Wolves and Arsenal both look for creativity spark

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So I’m watching Everton lose to Leeds United at home. Ancelotti, a manager plenty of Arsenal fans talk about when we lose, is just 3 points ahead of us going into tomorrow’s big game. He’s had money, he’s one of the most experienced managers in the game, he has an excellent squad to work with… but it’s still hard.

If we beat Wolves, we go from 14th onto the same points as the clubs in 6th position currently.

Say what you will about our miserable play this season, we’re still in the mixer, and if this is our bad patch… we’re more than on target to compete for top 4 this season.

Therein lies the challenge, to keep up with the pack, we have to start winning games and we really have to start scoring goals. Wolves is going to be a big test for us, on paper, they’re basically the same team as Arsenal this season. Defensively, they’ve conceded 10, and going forward, they’ve scored a meek 9. They average 3 shots more per game than us, but only about 1 more on target. They have one more point than us though.

Both teams need to find a bit of spark in front of goal. Both are dealing with very different problems. Most of our first team issues stem from experienced players bombing, and new signings not settling or picking up injuries.

The biggest issue for Mikel is getting Auba scoring again. He’s massively out of sorts and in our low margins system, we simply can’t afford for that to be the case. We get these fake hits of dopamine from the Europa League that don’t really tell us much. I have my doubts we’ll play a 4-4-2 against Wolves, but what we might see is more of our wide players going direct and coming inside.

The hope is Thomas Partey and Bukayo Saka are fit. That should immediately give our midfield and attacking options more sex appeal. Seeing Xhaka in the starting 11 again isn’t going to be good for anyone. The question then becomes who compliments the Ghanian. I reckon we might see Joe Willock and Dani Ceballos given a role again, mostly because it’s the only real options we have at the moment.

The front three, assuming we’re going 4 at the back will hopefully be Saka, Auba, and maybe Nelson. I think we need directness and speed tomorrow, Reiss has those vertical runs, and he looks very, very motivated at the moment. That said, if anyone is going to get played into form this season, it’ll be Willian. Salt Bae’s best friend needs the same love Pepe gets. However, he needs to ball into his feet faster.

Tomorrow really has to be about speed. We’re rubbish building up slowly. If we have pace in our frontlines, we need to exploit it with quick balls. We can’t afford this slow passing combined with players running the ball up the pitch from deep positions.

We also need to take chances. Have a shot. Play a speculative pass. We are so predictable at the moment and it makes us easy to defend against. To achieve that, it means Willock has to step up, it means Saka and Reiss have to be at their best, and it means Auba needs to lead by example and get back to form.

Arteta had this to say on why we are playing the way we are.

“In football, time is very precious and people are very impatient. But if you don’t respect the processes and you ask certain people to do certain things when the foundations are not there, it’s a really dangerous thing to do.

He’s basically saying we don’t have the player to do the things he wants right now, and if he were to prove out that he doesn’t have the players, he’d look even worse than he does now. It seems very certain that we’re going to make moves for a creative player to help us move towards a better Arsenal. Isco is the latest to be linked. The Spaniard is very much out of favour at Real Madrid and they are in all sorts of financial bother. The rumour is a loan move to perm signing. I don’t like these deals for older players, but he’s certainly an outrageous talent when he’s focused. I just get the Ozil jitters when I read through the stories about why he’s not playing. If he bombs, on the money they’d want, we’re in another bad situation without a sell on clause.

We’re still being linked to the Hungarian from RB Salzburg. The Athletic reckon Arsenal are worried about his ball retention rates and his lack of ability to go past players. However, Jesse Marsch loves him and reckons that can all be developed. He called him the Hungarian Beckham. I think we need two players, we need someone that can beat players like Isco or Aouar, and we need someone that gives us goals and final balls from midfield. We’ll see where the club takes it, but at least it’s looking good for improvements.

Finally, Dani Ceballos dropped an apology press tour. He had this to say on Emery and Arteta

The team was almost dead – but after Arteta’s arrival we won the FA Cup and the Community Shield.

“It’s not even a year since he arrived and he has given a radical change to the club.

“He’s the soul of the club and he’s lucky that the players trust him 100 per cent.

“Arsenal need him, in part because he takes the initiative most of the time.”

I will say it again, the weirdest people in the Arsenal community are those that try and right the wrongs of the Emery tenure after we have a bad game. It is incredible. The fashion equivalent of of defending a gilet. The fine dining equivalent of taking your wife to a Jamie Oliver restaurant for a 25th wedding anniversary and asking for some ketchup for your bread roll. Defending Emery is a keyword trigger for MI5 that warns “DANGEROUS PERSON.” Just stop doing it. It’s really weird.

Right, that’s all you’ll get from me today. See you in the comments!


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  1. Marc


    You can be the big authoritarian when you are nailing it and winning.

    If you’re not you’re just some twat giving it the big I am.

  2. China1

    With our league placing dropping each week, maybe we just need to bite the bullet and hire the England manager with the highest win % in history to steady the ship (100%). Fat Sam

  3. alex cutter


    Should be renamed KNOBS

    know Nothing Only Bullshit.”

    Hey grandpa.

    In case you’ve forgotten, you already pitched this stupid acronym a year ago.

    No one cared then, either. Just like no one cared about WOBS.

  4. Guns of SF

    Arteta is this close to losing the dressing room.
    If he is smart, he needs to talk with Auba… this is not working.
    Granted Auba is also downing tools.

    There needs to a come to Jesus moment or meeting with this team.
    This is the last stance. The Alamo is about to fall unless he does something drastic…

    I hope we get pumped up for the NLD> in fact I think we will. However, they are better than us, and its quite possible we get our asses handed to us.

    If that is the case, then it says it all. We are just not good enough

  5. Tom

    Unless there are attackers making certain types of runs that dictate the CB’s to abandon their defensive positions the preferred placement for both CB’s with a cross coming in should be just insight of their respective goal posts.
    Gabriel went with Fabio Silva who made the near post run but Luiz should’ve stayed more central. Instead he got drawn unnecessarily into the double coverage with Gabriel, which allowed the 6’2” Dendoncker to have a free header over much shorter Bellerin on the ball that went right over our CB’s heads.
    Both Luiz and Ceballos were slow to react to the rebound and the rest is history.

    Of course there should be questions asked about Luiz still being on the pitch after having spent minutes motionless on the ground and later bleeding through his head wrap.

    Not like we had a capable replacement for him in Holding or anything.

    Arteta plays a small margins ball and when you do that your calls have to be almost perfect every time. They are far from it.

  6. Guns of SF


    This pipe dream lineup will not have any issues scoring or creating!!!
    Just costs us about 65M!!!

    Edu should be on the horn with Stan…..!!!!!

  7. China1

    Martinelli will be 100% ready in a few weeks. Arteta is going to need to work out how to play him, Auba and Saka at the same time

    I think we should have a different formation for on vs off the ball to support this

    Maybe we should have a 4-1-3-2 on the ball and a 4-2-3-1 off the ball or something.

    But if martinelli gets overlooked by arteta as he started doing before his injury, it will be a huge mistake. Saka and martinelli must play regularly. Doesn’t have to be 90 minutes or every game, but these kids are the future and need to be in and around the starting 11 in the league. Whether this means upsetting older heads like Willian/Pepe/Laca etc isn’t important. To make an omelette you have to break some eggs

  8. Wengaball

    The players themselves are not a problem. Neither is Arteta’s system in isolation.

    It is the mismatch that is the problem.

    Playing a highly complicated and rigid positional football needs players who are suited for it.

    The players can’t change, short of buying a new squad. Arteta will have to change his system or he will perish.

    I get a feeling a feeling he does not know a Plan B. So prepare for him to perish.

  9. Gonsterous

    the downfall of arteta will be similar to emery as in they both picked the wrong captain.
    Emery had a captain in chaka who would rather hug opponents than fight them and now we have a captain that dances around after scoring a penalty.

    Don’t see how either of them can lift this team. In recent years, the role of a captain at arsenal has become pitiful. A captain has to be a leader in the dressing room and on the pitch. Make the job of a manager easier. Now we have a captain making fun of the players intead. Look at how they reacted to saliba in the dressing room after the FA cup victory. Showing their medals to him and mocking him like he hasnt got one. then we have calling the GK a german instead of being respectful, and then we have them making songs up about partey. Is that a role of a captain? mock other players and make fun of them?
    These are new signings who should be welcomed into the club and made to feel invited. I can see why the whole squad is in a shamble.

  10. China1

    Our second highest goal scorer in the league this season is none other than Gabriel. With 2….

    I love Gabriel but that stat is miserable

  11. Guns of SF

    Arteta says he is concerned and somehow things the goals will come in time.
    Like WTF coaching is that? wishing is not coaching…waiting is not coaching. what is he doing in training???
    Too bad sessions are closed- even before COVID hit.

  12. Wengaball

    Our second highest goal scorer in the league this season is none other than Gabriel. With 2…

    That had me lolling China. Thank you for that in an otherwise miserable time.

  13. Upstate Gooner

    Arteta is not ready to be managing arsenal.
    Sack him tomorrow.

    He shouldn’t have been hired in the first place. But yes, I agree.

  14. China1

    Guns yeah very reminiscent of wenger with just wishing problems away with patience

    If we were creating lots and auba was missing it would be fair enough and just poor form. It even if auba scored every chance he got we wouldn’t be winning many games as it would still be too few

  15. Guns of SF

    IF and a big if ,,,, the club fire Arteta, who the F do we get then?
    Go internal again and do a long search process?

    I think the club will not move until after Jan.
    Hell, I am trying to see a silver lining….maybe these crap results will mean we pick up a player of 2 in the winter. I can only hope.

    No freebies or loans please unless a really good player is all I ask!

  16. Upstate Gooner

    Still no sight of Pedro? No “at least we didn’t get battered crap?” Un fucking real. How can anyone defend this shit is beyond me.

  17. Upstate Gooner

    Anyone is better than Arteta at this point. We’re fucking going down so hard it’s not even funny. Jardim, Rafa, Allegri if he’s still interested… Sam effin Allardyce. Alan Pardew. Tony fucking Pulis. I’m joking, of course, but I ain’t joking too much. I’ve seen the good, and the bad in my years supporting Arsenal. This is ugly…. very, very ugly.

  18. Guns of SF

    To really analyze our situation…

    Will another coach be able to get us firing again? When Art took over, he focused on Defense and the counter attack smash and grab…. I have not seen us play attacking football under him at all, bar a few moments here and there.

    SO begs the question, is it the players he has that cannot become an offensive juggernaut? Or is it him, and not knowing how to make the team fire.

    I think its a little of both.

    However, the results are all that matter and we cannot keep going down. The players give up quite easy these days with this generation. These millenials need constant codding and attention.

    Anyhow, its hard to answer. We have never shown to be an offensive team with MA.
    What is the reason for that

  19. Emiratesstroller

    The club is not in good shape. That is blindingly obvious, but the idea that Arteta is to blame for our decline as so many who post on here suggest is becoming ludicrous.

    He has inherited a squad of players which is decidedly mediocre with a small number of exceptions.

    Our midfield which is more or less the same as last season apart from Partey who has been
    out injured is “piss poor”. That has been blindingly obvious for a long time and highlighted
    in the last three games where we were outplayed in that department by Aston Villa, Leeds
    and Wolves.

    Some who post on here like Pierre blame the Manager for sidelining Ozil. What exactly did
    this player do at the club in the last three years? Arteta was not the first manager to sideline
    the player. Was Arteta to blame for giving this player a £300K pw contract?

    Okay he is responsible for offloading Torreira and Guendouzi. Torreira failed to impress before Arteta’s arrival and sat mainly on bench. He has moved to Athletico Madrid where
    precisely the same has happened.

    Guendouzi has had disciplinary problems at several clubs where he has played. Some posters may consider that we should have overlooked these indiscretions. You can perhaps
    do that if you have a super star, but Guendouzi most certainly does not fit in that category.

    Managers will ultimately take the can when a team performs badly or is in difficulty, because it is easier and cheaper than offloading a large number of players.

    However, on this occasion I don’t think that it will change the dynamic of the team whoever
    were to replace Arteta. The outcome will not change with this squad of players.

    Kroenke has now a simple choice to make if we are to stem the rot and turn the club around
    and that is to provide whoever manages the club with adequate resources to invest properly
    in team. Sadly that is highly unlikely to happen under this owner.

  20. Sid

    If we win the next 4 games the mood will be different……..

    Lets give him more time Hassenhutl lost 10 in blah, blah blah blah..

    He is working on being defensively solid blah blah blah

  21. shad

    Arteta is done. He needed to cut his teeth ala Lampard at Derby before making a big jump to a club of Arsenal’s stature. Everything he does nowwill be a knee-jerk reaction to the horrendous show on display.

    Poch in?

  22. Guns of SF

    I would take Poch, a great coach getting the best out of his team…with not a ton of money.
    Doubt the board will sanction that tho…

    I think they will be somewhat clueless as who to hire next.

    Edu does not fill me with any confidence at all… would not know where to even start

  23. Guns of SF

    I think Pedro also alluded to the assistants he has.
    If they are not able to help turn the team around, be a good counsel to Arteta then the ship is really stinking and sinking

    He is alone on an island… unless he calls Wenger, who i am sure would be there in 2 seconds to try and save the team.

    Bless his heart.

    TO be fair, Wenger could give some advice on the attacking side of things… hmmm

  24. China1

    He can’t reject bids for several underperforming players and offer a new contract to mustafi (Deary me…) and blame the squad. He likes these players enough to want them all to stay. If they’re not good enough the blame increasingly has to fall on his shoulders

  25. Anonymous Commentator

    Poch is available, give him a blank cheque and pray.
    Allegri same thing.
    Valverde, Sarri, jardim.
    Honestly at this juncture even big Sam is a step forward.

    Arteta never should have been given this job, Ancelotti was the correct appointment to make at the time.
    I told my friend when emery got sacked that it was either poch, Ancelotti, or bust.
    he bigged up arteta, I insisted that he needed to go cut his teeth at Everton before stepping anywhere near the arsenal job.

    I gave the manager my support, but I cannot ignore what my eyes see anymore. And please don’t start with that mess of saying he wasn’t backed in the transfer window.
    He got to keep xhaka like he wanted, he got to extend luiz’s contract, he got to sign auba to mega money, he got to sign willian the footballing geriatric, he got to sign 2 injured defenders like he saw some magnum opus on the horizon, he got to spunk cash on Gabriel and Partey, he even got to relegate one of our brightest midfield talents in guendozi to the loan list, and banish ozil to the u23’s.
    I’m the last man to back ozil but my god what an inspired decision that turned out to be.
    Sold our better goalkeeper too like we didn’t have enough film on Leno already.

    This man simply has no clue what he’s doing, he needs to be sacked now while there’s still a season to rescue and some bright young talents to develop. Before we know it it’ll be too late for smith-rowe, Reiss and AMN to hit anything close to their peaks. Willock is now being played as a #10, why can’t ESR get into that position seeing as willock prefers creating from a deeper role anyway?
    Why didn’t he register ozil if he was going to fall back on including a #10 to up our creativity?
    Why can’t saliba get a game when the kid doesn’t even have to be registered to play in the league or national cups?

    the manager, simply put, doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing.
    Yes he made a cup run, it doesn’t fucking matter when Liverpool were on holiday after securing the league, and Chelsea got shafted by a red card on kovacic and a torn hammy on pulisic.
    We’re a lot further up shit creek than Pedro or any of the “arteta in” brigade want to admit, and the ship is now sinking with an ozil sized hole in it while individuals start looking out for their own best interests.

    My god I can’t even get to the end of my thought train cause new eyesores just come into view.
    Who the fuck sanctioned loaning in ceballos again? Torreira was no worse than this guy FFS.

  26. China1

    If the old trio of shite (mustafi ozil xhaka) arteta offered one a new contract and turned down a solid bid for another. He has been dutifully making this bed and I’m afraid if he didn’t bother to replace the shit stained sheets he still has to lie in it

  27. Emiratesstroller

    China 1

    Arsenal attempted to offload a lot of players in last transfer window either by sale, swap or

    As you well know we struggled to complete most deals and generate transfer funds.

    Mkhitaryan left on freebie, Guendouzi and Torreira on loan and Martinez was sold for a
    modest fee.

    By all accounts we tried to offload Sokratis, Mustafi, Kolasinac, Ozil and Lacazette.

    The reality is that we have got a lot of players on our books who are unsaleable primarily
    because of the inflated wages we pay them.

  28. underrated Coq

    Arteta IS clearly a generational coach.

    Record breaker, rewriting many of Arsenal’s worst stats of the last 50-100 years.

    Hopefully this is the end of his overhyped career as a manager and the end of Peter Woods credibility as a blogger.

  29. China1

    ET he turned down good money for Xhaka last winter and he offered Mustafi a new contract. He turned down good money for AMN even though he doesn’t want to use him. He also turned down useful money for Bellerin that could’ve justified us keeping AMN in his place. He turned down a basic offer for Laca.

    So I’m sorry but all this ‘’no one could be sold’ talk is nonsense. We turned down offers which could’ve made a strategic difference to not only reinvest in the team but also remove some of the old rotten furniture that has been stinking the club out for years

    Of the above players we turned down offers for:

    Laca on desperately poor form and dropped
    Xhaka dropped from the first team
    AMN dropped from the first team
    Mustafi dropped from the first team
    Bellerin playing, but not especially well

    Laca xhaka and either AMN or Bellerin would’ve brought in about 65m which could’ve bought us Aouar and Szoboszlai around net 0 outlay.

    Sure we couldn’t shift mustafi but why on earth would we offer him a new deal? On what planet is that a good idea???

  30. China1

    Literally it’s not even speculative. We could’ve had a midfield 3 of partey Aouar and Szoboszlai without needing to spend a penny that wasn’t generated from sales and without harming the quality of our team even 1% from losing players in the sales because they’re either not playing or shit, or both.

    But this is arsenal, so no.

  31. Anonymous Commentator

    Mourinho’s spuds are gonna decimate us.
    Or lemme guess, fraudteta goes into the game with his park the bus tactics playing 3 at the back and we somehow steal a win.
    Looooooooool I just could never believe that will happen anymore, we’re gonna get smashed.

    The spuds are going to win the league before us after moving into their newly renovated stadium while paying off debts for it.
    Couldn’t make it up.
    This is what Highbury got destroyed for? Someone on the board must be feeling crushing shame at this potential outcome.

  32. Sid

    The biggest mistake is
    1. Xhakalson- midfield will never work as long as he is around.
    2. Willian- we needed a younger creative player knowing that Ozil would not be part of the squad. Buendia.

    Laca, Kola, Mustafinovs are bad but we can get through with them.

    Top of the mistakes is diet Pep

  33. China1


    Icelandic kid
    El Neny

    It was there for the taking if arsenal had been willing to accept the offers on the table and make those moves.

  34. peanuts&monkeys

    Piss Poor midfield has been nurtured to be that way. else, a shit like Xhaka would never have been paid to play football. Xhaka and Arteta are two sides of same coin. many times i keep wondering who was shittier as a player among these two.

    a Pl manager who wants Xhaka in his team can never win more than 10 games in a season.

    Arteta is a wrong hire. Sack him.

  35. Pierre

    In the team that started yesterday, we had 2 good headers of a football, gabriel and Luiz and a goalkeeper who never comes for a cross..

    After 5 minutes it was obvious that we were left with one good header of a football and a goalkeeper that never comes for a cross once Luiz was injured,so it was no surprise that we conceded a goal from a header from a set piece..

    Luiz should have come off straight away .

    The 2nd goal was a schoolboy handling error from Leno that should not have resulted in a goal, ..it had neither power or direction and the fact it took a deflection is a poor excuse…it was a very soft goal to concede., leno made a poor decision to go down early but it was an easy ball to collect for any decent keeper.

    It is difficult to win football matches with poor decision making on and off the pitch during a game.

    We did try hard to rectify things but the composure in our play wasn’t there and we had little patience in our play..

    I’m not sure where Arteta goes from here, it’s results he needs so it’ll probably be a return to parking the bus and trying to nick a goal .

    Expect a back 5 v Tottenham next week with no more than 30% possession..they are going to go for the jugular.

  36. China1

    Peanuts I don’t want him there, but I’m indulging arteta to still make a couple of bad signings along with the good.

  37. Guns of SF

    No one feels anything anymore at the club. There is not one person to account any more.
    Not even Kroenkes

    The fans are the ones feeling the pain and shame… no one else

  38. Anonymous Commentator

    “don’t hold your breath mate.”

    come on, you’re honestly gonna tell me not one of them is hyperventilating at the possibility of the spuds winning the league in their new stadium, before we do in our new stadium?
    It’s honestly scandalous.
    Surely the fanbase collectively turns the heat up on Kroenke if that happens? Or maybe they’ll pacify everyone with a late signing again and the rappers will make songs about aouar this time… Times like this I realise how shameless the arsenal fanbase is.

  39. Guns of SF

    Wenger felt the pain, I hated the fella for his last 6 years but he did bleed for the club.

    We now see 2 coaches removed from him, how much he actually fucking did at the club and for so many years. We never knew what a shit show this would turn into after he left. We all thought that it would be like the sun rising again on the cold tundra that was Arsenal.

    Now, its still the tundra with a fog layer that never rises. it is about 30F at all times.

    We need owners who love Arsenal, and are fans of the team. I used to think this doesnt matter, as long as they are good sports minds, business folks. Now i have realized in the last few years, you really have to love owning a team like Arsenal. Decisions should come from being a fan at heart first and foremost.

  40. Guns of SF

    No one cares at Arsenal, the board, etc…its just a business and self preservation at this point for many of these folks,

    The spirit has gone. Left when we demolished Highbury.

  41. Guns of Hackney

    Apart from the Brazilian defender (the new one) and Tierney. We are shit. Did Partey play?

    Arteta IS now out of his depth and won’t know how to steady a ship. He also can’t play his way out as the team is so poor.

    Also, love to say i told you so but…Auba. Lolz.

    On the bright side…just another £36m in wages to pay for him.

  42. Anonymous Commentator

    “The spirit has gone. Left when we demolished Highbury.”

    No doubt the last vestiges of any spirit left when Wenger left, no wonder he stuck it out so doggedly to the end.

    We’re really just a husk of a club now huh, quickly forgetting what our ambitions were when we sacked Wenger.
    The old man was sacked so that we could actually challenge for the league, and every decision since has been more poor than Wenger at his worst.
    Arteta being the coup de grace it seems.

    We are smack bang in the middle of the 9 circles of hell, arteta demonstrating gluttony to us with his buffet of CB options.
    Greed via rejecting good money for bad players.
    Just gotta wait for next week or the Chelsea game for anger to kick in for the “trust the process” crowd.

    A disastrous season is on the cards if this manager somehow makes it to the end of it.

  43. Receding Hairline

    Ceballos “I was proud to have a club like Liverpool after me, but I chose Arsenal because of Unai Emery and how he was with me “That a club like Liverpool loves you is a pride, but my decision was to go to Arsenal because Emery grabbed my hand”

    I know Pedro hangs onto any praise singing of Arteta but Ceballos is a joker and ass licker. I wonder if we are a “dead club” too now

  44. SP

    This season is going to be a disaster. I dont think we are going to finish in the top half.

    We were winning games because Auba was delivering. Its as simple as that. Now he no longer seems to be interested after signing the fat contract.

    The only hope to score goals is Martinelli but there is no guarantee Arteta will play him.

    We need a couple of proper attacking mids/wingers in the Jan transfer window to finish in the top 8.

  45. Guns of SF

    at this point hiring in a legend, like Pedro said would be disastrous
    We need to have owners who back the team with $ when we need we need better decisions with contracts and of course player scouting.
    We do not have a template with Arteta so its down to Arteta to pick the players he wants.
    But he has shown thus far to have no real clue what is going on….

    A real TD is what is needed. We need scouts again.

    We need to form an identity first and build around it.

    Atheltico lite or an attacking team like we always have been?

    With Wenger he knew what he wanted to fit his philosophy and style of play.
    We had some of the best attackers and creators during his reign

    Wenger used 3 creative mids at all times. Technical geniuses
    We can use that as a blue print to start.

  46. Captain Tierney

    Worst start in Arsenal’s history after 10 games.
    3 consecutive league home defeats for the first time in history.

    Arteta breaking all sorts of records.

    Like I said I will give Arteta at least 18 months and I stand by that. But there’s no benefit in hiding the blatantly wrong decisions Arteta has made.
    We could of had Guumares for Xhaka.
    Amn was not sold to rotate with Kola/Cedric in Europa when we were desperate for cash?
    Willian, Mari, Cedric?
    Stubbornness to play the likes of Luiz, Holding, Xhaka, Willock (at #10) when we have two top class talents in Saliba and ESR not even getting a look in.

    And the one that looks more idiotic with each passing day. Ozil.
    I’d get that decision if we had replaced him with a similar type of player or players. But banishing you ONLY creative player who can operate in the final 3rd, create chances, open spaces for not doing a Zoom homework is foolish (nobody knows everything that went on behind the scenes but Pedro keeps pushing the Zoom homework talk).
    Worst is breaking your non-negotiables for your own signing (Willian) who has been one of the worst performers of our season after giving 2 other players extreme treatments (Ozil and Guen)

  47. Mr Serge

    First loss at home to Leicester in 30 years
    First loss to villa at home in 35 years
    First loss to wolves at home in 40 years
    These Are not great records to break

  48. Thank you and goodnight

    When the krankies came along we were a top 10 champions league team, top 3 in England. Spuds were a Mickey Mouse club dreaming of an fa cup or 2 to pretend they’re a big team. Under their ownership we’ve become a championship team, not even good enough for europa while our hated rivals recently contested a CL final and have come closer to winning the league than we have in 10 years. Get Arteta out now and let’s get the fans turning up the heat on the real villains here…..the krankies . Fuck off and leave our sport alone cunts

  49. Jeff

    Once again we have reached that familiar mode where a loss (for most of us at any rate) is water off a duck’s back. There is no spark, no excitement, no entertainment and definitely no hope with this set up. We get bullied by most teams and walk off the pitch with our tails between our legs. The PL is proving too much for Arteta. He is finding the rigours of it too difficult to overcome because 13 points after 10 games is too close to relegation form for comfort. Yeah I heard all the arguments about how a seasoned manager is no guarantee of success and that is true but a novice has NO chance at all – not in the premiership.

    We have lacked consistency for many years and that particular trait continues. We don’t have a football-mad owner and that is probably where all this is coming from. When was the last time you saw Kroenke? I think he gives a shit about us even less nowadays than he did when he first arrived.

    The sad, sad story of Arsenal continues with no apparent end in sight.

  50. Pierre

    Basically, we never learned from Manchester United’s mistakes when Ferguson left.

    United gave OGS a long contract due to a good run of results eary on instead of biding their time and waiting to see how things develop

    Arsenal win the FA cup and fall into exactly the same trap….give Arteta promotion.

    Expectations are now at an all time low, which may not be a bad thing .
    Mid table is now the best we can hope for, anything else is a bonus.
    I wouldn’t write us off in the cup competitions but the league is definitely a write off..

    I can’t see Arteta getting the sack, I don’t think we have quite reached the bottom of the barrel but we are not far off…..probably next week v Tottenham.

    Against united we played with 2 central midfielders who actually played in central midfield not like last night , Ceballos at right back and willock on the left.

    Arteta needs to go back to basics and stop trying to be like pep with all these clever tactical innovations

    Save that for a later day , just get the players playing in positions they are comfortable in.

    He tried Ceballos out wide v Leicester and it didn’t work, why put him out wide again..he’s a much better player when he’s in the middle in the heat of the battle ..

    What happened to tactical fouling, the way we let the wolves player break free in midfield for the 2nd goal was criminal.

  51. Thank you and goodnight

    @Guns of Hackney

    Supporters have had enough mate and are venting their anger and rightly so. It’s a disgrace what this once great club has become. Anyone still backing Arteta knows fuck all about football or they are blind. The list of errors made by Arteta would add another 13 pages to this blog if we wrote them down. He’s not a generational coach and neither is he an ok manager. He’s a wannabe way out of his depth

  52. China1

    I do fear arteta is trying too hard to demonstrate he’s a tactical genius at the expense of making simple good decisions sometimes

    Like it’s rarely the obvious choice that he goes for. There’s always got to be some nuance. Sometimes you need to be clever, other times you need to just play the simplest shit going

  53. Batistuta

    You won’t win games if you don’t create chances, doesn’t matter if your defence has improved or whatever crap that seemed to be the theme, scoring goals wins you football matches

  54. Batistuta

    Again, we could have binned AMN for good money but the manager said no and now the lad is barely featuring, should have binned Holding to Newcastle and integrated Saliba in somehow but again the manager said no. Lots of examples of borderline poor decision making really.

  55. Batistuta

    Eagle/ Receeding

    Re the Allegri discussion from last night,

    He would have been my pick after Wenger and especially after Emery. There’s way too many senior players in the squad who just aren’t good enough influences and you’d need a manger who’s been there, done that to call the bullshit on most of them.

    A firm hand so to speak and not some up and comer really. An Arteta type hire is when you have a squad filled with very young players with a point to prove. Your Luiz and Willian and co have won it all really and then there’s the Ozil thing that whether you want to believe it or not has affected the squad in some way. It’s basic sports psychology.

    Allegri’s football isn’t bland too, just juve fas being juve fans really.

  56. Danny

    3 consecutive league home defeats for the first time in history.
    Completely wrong. This time last year we started 3 consecutive home defeats against Brighton, Man C and Chelsea. We also lost to Frankfurt at home too.
    Short memories around here…….

  57. Batistuta

    Recruitment has been absolutely horrible too last couple of years. We’ve wasted so much money it’s incredible really.

    Also can’t tell me we couldn’t do with a Guen or Lucas in the midfield, young players with drive and passion and not the iteration of Xhaka and Willock and Ceballos..

    He’d have way more fans in his corner if he had binned certain players and basically just went youth. Think most fans would have been patient with that kinda thing but he’s basically signed off on another Chelsea reject on a 3 yr deal.

  58. Emiratesstroller

    China 1

    Sorry but you are entirely wrong.

    Arteta took over as “Head Coach” at end of December. He was not in charge of transfers in January and more importantly most people who take over running a football club need time
    to assess the resources at their disposal.

    Therefore the first transfer window that Arteta may have had some influence in transfer
    decision making was the most recent one where as everyone with a brain knows very well
    CV impacted on football business.

    We were told consistently before the close of the transfer window that we had a small budget of around £30 million unless we could achieve sales. That was spent primarily on
    our defence with acquisition of Gabriel an excellent buy and Mari.

    The only offer we got in this window apart from sale of Martinez was for Maitland-Niles
    and rightly or wrongly Arteta decided to keep him.

    Arsenal spent on last day £44 million on Partey who was rated very highly only after
    financial intervention of Kroenke.

    The club attempted to sell a lot of unwanted players but without success primarily because
    of their inflated wage bill. That applied certainly in case of Sokratis who was wanted by Napoli.

    Personally I have issues about recruitment of Willian, Soares and Ceballos. I would not have
    given the first two a long term contract and bluntly I don’t rate Ceballos. We know that there
    was probably some dodgy dealing going on which is why Raul left the club. I don’t think
    that you can blame Arteta for the recruitment of first two.

  59. Thank you and goodnight

    It’s like Pedro says on his Twitter feed

    ‘ bad day for the vision’

    Please oh please oh please can someone for the life of me tell me what that fucking vision is because after 30 games in charge I honestly haven’t seen any vision, just a lot of talk and bullshit from Arteta. The football is as bland as it was under Emery and the players aren’t playing for him

  60. Valentin

    Arteta talks a good game, he may be an extremely good individual coach but as a manager he is bad and inexperienced. He is making all of the classic rookie mistake:

    1) imposing an ultra strict regime under the excuse of vision and standard and underestimating the human element part
    2) overthinking the tactics. Sometimes simple and well tested is more effective than new
    3) relying on experienced players and indulging them instead of sticking to a meritocracy regime
    4) thinking that there is no lost cause and that every players can be improved.
    5) hoarding players who are then not used
    6) refusing the help of people with a bigger name/aura by fear off being overtaken (DB10 pleas for a position have been ignored)
    7) underestimating the knowledge of scouts and recruitment head
    8) confusing adaptability/flexibility with selling out. Better die a martyr than winning with somebody else method/tactics.
    9) believing the hype created by the media after some initial results
    10) being so intense all the time resulting in draining other staff members

  61. Valentin

    According to all reports Saliba had a good U23 game recently initiating a move that resulted in a goal while Pablo Mari was at fault for one of the goals…
    I wonder what will be the excuse for his absence if he repeatedly impress with them.

  62. Emiratesstroller

    What is seldom discussed is that Arsenal finished last season late on account of playing in
    FA Cup and several of our senior players most notably Aubameyang have not had a proper
    break and look stale.

    Also I do think that playing in Europa Cup does us no favours. I made the case last season that I hoped we would not qualify for that Competition.

    The bottom line is that we have a squad which is bloated with very average players who
    are difficult to shift. Hopefully the club will start being ruthless and shift out the dross next

  63. Mysticleaves

    Arteta out, full stop.

    I found Pedro (and a few others here, Valentin?) taking a shot at Emery for losing 4-0 to Barca as very distasteful and borne of childishness. Emery is now 3rd on the log, 3 points of 1st.

    Meanwhile, generational coach Arteta has done worse than Emery did with much better players and a better environment. The fans never gave Emery a chance. They have Arteta everything. Fuck him, and sack him!!

  64. TR7

    Arteta is bearing the burnt of two wrong decisons he has made :

    1. Sticking with Xhaka in midfield : The Swiss midfielder was the reason Wenger couldn’t make it to top 4 in his last two seasons, the only two times he failed to make top 4 in his Arsenal career. Emery made the mistake of sticking with him and and Arteta is repeating the same mistake. In modern game no serious team can afford to have a player like Xhaka in their starting 11. That Arteta plays Ceballos who is equally slow and ponderous on the ball as Xhaka in a midfield duo with Xhaka is stuff of pure comedy.

    2. Non-negotiable : Arteta had the entire team captivated by his coaching acumen and eloquence early on which reflected in good performances. Ever since he ostracized Ozil and Guen, team spirit has been non-existent and players don’t seem to be playing for him anymore.

    If Arteta wants to redeem himself he will have to make amends on both Xhaka and non-negotiable issues.

  65. Mysticleaves

    I wonder what will be the excuse for his absence if he repeatedly impress with them.

    Arteta of course. He’s blocked Martinelli, Saliba from not playing cos he feels they aren’t ready. You get the kind of power this foolish Arsenal suits gave Arteta if you have proven yourself at something.

    Called the promotion of Arteta to manager earlier in the season as stupid and lack of leadership at the club. How do they sack him now after promoting him and making him on the same level with his boss (Edu)?

  66. Matt

    It’s funny, I was expecting a barrage of piss taking over text from mates after the result yesterday. Not one text. Taking the piss out of Arsenal has become like shooting fish in a barrel!!

  67. Valentin

    Mystic Leaves,

    You are mistaken, I did not talk about Emery and his results this season at all. For me he is gone and there is no point in rehashing it.
    I have not watched any of Emery games, but every manager’s has the odd embarrassing bad results. Using a freak does not mean that they are crap. No sensible person would use Liverpool’s defeat to Aston Villa as proof that Klopp is out of his depth and should be sacked.

  68. Emiratesstroller


    We spent more than £200 Million in transfer windows whilst Emery managed club.

    We have spent £74 million during time Arteta was at club.

    So please don’t recruitment of “better players” as an excuse.

  69. Valentin


    Every business and managers have rules and standard. But banging about it and then applying it very hardly only to youngster or people disliked is hypocritical and a recipe for resentment.
    There is a difference between being firm and being authoritarian. Nobody like a petty tyrant with a coterie of undeserving favourites.

  70. Left testicle

    Also I do think that playing in Europa Cup does us no favours. I made the case last season that I hoped we would not qualify for that Competition.
    It’s not causing the Spuds any problem!

  71. Mysticleaves

    Valentin, fair enough, I thought it was you but I am sure people here collaborated Pedro’s childish snap.

    That makes Arteta’s team much better by 74m and a better environment too. You made my point for me

  72. Batistuta

    He does have better players than the last manager but somehow, in some really comical way has us looking as bad as we were towards the end of Emery’s time here.

    The signs have been there, we’ve papered over it with an FA cup win

  73. Batistuta

    Also bullshit on the whole not having a proper pre season or whatever i just read up there. We’re not the only one’s who’s season finished late neither are we the only team playing in the Europa league. Swear these sound like excuses that used to get wheeled out for Wenger towards the end of his time here. Literally everything else is to blame except the man whom the buck stops at his table

  74. Batistuta

    Also pretty dumb to ostracize Ozil and still have him in and around training and all of that stuff. If he’s a bad egg then keep him as far away from your squad as possible. Its all rookie stuff really.

    Binning two young midfielders and sticking with the Xhaka’s of this world and other older heads who’d seen the back of two managers meant Arteta didn’t know as much as Arsenal as he should have before jumping in

  75. Matt


    With Xhaka (and others), it’s as Valentin said, he made the mistake of thinking that he could get a different tune out of the players that had consistently failed under previous managers. If he watched any of Arsenal in the last few seasons, he should have seen enough to know that Xhaka is always going to be a liability. Not only did he play him, he convinced the prick not to leave!!

  76. andy1886

    ES – Let’s look at that £200m then, which by the way were not chosen by Emery:

    Torreira – Dumped by MA (not better than what we have then)
    Leno – Average at best, still playing for MA
    Sokratis – Not even registered so clearly not better than what we have
    Guendouzi – Dumped by MA (if he was a problem for MA then surely he was no different for Emery?)
    Lichsteiner – Rubbish
    Pepe – MA is getting less out of him than Emery did
    Saliba – Never played for Emery
    Tierney – Was injured pretty much for the whole of his stint under Emery, available for MA and one of our better players
    Luiz – Mixed bag, contract extended under MA.

    So please remind me why MA hasn’t got better players when MA has a fit Tierney, Gabriel, Partey, and a more experienced (now England international) Saka that Emery didn’t have available to him?

  77. Batistuta


    The AMN decision really did my head in, 20 odd million which if were smarter we’d have gotten Wolves to cough out more considering they went and paid 40odd million for Semedo and after blocking the move, doesn’t even play the lad at all. That’s just so poor

  78. Sotongunner

    The hard facts are that the players are still mainly what we had in the latter years under wenger and all through emery. I think in the short to medium term we should be binning the xhakas, ozils, lacazettes and mustafis as soon as possible. Artetas is a rookie and I think has lost control of the squad right now, that’s not necessarily his fault with this group but it is why you don’t hire a rookie. The list of players to be binned is long but it needs to be done and this coming summer is the time. The 25 man squad fiasco alone shows this, how much money is going out the door on dead players essentially, money that the manager should be building with.
    In time Arteta will rise and fall by his decisions and even though I’m a very definite sceptic and I saw the kroenkes mucky, tight fisted paws all over the appointment of someone with zero experience. We need, however to let him build stability at the very least and get rid of players like ozil who are a financial and mental drain on the club. Love to read Pedro whining about “the vision” maybe change the smug self satisfied language if you don’t like criticism however as you alude to its why people come to your site….

  79. Emiratesstroller

    andy 1886

    Most of the players you refer to who were bought whilst Emery was at the club are very average to poor players. Can you honestly suggest that we got good value when we bought
    these players?

    I did not blame Emery for the decision making, but merely pointed out that we spent more than £200 million when he was in charge of the team.

    We have recruited 6 players since Arteta was appointed Manager/Head Coach. I think that
    most supporters would agree that Gabriel and Partey were good value buys. Two other
    players are squad fillers costing the club £8 million.

    As I pointed out Willian and Soares were dodgy deals which raised serious questions about
    why Raoul left the club.

  80. raptora

    ES: “We have spent £74 million during time Arteta was at club.”

    You will never ever get it will you? I’ll try again.

    Arteta declined offers for Xhaka, Maitland-Niles and Lacazette. Maybe there are others.
    He decided to keep them when he could have raised a bank for himself.
    Two players that have done horribly and one that can’t make matchday. ~£70m of waste that ARTETA decided to keep.

  81. Emiratesstroller


    How do you know that Arteta is acting like a tyrant? What is the evidence?

    He has made one decision which has to do with discipline and that relates to Guendouzi. I
    think that a lot of other managers would have done the same in the circumstances.

    The decision not to play Ozil is not a disciplinary matter. It was taken clearly on the basis
    of his performance and also one suspects because Arsenal wants to shift the player out of
    club sooner rather than later.

  82. Emiratesstroller


    You don’t get it.

    The only cash offer Arsenal received for a player in last transfer window apart from Martinez was for AMN.

    No-one offered us transfer fees for Mkhitaryan, Mustafi, Sokratis, Kolasinac, Xhaka, Guendouzi, Torreira, Ozil or Lacazette.

    Indeed our efforts to organise swap deals using Guendouzi, Torreira and Lacazette also

    So please stop blaming Arteta for these matters.

  83. Samesong

    Arteta will learn in his next job he can’t run certain players up. Arsenal is purely a learning platform for him. You can’t afford to be over controlling on how many players it been now? 6

    Despite what anyone says players have bonds with each other despite the manager. And they will quickly down tools if the manager upsets one of their own.

    I’ve seen this first hand and have done it myself and suffered the consequences, doesnt matter which level.

  84. Samesong

    Emirates what is your staunch protection of this manager is he blood?

    Arteta said publicly himself he failed with Ozil.

    The responsibility is on both the manager and the players.

  85. Graham62

    Arteta is just making too many mistakes.

    His decision to let Luiz carry on playing last night, when it was blatantly obvious that he was in a bad state, was stupid. In fact, it was sackable offence.

    Any other manager would have taken Luiz off immediately.

    Pedro could write a ten page thesis today on the merits of giving Arteta time to work things out and I’d still feel the same.

    Arteta is not sauce and should be sacked.

    No arguments.

  86. Samesong

    “My job is to get the best out of every player, to contribute to the team performance,” Arteta said. “Here I feel at the moment, today, that I have failed. I want the best possible Mesut for the team. And in some moments I was able to get close to that, and at the moment I have not been able to do it because I have to make the decision to leave him out of the squad.”

  87. raptora


    20 December 2019

    “Xhaka told the club he wants to leave after a huge spat with the club’s supporters in October, and according to German outlet Bild, he has now told his teammates his exit next month is a formality.”

    28 December 2019

    “Xhaka’s agent José Noguera is hopeful a move can be concluded.
    Noguera said: “Look, I say it frankly and honestly: we agree with Hertha BSC and would like to go to Berlin. We told Arsenal’s club boss Raul Sanllehi and sports director Edu – as well as the new trainer Mikel Arteta. ”
    He added: “Arsenal was informed about all the steps, the player and Hertha are clear. It is only about the transfer fee of the clubs.””

    29 December 2019

    “According to Blick, Hertha have offered €25 million (£21.3m) to Arsenal for Xhaka.”

    9 January 2020

    “While Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta has stated he wants the midfielder to stay, BZ says Xhaka’s preference is to leave for Hertha.
    As such, Arsenal have now upped their valutation from €25m to €30m to sell.”

    27 January 2020

    “Lyon have confirmed that they have sold midfielder Lucas Tousart to Bundesliga side Hertha Berlin for a fee in the region of £21.1 million, with the player remaining at the Ligue 1 club until the end of the 2019/20 season.

    Hertha have been linked with a move for Arsenal man Granit Xhaka since the start of the window, with the Swiss international’s future at the Emirates Stadium seeming uncertain.

    However, the arrival of Mikel Arteta as head coach has seen the player revive his career, with Arteta speaking of his desire to keep the player at the club past the January transfer window.”