Arsenal players hold hands and bond at Trust Camp

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Mari and Torreira working on a Dirty Dancing gram for the lolz (via @Arsenal Insta)

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, what class of citizen you are, everyone feels entitled to an alcoholic drink early in the am if you are at an airport, even the pilots. A bar I’m sitting in is offering half-priced shots, why not? I want to enjoy my last hours with my pangolin before the coronavirus kicks in.

Arsenal are hitting up that warm weather scene and sharing out the content like Sandra from work who just landed in Benidorm for that all-inclusive she hasn’t shut up about all year.

Mikel and the backroom team seem focused on three things.

1.Giving the players some mental recuperation.

The players were given a few days off instantly, they were allowed to go wherever the fuck they wanted (something Wenger didn’t really allow), then they met up with the squad, families in tow. I suspect the last 7 weeks have been pretty brutal on the players work/life balance, so some sun in a nice hotel will pr0bably go a long way.

2.Drilling home the ideas.

Arteta knows exactly what he wants from the players, but he hasn’t had a lot of time to reinforce the ideas verbally or implement them in training sessions. Unless you’re a freak of nature, you generally only learn from repetitions.

‘Hours together, to spend together, grab a coffee together, to have conversations, to have unit meetings, individual meetings, group meetings about the things we have to achieve. To review what we have done. I have made a big review of what we have done so far in these five or six weeks, the things where we can improve, the areas where we have improved and that we have to maintain, that we cannot lose. Hopefully we can make another step forward as a team now.’

He’ll be beasting the players on the pitch,  he’s taking time out for unit meetings and one-on-one time with individuals. Much better to do that out of the cold of London. Less pressure allows ideas and instruction to percolate and sink in.

He’s also channelling some of that Unai Brent as well with cute trust exercises.


It hasn’t gone unnoticed that the Arsenal squad has lacked fitness. We statistically tail off as the game goes on. Understandable, what Arteta expects is vastly different to what Unai Emery was able to get (even if he probably wanted the same things). The players need to think faster, work harder, and build resilience.

The club is also rehabbing players. In a new move, Shad was put on camera and he had all the positive things to say, most notably about Kieran Tierney. He has him doing non-contact ball work and a lot of running exercises. He seems to be very confident the players will come back very fit and well drilled on the ways of the new regime. He also seems very happy about where the other injured players are in their recovery, so hopefully, a new set of players will start to populate our battered squad.

Pablo Mari, who looks in great shape, has been training with the team. I think he’s a real roll of the dice, but one that I’m excited about. Rivaldo, the legendary Barca/Madrid attacker, had this to say about the Spaniard.

‘I think Pablo Mari will fit in very well at Arsenal and in the Premier League,’ Rivaldo told The Evening Standard. ‘He is a good player that struggled to impose himself in Europe as a loaned player of Man City for a while, but he really convinced people being part of a great Flamengo team last season. ‘He is very complete as a defender – capable of bringing the ball forward when necessary and a threat on set pieces. He has good passing skills as well and I liked what I saw from him. ‘In Brazil, everyone has good opinion about him, and he could be a very successful option for Arsenal and Mikel Arteta.’

Remember Rivaldo? Wot a playa

Mikel had this to say on the two new loan players.

“The new players that we have, it is a great opportunity for them to spend time together with the other players, get to know each other, live together – the same with the backroom staff as well. I think it will be a very important break.

“With Pablo a little bit more than Cedric, but we have to go step by step. He is a new player and I am sure he is very excited and wants to prove everything in three days, so we have to manage him wisely.”

Who knows when we’ll see them in first-team contention, but hopefully it’s not too long!

Finally, we have a new talent in the building. Miguel Azeez is a versatile midfielder making a name for himself as a holding midfielder that can break the lines and cause a lot of damage with his Grealish like control of the ball and bursts of pace.

Put me down for a hype ticket, I’m there, he’s the new Jack Jebb.

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  1. Marc


    From previous post: This is a new strain and previously unknown to science so unless that well known rogue state and terrorist hot bed Canada is illegally developing biological weapons then I’d say it’s complete and utter bollocks.

    If it was so common and well known to science and being stored in labs then why is there such a race to firstly identify the virus and then find a cure?

  2. Dan Ahern

    Surprising that Marí is fit considering the Brazilian season ended a few months ago, if I’m not mistaken. He’s such a random signing. I’m kind of interested in seeing him play. Per Marítesacker baby, let’s go.

  3. Nelson

    I like Miguel Azeez’s game. He has good technique already and move the ball quickly. Guen has a bad habit of slowing down the game.

  4. G8

    So this break is like mini preseason for Arteta!!
    Newcastle is a must win
    Draw is not acceptable
    Defeat is sackable
    No ifs or buts

  5. Marc


    I had the same thought but have been taking the piss out of Pedro on this for a couple of weeks so thought best not to push it!


    What’s the minimum points return you’d say is acceptable from our next 6 PL fixtures?

  6. PieAFC

    Jorge Bird and on Football London, and few others reported Azeez has been handed the longest contract to a young professional we’ve ever done, like an extra year or two?

    Clubs never done that before, so clearly rate him highly.

  7. Dissenter

    I just saw that Westham are firmly in the relegation zone.
    Hope they go down with that stadium that Boris gifted to them

  8. Freddie Ljungberg

    Interesting article about the pitiful state of our academy after Wenger.

    No overall playing style or philosophy, very low on quality in some age groups.

    Hopefully all that is being rectified now. Can’t really complain about the current batch though and they were mostly in the academy during Wengers time.
    Would be nice to see some more focus on identifying and bringing through defensive players as well as all the attacking talent we have.

  9. Nelson

    Azeez has one of the important skill requited by a midfielder. He is aware of his teammate all the time and hence can pass the ball quickly. He is 17 years old. Arsenal should support him to grow bigger and stronger physically.

  10. London gunner

    Ancelotti seems to be doing a better job than arteta… but I thought ancelotti only did well with WC squads.

  11. NJ Gooner

    This break could not have come at a better time.
    It’s as though it was a gift to Arteta.

    With no pre-season, it gives him a real opportunity to drill in some ideas about defensive organization and, most importantly at the moment, midfield transition.

    It’ll also give him more time to assess the quality of players that he’s previously overlooked.

    So, it’ll be interesting to see if there’s any discernible difference in the next three games. That’ll be the measure of success.

  12. Marc


    “I just saw that Westham are firmly in the relegation zone.
    Hope they go down with that stadium that Boris gifted to them”

    Check out their next 7 PL fixtures.

    City A
    Liverpool A
    Southampton H
    Arsenal A
    Wolves H
    Spud’s A
    Chelsea H

    They could be a fair few points adrift and so demoralised that the season is effectively over in early April.

  13. Cork City Gooner

    Guendouzi is rubbish,any player half decent can oust him from the first team squad,and i mean any player!

  14. Marc


    Yeah but he’s the second most valuable young player out there according to the link Pedro put up a couple of days ago – something like £60 – £70 million.

  15. jwl

    Marc – I agree it is probably just gossip but I thought it was weird that people and institutions are named, not like normal conspiracy theories with vague details.

  16. jwl

    “Hope they go down with that stadium that Boris gifted to them.”

    Dissenter – you are overegging the pudding by calling it a ‘gift’, I have kept in touch with two West Ham fans and they loathe new place, say it is soulless even for newly built stadiums.

  17. Marc


    Yeah but are they real people? It’s one of the things these conspiracy “revealing the truth” sites do.

    All they’ve done is replace vague details with false ones – of course if someone googles the names the false info comes up and it becomes self perpetuating.

  18. CG

    This Mari Chap….. he wont hack it in the EPL.
    Not a chance.

    He reminds me of a Brazilian Stephanovs.
    Too cumbersome.

    (You can tell from the footage – he gives the air of a man who has just won the lottery.)

    He may be left footed- but MA is being idealistic and naive if he thinks this lump will cope with the speedsters on the counter in the Prem.

    With x 7 center backs on the books- did MA sanction this signing solely because he is Left footed??

  19. Danny S


    Would you not say John Terry or maybe even the great TA6 were cumbersome?

    Doesn’t matter how slow you are if you can read the game and get others to do your running…… i.e defensive organisation.

    I watched a legends game once. Adams played and he was like watching someone in slow motion, but he was in the right place every time.

    Mari has an air about him that I like.

  20. Marc

    7 CB’s on the books?

    I can only think of 6 who are in the squad and that includes the new guy- Luiz, Sok, Holding, Chambers Mustafi and Mari.

    Have I missed one?

  21. CG


    I accept your points. Very accurate ones too.
    (And you can add Per M to your list.)

    The point I am making – this lump is in his mid 20’s and has never played a Premier League match.(We are signing a glorified semi pro- from Brazil.)

    Thats a huge ask.
    I will be astounded if he can adjust to the speed of the EPL.

    On our big pitch- and being partnered with the also lumbering Luiz – he will be exposed.

    Mark my words.
    He will be a bloody disaster.
    You can just tell.

  22. KAY Boss

    CG never goes a day without complaining. We are now used to it.
    I’ve got a feeling any coach we employ who isn’t AW, he’ll oppose.

    You all have a blissful evening. Cheerio!!!

  23. Marc

    “this lump is in his mid 20’s and has never played a Premier League match”

    Ian Wright didn’t turn pro till he was 23 if my memory serves me right.

  24. jwl

    Marc – I don’t disagree with you but I do wonder because Winnipeg is one of the most unlikely cities in world to be used for conspiracy theory about virus that going to kill many.

  25. jwl

    I am willing to give regular defenders a chance, they don’t all have to be world class. For defense, sum is often greater than its parts, we just need four competent defenders who love competing. I would take equivalent of four Mustafis if he could elimanate the one or two brain farts he seems to have every match, he got good instincts but also capable of worst mistakes.

  26. Danny S


    Yes I very much underrated per when he was here but In hindsight I see he had great value. Especially with peak Bellerin and kos beside him, though I always felt he was turned too easily and he was painfully slow.

    This mari. Pep obviously saw something in him. Depor were nearly promoted with him in the side and nearly relegated the year after he left.
    NAC made him captain.

    Who had heard of cantona before he joined united?

  27. CG


    “”Depor were nearly promoted with him in the side and nearly relegated the year after he left.
    NAC made him captain.”””

    Doesnt that prove my point.
    That he is basically second rate.

    I like Arteta.
    An Arsenal man. Classy and dignified.

    But I have a feeling this Mari signing could really come back and bite him on the Arse.

    One of the reasons we dont win many games any more is because of MA’s persistence with playing Luiz( 2 wins in 17 league matches).

    Luiz plays so deep ( because he is so bloody slow and doesn’t want to get caught out for pace)-which means we get overrun in midfield.

    Luiz and Mari in tandem will have the opposition speedsters kicking their Lips.

  28. jwl

    “The best lies have an element of truth.”

    Marc – 100% agree with this, it is only reason why I am not full blown conspiracy theorist about corona virus.

  29. jwl

    China1 – I have no idea what to believe, both scenarios seem plausible, I just find it odd that we had two or three days of news coverage of how Canadian scientist might be involved and then it all got shut down. Canadian government said it was bullshit story, papers and tv news parroted it was bullshit and that been end of story.

    Government and press working together to manufacture consent is what I am thinking and it makes me suspicious. Canadian, and other nations press, reported the story and then it all quickly dropped out of media and now we supposed to be focused on bat soup or pangolins.

  30. rollen

    corona escaped from local bio lab – highly probable. This shit is nothing just bad flu. Just wait until Chinese create some proper dangerous shit as they playing with genes/dna.

  31. Habesha Gooner

    Haha Haha No way Grealish is going for anything above 50 mil. If United are planning on spending that everybody shut up and don’t let them know. I like him and I want us to sign him but there is value somewhere else.

  32. Pierre

    Miguel Azeez looks a player.

    Great to see an Arsenal kid who just knows that he’s good.

    You can see it in everything he does on the ball , has a bit of Liam Brady about his style of play.

  33. Valentin

    Poor Emery, N’ZONZI was available during the winter TW for free on loan until the end of the season with allegedly a very affordable (for Arsenal) salary of £140kpw.

    It is one of the reason why on Friday The FC Rennes chairman was sacked by the club owner. Against the wishes of the owner he hired two players including N’Zonzi on high wages (relatively speaking for Rennes a Ligue 1 Club) and breached the internal salary cap given to him by the owner.

    I think that on that Emery was right, he would have been a good addition to the club. He is more mobile and more dynamic than Xhaka and his passing is much better than people give him credit for.

  34. Pierre

    I have been saying for s few years now that Nzonzi ( or similar) was exactly what we needed ( and still is).

    Mings and Nzonzi for a total of 40/50 mil were my choices for last summer’s window.

  35. Valentin


    I remember you arguing about those two players. The same very assertive people that tend to be wrong were dismissing your opinion.

    Ming’s have shut down the doubter. He clearly would have been a better choice than Mustafi or Sokratis.

    I wanted NDombele instead of Pepe, but I would have taken N’Zonzi over Xhaka.


    Kante was struggling during that game because he had a gastroenteritis. They gave him something similar to Imodium, but he was too dehydrated and weak to perform to his usual high level.

  36. Graham62


    One of those rare occasions when I actually agree with you.

    Are these the “values” they talk about. Making do with players who are not good enough whilst ignoring the obvious solutions elsewhere.

    It’s been the same for well over a decade. You talk of physical specimens, which we once had under Wenger, but instead we decided to go along the path of using the smaller more technically gifted players( were they really?)

    I remember when I craved for players like Samba and Cahill along with physically intimidating midfielders to protect the likes of Fabregas/Nasri etc.

    Like yourself I’ve always admired N’Zonzi, even when playing at Stoke. This philosophy of gathering so many cloned players who were lacking in the physical attributes has cost us massively and will continue to do so unless Arteta changes a few things.

    Great day for golf by the way.

  37. Pierre

    Will give golf a miss for a few days.

    Will settle for watching the magical short game skills of Phil Mickelson later at Pebble beach.

  38. Pierre

    “It’s been the same for well over a decade. You talk of physical specimens, which we once had under Wenger, but instead we decided to go along the path of using the smaller more technically gifted players( were they really?)”

    Never quite got the balance right did we.

    Was close a few times but ultimately ran out of steam around march/ april.

  39. Pierre

    Fleck is another who I have been saying is what we need and should have signed who would jump at the chance at joining Arsenal.

    A very underrated player in my opinion, not fashionably enough for some though.

  40. CG

    Thanks Wasi for the link.

    It also shows what a fabulous manager Chris Wilder is.
    And what a sensational job he has done at The Blades in just a few seasons.

    Sheffield United were in league 1 when he joined.
    Now they vie for a CL place.

    (Stunning management.)

    Where would Arsenal be- had Wilder
    been appointed instead of Emery.
    And allowed him to buy the players he wants ( eg Fleck)

    The Clowns appointment was unforgivable.
    And will take a decade to put it right.

    I wonder where Wilder will be in 2 seasons time?

  41. Graham62


    Wilder could never be Arsenal manager, because he doesn’t possess the right Arsenal ingredients and values.

    Whatever the fudge that is.

  42. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Everyone on Twitter roaring bout mavanoupous playing well on loan ….
    Is the door shut for him or will he get his arsenal chance.

  43. Wasi

    A very underrated player in my opinion, not fashionably enough for some though.

    True that.
    Talked about Fleck sometime ago too but some here dismissed him as not being good enough for Arsenal. But from what I’ve seen he seems a better player than Xhaka and Torreira (both of our starters). His left foot is superb in attack and his overall work rate and defensive contribution is v v high too. His flaw is that he is just not fashionable enough for us . His contract runs out 2021 so wouldn’t require more than 15-20 to get him i think. I think he should definitely be as a 3rd/ 4th choice central midfielder in our summer transfer list if we can’t get our top targets.

    Wilder is beast. He is made Sheffield United very hard to beat and they also play very good football.
    He may be in the running for Manu job I think if they dont get their top targets. Anyways he is gonna take up a big job sooner rather than later.
    Next Spurs boss?

  44. Aussie Gooner

    Mavropanos has a future at Arsenal, always has had, but due to injury he was not able to fullfill his potential. The loan to Nuremberg will do him the world of good and restore his confidence. Wether he will ever be a first choisce remains to be ssen.

  45. CG


    “”””Next Spurs boss?””””

    Or even in the frame of AFC job?

    If Arteta doesnt see the light soon with regards to David Luiz.

    He will be in trouble.

    2 league wins in 17.
    Luiz ubiquitous.

    Luiz depends far too deep- killing our midfield.He knows if he defends higher up the pitch- he will get exposed.

    I hope MA does not fall for Luiz OTT praise of him too.

    Luiz knows what he is doing.

    By ostentatiously publically praising his very inexperienced manager- Luiz is trying to make it harder for him to drop him.

    I hope MA is not naive enough to fall for Luiz’s shenanigans.
    He has to be dropped ASAP.

  46. Marc

    I know a bloke who makes a very good living running a Fruit and Veg stall.

    Does that qualify him or put him in the running for the CEO job at Tesco’s? After all they both sell food.

  47. Northbanker

    CG -dropping Luiz will all depend on how good Mari is as those 2 are unlikely to play together given apparent lack of speed of Mari

    Our finish to this season could be heavily influenced by Mari and whether he is a serious signing or a stop gap to make the numbers up

  48. Northbanker

    That video on Azeez makes good viewing. Don’t even remember him being rated when looking at the youth stats so a very interesting extra factor

    Looks like a young Edgar Davids the way he controls the ball

  49. Marc


    CG’s just having another bitch and a moan. He’ll criticise all day and his only solution is to bring back Wenger. So we drop Luiz for Mari – who play’s alongside him? Sok – just as slow, Holding – still not up to fitness or form, Mustafi – fuck up waiting to happen.

  50. þorkell einarsson

    Mari will score on his debut, Guen needs Azeez by his side , he needs to
    get a chance in the 1steam training sessions ..

  51. Aussie Gooner


    The bottom line at the moment is that we are stuck with Luiz and his cohort. If Arteta is flattered by his comments then it is definitely time for him to move on! I am more concerned with Arteta sticking with other players that are pulling the piss – like Ozil, dragging us down the table. It is not enough for Arteta to keep saying “we were good for the first 15-20 minutes” as he did after Burnley. It is just not good enough for a club like Arsenal with a massive business profile/turnover. No other company (for that is what Arsenal is) would tolerate this level of performance – heads would roll!

    All this talk of players on the radar for the summer is pure speculation – we won’t have the money to lavish on star signings – we all know that. Other PL clubs are aware that we are in trouble and will demand exorbitant fees for bang average English players. We will have to work smart (and cheap). I would hope that we are searching the murky depths for bargains as we speak!

  52. Wasi

    True, Luiz defends deep to hide his lack of lace but recently he has been defending much higher as instructed by Arteta. Dont think he is gonna be our starting CB next year tho . Could be Mari, Matviyenko , Upamecano , Gabriel ,Anyone.
    But right now we don’t really have a defender who can play the ball as good as Luiz and be also brings some much needed Leadership qualities to the side.
    + Maybe he just means what he says about Arteta.
    He also spoke to the press under Emery quite a lot but never really spoke as highly of him as he has been speaking under Arteta.

    I know a bloke who makes a very good living running a Fruit and Veg stall.Does that qualify him or put him in the running for the CEO job at Tesco’s? After all they both sell food.

    If the bloke you are speaking about has made his fortune up from nothing and is among the top 7 sellers among the country rn ahead of the Tesco’s and other such franchises + attracting top young employees (Berge) to his stall ahead of many other big businesses then he should definitely be in the running for the CEO spot of the Tesco.

  53. Marc


    If you think Wilder is the right person to move to a much bigger club like Arsenal, Tottenham or even ManU then you are deluded. Personally I’d love to see him at the Spud’s or ManU but no where near Arsenal.

    I have heard it all before whether it be Eddie Howe, Sam Allardyce or some other flash in the pan it doesn’t matter. At least David Moyes had experience of a bigger club when he went to ManU and look how that turned out.

  54. Pierre

    “CG’s just having another bitch and a moan. He’ll criticise all day ”

    Pot and kettle springs to mind.

  55. Marc

    Really Pierre?

    The difference is I’m supportive of the team and the club. I’m currently really worried about where we are and I think people thinking we’re just going to sell a load of players for a fortune and spend even more in the summer as a quick fix are delusional.

    I’ll pass comment on Arteta but I haven’t judged him yet and I want him to do well.

    I’ve also missed one PL match this season at home and I’ll be there on Sunday supporting the team so at worst I’m a concerned fan who tries to offer constructive criticism.

    CG on the other hand hasn’t made a positive comment on the club, team, manager, fans or players that I can ever remember.

    Once again you’re just trying to have a pop at me – I’m surprised you didn’t bring up me suggesting we should give Torreira a week off last January!

  56. Jamie

    Good news if Mavro is showing signs of improvement.

    I still think he should be loaned out for the whole of next season too, preferably to a PL (promoted?) club.

    I don’t think it’s smart to have so many inexperienced CBs on the books next season – Holding, Chambers, Saliba, Mavro.. One or two of them need a loan move away to get significantly more minutes than they’re likely to get at Arsenal.

    The issue with Chambers is that he’s already 25 and still relatively inexperienced at centre back. I’d be amazed if he’s started [much] more than 50 games as a CB in his career to date.

    Then we still have Mustafi, Papa, and Luiz on the books. Far too many either mediocre defenders, or inexperienced defenders.

  57. Northbanker

    CG. – both Mari and Luiz plying left side so one will replace the other imo although Luiz’s ball playing abilities could be missed. And so it wouldn’t surprise me if at some point MA took a leaf from Emery and uses Luiz as a ball playing DM

    In the meantime it looks like Mustafi or Sok for the other CB role with Holding being the unknown in terms of whether he will get enough game time to play back into form

    What interests me going forward is the possible power we will have at the back from a Saliba-Mari combination. Flanked by the speed of Bellerin and Tierney it could be a very formidable first choice defence without the need to go to market again

  58. Wasi


    I have heard it all before whether it be Eddie Howe, Sam Allardyce or some other flash in the pan it doesn’t matter. At least David Moyes had experience of a bigger club when he went to ManU and look how that turned out.

    Didnt say we should get him now or shouldve gotten him over Arteta but if he keeps following the same trajectory then in the future why not?

    For every Moyes and Allardyce there is a Poch and Nagelsmann even Klopp.

  59. Marc


    Let’s have a conversation about Wilder after he’s continued to do well at Sheffield Utd, moved to a significantly bigger club and done well there or 3 – 5 five years shall we.

    I’ve no problem with admiring the job a manager is doing and he’s doing a fantastic job but this “he should be in the running for the x job” is crazy.

    Remind what has the Poooooooch won in his career as a manager?

  60. Northbanker

    Wtf are people discussing new managers for? The guy has been here for just 9 matches, has already demonstrably shown how to improve a defence that has been appalling for years but in a matter of weeks has now begun to look impregnable and has lost only once – to Chelsea

    What is wrong with you people? Some of you will just never be happy. Yes its work in progress but if you cant see there is massive progress already taking place then you are deliberately or selectively blind

  61. Pierre

    I’m not wishing to start a furore on Le Grove , but if one was to look at our problems logically at this present time, I think it’s fair to say that Arteta is struggling on the flair and creativity front.( early days I know , so no panic).

    He is excelling at changing the team into a disciplined, stable unit who are difficult to beat.

    Would it be so ridiculous for Arteta to ask Wenger for some advice on how to get the team playing more expansive football , if there is one person in management who knows how to achieve this , it would be Wenger.

    The way I see it , if it benefits the team/club then why not give it a try..

    I’m sure Marc would be keen on this idea as he has professed his support for the team/club , so anything that helps would be a positive.

  62. Northbanker

    Any manager is btw going to find this an almost impossible job – the budget is blown including how to fund a £72m bill for a right winger who can’t cross a ball with his right foot and looks dangerous at the moment 1 game in 3 at best.

    The question will not be should we stick with Arteta but will he stick with us?

  63. Marc


    “has already demonstrably shown how to improve a defence that has been appalling for years but in a matter of weeks has now begun to look impregnable ”

    Are you serious? Arteta has improved the defence but to claim it has now began to look impregnable – fuck me we’ve conceded in 5 of his 7 league matches in charge and Arteta hasn’t had the hardest set of fixtures in the world. Our last 7 fixtures include Wolves, the Spud’s, City away and Leicester, Liverpool at home – we can’t make that claim now and I’d be amazed if we’re making it after those 5 fixtures.

  64. Marc


    The very fact that I’m supportive of the club is the reason why it’s a stupid and destructive idea.

    You only have to remember the situation at ManU with Moyes where every time they lost a match the camera went to Fergie in the crowd shaking his head.

  65. Northbanker

    Pierre – I’s have no problem with that (using Wenger) if that was really needed. But MA has coached under Pep and should know exactly what is needed

    He has focused on tightening the defence and that has taken a massive team effort which isn’t one that is done in 3 games. Add to that that Auba was missin 3 games, Laca has lost confidence and Saka was brought back in to a LB role (albeit an attacking one) – and I think many of the problems will ultimately solve themselves. The other major issue is the chronic under-performance of Ozil – he needs to be replaced asap and that issue will provide a significant resolution along with getting more out of Pepe, a player I suspect MA would never have signed but is now stuck with.

  66. Nelson

    I looks like luck was not on Arteta’s side. We had two red cards, two on field injuries, two game changing mistakes from GK and defender. This winter break signals the change of luck. They have avoided the winter storm, Storm Ciara.

  67. Pierre

    I think your criticism of Luiz is exaggerated.

    Since the arrival of Arteta his influence on (and off) the pitch has grown.
    Admittedly before that he was a liability.

    He is doing a good job for the team now.

  68. Jamie

    Pierre –

    Arteta needs to figure it out his own way. If he can’t, he’ll be moved on in a couple years.

    It would be an abject display of weakness to his players for him to ask for advice from a guy who was sacked 3 years ago for consistently poor (and worsening) performances over the course of a season.

    Wenger’s ‘expansive football’ always came at the expense of defensive resilience. He lost the ability to balance his tactics at least 10 years ago.

    Let him go. He doesn’t have any answers or he’d still be in a job.

  69. Marc


    I’m glad you weren’t in charge of recruitment back in the day or Pires and Henry would’ve been kicked out after 6 months.

  70. Nelson

    From those training video, I like Bellerin’s quick feet. If he is back to his best, he can support Pepe to get going.

  71. Graham62


    I think we’re all “concerned” as fans.

    The thing is, I’ve been concerned since I realised that both Wenger and Gazidis were milking us all and were clearly in it for the long haul.

    What Arteta inherited is a culmination of failures by the previous regimes over a very long period of time. Yes, Emery made massive mistakes but in comparison to Wenger it was not a slow and systematic breakdown of the clubs infrastructure.

    Arteta has stabilised things to a degree but he still has a great deal of work to do to ensure we become a top club once again. Do I trust in him? Do I believe he is the right man for the job? Only time will tell.

    Newcastle next weekend is massive. Win that and the pressure is eased. Draw(again) or lose and the knives will be out once again.

    Fingers crossed.

  72. CG


    “””CG,True, Luiz defends deep to hide his lack of lace but recently he has been defending much higher”””

    I am glad Wasi, you too have observed Luiz defensive starting position.

    It’s no coincidence whatsoever that since Luiz has arrived we dont win too many

    2 league wins out of 17 is incredibly poor for any team in any league anywhere.

    The last time we won away – West Ham United.

    (Luiz didn’t play.)

    If MA persists with Luiz in a back 4- we will continue to drop points.

    We need aggressive athletic center backs that are good enough to play on the half way line not on their own penalty boxes.

    This Mari signing too is a complete Head Scratcher . He is another plodder – that will always be more comfortable defending deeper.

    If MA thinks Mari and Luiz is a viable defensive partnership in the Prem…..he will be severely misguided.

  73. Pierre

    I am a very patient person ,unlike some on here.

    I can see what Arteta is doing and I am more than happy with the progress being made.

    My comment was more in keeping with all the impatient fans who want everything addressed in 2 months plus the news(probably fake) that Wenger has been contacted.

    In saying that , I see no harm in asking for advice as I’m sure many aspiring managers have done over the years.

  74. Northbanker

    Pierre – I gather he gets advice still from Pep

    CG – your comments on Mari don’t stack up with the high line he played for Flamengo – which was the key reason i think Arteta was interested

    Marc -your comments on Henry and Pepe very churlish – i hope Pepe does come good but it doesn’t take away my comments on his current performance and the fact he can’t kick a ball with his right foot. If we’re looking for reasons as to why MA hasn’t yet succeeded offensively then that imo is a factor.

    i also don’t think he was worth blowing away our entire budget for the next 2 or 3 years – we simply couldn’t afford that level of risk taking. Someone should have properly been assessing the risk / likely contribution from him before we signed him. Just as with Henry etc I’m not paid to go and see him for 20 odd games to be able to do that!!

  75. Nelson

    By accommodating a slow Xhaka, Arteta is playing two DM’s and a CAM. It strengthens the defense but the opponent can crowded out the CAM easily. It is important that our two FB’s can support the attack, stealing a page from the Pools’ attack..

  76. Wasi


    Had Dortmund, Leipzig, Spuds, Barca waited for Klopp, Nagelsmann, Poch, Pep to go out to a another big club do well for 3-5 years and then sign then then they probably wouldn’t be where they are now.
    Its a risk and reward system. There are not many managers who can just come in and guarantee success. Manu learned that the hard way.
    And I only mentioned 4 managers here.

    Bringing a club from League 1 to PL in 2.5 years, challenging for Europe in your first year at the top, having one of the best defensive records in the league and a clear attacking philosophy couple that with players fighting for each other and the manager and all this with a very small net spend is a splendid job in my and many others opinion.

    Poch took a mid-table club and transformed them into CL finalists . I dont know what more could he have done. They now have one of the best stadiums in the world, and a base to build upon a team that could challenge for trophies consistently.
    They arent the Harry Kane team anymore.
    They have few top top quality players and some very good talents coming through too.
    Levy took a big big game with Mourinho tho. If it doesn’t pay off it might cost them a few years of progress.

  77. Wasi


    You blame Luiz for our current form but its pretty clear that we are being held back thanks to our poor form in front of goal rather than bad form at the back.
    Also if you replace him now you lose a player who helps in breaking the opposition lines in attack.
    That will further decrease our attacking potency.
    Other than the Red card at Chelsea I dont think he’s done a lot wrong under Arteta tbh.

    Onto Sheffield vs Bournemouth now. Berge starts.

  78. Marc


    On Luiz it’s also worth remembering that the red card at Chelsea was at least 75% Mustafi’s fault for playing a suicidal back pass.

  79. Wasi

    He won hearts. If thats what you want to hear.
    Maybe you just cant see tangible success
    Without Poch Spuds would probably still be a mid table team.

    It wasnt Mustafi’s fault Luiz got the red card.
    It was Mustafi who put Luiz in that position but it was 100% Luiz’s bad decision making which led to the red card.

  80. Marc


    Mustafi doesn’t play a stupid pass and Luiz isn’t put in that position.

    Winning hearts is great, I’m sure in 40 years they’ll be some old cunt who’ll reminisce on the good old days.

    Tell me who did the double in 71?

  81. Jamie

    “Without Poch Spuds would probably still be a mid table team.”

    Mid table? Spurs league finishes in the 5 seasons before Poch took over:

    2010 – 4th
    2011 – 5th
    2012 – 4th
    2013 – 5th
    2014 – 6th

    In Poch’s 5 seasons at Spurs, he finished 5th in his first season, and only managed to finish higher than 4th 3 times, and won zero trophies. Ridiculous the levels to which Poch is elevated.

  82. Wasi

    Mustafi does a stupid pass and instead of Luiz say a smarter Defender is put in that position. Instead of bringing Tammy down he tries to block the shot. Fails . concedes. Stays on the pitch instead of leaving the team 1 man short for more than an hour.

    In 40 years time there’ll be some old Spuds fan reminiscing the good times under Poch after they fall back to being Mid tablers again
    In 40 years time therell be some old Spuds fan thanking God for Poch who formed a solid base on which the club finally won some trophies.

  83. Jamie

    Does Wasi think the PL is made up of just 10 clubs? Why does he keep saying they were a ‘mid table club’ before Poch? Spurs haven’t finished lower than 6th in 10 seasons.

    Poch took over when they were a CL/EL club. He left them in 14th place and brought home zero of 16 available (legitimate, not friendly) trophies.

    Yeah, Spurs fans will miss all that unparalleled success.

  84. CG


    “””CG,I think your criticism of Luiz is exaggerated.Since the arrival of Arteta his influence on (and off) the pitch has grown.”””

    Do you think his influence on and off the pitch would have been so marked – if an experienced manager and not an inexperienced one had taken over?

    Why all off a sudden – does Luiz want to be the model pro?

    To me – he is ‘ playing ‘ Arteta with his continued outlandish comments about MA coaching ability.

    He dont give two hoots about Arteta- he just doesn’t want to be sidelined.

    How sickeningly low we have sunk- that we have people like Raul in charge off the pitch and Luiz on it.

  85. Sid

    Ramsey must be one of the signings arsenal are rumoured to have completed for the summer loooool

    You heard it here 1st!

  86. Zimmie2652

    CG, have you even watched any of Flamengo recently? All year long they played an extremely high line, Mari was rarely defending as deep as you claim.

    He is wonderful in regards to positioning and reading the game. Sometimes that’s all it takes.

    People relentlessly give Van Dyk shit on here about letting other players do all his work but he makes it look so simple by reading the game and always being in the right position.

    Obviously ,Mari, is not going to be VVD but cmon man, relax and let the man play a couple matches before condemning him to the sin bin.

    This quote says it all really… “In Mari, Jorge Jesus found someone who was used to playing in a high line. While he’s not blessed with outstanding pace, he’s quick enough and has the positional sense to operate in the way that his coach needed He organised the high line, made possible its effective implementation, defended soundly and passed the ball crisply out from the back with his dependable left foot.”

    Once again the exact opposite of anything you claim to know.

  87. CG


    “”””CG, have you even watched any of Flamengo recently? “””

    Off course not. Its garbage.

    Quite simply- If he was any good – he would not be playing there.

    Name me one defender, who in his mid 20’s arrived from Brazil that has ever made it in the EPL?

    Just the one, will do.

  88. GunnerDNA


    You’re quick to downplay Poch abilities but at the same time hoping MA comes good. If a survey is done today to sack MA and replace him with Poch probably most Arsenal fan would welcome the idea. Poch was the only other manager in the PL who could go head to head with Pep and JK. He didn’t win anything at Spurs but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s a good manager.

  89. Marc


    Again you’ve missed my point – ultimately managers are measured, at the top level anyway on trophies. The Poooooooooch is undoubtedly a good coach but he really needed to win something to kick on instead he got sacked.

    What I’d love to know is why are ManU supposedly interested in Southgate who’s never done anything at the top level of the club game when the Poooooooooch is available? I know which one I’d prefer to hire.

  90. Pedro

    Marc, at the top level, managers are not judged on trophies. That’s why Poch is going to have so many people salivating over him this summer.

  91. Wasi

    Spurs transformed from a team with Kyle Naughon, Michael dawson , Ezekiel fryers, etc to a team comprising of Harry Kane, Eriksen, Son,etc under Poch.

    Their finishes went from 5,4,5,6,5 to 5,3,2,3,4

    For the first half of the decade everyone below 4th were very random. There was the concept of a Top 4 instead of a big 6. The competition also wasnt as intense.

    This is the last I am talking about Spuds today.
    Agree to disagree IDC.

  92. Northbanker


    “You’re quick to downplay Poch abilities but at the same time hoping MA comes good. If a survey is done today to sack MA and replace him with Poch probably most Arsenal fan would welcome the idea”

    Ffs not another one!- why does this even need to be discussed? MA has just been appointed!

  93. Northbanker

    Looks like ESR is getting game time at Huddersfield which is great. I’d love to see him press the Ozil-replacement next season for the CAM role.

  94. Chris

    I think this summer Pochettino takes the Man Utd job, with Solskjaer moving ‘upstairs’ in a similar role to Edu at Arsenal.

    While this would be bad for us in terms of United stepping up a gear, it would be fascinating to see how it unfolds as a whole.