A European Cup Cup Playoff™ COULD be the solution

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It’s fascinating piecing together all the component parts of this outbreak and the impact it’s having on the Premier League.

Firstly, I didn’t realise the league cancelled NOT because huge gathering of the proles could be a problem for society, oh no, they cancelled when Mikel Arteta was diagnosed because they worried about how long it’d take players to come back to full fitness. This line from The Guardian captures it neatly.

A Premier League club executive, who did not want to be named given the acute sensitivities of this crisis, said sports scientists’ advice is that a player needs one day of training for every day of isolation before they can be match fit. So the advisory 14-day isolation doubles to 28 days out of action. It appears close to impossible for squads, managers, coaching and other staff to operate at full strength as the virus spreads, peaks and runs its course.

Bit grim that it was players recovery times… not the idea that a stadium of 60,000 people is a hotbed of contagion that could kill people.

The dawning reality for football execs up and down the country is that the season is looking ever more likely to be cancelled.

Check out the podcast at the bottom of this post where I talk through some hypotheticals with Alex. We discussed a couple of areas that look less likely today. One of my unbelievable EUREKA JOHNSON moments centred around the problems of cancelling the season, I suggested we SHOULD play the season out to stop legal challenges. The bonus is we would resync world football and start next season in January. The benefit would be that we’d be in good shape for the Qatar World Cup. However, most players contracts run to June 30th, which would cause a headache for clubs. I don’t really buy that, we’re changing the season in 2 years, why not now? It’d be better for everyone if this season was finished fairly.

Apparently, there’s a taste for nullifying the league right now but in a less extreme way that Karen Brady is suggesting (namely, letting clubs have last seasons spots). Promote WBA and Leeds, give Liverpool the title, and make all the leagues bigger for a year by not relegating anyone. I could be onboard with that, but I’d be pretty miffed if Arsenal lost out on Europe. We’re very much in the mixer. If we win our game in hand, we’re two points from United. Sure, we’ve been shite all season, but so have United, hence their drab points total.


… and there is the problem, if I can’t play nicely, do you really think Don Raul is going to forsake that Champions League pot of gold he bet this summers transfer budget on? I have my doubts. However unlikely Champions League seemed, it was on the cards. I think we’d have even more of a chance if Arteta had 3 months to practice his ideas with the team. We’d be fitter, smarter, and we’d have a few games to build into the City game (the game in hand).

Another BOBBY DAZZLER of an idea we were mulling was a European Cup Cup Comp™. Isn’t that a pithy name?

If we’re settled on Leicester, Liverpool and City as the Top three, we could play a knockout for the remaining European places. Maybe we could run a futsal league? 8 teams battle it out. The winners take home Europe. The final could be called the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL, you know, because both teams would qualify? I can work on nomenclature, keep with me here, it’s a good idea, we’re moving things forward and you damn well know it.

The really interesting impending firestorm is the one around TV money. Do fans get their subs back from the TV companies? Or is it force majeur (get fucked in French)? Part of the problem is we pay monthly, so fans will just cancel the football part. The question focusing on whether the TV companies take back the money they’ve lost in upfront payments? It ‘could’ be solved by growing the league by 3 teams and giving the TV firms the extra games for free next season. The Premier League might also have to drop their pants on 3pm kickoffs and give Sky a sniff at those. We could also see a relegation playoff introduced like they have in other countries, that’d help plump up the lost advertising revenue.

Damn, we are solving issues at a rate of knots today chaps and chapesses.

On the Mikel Arteta front, he’s doing well according to his wife.

“My husband is feeling fine, he is well. It’s true that he had symptoms of the virus but the symptoms would have never stopped him from going to work in a normal situation.”

I love that she’s just admitted that Mikel usually takes his illness into work. What a pig.

Before I go though, I haven’t seen my GF for the best part of 2 months, she came home yesterday. I foolishly thought I’d slink out and support the people in restaurants who won’t be earning any money… thinking New York would be a ghost town. My oh my, it was fucking packed. The sun was out, people were playing in the park, and all the bars were fucking rammed. Then I read this today and felt real guilty.

Calm before the storm after reading that bad boy! Stay safe and pretend those canned kidney beans are a dining delight by serving them up artfully!

Right, I guess that’s me done for today. Let me know if there are any topics you want me to write about over the coming weeks.

We’re going to have A LOT of time to kill….


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  1. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Also when going for a dump… can be renamed
    I’m going for a Blair …

    I’m not sure about kier stammers as next boss. A knight of the realm being labour leader ain’t right.

    I personally like rebbeca long bailey ..

    But she ain’t popular.

    Or bring back the mayor of Manchester.

  2. andy1886

    Stroller, just taking it back to my original comment my initial objection was to you painting those critical of the government’s actions as being politically motivated. Clearly there are many who have different views based on the evidence as they see it, not politics.

    On the numbers you mentioned death rates. Death rates are calculated by taking the number of known infected and calculating the percentage that die. My numbers reflect this. So outcomes are worse in the UK in that respect. Again let’s be clear without accurate numbers for infected individuals all of these statistics are pretty meaningless.

    My concern with UK government policy is multi-fold. Firstly in flies in direct contrast with just about every other nation – check out the latest responses across Europe and further afield. That might be mitigated if the persons leading our country were really credible. It’s a fact that Boris has been repeatedly proven to be either incompetent or dishonest, he’s been fired from just about every job he has ever held for one or both of those failings. Thirdly some of their proposals have been quite frankly absurd. Herd immunity for example. Boris’ initial suggestion that one option would be to let it ‘run it’s course’ is another.

    You even unwittingly gave another example in your last comment. If Boris and his health minister cannot agree or are confused about the true number of infected individuals why should I have the slightest confidence in them?

    So, I have valid reasons for my criticisms as do many others. It’s all to simplistic to write them off as being politically motivated.

  3. Gentlebris

    ‘You even had someone posting a comment earlier about why over reacting is good because you can always calm down after.It scares me that these people are allowed to vote.’

    I read that comment and it’s a beaut.

    First, this is an international health emergency. Then as the comment posited, to over react in that sense is to roll out all the possible measures against the worst scenario thinkable. Once that is in full swing, you have the luxury of time for analysis. From there, you determine measures that are not actually needed and switch them off. By so doing, you don’t lose a single life you shouldn’t have lost. Stand that against playing catch up after deliberately slacking things in the beginning.

    People who think like this should not only vote, they should be voted for.

  4. andy1886


    Churchill: Great war leader (not so hot during WWI but who was?), but not trusted to lead the country post war.

    Alan B’stard – agreed, absolute legend.

    Maggie: To me meant mass youth unemployment just as I left school, YTS schemes, selling of housing stock and utilities so her cronies could make huge profits, poll tax and social division.

    I don’t really have any political heroes as such, best we can hope for is that the next one isn’t such a narcissistic f*ckwit.

  5. Emiratesstroller


    The Government’s official estimate is that current deaths is 1% of all cases. It
    is of course significantly higher for older people. Only one case was below age
    of 70 and that was someone with serious heart problems.

    The percentage is correlating with the mortality rate in South Korea which is
    testing far more people.

    Boris Johnson and the Secretary of State for Health made the same calculation
    of people estimated to have virus including those untested.

    However, he suggested today that it might be less.

    As I have pointed out France and UK have similar size population, but the
    number of cases reported and deaths in France is almost 4 times higher despite lock down.

    Let us judge the performance of the Government and UK Scientist and Medical experts at the end of the crisis. I doubt that there will be fewer cases
    in this country, but the test will be whether they are able to “manage the
    situation better’ than on Continent.

  6. Andy1886

    Un, Thatcher’s policies caused untold misery to millions and she deemed it ‘a price worth paying’ so guess I’m not the biggest wanker in that scenario.

  7. Andy1886

    Stroller, we will see. Would be nice however if you would acknowledge that there are good reasons beyond politics to disagree with this government’s policy.

  8. Marc


    Maggie was a fucking legend – you know it, I know it and the lefty scum she crushed know it.

    Greatest leader of the last 40 years and that’s globally. The French are still trying to install some of her reforms they’ve just never had a leader man enough to follow it through.

  9. Emiratesstroller

    Andy 1886

    As I have already acknowledged there are different opinions globally how to
    deal with this crisis and that applies also within the UK.

    Our Government has made a judgment based on our scientists and medical
    profession’ advice. It is not a political decision.

  10. Andy1886

    Stroller, you’re free to believe that, I’m free to believe that in politics all decisions have a political dimension.

  11. Batistuta

    Absolutely disgraceful the way the British government has handled the whole situation. Spain now on lockdown which should have been done weeks back.

  12. Valentin

    I am with Andy on that one. Both UK and US government are more worried about the state of the economy than the death toll. That does not mean that everybody in government is sociopath, but among the special advisors a fair few will try to score political gains for their side.

    I also believe that some leaders have still not grasp the enormity of the crisis they are facing. Both on the medical and on the economic level. They should realised that this is going to cause a massive economic shock that could end up much bigger than 2008.

    Dropping the bank base interest rate is futile when half the country is in lock down. Non food, pharmacy shops closed means that the biggest employers sector will be shut down.
    Lockdown means that the leisure and travel industry can’t function. So expect massive redundancy announcement within 2 months.

    If the US are affected as much as Europe and I believe that they will be more affected, then the number of foreclosure could go back to the level of 2008. However this time it will not just affect primarily the non-prime market. Anybody who has a job in those affected industry may be potentially at risk financially.

  13. Dissenter

    You really believe your government is following scientific and medical advice to the letter?
    You are very trusting, like Andy said…good for you.

  14. Tony

    “Stroller, we will see. Would be nice however if you would acknowledge that there are good reasons beyond politics to disagree with this government’s policy.”

    Flogging a dead horse I’m afraid as far as ES is concerned.

    ES is one of the remaining few who extend from the bastion of the ‘stiff upper lip’ and bulldog breed hence my Churchillian comment to ES.

    ES while being admirably successful earning his accumulated wealth also obviously comes from a good stock family who no doubt afforded him privileges with education etc in a way he does for his offspring and I do with my son & daughter.

    If you are wealthy enough any country you live in offers a far more enjoyable quality of life than those who endure hardships through lack of income. It is this wealth that distorts ES’s views.

    However, ES’s logic is generally flawed, such as his repeated stance on his woking abroad business trips and knowledge of such countries for his brief working trips.

    Having actually lived and worked in 5 countries (with repeated business trips to more than 10 countries) myself; living for either 6 months plus to now in Thailand & SE Asia over 20 years, I can terrify to the fact that to really know a country, its people and more importantly its culture and heritage, that this is not possible to do from short business trips.

    “My concern with UK government policy is multi-fold. Firstly in flies in direct contrast with just about every other nation – check out the latest responses across Europe and further afield. That might be mitigated if the persons leading our country were really credible. It’s a fact that Boris has been repeatedly proven to be either incompetent or dishonest, he’s been fired from just about every job he has ever held for one or both of those failings. Thirdly some of their proposals have been quite frankly absurd. Herd immunity for example. Boris’ initial suggestion that one option would be to let it ‘run its course’ is another.”

    ES will no doubt list you as a ‘Corbynista’ for your above comment, and he will wilfully discard the facts because he just can’t bring himself accept historical facts as being true instead blindly believing Boris and his government even though some of his MPs are now saying the ‘Herd Immunity’ was the wrong course of action.

    I have always been apolitical. Why? Because I’ve never seen an elected government stick to its election manifesto. I realised at an early age politicians are agenda driven for their own avarice of power and money, at the expense of the general population. This is many ways led me to want out of the UK as it has many others.

    There is no debating with ES, he is dogmatic in his views; it is the way for most of his generation. Thank god (sorry Gentle) ES didn’t fight in a war, we’d never hear the last of it.

    ES cherry picks parts of opposing posts and then lays down repeatedly his views and dam statistics that can be massaged to suit his argument.

    God forbid, (sorry again Gentle) ES would ever admit he’s wrong!

    The UK is an island where as most of the countries ES is trying to have us believe have worst figures than the UK are mostly landlocked with numerous borders, which are easily accessible borders.

    Equally, ES is relying on government and press figures and statistics, which should be taken with a pinch of salt.

    I mean both are so economical with the truth to support their agendas or need for profits, it’s just too ridiculous to believe let alone as relate to other as gospel.

    According to ES the UK leads the world in scientific medical research. Yet the eventual vaccine will most likely come from a foreign country with the UK scientific brain trust being left scratching their heads.

    The UK government, especially backtracking Boris are so far out of their collective depth regarding Covid-19 that far too many needless deaths will occur in the elderly and younger weaker members of the UK population.

    ES blindly believes the NHS is far superior to other country’s health systems because it’s free. But is it really free? Does not National Insurance go towards funding the NHS?

    Regardless I would imagine most people would rather not pay NI contributions and have their own heath insurance. I have no metric for this it’s just an opinion.

    There are so many people suffering and dying (not from the pandemic) but from lack of required medications that the NHS can’t afford or from incredibly over worked doctors often out on their feet from sleep deprivation that mistakes are made with diagnostics and patient care.

    The NHS is an archaic system that can’t cope at the best of times. Just look at operations’ waiting lists and the lack of nurses. It was treading water over 25 years ago and now with such vast immigration numbers (government sanctioned) it is drowning and needs £40billion to even begin to cope with the pandemic. Why wasn’t this amount given before the pandemic?

    Just look at the cutbacks for local surgeries and GPs and talk to interns, junior doctors and fellows to get their views on the terminally ill and suffering NHS.

    ES says one can’t compare Asian countries figures and handling of Covid-19 to the UK.

    Again I ask why not? The virus is the same and in Thailand’s case it has a similar population and also borders several 3rd word countries with jungles and the Mekong river easily traversed.

    There is no panic or knee jerk reactions from the Thais, the Singaporeans or Malay people. No panic buying in the supermarkets and shopping malls. I can’t attest to some Thais not going out to eat/drink and such, but they are respectful of each other’s space, as I witnessed first hand in our local mall yesterday with entry testing similar to what China1 has explained regarding safety measures for China’s residents.

    I can only conclude that ES should get together with Ben Elton, as ES and his laughable belligerent ways have a new Baldrick type character written all over it.

    You can’t debate with blind ostrich like ignorance that ES displays. He (ES) should have been a politician; he has all the attributes as laid out in my aforementioned points to have been the 2nd coming of Churchill.

    Is Thailand better than the UK? It is for me and many hundreds of thousands from the west/Australasia living here. However, no country is perfect and its down to an individual’s needs as to which country suits that individual best.

    In the UK there are excellent doctors and nurses, it’s the government and system that lets them down.

    In Thailand there are equally brilliant doctors who have worked in American,UK, and other 1st world country’s hospitals who then come back to Thailand and do a wonderful job because the hospitals either government or private have far superior systems that allow the doctors and nurses to perform to high standards.

    This I can speak first hand having been hospitalised both in the UK and Thailand, the difference is I have had the same heart team in Thailand for the past 15 years whose mobile numbers I have on speed dial.

    Yes I pay for the service and health care to the tune of around £30k for the past 20+ years and £35k for my father’s operations and health full time care that gave him 5 years of travel and time with his grandchildren.

    For me that’s around £1500 a year and probably what I’d pay for car insurance in the UK.

  15. Tony

    I don’t know if the rule is still in place but the UK government will make any returning expats pay for their medical care for the first 6 months of their return to the UK regardless if they paid their NI contributions in full before leaving the country.

    There are going to be some livid expats in the coming weeks arriving in the UK seeking medial help.

  16. Ces1ne?

    Suarez & Alonso the 2 biggest missed transfers off the top of my head…..don’t know how a lot of the famous “I almost signed…” Wenger blurbs were true or if they would have developed the same way @ OUR club that they did elsewhere

  17. Tony

    It’s gets more farcical if the press is to believed.

    So it was reported that low category prisoners could be released early because of the virus and yet today the reported news is that people could be fined £100 for not self isolation or be jailed.

    Bet the police can’t wait to have Covid-19 symptom people in their jails.

    Schools still not closed? Just pure lunacy by Boris and his cronies.

    Children and teacher being put at unnecessary risk with the likelihood of parents being at home anyway as was the previous excuse for not closing the schools.

    Boris still playing catch up to the rest of Europe because the virus got to the UK later than say Spain and Italy, but it would seem Boris is not learning from mainland Europe’s mistakes and measures now taken.

    Is it that His (Boris) medical & science advisors have given the right advice, and Boris isn’t listening or that the medical advisors and scientists just don’t know what to do?

  18. Sid

    The measures the UK government is taking are a time bomb. You can quote this in only 2 weeks.

    Im telling you this for free!

  19. Emiratesstroller


    The life expectancy in Thailand is 75 as opposed to almost 81 in UK so I suggest
    that you stop selling the idea that everything is now far better in the country where you live.

    In one of your earlier posts you maintained that healthcare for tourists in Thailand is excellent and presumably you include yourself in that category.

    Well that is hardly representative of the rest of the country.

    Asia is entirely different culture from Britain not least because the population
    is generally younger.

    I have not suggested that Britain is a panacea, but when you are discussing a
    “crisis” such as we are now experiencing it is generally managing it better than many other countries.

    If you and others bother to read more carefully what I said I did not suggest that the spread of disease would be less than elsewhere in Europe. I said the
    test of its competence would be how it was managed and outcomes.

    Please stop the party politics and blame game. This is a pandemic which is costing peoples lives.

  20. Emiratesstroller


    Since you like to sell the virtues of Thailand I have just read a report published
    by Credit Suisse in 2018.

    This reports that Thailand is the most divided country on the planet economically with the top 1% of population owning 78% of the country’s wealth.

    It has overtaken both Russia and India since 2014 when the previous report
    was published. Only 4 major economies have a situation where 51% of country’s wealth is owned by 1% of population.

    So the idea that Thailand is a panacea and would cope better with a major outbreak of Coronavirus is pure poppycock.

  21. Bob N16

    Tony, ES does make an interesting point, do you happen to know what percentage of the Thai population can access their health system? It may be excellent if you can afford it!

  22. Pierre

    Actually, I find ES (stroller) a man of integrity and honesty.

    Whereas , I find Tony a condescending prick.

  23. Spanishdave

    The headlines in some papers are fear mongering at its worse.
    The real epidemic is fear whipped up by the press to sell copy.
    Many people will loose their businesses and be out of work because of it.
    The cretins creating this fear will still have a job.

  24. Tony

    Bob the Thai people use the government hospitals that have excellent facilities and doctors. In fact a top cardiology interventionist was called in to my private hospital to do what few people in the world can do and insert a series of stents though the LMA brach that took his team of 3 almost 6 hours to do.

    Thai people especially poor village people only pay 50 THB (less than £1) for their treatment at government hospitals.

    Operations and medications are subsidised compared to the private hospitals.

    What ES fails to understand is the quality of life a WORKING Thai has in Thailand. Westerners obviously can enjoy much improved quality way of life from the countries they move from.

    Thais who don’t work obviously have a much lower life existence and life expectancy in general. Is that any different to the growing homeless people in the UK?

    They just go into jungles to find food and sleep with people they are with at the time.

    As I pointed out in my initial post that ES is unable to understand is that there are no perfect countries in the world – perfect climates maybe, but in my extensive travels for work and pleasure and countries I have lived in, I have never found perfection.

    The real issue here is that you have to have lived in and experienced a country for at least 6+ months and spent time with all indigenous demographics to truly understand a country and its people.

    This is something I believe ES and many other have not done; therefore, people with your limited experiences cannot fully understand a country, it’s real culture and its under currents and nuances of life.

    I know you are well travelled especially in South America, so I believe you have a better understanding of my inferences.

    I am happy to debate with you and enjoy doing so, but I’m afraid the levels of self serving pomposity ES exhibits on these and football matters is both beyond my patience and comprehension.

    You can’t get from books and the Internet real experience of life abroad.

    He’s a nice enough chap, but the type I would normally avoid at a gathering.

    Thailand in some ways is still a 3rd world country, but you can buy Rolls Royce and McClarens at the largest shopping malls in Bangkok.

    You are safe on the streets in Bangkok 24/7 in the commercial hotel areas and pretty much in the poorer areas where you have far more knife crime in the UK.

    I have never made a carte blanc statement that Thailand is better than the UK; just that it is for me, my family and for my friends here Thai and foreigners.

    Whether Covid-19 is going to get worse here, I have no idea and no amount of money would get me to go back to the UK – Ever!

    If I wanted to move on I’d probably choose Japan, but I also very much like Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore where my wife also has an office for her company.

  25. Valentin

    Back to the football, the academy system should cover the club history and its past legends.

    Like Wayne Rooney was saying, how could the Ox could play for Arsenal as an out wide player and have never heard of Marc Overmars?


    While for Walcott, I blame his lack of progress at Arsenal mostly on the coaching, for the Ox I have always suspected that on top of regular injuries his introvert and passive character were the main reason for his lack of progress at Arsenal. Because he had all the natural attributes to be a great footballer: technique and physical prowess.

    Passivity and lack of strategy can affect a career more than natural talent. If you realise that you are not progressing as you should. Do your own research. Hire your own personal coach.

    Raheem Sterling build a gym and a mini pitch in his own garden so he can work and improve during his personal time. Looks like the Ox was waiting for somebody to tell him to work on his game during his free time.

  26. Valentin


    “This reports that Thailand is the most divided country on the planet economically with the top 1% of population owning 78% of the country’s wealth.”

    “Thailand in some ways is still a 3rd world country, but you can buy Rolls Royce and McClarens at the largest shopping malls in Bangkok.”


    I know which one lives in his privileged bubble without really knowing the country he resides in.

  27. Tony

    Who would that be?

    Try reading before you make stupid unwarranted comments. Another Walter Mitty moment for you then.

    I’m very immersed into the Thai life and people. I live in a very Thai city where we only get the odd coach load of overnight tourists on their way down to Bangkok and Ayutthaya.

    You and ES seem to share the same book/Internet experience/learning without any practical in person reality. You’d both get on really well sharing fact a long way from the source. With you both being similarly anal it probably would be interestingly comic from a fly-on-the-wall perspective.

    let me help you to not make a fool of yourself in the future. Go and live in a country and mix with all demographics for 6+ months and then make measured and educated statements – not grab onto third hand unsubstantiated current facts or Google.

    Go dream up something else to say and find someone who will suffer you.

    Jesus, (sorry Gentle) I normally like the French, but it looks like I’ll have to make an exception for you.

  28. Bob N16

    Tony, good to hear that medical care is affordable. I haven’t been to Thailand since 1988 but remember fondly the friendliness of the people above all else.

    A couple of sweeping generalisations, wherever you live in the world, medical professionals are some of the kindest people you’ll meet (particularly nurses) and generosity is not linked to wealth; some of the poorest people I’ve met are the most willing to share anything they have.

  29. Tony

    I don’t know what’s funnier you being a Google warrior or you actually believing that any institution/company could accurately make claims of who owns what in Thailand.

    That alone makes it clear you have zero understanding of Thai and Chinese Thai people and the country/culture. The surface may look shallow, but the murky depths below seem unending at times.

    As for life expectancy? Is that all you could think up for a retort?

    It’s quality of life not quantity of years Thais value like most of us.

    There’s a much better balance of life, wealth and education/medical from my wife’s generation onwards that is continuing on an upward trajectory.

    Is the government run by the army idea? Of course not, but that’s just part of the idiosyncrasies that make up a complex and proud people.

    As rich as you are don’t lose sight of poverty structures below your position in life.

    Kids here don’t go to school hungry like the do in the UK.

  30. Emiratesstroller

    Okay I have listened very carefully today on ITV to the senior medical officer
    in Scotland and the former Head of General Practitioners in UK who is currently recovering from Coronavirus.

    The Scottish Senior Medical Officer is on the same page as his English equivalent and supports the action of the UK Government.

    The GP has explained perhaps more eloquently than anyone else who has been interviewed by media what is being done and why she supports the action of Government and the Science.

    1. First she explains that the virus is most unpleasant and she describes accurately the symptoms. She states also that you do not need to undergo
    tests with this virus just like with flu, because the symptoms are very obvious.

    2. Britain was until recently testing more cases than any other country in Europe apart from Italy, but as she pointed out the British Government and
    Scientists have now got an accurate sample of the percentage of population
    who are going down with illness.

    3. She points out that for most people who have the virus the best advice is to
    self isolate, which she has been doing.

    4. Her opinion is that people who have suffered from the virus are building up
    immunity to the disease.

    Another expert has pointed out that the priority for the Government and NHS
    is obviously the elderly and high risk categories.

    Kevin Maguire a Daily Mirror journalist and who is normally very critical of
    Conservative Government suggests that other countries have gone into LOCK
    DOWN because their politicians have panicked rather than because they are
    following science.

    There is some criticism of the Government’s lack of communication, but that
    is now going to change with a daily Government briefing.

    Interestingly the point I raised about Germany’s low death toll has been raised
    today and requires some explanation i.e. why is it better than elsewhere considering the number of diagnosed cases.

    I am not going to respond further to Tony, because it is frankly pointless to do
    so. He thinks that he is much cleverer than me and everyone else and seems
    to think that because I am in my 70s that I am gaga and out of touch.

  31. Tony

    You know ES? We are so far apart it’s just not worth the effort for either of us to try to make up ground towards the middle.

    I find this with most people who only draw knowledge from holidays and business trips. The few who don’t who tend to want to listen more than talk and have real depth to their being. Their questions are never ending but worthy of response.

    If there’s any doubt ES, you fit into the most people category.

  32. Words on a Blog

    Funny what people queue up for and stockpile in different parts of the world.

    In Britain, the USA and Australia it’s toilet paper, tinned food and pasta.

    In the Netherlands, people are queuing up outside “coffee shops” to buy cannabis.

    Meanwhile in Glasgow the only section of the fresh food aisle that is totally untouched is the vegan section!

  33. Tony

    “He thinks that he is much cleverer than me and everyone else and seems
    to think that because I am in my 70s that I am gaga and out of touch.”

    No need to play the poor me card, ES or inject something I have never said or subscribed to such a POV. What I pointed out was that you can’t make such bold statements without credible intelligence from on the ground.

    For the record I don’t think you’re gaga or anything like it. I just think you’re pompous to a level that I find distasteful.

    As I said in an earlier post we should keep to our own lanes.

    Be well ES and your family. I genuinely feel and fear what you and the rest of the UK are going to be going through, although I would imagine your home (probably around the Bishops Avenue area) has all the niceties to be comfortable fo a 4-month isolation with a solid family network support.

  34. Emiratesstroller


    With the greatest respect to you I do listen to other people’s point of view on many topics.

    Three weeks ago my wife and I had a dinner party with four guests one of whom was the former CEO of Nuffield Trust one of the leading Educational and Scientific Charities in this country and also one of Britain’s leading Civil
    Engineers. Both are politically opposite to me but we had a very civilised and
    well discussed conversation on the environment.

    Then again as I pointed out previously I had a conversation recently with a
    friend who is a senior research scientist at the School of Tropical Medicine. She is a World Authority on Malaria and other related illnesses. Obviously she like other scientists at this internationally acclaimed Institute are very well briefed on what is going on with this virus and what action is and will be taken.
    She is also in accord with current action being taken in UK.

    So please don’t tell me how ignorant and ill informed I am about what goes on
    in this country. I don’t live in an ivory tower.

  35. Nelson

    Now it really hits home. Two of my best friends work in a restaurant where the major business is lunch time visitors from a few big companies near by. Now those company employees all work at home. That restaurant is lock down and my friends lost their job.

  36. Gentlebris

    ‘Now it really hits home. Two of my best friends work in a restaurant where the major business is lunch time visitors from a few big companies near by. Now those company employees all work at home. That restaurant is lock down and my friends lost their job.’

    This is getting really ugly.

    Has anyone read anything on how soon this can be sorted?

    This can’t go on, businesses that people toiled for years to build could die.

  37. Valentin


    Whoever you meet does know less than Tony’s estimated friends at the Rotary’s club.

    Tony is clearly a man of the people. Using the availability of Rolls Royce in shopping mall as an argument demonstrates it.

    He has his hand on the pulse of Thai society. it does not matter if the stats contradict his statement that Thailand is much safer than the UK.
    Thailand 3.24 murder per 100,000 habitants
    Compare to
    United Kingdom 1.2 murder per 100,000 habitants.

    Pierre had perfectly summed up Tony: a condescending prick.

  38. Valentin


    In most Western countries, the two biggest employers sector are retail industry and leisure/travel/restaurant. If you stop from from operating, then they will start closing down. Some permanently.
    All those employees will then be affected. Many will lose their jobs. Universal Credit in UK has a 6~8 weeks lag between application and first payment. Most people do not have a two months financial security cushion.

    I have seen a friend whose husband died unexpectedly having to go food bank because of financial upheaval. I can only imagine the devastation a long term lockdown will inflict on the most financially exposed member of British society.
    Even to those who did not consider themselves at risk may suddenly struggle. Airline pilots being made redundant are unlikely to find a job with similar pay until the crisis is fully over.

  39. Marc

    Very interesting comment on Sky News just now. The Government is not sharing the information it is basing decisions on to other scientists in general – neither are other Governments before someone comments. Scientists are used to working in an open environment where information is shared freely and peer review is the standard.

    This basically means any scientist appearing in the media giving advice is doing so from a position of not having all of the facts available – in fact they are probably basing any view on what’s in the media which I would not trust 100%.

  40. Marc


    That’s the scary thing at the moment – pub’s, restaurants, cinema chains and general retail are all going to be devastated by this. It’s not only the pilots who will suffer as well it’s anyone who works at an airport.

  41. Marc


    I’ve heard reports before that the Ox enjoyed playing the clown – nothing wrong with enjoying what you do and having a bit of fun but to hit the top level you also need to know when to knuckle down.

  42. Valentin


    It is about personal responsibility. There is only so much a teacher or coach can do for you.
    Don’t blame the coach if you are one footed, teach yourself to use both feet.
    David Beckham used to spend an extra 20 minutes every day to work on his free-kick. Nobody told him to do it. He saw Eric Cantona do it and he started to copy his dedication. Funny how the group of kids who joined his extra work session ended up play for Manchester United first team. David Beckham, the Neville brothers, Nicky Butt got their career due to sheer will and dedication rather than natural talent.

    Why can’t more professional footballers take decent corners or free-kicks that do not consistently hit the wall is beyond me.

  43. Marc


    There’s a great story from back in the day after Zola signed for Chelsea. After the first days training all of the English players are about to go in and change and are chatting about their plans for the day – round of golf etc. Zola is setting up some free kick practice so one of the players asks him what he’s doing – extra training. The English player says but you’re an amazing player you don’t need extra training – Zola says I’m only this good because I do extra training.

    The difference in attitudes says a great deal.

  44. Emiratesstroller


    Thanks for your support much appreciated.

    On the matter of Universal Credit the rules have now been changed by Chancellor in last week’s budget. The department are supposed to accelerate
    the payments within 1 week.

    Whether that is going to happen remains to be seen.

  45. Guns of Hackney

    I’ve just joined my town’s local Covid 19 volunteer support group.

    Have a look on Facebook or WhatsApp and see if you can help out.

    It could be a real help for someone who genuinely needs it.

  46. Valentin


    Unless you are ungodly talented, dedication and the right attitude is what makes good players into great players and decent players into good players.
    I never understood people who snear at professional who want to improve themselves.
    Footballer seems to think that working 2 hours per day is enough.
    Ronaldo one of the greatest player in the world is still the first in and the last out of training. Plus his physic clearly show that he still does a lot more abdominal gym work that most footballers.

  47. Valentin


    We don’t always agree on things, but I find you to always be ready to listen and engage with people and to be genuinely polite.

  48. Marko

    My oh my, it was fucking packed. The sun was out, people were playing in the park, and all the bars were fucking rammed. Then I read this today and felt real guilty.

    I mean by and large Americans are a bit thick thinking nothing will happen to them until it’s right at their doorstep. Not too mention their ignorance has them believing absolute bullshit that they hear.

  49. Marko

    A little fact for Americans 368 people died in 24 hours there in Italy. And no drinking sliver from a televangelist won’t save you. Prayer might…nah it won’t.

  50. Dissenter

    I have to say that of all the western countries that I’m familiar with, you Brits are the most resolute and stoic of all. You have this quite resolution about you that I have always envied.
    I remember telling people around me on July 7, 2005 that this folks will be back on the tube and buses pretty fast…and so you did. I promise you that will never have happened in the states where chicken hard bravado is the rule of the day.
    Do you know what’s outselling toilet paper and hand sanitizers?
    b] condoms
    c]MAGA hats [made in china]
    d] fire arms

  51. Dissenter

    We are the land of conspiracy theories, no wonder we rejected the WHO testing kit that was ready to go.

    Did you all hear that Trump made a $1,000,000,000 offer to a German company to buy their vaccine and make it available to ONLY Americans?

    Who does that?
    If you buy, it it has to be to escalate production for he US and give out the formula FREE to every country … then help everyone else expeditiously make to to save lives.
    The benefit of doing that is worth a 100 years of foreign policy actions.

  52. Marko

    The Government is not sharing the information it is basing decisions on to other scientists in general

    Well that’s pretty stupid to the point where I doubt it’s true and I doubt the rest of what you’re saying is true. How can the government any government make smart decisions if specialists and people that know what they’re talking about aren’t included in the decisions being made….oh

    Anyway onto football I doubt they’ll cancel the season giving how Liverpool would react. My guess is that depending on how long it takes they’ll finish the season behind closed doors, push the Euros to next summer and start next season super late and have it incredibly congested. To the point where it’ll look fucking stupid

  53. Marc


    Stories like that need to be keep in context. The guy was in his 70’s so in the “at high risk” group and is it not possible that he wasn’t over the virus when he had the 2nd test? Someone just fucked up a test is just as likely as anything else.

  54. Marc


    I was commenting on what the science reporter on Sky news was saying – as for

    “Well that’s pretty stupid to the point where I doubt it’s true and I doubt the rest of what you’re saying is true. How can the government any government make smart decisions if specialists and people that know what they’re talking about aren’t included in the decisions being made….oh”

    That’s a stupid comment in that a) it doesn’t reflect what I said and b) shows an ignorance of what is happening over here.

  55. Marko

    Do you know what’s outselling toilet paper and hand sanitizers?
    b] condoms
    c]MAGA hats [made in china]
    d] fire arms

    In America? I mean because you’re American I highly doubt the accuracy of what you say. I’d probably substitute apples for McDonald’s and condoms for KFC and it’s probably more accurate

  56. Valentin


    Lord of the flies at country level.
    The movie Mortal Engines was just a precursor rather than just a story.
    If Trump had not disbanded the white house pandemic council out of spite because it had been created by Obama, the US would be more prepared.
    This guy has absolutely no moral nor empathy. He see price gouging in term of national crisis as good business practice instead of profiteering of the worse kind.

  57. Marc


    No you didn’t read my comment properly and you’re clearly not aware of what the government over here is doing.

    Try reading my original comment again.

  58. Pierre

    “My guess is that depending on how long it takes they’ll finish the season behind closed doors, push the Euros to next summer and start next season super late and have it incredibly congested. ”

    There is a simple solution to relieve the congestion next season.

    Cancel the international calendar for the season and the short winter break.

    This would immediately give the premier league at least 4/5 or6 extra weekends and similar weekdays to complete the fixture list.

    The fans and clubs would no doubt be happy with this scenario.

  59. Pierre

    Plus we wouldn’t need international qualifiers anyway as teams are already qualified for the euros if they are put back a year…sorted.

  60. Pedro

    Marko, when you ask why you get banned, just look at your behavior after being back for 13 seconds.

    Insulting American’s
    Calling people stupid
    Pissing people off

  61. Marc

    I was very tempted to point out to Marko the irony of someone from Ireland using a racial stereotype to call the population of another country stupid but thought better of it!

  62. Pedro

    Marc, I was going to point out that a lot of the so-called stupid American’s that were out were celebrating St Paddy’s on Saturday, thought better of it.

  63. Pedro


    It is true.

    Think CG needs to come on and apologise to Mikel, he used that as a weapon against him.

  64. DivineSherlock

    Jim Lahey

    Alex Hleb is what Dani Ceballos needs to be . Good in tight spaces , can make darting runs , keep the possession , end product . Shame he had to go to Barcelona

  65. Pierre

    And then we moved on to Cazorla, wilshere, Sanchez and Ozil.

    The good old days eh.

    The Wenger obsessives never stopped complaining did they , even when we were winning cup finals and playing quality football .

    Well , they got what they wished for and look where it got is .

    Relegation candidates until Arteta saved the sinking ship

  66. Marc


    Well if that is true it’s good news – those in high risk groups can be treated fairly simply which gives time to developed a vaccine.

  67. CG

    “”””It is about personal responsibility. There is only so much a teacher or coach can do for you.

    Don’t blame the coach if you are one footed, teach yourself to use both feet.”””””

    Some super snippets of wisdom from The G.

    And a perfect illustration of what Wengerism in essence was all about.

    Letting the players work it out for themselves and supplying their own answers to win the match.

    (It’s the same strategy all great managers use by the way)

    If Pepe can’t use his right foot at his age – its an indictment of him and the Dope who thought he was worth £72 million.

    Talking of the Dope. Let’s hope Raul is stuck in this Spanish Lockdown – so he cant fly over into London.

    He will do less damage that way to the club – with his suspect and incompetent deal making.

    The day he is dismissed from AFC – cant come quick enough.

  68. Gentlebris

    ‘Marko, when you ask why you get banned, just look at your behavior after being back for 13 seconds.’

    You think Osama Bin Laden wouldn’t ask why he got killed, don’t you?

  69. Marc


    Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

    It’s like the claim yesterday that the virus can’t survive temperatures over 27 / 28 degrees – internal body temperature is 37 degrees.

    The people making these claims really are morons.

  70. Dissenter

    We will never know if these unprecedented actions governments are taking is an “over-reaction” or over-kill.
    People with your mindset will look back and say …”see, it wasn’t so bad after all”. The preventive medicine specialist will say it was those wild sweeping actions that limited the spread.
    Modern medicine was always going to prevent the mass casualty of the Spanish flu pandemic that followed world war 1. The fear is that the intensive medicine capacity of western societies is already stretched during the regular flu months so any crises atop it would lead to a catastrophic crash.
    It’s better to [project a worst case scenario to get people to comply. Trump tried your approach of rationally minimizing it.., didn’t work.

  71. Marc


    Your comments are counter intuitive. The whole UK’s response has been about pushing this out so cold and flu season is over so the NHS can cope better.

    I never said this wasn’t going to be bad what I said was over reaction and panic will make it worse.

    Boris and his 2 main scientific advisors have just given another press conference with updates on advice and actions. It’s clear, cautious and honest.

    People get caught up in fear and panic and it spreads faster than any virus.

  72. Dissenter

    How is your viewpoint different from Trump’s public opinions?, essentially it’s almost word-for-word; It’s not infecting so much, it’s not as lethal as once feared and the flu kills more … slow don’t over-react.

  73. Dissenter

    I think Boris cautious approach is more reactive that expected. He is still doing everything that the rest of the west have done…he is just doing it in slowed motion.
    At least he’s better than Trump who just told the state governors to not wait for the government to source ventilators and equipment for first responders.
    It’s every state for itself here, just a disjointed mess.

  74. Marc


    You’re confusing my comments on individuals over reacting ie a women buying so much food she couldn’t move the trolley to government advice.

    The comments about mortality rates are still correct it’s at or less than 1% of the general population.

    On that side of things I think our government is doing a measured job – putting everyone on instant lockdown would not work as after a period people stop taking notice, you’ve then got a situation worse than before.

  75. Marc

    Sorry should amend that to comments about mortality rates are still correct it’s at or less than 1% of the general population who are infected.

    Obviously the issue is for the at risk groups – again making sure people don’t panic is important as it allows the NHS to focus on those who need it most.

  76. Marc


    I know it’s a horrible thing to say but I think the economic damage caused by this to families, businesses and jobs could be far longer lasting than the death toll in the UK.

  77. Marc


    You see the type of thing I’m talking about – the WHO putting out a press statement saying “countries must TEST TEST TEST”

    That is a stupid thing to put in the public domain, it makes people scream blue murder than everyone isn’t being tested.

    The WHO should know better.

  78. Marc


    There are so many possible variables, is it treatment? Is it early diagnosis? Is it something to do with age demographics? Is it the starting health point of people before they get the virus.

    Very difficult to tie down to a single factor.

  79. Dissenter

    “DissenterI know it’s a horrible thing to say but I think the economic damage caused by this to families, businesses and jobs could be far longer lasting than the death toll in the UK.”

    No, it’s not horrible
    It’s like an auto-immune disease, sometimes the efforts to defend oneself can cause more harm that good. I think all governments have to rationally make that balance.
    Over here, the president has made himself a cartoon character of incompetence and some local authorities are trying to outdo themselves as to who’s toughest.
    Your system was made for emergencies such as this, ours not so much.

  80. Valentin


    I mentioned that earlier as well.
    The economic devastation will be felt long after the medical crisis has passed.
    Unless governments impose a moratorium on debt for 2~3 months, most financial small businesses will collapse and not survive. The same with people who will lose their jobs and won’t be able to find a replacement at the same salary if any.
    Instead of trying to prop up Wall Street, Trump should worry about Joe the plumber who will suddenly not be able to pay his bills.
    I say Joe the Plumber facetiously as I know that
    1) his name is not Joe
    2) he was not a plumber
    3) he was a paid plant
    4) he was not paying his tax bill beforehand anyway

  81. Dissenter

    I wholly disagree with you regarding testing.
    I’m a healthcare provider here, it’s harder to get a test here than to get an insurance company to pay for a costly procedure.
    There are limited tests available and it’s restricted by the local heath departments based on CDC guidelines. How do you gauge the effectiveness of what measures you’re taking if you don’t test? How do contract trace infected people to reduce further exposure.
    That “test-test-test” comment was a veiled reference to the US because even if I recommended a test for my XXX- it’s not available.

  82. Marc


    You’ve made my point there and completely failed to understand the problem.

    If you read my comment I said putting that comment in the public domain is dangerous – say it to governments around the world, of course they need to test. By putting it in the public domain people who either don’t think or aren’t capable of thinking start the “why haven’t we tested everyone” over reaction – think about that and break it down.

    In the UK even if we tested a million people a day it’d take 66 days to test everyone – the guy tested on day 1 is negative and then goes and gets it – the guy tested on day 66 has had it, got over it and didn’t even realise he had it. At the moment the test doesn’t show if you’ve had it only if you’ve got it.

    Testing is important in the UK we’ve tested 44,000 people and 42,000 people have been clear.

    The most critical thing is to keep testing frontline NHS and healthcare workers.

  83. Dissenter

    If you test the guy on day early, he can be quarantined definitively so that he does not spread the infection to others. That’s what South Korea is doing and it’s slowed it down.
    Imagine if Arteta wasn’t tested and he just took the day off for a flu-like illness, then the rest f the Arsenal team went to Bournemouth. Arsenal players shake the hands of the Bournemouth mascot and ball boys
    That should answer the question, that singular testing helped to convince the premier league and rest of English football to move faster. Under he CDC guidelines of last week [now updated] , Arteta won’t have been tested because he had not recently traveled to China or South Korea. The league would have gone ahead with last weekend’s games.

  84. Marc


    Again you’ve missed my point – people with early symptoms should be tested ASAP – my point was we can’t test the entire population there’s too many people.

  85. Marc


    Mate I wonder if they’d be more sensible than what the W.H.O. have said today.

    At minimum at least you could trust Pete Townshend to smash a guitar over their heads!

  86. MGooner

    Hehe, indeed.

    The twitter feed offers some charts too


    This is a good test for democracies, let’s see if we can deal with this as well as the Chinese did.

    Markets hammered again today. Should suffer another 2 3 weeks. Stock prices will be on 50% sale

  87. sarge

    Got to say, slightly surprised Pedro by your pop at Karen Brady. Unless clubs agree otherwise (which I doubt given the inability to remove the ‘what if’ factor) this is the default option.

  88. Marc


    Mate I think it’d be fair to say that the general view of the US healthcare system outside of the US is it’s fucked!

  89. TheBayingMob

    “Regardless I would imagine most people would rather not pay NI contributions and have their own heath insurance. I have no metric for this it’s just an opinion.”

    I would be careful with that opinion. Having lived in the States for the past 5y I can tell you that a completely privatized health system is a near disaster over here. While I would say that I have access to some facilities far quicker than on the NHS (my local surgery will do xrays at the drop of a hat for e.g., things you might wait days for weeks for on the NHS) I wouldn’t say I have received far better care than on the NHS.

    Quicker definitely. Better? Debatable I reckon.

    Mostly I feel like the docs and dentists just see my insurance as a $ opportunity and want to take it for as much as possible. Most of the US healthcare system is built around profiteering and not the dramatized nonsense you see from seasons and seasons of dreadful hospital dramas that come out of the States. I’m sure experiences vary but you have to be very careful to get the right doctors and it is a constant battle with the insurance firms if you have any kind of long running chronic condition.

    It is also eye wateringly expensive. I pay an $ amount for the insurance from my wages every week yet I still have an excess of $6.5k to burn through before any health care is fully paid for.

    Once the insurance company is paying all costs (after your excesses are fully met) you can then have any procedure questioned and refused payment by the insurance company if they didn’t agree that it was necessary.

    A colleague of mine was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, in his first 4m of treatment he still ended up with a $15k bill for procedures deemed critical to his survival but the insurance didn’t cover! He set up a go fund me page and asked his colleagues for help. I’m sure that was difficult for him to do but he had to.

    A close friend of mine’s wife had a fall and broke her leg badly in two places. All said and done her total medical bill was close to $200k+ and he had to pay something around $25k of that.

    And just to be sure, I work for a good company, earn decent money and have what is considered ‘premium’ health insurance.

    Consider that before telling the world everyone wants a private healthcare system

  90. Pedro

    Sarge, the FA already said no way to her view. It was self-serving and opportunistic of her…no one wants that.

  91. Marc


    But that’s my point – you can’t test everyone but you test those who need to be tested. I don’t know why your Mum wasn’t tested the number mentioned by one of the science advisors earlier was 44,000 tested with 42,000 being clear.

    The NHS is going to be put under severe pressure therefore everyone needs to be responsible and not add to the pressure if they don’t need to.

    This is about thinking beyond your own selfish behaviour, whether that’s on stock piling, making unnecessary demands on the health service or not self isolating if you have symptoms.

    I am glad your Mum’s feeling better!

  92. TheBayingMob

    “Children and teacher being put at unnecessary risk with the likelihood of parents being at home anyway as was the previous excuse for not closing the schools.”

    So I’m not saying this is wrong but the timing is important. Healthcare employees (doctors, nurses, etc.) all have children too. Closing the schools places additional burdens on them to have to find child care solutions.

    I’m not saying it’s wrong just that these decisions have more implications around them that most people are considering.

  93. Marc


    I said that over a week ago when Ireland closed their schools till the end of March. It’s a lot more complicated than a simple “lets close the schools for a few weeks” what do the Irish government do in 2 weeks when schools are scheduled to re open but things are worse? Re open the schools and the initial decision was stupid keep them closed indefinitely and you get to a point of when was the right time to make the decision too early and you’ve just added to the disruption and hardship.

  94. TheBayingMob

    It was Tony @02:21:26 that opined

    “ Regardless I would imagine most people would rather not pay NI contributions and have their own heath insurance. I have no metric for this it’s just an opinion”

    I’m not sure he was saying scrap the NHS but I love these sweeping statements.

    I think a part government funded part private system would work best. Is that how Japan do it? There’s one country that’s runs like that but I’m sure even that has its issues.

    The NHS is definitely on its knees, has been for years, but I don’t think a fully private system is the answer either.

  95. Marc


    Decent jobs over here come with private healthcare – you’ve then got the NHS if the shit hits the fan. The lefties will give all the reasons it’s evil but the fact is it takes pressure off the NHS for routine operations.

  96. Olumide

    I think the best solution is to play the remaining matches. There’s no other solution that won’t make at least one club very pissed.

    Re coronavirus, I think the death rate might increase if it continues spreading at this rate. What’s happening in Italy could happen in other countries if the virus continues spreading at this rate.

    No matter how well-prepared a country is, there will be a limit at which the system will be overpowered. At that point, many countries may start leaving some people to die like Italy is doing.

    The best-case scenario right now is probably to limit the number of cases. But it seems we’re beyond that stage.

    If this goes on for a few months, recession is inevitable for many countries.

  97. Champagne Charlie

    Minutes per chance created open play 2019-20 Arsenal players

    1 Tierney 62
    2 Ozil 62.5
    3 Saka 64
    4 Ceballos 68
    5 Lacazette 69
    6 Pepe 79
    7 Willock 79
    8 Nelson 80
    9 Aubameyang 104
    10 Martinelli 104

    Source: Orbinho.

    Also…. talk Real want 36 million for Ceballos to be made permanent. It’s a no from me on that one.

  98. andy1886

    From the BBC:

    ‘The UK’s plan has shifted because the scientific modelling showed we were on course for a “catastrophic epidemic”.

    A strategy of just slowing the spread of the virus, but not trying to stop it, would have overwhelmed intensive care units.

    The modelling by Imperial College London has been heavily informed by the experience in Italy and is influencing decisions at the heart of government.

    Its calculations predicted 260,000 deaths in the UK.

    Instead the plan is to drive down the number of cases to very low levels, which the models predict will limit deaths from Coronavirus to the thousands or tens of thousands.’

    So, looks like the governments original policy was indeed complete bollocks. So much for blindly following a ‘they know best’ mentality that certain contributors have advocated.

  99. Spanishdave

    More than three quarters of the cases are now cleared up.
    The newspapers do not print this as they want to keep up the fear to sell news.

  100. andy1886

    Marc, no, that isn’t worst case, that was their best estimate based on policy as was. Worst case was 510,000 (you can read the report). They also recommended school closures for the reasons that should be obvious – while children suffer less ill effects there is no suggestion that they transmit the virus any less readily than adults. While there would be an impact in terms of health care workers and child care this would be less significant than the additional infections caused by schools remaining open.

  101. Marc


    Infections to whom? Healthy adults who make a complete recovery?

    So far we have not had a death to someone who is either under 60 or does not have other health complications – the majority of deaths have been people both over 60 who also have further health complications.

    You want to shut everything down? For how long? Think about it before you answer.

  102. andy1886

    Marc, the recommendation was shutting schools, not ‘everything’. Yes primarily people with poorer immune systems would die but does that make them expendable? Unfortunately the alternative would be no less disruptive. More illness ultimately means more people off work and so the same end result. The difference is that the governments original policy would have meant massive loss of life for no obvious benefit. Which is why they’ve made another u-turn.

  103. Valentin

    Funny how the “we don’t need expert” brigade always decide to take refuge behind experts when the shit hit the fan and they suddenly realise that the no amount of attempt at scapegoating will change the fact most people will judged them as responsible for the response fiasco.

  104. Arteta’s Hair


    There has been one 59 year old male die in UK, not trying to split hairs sir.

    I agree that the 60+ population (or younger with respiratory illness) are where the worry is and the majority of what the Government is trying to is aimed squarely there.

    Would shutting the world down for say 2 weeks kill this thing off? Surely if that were true it would be being considered.

    Bottom line is most will be ok, and I guess life has to go on as shutting everything down for a long period will be financial suicide for many more and future generations that haven’t lived … unlike the 60+ population.

    Life has to go on on some level and I don’t mean that harshly against the over 60’s.

    One thing we all want is minimal loss of life and I think as a species we have to look in the mirror as this was caused by humans who in a twisted sense are a virus to this planet we all call home.

    Things need to change or this will only be the beginning of more of the same or worse.

    Perhaps this is Mother Nature giving is a warning?!

    Soap box away now

  105. andy1886

    One positive (if true) note was that Public Health England are ‘rapidly’ developing a test to show if people had previously been infected which means that if you know you’ve had the virus and recovered you can resume normal activities without endangering others.

  106. Arteta’s Hair

    Shutting not shitting lol

    Pedro – can we make it so we can edit a post after posting, for the retards among us … me?!

  107. Spanishdave

    There is a lot of shitting going on!
    It will be nice when footy gets back,most players will be fit and raring to go.

  108. andy1886

    Hear hear to that Spanish. Let’s hope they are actually fit and don’t spend the next few months on the beer and eating kebabs (easily done when you’re bored, at least for the rest of us anyway). Rooney will be the size of an oil tanker….

  109. Gentlebris

    I thought some Aussie was talking about chloroquine yesterday, or was he having too much to drink?

    Surely people who feel they are showing covid-19 symptoms must have eaten some chloroquine, and if the virus disappears as that dude claims then some C rated journalists would have made a gold mine of it.


    Maybe too early for all of that to have happened.

    I just realize this can’t go on, people are scared shitless to get on the plane and go do their work.
    Then not having football games is itself like an acute respiratory problem.

    Pedro, can you organize some kind of contest here? Or maybe a debate, like why Donald Trump is a better leader than Boris Johnson. Just something before this place turns to a sad covid-19 parlour.