Arsenal back at Wembley, will Arteta welcome back the outcasts?

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Well, here we are, 3 weeks after our FA Cup final win, it’s here, the season curtain-raiser… Arsenal vs Liverpool in The Community Shield.

It’s hard to say it’s not an important game. All games have a psychological value, a big win sets you up for a confident start. A big loss can send you into a nervous territory. We need a good start this season, we need to set a new tone after the horrendous first 4 months of last season. We need to signal that the new era was, in fact, kicked off with that stunning FA Cup final win.

Both teams will be unfit. We’ve only had a few training sessions. Liverpool are in the same position as us. It’ll be a leggy game. There really was no other option. If you blitz your players after they’ve spent two months playing 3 games a week, you will absolutely pay for that later in the season when you need energy in the legs.

The big worry for Arsenal is we really haven’t addressed our central midfield position. Well, we have new bodies. Matteo G is now back in the family and Mo Elneny is available and scoring goals. Doesn’t really fill you with the same confidence you might have taken from seeing Ceballos, Partey, or Aouar starting.

No news on whether Mesut will start. Though Arteta’s impassioned defence of the club for the way they dealt with the pay cuts does indicate he’s still pretty pissed about the German playmakers carry-on over doing his part. Our young Spanish coach is every bit the company man. He also said Raul left with honour, which is, errr… oh fuck it, best leave that be, this is a new season. NO GRUDGES.

Back to the LACK of players.

It is what it is. I think we just have to accept it’s really hard to operate in a slow window when you have no money to play with. Cries that Don Raul has been missed are ridiculous. Last summer was very slow to start with, then we did a financial madness that has us tied up in knots this summer.

Still, on the face of it, you can’t argue with what we’ve done so far.

Saliba, Gabriel, Willian, with Guendouzi and ESR as the LIKE A NEW SIGNING players. Feeling just like it did under Arsene Wenger.

One area the club hasn’t been messing around in is in the coaching department. Arteta is bringing in names that he likes. The two latest are Carlos Questa and Miguel Molina. Both look like the new breed of young coaches that are starting to make their mark on the game. They come from Atleti and Juventus, Dom from the podcast I recorded the other night tells me that Cuesta is a bit like Rene Maric in the sense that he made the opportunity himself by writing and doing analysis online that attracted attention. Not sure which coach it was, but a journo once asked, ‘how did you make it as a top coach without being a top player’, and the response was, ‘I had more time to study.’ You’ll see more of that. We’re moving into a new era of coaching. Bold ideas, great with data, deeply into psychology… major fucking geeks. I LOVE IT. Just gotta hope it all works out for Arsenal, can’t have everyone calling me a hipster melt when we’re bottom of the league in January.


Some disappointing news coming out of the club that Emi Martinez will be exited if the right offer comes in. Raul had him down for £20m, but the club might have to accept as little as £10m. Think this is being driven by the player. He doesn’t want to sign a new deal unless he’s #1. We won’t give him that luxury, so he’ll likely go to Spain. Good luck to him.

Feels a bit shit that a player can be instrumental in the club’s success, then get bombed off… but you can’t ask for ruthless behavior then get angry when it happens to your fave. Martinez has a small sample of games to choose from. Bernd Leno has been consistently great for longer. We are skint. Life goes on. Let’s hope we get a decent back-up keeper. Someone that is huge, loves to catch, and can pass like a hero.

Arsenal Twitter sleuths have just noticed that Leonardo, PSG Sporting Director, followed Hector Bellerin. OMG.

Wolves moved on Doherty onto Spurs for £14m. I suspect that’ll mean Wolves up the offer for AMN. Again, I’d be sad, but if the cash is going to get mainlined into our midfield, I’ll accept the exit with good grace.

Right, on that note, I shall bid you farewell. Enjoy the game today. Football is back. Let’s hope it’s a fun game AND MORE SILVERWARE!


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  1. bacaryisgod

    It’s great that Willian was excited by Arteta’s plan to win the Champions League in 3 years time. That’s good timing, as it will tie in perfectly with my 2023 wedding to Gal Gadot.

  2. Mr Serge

    Pissed about EMI he is home grown and about the same age and probably as good as leno sell Leno keep EMI I would say
    It’s still early to panic about our transfers though let’s see what happens with the midfielders we are linked to

  3. bacaryisgod

    I like Leno but Martinez showed so much at the end of last season. He protects his defenders more by commanding his area and his shot stopping abilities is close enough to that of Leno. He was pretty faultless in his decision-making with his feet and the emotion he showed after winning the cup final shows how much passion he has for the team. He’s not to blame for being sick of being the back-up.

    If someone absolutely has to go then it should be Leno. His injury was a complete fluke but we also have seen more injuries following a lengthy absence.

  4. Mr Serge

    The only issue is Emi wants to be assured he is number 1 that won’t happen so he won’t sign his contract. Keeping him will loose us 20m if that’s the case sad times

  5. David Smith

    Remains to be seen how they perform of course, but how refreshing, bringing in such young coaches to work with an innovative young coach. Wenger had some great great attributes, but keeping a backroom staff refreshed and full of new ideas will never rank amongst them , hard to believe that only a short time ago, the players were being coached by such luminaries as Gerry Payton, Boro Primorac and Neil Banfield.
    Seems like this club could become of new ideas and techniques under Arteta.

  6. Emiratesstroller


    I do not understand your logic concerning Martinez

    He is not in the final season of his contract and we are not therefore under any
    pressure to sell him and certainly not at a time when most clubs don’t have a pot to piss in when it comes to transfer fees.

    I appreciate that Martinez wants regular first team football, but Arsenal’s priority is getting our squad in order and able to compete at top level in EPL.

    We should not be making changes in positions where we have no need to do so. Moreover your suggestion that we may have to accept a fee of only £10
    million when Bournemouth sold Ramsdale to Sheffield United for considerably more is totally illogical.

    On the evidence of what I saw at end of last season Martinez is at least as good as Leno and possibly the more reliable gk making fewer mistakes. Leno had a
    couple of games last season when he was shocking. Martinez is also more commanding in his goal area and at set pieces and corners.

    Sorry but this story smacks of agents and media talk rather than necessarily the reality of what is happening.

    For the record Martinez is not selected today, because he is I believe in quarantine.

  7. StormieTee

    There is nothing wrong in having to great keepers at our disposal.. Let them fight for the 1 No position. Beside we never can tell when injuries ll come

  8. Tom

    David Smith
    Funny thing about it is that while both Szczesny and Fabianski didn’t think much of Gary Payton , Emi Martinez actually did.
    Either that or he was just being diplomatic on the subject while still in Arsenal’s employment…….unlike the other two.

  9. SpanishDave

    Welcoming the dross back will win us nothing.
    Our mediocre squad will give us the same season as last year.
    Arteta cannot put a shine on turds

  10. Tom

    Welcoming the dross back will win us nothing.
    Our mediocre squad will give us the same season as last year.
    Arteta cannot put a shine on turds

    And Arteta still hasn’t had a proper preseason ,if you really think about it, so I suppose all the excuses for not making top four are still valid.

  11. Daniel+Altos

    I see alot of people knocking guen for lack of consistency or being ‘average’ and it just makes me laugh.The guy is clearly talented.I know Legrove is on the aouar hype train and I am not saying he isn’t immensely talented but have people actually watched the guy?I watch ligue one almost every week as I have a package that provides every top league apart from the bundesliga and aouar is the epitome of ‘choosing games to turn up’….nowhere near consistent enough.

  12. Tom

    Leno should be sold, not Martinez. We then keep the best keeper and probably get the best fee. Simples.
    No one should be sold.
    Give Martinez a bump in pay ,if that’s what it takes to make him less unhappy, and wait until someone comes in for either one when transfer market bounces back next season.

  13. Champagne+charlie

    Martinez is better than Leno following 12 games in the most pragmatic Arsenal side of the last 2 decades? Idk about those declarations.

    Where was the clamouring for him anytime in the last decade? All incredibly speculative and hopeful if you ask me to assume he’s ready to drop 5 years in the same manner he’s played 6 weeks.

  14. andy1886

    I certainly prefer Emi, ‘keepers that actually command their area are a rare breed these days. Arteta likes to retain possession so a ‘keeper that actually claims the ball would suit that whereas one that prefers to punch is more often than not just giving the ball back to the opposition in our own half.

    Either way are we really that desperate for £10m? It’s not going to be a difference maker and neither is a similar amount for AMN.

    You get the feeling that other clubs know that AFC are terrible negotiators. Buy high and sell low seems to be out policy, clubs know that they can scam us on sales and buy from us at below market prices.

  15. Emiratesstroller



    If Man Utd can hold onto both De Gea and Henderson surely we can hold onto
    both our goalkeepers. This should not be the priority.

    My concern is that we are considering offloading both Bellerin and Lacazette
    and this should not be a priority either.

    There are plenty of other players in our squad who should be at the head of the departing queue namely Sokratis, Ozil, Elneny,Kolasinac, Torreira, Guendouzi, Maitland-Niles, Chambers and Holding.

    All these players are for a variety of reasons no longer playing in starting X1
    or even likely to sit on the bench.

    Some should be offloaded because of their wages and others to generate transfer fees.

    For me there is no logic or genuine planning in our departure strategy.

  16. Karsa

    No one cares about the Charity Shield, especially this year.

    I would like to keep Martinez and I suspect we will.

    We have no midfield signings. Willian?

  17. Jeanette+Kliger

    I don’t know if Arteta is involved in the decisions, but there’s a lot that worries me.
    Keep AMN – why in god’s name did we buy Soares?
    Why are the Auba/Gabriel deals taking so long?
    Why can’t we sell Guendouzi – he’s a loose cannon.
    Why (it appears) was Freddie pushed out? Was he pushed or did he jump?
    All this is worrying.

  18. andy1886

    Karsa, any footballer with the slightest bit of professional pride (okay, not Ozil) wants to win EVERY game, if they don’t they shouldn’t be at our club. Would it be terminal if we lose badly? No, but as Pedro says confidence is a big deal and a spanking can only have a negative effect on our preparations for the new season.

  19. DivineSherlock

    If his contract is ending in 2022 then according to our policy of not let players get into final years of contract,so if he doesnt commit then we will sell him .

  20. Double Double

    Anyone want to speculate why the Gabriel deal not been announced, plus also who thinks Aubameyang is off to Barca?
    That DOF at Chelsea she just gets the deals done , that’s where we should be looking to replace, we seem to have Ed Woodward’s brother doing our deals

  21. andy1886

    Stroller, I agree although given our history recently in the market I can’t see us making much (or in some cases anything) on the sale of most of those squad players. The main benefit will be getting their salary off the books.

  22. David Smith

    Yes, had heard that Tom, apparently our two Polish keepers took the piss out of Peyton on Polish TV, I would guess that would be curtains for their career with someone like Wenger, who was extremely loyal to his backroom staff, no matter how they did, or didn’t perform. Have long been of the opinion that Wenger sold a potentially top keeper for a knockdown price, partly in having Peytons back, which if true, was a crime.
    Perhaps Emi read the situation to prolong his career, or who knows, maybe did rate Peyton, takes all sorts I guess.
    I Remember David Seaman , long after he had retired admittedly, being pretty scathing of Peyton on his twitter feed as well.
    Poor support staff seriously hindered Wenger, for all his talents, he couldn’t do it all no matter how much he wanted to ,and shouldn’t have tried , especially as the game moved on into the era of specialist coaches
    Have often wondered if his stubborn loyalty to poor backroom staff has cost Wenger jobs since leaving the club . Couldn’t see Bayern for one tolerating the likes of Peyton anywhere near Neuer, that is if they were ever serious about offering g Wenger until the end of season. Couldn’t see Gillingham allowing Peyton near their keepers for that matter either

  23. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal should be strengthening their squad and not weakening it.

    Does anyone believe that potential replacements for Martinez will be a goalkeeper upgrade?

    Does anyone believe that Arsenal have the money or potential replacement for Bellerin lined up?

    Does anyone believe seriously that offloading Lacazette will strengthen our
    goalscoring potential particularly in absence of Martinelli until Xmas?

    What Arsenal needs to do is provide some clarity on status of Aubameyang
    and Gabriel. Then move onto a clearout of players who are currently surplus
    to requirement and/or unwanted and recruit a couple of midfielders which are desperately needed.

    What I see at the moment is the club taking one step forward and one or two
    steps backwards in contrast to the clubs that we should be targeting.

  24. Marc


    Yeah I laughed when I first saw the bit about Arteta telling Willian about wanting to sign him to help win the CL.

    I’m all for being ambitious but seriously thinking that you’re going to win the CL in your first 2 attempts could be called unrealistic.

  25. Karsa


    Karsa, any footballer with the slightest bit of professional pride (okay, not Ozil) wants to win EVERY game

    I agree, but I was referring to the fans. They will be people on here , and elsewhere, slaughtering players just for the fun of it. I find it sad to see.

  26. Marc


    I’ve been asking the question about our finances or lack of for a few weeks now. Selling off assets to fix other areas of the team makes sense but any new signing won’t make the first match of the season now and even if they’re signed next week they’d have next no time to train with the squad to make the second match.

    When we’re starting from 10 points back we shouldn’t be risking making the start to the season any more difficult.

  27. andy1886

    Stroller, AFC have for too long focused on mediocrity in depth rather than building the best possible first XI.

    Yes it’s a squad game these days but I’d rather have a smaller squad supplemented by youth players than a bloated one full of average players. We seem to have the young players for that model but are still signing pretty average back ups which is handicapping us when it comes to investing in the best players.

  28. Marc

    Got to say I’m not feeling confident about today although I’ve no idea who’ll be available.

    On the bright side I had a terrible feeling about the Cup Final so who knows.

    3-1 to Liverpool right now – maybe the lineups will change my mind.

  29. Emiratesstroller

    Divine Sherlock

    1. This is the wrong transfer window to be selling Martinez with the limited liquidity in transfer market.

    2. Martinez cost us nothing and is amongst the lowest wage earners in our squad.

    3. If Ramsdale’s transfer fee was £18.45 million I would have thought Martinez
    is worth considerably more.

    4. Martinez is home grown. That should be attracting a premium and not the
    £10 million being suggested by Pedro.

    5. I am fed up reading how Arsenal pay premium transfer fees when we buy and sell for peanuts or offer freebies when players leave. The club is not a “charity”.

  30. Marc


    The current problem we have with selling is bang average (at best) players on proportionally high salaries.

    It’s possible that other clubs are looking at Martinez and saying a good 10 match run does not make a player worth £25 million.

  31. andy1886

    Karsa, that’s fair comment, I always want us to win but agree that it’s not the end of the world if we don’t. People have agendas, and anything that can be used to support them will be sadly.

  32. Marc


    Just to get in before any result or comments later.

    My agenda is that we desperately need to sign some CM’s. That’ll still be the case whether we win 5 nil or lose 5 nil.

  33. andy1886

    Marc, Arsenal have a history of failing to address the most pressing issues every TW.

    Years without a decent DM. Years without a decent ‘keeper. Years without a top class CF. This time around it’s going to be the midfield that is the biggest problem and if we’re lucky we may get a bargain basement CM around deadline day.

    Would love to be proven wrong.

  34. Uwot?

    I’m with Ems on this one.On no account should Martinez be let go especially for f*** ng peanuts Even in this current climate.But should we decide to do so a hefty sell on clause & first option buy back at a reduced rate should be included.

  35. Emiratesstroller


    Who cares what other clubs think.

    As I posted I would not consider replacing Martinez this summer. Goalkeeper
    is last of our problems.

    Our priority departures should be to offload the unwanted players even if the
    fee income is below expectation.

    The club needs a clearout even if it costs money. The list of players who should be offloaded and doing so is not going to weaken our squad.

    I accept that Ozil is probably untransferable, but the other players on our list
    can and should be offloaded if for no other reason to get players of payroll.

  36. Marc


    It matters what other clubs think because they’re the ones who will make an offer for the players we want to sell.

    It’s very possible you’re under estimating how much we need to generate in sales.

  37. englandsbest

    Panic is setting in already. All the hoo-ha about Martinez leaving (he won’t), the slow window (weeks and weeks to go yer), selling off essential layers (better team without Bellerin), etc, etc

    Have faith in Mikel. My guess is that he is more likely to play Willian in midfield than Gendozy or Ozil.

  38. Marc


    Willian playing in the CAM position isn’t my concern – it’s the 2 players behind him that are worrying me. Right now that looks like either Xhaka and Willock or Xhaka and Elneny.

    Either way our midfield will be overrun and we’ll end up playing in or on the edge of our box.

  39. Captain Tierney

    Agree with ET that this is not the right window to sell Emi Martinez.

    If it was up to me, unless I get a 30-35 mil bid for Martinez I’d keep him for another year ( he’s got 2 years left in his contract at 20k a week ir roughly 1 mil a year that too before tax. He is earning less than Saka and Guendouzi and Amn )

    Although the sample size is small , Martinez showed us he has the potential to be a world class keeper. Certainly if he can maintain that 10-11 games form over a season he will be branded world class .Also lets not forget , that even though the sample size is small, Martinez played and performed excellent in some really important games like the FA cup semi and final.

    I strong believe Martinez should get a chance to claim the No.1 jersey next season. Many a top keepers and players have forged on great careers when the first choice in their position picked up an injury. Casillas is one example , Bellerin is another.

    Chelsea bought Kepa for 70 mil.
    Sheffield bought Ramsdale for 18 mil in a Coivd hit market.
    If you ask me Martinez is considerably better than both of these players and by some distance ( at least thats what he showed us in the 10-12 games)
    And a 10-15 mil transfer would be an abomination

    So all in all – I wouldn’t even sell Emi for 20mil. As 5-10 mil would go into buying a good young backup and the rest doesn’t really improve our budget by a whole lot. So unless we get a 35 mil offer , I’d start the season with Martinez in goal and if he can constantly play as well as he did last season for more than 3-4 months I’d give him a new contract and the no.1 jersey . Then proceed to sell Leno next summer for hopefully upwards of 30-35 mil.

  40. Marko

    Loaning Holding for me suggests that we’re confident in getting money in for others otherwise why not keep him or set his price fairly reasonable.

  41. S Asoa

    Skint Kroenke is partly to be blamed for Arsenal pennies wise pound foolish transfers. In most cases , if at time of intent we place a reasonable ,or maybe slightly over the market bid for the player ,we get him pronto and cheaper. That is what DOF of Chelsea is doing with support of Ibramovich. We started on Gabriel when he was touted at 24, now he is on 27 , we might land him at higher price.
    Kroenke owns the Club . Considering the lack of finances sob could put in some money now and collect back after sales.
    Instead our purchases are fish market class because of Kroenke

  42. Marc

    S Asoa

    “In most cases , if at time of intent we place a reasonable ,or maybe slightly over the market bid for the player ,we get him pronto and cheaper. ”

    Not sure I follow the logic in paying over the odds and thus getting a player cheaper?

  43. S Asoa

    Players get highlighted with a big Club’s interest aided by hype from their agent . Gets interest up from other’s as well. So over prolonged negotiations their valuation rises in the market. So , in case of a highly regarded player it is a good strategy to get the deal done and signed fast. A slight mark up always helps in such cases.

  44. S Asoa

    Remember De Suarez ? Instead of +£1 if we offered additional 5000 he might have been our man. Ultimately went to Barca next year for 72 mil all told , I think

  45. Captain Tierney

    Holding is reportedly a season long loan with no option to buy.
    Maybe the club hopes he can kick on and take Luiz’s place in the side next season.

    But that must mean the club is confident of generating cash from our other assets as Holding is someone I believe who can get us a good 15-20 mil. With Saliba , Gabriel , Luiz and Mari I think our CB options are set for next season.
    We need to generate at least 10-15 mil from Sokratis and Mustafi.
    Chambers can get us a good 10-15 but personally I would like to keep him as he is versatile and has a higher ceiling at CB than Holding imo.

    In another news , Aston Villa readying a 10 mil bid for Martinez. If we sell him for that amount then serious questions need to be asked of Edu and Vinai when Aaron Ramsdale was just bought for 18 mil.

    Look at Leicester and how they do business. They didn’t lower the asking price of Maguire a bit and if someone really wanted him they had to pay the price and they did. Similar thing with Chilwell. Imo Tierney is a much much better than Chilwell but they just sold him for 50mil + bonuses. We need to be strong in our sales this window and the future.

    Martinez is someone who will generate a lot of interest I think. Maybe not from the elite elite clubs but definitely clubs the size of Villa needing a Goalkeeper upgrade will be happy to take a punt on Martinez.

  46. Kay

    I d ask Martinez to sign an extn and allow him to go out on a season long loan.
    Try to sell him next window for 20 mill rather selling him for 10 mill this window.

  47. Habesha Gooner

    Loaning Holding to Newcastle doesn’t make sense. They have Lascelles, Fernandez and Schar. He wouldn’t play as much and his value wouldn’t go up. If we are loaning him out he should go somewhere where he would play.

  48. Useroz


    “There are plenty of other players in our squad who should be at the head of the departing queue namely Sokratis, Ozil, Elneny,Kolasinac, Torreira, Guendouzi, Maitland-Niles, Chambers and Holding.“

    Can’t agree more that we should keep Martinez. 10m? Got to be joking. Why is the club so stupid in managing player sales?

    On the many others who shouldn’t even be around, trouble is,other clubs know they are dross too. And at such high wages. It’s really dim the way it looks. Don’t think we’d raise much from this bunch unfortunately.

    Having Elneny in today’s squad is embarrassing. This guy should have disappeared ages ago. Ffs.

  49. S Asoa

    Captain T
    Martinez has 2 years on his contract. A pay hike and an extended contract with a secret gentleman’s agreement to sell , whatever , would be way to deal with the Martinez problem.

  50. Leftside

    Leno for me was our second best player after Auba this year. I like both players, but if Leno is fully ready to go he will start games.

  51. Guns of Hackney

    Martinez is the better keeper, regardless of the paltry games he’s played. I like Leno, but he’s a year or two older and coming back from a serious injury. I think he’d also command the bigger fee.

    To see Elneny is an Arsenal shirt is embarrassing.

  52. Captain Tierney


    He has been at the club for 10 years. He said he only stuck around for so long because the hierarchy promised him that he would get a chance for the No.1 jersey.
    He got that chance and boy did he grab with open arms.
    Now he knows theres genuine interest from other clubs and has said in 2 or 3 different interviews that
    1- He will not go on loan
    2- If he is not the no. 1 he will leave for new pastures.

    And imo he’s earned the chance to start as our No 1 next season.
    The most logical thing now will be to make Emi our first choice and see if he can continue in the same vein. If he can then we definitely have a top class keeper in our hands. If he cant then I’m sure we can still sell him for 10 mil next window.

  53. Terraloon


    “Our priority departures should be to offload the unwanted players even if the
    fee income is below expectation”

    It’s all well and good wanting to do that but achieving it ain’t so easy .

    I said on here weeks ago that it was highly likely that the only way some of the unwanted would be sold would be on the basis that the HP terms would be almost nil deposit and nil to pay for 12 months.

    Very very few of Arsenals players will be wanted by CL clubs and bar the odd club very very few have cash available.

    I am a cynic but I can’t but help feel that the only way Arsenal buy a player is to sell one and then the offers coming in are way below expectation even in this depressed market.

    I suspect that one of the keepers will be sold . That said it’s no good people saying this player went for this or that because if there is only one buyer and the seller has to sell then then we know how the story ends

  54. Marc


    Agree – I think too many are underestimating how difficult it’s going to be to unload players and how restricted we’re going to be on signings if we don’t bring in some serious cash.

  55. China1

    I don’t currently want to sell either keeper but I’d currently rather Martinez was n1. Leno is a more technically capable keeper with better reactions but that’s not actually preferable to having a keeper who just calmly dominates his box.

    I’d trade 2 world class saves from Leno for just consistently flawless catching and distribution from Martinez but that’s just me

  56. London gunner

    I think we should sell torrieria good little player but hasn’t turned into our kante and seems anglophoebic, needs a Latin based environment.

  57. Marc


    Who’s buying? As he’s clearly surplus to requirements 99.9% of Gooner’s are expecting him to go you must have some insight into who’s going to offer us a big wad of cash?

  58. London gunner


    An argument can be made leno is a better shot stopper but I wouldn’t say he is technically better.

    It takes much more technique to time the jump and have the hands to catch the ball rather than wildly punch it out like Leno does and it also helps us maintain possession and Control not just in our box but with the overall game.

    Think of the law averages everytime leno punches the ball out its a 50/50 probably less we maintain possession, everyone martinez catches the ball its 100% possesion retention.

    Now imagine leno punches the ball out 8 times a game and leno catches 8 times a game that has a huge impact over one match let alone a season.
    It also allows the defenders and the rest of the team more security.

  59. China1

    Yeah I think the problem is if you were running another club how many of our dross/fringe players would you actually want to buy and how much would you be willing to pay?

    The few clubs that have proper resources should be looking at better players, or there are even better and cheaper alternatives frankly

  60. London gunner


    He has the ability to play for a top 5 Italian/Spanish team. Worst comes worse we can trade him for a young promising player with lighter wages. Point is we need to work on options here.

  61. Jeanette+Kliger

    I don’t know if Arteta is involved in the decisions, but there’s a lot that worries me.
    Keep AMN – why in god’s name did we buy Soares?
    Why are the Auba/Gabriel deals taking so long?
    Why can’t we sell Guendouzi – he’s a loose cannon.
    Why (it appears) was Freddie pushed out? Was he pushed or did he jump?
    All this is worrying.

  62. Habesha Gooner

    I don’t think we should sell Martinez yet. I don’t think he is expecting a promise of being No1. 8 think he is saying he needs an assurance that he can be No1 if he performs, which he has done so far.

    Next summer even with a year left on his deal we can sell him for the 10 mil that’s being talked about even if he flops. If he doesn’t we will sell Leno for a much better price. It’s a win win for us to keep him.

  63. Terraloon


    I suspect that Torrieria would be sold in a heartbeat if even a decent offer were incoming but the only offer I have read about was a 12 month loan ( fee less than his wage ) with an option to buy for €15 million

  64. andy1886

    CaptainT, just a thought on your CB options for the upcoming season:

    Saliba – hasn’t played a single minute in the PL.
    Gabriel – Ditto, (assuming we sign him).
    Luiz – Has good and bad days, not getting any younger (or better!).
    Mari – Has played less than two full games and looked slow and immobile when he did.

    I think that we do need to retain at least one PL proven CB until we see how the above settle. People have a habit of assuming that every player we sign will be the next best thing ever! but at least half of them usually fail to live up to expectations.

  65. Marc


    We need cash otherwise they’ll be no other signings. Look at the options we have who should (I say should) be able to generate funds and beyond Laca and maybe Bellerin we’re pretty limited.

  66. Trask

    Really cant see why they loan Holding. Get a fee for him even if its 10-15 and move on making a profit as well

    If uve got to loan then make it an obligation to buy

    He is not coming back next ur to be anything other than a squaddie

    Just a poor selling club Arsenal. Really atrocious at it

    Still have Mustafi, Sokratis, Chambers not good enough who will generate f all

  67. China1

    As soon as you see the clubs linked with most of our for sale players you realize it’s hopeless

    Lower German teams, and clubs like Torino ffs lol

    This perfectly underscores how piss poor our recruitment and contract negotiation was in the last 5 years because the only clubs that might be improved by our fringe players are absolutely nothing teams with no resources to boot.

    No offense to Torino but as soon as arsenal answered the phone and heard it was them calling about a transfer we should’ve hung up lol. At least in years gone by we could con solid fees out of badly run clubs like Everton. If they’re not interested in our trash then we’re screwed

  68. Receding Hairline

    Lol @ 10m for Martinez being too low. We sold Ospina for 3m or was it less? And he has a longer history of being a number one in normal games that had fans in the stadium and no water breaks

    This Martinez adulation is getting silly

  69. CG

    “””””Look at Leicester and how they do business. They didn’t lower the asking price of Maguire a bit and if someone really wanted him they had to pay the price and they did. Similar thing with Chilwell. Imo Tierney is a much much better than Chilwell but they just sold him for 50mil + bonuses. We need to be strong in our sales this window and the future.””””””

    Well said Captain.

    The best run club around .

    The Foxes are constantly pro-active in all of their business where as Arsenal are always reactive ( Except off course- when asking players to take pay cuts. Arsenal, shamefully still the ONLY club to have asked their players to take them)

    But it all stems from their magnificent owners.
    Unfortunately we have Stan and his gormless son and they have allowed absolute dopes and or charlatans to make our long term strategic decisions.

    As for the Martinez conundrum. The moment Arsenal offered that outrageous contract to Willian – the lower paid members of the squad were going to want their wages hiked too.

    The club is in a complete and utter mess and the season is unravelling before it has even started.

  70. andy1886

    You can understand Emi wanting to leave if he isn’t #1. He’s spent ten seasons waiting for a chance and when he got it he did everything right. If you can’t keep your place after that you’d have to assume that you’re never going to be #1 and may as well move on.

  71. Receding Hairline

    Habesha what negativity?

    How much would Martinez have fetched this window if Leno wasn’t injured?

    Is Torriera not being courted by mid table serie A teams?

    Why do some of you have an issue with facts?

  72. Marc

    “Why do some of you have an issue with facts?”

    A few on here need to be able to understand the difference between what we’d like to happen / where we are and what the actual reality of the situation is.

  73. Trask

    Holding wouldn’t even start in that Newcastle from all indications

    If he doesnt play then his value diminishes even more and so the idea of selling him nxt summer for more than we would have gotten now becomes null

    Just looks like a case of “oh shit too many CBs get rid anyhow”

  74. CG

    “”””Martinez leaving is a brain dead stupid decision.”””””

    Agreement Graham.

    That lad tears at Wembley only weeks ago. Heartfelt and genuine,
    Even made an old crustie like me- get the handkerchief out.

    Another one who has been at the club over a decade.
    Another one like AMN – who has grown up at Arsenal and have the unique Arsenal DNA.

    Jettisoned. Disgraceful.

    Now our x 2 time F A Cup winner Rob Holding is being farmed out too.

    The Zombie club strikes again. And again……

  75. Terraloon


    Spot on

    For me the real Elephant in the room is the lack of true depth of squad depth and for all the deadwood that the club are desperate to sell they occupy squad places that need to be filled and if the likes of Martinelli, Chambers and Mustafi take longer to recover or indeed are moved on then the demands of early season will take a major toll on the likes Willian etc who almost certainly will be picked to play every game.

  76. Marko

    I genuinely don’t get Arsenal fans sometimes I really don’t. The reactions to a keeper here 10 years who performed admirably in just 10 games is truly ridiculous. It’s embarrassing honestly. Again if people want to have a conversation about upgrading the goalkeeper position we can do that there’s certainly keepers out there better than Leno that we could target but a conversation about replacing Leno with Martinez after 10 games in circumstances never before seen in football is ludicrous .

    So let’s put everything in context and finish with this nonsense shall we.

    Leno is 28 has played 467 career games and has played for Germany and has champions league experience.

    Emi Martinez turns 28 Sept 2nd he has 137 career appearances to his name with 2 champions league appearances coming in the 14/15 season and zero appearances for Argentina. His top flight league experience is 15 appearances for us and 4 in la liga. Oh and he’s been loaned out like 6 times.

    Love the lad for his recent performances and his likability but the reaction to him from Arsenal fans is laughable. Thankfully Mikel and co aren’t so knee jerk about Leno and Martinez

  77. Aussie+Gooner


    Leicester are a well run club because they have owners that care about the club and the environment it functions in. Arsenal do not have such owners. I doubt if Stan even knows what London Borough the stadium is in!

  78. Sid

    We are a midtable team expecting our players to fet h as much as leicesters is unreasonable.

    With a proper midfield our not so good players would look better and fetch more. Adebayor, Song, Vermaleen, Hleb, Clichy all looked great because of Cesc, Rosicky, Nasri.
    Its that simple
    Keeping on with Xhakalson as the main man in midfield will cost us financially and on the field.

  79. Marc


    There are some fundamental equations that govern the Universe.

    Arsenal doing well = CG being unhappy

    And of course the most important of all of them.

    Xhaka = No CL football.

  80. London gunner

    Selling martine for 10 million is a terrible idea.

    It doesn’t matter of so far in hia career he has played as number 2 thats due to circumstance not a lack of talent.

    What the guy shows is he is capable of being top quality so selling him now for only 10 million is a lose lose situation. 10 million isn’t the difference between a good and bad transfer season for us. If it was 40 million then you may have an argument there.

    Selling such a good player for such a low sum is a lose lose situation.

  81. Habesha Gooner

    There is also the point that he has performed admirably since Leno got injured. Glorifying selling him for 10 mil where everyone else charges premium on players isn’t great. Martinez has been here 10 years, true. But he has shown world class potential during the past dozen or so games.

    Torriera is a good player. He had some good moments with us. Cutting him down as a midtable player when he is an asset is Negativity in my eyes. He didn’t work for us due to the nature of the league but he will eventually be back on a bigger stage than torino and Fiorentina.

  82. Marko

    It doesn’t matter of so far in hia career he has played as number 2 thats due to circumstance not a lack of talent.

    He’s 28 and never held down a starting spot for any meaningful amount of time. That’s the circumstance. Also there’s a reason why he might be going for 10 million and not 40 million. It’s a pretty obvious one at that

  83. Marko

    But he has shown world class potential during the past dozen or so games.

    You can’t tell but I’m banging my head against a wall right now

  84. Habesha Gooner

    I am not advocating to sell Leno. But on the basis of the games Martinez played, He deserves to start the season as No 1. And when we find fault in him the Leno gets his chance again. 10 mil might have been a fair price before Leno got injured but not now. If we sell we need to make at least 15 mil+. We also need to replace him too and make a profit.

  85. salparadisenyc

    Keepers can peak later, hardly outrageous to question club willing to sell Martinez after recent exploits culminating in an FA cup win. Martinez is headed into peak years with ability to play for many seasons to come. As is Leno potentially.

    Strong argument to made to keep both if possible for next season then sell when market is in better place with Leno having shown the injury is fully behind him.

  86. Champagne Charlie

    Sheesh the chronic overrating of some of ‘our own’ on here really is baffling.

    Martinez was excellent end of season, but cmon people it was a dozen fucking games and he’s been here a decade. If Leno hadn’t wrecked his knee Martinez would’ve been sent on loan to QPR or someone and not one cunt on here would’ve said a peep.

    Leno was voted second behind Auba in the player of the year stakes, absolutely delusional to think that if we’re selling a GK it’s going to be Leno over Martinez.

  87. TR7

    Anybody suggesting we sell Emi for 10 million needs to get their head checked. Not suggesting he is already better than Leno or anything but the guy is still too good to be sold for a meagre 10M fee. Kepabalaga who is not even half as good went for 70 M. Leicester if they decide to sell Schmeichel will not agree for anything less than 40M.

  88. Marc

    “hardly outrageous to question club willing to sell Martinez”

    Well firstly the rumours that we’re willing to sell might just be precisely that, secondly what if Arteta wants Leno to be No 1 and the player has said he wants to leave if he’s not first choice?

    People are making it sound like we’ve tied him to one of the statues outside the stadium with a for sale board on him.

  89. Nelson

    Arsenal’s #CommunityShield XI confirmed: Martinez; Bellerin, Luiz, Holding, Tierney; Maitland-Niles, Elneny, Xhaka; Saka, Nketiah, Aubameyang

  90. Nelson

    Liverpool XI Confirmed: Alisson; Williams, Gomez, van Dijk, Robertson; Fabinho, Wijnaldum, Milner, Salah, Firmino, Mane

  91. Chris

    Elneny m, is this putting him in the shop window or is it resorting to sticking with what we have. The guy is painfully average and always has been. A steady Eddie but he won’t light any fire in a new Arsenal midfield, another Wenger signing that smacked of averageness.

  92. salparadisenyc


    Don’t think theres a question Leno is the number 1, point was is he fully rid of injury. Something only time will tell.

  93. Than you and goodnight

    Not just Elneny, but really don’t rate holding. Holding is way to slow to be a top defender. I know John terry and our warrior leader Tony Adams were not overly quick, difference was they could read the game and were often a few steps in their head, ahead of their opponents

  94. Marko

    But on the basis of the games Martinez played, He deserves to start the season as No 1.

    You mean the games where he was only playing because Leno was injured? Gotcha

  95. MidwestGun

    Hello Ladies.. what’s shakin? Another Leno vs Marti debate? meh…. hahaha can’t get into that.. Don’t know why Pedro is pimpin this match so high… It’s very easy to say it’s not an important match… I just did.. simple.

    It would be fun to win it.. but grand scheme of things this shortened summer.. it means nothing. The old player confidence debate.. not this summer …with all that’s going on.. players will be fine if we lose. Half these dudes might be sold for all we know.

  96. Pierre

    I’m not sure why there is such consternation from Marko , charlie and Receding because the majority would prefer Martinez as out No.1.

    It’s all about opinions and as we see, Martinez has been chosen today despite Leno’s return to fitness..

    Is that Arteta saying that he prefers Martinez over Leno.
    Maybe we shouldn’t read too much into it.

    Or should we.

  97. Marko

    Kepabalaga who is not even half as good went for 70 M.

    Sorry despite an underwhelming stint at Chelsea and them grossly overpaying Kepa is still absolutely better than Martinez. He’s played for Spain his performances alone at Bilbao suggest this

  98. Habesha Gooner

    I don’t know. May be arteta doesn’t want to spend on a 4th CB next summer and wants to bring Holding back.

    That is called taking your chance. Remember a certain player called harry kane who benched a club record signing called Soldado? Unless he drops shit performances from now on he is should be No 1. It doesn’t matter how he got his chance.

  99. Champagne Charlie


    I missed your championing of Martinez the past few years, must’ve been another that’s done so under his breath – or not at all. Weird that.

    Now wanting the club to raise funds and improve the first XI is seen as an odd stance, what a time to be alive.

  100. MidwestGun

    Jurgen Klopp always looks like a hired assassin trying to blend into a crowd.. Sketchy disguise beard… with a baseball hat and glasses.

  101. Marko

    That is called taking your chance. Remember a certain player called harry kane who benched a club record signing called Soldado?

    Yeah but what age did that happen? 27? Come on man it’s not even remotely the same this debate is stupid. Guy shows signs at nearly 28 over 12 games it doesn’t really mean you bench someone who’s been doing it for much longer

  102. Marko

    This may well be the start of an inspired 10 game run of form from Elneny.If Martinez can do it with no previous form to speak of…

    Excellent point. Expect Elneny to be considered top class by mid October

  103. Chris

    I do like the optimism of some Arsenal fans, but Elneny is never going to be good enough for what we need, nice guy as he is. Great goal against Barcelona in another predictable last 16 CL exit but what has he ever done apart from that?