SUMMER IS AWFUL … but but but, that Adidas video though

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I feel like this summer, more than many that have passed before, is feeling like one of the worst.

14 years of neglect have hit us very hard.

We have regressed.

Our nearest rivals have progressed.

If we were looking at a graph, it’d be the saddest graph in the world.

5 years ago, Spurs and Liverpool were behind us in the league. Now they are Champions League finalists with monster transfer budgets. Both clubs invested in elite coaches with big ideas. Both clubs are now attracting the very best in the game. At the same time, Arsenal fans were purring at the idea of Wenger being given big money to spend.

£350m later… we’ve managed to make things worse.

Arsenal didn’t make hay while the sun was shining.

Many people are complaining that Spurs are spending after a stadium move. That’s because their frugal strategy of prioritising youth, smart buy and great coaching is reaping bigly in Europe. They had a coach that took them to the Champions League final after spending zero pounds last summer.

Arsenal’s issue, for all the bluster, is that we were never really that future-facing.

We hoarded Champions League money when elite players were adding 50%+ year on year. Remember when we baulked at £32m for Higuain? Remember when we fucked up Suarez? There are so many times we didn’t pull the trigger because leadership at Arsenal hid under the comfort blanket of Wenger’s perceived view of value.

Arsenal didn’t recognize the clear patterns that were emerging in football.

They didn’t preempt what the uplift in TV money would mean for agent expectations with contracts. Aaron Ramsey, Mesut Ozil and Alexis would still be at Arsenal on £180k a week if we’d given them proper money when most major clubs were bumping salaries. At the very worst, we’d have sold them. We waited until it was too late and lost two for fuck all and had to keep the third on outrageous cash because of Ivan’s ego.

We never paid a premium when it made sense.

We didn’t take chances.

We didn’t refresh our talent, ideas or thinking.

We invested too much in players that were good for a culture of meekness. Too little in players that could have taken us to the next level.

Now we’re in a situation where we’re in danger of being gazumped by Spurs for Saliba, we’re being hardballed by Celtic with Tierney, and we’re seriously contemplating selling Auba to fund a move for a 27 year old winger who scored 15 goals last year.

Edu is having a week off after the Copa America according to Ornstein.

What a mess.

Still, Adidas is our kit sponsor, so who cares?

Thoughts on the leaked advert (someone in deep shit over that mishap):

This is a great spot.

I love the humour. The respect for the local area and the texture. I like the mix of old and new. I love that Wrighty is in it. I like that Adidas are massaging our egos pretending that we still run North London.

There’s a lot of hope in there.

It’s so great to have a proper sportswear brand backing us.

Mustafi is going to look about x4 better sliding into the back of Harry Kane next season.

Bring it on. Being shit with good clobber. Bit like me playing in goal with silver mercurials back in the day.

‘All the gear, no idea’ my friends teammates used to say to me.

See you in the comments. x

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  1. gunnermjj

    The sun is shining, England going well vs India, and, as of tomorrow, there will be no costs from Arsenal associated to A. Wenger for the first time in over two decades.

    Could be worse.

  2. The Royal Arsehole

    And the “SHIT SHOW” that is Arsenal moves on another worthless week. Can you feel the urgency? I really hope we wait for the last minute of the transfer window then scramble for shit players and bad deals. I fucking love that!!!! Imagine a club where our new players come in for preseason travel to get embedded into the club for the start of the season. IMAGINE a club that has their shit together again……………. Cant even do a kit rollout anymore……….

  3. CG

    The Royal Arse

    “””” Can you feel the urgency?””””

    What do you mean?

    Edu is getting packed this week…………
    Visa and passport in his drawer ( I hope)
    Suitcases empty on the bed in the spare room as we speak.
    Bubble wrap and packing tape purchased

    By the time he has got over his jet lag- all out transfer dealings will have been done.

    Arsenal 2019- do transfers via Whats App Group!

    Bloody Farcical!
    (About as UNURGENT as you can get)

    Kroenkes have to go after this summer of Discontent!
    Enough is Enough!

  4. Versus

    “all those trophies we won and nearly won!”

    This comment.. my goodness where to begin. Ok so the last 8 years of wenger is the time frame around which alot of us wanted him out. Justifiably so. We wanted him out, still feel as though we’d want him out and just like josh kronke, We’re glad he’s out.

    Now these “trophies won” during those 8 years, fa cups. So we should be regretful because we used to be a mickey mouse cup team? You conveniently ignore the 6-0, 6-1 5-1 bayern twice 10-2 and all the other embarrassing sackable results? The players, trash, crocked and if good left for peanuts.. under wenger. Goals and style of play. All irrelevant. Id take “1 nil to the arsenal” and win leagues and ucls all day long. What are we a circus attraction. Just here to wow the crowd then proceed to get battered 4-0, 4-2, and the historic 8-2.