Balloon selfie mishap

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Oh Alex, Alex, Alex, what have you done?

… balloons. I get it. Now, I don’t really think this sort of activity is that big of a deal. I’d rather this than lines of coke in China White’s disabled toilet. The thing that is disappointing here is: ‘filmed himself.’

Why would you do that? Is the joke really worth it? It’s so dumb.

Worse still, what the fuck is wrong with his mates? The Whatsapp Group is sacred. What goes on in there stays in there, that’s a legally binding premise. You’ve got to be a really dirty snitch to share that sort of gossip on the streets. I’m utterly appalled by his crew.

Let’s be real here, someone needs to get shanked. Who is raising their hand or carefully sharpened toothbrush?

It hasn’t been a good year for Alex. His form has been pitiful, he was caught cheating on his long term partner, he lost his shit at a Twitter account that was spreading FAKE rumours, and now he’s setting the tone for the lockdown by sending videos of himself getting lightly high off a balloon. Not befitting of a man that is nearly 29, I mean, his birthday is in 11 days, he’s actually 29 years old. Or is he still 28?

I find it tough to believe he’s going to be here next season. He earns £185k a week, he has limited time left on his deal and he’s not doing the business on or off the pitch.

Sounds like…

It’s clear that Arteta is looking closely at midfield and central defence as he rebuilds this summer. In an interview with Sky Sports, Mustafi gives a little more detail on how he sees the central defender position moving forward.

“He’s a little like a professor,”

“He knows exactly where he wants the players to be when on the ball and how to react when losing the ball. It’s very special.

“When I pass I am usually only focused on where to be if we lose the ball but he wants me to contribute offensively too. So we constantly need to make an option for the player on the ball.

“When you are 28 and you play in different countries with other coaches you think you know everything but then he came in and there are things I’ve never known before.”

In a weird twist of fate, Mustafi is the type of defender he’d be looking at, maybe a bit taller. He’s very mobile, has a great range of passing, and he’s good in the air. I know that pains people, but if you cut out the mistakes, he’s pretty decent. Not sure whether he’ll stay, but I’d imagine we’ll aggressively chop out some of the fat we have in that position. It’ll be interesting to see how much weight the manager puts on Saliba rejoining if he’s part of the group next year, you’d have to imagine that’s curtains for Sokratis.

Another area that we might look at is the goalkeeper. We’ve been linked with Neto of Barca and PSGs Areola. For me, there are question marks over Bernd Leno’s concentration. He’s looked great when we’re being battered, but sometimes his mind goes walkabout when you need him most. Hopefully, that can be rectified, but it would be nice to have some proper cover for him going into next year.

I also think it’ll be interesting to see where we go with Auba. He’s never looked fitter, the fans love him, and he’s absolutely lethal. He’s added a lot to his game under Arteta, and it’s clear the view is that he’s the best player at Arsenal. That said, he’ll also have massive appeal to clubs looking for swap deals this summer. We know Barca, PSG, Madrid and Juve are all in the market to move players about in that way, and he really is our crown jewel if we wanted to bulk the squad with two or three quality additions.

The other reality we could face is that Arsenal simply move on the high earners this summer and focus on the kids coming through. There will never be a better opportunity to say, fuck it, let’s move players on. The pressure will be lessened because there won’t be fans in the stadium, and I think there’s a general lowering of expectations at most clubs due to the situation.

Ok, that’s all I have time for today. See you in the comments. x

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  1. Tom

    So a 30m Pepe ( according to CG’s valuations) has outperformed the 80m Zaha in his first season , on a dysfunctional team under three different managers.

  2. Chris

    Bit of a stretch to say Wenger managed Alexis “expertly” when he allowed his contract to run down and then botched the move on the last day of the transfer window.

  3. ranxzy

    In all competitions, Zaha has three goals and five assists from 30 games, while Pepe has six goals and eight assists in 32 competitive games.

  4. Dissenter

    In all competitions, Zaha has three goals and five assists from 30 games, while Pepe has six goals and eight assists in 32 competitive games.”

    Zaha affects the game more though.
    He wins fouls in key areas of he field that gives his team opportunities. Thre are some things those stats don’t capture fully.

  5. Marc


    They also don’t capture the fact that at Palace he is the star player and go to guy by some measure – at Arsenal he’d be another player.

    He is not that good – just another overpriced, over hyped English player.

  6. ranxzy

    Zaha proved his worth at a club with stature and history when he went to Manchester United. Not good enough. He hasn’t got what it takes to be a big player at a decent club.

    He looks like a word beater compared to colleagues like Benteke though.

  7. Valentin

    Zaha and Pepe both play for Ivory Coast. Most Ivorian if they had to choose which one of them they would be more confident to represent them, Zaha would be picked ahead of Pepe in most case.

    Pepe is an individual dribbler, who work fine in a very narrow setting i.e. counter-attacking team setup to soak up pressure, while Zaha can create, occupy multiple defenders, draw fouls.

    Arteta may get more out of him, but unless there is either a change of system to suit him or a complete change in his playing style, long term I can’t see Pepe being part of Arteta’s Arsenal.

  8. Graham62

    These Arseblog geezers obviously have nothing better to do.

    We became “dysfunctional” as soon as we left Highbury. As the years progressed we became more and more “dysfunctional” as the messiah took it upon himself to consume the club, hook, line and sinker.

    Those that bought into this slow and predictable regression( dysfunctional running of the club) did so because of one thing, their❤️ of Wenger.

    So, to say the club has been “dysfunctional“ post Wenger is a total cop out. Look at the definition of the word CG. It means not working normally or properly, something that was obvious to so many long before your master left the building.

    Of course you were blind to this until, that is, it suited your agenda.

  9. Pierre

    “Now please do tell me how my comment to Marc which you highlighted, is in any way related to you posting a video on Arteta’s Arsenal style ?”

    It’s not hard to work out is it ..

    You said to Marc, and I quote
    ” my guess is the reason behind him(ozil) seeing it out is he’s done with football…. pretty much like football is done with him.”

    I always find it’s best to produce evidence when someone is talking bullshit, so I posted a link of Arteta’s best plays during his time at the club.

    You only need to watch the link and you will see that the player who is supposedly
    “Done with football..pretty much like football is done with him ” is involved in probably 90% ( or more ) of Arsenal’s best play under Arteta.

    Here is the evidence …watch and learn.

    Only an idiot would preach about attending games during Emery’s 18 months at the club when in fact he supposedly boycotted Arsenal home games during Wenger’s final years.

  10. rollen

    Zaha is garbage. Take out his cheating and there is not much else. In BPL referees give him decisions because its good for their agenda. When he moves to big club he will get 20% of those and ofc will disappear.

  11. UTarse

    Little p,

    Only an idiot would claim “Here is a link to Arsenal’s best football under Arteta, and no it is not a montage of Ozil’s best bits.”

    To then follow,up with “you only need to watch the link and you will see that the player who is supposedly done..involved in Arsenals best play………Ozil…

    You’re an obsessed fanboy, a cult worshipper, not a supporter of the football club. Your incessant banging on about Ozil and how he is Involved in 90% plus of Arsenals best football says it all. You are a prize idiot.

  12. Mulerise14

    Song said that he moved from Arsenal to barca for money……how thick can some players be.don’t get me wrong,we all in the business of making more money in whatever proffession we are,but how long did he stay in barca?a season or 2?then statis….backwater teams till date.he could have stayed earn better contracts if he didnt move from Arsenal.
    We all remember Mikel Obi,right?but what most would not remember was that at a time he was only second to Messi in FIFA under 17 tournament that announced ’em to the world.And he was second ‘cos Argentina won the world cup.
    My point is he could have played under Sir Ferguson as heir-apparent to Scholes who was at the twilight of his carreer then,but chose to play for mournhinho of cheskers who covert him from attacking midfielder to defensive midfielder…….the rest is as they say history.
    Many players move too early for diffrent reasons;money,bigger club allures etc
    Applying this to saka conundrum,he should stay and fully develop here under Arteta,then if he wants to move after,he would have his move.beginnings are the most delicate,any wrong turn,we may have another nomadic player on our hands a la Anelka.
    He is worth a 75-100k easily,lets give him that and if he doesnt want to sign 5 years,give him 3 or 4.he has us by the balls,but we should bend a little bit if we have to ‘cos selling him would cost us more than we could ever gain from selling him.
    The lesson in all this should not be forgotten,whenever we are promoting our youthsters into senior team,we should examine thier contracts length and 2 more years with option of another year,else we may be face with another saka’ saga.
    Beginning with Nelson,smith-rowe,jules,balogun,azeez, and rest.