Oh Serge…

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Oh god Arsene, make it stop, make the bad pictures stop. Serge Gnabry scoring 2 goals at The Bridge last night then tweeting that London was still red, I AM CRYING. Wenger spoke up though.

‘He has no real limitations it’s more how much does he want to suffer,’

‘Because he has pace, power, technical ability, he’s very intelligent, sometimes he looks for the easy way in football. That’s what was his problem. He lacked a bit.

‘I gave him to West Brom, it didn’t work out at all. In fairness I think we had an agreement with him but Bayern stole him away from Werder Bremen.

‘He’s a good player. He has individual ability and collective ability. We had an agreement with him but because he didn’t play at West Brom I let him go with the U21s in the summer with the German national team and he did very well of course. ‘

‘We had prepared him for us to sign his new contract but then suddenly he wanted to go to Werder Bremen. But it was not Werder Bremen that bought him it was Munich that bought him. Because six months or less than one year later he moved from Bremen to Bayern but it was a done deal before’

No limitations? We kept Joel Campbell? We let Theo Walcott stink out the club for ELEVEN YEARS? When all along, Serge had NO LIMITATIONS?

I was told from a good place that the player wasn’t offered a deal until AFTER the Olympics he absolutely smashed up. I was also told that he was utterly horrified by how baffled Wenger was by a change of formation he couldn’t deal with against a pony French team in a preseason game. Still, Pulis had the same opinion, so maybe I’m being harsh? Arsenal were badly run, we just have to move on from that. Bennacer and Malen another two that we let slip during the bad times. Fran Merida too… remember when we hid him in the mountains until he was of age? Sounds kind of, you know, wrong when you look back at it.

I thought the Lucassen interview (good read on his history here) grounded everyone in what a mess we were in. It’s not surprising, Wenger had lost it, if the manager doesn’t know where the club is going, it’s hard to expect people below him to have clarity. I spoke to plenty of people that thought Joncker was a disaster, I wrote about, still doesn’t stop these comments coming across as utterly brutal.

“Before I started, Arsenal had told me that we had to build everything from zero,”

“But when I started the job, I told (Academy boss) Per Mertesacker that this information was not correct.

“We were not starting from zero – but from two below zero!”

This next bit was so perfect because it summed up 10 years of writing about the importance of a footballing philosophy.

“In my first month, I asked 20 different people at the club to describe the so-called ‘Arsenal Way.’

“Everybody spoke about it, but no-one could actually answer my question. Three people just said ‘it’s the passing game.’

“I had worked with other clubs where the objective was for a player to pass the ball to someone else in the same colour shirt, so what was unique about this Arsenal philosophy?

“They had all kind of academy plans, but nothing was based on a proper football philosophy, a playing style, or certain principles.”

I’ve seen people snark at ‘The Arsenal Way’ like it’s not possible to define. I think it was very clear when Wenger first started, however, it became dated because it was never upgraded. I remember Wenger bragging that he hadn’t changed his training in 16 years after taking a beating from Blackburn in a cup. CASE IN POINT BRUH.

Lucassen also went after Unai Emery. The below commentary is for all the people that thought the Spaniard was just a little misunderstood (he was that too because he couldn’t speak English), or badly treated. He was just shite.

“The problem we are dealing with is that the philosophy after the Wenger (above) era has not been developed.

“You can see this in the passing. Players make passes just because they think they have to pass the ball.

Worth noting that Lucassen worked under Ralph Rangnick, so he knows the game. Interesting that he also said Freddie wanted him as his assistant but he was too ill to take the job. He also said most managers are just talk, they don’t know what they are doing, pretty amusing because Emery in interviews (in the press) was an impressive talker… shame he couldn’t convert the theory into action.

Lucassen finished on a positive.

“Bukayo Saka is the best example of what we want at Arsenal.

“He has the potential to become one of the best three wing-backs in the world and I really think Arteta can help in that process.

“Arteta, with his vision, is not far from what we want in the academy.

“Talents like Saka, Reiss Nelson, Eddie Nketiah, Emile Smith-Rowe and Joe Willock should benefit from that.”

You cannot knock it. Saka is so exciting. Young kids breaking into the first team at that level of performance is outstanding. It’s great for the squad, great for the academy, and great for the fans. Hopefully, Edu has some great ideas about how we prop up the academy with the best kids in the world, to complement the work we’ve been doing at a local level. Also, another person saying that Arteta is on the right track.

Right, short post from me today, listen to my podcast, celebrate it with a little fist bump, then give it a 5*.

Thank you so much, I actually love you. x

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  1. Kayciey

    Arteta is to blame for all these with his stupid subs. This marks the end of Lacazette. Leno is not good as some want us to believe. Pepe cannot just make a simple pass. I’m done for this season. Willock would have played better, Martinelli would have done better.

  2. Emiratesstroller

    Leno may be a decent stopper, but his kicking and distribution is awful.

    It is unacceptable that a goalkeeper cannot clear a ball when he knows that the
    opposition are going to press him.

    He has cost us this season too many goals and results.

  3. Cesc's Pizzeria

    It’s still a learning curve for Arteta but we have been shit tonight.

    Bellerin wasn’t fit from the 1st minute and most of the squad played on Sunday. We needed rotation badly.

  4. prvhc

    For me Lacazette was the culprit today.That he stayed on till extra time is an indictment of Arteta.
    If Auba’s gone this summer,we might as well tuck Laca into the luggage along with him.

  5. The backpass

    Laughing at chelsea getting destroyed by bayern, while we cant beat olympiacos over two legs.

    And the fortress that is called emirates that pierre was banging all about was just pissed on today.

    Everyone of you who praised Xhaka, laca and that bug eye piss of shit Ozil can fcuk off. This is bradford level of disgrace.

    If Arteta continues with this lots going into next season, he deserves every thing that would come his way

  6. Daniel Altos

    Imagine the scenes on Legrove if emery put a first team squad in a Europa league knockout tie that goes into extra time and then losses it…this is a dead season anyways but please by the same accusations that were given to the former managers,they should be levied against arteta….he’s playing players into the ground(something people here claim to dislike)…it’s very simple,we don’t have a ‘top 4 ‘ squad ..we have too many players capable of a brain freeze like we saw there

  7. raptora

    Arteta’s going to have to answer some questions.
    Like how he could leave our most exciting player in god knows how long out, when we need a goal, but play Torreira, Willock and no goal no assist Ozil.

  8. The Legend That Is Dennis Bergkamp

    Your saw there Auba gutted that he missed that final chance but also that he just made the decision to leave Arsenal.

  9. Un na naai

    The state of some of you mugs

    Hopefully we go out of the fa cup next week too and can actually focus on the league.

    Said it at the very beginning. We should be focusing on the league. Everything else is secondary

  10. Terraloon

    What a pile of crap

    It’s about time this blog focused on just how poor this current Arsenal are rather than trying to look how others perform and try and seek some sort of solace from how they are doing.

    Tens of millions spent in the Summer on players that really haven’t added anything yet just because they are Arsenal players they are going to come good. They ain’t!
    A total rebuild is the only way forward but who is going to pay big for the players that really must go?
    Can’t reach the last 16 of the EL a competition that is vastly inferior to the CL and beaten by a team that at best is a Championship standard.

  11. GunnerDNA

    All the capping from the players about how they’re happier now, life comes at them extra fast. They hide behind the negativity towards the previous manger and now they have nowhere to hide. All the trolling about how they have improved is just bs. I feel for MA because this is exactly why Emery was fired, and fans are going to panic now. The pressure is on again!

  12. DM

    Don’t think it’s fair to overly blame Leno. He’s saved us multiple times this season, and was good throughout the game but for that one monent – and it’s not like he let one slip through his hands, he just conceded an unnecessary corner. We should still be able to deal with it from there.

  13. bennydevito

    Fuck me what was that shit show?

    Aubameyang the serial sitter misser strikes again.

    Pepe is so terribly one footed and so obvious to defend against it’s fucking painful to watch.

    There goes our summer budget.

  14. reality check

    Guns of BrixtonFebruary 27, 2020 22:37:06
    “RedTruth and Bamford officially own this blog for the next few days”Toss in a few more as well 😂 reality check etc etc
    Let’s be rational yeah. If i or the entire emirates wanted them to lose. Does that mean they will lose? Do we have some mystical powers over them are we the fucking X-men? Telekinesis and shit. We make them play shit?
    Likewise if we all wanted them to win. Does that mean they will win? It matters not what the fan wants. All that matters is how crap these players are. We are in EL 3 years in a row for a reason. Or is it 4? Feels like 5 ha!

  15. WengerEagle

    Feel bad for Auba who no doubt will be scapegoated for that awful miss at the death.

    As bad as it was a miss, we all know that over the 120 mins we were complete turd and created next to nothing, really poor performance and silly substitutions from Arteta.

    Willock contributed nothing and Toreirra didn’t add much and he leaves Martinelli out to dry for 105 mins, in his 15 minute cameo he did more than half of the starting XI.

    How lucky are we that 5th place gets you in the CL next season is all I can say, otherwise season is virtually over tonight.

  16. raptora

    How he would start Nketiah vs Everton but not include him in his squad for Europa. Abomination of choices made that all led to this moment where we are out to bloody Olympiacos.

  17. izzo

    Completely forgot there was even a game. We lost! Wow! I’m so shocked! But I do enjoy a good ol’ meltdown from you lot. 😀 Wonder what Pedro’s next post will look like…” We need to do blah blah blah it’s not Arteta’s fault… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………..
    Summer can’t come soon enough tbfh!

  18. Champagne Charlie


    Thought we were better suited to the EL than a mad League run, but evidently not. Don’t see us doing what’s required in the league, think a lot of stock needs taking from management about how they’re going to make next best for next season.

  19. Danish Gooner

    One Day one Will look back at this squad and be baffled how piss poor they were even tough they were supposed to be the dogs bollocks

  20. Marko

    Saucy bastard as he is the Wenger like team selections are concerning and his in-game management is absolutely grating already. But look you know eh he’s doing great with this talented bunch?

  21. TheLegendaryDB10

    I am going to be very blunt. I like Arteta but he really needs to learn how and when to sub. He is so slow in making any change. Why not making any?

    It was begging from the 60th minutes onwards.

  22. Ishola70


    ” this is not a loling matter. If you are an arsenal fan you should be sad about it.”

    Sad? Well I’m not sad for those posters that have been bigging Xhaka up for weeks now.

    We even had a fucking poster on here that said Xhaka should get a standing ovation from the home crowd because of the perceived corner he had turned. What a load of bollocks.

    And I’m angry not sad at the club that we are wasting years here perservering with players like Granit Xhaka.

  23. Silverhawk

    Arteta won’t last long. He’s marginally better than Ole. Even Ole wins his big matches.
    So many Wenger like qualities in arteta. The bad bad ones I might add.

    Why does he take so long in making substitutions?? Even when he does it’s the wrong one.

    He should have gone to Fulham first before coming to arsenal but some people on this blog are bigging him up as the next big thing.

  24. Digz

    That was 100% Arteta’s fault. We are in DESPERATE need of a goal so he takes off our most dangerous passer and brings on Torreira, a defensive midfielder! WHY? Nketiah snd Martinelli on the bench. Martinelli comes on and changed the game with literally 15 minutes to play. I said earlier Arteta is a clown with team selection but his in-game management is even worse. How can you not bring on Martinelli? What coach in the history of football would bring on a DM when we need a goal???? Lacazette is so slow and shit it’s just not funny anymore

  25. Guns of Brixton

    Every time we have faced Olympiacos we have ALWAYS lost an leg against them.

    Well guess we kept with tradition today !

    Honestly, How the tf did we lose like this ffs.

  26. Kay

    Done with this lot.
    If xhaka, ozil and laca playes again fuck everyone.

    As much as i love Auba, he has cost us CL place this time as well. Last year was the pen miss against totts.

  27. RockyRoe

    What an utterly disgraceful performance, from the players and what an unimaginative performance by the manager.

    After 2 hrs of football, I still couldn’t fathom what were they trying to do except, left to right and right to left.

    Mikels in-game management is shite.

  28. Elmo

    I had us as favourites over the tie, but it played out as the statistical predictions (SPI) suggested, which had the teams almost perfectly balanced, with Olympiacos having the most marginal of advantages (52-48) to progress to the next round.

    Big John Hartson looking a proper casual in his clobber!

  29. Leftside

    Done with this lot.
    If xhaka, ozil and laca playes again fuck everyone.

    If you would tell me a new manager would come in and align himself with those players (throw in Mustafi) and I’d have thought you’d be mad.

  30. Ishola70

    “Luiz what the hell is doing no header?”

    Another twat that more than enough posters on here have been convincing themselves that he is good for the team over the last few weeks.

  31. Luteo Guenreira

    I still can’t believe that happened. Fucking hell. Even if Leno had managed to only scuff the ball to the sideline instead of giving up a corner. If only Xhaka didn’t play a backwards pass to the keeper with a defender closing down on him.

    An easier run of games coming so hopefully that will give the players a chance to build back some confidence, but losing games like this take a real psychological toll. Especially to anyone that was questioning their situation in the first place like PEA.

  32. Olumide

    You have to ask Arteta why Martinelli wasn’t on the pitch in the 60th minute.
    Arteta lost this game for Arsenal. Simple as that.

  33. Silverhawk

    Even Emery as bad as he was still reached a final in his first year.
    He figured out Lacazette and Ozil pretty fast.
    Finally, any coach who builds with Xhaka shouldn’t be taken as a serious coach.

  34. The backpass

    Like everyone in this world who considers himself an arsenal fan or supporter and still supports Ozil, Xhaka, Laca and probably Luiz, needs to be stoned. You are also lovely bunch of Idiots.

    This shit is painful.. God we Arsenal fans has suffered enough, pls help us Lord because we are well and truly fcuked going into next season.

  35. prvhc

    We’ve conceded four goals in the last two games at the Emirates.The ‘solid defensive foundation’ might be crumbling.
    Teams have figured out that we cannot deal with set pieces and balls into the box .Also Arteta’s in game management has been atrocious,so we’re always liable to give up a strong position when the opposition ups the ante.

  36. Danish Gooner

    With this squad Arteta Will have climb Mount Everest with one hand and without added air that is his formidable task.

  37. Olumide

    As much as i love Auba, he has cost us CL place this time as well. Last year was the pen miss against totts.

    Auba got us into the game. The way he won us the last game. We shouldn’t be looking for a goal against Olympiakos in the 122nd minute. What did Lacazette contribute the whole game?

  38. Major_Jeneral

    Commitment from the start was not good enough from all players. They started the game as if they are 4-0 aggregate.

    Game management not good enough. And complacency set in again at the crucial periods. Especially Leno over playing it in the 119th min.
    One mistake too many. He took too much liberty by conceding that late corner. Martinez deserves to start in goal.
    Bellerin has lost his confidence to move forward.
    For the manager he will learn from this. Setpiece is definitely arsenal’s Achilles heel. Defending for the corners is not good enough.
    Substitutions was too late. Martinelli did more than most of the lads on the field.

    Today’s game shows why some commenters here have said that the top quality of some players is very suspect and it won’t take the team far.

    In sum Arsenal missed Martinelli’s energy in the first half.

  39. Kay


    I just cant understand why is he persisting with something that very very very much apparant.

    Xhaka and Ozil will cost Arteta s job as well if rhey are not thrown out at this rate.

    Was silly to replace Ceballos with Tor.
    Would have thought he would sub the bug eye and move Ceballos further up the pitch.

  40. Gentlebris

    Martinelli was one of the top scorers of the competition,but you put him on the bench for more than 100 minutes in the knock out stage of the same competition.
    Guen could do a job in that game, but on came Willock.

    You are barely two months in the job but you are already making decisions that are very questionable.

    Emery had his 22 games unbeaten and beat the likes of Valencia and Napoli(in great form)over two legs to reach the final. I’m telling you for free, it will take a long long time before this guy catches Emery’s records, and Emery is an Everton level coach.

    If you think you have a reason to hire a rookie for a job that could even crush a veteran, then you must know that there is another reason other people don’t make that kind of decision.

    A team from Greece knocked Arsenal out of a competition we badly needed to win under a coach that is suppose to take us forward. Think about that tonight.

  41. Leftside

    Where is this easier run of games that this particular Arsenal side are supposed to navigate. We’re not even remotely formidable at home to fall back on and our away woes tell it’s own story. Best to start planning for next season and devising where our goals are going to come from. The one useful player staying is a pipe dream.

  42. Leedsgunner

    We’re so bad in the air. Legacy of years of neglecting height and physicality in favour of flair and supposed technique.

    Naive, really.

    Auba bailed us out, all we needed to do was to see the game out and we couldn’t even do that.

  43. MidwestGun

    New Post.. I didn’t read it.. too depressing. Don’t need to relive that at the moment.

    But y’all can if you want.

  44. Edu me a favour

    “””” Emery , legs up smoking a cigar, with a big I told you so f****** smile written all over his face.””””

    Why ?— Did you not see what happened to us at the end of last season and the beginning of this one

    We lost a game – how does that make emery better ??

  45. Kay


    Agree Laca is shit.
    But Auba got us into the game only at 122.
    Team played a slower version of crab football and wasnt ablw to break down Olymp

  46. SWG

    Still can’t believe we paid £72m for Pepe! He’s garbage.. painfully awkward on the ball and will do whatever it takes to get it on his left peg to play terrible balls

  47. Un na naai

    5th place wins champions league this season

    We are 4 points from it
    That has to be priority
    Anything can happen in cup games

    Bellerin needs to be dropped
    Need to sort these set pieces out. 4 goals in 2 games now from set pieces

    Need to address the lack of variety.
    Lacazette shouldn’t be starting matches at the minute either
    Don’t care if it’s Nkatiah or Martinelli up front.

    Look at all the cunts though claiming they back Arteta and hope he does well
    One bad result and the mask slips

  48. LeMassiveCoq

    All of you lot laying into Leno for giving that final cornet away, watch it again. What else could he do? The real culprit was Xhaka. Xhaka was fucking awful tonight. He gave the ball away over 10 times with wayward passes. He is shit. End of

  49. PieAFC

    We knew it would he an up and down season once Arteta took over.

    I’m just hoping after some losses, he really sees who’s up for the fight and warrants a place at Arsenal football club.

    That’s on the players that is. Lacked any urgency at all today or anything.

    Arteta’s substitutions were poor, but he had to think logically. Had he went gun ho and mustafi pulls his hamstring we’d been down to 10 men.

    We need to learn from that defeat. Big questions have to be asked.

  50. Thotfulofebs

    The players and manager thot it was all over after the first leg… surprise, surprise, it is never over till the job is done over 2 legs… piss poor performance all around including from Arteta.

  51. Pierre

    It shows the fine lines between winning and losing, Aubameyang miss at the end was a killer.

    Also shows that we need a keeper who will dominate his area.

    Also shows we have got stuck in a pattern of play that is too easy to defend against, in that everything has to go out wide.

    Also shows that we are still playing with too much fear through midfield in that no one is prepared to commit a player and take them on.

    Does it show that we miss the movement of Nketiah up front , time will tell .

    Martinelli deserved more time and made a difference when he came on.

    Shit happens , that’s football, out on away goals.

  52. PieAFC

    Tough pill to swallow, but let’s not get carried away.

    Shit happens.

    Need to regroup and pick ourselves up for Pompey away.

  53. G8

    Even if we went through tonight we ain’t going to win the shit..
    Not with this lot!
    Better now than later I suppose
    Arteta should learn now playing the likes of Ozil and Laca the full 90 mins is not going to make his young managerial career any easier!
    Wenger favouritism didn’t work and it is not going to work for him
    Terrible performance by everone tonight and bewildering subs to rub some salt into the wound !
    Leno’s nervy jitters gifting them the corner and Auba s shocking miss at the end optimised the bottle job mentality of this team!

  54. reality check

    Emery got to the final in his first season. But let’s not get carried away. See how that works. See what i did?

  55. Dissenter

    Finally we can get real and pragmatic about our expectations from Arteta.
    He is a young manager [however exciting] who is still learning his trade. He was always going to shit the bed every now and then.
    Maybe now Pedro will stop the endless drum beating

  56. Valentin

    I don’t understand why Arteta reinstated Leno as goalkeeper for the Europa League. With his regular (every 7~8 games) mistakes directly leading to opposition goals, his poor distributions, slow restarts, complete refusal to collect crosses and corners, I would have thought that Martinez had shown more effectiveness than Leno did.
    Tonight was just the culmination of small bad decisions. For the first goal, the centre half scores from 6 yards out on the penalty point without jumping. That means that if Leno has tried to collectect or punch the ball he could have. For the second goal, the corner was avoidable. Just boot the ball away instead of trying to be smart in the last minute of a tie.

  57. Dissenter

    Martinezis notbeter than Leno so stop laying into Leno

    What about all the buffoon players that were slating Emery over and over again?

    I’m sure Arteta is communicating his tactics to them properly.

  58. Valentin


    Leno is a good shot stopper, but he is costing us games. That has been proven times and times again.
    Even in games where he does make a mistake that directly lead to a goal, his poor distribution regularly puts the team on the back foot.
    Leno has been dropped by the German national team, in the meantime Martinez was recalled by the Argentinian team.
    Maybe it is a personal preference, but I hate goalkeepers rooted to their line. When was the last time where Leno was decisive on a high ball at a corner or set pieces?
    The highbline implemented by Arsenal at set pieces is supposed to catch the opposition offside and leave space that the goal keeper can attack the ball. One of the reasons (another is the man marking) we concede goals at set pieces is Leno reluctance to actually impose himself in those circumstances and quite when he tries he flap at the ball. The equaliser conceded at the Emirates against Chelsea is a case in point.

  59. GunnerDNA


    “If you would tell me a new manager would come in and align himself with those players (throw in Mustafi) and I’d have thought you’d be mad”

    If Arteta doesn’t address this in the remaining games this season, he will be sacked early next season. Leno and Pepe getting most of the blame but where was Ozil? I hope the Club force MA to stop playing him because he’s not in any plans going forward. That was humiliating!