City game rescheduled, our prep time looks better (does it matter?)

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A very quick post for you today as not a lot is going on and I’m still out on the town celebrating the MASSIVE win against Pompey. I thought Arteta’s comments on the kids were positive.

“They always respond and I always knew they would do that. They have to learn from the difficult moments and manage them but they have the talent and desire… look how hard they work.

“We have pace in a few players up front. Reiss is a special player and can eliminate players one on one. He’s been out for a while but he’s back now and he showed what he’s capable of doing.

“I’m really enjoying working with this group of players. It’s a process. I know [people think] everything has to be today or yesterday but in football it doesn’t happen like this.

“I am pleased with all of them, the kids really responded really well.

Reiss obviously a fave because he was one of the first players the manager trained way back when. I think we were all a little worried he’d struggle, but he’s starting to find his feet,  he certainly looks more direct, and a lot more confident in the new system. Let’s see if he can take that form into the Premier League, we’ll certainly need it.

Overall, I think our financial situation means a lot of hope is going to be pinned on the new coaches developing and pushing the players forward. I genuinely feel excited by the options coming through, even players on loan, like ESR OR Balogan, who scored another 2 goals last night against the U23 Monaco side. He really does look great.  OR WHAT ABOUT SALIBA. Good times coming for us if these players take their chance.

Big news, our Manchester City game that was postponed for the League Cup final is coming around a lot quicker than we’d hoped. It’ll be next Wednesday, which is a bit of a bitch for away fans, but at least the club is subsidising the fans with socialist bus tickets. The good news, if there ever is when playing City, is that from a prep perspective, we’re doing a little bit better. City play Sheffield Wednesday tonight, two days after our Pompey game, then they have a bitch of a game against City on Sunday against United at 5pm, versus our less of a bitch game against the Hammers at 3pm on Saturday.

I mean, the prep time doesn’t really help us when it comes to quality. City are still a very dangerous team and Pep will go extra hard against his little bitch student who left him midseason. It’ll be an interesting match, we’ll be lucky to come away with much, I just hope we put on a good show. If by some miracle we win that game, we’ll set ourselves up nicely for the run-in, lose, things start to look dark again and everyone will cry that they wanted Mourinho as manager. Just the way things are these days.

Ok, I’m at the end of the post. I told you it’d be short, so no bitching. Instead, enjoy the below podcast with Aash. He’s very eloquent and the sound is nice and good, ya hear me?

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  1. DaveB666

    The trophy cabinet at the North London toilet bowl is barren for another year. Have a beer in celebration my friends!

  2. raptora

    Imagine how dumb do you have to be to pick a 21 yo kid, that almost hasn’t played and hasn’t scored, to take the 5th pen for your team. Chances are your team will be out as well as the kid’s confidence.

  3. Goonies


    Pipe down. Age has nothing to do with it and if he confidently puts himself forward to take one why would the manager say no?

  4. raptora

    It really feels like their project is going to die out. Poch was the driving force behind their rise. Now that he’s out, Eriksen moved, it really feels like Kane will be looking for a team that can give him better chances of winning something.
    They will not qualify for the UCL in the next 5 years.

  5. Bojangles


    I’m a big fan of the horror genre. Silent House, if you can find it is worth 90 minutes of your time. A Scandinavian offering. I haven’t managed to find a sub titled version around so obviously the storyline and spoken word not that important.

  6. Marc

    Can’t wait for the Mourinho attack on Levy will probably be along the lines of “selling Eriksen cost us millions” etc etc.

    Reckon he’ll be going about November next season.

  7. Words on a Blog

    Anyone seen the video of Eric Dyer losing his rag and running up into the stands chasing after a Spurs supporter and trying to beat him up?


    Not sure what that was all about…

  8. Marc

    We win 2 nil at the weekend and the Spud’s lose 2 nil and we’re level on points and goal difference only behind on goals scored with a game in hand.

  9. Marc


    No – what happened Dyer scored his pen so seems a strange one unless of course he was offended by the incessant racist chanting by the Spud’s fans

  10. Words on a Blog

    Saw it on my son’s Twitter.

    Some saying Dyer was angry at racist chanting; others saying someone in the crowd was laying into him and he flipped.

    Will soon find out.

  11. Northbanker

    Thomas – you’re an idiot

    Of course fans care about the FA Cup unless they have no sense of history

    And Tottenham going out is perfect so ffs enjoy the moment unless of course you’re a Spud which I think you are

    Our joint target must now be to win it and come 4th and we strain every sinew to do both

  12. Dissenter

    Norwich fans can just say they didn’t hear any abuse at Dier, same way Spuds couldn’t find abuse directed at Rudiger.

  13. Words on a Blog

    And so Spurs’s descent into the depths of hellish discord under The Lord of Darkness begins….

  14. Overmars

    Was just looking at which players we could sell to raise some funds for next season, as clearly some of the players aren’t good enough to get us back competing for the big trophies.

    Bellerin 30-40m
    Elneny 10-15m
    Sokratis 5-10m
    Mhkitaryan 15m
    Ozil 10-15m
    Mustafi 15m
    Xhaka 30-40m
    Chambers 20m
    Kolasinac 15-20m

    If we are forced to sell one of Lacazette or Aubameyang, we should be getting minimum 60m for either.

    We could easily recuperate over £100m this summer and bring some of the youth through further I.e Willock, Nelson, Smith-Rowe, Nketiah, Saka, Saliba …. as well as maybe Balogun, Medley, John-Jules.

    Agree with Pierre about buying a deep lying centre midfielder that can sniff out danger, like a Verrati/Kroos/Alonso type, but of course they’re difficult to find.

    I would much rather see the kids get promoted and add 3 or 4 players that not only fit into Artetas philosophy, but also have a bit of character. Something that maybe a Hector Bellerin, Kolasinac, and a few others maybe don’t have.

  15. Champagne Charlie

    Apparently Eric Diers younger brother was getting abused by a couple of hooded home fan types and he pulled a move straight out the grand national and vaulted several rows to confront them.

    One guy in particular can be seen waving Dier away before running away, giving it large again, then doing a runner proper.

    Well hard as per. Shame Dier didn’t get his Cantona moment.

  16. Ernest Reed

    Seems a common occurrence these days Charlie, where moronic supporters think that buying a ticket gives them carte blanche towards abusing players, their families and pretty much anyone them see appropriate. Saw the video of the coward trying to run away from Dier. Guy had some sort of orange logo on the back of his jacket from what i could see.

    Sadly Dier will pay a significant penalty for this one with a fine and suspension. The so-called supporter may just get away but hopefully CCTV caught a good glimpse of him and he’s identified and subsequently banned for life.

    In my opinion, what with racist and other sorts of abuse taking a foothold, football has a serious problem on its hands, one that they don’t seem willing to truly tackle. Sad days.

  17. Ernest Reed

    Im also going to further say that a week or so ago there was one individual who took it upon themselves to wish a deadly virus on Lacazette because they clearly hate him that much. Fortunately Pedro did the absolute right thing and binned the individual, hopefully on a permanent basis.

    What this episode shows is the pure venom that some have towards some players today. Its one thing to argue or debate the merits or contributions of a given player and the desire to rid the team of said player, but to wish harm upon them? That takes a rather demented individual, which sadly we are seeing more and more. What has happened to our society?

  18. Guns of SF

    It really hit me today, just thinking
    What if a player gets Coronavirus??
    2 week incubation period before signs show…
    Training with his team
    Huffing and puffing during games.
    How the heck do we know at that point who to quarantine????
    the entire team??? what happens next?


  19. Guns of SF

    On the Dier situation. I feel for him. If he really was protecting his younger brother… he actually can be heard screaming that on some footage… then that is simply too bad. No player should have to resort to defending their family in the first place. Not the first time shit has happened like this.
    Zidane vs Materazzi on the pitch!

    Scum for those who were tormenting this brother… He will get fined and the suspension but damn… even Jose calling out non -fans in the rich folk seats !

  20. Overmars

    The sad thing about the Dier situation is that as well as being banned, he will probably receive a larger fine than the racist in the crowd. No justice.

  21. Dark Hei

    Can’t believe that I agree with Jose.

    “Eric, I repeat did what we professionals cannot do, but did something that probably we would do”

  22. Bojangles

    Re Corona Virus.

    “The guidance also notes that the Government has laid out three different categories of contingency plans and could intervene if the situation changes.

    While the Premier League is currently in Category A, described as “as you are”, it says that Category B would be “behind closed doors” and then Category C is “cancellation, curtailment or postponement”.”

    I don’t think it will be long before PL hits category B, as is the situation in Italy now.

  23. Dissenter

    Even even if he was being racially abused, surely he cannot be excused for leaping into the stands to confront his abusers?

    The FA still has to punish him and ban the idiots who were allegedly abusing him racially.
    Spuds acted all sanctimonious during the Rudiger incident and their supporter group demanded that Rudiger retract his allegation, now they know there are idiots in their midst.

  24. Guns of SF

    The question is still if a player contracts this…
    Takes 2 weeks to show symptoms but all along the player is spreading the virus
    Qt the team ?!!
    Cancel games for 2 weeks? Extend the season if that happens?
    A host of questions now….
    I hope the FA has a plan for this…

  25. Pierre

    He has a bit of a Alan Hansen about him when he has the ball at his feet.

    He has a deception about his play in that with a slight feint he gives himself time on the ball and the pace of his passing is very good .
    Alan Hansen was very good at more or less walking with the ball and then effortlessly glide into spaces as he was being closed down.
    Also Mari looks like he wants to look forward and pass between the lines.

    It’s important to recognise that in our style of play, the centre backs have a lot of the ball at their feet and the more accomplished and composed on the ball they are , the more it will benefit the team as it will help us control the game.

    Just like Hansen used to, he made the game look very easy on Monday night which is an art in itself.

    I’m not for one minute saying he is a great defender or is good when pressurised on the ball, time will tell on that , but for a debut , that was pretty impressive..

  26. Dark Hei

    Guns of SF

    If just 1 guy gets it, the entire EPL will get cut short.

    And by 1 guy, it is 1 guy out of the entire pool of playing and non-playing staff, trainees etc.

    Because if just 1 guy gets it, the entire club will have to go quarantine.

  27. Goonies

    -Pipe down? Are you an actual mouninho defender?! Piss off.

    No I hate the cunt but your commentary is a constant stream of shit.

  28. Valentin

    I wonder what are the Premiership rules that Eric Dier broke.
    He could be accused of causing a disturbance, but he could argue that it was already happening (i.e. the harassment of his family) and that he was trying to diffuse it by confronting the perpetrators.

    I am also not so sure that it is in the FA interest to throw the book at him instead of expressing a message of support to players who get abused by “fans” be on social media or in real life.

  29. Pierre

    The question I would ask is , if Tottenham had won the game would Dier have reacted in that way(whatever was said).

    If the answer is probably not then he obviously had the hump due to being knocked out of the cup(again).

    Will add , that I’m not condoning in any way the behaviour of the Tottenham fan but you only have to walk down tottenham high road on a Tottenham/arsenal match day and you will see hundreds, maybe thousands lining the street being equally abusive to Arsenal fans going to the game.

    I don’t see the likes of Dier jumping in or voicing their displeasure at the abuse of Arsenal fans .

  30. Dark Hei

    “Spurs should throw the book at the dick head and ban him for life”

    I hope they do. That will create a civil war and the club will self-destruct.

  31. Terraloon

    I understand why so many want massive squad changes and can see why some of the names that are being mentioned have been identified as being prime to being sold the danger is if you strip too much experience too quickly the knock on not just on the pitch is a risk that I very much doubt the Arteta or indeed the board will risk.

    This list Intrigued me

    Bellerin 30-40m
    Elneny 10-15m
    Sokratis 5-10m
    Mhkitaryan 15m
    Ozil 10-15m
    Mustafi 15m
    Xhaka 30-40m
    Chambers 20m
    Kolasinac 15-20m

    Why you may ask. It’s quite simple most of them are far too big wages at Arsenal for them just to walk away from

    For instance Kolasinac is said to be on £140 k a week. Who on earth is going to pay that sort of wages let alone a fee.?The best that realistically could happen is a loan or possibly sold but for peanuts and then he will need to be replaced.

    Or what about Bellerín. Now if he were at say Barca I could see Arsenal paying that sort of fee for a players who due to injuries hasn’t really featured for the last two years but in the world of well run clubs whose going to pay £110k a week?

    I am all for giving academy or young players a chance but if it becomes the Arsenal model to introduce too many then be prepared for years in the wilderness ( or perhaps I should say more years in the wilderness)

    As for selling PEA yet again Arsenal have painted themselves into a corner . With just year left on his contract his value has declined but the dilemma is that he alone has scored around 50% of this seasons league goals and before Martinelli is offered up as a ready made replacement and yes he is full of potential you would need to find somehow another gem and that’s far from easy.

  32. Spanishdave

    Is Tierney finished with us.?
    He’s fit , training but not to be seen.
    Hardly played since joining us, maybe they realize he isn’t going to make it in the EPL. It’s a lot quicker than Scottish football.