Edu running out of time as Aulas appears to slam door shut

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Well, we are sailing down choppy waters on the Straits of Panic.

Aulas has told RMC that Lyon have cancelled all negotiations for their players. PSG pulled out of the Aouar deal. It doesn’t look particularly handsome on the face of it.

Thomas Partey has been playing for Atleti dropping promising performances. That seems very dead.

Outside that, there aren’t really many hot rumours. We’re all out here warming up for Jorginho, which would clearly be an improvement on our current midfield, but it’d certainly be a bit of a flaccid way to end the summer. It’d be like one of those sexy videos your builder mates send you that starts on a beach with all the babes but then cuts sharply to a dog taking a poo.

I don’t need that dog in my life right now. I need beach boys that look like athletes that can role as a #8 role or a #6.

There’s no point in spewing your guts about anything just yet and there are some things to remember.

  1. The problem we have is a lack of money. We’ve spent badly over the years. Last summer, we not only spent badly, we also borrowed from this summer in a gamble for Champions League that failed. We are skint.
  2. It is hard to operate at the level we need to operate at when you don’t have a lot of money. It seems like Arsenal just want game-changers. Aouar and Partey are those two players. We seem to be running it up to the line in the hope that we have a selling spree.
  3. We haven’t sold the players we thought would fetch money. No one wanted to buy Torreira. Sokratis, Mustafi, Cal Chambers, Reiss Nelson, Guendouzi and Lacazette have all failed to attract suitable bids. I don’t think the club thought that was going to be as much of an issue as it was.
  4. The COVID nightmare got worse, not better. We’re now in a situation where the world is spiking in cases and most authorities are shutting down the game. That changed the numbers for lots of clubs (all) and I think some of the lighter traffic we’re seeing in the last week is the uncertainty.

You know I have deep reservations about Edu, but I don’t think we can pin too much blame on him for how this is panning out so far.

Also, it’s not over until Jim White sings.

My main criticism, if things go to shit, is that there doesn’t seem to be a back-up plan. I’m not sure I can buy into the idea that there are literally only two players that can improve our playing style. We’re not 2002 Arsenal needing a special cherry to go on the tastiest cake ever baked. We’re a team that can’t create chances from a midfield that lacks any sort of power.

Clubs all around Europe have been making good signings with players that have high ceilings. Sangare went to PSV for £9m, Sourmare is attracting bids from Italy as two examples of talented players in the Thomas Partey shape. I would love a Champions League creator, but if we can’t afford one, there are plenty of attractive players that could do a great job for us in the interim. Though I am a bit worried Oscar and Jorginho is as creative as we’re getting. Hopefully just agent talk.

It’s not over yet, so there’s still time to be shocked, so let’s save an explosion and look forward to a good game tomorrow against Sheffield United. An absolute MUST WIN.

See you in the comments.

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  1. Champagne charlie

    “CC , then why not sell them . Even if we don’t get any money from them they are off our wages, freeing places for others“

    If we’re trying to raise 50 mil then just releasing players isn’t going to bring in the liquid capital. The wage bill saving is great over time, but this window we need to raise X and ripping up contracts won’t do it.

    We’re negotiating 10 mil for Kolasinac, I’m with you in a genera sense but the club is trying to claw itself out a bit of a dead zone by reclaiming millions where possible, hence were haggling for 10 instead of 7 etc. When Ozil leaves the building it’ll streamline us behind next summer, small ray of sunshine to look forward to.

  2. Valentin


    I have read it on twitter, so the guy may have no clue, however he seems to be more sensible and informed in term of rules than most.

    That’s why I think that Arsenal missed the trick when they got rid of Raul, they should have employed either promoted Edu above Arteta or if they were not sure that he could boss Arteta bring somebody more senior to be in charge of the transfer. Everytime I hear Edu speak, he seems deferential to Arteta, like the more junior of the combo when it should be the other way around.

    We saw with Wenger later years when we missed David Dein, that the club needed somebody decisive, ruthless and conniving in charge of that aspect.

  3. Marc


    Whatever your views on Sanllehi we did need someone in his position – especially with an inexperienced manager and the state we were in.

  4. Rich


    We’re in a far worse shape, an elite CL wage bill, and a EL quality squad.

    But we do have a guy who owns us, who’s happens to be part of one of the richest families in the world.

    He paid an estimated £1,050,000,000 for Arsenal, even now the club is valued at £1.8billion

    The idea he can’t get hold of a couple of hundred million to float us for a couple of years, particularly with interest rates being so low, is ridiculous.

    He’s made a lot of money from his 13 year association with Arsenal, nows the time to protect that investment, not let us sink further into mediocrity.

    It’s a buyers market, the club need to ruthlessly dump some players, and get in a couple who’ll significantly improve us.

  5. G8

    Playing the likes of kola, and luiz is not changing the culture
    AMN, Bellend, Holding, Nketiah, Pepe, Nelson, Willock, Lacazette havn’t shown any progress
    Xhaka though improved still a hindrance to our midfield and the whole team set up
    Only players who showed quality and guts are saka,Tierney and ceballos
    Auba still the same hot and cold player, one day he is world beater, the next 1st clads wanker
    He hasn’t improved any of our attacking play

    Defensively he iterally plays 10 behind the ball most games ,Allardyce style

  6. NwGooner

    We were so critical of AW but have things changed at Arsenal- we are seeing history repeating itself again and again

  7. Champagne charlie

    “CC – true but if we had sold AMN? Xhaka?“

    AMN was bringing 20 mil in, Arteta rates the player and has other players he doesn’t that can turn that sort of money. The issue comes when don’t raise that money from the ‘not wanted’ bunch. That’s where we’re wide open to criticism because for me you’ve got to have a point in the window where you have to sacrifice a piece to land another. I can just fully understand why we’re reluctant to sell players we rate vs ones we don’t.

    As far as Xhaka goes that was a January issue and it’s been and gone. We didn’t want to lose literally half our CM in Jan days after Arteta joined, and he’s a valued player in the current setup so again there’s reluctance to do that (and it’s not on the table this summer at all).

  8. Nelson

    Last Summer, there was a movement to push the Kroenke family to act. This year, we are in a worse shape and our direct competitors are getting stronger. Manure is signing Cavani. Chelsea has signed 8 new players. We can kiss the top4 goodbye. Depressing!

  9. jay

    What is the transfer budget this summer? got £20mil for the keeper and spent £27mil on Gabriel, so net spend £7mil?

  10. Marc


    “That’s where we’re wide open to criticism because for me you’ve got to have a point in the window where you have to sacrifice a piece to land another. ”

    That point can’t be when you’ve blown or lost your targets and don’t have time to get in place plan B.

  11. RockyRoe

    If we do t get some midfielders in (not the Chelsea reject) there is no chance in hell we are cracking the top 5, maybe not even top 6. Question is if we come 7th would that be good enough?

    Also, what was the play here? We had 2 targets and then fucking Jorge as the loan backup? That’s the sum total of a TW planning by edu and arteta?

    To emiratestroller, when you say arteta is not involved with transfer and that vinai does the players deal you are completely utterly wrong. Arteta himself has said in a media interview that he will have the final say in which player comes in and edu after the role change specifically stated on the arsenal website that he will be the point of contact for all incoming and outgoiglngs

  12. raptora

    Ishola: “Raptora is talking rubbish.The problem is non home grown not home grown.And I clearly stated non home grown.”

    Also Ishola: “He couldn’t sell Maitland because of this:”

    Tell me again why he couldn’t sell AMN? How has anything you posted or wrote stopped him from selling AMN?

    Nobody has said anything about AMN regarding homegrown or not, but that AMN was 20m in the pocket we refused to collect. So how am I talking rubbish? We could have sold AMN for the money, then move on the extra non-homegrown players. So because we need to cut on the non-homegrown we couldn’t have sold a homegrown that is playing in positions well covered in our team? Tell me more about it. Excuses.

  13. RockyRoe

    If we can’t bring in midfielders, arteta needs to grow the fuck up and, cancel the torreira loan and integrate him and Guen back into the fucking squad. Right now we are 2 injuries away from playing elneny and Willock permanently in the center.

    Torreira, Guen and ceballos is not a totally shit MF, get these 3 in, ask Torreira to sit as the dm and get the team to press. As klopp says pressing is the best chance creator. Since we dont have creators, the only way out is to press and win balls high up.

    Hopefully they can put a decent show to have some suites next window or maybe even in Jan.

    In other news Leeds showing you need to put 10 men behind while playing City or pool, what a breath of fresh air.

  14. Valentin


    The club seems to always take steps out of sync. One step forward then two steps backward.

    When Wenger left, Arsenal management decide to claw back some power by ditching the manager approach for a headcoach reporting to a director of football. That was sensible, but…

    Instead of hiring a director of football, we hire an ex Nike marketing guy more interested in dining with the top brass than to actually doing the hard work.

    Instead of hiring a league specialist squad builder type of headcoach who can communicate clearly his idea , we hire a cup specialist.

    After getting rid of the two disasters, you would have thought that the club would know better than repeating the same cycle by putting all its eggs in the Arteta basket.

    But no, the all powerful managerial approach is back on
    If at least the DoF was an experienced head with numerous contact, but no we have two novices learning on the job during one one of the most challenging period of football.

    We should have gone back to Marc Overmars and see if he was interested in Raul’s old job. But they were so afraid of upsetting Arteta that they did not even consider that option.

  15. Thorough

    We are fans ffs, stop bothering yourself with homegrown or non homegrown shit talk. If the 3 stooges who are getting damn well paid for this can’t figure that out then they should tender their resignations.

    BTW, the week Sanlehi left was the week the Rumours linking AMN away stopped. Now that Arteta and Edu have the power but they don’t have a clue about separating the wheat from the chaff then the joke is on them.
    I want Partey. We are where we are, substandard players feeding fat on AFC and thus impossible to shift, because of settling for alternatives. About time we get a marquee signing.

  16. Marko

    Do people genuinely believe we’re worse off as is to last season?

    Worse? No. Better? I’d say marginally though that’s debatable considering that problem areas from last season don’t seem to be addressed ie midfield and attack.

  17. Ishola70


    There is an issue with the Arsenal squad relating to non home grown players regardless of the Maitland sale as the loan of Torreira to Atletico Madrid signifies.

    Admit it you were absolutely oblivious to the problem with the non home grown rule and the Arsenal squad until it was pointed out tonight.

  18. Marko

    AMN was bringing 20 mil in, Arteta rates the player and has other players he doesn’t that can turn that sort of money.

    The second or third time you’ve said that and I’ll be honest with you I must have missed where we were getting 20 million offers for the players Mikel doesn’t rate and for that I apologise

  19. raptora

    You are delusional if you think you are the only one who had a clue about it in this blog and God bless you brought it up. As a matter of fact I’ve heard other people call you the same so maybe you are.

    Imagine going nuts after making a laughable point of how Arteta didn’t sell AMN cause he had to sell non-homegrown. Wonder why we sold Martinez then. Joke!

  20. DaveCee

    World is going to hell atm and people losing their shit because Arsenal may not sign a PL unproven midfielder, get a grip. The league season could be cancelled at any moment, financial responsibility is the absolute imperative for this year. We don’t have a great midfield for sure but it may just have to do, or maybe there will be a nice surprise in the next 2 days.
    More disappointing for me is the lack of outward movement. Come Monday we really need to be rid of all/ most of the following; Ozil, PapaSok, Gwen, Kola, Torreira, and Musti.

  21. Ishola70


    You kept going on about why Torreira was loaned to Atletico Madrid.

    Why is he being loaned? Why is he being loaned?

    So you know now. He’s being loaned because Arsenal have to get rid of non home grown players right now.

    And he’s out because of this second string Icelandic keeper.

  22. raptora

    Imagine if the unthinkable happens and the Kolasinac deal, basically the only deal we are getting good money for, falls through becuse the player doesn’t agree his personal terms, and is perfectly fine sitting on his big wage, playing part time and waiting for his contract to end when he can sign for a team as a free agent and get another fat paycheck. Then we’ll have 4 LBs in the squad. What a horror.

  23. Guns of SF

    Kroenke aint going nowhere.

    Where is Josh btw? oh wait, I forgot its NFL season here in the US.

    Dangote please come in ….. this shit show continues.

    If its Jorghino so be it. Better than what we have. But sad, that we always are settling.

    Not happy with Edu right now. had months to get this done and basically enjoyed his life, while only thinking about 2 targets we had no money for.

    Like seriously, wtf does he do? Get Chelsea rejects and Brazil players…. anything else?

  24. raptora

    I don’t think I’ve said that today and not regarding today’s blow for sure.
    I’ve said that Arteta decided that Torreira and Guendouzi are going to leave, when they were both really capable players on arrival. He decided to keep Elneny ahead of Torreira. Which sounds bad even typing it.

    Regardless you never mentioned Torreira, you were blabbering how Arteta can’t sell AMN cause he has to sell X, Y and Z like it’s somehow related when it’s not. AMN could have been sold regardless of the other players also leaving. How hard is to explain myself to you?

  25. Kaz

    I am not optimistic nor do I have faith, but I will wait until Monday night.

    Whether Pedro wants to admit it or not, a huge amount of the blame rests on Arteta for this shocking window too.

    But right now it is still open.

    Shambles though it has been.

  26. Ishola70

    But Raptora until we get rid of the non homegrown players selling Miles means nothing because we have too many non home grown.

    You were asking previously why Arsenal were loaning Torreira.

    They had to get rid either by sale or loan.

    That’s why Atletico Madrid had the advantage of requesting the loan. They knew Arsenal had to get rid of him regardless.

    Now you know.

  27. NwGooner

    Valentine- cup specialist? You are talking s’it man- we have a very good manager now – but don’t have a matching team. Just for information which ‘league specialist squad builder you have in mind?

  28. Kaz

    Our squad isn’t shit. But we’re pushing away the players that can help elevate what we do.

    As a result we’re stuck with some really unappealing football and relying on luck to get goals.

  29. Ishola70


    “But we’re pushing away the players that can help elevate what we do.”

    It’s more about who the buying clubs are interested in. Which Arsenal players. Rather than Arsenal pushing them out.

    They are not interested in Kola, Sokratis or Ozil.

    They were interested in Torreira.

    And as Arsenal were breaking the rules regarding non homegrown when the Icelandic keeper came in it had to be Torreira that gets booted. He is of interest to other clubs. The others aren’t.

  30. Kaz


    I was referring to Ozil and Guendozi. Letting Torreira go to Athletic without Partey is incredibly embarrassing.

    We can even pay out some contracts if we desperately need the space.

    Makes the Emi sell look even more shit but I’ll wait until Monday before I go for my full breakdown.

  31. raptora

    They could have send Elneny on loan to a rando team again. Arteta sees nothing in Torreira by the look of it, if he’s getting kicked ahead of Elneny. I tend to hard disagree, but I’m not the manager of AFC so… Maybe it had to do with Torreira pushing for a move, but then again things could have been different if Arteta actually relied on Torreira when he could’ve. Obviously the relationship there wasn’t going well. Yes, he has his limitations but in no world is he worse than some of the players Arteta keeps playing. I don’t think Atletico Madrid would have wanted Elneny or Willock. Yet Arteta prefers them.

    Also Kolasinac is going to Bayer supposedly.

  32. Elmo

    “The idea he can’t get hold of a couple of hundred million to float us for a couple of years, particularly with interest rates being so low, is ridiculous.”

    As far as the Kroenkes are concerned, they pushed the boat out last summer for Arsenal, and got their hands burned. The unexpected big spending (following the widely reported £30m transfer budget) all happened after Raul and Venkat had the meeting with the Kroenkes in LA, at which Raul doubtless promised that after Nye Emery’s first season, we just needed a couple of big moves to force our way back to the top table.

    The Kroenkes saw their trust betrayed, their feelings best illustrated by Tim Lewis being brought in as consiglieri to unpick Raul’s half-truths and what they considered to be a historic con job on the Pepe deal.

    When you add their troubles with the LA project due to Covid, and what now looks like zero stadium revenue at Arsenal this season, it’s hardly surprising that they’ve got no interest in taking another gamble like last summer.

    I’m hoping that Tets can continue to reforge the identity of the club, develop the youts so we can make a final judgement on who makes the cut or not from this crop, and I have a sneaking suspicion that it could be our year in the Ropey. If not, then CG might have called it right again when he said this season will mainly be about Big Weng’s autobiography, not our exertions on the pitch.

  33. raptora

    very well written re Kroenke.
    It’s not very hard to understand why they left the club to spend what they can make this season after investing a lot of money last Summer. It also makes sense because the only way to climb up the table is to start developing the players we already have. If we are not able to consistently raise the value of players we’ve recently acquired and are benching players the club spent serious money for like Pepe, Lacazette, Mustafi, Torreira, then we are just heading down the Manure path, where they’ve spent huge amount of money for absolutely minimal gains with no responsibility whatsoever. Except we don’t make as much money as they do so we can’t afford the same transfer strategy at all.

    Elmo wrote it very well and it makes a lot of sense. This or last Summer are not Kroenke’s fault. We spent a lot of money. Problem is apparently we spent them bad.

  34. Kaz


    Arteta will know what players he wants in, he will also have some idea of replacement players if we can’t get targets A.

    As you pointed out, Edu has been downgraded in status so Arteta definitely has more pull now.

    So far we’re just holding our dicks and looking at the pictures of pretty girls while other clubs are actually taking them out.

  35. Pedro

    Kaz, Arteta isn’t the reason we have no money or a bloated squad. Edu getting downgrade didn’t mean Arteta picked up his duties.

  36. Words on a Blog

    The club was prepared to pay £35-40m for Aouar, our top target.

    That means it had the financial wherewithal to pay that amount – whether as a lump sum, or in instalments or whatever. But the amount was not enough to tempt Lyon, unless Aulas is lying as a final negotiating gambit.

    It did NOT have the money for Partey, unless it made money on sales, which did not happen.

    So if Aouar hasn’t happened, that means we still have £35-40m to trigger our plan B.

    The rumours that Jorginho (on loan) is our Plan B sound wrong to me. He can’t be described as an alternative in terms of characteristics to either Aouar or Partey. He is a straight replacement for Xhaka. Given that Arteta has been talking about “specificity” with respect to transfers, we should hearing about players who would give the team what Aouar or Partey would.

    Something is off.

  37. Nelson

    Some of the fans start to blame Edu and Arteta for not signing players. They don’t realize that the final approval of a purchase lies with the KSE. Raul has mortgaged our future. KSE probably forbids the board to do it again. They’ll need to sell to get enough funding for any purchase. You are always in a disadvantage if the buying party knew that you are desperately want to sell.

  38. rollen

    Personally I would send drunk email to Roman and man City sheik saying ” you fucking watch me” and I would bought best player for every position. Also Ozil would be working in Walmart right now lol

  39. Guns of SF


    I think you have a point about Jorghino. The money is still there yes, but who to spend it on.
    At this point, I was thinking loans might be the way to go with really quality players, to get us top 4.
    since we are broke.

    40M is a good amount for a mid… even half of that for an upcoming player would be great. I do hope the club does not sit on this.

    Winter window, prices go up, so best to spend now versus then.

  40. Emiratesstroller

    Rocky Roe and others

    It is true that Arteta as Club Manager has clout in ‘recommending’ players that he wants to bring into the club. He may even speak to players, their agents or the management of another club.

    However, he is an employee and he does not make the decisions about the club finances or negotiate contracts.

    Those matters are done by professionals at the club. Furthermore transfer valuations are
    often determined by algorithms and also market conditions. At the moment we are
    in a market with very little money and it is most definitely a “buyers market”.

    We can argue ad infinitum who is to blame for Arsenal’s so-called failings in transfers, but
    it is not Arteta. He inherited a mess and his primary focus has been to improve the team with the resources we have got.

    Personally I think that he has done a pretty good job in very difficult circumstances. Sadly I
    seem to be in the minority of those who post on here.

  41. peanuts&monkeys

    We always knew Arsenal scouting is worse than dog-shit. Now, with players like Laca, Sokratis, Mustafi unsold and useless on wages, we wonder of at all there is an effective transfer force working at the club. EDU HAS TO TAKE 100% BLAME.

  42. peanuts&monkeys

    Just imagine what shit players Arsenal carry for years together…. a young boy like Nelson could not be sold, a WC winning squad player warhors like Mustafi could not be sold???

  43. peanuts&monkeys

    Kolasinac and Xhaka: what loads of shit he is! I just dont want to see them both in an Arsenal shirt anymore. Yet, they cannot get shipped out!

    We all know Arteta believes Xhaka is his playing days’ clone… same boring style. But Arteta had a set-piece skill. Jackass Xhaka doesn’t even have that. He hasn’t ever taken a set piece free kick. In all these 6 years he hasn’t added a single skill to his bag. Oh Wenger! What shitbag you got us!!!!!

  44. Habesha Gooner

    Well shady Raul got deals done whatever you thought of him. How is it that the likes of Everton and Aston Villa can spend 100 mil + every season but we can’t spend more than 50 to 80 mil net while being in Europe? As of now we haven’t spent any money this summer seeing we sold Martinez to fund Gabriel apparently in cash flow terms.

    Moshri is backing Everton but our stupid billionaire owner won’t put a dime in. We are literally being left behind. The best we could do is 5th as it stands. And even that isn’t a certainty with Tottenham, Everton and Leicester looking much better. There are still players that can improve us significantly if they aren’t Aouar and Partey. Emi buendia is astonishingly still at Norwich, He could be available for 20 to 30 mil. Boubakar Kamara and Danilo Pereira are also available at 20 to 30 mil. They are risks but they are better than our shitshow.

  45. Gonsterous

    A last minute coutinho loan now with soumare would maybe redeem the window. Surely arteta and edu share the blame here. We can’t praise arteta when willian signs and then blame edu when nothing happens.

  46. Guns of SF

    those are good names, but look at where we are now. one day left. Such poor negotiating all summer.
    The stench of Wenger is still with Arsenal. Wait until the end and pray for a bargain.
    Does NOT WORK in this era.

    Been saying our deals should be done soon and not later. Also a week before the deadline.
    basic stuff anyone with a brain can figure out.

  47. China1

    We should be going back to PSG and asking if they still want Bellerin and try to cut a deal for 20m. Would be very useful money right now and presumably pSG would think it’s a cheap price. Everyone’s a winner

    Get on our hands and needs and beg kola to take whatever bayer are offering

    Call up lazio and cut 2-3m off the asking price for mustafi

    Call up Napoli and ask them if they will take sok for 3m

    Then call up mesut and call him a twat and tell him he’s training with the u9s this season for good measure

  48. Moray

    It’s been said a thousand times before, but should we not be fishing in the future talent pool? Partey isn’t in that pool, hence his high fee and apparently crazy salary demands. Aouar is young and with a high bar, but he also seems to be out of our price range. We have seen promising midfielders in their moulds go this summer for around 10m. If we end up with nothing or – worse – Jorginho, then it’s a step backwards in my opinion.

    We’ve gone from contact book dealing to hiring by reputation. I thought we had a backroom team looking at data and supposedly spotting future prospects? Instead, we are handing out large contracts to Soares, Mari, Willian…it’s odd. I thought early doors we were going well in the market but then it all slammed shut. And if we’ve weakened our keeping options without even being able to use those funds to strengthen our midfield then There will be hell to pay, particularly if the German has another injury.

  49. Emiratesstroller


    There were credits at end of last season which on request could be claimed back.

    Also there was no obligation to renew seats or enter the ballot. Both could be deferred until
    the stadium is reopened with full attendances.

    The club has put absolutely no pressure on season ticket holders whatsoever.

    For the record I chose to leave my credit for two seats with club. I am sure that the club will reopen either next season or next and my seats are secure.

  50. Nelson


    Napoli only wants PapaSok if they could sell Kalidou Koulibaly to MC. Now that MC doesn’t want Koulibaly they won’t sign PapaSok.

  51. Guns of SF

    WOAB said it well. Jorghino is basically a Xhaka. or his replacement.

    We do not need that. Its enough to have one of them.

    Something does not add up with that….

    I do think Coutinho is staying at Barca now…

    Im wondering if a loan makes more sense of a really good addition… since we have so little money.

  52. moray

    The “in” situation is frustrating, but it’s really the “outs” that are so annoying. Partly that’s due to the deflated market of course, but it’s also payback for our years of poor transfer dealings and contractual negotiations. In reality, most of the players we want to shed will have to be given away for free or nearly free. Even our younger end players with a profile like Torreira and Guendouzi haven’t drummed up any real interest that might be revenue generating. Or perhaps we are overpricing them? Or else Lacking the killer instinct in the market?

  53. China1

    Tbh even the signing of Gabriel was really protracted and a bit dubious, but at least it was early enough in the window to not screw us

    He was in the country for weeks before he even did a medical or signed a deal. How are we going to sign players on deadline day if we allow ourselves to get so caught up in the logistics of getting players a medical?

  54. moray

    Coutinho would be an excellent last minute “arrive”, if we were to hook him on loan particularly.

    I’m not sure Barca could afford to lose him, unless he really wants out though.

  55. moray

    @China, I had forgotten about the protracted mess of Gabriel’s signing.

    We’ve really laboured this summer to do anything.

    My gut feel is that our negotiating team is too inexperienced. Edu, Vinai, Tets. While I don’t want Jabba the Hut back, we might need to think how this will play out for future windows.

  56. Ian Simpson

    I don’t need that dog in my life right now. I need beach boys that look like athletes that can role as a #8 role or a #6.

    Why the disgusting gay innuendo?

  57. Guns of SF

    I think the PEPE deal put a bad taste in Stan mouth.
    We payed about double for him.
    We as Pedro correctly stated that we leveraged this seasons budget last year….
    Saliba, Pepe, Dani loan etc.

    Pepe is a bust.

    I doubt Stan will ever reach again into his pockets for us, rather just keep the pressure on the leadership and Arteta to deliver top 4. After all, thats how he was likely sold on buying Arsenal when Wenger got top 4 all the time. A revenue making machine with CL qualification.

    Now I almost hope he gets tired of his English soccer toy and would rather sell it and move onto other new and shiny toys….

    I also hope for a miracle between now and Monday end of day. Buendia yes!

  58. Dream10

    underrated cow

    I don’t think Aubameyang was given any promises.
    No other club were willing to give him 300k a week and the importance he has at Arsenal. He will get maximum credit and minimum blame here. On a CL contender, he would be a secondary player.

  59. Guns of SF

    My worry is not so much Auba and his high salary. He is our only real source of goals and I think that its going to be hard for the team clearly when he has an off day. or days as we have seen. Those lack of goals translate to losses or draws which have doomed us in the last few seasons.

    Where are the goals from midfield going to come from? xhaka is shit, Dani gets about 3-4 a season, and nothing else after that.

    I do hope Willian can get about 10… Saka a handful, but our CM contribute very little assists and goals. A major issue.

  60. SP

    The 72m Pepe signing has ruined everything. Don’t think any club will even pay 20-25m for him.

    Really wondering where the goals are going to come from this season.

  61. Gonsterous

    It’s up to the management to get the most out of pepe. He needs game time and confidence. He has a lethal left foot, use it. He has great dribbling skills (something severely lacking in the team). Now he needs the guidance and chance to express himself.

    Arteta is a great coach but he is seriously lacking in the management section, especially when it comes to man management.

  62. Captain Tierney

    The notion that Stan won’t help us after we paid 72 mil for Pepe is BASELESS. He didn’t help us then, he wont help us now. Arsenal is a business to him and he is hell bent on making it a self sustaining one..
    The Pepe money was amortized for 4-5 years. That means 12-15 mil a year.
    So yes Pepe isnt using up 50mil of our budget this window.

    Also Gabriel was a Raul signing. So what Edu has done this window is bought a free transfer Willian, sold apparently the better keeper for 20mil and a young player for 2-3 mil.
    Ceballos is a loan and its not like Edu had to pull trees for him.

    We made 55 redundancies but failed to sell any of our deadwood.
    Got kicked by Athleti in the face as they didnt budge on their stance and we gave them one of our very few assets on loan with an option and not even an obligation.
    Still have 6-7 CBs on our books and the window ends tomorrow.
    The club as a whole didn’t deal with the Guendouzi situation properly .
    Club’s only player ostracized for reportedly asking the club for details on the pay cuts (which still didnt save the jobs of the workers it was supposed to save)
    Now we are being linked with Jorginho as an Aoaur replacement. How in the world are those 2 players similar.

    Maybe Pedro’s doubts about Edu were true all along. If the situation doesn’t change in the next 2 days I believe Edu should be sent where his pal Raul was sent i.e in the bin.

  63. Up 4 grabs now


    I will hold back on the full inquest until after the window shuts, but as it stands it doesn’t look good.
    not sure about selling Martinez to pay for Gabriel?

    if we arent spending anything, and its still an if, why sell martinez?

    Leno was fantastic against the bindippers on Thursday but why shift a HG player that was outstanding for us if we arent utilizing the cash?

    the non HG players thing isnt an issue you just dont register the players that wont play, eg ozil, sokratis,mustafi, kolasinac. guendouzi.
    then hopefully they can be shifted on in January?

    i dont believe there was no money available for this window even if we did blow our wad last year on Pepe, which is installments as well dont forget.

    As other have said, we spent the summer chasing only two players in Aouar and partey.
    if there was no plan B then the shit should hit the fan as that’s not even close to acceptable to having no back up plan

    im not suggesting buying for the sake of it but our midfield is so poor that partey and aouar arent the only two players on the planet that would improve it.
    at some point you have to say, no one is coming in for players we want to move on, and if they are, there low ball offers.

    moneys tight we cant afford 90 million on two players so look else where.

    we should have told athletico to poke it if they wont make a deal for torriera and 20 million for partey.
    why they wanted more money anyway when they can only spend 25% of there transfer fees is strange, you would think they would rather do a swap.

    worse case scenario id keep torriera over another season of xhaka & elmo stinking the midfield up.

    i back Arteta, but you do wonder why he wants two clones of himself playing in midfield.
    the way things are going arteta might be coming out of retirement if no one comes in.

    Im betting hes still quicker than xhaka!

  64. Tony

    I don’t understand why so many here thought we’d bring Partey & Aouar to the club this TW after it was clear we had to sell unsuitable players we had at the club with some unsuitable for the PL, such as Arteta & Ozil.

    Add to the fact that this is a Covid affected TW where clubs are hard up fro lack of revenue streams the selling of such players as Kola, Mustafi, Bellerin and similar should have told our supporters that we were never going to sell enough players to buy our main 2 aforementioned above targets.

    Arsenal were always going to find it near impossible to sell players other than loans and giving away free as with Mihki.

    I doubt any players brought in will be any different to Willian in that they will be other clubs’ rejects or surplus to requirements.

    Arteta is going to have to use ALL of his squad for this season with the exception of Ozil. Arteta is going to have to change his rigidity (often a sign of novice managers), and man management skills to bring Guendouzi back to the XI and get the best he has to offer out of Him.

    Probably not as easy as doing so with Mustafi and Arteta as they were being well over paid for their skill sets for the PL.

    I’m still on the fence with Arteta being the new messiah manager – he’s given us more identity and collective fight than Emery did; however, that does not make him a Demi god just yet.

    There are still several areas Arteta needs to greatly improve, such as game selections and in-game management.

    The next 40 odd hours are going to be just another routine Arsenal TW we have come to endure for too many years.

    It’s no wonder Wenger hasn’t been back to the club he systematically destroyed financially and left firmly in the mire for Emery & Arteta with Gazidis and Raul playing their part as well.

    I’d say we are really going to find out about Arteta between now and the end of the January window, which is when I’ll be judging him.

    Pedro said last season Judge Arteta this season, but I have a strong feeling Pedro will be making excuses to ask for longer for his current pet project love in.

  65. AC

    Happy to put faith in Kids and MA for now. I think January window is less than 3 months away unlike other seasons, I think this played a part as well in addition to bad finances of the club.

  66. AC

    Can’t believe there are so many negative comments here about Arteta. We couldn’t pass out of back for 5 years inspite of trying and mikel changed it within 3 months with the same players. This guy can coach. End of conversation.

    I think wenger, emery, raul, kroenke’s are to blame the most for the current plight of the club and not Mikel.

  67. Steveyg87

    I think its pretty much a case of Auoar or nothing. AM are not keen on selling Partey. So let’s see who else we can flog off before the window shuts and bring the players back that have been frozen out. In terms of how the team plays, we cannot really fault Arteta as the results have been good. My main concern is that he is not utilising what he has at his disposal. A couple of bad results and the fans will be on his back. Ozil with all his faults, can still bring a positive contribution to the team, same goes for Guen and LT, if he doesn’t leave for AM. How does Arteta justify leaving a 350k a week player out of the squad entirely? Or is he like Wenger? Doesn’t have to answer to anybody

  68. AC

    I think January window is going to be important for many clubs this season. Most will have clarity about when fans can return to the statium and the associated revenue. Expect a lot of movement in January. Less than 3 months away.

  69. gunnerram

    No point in looking for arrivals. Its 4th and its scrap metal time now 🙂

    I posted this point a few days ago – Arsenal just need to be flat track bullies to beat the likes us Sheffield, WestHam, Fullham, Brighton, Burnley, NewCastle, WBA etc etc..

    If Arsenal draw against fellow competing clubs like ManU, Chelsea and Spurs then we will be in shout for Top-4.

    The only problem is – Our attack is almost identical to what we had with Emery. Very Low shots on Target – versus Opponents having more shots than us. This needs to change – it need to go to Arsene’s level of shots creation etc to become the flat track bullies we were under him.

  70. Steveyg87

    I just hope the Jorginho stories are only rumours. We don’t need another mega wage on our hands. Ride the season out and go full out and bring in a superstar CM next summer, Rabiot maybe? I would be all over that. Anyways there’s still a bit of time left. Maybe we put in a cheeky bid for Dele Alli, and don’t tell me you wouldn’t like that

  71. Steveyg87

    “If Arsenal draw against fellow competing clubs like ManU, Chelsea and Spurs then we will be in shout for Top-4.”

    70 points should secure top4 this season

  72. Steveyg87

    “The only problem is – Our attack is almost identical to what we had with Emery. Very Low shots on Target – versus Opponents having more shots than us. This needs to change – it need to go to Arsene’s level of shots creation etc to become the flat track bullies we were under him.”

    Giroud would thrive under our current set up. Long balls and excellent wing play.

  73. Emiratesstroller

    Arteta is not a “demi god”, but he doing a decent job in very difficult circumstances without the financial resources which you would expect from a team aspiring to qualify for a top 4 place in EPL and qualify for Champions League.

    Last week I pointed out that 10 clubs in EPL and 25 overall in Europe had spent more money in this transfer window than Arsenal. By the end of this window that situation could be even worse if no further players are recruited.

    So the idea that a guy is already rated by some who post on here as a failure beggars belief.

    Clearly there will need to be a review how the club has been run in recent years and more
    importantly questions over its finances and management. My personal view is that the problems are historic rather than current.

    Whether the club can and will be turned around whilst Stan Kroenke runs the club is debatable. He is clearly not someone who is going to throw money at our problems. He
    believes in a self sustaining financial model, which in the current pandemic is unlikely to solve the current crisis.

    If other clubs are spending money and we are not then the club will go backwards, but to blame Arteta for the current situation is utter bunkum.

  74. Habesha Gooner

    I would be feeling better if Guendouzi was back in the fold at the 6 position. In no way Elneny should be come a starter there because of our lack of options. An attacking Midfielder is an absolute priority for me though. We need someone. Even if that someone isn’t Aouar. I like buendia because he thrived in a relegation team creatively, He would have assisted more if it wasn’t pukki infront of him and he is premier league tested. He was in the top 10 for chances created last season along with Willian. As of now we are marginally better than relegation fodder Westbrom for shots. if that trend continues we are definitely finishing below 5th. We can delay a No 6 but not a N 10.

  75. kristoman

    what was emery crime ah ah i forgot, he broke professional footballer to pieces to extent they dont know how to kick a ball around

  76. Bertfish

    I think everyone can agree that this transfer window has been shite at best. Only the very optimistic thought we would be getting Partey & Aouar but everyone else believed we would at least end up with one of them. The reasons we have not landed one is down to some very strange decisions…

    1. Mari
    WTF are we doing signing this guy given it was also our plan to sign Gabriel. As others have mentioned the hoarding of CB’s is getting out of hand. We can nearly field a whole team of them now or maybe that’s the intention!

    2. Soares
    WTF are we doing giving this 29 year old a 4 year deal given we have Bellerin & AMN in place at RB.

    3. AMN
    Given we signed Soares WTF are we doing not accepting Wolves 20 mil offer given funds are needed for midfield reinforcements.

    4. Willian
    WTF are we doing giving this 32 year old a 3 year contract. He may do a job this year but come year 2 & 3 he will be another “Ozil”. creaming his money & playing Fortnite at the weekends.

    5. Saliba
    WTF are we doing even thinking of loaning this guy out. I think most fans see Saliba & Gabriel as the future. They both have technical ability, physicality & pace for this league & the sooner we get them playing together in a back 4 for me the better. Yes they may make a mistake or two but it’s nothing that the likes of Luiz, Mustafi & Holding have been doing all their Arsenal careers! Get them in FFS.

    6. Runarsson
    WTF are we doing singing a 2nd choice keeper from a struggling French side. It seems we have located the cheapest possible option. If Leno does get injured we are in deep shite!

    The question we need to ask is who’s making these decisions & as Liverpool’s owner John W Henry once said WTF are they smoking!

  77. Moray

    If we give Torreira on loan to AM and don’t manage to get our hands on Partey, there’s going to be an awful lot of pissed off Arsenal fans.

    Torreira may not be a natural Prem player but he’s different enough to be worth keeping around.

    Rome was never going to be built in a day but we haven’t done great business this window as it stands. And even worse, the business we have done has been pretty bog standard. Even more so if we are in for Jorginho.

  78. Useroz

    One more day and we can write our final analyses.

    Unless someone dines with the trio, Vinai, Edu and Arteta, we’d only rely upon the media for info, judge what /who to believe and join the dots. No point fighting amongst ourselves. Simply put, as it is, it’s fans vs club.

    Fans /supporters are stakeholders and this TW irks very poor stakeholder (+expectation) management.

    Prima facie, to-date, Arteta is as ‘guilty’ as the others again based on what’s reported. But then, I get ahead of myself. Should wait another 24h or so …

    Still, looks bad. Very bad.

  79. Pierre

    Will be glad when the window shuts ,it holds no interest for me..

    On the pitch is what matters as far as I’m concerned, and I think our season could go one way or the other..

    Whether by luck or design , Arteta needs to find a way of improving our creativity with the players at his disposal..

    This would mean taking risks with his team selections, tactics and the system he plays..

    At the moment he hasn’t found that magic formula that will turn us into an attacking force to be feared.

    Maybe he should try some different to shake it up a bit.

    Why not try Aubameyang up top with Saka in his more natural left wing position .

    Why not try picking a midfield without xhaka and try Ceballos or Elneny at the base of midfield..

    Why not try a different system against teams like shef utd….a 4-3-3 with Pepe, Aubameyang and Lacazette up front with a more dynamic midfield of Willian, Ceballos, Saka with a solid back 4.

    Why not try a 4-2-3-1 , before lockdown that was working well , the football was better quality, the results were good and it allows us to play with a CAM.

    Arteta appears a little reluctant to move on from the defensive wing back system that won us the FA cup..

    Why not try a different wing back system with 2 up top and 3 in midfield …

    I think the fans just want to see something different.
    We are in a pretty good position league wise , in the quarters of the league cup and have an easy Europa group…

    New Signings are not always the answer as they often take time to settle, we have good enough players at the club to compete with the best , as we have already shown .

  80. Wengaball

    It’s weird how an Arsenal squad – an ARSENAL squad – has been drained of all creativity within three seasons.

    There is not a single creative, technical player in the squad when we used to have five or six on the regular.

  81. Chris


    As you have mentioned in the past (think it was you, apologies if not), Saka has been very creative when he has operated in the left and left central positions of the attacking third. If we make no signings before the end of the day tomorrow I would be all up for seeing what you suggest, Saka on the left and Aubameyang central.

    The style of play Arteta has used for the big games I feel can still be trusted, despite Liverpool beating us in the league, but we have to do something to become more dominant over the ‘lesser’ teams and to be more adventurous in our attacking play.

    Saka has a lovely left foot and already has very good game intelligence and can pick out a pass. Let’s use him where he so far appears to be most effective.

  82. Gonsterous

    After the window. I hope arteta sits down with guen and they talk this out because if handled properly we could have a 30m french youngster on our hands. Someone we can flog next summer. Guen has always been professional on the pitch. He will bring added depth to our midfield.

    Still boggled that a club of this stature has no back up plan. It was get aruar and partey. No thought to the repercussion if we failed in the attempt.

  83. Daz

    Spurs have built a new stadium which has been empty for best part of a year still spending money on new signings let alone having to sell their best players to cover costs, usmanov splashing the cash at everton, wolves spending nevermind city Liverpool and Chelsea. club is a joke we’re making fucking redundancies ffs we’ve got a squad full of frauds we can’t even give away literally can’t give away what a joke I could go on and on and on with reasons why we are a joke kroenke being the biggest example yes i get the self-sustaining model but jeez is it set in stone will he continue
    to watch on while his investment becomes a permanent mid table team. Our hopes are riding on artea working magic with xhaka and elneny ffs if he somehow does he will be gone owners with Ambition will take him from us then what?

  84. Pierre

    I’m just thinking that he has to try something different and it may click .
    Tierney and Saka on the left sounds good to me.

    I’m not really against Aubameyang playing on the left as he has been prolific there but Saka is almost up there with Debruyne in his delivery into the box , plus Tierney is a quality crosses of the ball , but we rarely see either Saka or Tierney in a crossing position these days..

    Playing Pepe on the left as against Liverpool is not really playing to Pepe’s strengths is it .
    Play him further up the pitch on the right in a 4-3-3 and we will see the best of him…give him the freedom to express himself the way klopp allows Salah to take risks. .Pepe is a player who will otentially give the team 20/25 goals/assists a season

  85. Kris

    Random thoughts:
    – We’re not getting Jorginho. Like others said he’s a deep lying playmaker like Xhaka. No coach has 2 of those starting except by necessity and our Tets likes his Xhaka.
    – Again, we should have back up options like Buendia and Soumare, but trying to do it the last day won’t work out
    – Torreira and Guendouzi are both better than Elneny, that’s why no major club is interested in Mo. Can Tets see that? We have reduced their combined value by about 40 M in a single year. Now that’s an achievement!
    – Ozil has to be reintegrated into the squad alongside Guen even if he only plays at home against bottom teams and in the Europa
    – If the homegrown quota is the problem, why didn’t buy a 2nd rate English GK instead of Runarsson. Surely you can get a League 1 GK for about 2 mil.

  86. Captain Tierney


    Completely agree with what you said re Guen. Had Arteta and the club managed his situation properly we could of flogged him off for at least 20 mil + which in turn would have helped us buy Aoaur.

    And if he is here we need to get him back onside along with Ozil.
    There is no creativity in the current squad and if we are to beat the bottom 12 teams, pragmatism alone will not work.

  87. englandsbest

    There is still time enough for Arteta to transform the midfield. And very likely with a couple of players we’ve hardly heard of. Indeed,they might already be signed, kept secret to allow him to pick a last-minute plum.

    It could be that Aouar/Partey was a deliberate diversion, smoke and mirrors.

    A load of departures is perhaps what Arteta means by ‘crucial’.

  88. Gonsterous


    I don’t know about ozil, ability is there, but will be apply it or be a passenger in the team. That’s a gamble I don’t want to take.
    Can we try a last minute bid for someone, anyone ( goes to show we had no plan B).

  89. Jay

    Ozil has to be the most talented player in the whole squad, but arteta is has a obsession of playing willock and Eddie nikita

  90. TR7

    Assuming we don’t sign anyone in TW, I would like Arteta to change his system now and be more attacking in his approach against teams other than the top 6.

    Saka —-Auba —-Willian
    Tiernney —-Luiz—-Gabriel—–Bellerin

  91. Leftfootcurler


    Arteta has done things different.

    It’s just most fans can’t see it.

    Arsenal’s creativity issues were two fold last season.

    1) only one runner in behind(Auba). Ideally you want two.
    2) lack of quality BTL. I gave an example with ozil’s movement vs crystal palace on here, before.

    Arteta’s solution is get WBs make good late runs in behind so that there is another runner in behind.

    Coached Auba and Saka to improve their positioning BTL

    Arsenal’s first goal against West ham was an example of that.
    This is him doing things differently.

    As for Pepe, what is he good at?
    He is great at shooting but doesn’t get into goal scoring positions enough.
    He is great at dribbling but he gets bullied off the ball. He loses control of the ball under the challenge of a defender.

    He is being coached to improve his positioning and movement and get into the box more but his learning process seems to be more gradual. But there were definite signs of improvement in the efl cup.

    He must be doing extra gym work to bulk up his body to resist challenges.

    But he will come good but patience is needed,which fans don’t have, sadly.
    He is a bit of a late bloomer but he will probably get 20 goals in the league one day.

    Playing Pepe on the left in one off game has no use but playing him on the left consistently is of long term use.

    It negates most of his tools so he is forced to improve his positioning and movement to impact the game.

    Wenger had a similar theory with putting a midfielder wide so he learns to handle football in smaller, tighter spaces.

    To improve our points tally,
    More than Partey and Aouar, I would add quality BTL.

    These types.
    Buendia should not be difficult to buy.
    Such a player at LW
    And play Saka RW with Auba at 9. Saka has learnt to make top class runs in behind. I know laca scored 3 goals recently but he can go on a drought anytime as he doesn’t get into goal scoring positions enough. Saka is the 2 nd biggest goal threat at the club,sooner Arteta recognises that,the better.

    This will help greatly.

    Right now,even “easy games” are difficult to win.
    Because as far as creating chances are concerned,we are probably one of the worst teams in the league.

    This and the defence line dropping too deep. These two things are the most important things that need improvements.
    Midfield investment is important especially for someone like Arteta who wants to build a possession game model but in terms of maximising points, improvement in these two things would increase points tally much more.

    If we have the same team post TW then we can take a few risks but that will cost us defensively.

  92. Pierre

    No signings will bring the inevitable questions about players that Arteta says he will give a chance but in reality have been binned for breaching the non negotiables.

    Have to say , I thought Cedric had a decent game in the week and is maybe knocking on the door to get a start today …doubtful though, 2 games in a week is way too much .

  93. TR7

    Of course if we sign Buendia, he plays no 10 for us and Ceballos.drops to central mid to play alongside Elneny/AMN/Xhaka – a much better proposition than Ceballas playing no 10.

  94. Leftfootcurler

    Firstly we are 433 in possession anyway.

    Willian drifted too central against West ham. I would keep him in the right half space. Bellerin on the right flank.
    Nketiah instead of laca
    Rest the same as against West ham.

    Ask xhaka to switch the ball to Willian/Bellerin more.

    Overload the left and if we can’t break through, switch play to the right where we should get 1v1/2v2s

    But saka unfortunately played full 90 against Liverpool in efl cup right?
    So I don’t think he will start today.

    Sheffield United are one of the best in the world defensively so it’s going to be a hard game.
    We need luck to win.

  95. Pierre


    Credit to you for at least looking at the game through different eyes.

    The efforts that Arteta has tried to improve us creatively haven’t worked consistently.

    He hasn’t changed the system, he has played Xhaka every game and he plays Aubameyang on the left every game.

    I said during lockdown that Saka is the conundrum for Arteta and nothing had changed.

    Aubameyang is occupying Saka’s best position and Arteta cannot find room for out most creative player.

    Half the problem is the insistence that the striker is a glorified work horse and Aubameyang will never be that.

    Lacazette / Nketiah will both and run all day long and get little credit for it from the fans , they give Arteta what he wants..

    Eventually Arteta will change the system and players position if we continue to struggle creatively .

    In the mean time I hope he stumbles on the magic formula.

  96. Valentin


    Every manager tend to have at least one blind spot.
    Wenger used to have two the defensive organisation and the goalkeeper.
    Arteta also has two: the attack organisation and overvaluing experience to the detriment of youthful exuberance and talent.
    Every manager want hard worker willing to the cause, but good manager accepts that having a striker spending all his energy defending to the front to the point of exhaustion means that often they can’t be in the right place at the right time nor can they be calm and controlled enough to take their own opportunity when it arises.
    Lacazette is a case in point. People may argue that he misses too many chances, but I am starting to believe that he is now missing those chances because when he receives the ball in the right circumstances he is already in the red zone. His mind is foggy and he takes the wrong decision or just fumbles the ball. His goal against Liverpool was a misshot. And a goalscorer of his quality should not miss two opportunities (even if one is offside) like he did. The first thing that Brendan Rogers told Vardy after the Clause Puel experiment is that he wanted him to sprint less and concentrate more on scoring.

    You are right in saying that Saka is the most creative passing from our non exiled players. However Arteta will never fully unleash Saka as long as Aubameyang plays in his preferred position.

  97. andy1886

    Jay, talent without application is worth fuck all. If you read just about any player autobiography they all say that there were players with more talent, but they didn’t have the desire to make it. Ozil is now in that zone, a semi-retired footballer who doesn’t give a crap about playing.

  98. andy1886

    As Kris said earlier if non-home grown players are a problem why sign the Icelandic ‘keeper? He only joined recently when we already knew that we were struggling to get rid of players. Even when we signed Cedric and Mari we would have known that this would become an issue.

  99. Ishola70


    Lacazette made the best play this season from an Arsenal player in terms of sheer work rate in the league game at Liverpool. It was when he missed a good chance but he was called offside. His first chance after the goal. Even if he was offside he should have done better with the shot.

    Why it was impressive from such a work rate point of view is that he ran back to defend in front of his own penalty area. He stripped and won the ball from a Liverpool attacking player in front of his own area. He then slipped the ball to a colleague and ran the whole length of the pitch to get onto the ball to get onto that chance he missed in the opposition area. This was all done in a matter of seconds not minutes.

    As you say in that particular instance it is no surprised if he is cooked on the ball when he is having that chance shooting on goal.

  100. andy1886

    Jay, why play Ozil exactly? You seem to be thinking that he’s the same player he was three or four years ago. Last season he posted one goal, two assists, and one big chance created (official PL stats). On that basis he isn’t worth his place in the team.

  101. G8

    I would rather have Gunnersaurus as no 10 than bringing back ozil
    I agree though Arteta has to change formation and selection to improve the football

  102. Useroz

    If we end up with insufficient money to structure ONE deal to get Aouar or Partey, Edu / Vinai / Arteta better not fucking waste it on Jorginho.

    My team would have done better in managing Arsenal and we’d write a more robust report for the board. It’s bloody embarrassing these trio.

    I am quite sure it’s not the board or SS until it’s last minutes. All the time since May when the talks and courting etc started, it’d have been these guys. May be Raul the snake Mk II involved earlier too.

    Let’s not say we needed Raul to close deals. By the look of it, that’s what we reportedly paid, I’d have sealed those deals with super agents. Jus t overpay in everything and sign. You and I can do it. Pepe was €40/50m. We’d go back and search the media to be precise. And how much did Raul pay the agent??

    Whatever, we must not get Jorginho, loan deal or not. Xhaka Mk II. that is.

    You’d still remember the Mustafi purchase on the last day?? Was rated £20/25m and we paid 35 on the last day. Probably with a fat wage package too.

    Edu and Arteta wanted to save face and pay Chelsea and Jorginho and agents all we got??