahrez Salah kdb and whoever played right wing for the chavs in the cup final too
    This is the problem with these so called gooners here. They see with their own eyes just how good a player can be and let their prejudices and agendas supersede their eyes

  32. Kroenkephobe

    Just had a terrible flashback watching Virgil VD struggling to do up his long nylon overcoat.

    The horror, the horror

  33. Chris

    “ This is the problem with these so called gooners here. They see with their own eyes just how good a player can be and let their prejudices and agendas supersede their eyes”

    With all respect, and not meaning to start an argument here, but it’s a shame you couldn’t follow your own logic regarding what you said about Aubameyang the other night.

  34. Winthorpe


    You see I don’t think aubameyang is a good player. He’s a goal scorer. But that’s not enough for me. Not when his ability on the ball stifles our attacking flow
    I’d really rather Giroud. No agenda. I just think we are a better team without him

  35. Winthorpe

    SidFebruary 20, 2021 17:39:38
    Saliba, Mavro, Gabrielle should be our CBs for years coached by Mertesacker

    Think you’ve got more chance of Mustafi being our cb for years than Saliba by the looks of it

  36. Globalgunner

    Winthorpe thinks AMN and Xhaka are quality. Nothing more to say. Imagine having those two dunderheads as the lynchpin of your midfield.

  37. Chris


    That’s fair enough if you don’t feel he is right for the team, but your belittling of a player who has carried us on his back for a couple of years in terms of scoring goals was sad. Your measured appraisal just then is far different to some of the stuff you were coming out with the other night.

    I really do get why people feel he can’t be part of a slick, inter changing and technical forward line, I don’t agree with this view completely, and also feel we have nothing to lose in theses to the remainder of this league season, by playing him up top in front of Saka, ESR and Odegaard, where appropriate with rotation, and see if the results of the Leeds game can be replicated. We could land on our winning dynamic for next season if we can keep Odegaard.

  38. Kroenkephobe


    So if it goes tits up for tets, your proposed solution is to replace one unproven tyro with another? Hmm.. I think the next person ought to have a bit more experience surely.

    Nous and player management are sorely lacking right now. I loved PM as a player but what makes him the next Alex Ferguson in your view?

    Unless you’re being ironic.

  39. Winthorpe


    That’s the only scenario in which I can see Aubameyang being part of a successful arsenal team/ having slick ball players all around him. But why settle for that when we could have someone who’s as good at finishing but accentuates our play rather than stifle it?
    Maybe another reason i feel so strongly is his lack of effort and that when he gets the hump he stops trying. When RvP or Henry got the hump they made their opponents pay. Not Aubameyang. He just pisses about and hides. Then you’ve got the fact that he’s our second biggest signing ever in the second highest wages ever.

    I’m sorry, I expect more. I’d take Sanchez all day before him. In fact I’d take Lacazette and giroud before him.
    I like my players to have footballing ability. They don’t all jeeed to be bergkamp or pires on the ball but I like them to have the capacity to play. If their strengths lie elsewhere then I expect them to work hard and show heart when they are on the pitch, representing Arsenal. Take Freddie. For me he wasn’t the most talented ball player but he was great off the ball and showed excellent timing and knew where the goal was and how to find it. The difference between him and Aubameyang for me was Freddie had heart. Auba strikes me as a good time guy. A fair weather player who turns up when things are rosy but hides when the chips are down. Hardly captain material

  40. Winthorpe

    the remainder of this league season, by playing him up top in front of Saka, ESR and Odegaard, where appropriate with rotation, and see if the results of the Leeds game can be replicated. We could land on our winning dynamic for next season if we can keep Odegaard.

    On the counter art I feel we have less to lose by deploying Martinelli or Balogun up front for the rest of the season.

    Give them minutes and confidence to grow and learn together with the rest of the young lads who are flourishing right now before our eyes

    Auba is yesterday’s man.

  41. Winthorpe

    The other thing is that I don’t think Aubameyang is the great finisher he’s made out to be. His strength lies in his instinct.
    Why can’t we aspire for more? I’d rather a striker who isn’t quite as prolific but accentuates his supporting cast. Pepe Saka ESR and Ødegaard could be lethal with the right man up front. RvP would be next level in front of this lot.

  42. Chris


    Unless Arsenal do some serious business in the summer, it’s unlikely Aubameyang will be leaving us, due to his co tract for one thing. Either we leave him on the sidelines or we can take the Leeds game as a good indication of what we could be capable of. The guy is a goal scorer, if those 3 are laying them on a plate for him (the last game a poor example obviously) then I won’t be too upset if he isn’t showing silly skills elsewhere. Your scenario of having a completely forward is obviously preferable, but being pragmatic, may not be possible just yet.

    I do agree he isn’t captain material, but after Xhaka shit the bed, there wasn’t many other contenders unfortunately. We have been lacking in that department for some time I’m sad to say.

  43. Chris

    I should add, if he can maintain his excellent attitude and fitness, Tierney is a shoe in for skipper at some point on the future.

  44. Globalgunner

    Agree with Winthorpe that Auba is not the player you place all your best on. He cant create goals out of nothing. Is easily marked out by competent defenders a d will soon give up faced with these obstacles. He was never TH14. Not even RVP. He is just a above a average journeyman striker who is utterly dependent on service from a talented midfield.

    That’s why I couldn’t get with all the wailing and gnashing of teeth last year over his signing a new contract. We could have got similar output on less than a third of his wages. He at 31 is now a millstone around the club’s neck. We are stuck with him in static progression.

  45. Winthorpe

    Your scenario of having a completely forward is obviously preferable, but being pragmatic, may not be possible just yet. I do agree he isn’t captain material, but after Xhaka shit the bed, there wasn’t many other contenders unfortunately. We have been lacking in that department for some time I’m sad to say.

    Yes. Seems like you’re saying “well, we are stuck with him now so we have to try and get the best from him” and I don’t entirely disagree with that. But we do have Martinelli and Balogun. Both highly talented and raring to go. We need a plan B for when auba is having one of his milk carton days. And Arteta needs to be ruthless when he sees it and hook him beifre it’s too late

    If Pepe had the 3 chances Aubameyang was presented with this week I’d eat my hat if he didn’t put 2/3 away.
    The one big positive I take away is that auba is finding a lot of guilt edged goal scoring chances carved for him by our new supporting trio

  46. Sid

    guys like Nagelsman, on the up and established managers will not be coming to this shit show by the time diet Pep is through

    Mertesacker is an intelligent, humble guy, things diet Oep lacks.

  47. Winthorpe


    Holding and Mari look like sound bets for me right now
    I’d give it to Tierney within 18 months though
    I said the day he signed he’s going to be our captain one day. No doubt about it

  48. Chris


    What you say about Aubameyang receiving the chances he did the other night is also the positive I am taking away. One reason his goals dried up earlier in the season was because we weren’t showing much creativity. Now we have a dynamic attacking midfield trio, a finisher of his overall quality will put them away when he isn’t having a stinker as he did the other night.

    Agree that we need a plan B for that position, although it is hard to know what Arteta’s thoughts are there. He doesn’t seem to trust Martinelli unless something else is going on that we don’t know of, and it is unfortunate Balogun hasn’t been given a fair chance at some point during the season.

  49. G8

    Sid I would rather this struggling Arteta than the BFG.
    He doesn’t have it in him to be proper manager,
    The guy looks very insecure
    it would be another mistake !

  50. Anonymous Commentator


    I would take mertesacker as an assistant manager.
    I hear that he holds the players to very professional standards and we’ve been lacking that ever since he called it a day on his playing career.
    I remember Per going off on ozil putting in half effort, I shudder to think what he would have done had he been on the field when xhaka flipped the fans off… Might have punched him for all we know.

    But I wouldn’t be able to trust him in the managers hotseat. It might be a boon that he would get “throw up” levels of nervousness before matches cause that means results really matter to him, but I also consider him a really valuable part of the academy setup in terms of keeping these kids feet on the ground and instilling the drive in them to want to perfect their craft.
    No doubt he’s had some major influence on Saka and ESR.

  51. Nelson

    I still think that we should be better off if we sign Carlo Ancelotti instead of Emery or Arteta for 2 to 3 years. Hire Arteta as assist who can take over after .Ancelotti.

  52. Nelson

    I expect Salah should be better than that. Not only he was caught up by the defender, he has even lost the ball against the defender.

  53. Shaun

    If that was a penalty for Everton why is it not a red card,no attempt to play the ball. What was the difference with Luiz penalty v wolves

  54. SWG

    That’s one of the worst decisions I’ve seen from VAR this season.
    I can’t remember who I was discussing Saka’s vs Leeds (the overturned one). How that was a clear and obvious error and this one wasn’t is beyond me

  55. S Asoa

    Ancelotti os several grades above our Tinpot Dictator. Intelligent subs.
    Anyway has the pedegree to prove it.
    Arteta only has natty clothes and slick hair and lip

  56. La croqueta

    So what you’re telling me. Is that an old washed up Don Carlo who started at the same time as Arteta with a smaller everton club, an inferior wage budget and a supposedly worse squad. Was able to beat Liverpool the champions convincingly. However Artetas Vice Captain will tell you that when Arsenal play Liverpool ” it’s Liverpool, we always Lose to them”

    Ancelloti started at the same time as Arteta with a significantly smaller transfer and wage budget. How many Everton players on 350k, 250k, 200k, even 150k per week?

    Trust the proce… ah forget it. This project has failed. Miserably. Time to scrap it. Dash it. And start all over again… Again smh.

  57. Tom

    50% penalties are clear pens, the other half consist of whatever given ref thinks it is on any given day , and a gift to fans to argue about later on.

  58. Hitman

    Arteta lacks emotional intelligence. Extremely poor man management skills. Poor appreciation of talent – that will be his ultimate downfall.
    His MO is to ship out players he can’t manage, coach, or appreciate. And keeping lesser players he shouldn’t.
    Handling Guen, Saliba, AMN, Martinelli, Balogun really badly. Costing us millions in future asset appreciation. Not to mention points on the pitch.
    ESR and Saka only selected by circunstance before becoming udroppable.
    Seems to have a self centred divisive personality. He will never gain respect from dressing room. Players won’t battle for him.

  59. Winthorpe

    I’m think if Arteta doesn’t like you or doesn’t rate you then he just leaves you in the cold
    If he takes a shine to you then he’s effusive in his praise for you

  60. Bob N16

    ‘Lacks emotional intelligence’, ‘arrogant’, ‘tin pot dictator’ – Arteta getting pelters on here today and we haven’t even lost. A lot of pent up dissatisfaction, not sure if it’s all about Arsenal’s current manager.

  61. I hate Green Bayg7

    So, Sid thinks Mertesaker should be head coach, and Winthorpe doesn’t think Aubameyang is a good player. It beggars belie……, oh wait, it’s Saturday, they are probably sitting in their trailers snorting crack while their kids run around outside naked , with shotguns.

  62. I hate Green Bayg7

    So much anti-Arteta bile. All I can say is, for the first time in probably twelve years I look forward to the next game. (Apart from tomorrow)

    Back 4 should be Cedric, Holding, Mari, Tierney

  63. Graham62

    I remember when Mertesacker had a go at Ozil for not going over to acknowledge the Arsenal fans after we’d lost 6-3 at MC back in 2013.

    Mertesacker had been culpable for five of the City goals.

    Said a great deal about where we were going as a club.

    I remember Ozil’s expression. It was saying “What is this?”