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Let’s rattle through the good news.


Finally, the bad luck momentum is turning. I really, really couldn’t have handled the young Brazilian being out long-term. Great news that he has a little bit of recovery time before he explodes over the next 5 games. Explodes in a good way, not like, you know, an exploding muscle or something.

We also landed good news on Gabriel 2. The suspended then covid infected centre back will finally make his return to the action. I’m unsure whether he takes his place straight back, he was a touch out of sorts before the break. Holdinho and Mari have been pretty decent together. A winning combo if you will.

Talking of Holdinho, our 25-year-old centre back of BRITISH background has signed a new long-term deal with the club. Fantastic news. We’ve finally broken the duck of letting players run down their deals. A few people scoffed at this move. I don’t really understand it. The player is growing every week, he rarely puts a foot wrong, and he can play music. What more do you want?

There are rumours doing the rounds that Edu reports into Arteta… and that Arteta has felt like a victim of Raul getting binned because all of the extra work fell on his shoulders.

Now, I’d love this rumour if it were true because it’d totally crystallize the utter mess that Arsenal is from a leadership perspective… but this one feels too far for me. Edu might be the submissive one in the relationship, but I doubt the Kroenke’s would keep Edu around if he was so bad at his job they needed to put him UNDER a rookie manager.

Also, you have to understand this about Arteta. He is fucking ruthless. There is no situation in the world where 1) he didn’t ask for the promotion 2) doesn’t absolutely love the powers and responsibility that came with it. It is almost unimaginable that he would leak in a way that made him seem like a beta male.

Hard to really see who this story serves best? Which is why I suspect it’s just bollocks… but I will tell you this now, I would LOVE it if it was true. I have a 3000 essay on operational structure and cuck leadership in my drafts if that little beauty is confirmed. It would be SO salacious. Imagine getting a double demotion and having to negotiate with Vinai that you’d only sit on the deck chair of shame if you could say it was a single level demotion. OH MY WORD would that be a good story.

… alas, I think it’s bollocks (Arsenal insiders, hit me up on the bat phone if it’s true).

Finally, an agent in and around the Mesut Ozil deal leaked this to the press.

“If he comes to Turkey then he will play for Fenerbahce, god willing. Let me tell you he has told me, ‘in my football career I am going to play for Fenerbahce’. Until the contract has been signed we can’t say anything is finished”

“It is a case where Mesut would come not just as a footballer but as a lover. The process is underway though I can’t give a percentage. Even if we agreed verbally, it is not over without signing the contract. Let’s wait a bit.”

A LOVER! For fucks sake. Let’s do the deal then boys. The reports state that the deal hasn’t been done with Arsenal. We’ll likely be negotiating how much of his final salary we pay him… it’ll be a lot, I suspect. But… who cares, get him out of Arsenal so we can move on.

Ok my lovers, let’s call this a day, and I’ll be back tomorrow. x



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  1. Foxy

    In the latest training video on right at the end Pepe shows some excellent close ball control and final shot. however every one of his his 10+ touches as he twisted and turned and then scoring shot appears to be just with his left foot which must be way harder than using both feet!

  2. Tom

    Ive read the blog before posting Uncle Tom.You’re neither witty nor informed so just scroll past my posts you has been.
    Trust me I’m trying my best but scrolling past 10-15% of blog comments content can be challenging.
    Congratulations on your self appointed position of the blog police , did it come with uniform, badge and a fancy hat?

  3. Foxy

    “I also like Pepe’s shot, low and hard.”

    yes Pepe needs to be used more as striker than creator and definitely not stuck on the touch line

  4. Northbanker

    It’s a shame that we’re not buying more £6 – 10m players using StatDNA analysis or whatever it is now called. That should be providing a steady flow of promising talent. There must be a number of up and coming DMs and CAMs that we can get as well as GKs out there

  5. Globalgunner

    Sterling has regressed badly since Sane left. He is now the same dogshite hot and cold player that left Liverpool years ago. To think there were stories of him going to RM. The only thing that has developed since is his crapness

  6. Bojangles

    “So much about freedom of speech, the woke brigade don’t like it.
    This is so true. Getting binned for having a different opinion shows where this blog is heading.”

    We’ll Left, you and Dave (poster of the comment you quoted,) are typical of many posters; make asumptions then treat them as facts. Better to check your facts before making such bold statements

  7. Goobergooner

    “You’re neither witty nor informed so just scroll past my posts you has been.Take your cape you absolute hero.’

    Hahaha Wilko the princess, you’re the douche who wouldn’t be missed if you actually stayed binned.

  8. Goobergooner

    Red is just being red on Partey.

    I’m sure he’s secretly so excited to see him make a mark on the team when he’s back.

    Can’t say I get the Partey bashing though, he’s head and shoulders better than any mid we have on the books

  9. MidwestGun

    It’s Sid and Redtruth bashing Partey… hardly a consensus.. People do that all the time on here… especially the Pierre types.. 1 single person will say something and they take the opportunity to assign it to all of Le Grove.. which is dumbass. You can literally name any player or manager on here and you will get many many various opinions.

    Anyhow… Love that Fulham got a point off the Special one.

  10. Goobergooner

    This is going to be a well brewed sauce if we can come up with some goods this season indeed.

    We have had 3 draws and 1 loss in last 4 against CP, though last 2 at home was a draw and a loss.
    Considering our form I’d like to think we could break that streak.

    We need to bring the Emirates back to being a fortress again. Our away game is getting better though.

  11. Mark

    Hahaha Spuds dropped points. Love it. You know Maureen is pissed!

    We need to make sure we capitalise now. Too many times our rivals draw or lose, we lose or draw.

    We need 3pts tomorrow. Cmon Mikel , put out a decent starting Xl tomorrow. Don’t start Willian whatever you do.

  12. WengerEagle

    ‘Honestly Spurs being talked up as title contenders will go down as some of the dumbest shit ever written here.’

    Dissenter, hang your head in shame mate. Not one of your finer moments.

  13. englandsbest

    Some lovely words about he Club from Unai. His downfall was a problem of communication. I’m guessing but I think partial deafness (something he is unaware of) made fluency in English difficult for him.

    Nevertheless I am glad Arteta took over. Not just because I believe he will emerge as a great coach/manager. It’s as much because he is Arsenal through and through. With owners who have little emotional attachment, that is vital.

  14. Goobergooner

    He’s also Everton through and through.

    He’s great at hiding this generational sauce ability everyone likes to mention.
    I hope it is just his inexperience and that he can continue with having things fall into place on the pitch.

    Our squad is definitely better than 11th, so we are under par for the course so far with the back 9 to play. I think he makes deuce and finishes 8th with no real advantage in the cups.

  15. Aussie+Gooner

    “Mesut Ozil has reportedly offered to leave £7million on the table at Arsenal so he can cut his contract short and leave this January. The German, who earns a staggering £350,000-a-week, is scheduled to earn this huge amount between now and the end of his current contract in June.
    But Ozil, who has been criticised for earning so much money, despite playing no football at Arsenal, is apparently willing to walk away from the cash for the benefit of his future.”

    I’ll believe that when I see it!

  16. Dissenter

    Wenger eagle
    I’ll take it on the chin.
    It’s a hard one because I can’t exactly cheer the enemy on to make my prediction come to fruition.
    It’s a tipsy turvy season, you all shamed Bamford for suggesting United will contend for the title.

    Anyways, what’s the gist with the Atlanta wonderkid United signed today; Amad Diallo?
    Does it mean they’ve dropped thier attempts to sign Sancho?
    The lad only played 5 games for the Atlanata senior team, what do you know of him?

  17. AFC Forever


    Evening. Yep I agree with your comments.

    Firstly you have to give credit to Unai Emery for at least trying to speak our lingo. Unfortunately it was like the French Policeman in ‘Alo “Alo at times. The players must have been as confused as the rest of us, especially those for whom English is not their first language.

    Ps: Mourinho is proving what a negative bore he is. Home to Fulham. Dissenter is right about his disrespect to Scott Parker but that’s Mourinho all over.

  18. Dissenter

    “I can’t believe some on here wanted Mourinho as our manager. I’d have quit the game for good if that happened.”

    …yea, right
    We spoke to Mourhino but apparently he rejected us because our upper management setup was lame.

  19. AFC Forever


    Yes mate, Mourinho would have been a very unpopular choice. He hasn’t got the class or decency for a club like ours. The way he has behaved to our club over the years has been appalling. You think this blog and some of the members can moan, Jesus the Mourinho out would have started the day that arrogant twat joined.

    It will end in years at Spurs, it’s in his DNA.

  20. Tom

    Son’s shot goes off the post and in, instead into keepers arms” and none of the “Spurs aren’t title contenders “ post get written today would be my guess.

    Nothing gives me more pleasure than to see Jose huff and puff blaming everyone around but his own tactics, but he definitely has the squad to challenge for title in this crazy season.

    Two moths ago Man U under OGS winning the title was the craziest comment ever made on Legrove.
    I know because I thought that myself too.

  21. AFC Forever


    The aim of the game is to score more goals than the opponent What if’s mean nothing. What if we hadn’t had players sent off?

    The fact is Mourinho bottled it against Fulham. Fulham ffs. Spurs chances of putting an end to 60 years without a League Title won’t be ending anytime soon. Embarrassing club.

  22. Dissenter

    Nothing weird about saying a side with two elite strikers will be in the running for the title ina tipsy turvy season.
    I have zero regrets tbh, not even if 1000 “I told you so” comments get written every time Spuds drop a point.

    Did anyone see United bounce back to the top pf the league after we beat them at old toilet?

  23. AFC Forever

    Do we have to talk about Spurs? Shit club, horrible Manager and nothing to brag about. 30 years last FA Cup, 60 years last League title. And their celebrating getting to a Carabao Cup Final it’s to embarrassing for words.

  24. Dissenter

    I never imagined Garett Bale will be so useless. He’s only good enough for practical jokes at the moment.
    I suspect the 2021 version of Isco is just as bad as Garett Bale.

  25. Mr Serge

    Seems Balogan gas agreed to join Leipzig shame I would liked to have seen what he would have developed into with us

  26. Dissenter

    I believe the Athletic reported that we informally reached out and he wasn’t interested.
    We can’t afford his wages and the executive level at Arsenal can’t handle a manager like Jose.

  27. Mark

    Apparently Celtic are willing to sell Édouard for around £25m this month. I know we’re not specifically looking for a striker right now, but at that price, plus we were scouting him. It’s a no brainer for me.

    Leicester might be bidding against us too. Which is another good sign as their recruitment has been very good over the last few years.

    Ready made Laca replacement if we give him a year’s extension. Can rotate with Auba if his form doesn’t improve, and play Édouard with Laca.

    Sometimes you have to strike when the opportunity arises. We should go straight in £25m on the table done. No f#ckin about, pissing people off. Then get a midfielder , happy days.

  28. AFC Forever

    Dissenter, wrong. Arsenal weren’t interested in Mourinho. He’s far too toxic and the history of his behaviour is on the record. If you read it somewhere it was probably the usual click bait bollocks. There would have been riots.

  29. Dissenter

    AFC Forever
    You’re right about Mourhino being too toxic, more so for the nobodies we have age the executive level.He earns about 15 million yearly [if tabled reports are true] so we can’t afford him as well.

    Spurs are his last chance saloon. If he fails there, he’s burnt toast.

  30. AFC Forever

    “Jose would have done anything for the Arsenal job. We didn’t offer him anything.”


    You’re right he would have walked over hot coals to manage thus huge club we are priviliged to support.

  31. AFC Forever

    “Spurs are his last chance saloon. If he fails there, he’s burnt toast.”

    He has certainly burned a lot of bridges. He’s a classic cheque book manager who doesn’t look to the future or give kids much of a chance. Never forget the eye poking incident a Real or the treatment of the female physio at Chelsea. He brings dishonour with his negativity,so you could be right.

  32. Leedsgunner

    Looks Balogun has signed a pre contract agreement with RB Leipzig… shame really because I was hoping Arteta would have been able to convince him to stay.

  33. Goobergooner

    The thing with Balogun going to Liepzig, is if we are smart enough to have a good buy back clause, that is a great place to learn the trade at the top flight (albeit in Germany not as rough and fast as the epl) and youngsters are given a real opportunity to shine.

    Hopefully we have clauses out our ass here.

  34. Tony

    Mirror reporting this morning we have £20million budget for the TW. Doesn’t include and sales’ income we make or save on outgoing players’ salaries.

    Probably same reporter who claims Edu answers to Arteta.

    Almost halfway through Jan and we have only got rid of Kola on loan.

    Surprising? Not really!

  35. Goobergooner

    Tony, the only reason I give us benefit of the doubt is because of covid.

    But the sheer insanity of not offloading players we had offers for in the summer will look more stupid by the day if we end up with those very players fulfilling their contracts here without actually pushing us on; or more importantly giving Arteta cash to mold his own squad.

    Why on earth an rookie didn’t take cash and buy his own players, thinking he could improve the current players; then go on to not play one of them or play them consistently out of form, just beggars belief.
    Laca is coming back into some form. But he should have been sold. Amn should have been sold. Xhaka should have never seen a minute from the moment he told the fans to fuck off, then took him ages to apologise. He had a good offer for him which would have taken very little on top of his fee to get a proper cm/DM to better his output.

    We need some consistency with people who know what to do.

    That wasn’t latter years Wenger and Gazidis, it wasn’t raul. And I really don’t think it’s arteta in a managers role.

    I’m hoping I’m wrong.

  36. Tony

    Don, Unai na, Alita Battle Wilko is just a troll. A poor one at that and could learn much from Pierre but a waste of space troll nevertheless.

    Resist the urge to read His posts as he’s much better playing with himself it seems.

    Just likes to attract attention with his BS comments to feel important here to compensate for his life’s failings and insecurities.

    Xhaka looks after the ball was just the funniest thing I’ve read on here.

    Who else but a knuckle dragging, flat-earther would come out with a post like that about Xhaka and then continue to be abusive to those who sensibly disagree with Don Wilco.

  37. Tony

    We need some consistency with people who know what to do.’

    12 years and counting looking for those people.

    What makes Arteta’s actions worse is that He says he needs 6 players to get his system functioning properly. Yet he doesn’t want to see the dross to buy the players he says he wants/needs.

    Seems like Edu and Arteta are like the blind leading the blind.

  38. Goobergooner

    Yeah stating he needs 6 players means:
    1 he was inflexible til he had to change tactics as results were too bad,
    2 squad morale is lowered, and
    3 what sort of generational coach needs 6 players to push us on from 8th position, and 5th the season before he started?

    I get he may have meant 6 to be title challengers. But why say it at all, then sell noone apart from the keeper who we desperately should have held onto for backup considering hindsight, but also the fact we played better with Martinez being able to control the box and catch the ball, as well as the fact he didn’t hang onto it for the whole amount of allowed time to release it.

    Seriously most bizarre window in that sense, even worse than signing no one.

    Yet Partey and Gabriel are our best two purchases in a few years (though Partey does need some time to actually prove that)

  39. Goobergooner

    I will however give you the benefit of the doubt, I was overly hopeful that we actually had those offers. I don’t think edu and Arteta are stupid enough to reject them.

    Apart from xhaka

  40. Goobergooner

    Also what shit am I talking? My own opinion? I’d classify holding Arteta and edu to account after our worst start to a campaign for about 50 years as a better viewpoint than believing a noone manager has what it takes to properly improve us.

  41. Emiratesstroller

    Nketiah v Balogun

    Both players are handled by the same agent so it is not altogether surprising that one would
    leave the club this summer.

    The million dollar question is which of the two was the better option for the club to retain?
    Somehow I think that Balogun could turn out to be the better longterm prospect and the club
    will land up in the same situation that they found themselves with Gnabry.

    The concern for me is that the players agent will act in similar fashion with Nketiah, Saka
    and Nelson and allow their contracts to wind down and Arsenal will fail to maximise transfer fee.

    I hope sincerely that Arsenal do not allow this Agency to manage any other future stars at
    the club., because they have form in the way they operate.

  42. Goobergooner


    I dislike how much an agent is affecting transfers more and more for their own bank account.

    But where there is money there is greedy people. How do you stop that but also get the best players in?

    Also what keeps you up so late? I’m assuming you’re in London?

  43. Habesha Gooner

    FFS mikel just said arsenal aren’t looking to sell mustafi. I have this horrible feeling he might over him a new deal again. We need to get rid of him as fast as we can. It might also mean we are looking to sell Calum Chambers this window too. Surely 6 CBs is still too much.

  44. Goobergooner

    Haha gr,

    MC has in general.

    I’m not trying to be the first to call someone out, I just don’t think tets is our man. I tried to give him and Emery time, just never thought either were the right choice from the beginning.

  45. Sid

    GoobergoonerJanuary 13, 2021 22:04:44
    Can’t say I get the Partey bashing though, he’s head and shoulders better than any mid we have on the books

    Using our other midfielders as the yardstick is the problem here. He is a good DM we should aim for better at CM. Thats not bashing him in any way. I rest my case.

  46. China1

    Says we need 6 players but refuses to sell our third choice RB, third choice CF and 6th best CB from summer til now

    Generational hoarder

  47. China1

    If someone cane in with a 100m offer for Willian tomorrow he’d be like no his value to the dressing room cannot be equated in monetary terms

  48. Valentin

    If Balogun goes to RB Leipzig, it is not because his agent are greedy. It is for his long term own career. There is more money in the EPL: bigger signing-on fees and higher salary, however no history of giving chances to 19 years old striker and no European Champion’s League (bar Liverpool).

    RB Leipzig has a reputation as a progressive team that give a chance to youngsters. It also has a reputation that they accept realistic release clause in players’ contract. All that Combined make it an attractive prospect for any player with potential. Balogun and his agent will think: Make it there, showcase your talent and go to a bigger club within 3~4 years not as a prospect but as an established striker.

  49. Valentin

    From the reports, Arteta wants an extra right footed CB, so clearly Mustafi chance of playing will diminish even further. Behind Holding and Luiz, he is now 3rd choice RCB and 5th choice CB.

    Arteta may want to offer another new contract to Mustafi, but clearly Mustafi does not want to stay at Arsenal. Whether it is due to Arteta is inconsequential, because Arteta is not leaving and within six months the situation will be resolved.

  50. Valentin


    Partey is better than any of our midfielder, but is he £45 millions fee and £200kpw good? For that price and salary you expect an extremely good DM/CM.
    Being better than Xhaka and Elneny should not be the yardstick by which to judge a midfielder.

  51. Raulishuss

    Where did y’all get the mustafi? Oinstein said he expects musti to leave as he hasn’t guaranteed play time. Anyways Val spot on again about partey, people will not like it but we spent way too much bringing in this player and I’m not sure he’s elite at anything and it’s worrying, for that amount I’d want a world class DM or Cm atlesst

  52. shaun

    “RB Leipzig has a reputation as a progressive team that give a chance to youngsters. It also has a reputation that they accept realistic release clause in players’ contract. All that Combined make it an attractive prospect for any player with potential. Balogun and his agent will think: Make it there, showcase your talent and go to a bigger club within 3~4 years not as a prospect but as an established striker.” agree for the most part but after seeing the Chelsea German players they have bought in not that great and pretty underwhelming personally i don’t see the players smashing it in Germany smashing it here and that is becoming more apparent and more clubs will be much more cautious in future e.g why has Sancho not been snapped up by manu or why have city not gone back for him if he were that good the answer is probably you look great over there but you will not look like that in the prem I suppose it’s down to opinion but as a perspective buyer I would be thinking why did this guy not make the grade at Arsenal straight away

  53. shaun

    think Partey will show he is a top class DM and CM what he is not is an AM the guy was a main stay at atletico where Torriea can’t even get a game . who are these world class DM’S in the PREM you are comparing to ?

  54. S Asoa

    Why do you think Ballogan has not showcased enough at Arsenal ?
    Answer is simple because he has not been given enough time in the first team. Mind you, one cannot judge with a 10-20 minutes cameo since time required to gel with teammates. Still Ballogan cameos have been impressive. Only other person who shone instantly was ESR. Even Saka had his moments. Credit to Emery to understand. Our current Tinpot Dictator would have banished him at his early stages

  55. Emiratesstroller

    There is no suggestion that Mustafi will remain at club longterm. His contract ends this summer..

    My guess is that Arsenal will offload him then. However, the priority in January was to
    offload Sokratis and loan out Saliba.

    If we offload Macey, Sokratis, Saliba, Kolasinac and Ozil + perhaps one more player that is
    sufficient in this window.

    Frankly I don’t see Arsenal recruiting any additional players in January apart from perhaps a more reliable second string goalkeeper to replace Runarsson.

  56. Goobergooner

    Yeah gotta say, Partey has shown over the last few seasons he is in the top 10 dm/cms. The only thing I’ll question is whether he properly adapts to the epl. (Or if he shows his class in a team where cm isn’t a priority and is often bypassed or he’s left to fend for himself)

  57. Goobergooner

    Sid, ES,

    Our cm bar is so low I don’t care if Partey isn’t world class. As long as he’s better than what we had, and that the next player we bring in complements him properly

  58. InsideRight

    Morning chaps. Question…

    How in the name of fuck can Folarin Balogun be on the wish list of 15 clubs, but ignored by Arsenal? I bet that lad is another Serge Gnabry who becomes a star on the continent, and we will get fuck all for him.

    Why do Arsenal never fucking learn?

  59. Foxy

    Arsenal is now a team that cannot with any certainty qualify for the Europa league let alone the CL so not surprising that Balogun who is not guaranteed any playing time next season is looking at broadening his horizons.

  60. Foxy

    Other than his potential my problem with Balogun leaving is that as a home grown talent we should be getting a sizeable fee for him and not yet another player leaving for free.

  61. InsideRight

    No one blames him. This is just another example of the club wasting possible talent while pissing money up the wall on past-it players with nothing to prove. Pisses me off to the eyeballs.

  62. Terraloon

    I hope sincerely that Arsenal do not allow this Agency to manage any other future stars at
    the club., because they have form in the way they operate.

    How can that possibly be achieved.

    Ok maybe as a club make a policy decision not to sign players represented by the agency but once signed it’s the players choice who they have to represent them but even then would it make any sense to throw a top prospect out if they insist on them as their agents.

    In reality most if not all agents are sharks

  63. Tee

    “How in the name of fuck can Folarin Balogun be on the wish list of 15 clubs, but ignored by Arsenal? I bet that lad is another Serge Gnabry who becomes a star on the continent, and we will get fuck all for him.”

    15 clubs we actually come for him because he is a freebie.

    We just have to wait and see if he actually becomes the next Serge because as far as I’m concerned, he doesn’t have Serge’s ceiling.

    He might end up becoming the next big thing but this in itself is not a given. He isn’t better than previous youngsters whose stats, at this stage were better than his but end up nowhere.

    I’m more interested in the development of this new guy, Mölla who has everything to become the next big thing for us.

    Wish Balogun the best of luck in his future endeavours.

  64. Tee

    Like agent Fabirizo said, those in charge of renewing contracts fucked up for not renewing his contract two years ago. He should have been tied down to a long contract two years ago. I don’t know wether to keep blaming Raul or just let it go. Irreversible action

    Opinion: The deed is done. No need crying over a broken egg

  65. Leedsgunner

    I know it seems like a done deal with Balogun but hopefully someone in the Arsenal hierarchy has the commercial nous to match the RB Leipzig contract.

    What Balogun really wants is to play, I reckon if we ensure him playing time, he will stay.

  66. AFC Forever

    The Balogan talk on here sums up just how little people even try to understand how transfers work.Three parties involved; agent, player, club. You are doing with Balagun what you always do, assuming you know best and take anyone but the club or managers side. It’s like Adrian Durham has created a load of monikers and is trying to wind everyone up..Yesterday we had some real crap about Mourinho turning us down because we’re a crap run club. Jesus, the shit spewed on here to attack the club, players & manager is unbelievable.

    There are lots of positives at the moment.

    Young players like Saka & ESR have appeared from nowhere, a success of our academy. We have sorted out the defence; Gabriel & Mari are excellent additions. Holding has signed a new contract. Tierney looks too quality. We have Partey who has yet to settle due to injury but who is another class act.

    This is a great club and good things are slowly happening.

  67. Goobergooner

    I mentioned we need to break a little hoodoo against them. They beat us and drew the last two home games against them. Our home form has been shocking though. It’s a great time to start turning that around considering the players must feel a sense of relief with 3 in a row wins.

    Pride is definitely on the line after the start of the season. It can still be rectified

  68. Leedsgunner

    So in the past three seasons we’ve had Nketiah, Willock, AMN, Martinez, ESR, Nelson and Saka make a step up to the first team… Martinez bringing in £20m in transfer fees.

    By any standard that is an excellent return from a youth academy set up.

    Mertesacker should be tied down to long term contract. He’s doing a great job.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Trae Coyle, Tyreece John-Jules, Matt Smith, Charlie Patino Daniel Ballard and Miguel Azeez as the next crop of youngsters to show us if they can make the step up in the days ahead. All indications are they too are a talented bunch!

  69. AFC Forever


    Well said. I’m probably like you I live to see young players coming through. It’s hard for them though because their lack of experience makes it a risk to play them. John Jules & Azeez are particularly well spoken about.

    This is why Arteta probably wanted experienced players around to help nurture the players.

    People forget Eddie has just broken the England U scoring record.

  70. AFC Forever


    ‘What Balogun really wants is to play, I reckon if we ensure him playing time, he will stay.”

    If that’s true can we do that? You can’t guarantee game time. The problem is the agent agitating for a move because it’s financially beneficial As we all know, money is tight & the pandemic has made things even more challenging. None of are privy to the meetings so who knows what the score is but it’s reported that the club made an offer. It’s difficult to judge with prospects how good they could become, so any deal is a risk. .

  71. Goobergooner

    Hahaha dw mate already waiting for me (as I’m getting ready for bed).

    Question though, I may have missed the reply last time I asked; what’s the best way to watch the youth games?

  72. Leedsgunner


    Personally I would have given Willian’s playing time to Pepe and used Balogun or Nelson as his understudy. We can definitely give Balogun more time than he’s getting now.

  73. Goobergooner

    As much as I would love balogun to come through the ranks, he has such good players to try and displace from the squad. Considering we have Eddie and martinelli; and we have Auba and Laca on such mega contracts (while actually contributions to the squad). I’d assume it’s a massive ask.
    Like terraloon said. It’s the fact he wasn’t pinned down to a longer contract after Raul and co said noone would get under 2 years without being sold or signed on longer term; and that we aren’t going to make any money from a great prospect

  74. Raulishuss

    How could we guarantee esr and Nelson were going to perform at the required level? Some transfers work out some don’t be the reasoning shouldn’t be in question, Willian had a very good season last year and we thought we were paying for a guaranteed performer even now Nelson isn’t performing imagine the reaction if we signed no one

  75. Emiratesstroller

    AFC Forever

    I agree 100% with your viewpoint and have in past posted that there is too much criticism of club.

    However, I am concerned about the role played by the agent who represents Saka, Nketiah, Balogun and Nelson. He represents also Sancho and Iwobi amongst others.

    Clearly Arsenal cannot hold onto both Nketiah and Balogun and the agent knows this. The
    question is which is the better player?

    My main concern is that this Agency lets contracts wind down to maximise its own revenues at the expense of the club.

  76. China1

    Yeah willians salary and contract length were a joke but from a pure footballing perspective he made a bunch of sense

    In hindsight that was also wrong but it didn’t look that way in the summer

  77. Leedsgunner

    Even if Nelson came out short we still had Pepe. Willian, especially at 3 years, at 200k a week, at his age was completely unnecessary.

    We’ve invested too much money in Pepe to have him sit on the bench… he needs to play to get a string of games under his belt… to showcase what he can do.

  78. Nelson

    I suppose that those contract for youngsters are very cheap. The lesson learn from Balo’s case is that the club should have extended Balo’s contract a year ago. We can then have the option now to either send him out on loan or sell him with a fee. Now we lost him for nothing.

  79. Kris

    “The former official (Mark Clattenburg) did admit that there used to be “an aura” around United when the Scot was in charge that saw the club earn favourable decisions, but insists that has gone since Fergie left the club, adding that Klopp should take a look at his own players before criticising others.”

    Well, at least one official comes out to confirm that United’s titles were unfairly won when Red Nose was in charge.

    Well, as long as “it all evened out in the end” as the mentally challenged fans love to parrot. LOL

  80. Emiratesstroller


    I think that Arsenal have tried very hard to negotiate a new contract with Balogun for over a year. The problem is that Balogun was not promoted to first team squad and therefore he would have been cheap for any other club to buy.

    The story is very similar to what happened with Sancho whose contract was wound down at Man City before moving to BD.

    The player is managed by same agency.

  81. Raulishuss

    Leeds I don’t know what you mean but pepe has been getting strings of games to showcase what he has and it’s not worth 75mil unfortunately. If Willian wasn’t having such a mare we’ll be talking of selling pepe. Can’t believe Val warned us all from the start. Val I’m sorry

  82. Chris

    Quite the admission by Clattenberg.

    Perhaps Rafa’s facts rant wasn’t as mad as people made out!

    One thing I do know, the 50th game at Old Trafford was daylight robbery and one of the most corrupt performances by any referee and nobody will ever be able to convince me otherwise.

  83. Graham62


    This aspect of running a club concerns me.

    Here we have a young player who has proven himself at all levels and, from what I’ve seen in his few appearances, has something that Nkeitiah doesn’t have.

    Agents/ Agencies should not be allowed to dictate situations like this.

    Of course, the bottom line is that it’s all based on individuals lining their own pockets.

  84. Nelson


    The reason why some fans criticize the club is because Eddie was given much more chances and Balo appears to have more upside. What I don’t understand is that how come our other prospects including Eddie, Tyreece John-Jules, etc all sent our on loan to gain more experience and Balo was left behind.

  85. Leedsgunner


    It’s true that we paid way over the odds for Pepe (thanks Raul!) but that doesn’t mean it’s a lost cause.

    One of the reasons we were told Arteta was suitable for the Arsenal job was his ability to make good players great… with Raheem Sterling used as an example ad nauseous.

    Well, in Pepe he has a perfect candidate to showcase such marvellous player development talents… I haven’t given up on Pepe yet.

    Makes me just wonder what Wenger would have done with him… I doubt he would have signed Willian for a start… Wenger would have realised it would have killed his progress.

  86. Bojangles

    “How could we guarantee esr and Nelson were going to perform at the required level?”

    These young players have been out on loan, something Balogun hasn’t done yet but is still holding a gun to the club’s head. Just let him go, we have other prospects coming through.

    Some wanting Balogun to get time on the wing. A question (be honest with your answer.) If Martinelli and Balogun are on the bench and we sub on for Auba, who do you send on?

    The point is, we have 3 (if you count Nkiteah then 4) in the squad ahead of him in the pecking order, who do you drop to allow Balogun game time?

  87. Raulishuss

    So balo has proven himself at all levels but Eddie hasn’t? Why are people overeating a young kid that might not even turn out as planned? In the process bashing ours that has decided to stay with us

  88. The Bard

    I have no problem with all the speculation about Eddie or Balogun along as people realise that’s all it is pure speculation. None of us have a clue whats going on whether other clubs are in the the mix or his agent is holding out for a massive contract. These things are extremely complex. Its too simplistic to just say the club are dragging their heels.